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Melissa Gorga Admits to Glamour Magazine That She Met Joe in 2003, When She Was 24, Not 21, Like She Says in Her Book

September 10, 2013 584 comments

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A few weeks ago, Melissa and Joe stopped by Glamour magazine for an interview. In the interview, Joe conveys that he “got married young.” When Glamour asks, “How old were you when you got married?,” only Melissa answers, and she answers truthfully, for a change, saying: “I was 24 when I met him, and I got married at 25. We got married within a year.” However, in her book she states she met Joe in 2000 when she was 21 and he was 26, a story they conjured up to erase four years from her past and to hide the fact that Joe was almost 30 years old, partying with college-aged kids, when he met her in Cancun during the filming of MTV’s “The Real Cancun” in March of 2003.

Also in the interview, Melissa declares that RHONJ has “always been where Teresa’s the crazy one, so they’re trying to bring out a little bit of a softer side, but it’s not really working.” She asserts that next season producers “need to switch it up a little bit,” and says they are going to bring in new people, but she doesn’t think “they’d actually take anyone out” because “they don’t want to mess with us.” She explains that the new people would have to be family, “like somebody else’s sister-in-law,” because that’s “why people are so into the show.”

As far as new cast goes, Melissa reveals that she’s “suggested a couple people, but then they’ll try them out and be like, ‘Ehhh’.” She expresses that she wants producers to “bring in more younger people because I’m one of the youngest of the Housewives of all the franchises.” She conveys that she and Joe are angling for a spinoff: “That’s what I want to do. I don’t want to do the drama in the family. I want to be like, the Melissa and Joe fun spin-off family!” Joe chimes in with: “We’ll give ‘em drama! We have drama!”

On the secrets to a successful marriage, Joe divulges that “98 percent of the time, I’m a man” and tells wives to “respect your husband, and he’ll respect you.” He suggests wives make their husbands dinner and have sex at the end of the night since it only “takes 10 minutes.” Melissa boasts: “I sing, I’m on this reality show, and I do all of this – I make him the king in my house and in return I’m the queen.”

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The following is the interview published in Glamour magazine on September 9, 2013.