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Teresa Giudice Denies That She Exchanged Text Messages with Penny Drossos Karagiorgis; Teresa Calls Penny a ‘Stalker’ and ‘Fucking Girl Psycho Bitch’ (Updated 11/17/2013)

November 17, 2013 285 comments

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“I’m not going to talk too much about Penny and Johnny because I don’t have anything much to say about them. I’ve met them a few times, I knew she wanted to be on the show, and I stayed as far away as I could from whatever rumors she had or didn’t have on Melissa. It’s a small town though, I guess I didn’t stay far enough away! How did she have my phone number? I have no idea, but most people around her do have it. It’s easy to get. I’m not a super secretive person. I give it out to everyone. To me, that’s no big deal. If we were really working together, she would have texts from me and photos of hanging out at my house with me and my kids — like all my other friends do. I’m not buying that she deletes all her texts but saves all her Twitters, but whatever. It is what it is. I can’t do anything to stop strangers from coming after me and my family. The only thing I can do is protect my family the best I can. And if that means getting up and walking away, taking the blame, or apologizing, then I’ll do it. My amazing hairdressers did want me to point out that I’ve never had my hair done by Penny or at her salon. Melissa knows that too, I have no idea why she screamed that. She likes the drama. I went with Kim D. to have my makeup done at Penny’s place last season, but that was it.” – Teresa Giudice’s Bravo Blog, September 30, 2013

The following is a transcript of the argument between Penny Drossos Karagiorgis and Teresa Giudice before the fight broke out at Moxie Salon on March 30, 2013:

Penny: Teresa.

Teresa: Yes!

Penny: Last year, you knew you’re sister-in-law was going to be setup. You knew what was gonna go down.

Teresa: You’re such a fucking liar!

Penny: What am I lying about!?

Teresa: Joe, this fucking girl is a psycho bitch.

Penny: Psycho bitch!? I don’t fight with my sister-in-law.

Joe TH: Holy shit!. I believe Penny, because what is her game by confronting her? Her game is: Teresa, you put me up to this and now you’re making me look bad? No. I’m gonna rat you out. That’s what they are, fucking rats.

Penny: You wanted to destroy her, not me.

Teresa: Show me proof. What’s the proof!? Just by you sayin’ it. That’s the proof?

Penny: Go get Kim.

Teresa: You fucking go get her, bitch!

Penny: No, cuz I don’t have to prove anything.

Teresa (screeching voice): Oh my God!

Melissa TH: Teresa is very used to people doing her dirty work, and she has a lot of control over Kim D but she has no control right now over Penny and I don’t think Teresa knows how to handle that.

Teresa (screaming across the room): Kim!

Kim D: What?

Teresa to Melissa: Bitch is fucking psycho! I don’t know how you can stand here and let this bitch say this shit.

Melissa: I want to get to the bottom of why she’s doing this. Who’s got the agenda to take Melissa down!? That’s what I wanna know!

Melissa to Penny: Why do you have Teresa’s home number and cell phone in your phone?

Penny (with emphasis): She gave it to me!

Teresa: Oh really!? Get your phone! Pull up my textes! Show them!

Penny: I don’t save texteses! I don’t do that.

Teresa: Why!? What do you do, delete them?

Penny: Yes.

Teresa: I save all my textes!

Penny: I don’t do that!

Teresa (screeching): Ah, what a coincid… what a coinkidink!!! She doesn’t save the textes!! Oh my God!!!

Penny: Wow.

Teresa TH (using her hand to simulate holding a phone): Ring, ring. Who is it? Oh, it’s Penny. Bitch, you know you don’t call me. Goodbye!

Penny: I’m going to show you what kind of liar you are!

Penny’s husband, Johnny, walks in (after being held outside by producers for more than an hour). He walks over to Penny, Joe, Kim D, Teresa and Melissa (the rest of the cast is nearby, intensely watching), and greets Kim D with a kiss on the check and then turns to Joe Gorga, standing beside Penny.

Joe (extends a handshake to Johnny): What’s up man?! I’m Joe Gorga.

Johnny (as he shakes hands with Joe): How are you?

Joe to Penny: Oh, that’s your husband?

Kim D as Johnny and Joe shake hands: Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!

Jacqueline whispers to Chris: Can I ask if he said anything about our son?

Chris whispers back: Hold on.

Joe: I’m the guy, you know, that you destroyed on fuckin’ Twitter. You’re tweeting about my wife: ho, blow, blow job, this, that!

Melissa: We want to know where the hate came from! Where did it come from?

Joe to Johnny: I don’t fuckin’ know you!

Johnny: I don’t fuckin’ know you either!

Joe: Alright! So then why you talking about me? You were tweeting shit about my fuckin’ parents! I took their fuckin’ money, I sold their fuckin’ house! How the fuck do you know that!!

Johnny: I didn’t tweet anything about your parents’ money.

Joe: You did. I got it, but how do you know?

Johnny: Show me that I tweeted about your parents’ money!

Joe: I mean, I don’t understand! What are you guys doing? You’re fuckin’ my head up! What the fuck!!

Kathy TH: I have a lot of sympathy for what Joe and Melissa had to go through. Who are these people to start spreading all this negative propaganda!? How dare you!

Joe: So what’s up? Talk to me, man to man. You’re in front of me now, right? Just tell me why? Why?!

Johnny: What do you want know?!

Joe: What do you mean, ‘What do I want to know?’!!!

Johnny: What do you fuckin’ want to know?! Where it stems from?!

Joe: Yeah!!!

Johnny: Ask your sister where it stems from!!

Joe: What do you mean, ‘Ask my sister?’!!!

Johnny: Where the fuck did I get that information from?!

Teresa to Johnny: You got that information from me?! John!

Melissa: Is it true?

Teresa: John. Look at me, John.

Johnny (to Teresa): Hold on one second.

Joe: What the fuck is goin’ on?!

Teresa (sort of giggling, perhaps in nervous frustration): John.

Penny to Teresa: You told me!

Teresa: I told you stuff about my parents?!

Penny: Yes! You told me!

Joe and Johnny are in each others’ faces.

Joe: What the fuck! You’re pointing at my sister!

Johnny: What do you wanna know?!

Joe: How did you get the information?!

John: I don’t know.

Penny (exasperated) to Johnny: John, just say it!

Joe (screaming at the top of his lungs): Just fuckin’ say it!!!

Johnny to Joe: You crazy mother fucker!

Brawl ensues but is not shown due to legal issues.

Caroline is screaming her head off at Kim D and Penny. Teresa tells the Gorgas that the Greeks are not in her corner. Melissa says in her talking head that she just wants it to end. Joe says in his talking head that he knew it was his sister (especially since it came from Johnny), but, in a way, he still wanted to protect her. There is discussion among the cast as they leave the salon.

Juicy, the only one unfazed by the incident (in the car to Teresa as they leave the salon): It’s a good thing I stayed out.

Why did Joe Gorga get upset over an old tweet from Penny Drossos Karagiorgis (season 5 episode 15, taped on March 18, 2013)?:

Penny Drossos ‏@PDKhair
@Keena620 @MelissaGorga she did wt! Really Mel u want to go there! How did u meet Joe ?
7:32 AM – 17 Oct 12

Because that’s what the producers wanted – they had Joe address an old tweet from October 17, 2012 (producers removed the date from the screen shot of the tweet) so they could continue the storyline that Teresa is behind the cheating rumors/Teresa put Penny up to it.

As usual, producers took scenes out of sequence. The following is the chronological order of events vs. the episodes (in parentheses) in which the events premiered (the videos embedded in this blog are in chronological order rather than in the out-of-sequence order in which Bravo aired the events):

  • December 3, 2012 (edited out of season 5) – Holiday Posche fashion show
  • February 18, 2013 (episode 12) – Milania hair care launch party
  • February 28, 2013 (episode 16) – Penny’s sitdown at Chakra with the Gorgas
  • Early March 2013 (not taped for season 5) – Penny’s husband John’s meeting with Joe Gorga and Rich Wakile
  • March 14, 2013 (not taped for season 5) – Caroline finds out that “one of the producers sought to reveal a cheating rumor regarding Al, but no one would reveal the identity of the producer” (Source)
  • March 16 – 19, 2013 (episodes 14 & 15) – Miraval Spa in Arizona for Melissa’s birthday [“Caroline points her finger at Penny regarding Al cheating rumor, so the anger and hostility that Caroline and Al displayed in stirring up the others was not to ‘help heal the Gorgas/Giudices’ but rather to vilify Penny.” (Source)]
  • March 30, 2013 (episode 18, season finale) – Ambush at Moxie Salon during grand opening of Posche 2 [Joe Gorga and the Lauritas confronted and assaulted Penny’s husband (brawl was edited out of the footage due to legal issues)]

Penny had a sitdown at Chakra with the Gorgas (episode 16) 10 days AFTER the Milania hair care launch party (episode 12) on February 18, 2013, and two weeks BEFORE they went to the Arizona spa for Melissa’s birthday (episodes 14 & 15) on March 16 – 19, 2013. Plus, after the sitdown but before the Arizona trip, Penny’s husband John met with Joe Gorga and Rich Wakile at John’s business, Rutt’s Hut, to “go over what and how things should be said.”

Bryan ‏@bulldog_nj
@FauxRealityEnt I’m on to those playing both sides. No worries. Poker was just my game 😉
20 Apr 13

John Karagiorgis ‏@JohnnyTheGrk said
@bulldog_nj @fauxrealityent Wish I could say the same bro, but I fell for the bluff.
20 Apr 13

John Karagiorgis ‏@JohnnyTheGrk
Fucking Bullshit!!! Penny’s Chakra meeting was right after Milania event. Then I had a meeting with Beevis & Butthead before Arizona.
7 Jul 13

Sukie Tawdry ‏@sukie_tawdry
@JohnnyTheGrk what was the meeting about?
7 Jul 13

John Karagiorgis ‏@JohnnyTheGrk
@sukie_tawdry Going over what & how things should be said
7 Jul 13

Sukie Tawdry ‏@sukie_tawdry
@JohnnyTheGrk so they are acting like they didn’t meet you?
7 Jul 13

John Karagiorgis ‏@JohnnyTheGrk
@sukie_tawdry CORRECT !!!
7 Jul 13

John Karagiorgis ‏@JohnnyTheGrk
No wonder their walls are crumbling all around them; nothing but Liars & Scammers
7 Jul 13

lisa redd ‏@redd82282
@JohnnyTheGrk I see its wack melissa, her huband, richie and his busted ass self, rosie omg ugly, manzos thiefs, kathy ugly, Tre feeding all.
8 Jul 13

John Karagiorgis ‏@JohnnyTheGrk
@redd82282 Trust me Hun I wonder the same. Nothing there but gold-plated lifestyles based on lies & scripted bullshit by all.
8 Jul 13

John Karagiorgis ‏@JohnnyTheGrk
I wear heart on my sleeve & react with passion. Fact is – in the end I was attacked because I was manipulated & believed bullshit. Never Again!
8 Jul 13

John Karagiorgis ‏@JohnnyTheGrk
These assholes MindFucked me but guess what …. Now it’s my turn!!! FuckYou !!!
8 Sep 13

So the sitdown between Penny and the Gorgas at Chakra should have aired in episode 13 but instead was shown out of sequence in episode 16. The grand opening of Posche 2 at Moxie Salon – where Joe Gorga and the Lauritas confronted Penny’s husband – occurred on March 30, 2013, just a week or so AFTER the cast returned from the Arizona spa trip to New Jersey.

s5 206 c

According to a source who was present at the grand opening of Posche 2 on March 30, 2013, Caroline yelled at Penny: “You did this! This is all your fault! I hope you’re happy about doing this to a family!” Penny screamed back: “Fuck you, you old hag! And you’re all wrong! I was trying to protect you because I felt sorry for you!,” plus she brought up Al Manzo’s affair, even mentioning his mistress, Jill, by name.

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc
@andy What happened to Caroline’s fight w/ Penny, where P yelled: “The *Jill* card is on the fucking table!” Is that why Manzo quit? #RHONJ
29 Sep 13

It was this heated exchange (and Teresa telling the cast that Penny was a stalker – according to my source, “it’s deemed accurate that Teresa called her a stalker, and Penny won’t stand for false accusations”) which led to Penny’s change of heart and her decision to no longer keep quiet (in blogs as Penelope Pitstop for FauxRealityEntertainment, Penny has since resumed covering for Teresa and is now, along with Teresa, shifting blame onto Caroline).

Jersey_Girl said on March 3, 2013 at 3:54 pm at FW:

Wake up and realize Teresa isn’t the hero. She needed someone to blame so she blamed Penny. Penny bit the bullet but not to the point of allowing Teresa to bash her. Period. At least give Penny the credit of taking the blame to begin with. Teresa took advantage of her kindness. Penny isn’t pro-anyone. She’s about loyalty, honesty & no bull, but don’t think she’ll take the blame and then allow you to bash her on top of it. Oh no!

Jersey_Girl said on March 3, 2013 at 4:38 pm at FW:

Penny came on because she was asked to come on. Your next question should be who asked her to come on? Don’t be so blind or ignorant. Teresa tried to play Penny and she made same mistake Melissa made, fucked with the wrong bitch.

Jersey_Girl said on March 3, 2013 at 5:33 pm at FW:

Have you all gone mad? Who says they weren’t outing Melissa? Who said Penny and hookah were besties? You are all going nuts. No one ever said she was siding with Melissa. All I said was Penny wasn’t going to allow Teresa to bash her especially after taking the crap all year.

Jersey_Girl said on March 3, 2013 at 7:44 pm at FW:

Cut him off? All because of Frank the plumber’s lies and jealousy. Before the shady plumber got involved the families were going out together and to each other’s homes.

Jersey_Girl said on March 14, 2013 at 9:43 PM at FW:

Hate to break it to you but from what I’m hearing, Teresa knew about everything & even played part in it. Not for nothing but for Teresa to call Penny a stalker or say they weren’t friends was ridiculous. I’ve personally been at Penny’s house many times when Teresa calls Penny at home & talks to her about info on Melissa as well as Penny’s opinion on what Teresa should do about her brother’s relationship with Melissa. Penny always said to her, that’s his wife & mother of his kids so can’t do anything about that. Also was there when Teresa called her to come to premiere party & donate for charity, so Teresa better stop her crap. That bull might work with her family, but it won’t work with Penny & Johnny. Teresa thinks she’s got an edge playing this alienation or denial game behind Penny’s back, but what happens when Penny confronts her? Let her try to lie to Penny’s face, she just might get smacked into reality. Lol

Jersey said on March 15, 2013 at FW:

Jersey Girl is a close friend of Penny so she is defending her, unlike Jacqueline that is what a good friend should do. I believe Kim D when she said at the reunion that information just fell to my feet. I believe Penny and Johnny first met Kim D at her store and started spilling info on Mel’s past. Kim had an ax to grind against Mel because she promoted another store, so Kim informed the producers about them. Teresa developed an acquaintance with Penny because the producers wanted her to film at Penny’s salon. This storyline was scripted by the producers. Nobody put a gun to Penny’s head because she was willing to expose Mel in hopes for an offer to be housewife; not because she wants to be good friend to Teresa.

Jersey_Girl on March 15, 2013 in reply to Jersey at FW:

I must say, from one Jersey to another, Great Answer. You’re about 90% spot on. Penny was approached by production because of the negativity Melissa was sending about her & Kim D. Teresa was part of the whole thing & Penny covered her this whole time only to find out that Teresa was acting as if she didn’t know Penny, bashing her & calling her a stalker. Penny had no problem taking the blame but not to the extent of being bashed on national TV by the same person who was smack in the middle of it all. Penny won’t allow anyone to bash her or her family especially by someone who orchestrated the issues & Penny protected.

Penny Drossos ‏@PDKhair said on 19 Apr 13 on Twitter:

I’d rather have an enemy who says that they hate me than to keep a “friend” whose mission is to put me down secretly.

Penny Drossos Penny Drossos ‏@PDKhair said on 4 Jun 13 on Twitter:

Funny I’m the “stalker” but u hang out w/ my friends, u film @ all Paramus events & u film @ my fam’s business. Now tell me who chases who!?
Retweeted by John Karagiorgis

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said on 13 Aug 13 on Twitter:

@PDKhair Funny how ur “obsessed” yet this cast filmed @ numerous establishments your family owns and/or were present at this season #rhonj

Team Teresa! ‏@AllAbtTeresaG said on 18 Aug 13 on Twitter:

@WillLoveInc quick question, I saw you quoted obsessed–every1 says P no longer cares for T b/c T called her a stalker..? Any truth?

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said on 18 Aug 13 on Twitter:

@AllAbtTeresaG I heard that too. Not sure if TG said that about PDK or if people made it up to cause friction. Hope not. PDK was very loyal.

Team Teresa! ‏@AllAbtTeresaG said on 19 Aug 13 on Twitter:

@WillLoveInc thanks Will. Are T and P cordial, friends … Where do they stand? Have a great day! Xx

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said on 20 Aug 13 on Twitter:

@AllAbtTeresaG P was hurt by things she heard T said. They haven’t spoke since filming. I hope things can be patched up. I enjoyed them together.

John Karagiorgis ‏@JohnnyTheGrk said on 8 Jul 13 on Twitter:

If people write blogs about how & why events took place or how people came to meet it must be honest because we were there. #NoMoreCoverUps

Heather Maclean ‏@HeatherMaclean said on 8 Jul 13 on Twitter:

The only reason Teresa was talking to Jan & Penny in the first place was b/c they own salons & said they wanted to carry Milania Hair Care.

John Karagiorgis ‏@JohnnyTheGrk said on 8 Jul 13 on Twitter:

Oh yea, cameras were rolling for your hairline products? Wow, that’s great TV. Do you actually believe the bullshit others write for you?

@juleslips No one knew Jan but Penny. Penny & Jan have been friends for years. Penny was BEGGED to bring Jan. Period!!!

Topic of conversation was about bringing up infidelities, you knew about it & you wanted it said so stop the bullshit !!!

Things don’t fall into anyone’s lap …. Penny was begged to bring it. That’s truth !!!

Hurry, go rewrite the blog now that I called you out. Penny & Jan didn’t go to talk about haircare, they went to talk about affair. Period!

A friend sent me an excerpt from a blog & I’m laughing hysterically. Cute 1950’s names & they wanted to carry your hairline? BULLSHIT!!!

Damn, @pdkhair just goes for the jugular. #NoMoreCoverUps

Time for @PDKhair to start writing her own blog so people don’t believe to crap you’re feeding them. #NoMoreCoverUps

For the record – We didn’t turn on anyone, they turned on us. We took blame until others took advantage & tried making us look crazed. #NoMore

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said on 11 Aug 13 on Twitter:

@BravoAndy No matter how good TG & JL are edited – their crimes speak for them. Think you’ll keep @PDKhair scenes in now!? TG setup MG! #RHONJ

@melissagorga Shocker but I kinda pity U. If only U knew what ppl U trust R tryin 2 get out about U (&HaveAlready). Note: @BravoAndy #RHONJ

@joegorga U dumb f*ck! If U never attacked @JohnnyTheGrk 4 NO reason U & @melissagorga wld B pigs in sh*t w da TRUTH bout TG (&others) #rhonj

Candace Michelle ‏@yagirlcmichelle said on 11 Aug 13 on Twitter:

@WillLoveInc thought u supported TG.

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said 11 Aug 13 on Twitter:

@yagirlcmichelle I do. I wish her the BEST in her trial (they have kids!) Just wish she didn’t turn on P&J to please Gorgas.

@claudia65 Bottom line: TG knew why PDK was present 4 every filming. Nothing wrong with it – TG needed to be vindicated but shouldn’t have turned.

@claudia65 They were helping 2 vindicate TG by exposing MG’s past & proving MG a liar. Issue came when TG used them as scapegoat 2 save herself.

@Susan_M_Potts Yes. TG spoke with them on the down-low since 2011. The premise of PDK being on #Rhonj was to vindicate TG by exposing MG.

erika ‏@csajbi28 said on 11 Aug 13 on Twitter:

@WillLoveInc even if it’s true, do you think T the only one who used them? They been talking about M past the last 2 years!

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said on 11 Aug 13 on Twitter:

@csajbi28 Absolutely not! They were helping each other out. But TG shouldn’t have thrown PDK under the bus to please MG. That’s all.

@Susan_M_Potts Again, NOTHIN wrong w it, TG needed 2 B given a fair edit & others needed 2 B given bad edit. But don’t screw over those helpin U.

@seena_sharma I DONT hate her or dislike her. I wish her best in trial. Facts are during filming T threw P under the bus to shutup MG. Not cool.

China ‏@tooclassyforyou said on 11 Aug 13 on Twitter:

@WillLoveInc is it possible TG was advised by production to spin the story line. Since they’re privy to all filming. Just a thought.

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said on 11 Aug 13 on Twitter:

@tooclassyforyou Even if so she could have called P&J to give them a heads up. She had no problem calling them to help when she was on C.A.

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said on 12 Aug 13 on Twitter:

@liannsh @seena_sharma Exactly. That’s what’s wrong. Don’t act unhappy with something you wanted someone to say or do. Just own it & move on

@TamaTamaFoFama @claudia65 Exactly. They are all adults. T blaming P is a cop-out just as much. It works both ways; no more no less. #rhonj

Penny Drossos ‏@PDKhair said on 8 Sep 13 on Twitter:

I’ll cover you and take shit for you but once u fuck me over its your turn … I have nothing to hide, truth will come out, keep watching …

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said on 8 Sep 13 on Twitter:

@PDKhair Ur a great friend 2 have. Her loss! U were doing her major favor when she had no1 by her side 2 do her dirty work. Bet she misses U now.

Penny Drossos ‏@PDKhair said on 8 Sep 13 on Twitter:

@WillLoveInc exactly ! 2 Years now.

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said on 8 Sep 13 on Twitter:

Two years too many of being someone else’s scapegoat & their enemies punching bag! #RHONJ RT: “@PDKhair: @WillLoveInc exactly ! 2 Years now”

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said on 15 Sep 13 on Twitter:

I think its comical how these women on #RHONJ keep messing w/ @pdkhair knowing full-well she knows ALL their secrets @Andy @bravowwhl.

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said on 29 Sep 13 on Twitter:

@JeanneDorsey @PDKhair Not at all. When Tre threw Pen under bus is when Pen stopped going along with the plan and called Tre out. #rhonj

@AllAboutTRH @melissagorga Penny never denied saying anything bad about Melissa. She said she only began to gossip about Mel b/c of Teresa.

@JeanneDorsey @PDKhair If they showed scenes in sequence ud get it. She’s a great friend who will have ur back til the end…until u fuck her.

AllAboutTRH ‏@AllAboutTRH said on 29 Sep 13 on Twitter:

Why would @PDKhair delete text messages with @Teresa_Giudice? You would probably always save those #RHONJ

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said on 29 Sep 13 on Twitter:

@AllAboutTRH @PDKhair @Teresa_Giudice Penny deleted all of TG’s stuff, as she does with all her friends, in case phone is lost = no worries.

Bichon_BabyGirl ‏@JeanneDorsey said on 29 Sep 13 on Twitter:

@WillLoveInc @AllAboutTRH @PDKhair @Teresa_Giudice with all due respect that’s a hard one to believe! #sorryboutit

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said on 29 Sep 13 on Twitter:

@JeanneDorsey @AllAboutTRH @PDKhair @Teresa_Giudice It’s true. She does it with me LOL. It’s in case you loose phone & it gets in wrong hands.

Bichon_BabyGirl ‏@JeanneDorsey said on 29 Sep 13 on Twitter:

@WillLoveInc @AllAboutTRH @PDKhair @Teresa_Giudice Where’s the snapshots? Common now!

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said on 29 Sep 13 on Twitter:

@JeanneDorsey @AllAboutTRH @PDKhair @Teresa_Giudice If you trust someone, you don’t screenshot your correspondence before you delete them…

MLR ‏@Katichekats said on 29 Sep 13 on Twitter:

@WillLoveInc @AllAbtTeresaG If u truly wished best 4 T, you would not keep railing on her. @PDKhair can handle her own battles.

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said on 29 Sep 13 on Twitter:

@Katichekats @AllAbtTeresaG @PDKhair #1 True friends stick up for their friends when their ex-user-friend is lying about them on national TV

@Katichekats @AllAbtTeresaG @PDKhair #2 She has a gag-order and can’t speak while the others use her as a scapegoat. We’re friends. I feel bad.

@AllAbtTeresaG I <3U 2 & wish best 4 Teresa. Just don’t like my friends being lied about when they don’t have same platform 2 defend themselves.

Penny Drossos ‏@PDKhair said on 29 Sep 13 on Twitter:

So limited as to wt I can say !!! This sucks !

Paula Henna Queen ‏@PaulaHennaQueen said on 29 Sep 13 on Twitter:

Melissa and Joe are all talk. I witnessed them hug and tell @PDKhair she is a upstanding woman for telling the truth.
Retweeted by Will Love

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said on 29 Sep 13 on Twitter:

I like @Teresa_Giudice! All the #RHONJ are cool in their own ways. I just don’t like that @PDKhair is being used as a scapegoat. It’s wrong @Andy

JustShell ‏@ItsMeBelle557 said on 27 Sep 13 on Twitter:

@WillLoveInc I’m curious Will… you were such an avid defender of TG, why the sudden change?

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said on 30 Sep 13 on Twitter:

@ItsMeBelle557 Tre was ganged up on by cast previously. I felt bad. I do like her. Just not what she did to Pen. That’s all. #rhonj

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc said on 2 Oct 13 on Twitter:

@JeanneDorsey @ChelleMyBella @PDKhair I never lie 2 or bout my frnds so do me a favor: If U R confident ur girl is always innocent=ignore me!

s5 193 g

During season 5 episode 15 (the last day of the Arizona spa trip, after Melissa’s birthday celebration), the entire cast confronted Teresa about shutting down the rumors – below is a partial transcript (see Calypso’s comment in this blog for a full transcript and commentary of the scene – remember that, before the Arizona trip, at the Milania launch party, Teresa had denied any involvement, so before going to Arizona the Gorgas met with Penny at Chakra and Johnny at his place of business to trick them into admitting that Teresa was in collusion with Penny and Kim D to reveal Melissa’s secrets):

Teresa says she never gave Penny any information.

Poison to Teresa: It’s OK if you did it. Who cares if you were a little involved. I’m just saying, it’s better if you admit it.

Melissa to Teresa: Maybe you weren’t the one who just said, “Hey, I’m going to do this,” but you were there to assist, to do, to be there.

Teresa: I’m not part of it – check me out! If you can live with that and believe your sister would do that to you…

Melissa to the group: What do you think, that she’s gonna say, “Yes, I did it!” Are you guys losing your minds?!

Teresa to Poison: If Penny was worth the straightening out, I would do it. Do you think I want to give her the attention?

Teresa continues to insist that she was not part of it.

Caroline to Teresa: But he feels like you’re a part of it.

Teresa: But I’m not part of it Caroline, I’m not fucking part of it!

Caroline: I know that Teresa, but listen to me – the way you’re going to prove it to him is by going together united.

The others are shouting: Stick together and end it! … Honor your family together!

Caroline to Poison: Joe, hug your sister because she is standing up for you. You go deal with that bitch [Penny].

Al: You’re not wrong. If the two of you confront those pieces of garbage [Penny and John], when it’s over, you will be united.

Melissa TH: Teresa will never admit that she’s involved with these people… I’m more concerned about making Penny stop.

The cast knows that Teresa spoke to Penny about the cheating rumors and took the phone call from Mike, a friend of Bryan “Bulldog” Bowen, back on December 3, 2012 at the holiday Posche fashion show. This is one of the reasons they are saying that Teresa put Penny up to it.

Transcript of Jan Marie DeDolce’s and Penny Drossos’ Conversations with Melissa Gorga About Cheating on Joe with Bryan Bulldog Bowen

August 20, 2013 231 comments

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“2009 phone records don’t lie. I checked it out u can go back 6years. I’m sure if he looks it up my number will be all over it. In some way I still don’t feel good about even taking the devil down. Don’t ya wish you apologized. Sleep well. Oh by the way for someone who’s looking for 15mins of fame I turned down your show n someone who wants $ so far it’s all free.” – Bryan ‏Bowen (@bulldog_nj), October 6, 2013, Twitter

In an interview with AllAboutTRH, Jan Marie DeDolce, Melissa’s friend of 12 years and former bridesmaid, said Melissa called her out of the blue to have lunch with her because she wanted to know if Jan had told anybody about the night at Sushi Lounge – the night during the summer of 2009 when Melissa allegedly hooked up with Bryan Bulldog Bowen in the parking lot.

At the Milania launch party in episode 12, Jan and Melissa discussed that night, with Jan explaining that Melissa said to “make sure you say my sister-in-law was there.” Jan said to Melissa: “You used me as an alibi.”

“I was invited there [to the Milania launch party] lol. [I told them] I was busy sawing wood that night. Lol 😉 I wasn’t foolish enough [to attend].” – Bryan Bown (@bulldog_nj), August 11, 2013, Twitter

s5 199 d

The following is the transcript of Jan and Melissa’s conversation at the Milania launch party, as well as Melissa’s conversation with Penny Drossos.

Jan and Penny are talking, with Kim D standing beside them, as Melissa and Joe arrive.

Jan: Why is she even here? Because she has nothing to do with hair, right?

Kim D to Jan: Well, they all made up.

Jan: Yeah, so I heard.

Kim D: What do you think about that?

Jan: Yeah, I think it’s fake.

Jan: Melissa’s scared because she really doesn’t want anybody from the [inaudible] knowing anything about her anymore. You know what, you want to go around talking about people, when you have so many skeletons in your closet. I’d be scared too!

Penny: And it’s sad because she is a married women. I would never want to break up a marriage. And neither would you.

Jan: I don’t care.

Penny: But she was two-timing her husband.

Kim D, Teresa and Melissa greet each other – chatter about not holding grudges.

Melissa TH:

Anytime I’m talking to Kim D I have my guard up. I don’t trust her. It’s hard to trust her.

Jan walks over to them and congratulates Teresa on her hair products.

Jan: Melissa, did you want to say something?

Melissa: Me? No, why?

Jan: You had a lot of nasty things to say after you heard that I had drinks with some people.

Melissa: No, actually, I heard that you had dinner with my sister-in-law and Kim, and you told them, like, I was a horrible friend to you and that I meet my ex. All this stuff!

Jan: Well, you did meet you ex.

Melissa: Did you just say I did meet my ex?!

Jan: Yeah, I was there with you that night.

Melissa: Are you fucking kidding me!

Jan: And other people! About nine other people were there that night.

Melissa: That’s right! His best friend!

Jan: Right.

Melissa (smiling, now with her hand on Joey’s shoulder, who has a drink in one hand and his other hand on his hip, smirking): My sister-in-law, she was there too!

Jan: Yeah, she was there too! That’s what you told me to say, actually, “Make sure you say my sister-in-law was there.”

Melissa tries to interrupt Jan.

Jan: Yeah, you did. You were actually upset that they were there. You used me as an alibi.

Melissa: Don’t you dare lie!

Jan: I’m done lying for you.

Melissa TH:

There’s a part of me that would like to bitch slap Jan. But Teresa says she’s backing me up. But she doesn’t look like that. Her body language says, “It’s totally out of my hands and let them settle their own problems.”

Melissa: Why is it so important for you to try to hurt us?

Jan: No, it’s not!

Melissa: You told me this crazy lady came to your house.

Jan: Right. Right.

Melissa: Penny, who’s obsessed with me.

Jan: I got dragged into something.

Melissa: You’re my friend.

Jan: Right, I got dragged in (Melissa tries to interrupt). Well, Melissa, I don’t have a dark past that I’m trying to pretend I’m something I’m not. You have a lot of skeletons under your bed and you had to use me to be on your side.

Camera pans to Joe, shrugging his shoulders with a stupid grin on his face.

Melissa: What you’re doing is disgusting. You know that?!

Jan: You won’t even say “hi” to me. Melissa, you’re not Melissa.

Teresa to Melissa: Are you okay?

Melissa to Teresa: Yeah!

Jan to Teresa: Yeah, we’re fine.

Jan to Melissa: You know it and I know it.

Teresa TH:

Jan and Melissa do have a history together. Really, the two of them need to hash it out. And if my name gets involved, then I guess that’s when I’ll speak up.

Melissa: Why don’t you go home. It’s my sister-in-law’s party. I loved you, remember that!

Jan: Right! You love yourself.

Melissa: Yes, I love myself too! Yes!

Jan: Melissa, the academy award goes to you. Thank you Jesus! … I’m outta here.

Kim D: What just happened?

Melissa: She’s trying to say that I hung out with a guy! Why would she say something so fucking stupid?! She’s such an ass.

Joe TH:

I am extremely hurt that Jan turned on Melissa. I just feel, like, she’s just, like, a puppet and she’s getting talked to, “Do this and do that,” and she’s doing it.

Teresa: I don’t know. Can you guys just forgot all of this?!

Melissa: Hello, I’m on a cover of a magazine! This is bullshit.

Teresa: Look, that had nothing to do with that article.

Kim D: She had nothing to do with it!

Joe to Kim D and Teresa: You know what she should have done? She should have accused me of cheating. It would have been more believable if it was me.

Joe to Melissa: They’re trying to break us up.

s5 199 g

Penny walks over to Kim D, Teresa, Melissa and Joe.

Penny to Teresa: Hi, I wanted to congratulate you on your launch. I love your hairline.

Teresa: Thank you. This is Penny.

Melissa, nodding her head, looks at Penny: Ahhh, OK. I heard that you had dinner with my sister-in-law and with Jan, and that you were, like, talking shit about me the whole time you were there.

Penny: Did I say things? Absolutely. I’m not going to deny it.

Teresa to Penny: Can we just clear up one thing? Are you and me friends?

Penny: Me and your are acquaintances. I know you. Do I talk to you on the phone? No.

Teresa, turning to address Melissa: Thank you. That’s not a friend.

Melissa to Penny: But a lot of things you’ve said are not true.

Penny: I don’t want to hurt you. I was confronted about a situation. I answered a question. And that’s how I was brought into this shit. When that article came out, the only reason I did respond is because I was asked.

Melissa TH:

Who are you? Like, I’ve never even met her before. Why are you lying about me? Why are you doing this to me? It makes no sense! There’s gotta be someone pulling Penny’s leash.

Melissa: So you’re saying people ask you questions about me?

Penny: You know, many different people.

Melissa: But tell me (Teresa interrupts).

Teresa: Just to make sure – you know that we’re not friends? Do we have that straight?

Melissa, with a snarl, to Teresa: Yes, you guys are not friends.

Teresa: Thank you! Thank you!

Melissa to Penny: What question were you asked?

Penny: I was asked who [Bryan Bulldog Bowen’s name is bleeped out] was. I was asked about certain things from your past.

Melissa: Who asked you these questions?

Penny: Well, I’m not gonna (Melissa interrupts).

Melissa: You should say it!

Penny: I’m know I should say, but I don’t want to cause problems.

Melissa: I get that.

Teresa to Penny: You know Angelo from last year?

Penny: Yes!

Teresa: And that was your salon?

Penny: Yes!

Teresa: Did I ever see Angelo before that night?

Penny: No.

Teresa to Joe and Melissa: See! I had nothing to do with the fashion show!

Melissa TH (this testimonial was recorded recently because she has her new, blonder hair, wearing the deep cut black top) – there is a reason this additional TH was added after the season premiered:

I’m not gonna lie. I think it’s a little strange. I can’t get a answer out of Penny. Teresa keeps interrupting her and diverting the conversation. It’s like all she’s concerned about is that her name is clear.

Teresa: I don’t like to get blamed for things that I don’t do.

Penny: No, Teresa has nothing to do with this.

Teresa: Nothing to do with it.

Melissa to Teresa: Entertain you guests. You don’t have to listen.

Teresa: But I just want to make sure that if you’re uncomfortable that (Melissa interrupts).

Melissa, condescending: I have my husband right here, baby.

Joe, with a smirk on his face and blood-shot eyes (to Teresa): Go mingle.

Teresa: I just want to make sure you’re OK.

Joe, still smirking: I got it!

Teresa looks at Joe, raising her eyebrows: No.

Joe, still smirking: I got it! C’mom.

Joe TH:

I don’t feel like I’m getting the whole truth here. Teresa, hovering over the situation, telling the girl (Joe mocking Teresa’s voice), “Listen, I had nothing to do with it, right? Make sure you tell ’em!” She is trying too hard to make herself look innocent. And to me that makes her look guilty.

Melissa, whose eyes look blood-shot as well: Honestly, lady to lady, who asked you these questions?

Penny: I know I should say it but I’d rather take the blame.

Melissa: You shouldn’t.

Penny: But you know what, I’d rather take the blame.

Melissa: Alright.

Penny: Cuz that’s what I am.

Melissa: Sounds like you’re getting used and abused honey! Honestly, and I’m not being rude.

Melissa TH (this testimonial was recorded recently because she has her new, blonder hair, wearing the deep cut black top) – there is a reason this additional TH was added after the season premiered:

Penny definitely seems to be holding back. She’s almost looking me in my eyes telling me she’s not saying it all. With Teresa hanging over her shoulder, she just wasn’t going to let it out.

Melissa: Whatever it is. I have three kids. I’m very happy. Please! Stay out of my marriage.

Penny: I’m not getting involved in your marriage.

Melissa: OK. Hallelujah. Enjoy your night.

Penny: Same here. Have a good night (Penny walks away).

Melissa to Joe: What do you want me to do? I’m a lady. You want me to beat her up?

Teresa to Joe and Melissa: I need to say something and both of you need to hear this. I’m glad that we’re all good now, but you didn’t believe your own sister. I would never do anything to hurt you guys. And you should know that.

Melissa: We believe you! Go have fun. I want you to go and enjoy your thing, OK?

Teresa TH:

Melissa, are you happy now?! See, you had to hear it from the horse’s mouth. You should have just took my word from the beginning.

Teresa in a voice-over (walking around the crowd – could be out of sequence): Right now I’m on a high. I’m, like, really happy.

Melissa TH:

It’s like nothing adds up. I just feel like someone’s hands are a little bit dirty here. And I want answers.

Melissa to Joe: There’s a connection between Jan, Penny (Joe interrupts).

Joe: Teresa.

Melissa: To be honest with ya, I can’t tell which one’s lying.

In the video above, you will see various shots of the cast, notably Teresa speaking with Jan at 3:46 and Teresa, Joe, Kim D, Penny and Jan talking at the bar at 4:36. There is an interesting shot at 5:35 of Melissa being persuaded to go over to Teresa for a photo op of the two of them sharing drinks – Melissa goes over and clicks her drink with Teresa, chats for two seconds, and then turns her back and begins to talk with Joe.

Jan explained how she got involved with the show and how the conversation at the table at Bellissimos with Kim D, Penny, Jennifer Dalton and Teresa was edited to give the impression she was talking about Melissa, but she wasn’t.

The following is an excerpt from Jan’s interview with AllAboutTRH.

“There was something that went on Facebook that had upset me that she [Melissa] put up, and I was just over it. Out of nowhere, she calls me to go meet her for lunch. Again. She wanted to know if I told anybody about the night we were out at Sushi Lounge with Bryan. I said no, but of course there were other people there.

“So she asked me if I would come on and film with her to say that there was no meeting together. I didn’t really want to get involved, but she asked me to film because she needed girlfriends to go to lunch with her. Melissa doesn’t have a lot of girlfriends. She was like ‘Please, please, please,’ so I said alright.

“Now mind you, I denied a majority of the stuff because I just didn’t want to get involved in this.

“So we go out to lunch and after that, Kim D and Penny start calling me and my partner [of Jan’s hair salon, Teeze]. At first, they tried telling me that Teresa had a hair product line and she wanted it in my salon. Kim D has this guy Damien, who was friends with my old partner, set up a meeting behind my back with Penny, and they wanted to see if they could get me to come on the show.

“I said I didn’t want to get involved, but then they said it would only be about the hair products and Melissa wouldn’t be there. Kim D gave me the whole run around. My partner then begged me and said it’ll be good for the business.

“At the time, I was still mad at Melissa because she had used me to get information about Bryan and to deny all that stuff.

“So when we get there, they push Malcolm, who is my partner, to the side and they place me next to Penny to make it seem like we came there together.

“The night at Bellissimo’s [with Kim D and Penny], I was defending her [Melissa]. They were attacking her and ambushing her. And once again, I’m sticking up for her, and Bravo switched it up because apparently Penny has a lawsuit with Bravo, so they didn’t use her in that scene bashing Melissa. I don’t know, maybe they wanted to make it look realistic. I have no idea. The whole thing was just fake. They just started bashing Melissa. At the table, when they showed me saying all this stuff, it had nothing to do with Melissa. We were talking about an old boyfriend. It was just stuff that had nothing to do with Melissa. They re-arranged the entire conversation, which was really messed up.

“So then someone behind the cameras asks me to tell them about how Melissa cheated with Bryan, and I said no. I knew we went to dinner together, but I didn’t leave with them so I don’t know what happened.”

bitch slap

On August 19, 2013, Jan posted on her Facebook page a response to Melissa’s comment in an episode 12 testimonial that she wanted to bitch slap Jan: “And I welcome the bitch slap but we ALL know better – that Shit ISN’T EVER GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!” The following are screen shots of Jan’s other posts on her Facebook page.

jan Facebook

Reality Tea reported on August 20, 2013 that Melissa’s former friends are ready to spill her secrets. According to their source, Melissa is intent on continuing the “victim act” at all costs. “She just wants to blame Teresa for everything. Melissa really needs a story line.”

In Her Sex and Marriage Advice Book, Melissa Gorga Says Men Desire Her and Women Envy Her

August 3, 2013 538 comments

tre 131 b

“Looks like a bunch of bullshit so far and I only read first few lines. First chapter was hilarious… Knowing that those were the years we were the closest and I was never even mentioned!!Lol @melissagorga. They were still married, but Tonyaeco slept on couch lol. Used to be at house after school with Melissa, Lol, and his blankets and stuff were on the couch! They were splitting up. Ask your sister if she wants to read these letters to the media?? Or if I should read them? And the Valentines Day cards!! And I never existed… I would love to tell all of you right now, trust me, you would love it! Just doing it right so you all know it’s real!!! You will hear my side of the story! See the pics, letters from her, and everything! Just not on here! There’s plenty more!!! Trust me! You will hear!! Definitely not on Twitter, in the headlines. Yea @melissagorga better tell @joegorga to stop send me messages that he’s connected. Don’t make me lol, you got nothing. Yeah, I got the messages, they think their mobsters! Lol… Am I suppose to be scared! Make the threats public tuff guy.” – Anthony Arater (@AArater), August 4, 2013, Twitter

advice book

Macmillan publishers released chapter one of Melissa Gorga’s advice book on sex and marriage plus “a look inside” on (Table of Contents, First Pages, Index, Surprise Me!)

When reading chapter one (see excerpt below) keep in mind the following:

  • Melissa Gorga was born March 21, 1979.
  • According to sources, Melissa’s mother, Donna (who still goes by Donna Marco), divorced Melissa’s father and moved to Florida in 1995 with her new husband and 16-year-old Melissa.
  • According to Jamie Bauer, in Florida in 1995, when Melissa was 16 and a sophomore at Boca Raton High School, she began a 18-month lesbian relationship with her.
  • Melissa’s father, Anthony Marco, died in a car accident in New Jersey on March 29, 1996, a week after Melissa turned 18.
  • At the age of 18, Melissa was arrested on July 16, 1997, for shoplifting in Florida; she missed her arraignment hearing on October 6, 1997 so a bench warrant for failure to appear in court was issued
  • Melissa graduated from Boca Raton High School in 1998.
  • Melissa returned to Toms River, New Jersey, shortly after graduating high school, where she was active in the party scene, even after meeting Joe Gorga in Cancun in March 2003 (she began dating him in October 2003 and moved in with him in December 2003); she also was a student at New Jersey City University (she graduated in January 2004 and married Joe Gorga in August 2004).
  • Melissa’s shoplifting case was dismissed on October 10, 2012, when it was brought to the court’s attention by tabloids reporting on the story – a misdemeanor case prior to 2008 with no activity on it for five years can be dismissed by a simple administrative order.

mego 33 b

A Review by Ashley of Chapter One of Melissa’s Book
August 3, 2013 at 10:11 PM on Fame-Whorgas

Okay, well I have to say from a psychological point of view, it is fascinating to read what is so obviously made-up.

Momajackie, “When the fantasy world is held up to the real world, things just do not add up.”

Exactly, we’re talking about someone who literally is a sociopath, and when you have no conscience you have to fake it because of the dissociative disorder. She paints this storybook picture in the beginning with her parents marriage and the material things, good old-fashioned values – but her life was nothing like that. You don’t turn out three girls of such nasty disposition who came from this supposed idyllic childhood. Which is why she has to imagine, fantasize, what real people and real love is like to the outside world and then try and paint herself into this image that she never had and never was.

Of course it’s so over-the-top to a real person but MeHo isn’t capable of realizing it. In her mind, she’s writing what she wished she had, what others had and “pretending,” as she still is today but, because she doesn’t have the emotional capacity to feel what normal people do, she overcompensates in the imaginary life she wished she had.

The extreme of a rosy childhood (until she slips in the bad stuff), onto ALL the girls hated her in high school in New Jersey because she, as a freshman, made it onto the varsity cheerleading squad. She writes it like, naturally, everyone hated me. Then moves to Florida where EVERYONE hated her again, jealous of course???? Golly gee, what are the chances that every random teenager you come across takes one look at you and hates your guts. Then onto what a virginal, hard-to-get, angel she was and on and on. She prayed every night… no, she partied every night, but it sure would sound better if she wrote the former. Joe Gorga is the man of her dreams. Really, a pervert, the antithesis of a gentleman, robs his own parents, disrespects his own parents repeatedly as well as his only sibling, prone to violent rages, deep-seeded insecurities etc. Wow, what a dream come true. I would be mortified and hiding out if I married a man like that. Beyond disgusting.

Lies, upon lies upon lies. Her father had money but when he died we were broke because there were no contracts with his partners, and they left her family alone to starve? That’s why we have courts. She was always into fashion (Teresa, fashion degree, buyer for department store) and every man wanted her. Pure delusion – she was so insecure she whored herself out to whomever would return the favors with material things. Her pictures before the show clearly show she was no looker, sorry – if she had a wonderful soul and personality I would say differently. She is plain and WANTED to be the girl she describes because she was anything but.

Really fascinating and disturbing to be inside her head.

mego 77

“You couldn’t have just left as I had 1 serious boyfriend during ‘college’ lol could ya?! Thanks, you just added more pages to mine 🙂 Why Lie about all that? WHY!? Lol, this girl been drinking Crazy juice for way too long now… Did she really call me a frog lol. FRAUD ALERT! I would have left me out of that book!!! Lmao. I am going to have to write this out in a book. It’s just too many lies to answer lol. God my truth just got really interesting. Patience, it’s coming 😉 I mean, does this girl think people that know her weren’t gonna see this show & read this book. Does she think we moved to another planet? lmao” – Bryan ‏(@bulldog_nj), August 3, 2013, Twitter

The following is an excerpt from chapter one of Melissa’s book, Love Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage.

By Melissa Gorga
The First Man in My Life