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Melissa Gorga Sings Her New Single “Never Let Me Go” Live Without Autotune and Attends VMAs; Giudice’s Friends and Relatives “Cause Ruckus” on Ship Bottom Beach Over $5 Per Person Beach Fee

August 27, 2013 466 comments

Melissa Gorga’s Live Performance Without Autotune of “Never Let Me Go” on XL106.7

During her appearance on XL106.7′s morning radio show with Johnny House in Orlando, Florida on June 28, 2013, Melissa Gorga sang her new single “Never Let Me Go,” which was released on August 25, 2013.

Play the video above to watch her dance and listen to her sing without autotune, or click on the link below for the actual interview as well as her live performance (8:50 mark): (like all the other copies, this one has also been taken down by demand)

For some reason the radio station waited until two weeks ago to upload the video – perhaps they were trying to spare her the embarrassment. However, it is more likely that someone at the radio station wanted us to hear her real voice instead of her singing along to a backing track, where her vocals are barely heard over the autotuned recording. Before the video was uploaded, the track with her vocals must have been isolated so it could be heard over the backing track she was singing along to – thank you XL106.7 for allowing us to hear the real Melissa Gorga, without autotune!

UPDATE 1: The video uploaded to by the radio station XL106.7 was taken down on August 28, 2013 shortly after this story was published at FW.

UPDATE 2: The copy of the video at also has been removed as of 1:45 AM on August 29, 2013.

UPDATE 3: Another copy of the video at youtube was taken down around 3 PM on August 29, 2013. Melissa doesn’t want people to know how bad she sings without autotune – she even demanded it be removed from youtube by the radio station that recorded the live performance (however, she has no problem with the dubbed over version of the performance in the video below).

Another version of the video was uploaded two months ago by one of the backup dancers – the auto-tuned recording of the song is dubbed over Melissa singing live (see video below).

Melissa Gorga’s Live Performance Dubbed Over With Auto-tuned Recording

FW published a story on July 13, 2013 (link below) about Melissa’s trip to Orlando, where she also sang off key with a backing track at Red, Hot and Boom:

Melissa Sings Off Key with a Backing Track at Red, Hot and Boom in Orlando

Joe and Melissa Gorga attended MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMAs) on August 25, 2013 – Melissa boasted that Justin Timberlake’s manager, Johnny Wright, who has been managing Melissa’s music career since October 2012, gave her tickets (seat fillers), which she shared with her two sisters (what kind of parking lot favors have Melissa and her sisters promised Johnny?!).

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“Joe and I got to go to MTV’s Video Music Awards last night in Brooklyn. It was my very first time at the VMAs. The energy there is amazing and vibe is so relaxed. Fans were screaming at their favorite celebs going down the red carpet and everyone had a smile on their face! All of the performances were great, but there is no denying that Justin Timberlake blew the roof off. His performance gave me chills. He is one of the most humble and sweetest guys out there. He deserved his special award on so many levels. He was beyond amazing. God Bless him. I’ve been watching the VMAs for as long as I can remember, and to be there was more than I could have ever asked for. Thank you Johnny Wright for making it happen.” – Melissa Gorga’s Bravo blog, Melissa’s Trip to the Emergency Room, Season 5 Episode 13, August 26, 2013

Click the link below for a compilation of the ‘Real Housewives’ singing without autotune:

Us Weekly, the magazine Bravo is using to push Melissa to the forefront, included a photo of Melissa in their coverage of the VMAs. RadarOnline (shocker!) and OK! magazine put her on their “best dressed” lists for the event.

vma 6

Melissa Gorga Tells Us Weekly, “I’ve Never Cheated on Joe”; Melissa Sings Off Key with a Backing Track at Red, Hot and Boom in Orlando (Updated 8/28/2013)

July 13, 2013 164 comments

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In the July 10, 2013 issue of Us Weekly, Melissa says, “I’ve never cheated on Joe.” Her former best friend and bridesmaid Jan Marie DeDolce claims otherwise. In season 5 episode 6, Jan confirmed what other sources told FW, that Melissa was caught giving her ex-boyfriend Bryan oral sex in the parking lot of the Sushi Lounge in 2009, and Jan went on to say that, “he’s admitted that she blew him.” In the same episode, Jennifer Dalton told Melissa that Jan said, “You guys have been messing around on and off for a long time, for years.”

Us Weekly has had many pro-Melissa stories over the past year (or should we say anti-Teresa because all the stories featuring Melissa are her negative thoughts and lies about Teresa) that it is obvious there is a deal in place. And Melissa is a proven liar, a pathological one at that, so the sources coming forward to expose her past are more believable.

Melissa’s ex Bryan (whom she lived with for two years just before meeting Joe Gorga in 2003) made it clear that he never will appear on the Bravo network; and he confirmed on Twitter that his name was bleeped out of episode 6 because Bravo needs his permission to air it, and he turned them down, numerous times:

“@FauxRealityET @bulldog_nj @Bravotv they need his permission to air his name so they had to bleep it.” – Ellen Michelle White (‏@realwhitegirl1), July 8, 2013, Twitter

“@realwhitegirl1 @FauxRealityET yes they do & I turned down filming numerous times. Kinda funny for a man who was looking for fame & $ huh.” – Bryan ‏(@bulldog_nj), July 8, 2013, Twitter

“All about hurting people and fame, $ I just don’t get it. It’s funny all the lies they perceive.” – Bryan ‏(@bulldog_nj), July 8, 2013, Twitter

When a follower tweeted Bryan on July 8th, saying she was glad he doesn’t participate in the “BS with producers” and told him not to sign anything with Sirens Media (the producers of RHONJ) since they will “use you, abuse you and leave you to cleanup up your reputation (look what they did to Johnny, Penny’s husband)”, Bryan replied that “only a fool would be on the show” and said, “I haven’t signed a thing – I’m not that guy! Will never happen.”

Meanwhile, Joe and Melissa are working overtime to prove their relationship is “unbreakable.” Me thinks thou doth protest too much!

In other news, Melissa sang off key with a backing track at Red Hot and Boom 2013 in Orlando, Florida, over the July 4th holiday. Below are videos from the event.

Before her performance at Red, Hot and Boom, on June 28th Melissa co-hosted XL106.7’s morning radio show with Johnny House. According to FW reader Kay, during the show Joe said:

“With a sister like Teresa, that’s why I have a great body…working out to get out my frustrations…I was working out when I was 12 and Teresa would throw my toys out the window.”

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Click on the image above or link below for a video of Melissa’s appearance on XL06.7, during which she sang her new single “Never Let Me Go” (released on August 25, 2013) live. For some reason the radio station waited until August 14, 2013 to upload the video – perhaps they were trying to spare her the embarrassment.

UPDATE: Shortly after bloggers found the video on August 28, 2013 of Melissa singing “Never Let Me Go” live, the radio station XL106.7 removed it from youtube, but you can watch it at the link above.

“Do yourself a favour. Watch the video! Bwahahahahaha!! She finally said in one sentence what we always thought: (1) She doesn’t like Teresa; (2) She doesn’t respect her husband’s relationship with his sister; (3) The truce was for show; and (4) Teresa’s sister-in-law is a monster.” – Sackem, August 28, 2013, Fame-Whorgas

Below is a photo of the Gorgas during their trip to Florida (it appears little Joey did not come to Florida with them).

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A Little Ditty About Joe and Melissa
By Meri on July 12, 2013 at 10:29 PM

There once was a midget in Jersey,
Who was feeling very unworthy.
So he traveled to Lookers,
In search of a hooker,
And was fooled into lust,
By a gold digging huss,
Who went by the name of Missy.

Now Missy was yearning for fame,
Who Stumpy’s sister she had to blame.
So they jumped on the train,
We call famewhoring by name.
And were gleeful to lie,
For the pie in the sky!

Life for the unscrupulous couple,
Was paradise in a TV bubble,
As production was created by Kat.
But Teresa proved that she was all that!
So when she was fired,
Stumpy and Missy grew tired.

Well, Juicy and Rosie were getting along,
While Missy’s auto-tuned ridiculous song,
Couldn’t get on the charts.
And that only darkened their black hearts!
So they all went away,
To the mountains to play.

Stumpy and Missy had a plan up their sleeve,
To show Bravo they’d never leave.
The midget rushed Juicy in hopes that he’d fall,
But was sent flying into the wall.
Who would guess that Stumpy liked nuts?
And most likely other men’s butts!
So they screamed and they cried,
Can’t we have Juicy’s balls fried?
And that was the end of their fame!