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Jacqueline Laurita Was the First One to Put the Blame on Teresa Giudice for the Strippergate; Jacqueline Wasn’t at the Season 3 Reunion Special Because the Producers Didn’t Want Her There

September 30, 2012 239 comments

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On September 17, 2012, a producer of RHONJ during seasons 3 and 4 said the following about Jacqueline’s absence from the season 3 reunion special.

Q: “Was Jacqueline fired for not attending the reunion (season 3)?”

A: “No, the producers didn’t want her there. The morning of the reunion, Jacqueline was threatening to expose Teresa and couldn’t be calmed down. (Names removed) had gone over to talk to her after she sent tweets which revealed plot points of the finale (edited*****************************). No one was to mention the fashion show, but Jacqueline kept saying she was finished and was going to expose Teresa at the reunion. Chris was worried about Jacqueline’s mental state, as she had not slept all night and been drinking a lot later in the night when all of the cast, minus the Giudices, met after the show for drinks. (Name removed) was more concerned about the reunion but knew it would confuse the large TV audience if Jacqueline was attacking her ‘friend’ (since the viewers were watching season 3). So, at the last minute, the call by the producers was that Jacqueline was not going to attend. The reunion episode was then edited with introducing what had happened at the fashion show to keep all of the twitter and blog fans happy and to tell them, ‘we know you are aware of what is going on, so we are going to mention it and move on’.”

Rest of the interview (all four parts) at the link below:


“Also just letting you know I never gave this information to any other site or blog or PEREZHILTON.”

“Please clearly credit FameWhorgas and link back to this article if you copy or reference any part of the interview below as this is an exclusive story.”

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Posche Fashion Show, Strippergate, Transcript – Jacqueline Was the First One to Put the Blame on Teresa for the Setup

Jacqueline to Caroline: I feel like it was a setup of some kind.

Jacqueline to Melissa: What happened?

Melissa: Teresa came to me tonight and asked me if I was ever a dancer because some guy that was here told her I was.

Jacqueline: You know what? I heard him earlier and I heard him saying something like I’m going to try and embarrass her or something like that.

Melissa: That’s what he said? He can try all he wants. My husband knows me.

Jacqueline: You know what? That was a setup.

Melissa: I know it was but Teresa should have said absolutely not, I’m not going to approach my SIL.

Jacqueline: I think it was a setup. That’s what I’m saying.

Melissa: I know it was but she shouldn’t have went along with it.

Jacqueline: Well, I think she’s the one that set it up.

Melissa: Right.

Jacqueline: Now that’s sort of annoying me right now.

Melissa: I agree, she set it up. I know she did.

Jacqueline: Because I heard something.

Melissa to Joe: Teresa set me up.

Melissa to Teresa: I overhead that you set me up purposely now.

Teresa: From who? Are you kidding me, from who?

Melissa: I don’t like to talk in front of people.

Teresa: Then don’t say that. If you don’t like to talk about it in front of people, then why did you just say that, right now?

Melissa: Because that’s what we just heard.

Teresa: From who?

Melissa: I can’t say.

Teresa: Then I don’t want to hear it because I told you who it was. The bald guy. If you’re not going to back it up, don’t say it.

Melissa: I’m not gonna rat out the person. That’s what I’m not gonna do.

Teresa: Then don’t say it Melissa!

Melissa to Joe: Let’s just go.

Jacqueline to Joe: The guy purposely tried to set her up. My friend was texting me the whole conversation with this guy. He was making it up.

Joe to Jacqueline: Why does she have to tell you to get you upset, to get me here?

Jacqueline to Joe: Maybe she wanted people to hear it.

Melissa: It’s disgusting. I’m sick to my stomach.

Joe to Kim D: You can’t even talk, you’re so drunk and high. Go sniff another line. Dirty ass fuckin’ whore.

Joe to Melissa: Where’s your car?

Melissa: Can someone get my mother fuckin’ car?

Melissa: Joe, it’s not even worth it Joe.

Melissa to Joe: Joe, it was your sister!

Joe: What!? Who?

Melissa: Your sister.

Joe: They did something here. They tried to set her up to make her look bad. I don’t go for that. Understand?

Jacqueline in TH: I was told by a mutual friend that Teresa knew two weeks prior that something was going to happen like this.

Lauren to Caroline: Ma, go over there so he doesn’t think you’re against him, please. Jacqueline, don’t stand alone!

Joe to Caroline: You came to support this woman. She’s gonna sniff this line (pointing down at the parking lot line) over there (Melissa, putting her hand over Joe’s mouth and yelling ‘Stop!’).

Caroline to Joe: Where’s your sister?

Melissa: She’s hiding somewhere. She stirs the pot to get you going (to Caroline)… it’s crazy! Teresa’s hiding somewhere and smiling in the back!

Jacqueline: Like what did she do to her that was so horrible that she has to be setup like that?

Joe calls Jacqueline over to their car: Jacqueline! Jacqueline.

Jacqueline: Yeah?

Joe: My sister was the one that came up to my wife and told her that?

Jacqueline: Yep.

Joe: Huh?

Jacqueline: I didn’t see that, I just heard the guy and my friend was texting me a play by play that the guy was saying to somebody in front of her that he was going over to embarrass her. I definitely feel the guy definitely set her up because as he was saying in front of my friend too, he was saying that he was going to embarrass her and that (nods head and motions with hand, indicating ‘yes’ to the question).

Melissa: And was Teresa standing next to him when he said it?

Jacqueline has smug smile on her face but says nothing.

Melissa: Yes? So Teresa’s standing next to this man that says he’s gonna embarrass me and then she approaches me. Unbelievable! (as Jacqueline rubs her nose) I give up!

Joe: She wants to set my wife up. Set my wife up!

Jacqueline: I’ll send you the messages.

Joe: Alright.

Jacqueline: Ok, so you can see what they were saying. I don’t know if it’s true or not; it’s what I got on my phone, and I’ll send it to you and then you can look at it, OK?

Joe: Alright.

Jacqueline to herself: I don’t like the lying game.

Teresa to Jacqueline: Did you just tell her that I sold her out?

Jacqueline: I had a friend texting me the whole conversation, that guy saying he was going to embarrass her and that he was purposely setting her up.

Teresa: What guy?

Jacqueline: The guy that said that about her.

Teresa: OK, I never met this guy in my entire life!

Jacqueline: He said you did and he said you saw him in the salon today or something like that.

Teresa: Yeah! That’s the first time I ever saw the guy!

Teresa: So why did you go tell my SIL that I set her up when I had NOTHING to do with it WHAT SO EVER!

Jacqueline: I said she was SETUP. My friend said (Teresa interrupts).

Teresa: But you’re trying to help!?

Jacqueline: All I know is that I’ve been helping you the entire time, and my friend texted me and told me (Teresa interrupts).

Teresa: What friend?

Jacqueline: I’m not going to sell her out.

Teresa (exasperated): Oh my God!

Jacqueline: I have this whole conversation of this guy saying I’m going to embarrass her tonight and you were there.

Teresa: No, I swear to God on my kids he never said he was going to embarrass her. Ever ever ever!

Teresa to Jacqueline: So obviously there is somebody trying to set me up and maybe you’re involved!

Melissa: Yell out the window ‘Shame on you’ to your sister. Just do it. Say ‘Shame on you!’ Say ‘Shame!’

Teresa to Joe: Joe, he came to the fashion show. I didn’t know he was coming to the fashion show!

Melissa: You don’t ask me if I’m a dancer. That’s disgusting!

Teresa: I didn’t ask you! [Producers made Teresa follow Melissa into the bathroom, and Melissa is the one who insisted Teresa answer her question (which she asked twice before Teresa answered), “Teresa, what did he say?!” Teresa replied with the truth, “He said you used to dance for him.”]

Click here for screen shots of the conversation between Jacqueline and Melissa at the season 4 PFS (Strippergate).

Salaries of The Real Housewives of New Jersey

September 27, 2012 255 comments

Teresa Giudice is the top earner among all the women who appear in the various franchises, taking in a whopping $600,000 per season! Countess LuAnn de Lesseps and Ramona Singer of The Real Housewives of New York City pull in a cool $500,000 each per season. After castmates Alex McCord and Jill Zarin got the boot last season, the two remaining NYC stars were given huge raises – nearly doubling their salaries, according to Star. Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson, the only member of the Southern California show who’s been featured for all eight seasons earns $450,000 per season. Fan favorite NeNe Leakes, who now appears on NBC’s The New Normal and has previously appeared on Fox’s Glee, pulls in $350,000 a season for her loud-mouthed antics on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. [RadarOnline, December 19, 2012]

Salaries of RHONJ Cast Members for Season 4

Dp on September 27, 2012 said at Fame-Whorgas:

Caroline $265,000
Albert $12,000
Chris $35,000
Albie $35,000
Lauren $27,000

Teresa $355,000
Joe $38,000
Gia $5,000

Jacqueline $240,000
Chris $14,000
Ashlee (for season 3) $22,000

Melissa $65,000
Joe Gorga $45,000

Kathy $50,000
Rich $10,000
Victoria $8,000
Joseph $8,000

So I can understand why Caroline needs to think about it — it’s nearly half a million dollars to her family a year.

Shooting Schedule for Season 4

  • Washington, DC Fancy Food Show – July 8, 2011
  • Melissa takes Gabriella, Milania and Antonia to Sweet & Sassy for manicures and pedicures – July 11, 2011
  • Jamie Laurita’s wedding – July 23, 2011
  • Beatstock 2011 in Farmingville, NY – August 20, 2011
  • Caroline’s Birthday – August 23rd or 24th
  • Cast Arrives in California – August 28, 2011 (cast spends 2 nights at Half Moon Bay RV Resort and 1 or 2 nights at Cassini Ranch)
  • Caroline’s Birthday Dinner in the Vineyard – September 1, 2011
  • Final Dinner at the House with the Big Blow Up Between Caroline and Teresa – September 2 or 3, 2011
  • Posche Fashion Show (Season 4 Finale) – September 27, 2011
  • Taping of the Reunion Special for Season 3 – September 28, 2011
  • Fashion & Beauty Week 2011 at the Pleasantdale Chateau – October 3, 2011 (Caroline, Jacqueline, Melissa & Kathy attend and blacklist Teresa and Kim D)
  • Teresa’s Fabellini Launch Party (Taped for Season 4) – October 7, 2011
  • Sirius XM Radio to Launch ‘Real Housewives Radio’ (Taped for Season 4) – October 8, 2011
  • Jacqueline tweets that Teresa is scum, etc. during premiere of reunion 3 – October 16 & 23, 2011

Ratings for WWHL and The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4

Reunion Special Season 3, 3.4 million viewership (Part 1, October 16, 2011; Part 2, October 23, 2011)
Episode 1, 2.9 million viewership (High Tide, Low Blow) – Premiered April 22, 2012
Episode 2, 2.2 million viewership (Poker Face)
Episode 3, 2.5 million viewership (Third Eye Blind)
Episode 4, 2.3 million viewership (Drowning Pool)
Episode 5, 2.3 million viewership (Spoiled Sports)
Episode 6, 2.5 million viewership (Uncivil Union)
Episode 7, 2.3 million viewership (True Love, True Lies)
Episode 8, 2.7 million viewership (Best Friends for Never)
Episode 9, 2.9 million viewership (Public Display of Rejection)
Episode 10, 2.3 million viewership (Temporary Shrinkage)
Episode 11, 2.5 million viewership (The Sniff Test)
Episode 12, 2.6 million viewership (The Jersey Side Step Premiere)
Episode 13, 2.3 million viewership (Sit Down and Man Up)
Episode 14, 2.1 million viewership (Pack Your Baggage)
Episode 15: 2.2 million viewership (If This RV is a Rockin’)
Episode 16: 3.0 million viewership (Whine Country)
Episode 17: 3.1 million viewership (Hot Tub of Sour Grapes)
Episode 18: 3.0 million viewership (Dinasty of Denial)
Episode 19: 2.7 million viewership (Bald Canary Sings)
Episode 20: 3.4 million viewership (Strip Down Memory Lane)
Reunion Special: 3.5 million viewership (Part 1)
Reunion Special: 3.6 million viewership (Part 2)
Reunion Special: 3.3 million viewership (Part 3)
Lost Footage Episode: 1.6 million viewership

WWHL 1.7 million – Joe and Melissa Gorga; May 6, 2012
WWHL 1.7 million – Joe and Teresa Giudice; June 17, 2012
WWHL 1.4 million – Mike Tyson and Melissa Gorga with Joe Gorga as Guest Bartender; July 8, 2012
WWHL 1.5 million – Kathy Wakile and Vanessa Williams; July 15, 2012
WWHL 1.5 million – Caroline Manzo and Megan McCain; July 22, 2012
WWHL 1.3 million – Teresa Giudice and Renee Graziano; July 29, 2012
WWHL 2.4 million – Andy’s 1-on-1 interviews with Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice; August 26, 2012
WWHL 1.8 million – Teresa Giudice and Perez Hilton; September 9, 2012
WWHL 1.9 million – Jacqueline Laurita and Theresa Caputo; September 16, 2012
WWHL 2.0 million – Melissa Gorga and Mario Lopez; October 14, 2012
WWHL 1.1 million – Caroline Manzo and Yvette Nicole Brown; October 21, 2012

For season 2 ratings (before Melissa’s and Kathy’s first season), click here.

Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale Reunion Special
1 10 May 12, 2009
2 18 May 3, 2010 August 23, 2010 August 30, 2010 (Part 1 of 2)
3 21 May 16, 2011 October 9, 2011 October 16, 2011 (Part 1 of 2)
4 24 April 22, 2012 September 23, 2012 September 30, 2012 (Part 1 of 3)

The transcript below is the continuation of an interview conducted by the cousin of a former RHONJ post production supervisor. The cousin recorded the interview on September 17, 2012. The interview is a piece for another country on the reality of reality television and is not just about the RHONJ. The source forwarded parts about the RHONJ to Fame-Whorgas for publishing with the purpose of reading fan comments to get a different perspective on the transcript before publishing the piece on the country’s news website. My source saw that people were doubting the legitimacy of the interview when part 1 was published on September 23, 2012, so has given me permission to post the following:

“I was asked by my country’s main news website to write a piece on the reality of reality television. My cousin worked on RHONJ, so I asked for an interview. The interview was only given because RHONJ does not screen in my country, and I promised anonymity. We also don’t have any BRAVO shows on television here. I called my cousin in Washington and spoke for 20 minutes before realizing I would have to watch the RHONJ to understand what was going on and who was who. So I went online and watched every episode and called back a few weeks later. The second interview (which was recorded) was an hour and a half and mentioned numerous shows from TLC and Oxygen, but I have edited it down to the relevant parts, mainly due to privacy for my cousin.”

On Next Season

Q: “Cast changes for next season?”

A: “With the casting for the next season, that decision is made before the reunion episodes — we try to tie up any loose ends during the reunion to complete the women’s character arc and give the viewers a satisfying conclusion to the character that they have invested in over the series.

Q: “I know you said you’re not part of season 5, but can you tell me anything? I’m curious as to how the show would carry on after so much drama has spilled into the cast’s real lives.”

A: “I’m not involved next season, but I know Jacqueline and Kathy were not made offers, so Jacqueline won’t be back but look for Kathy to return in a limited capacity. Currently three women are under consideration to join the cast.”

A: “(edited*****************************) Caroline was made an offer to return and declined — it is possible she is waiting for a bigger offer ($$) or has something up the pipelines. She had only participated in season 4 so that her children would get exposure for their business ventures. She knew it (being a Real Housewife) would one day end, so she made sure her children had established themselves in their own businesses. I don’t like to have personal feelings about cast, but I do admire her — she had a plan going into season 3, and that was to use this platform to assist in setting up her children financially.”

(edited out)

Q: “Was Jacqueline fired for not attending the reunion (season 3)?”

A: “No, the producers didn’t want her there. The morning of the reunion, Jacqueline was threatening to expose Teresa and couldn’t be calmed down. (Names removed) had gone over to talk to her after she sent tweets which revealed plot points of the finale (edited*****************************). No one was to mention the fashion show, but Jacqueline kept saying she was finished and was going to expose Teresa at the reunion. Chris was worried about Jacqueline’s mental state, as she had not slept all night and been drinking a lot later in the night when all of the cast, minus the Giudices, met after the show for drinks. (Name removed) was more concerned about the reunion but knew it would confuse the large TV audience if Jacqueline was attacking her ‘friend’ (since the viewers were watching season 3). So, at the last minute, the call by the producers was that Jacqueline was not going to attend. The reunion episode was then edited with introducing what had happened at the fashion show to keep all of the twitter and blog fans happy and to tell them, ‘we know you are aware of what is going on, so we are going to mention it and move on’.”

Q: “And Melissa? Will she be back?”

A: “Yes (abridged due to privacy of source), she will definitely be back.”

Q: “Melissa’s sisters?”

A: “No, no, we get what they try and do on twitter and it takes the sparkle off the series; they won’t be housewives anytime soon.”

Q: “And you said earlier about Kathy not being asked back — so the big question is, do you know if Teresa is back next season?

A: “Teresa is 100% safe on housewives. I think you will find next season the format of the show will change dramatically.”

(edited out)

On September 25, 2012, the source e-mailed me this exchange with the producer cousin about the RadarOnline story: ‘Giudice Family In Talks With Bravo For Breakout Show

Q: “Is this true?”

A: “It’s true that they are looking at giving them a spinoff but Teresa will still be on season 5 of RHONJ with Melissa.”

Producer-Driven Scripted Drama and Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives’ Series

September 26, 2012 197 comments

mego 284

TMZ reported that several lawyers and managers in Hollywood have banned together to tell clients to stay clear of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. According to TMZ: “The triggers for the boycott are Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof [both will NOT be returning to the show]. The way the show is structured, cast members can say ANYTHING about anyone on the show and get away with it, even if it’s inaccurate and malicious. Camille and Adrienne have — in the past — complained that other cast members have lied about their business ventures, including Adrienne’s Las Vegas casino, and they’ve had no legal recourse.” As one professional put it, “It’s fine if Brandi Glanville does the show. She doesn’t have anything going for her and the show makes her famous. But for someone who has a real business or career outside the show, they need to stay a mile away.” – TMZ, March 4, 2013, ‘Real Housewives of Bev Hills’ Move to BOYCOTT Show

Note: The following letter to FameWhorgas was originally published on September 26, 2012, and republished on March 6, 2013.

The following letter was sent by the author (who shall remain anonymous) to FameWhorgas on September 26, 2012, with permission to publish.

You are really on to something with how these shows work. I come from a show business family: my father, who recently died, was an old studio actor from way back in the day [edited out details about family connections in Hollywood to protect privacy].

When I was out to LA in March, we had a group of close friends out to dinner [edited out details to protect privacy] and some other execs in the industry; but the interesting part was that to my right was a young lady I had known forever, but I never knew what she did until that night. I asked her and she said, “I am a storywriter for Epic Productions.” I confirmed that that is her actual title. Her job is to put together the RHOC and RHOBH.

Here is what she told me. This has nothing to do with RHONJ, because I assume they use east coast people, but I assume the formula is basically the same.

I am telling you this to give you confidence in your producer-induced set up information. Not that it is directly helpful to you in any way.  Just FYI.

Every Housewife has a producer/ storywriter assigned to them. I will call them producers from now on. In the case of the O.C., in the beginning of the season they write a rough draft of the story of the show and how they would like it to go.

It is true that they do not just randomly film them for hours on end hoping for something worthy of television. In the beginning, they suggest to the cast what they want the conflict to be. In your case [RHONJ], it would be tabloid magazines. The reason it seems like such a clusterfuck is because:

(a) it was a poorly chosen topic that the fans did not care about, and
(b) they didn’t get what they wanted out of the cast because Teresa didn’t care.

Here is a concrete example from RHOC:

Two producers get together after filming tons of footage of Vicky and Slade and Gretchen. They [producers] find something they know will piss off Vicky: this is what they look for. Slade’s kid has cancer. They are not allowed to mention it on camera — it is in the contract, but it is widely known. Slade says that Vicky knows nothing about cancer, her daughter’s cancer scare was nothing compared to what he has been through, she is just milking it for attention. They tell Vicky that Slade said this — hoping that the next episode they put together, Vicky will explode. Vicky can’t tell Slade off about what she really wants to tell him off about because it was told to her in confidence by a producer. So she goes off on him at Bunco night about something silly, and the audience thinks she is over-reacting to whatever he just said. They do this all the time.

They [producers] tell each of the other cast members things that they know are going to piss them off about another person so that when they film, they are full of grudges and rage against the person. When they want to start trouble, they usually go to a person who doesn’t mind coming off as a bitch. It is usually someone with a thick skin who really needs the money and can’t just quit. In this case, it is Tamra Barney — she will do whatever the producers ask her to.

Tamra also has some words for viewers who think that she comes across as a b***h on the Bravo reality TV hit… I was hired to do a job… I am not on the show to show the viewers what I want to show them… I was given a job and I’m doing it well. Andy Cohen refers to me as ‘the perfect Housewife!’ … I am not here to make friends and I tell every single one of the girls that. I’m here to do a job. I have Housewives from other franchises calling me and asking me ‘how do you do this?’ or ‘how do you balance this?’ … If I could I would ask to only show my purse line, or request to get my hair done every day, but that’s not reality. I do have a sarcastic side and Bravo only shows a certain percentage of you, so if that’s all they show… They don’t see me as a mom. They don’t see a lot of my life. You do see a lot of sarcasm because they love my one-liners.” – RadarOnline, March 6, 2013, Real Mean Girl Of Orange County! Tamra Barney Sinks Claws Into Gretchen Rossi, ‘Have You Heard Her Sing?’

Vicky won’t play; they [producers] hate her. They love Heather and especially her husband; they are producer favorites. They all despise Slade, and he has a babysitter to keep him out of meetings, etc.

Originally, it was Gretchen who was offered the wedding (free). She turned it down and they offered it to Tamra and Eddie. It would have been far more controversial for Gretchen and Slade to get married; and Slade knew it, and was holding out for a bigger wedding package when they called his bluff and offered it to Tamra and Eddie.

They have to have four major events every year that every cast member must attend. And they build off of that. That is why when see Caroline’s sour puss: it is because she would rather die than have Teresa and Joe at Jamie’s wedding or in Napa or be at the fashion show — but it is mandatory.

They [Bravo and producers] have been forbidden to discuss Taylor Armstrong or Russell’s suicide, ever. They kept Taylor on as a side housewife as they thought it would seem insensitive to fire her.

Some of the drama in these shows flows naturally (and they get a bonus out of it) and some of it is scripted. The cast knows what they have to do and say (not word for word, they don’t memorize script); and if they don’t get it on the first take, they have to film it over. So they will usually cooperate the first time around so they can go home.

Up until now, nobody has gotten caught scripting episodes, but the Cat [Rodriguez] let her feelings get in the way and went off the professional rails by becoming involved with Melissa. Which is why it is so chopped and edited in an attempt to make it go down the way it was supposed to go down. Nobody did what they were supposed to do except Melissa, who is a very reliable actress. Teresa can’t act to save her life.

One more example: At the RHOBH reunion, there was no real drama to be had since there was a “lay off Taylor” mandate issued. So, everybody except Lisa was told to pick on Lisa. Brandy was kept out of the loop and waited in another room for three hours and was not privy to the set up. Everything you see is contrived.

Talking about the show will get you fired. Bravo actually bullies its own employees who don’t want to play dirty. People have quit because of bullying, but they don’t file complaints because, with their skill sets, they get picked right up for another reality show.

I just wanted you to know that you [FameWhorgas] are so on the right track with this Cat [Rodriguez] person. They hate Teresa because they think she is stupid, and Joe won’t play along; in fact, he acts more inappropriately just to piss them off. He couldn’t care less how he comes across. Jacqueline is a mess because she cares. She was told to set up Teresa, and it made her feel bad.

I know this is hard to read, but I am in a hurry. Sorry. Keep up the good work.


Jacqueline Laurita’s Mother’s tweeted that Bravo asked Jacqueline to setup Teresa Giudice:

“Bravo asked Jac to do things to Teresa that would have put Teresa in a bad light but Jac wouldn’t do it!” – Bonnie Grippe (Jacqueline’s mother), May 16, 2012, Twitter

Jacqueline Laurita’s response to her mother’s tweet on May 16, 2012 (above):

“Bravo DOES NOT ASK TO BRING DRAMA!! They ask for the TRUTH 2b told. NO faking ur life 4 cameras. GET IT NOW? My Mom was confused… THE TRUTH=DRAMA!! GET IT NOW? MOST people wouldn’t want their truth 2b told, would they? Some people are more open. @Bgrippe STAY OFF TWITTER”

Bonnie Grippe’s response back to Jacqueline’s tweet on May 17, 2012 (above); shortly after this tweet she protected her Twitter account:

“These loons tatally twisted what I said. Trying to make the point that you were a good friend to t and even refused to film a scene if it wld make her look bad. They twisted it of course! Love you xxoo”

The Reality of Reality TV and 10 Reasons to Stop Watching Bravo (Excerpt):

Producers get cast members to turn on each other based on off-camera misinformation, manipulation, and a false economy where trash talk is a participant’s only way… In the private one-on-one interviews with a producer, it is the producer’s job to get the sh*t talking started, like “tell me honestly what you think of Sally” – if the interviewee does not respond in a catty way then the producer will usually go to the next level, like “well I personally think she is a self absorbed, attention starved skank,” and then see if the person will take the bait… it is easy to start seeding conversations and gossip… Producers craft dialogue they can feed to cast in a pinch or pop into scenes after the series has stopped filming. They coach cast to deliver monologues on specific topics… And if there aren’t enough sparks, editors “take something black and make it white.” Bait-and-switch is par for the course. “Footage has to be manipulated cleverly and often, so it’s really in my job description to know where all the bodies are buried” … “We shoot 100% of the time and air 1% of what we shot,” then edit “the really good stuff” to suit their purposes. “We have even gone as far as to ‘frankenbite,’ where you take somebody saying, ‘of course I’d like to say that I love him’ and cutting the bite together to say ‘of course I love him’… [It’s] misleading to the viewer and unfair to the cast member, but they sign up for this.”