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Joe Gorga Apologizes to Teresa Giudice Via Text; Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo Project Their Resentment Toward Teresa Giudice onto Her 10-Year-Old Daughter Gia

May 22, 2012 11 comments

“Once Teresa got this show and became even more visual, I think Joe and Melissa were fit to be tied in jealousy and revenge. Those two think they should be famous and adored, and there was Teresa starring on a reality show. Joe even said ‘Teresa needs to fall.’ Fall? He pushed her!” – FanViewerNJ, August 8, 2012, Teresa’s Bravo Blog

According to Teresa Giudice in her Bravo blog about the pool party confrontation instigated by her brother in episode 4 of season 4, where he lost control of his temper and verbally abused her in front of all the children:

“I didn’t love the talk my brother and I had. I really, really didn’t want to get into it at a pool party my kids were at, because I knew how it would go. And it went that way… and worse. You didn’t even see the entire argument. Joey’s explosion at me was insane, scary, and yes, really, really hurtful to me.”

Joe Gorga called his sister a “f–king bitch” and told her to “shut the f–k up” during the episode (as well as telling her “you need to fall in order to see what you have done wrong“). In the next episode, the Gorgas scripted the “I sent my sister a text” scene (many of their scenes are staged and rehearsed) to cover up his failure to promptly apologize. It appears he lied about sending the text the next day.

“You know the other night, Meliss, I sent my sister a text the next day” (Joe Gorga tells Melissa in the car on the way to field day at Jacqueline’s).

Joe had Melissa read his text message on camera and then Melissa pretended to support his fake desire to reconcile with his family. Who text messages their sister an apology after calling her an f–king bitch and antagonizing her at a party in front of her kids? That’s not an authentic apology.

Jacqueline and Caroline accused Teresa of lying about not receiving the text from her brother. Of course, when Jacqueline asked Teresa if her brother had contacted her, Teresa had not yet received his text message. Leave it to these two troublemakers and busybodies to jump to the conclusion that Teresa flat-out lied to manipulate them into thinking negatively about Joe Gorga.

In her blog, Teresa explains:

“I wasn’t lying about getting the text from my brother because when Jacqueline called me, I hadn’t gotten it yet! I was going to tell her at field day, but I didn’t get a chance because of everything going on with Gia.”

“Joe Gorga told Melissa that he sent it to Teresa the day after the pool party, which was apparently the day before the field day events. When Teresa talks to Jacqueline, she asks about the pool party from the night before, then she asks if Teresa is coming the next day to the field day activities. Which could also explain why Teresa said Joe had not reached out to her, if the text came later in the day it would make sense from all sides.” [inatizzy , May 21, 2012, Television Without Pity]

Melissa Gorga and the Rest of the Cast Spread Cheating Rumors About Joe Giudice (Updated 7/9/2012)

May 6, 2012 3 comments

Apparently it’s perfectly justifiable for the cast to spread cheating rumors about Joe Guidice, but it’s not okay for Teresa to tell her brother that she hears the same rumors about Melissa. That’s what you call a double standard.

Melissa Has Been Spreading Rumors About Joe Guidice Cheating on Teresa Since 2008 or Earlier

Melissa blogged, anonymously, about rumors of Joe Guidice’s infidelity when season 1 was filming. Here’s some of what she said about Teresa and Joe Giudice:

“I know alot of ones’ husband and he definitely is not too involved with his wife and three kids; idiot, clueless mother and a housewive that has no idea what her husband does and who; maybe Teresa should do a credit check on her husband.”

In the premiere episode of season 4, Joe Gorga brought up on camera the rumors of Joe Guidice cheating on Teresa.

Joe and Melissa Setup Teresa by Taking a Private Conversation Between Siblings and Blasting It on Camera and Telling Other Cast Members

Melissa confronted Teresa on camera about the comment she made (during their 2-month hiatus from filming between season 3 and season 4) to her brother off camera about Melissa (that she would leave him for a richer man). Teresa struggled in episode 3 to explain to Melissa that her brother texted her husband, accusing Teresa’s husband of cheating on her before she said anything to him about hearing cheating rumors about Melissa.

“Jacqueline, you gloss over the fact that Teresa saw a text from Joey to Joe saying that he was going to tell Teresa that Joe was cheating on her if he didn’t leave him alone. That’s what started all of this, but as usual, you take advantage of Teresa’s in-articulation to sharpen your sword and prepare us for the future group kill. Do you think this is fun to watch? If Joey knows that Joe is cheating on Teresa, why wouldn’t he try to protect his sister instead of using that information as blackmail. Because he is a disgrace of a brother and son, that’s why. And PS: the reason Teresa states her case in the tabloids, if she does, is because nobody will see her side of things. They know they can tongue-twister in three minutes flat. This is out and out bullying, and I am not going to watch it anymore. You are all just jealous.” [Miss Miami, May 7, 2012, Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog]

Teresa and her brother are close enough for him to feel the need to tell her that her husband is cheating, yet it’s not all right for Teresa to do the same? The difference between Teresa and her brother is that she didn’t go around telling anyone else who would listen, conveniently when the cameras are rolling, to poison the well against her brother like he and his wife did to her.

“Teresa should not have said anything to her brother about rumors but, in the same token, Joe Gorga should not have said anything about their marriage to either Teresa or Joe Giudice. My parents and I do not like or trust my brother’s wife, but we keep quiet. It is my brother’s lesson to learn. He is a grown man. I wish Teresa and Joe Gorga would do the same — I want to warn my brother, but know he has to find out himself.” [Mom in MD, May 7, 2012, Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog]

“Melissa, why did you even have to bring up the gold-digger comment with Caroline & Jacqueline EXCEPT to be messy? IF you really wanted to resolve the issue, you should’ve spoken directly to Teresa, let her know how you felt and moved on. Maybe if you had done that, you would’ve been able to say, I had an issue with her, I confronted her and I’m moving past it. Instead, you now have the gold-digger comment PLUS Caroline telling you ‘she wants to get you out of her family’ compounded together. Stop bringing outsiders into family problems and stop being a part of strife. You and Kathy can easily shut this down by saying this is family business and you just don’t want to talk about it now. AT LEAST Teresa made her nasty comment with family, away from the cameras…and NO, it doesn’t make it right.” [RealityChecker1, May 8, 2012, Melissa’s Bravo Blog]

Teresa didn’t bring up any of this on camera because she knew this would stir up more trouble, but Joe and Melissa intentionally waited until season 4 began filming to bring up on camera what Teresa said (two months earlier) in confidence to her brother, which she said after being provoked (when Caroline asked Melissa if it was unprovoked, she lied and said it wasn’t). [Note that they also waited two months for season 4 to start filming to confront Teresa on camera about forgetting Joey’s birthday].

“My brother has said stuff to my husband about us.” [Teresa Guidice, Season 4, Episode 3]

“One of the reasons Teresa does hate Missy now is because Missy & Joe have an “open” marriage, and Teresa thinks it’s disgusting. Missy leaves her kids with her two nannies all the time to go clubbing and hook up (she’s usually with an exflame called “Butch,”) and Joe sleeps with everyone in a skirt.” [anonymous e-mail, December 13, 2011,]

“I think that worse than Joe going back and telling Melissa, is the fact that Joe and Melissa told National TV! That’s not even close to, “I tell my wife everything”. That conversation she had with Joe was months before they brought it up on TV. They did that for one reason only… to hurt Teresa! Then they all get together with all of Teresa’s friends and sit there hashing it out and bashing her.. again.. on National Television. Also, Joe conveniently forgets that she said this in the midst of a conversation where Joe Gorga is talking badly to Teresa about Joe Guidice, Teresa’s husband… she tries to explain this, but Teresa is not good at explaining things… from what I understood, and if I could speak for her, I’d explain it like this… “I’m not going to leave my husband, or react to these rumors, or repeat what you say to me, to him, because I trust him. I know he’s with me all the time, and what you’re talking about is internet gossip… I’ve heard plenty of that kind of gossip about your wife too. I worry about it in fact, because the latest thing said is that, she’s been having affairs with her ex boyfriend, and another guy called something the Greek… and several of her old friends say she set out to find a rich guy; and if you go under, which I’ve also heard you are in financial troubles, she will probably not be as loyal as I am to my husband in our time of financial trouble. I can’t see Melissa working this hard to get you out of trouble and keep you out of jail”… Now of course Teresa won’t say this on TV because she’s not trying to out all of the gossip. She’s talking in confidence about her concerns to her brother… months before filming starts. Even now, she can’t explain that conversation clearly because it means bringing up stuff that hasn’t been said on TV, and it will hurt her parents, and stir the pot even morebut the Gorgas don’t worry about who they hurt…they want their fame, so they tell only part of the story, and they tell it on TV… and everyone trashes Teresa for it! It’s sickening. He truly is the meanest brother in the world.” [MOMMAHURLEY, May 14, 2012,]

Joe Gorga Threatened Joe Guidice, Saying He Would Tell Teresa Her Husband Was Cheating on Her Unless He Backed Off Gorga About the Money He Owes Sheila Guidice

Teresa said her brother told her that her husband was cheating, but she never said anything because it would only cause problems and hard feelings. Joe Gorga rubbed it in Teresa’s face about rumors of her husband cheating, so as soon as Teresa heard gossip regarding Melissa, she returned the favor.


“Teresa’s brother is a POS. I guess Teresa was engaging in a tit for tat by telling Joe Gorga that his wife may cheat on him, too. But if this is true, her brother is beyond foul. That little simp Joe Gorga was trying to save his own butt by threatening to expose Joe Guidice. He tried to use this information to protect himself, instead of running to his sister like a real brother would. Disgusting. No wonder Teresa had such a difficult time defending herself against Melissa in that argument, she was trying not to bring up what really transpired. I would be devastated if I was her. Bravo and their darn selective editing!” [Jbaby2008, 05-10-2012,]

“Yeah, ONCE AGAIN it’s “Do as I say, not as I do” with these hosebeasts. Or rather ” Don’t look at the man behind the curtain!” It’s apparently totally OKAY for Little Joey Gorga to say horrendous things about Tree, her husband and their marriage, but if she says anything back, it’s a NO NO and she’s being mean to poor Mel. Not only was Teresa just defending herself and her marriage while trying to warn JoeGo about something that, let’s face it, EVERYONE already believes, but SHE INITIALLY KEPT THIS ISSUE PRIVATE. Little Joey Gorga was the one who decided it was going to be a plotline for the show by bringing it up on camera.” [GuiltyOfWatchingHousewives, May 7, 2012, Stoopid Housewives]

In Jacqueline’s Bravo blog on May 6, 2012, she inadvertently spilled the beans on Joe Gorga and his attempt to blackmail Joe Guidice. If Jacqueline hadn’t drunk blogged, we would have never known about this text from Joe Gorga to Joe Guidice as a precipitator to Teresa’s remarks to her brother about Melissa.

“My feeling is that Teresa was upset with her brother’s text to her husband, that she had unfortunately and accidentally saw, which threatened Joe that if he didn’t stop threatening him, he would tell Teresa that he had cheated on her. This was a fight that was supposed to stay between the men and wasn’t meant for her eyes. He never intentionally tried to hurt his sister. Joey didn’t go to Teresa and say that to try and cause a problem in their marriage. He was upset with Joe’s actions. It wasn’t a warning of something that may or may not happen.” [Jacqueline Laurita, May 6, 2012, Bravo Blog]

Gorga texted Joe Guidice and said that if he didn’t stop bothering him he would tell Teresa that Joe was cheating on her. He didn’t mean for Teresa to see the text: he was blackmailing Joe with the information, not protecting his sister.