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Melissa Gorga’s Fans Turn Against Her; Jacqueline Laurita Rejects Teresa Giudice’s Apology (Updated 9/4/2013)

April 25, 2012 23 comments

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“Kim told me that she and Lysa expected to be on the show by next season. They told me they would be taking Teresa and Kathy’s place. So we should show our support by tweeting about them too.” – ExMarcoSistersFan, May 4, 2013, Faux Reality Entertainment

Melissa Gorga Twitter Fan Site Shuts DOWN!

C’est la Vie: Potpourri
April 24, 2012

Today, in surprising news, the Marco Sisters Twitter fan site (@MarcoSistersFan) owner shut the site down, claiming that Melissa Gorga, sister in law of Teresa Giudice, has a double persona.

Melissa first became famous for joining the Real Housewives of New Jersey, where Teresa was already starring on, in an effort to defame and publicly humiliate Giudice.

The owner of the Twitter site acknowledged Melissa’s malicious motives in joining the show and also stated that she found the first episode to be “extremely disturbing.”

The twitter site owner also states that Melissa’s husband and Teresa’s brother, Joe, is a “vile man who will stop at nothing to bring his sister down unless he gets camera time.”

Season four of the series premiered Sunday to the Bravo network’s highest ratings, however many viewers were disappointed with the Giudice bash fest by all four other castmates, including both Melissa and Joe.

I believe that this is an interesting development for this family. I’m not surprised and will be happily awaiting for others to jump ship as the season and true motives and intentions continue to come forward.

From MarcoSistersFan on Twitter:

I am sorry to say that I will be closing down this [Twitter] account very shortly. After some time, I’ve become aware of Melissa Gorga’s double persona. She has proved to be a narcissist and has showed an extremely passive aggressive attitude. I also found Joe Gorga’s actions in the premiere episode [of season 4] to be extremely disturbing. This family will stop at nothing to bring Teresa down. Joe Gorga is a vile man who will stop at nothing to bring his sister down. Teresa has showed us viewers that she can rise above the pettiness.

Melissa came on the show with the intent to hurt, and that’s something I can no longer support. Her makeup artist should be reprimanded for talking ill of her sister-in-law.

Melissa Gorga, you came on the show to air out your dirty family laundry and did not care who got hurt on your path to “fame.” You’re a lousy singer. Your husband is a famewhore; he just wants to be made into a 6th housewife!

I am tweeting to let you all know that Melissa and Joe Gorga are not innocent. They try to portray themselves as such, but it is an ACT! Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga are phonies. They want America to believe they are victims when in reality they are SCUM.

This season [season 4] will put more things into perspective for all you fans of the Gorgas! Team Teresa! Teresa Giudice, I am so sorry if I ever wrote anything negative about you. I see the truth now! You’re amazing, as a mother, sister, daughter, friend, etc. Don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise! Shine on!

Caroline controls Jacqueline. It’s sick!

I once tweeted Jacqueline something in defense of Teresa, and I was immediately DM’ed by the Marco sisters asking to delete my tweets because Jac was their friend. They never once asked me to delete anything negative I wrote about Teresa!

RHWGOSSIP, give it a rest, and take your head out of the Gorga’s ass! We see the truth! RHWGOSSIP, you would love the world to believe that everyone HATES Teresa, but the truth I see is that she clearly has a bigger fan-base than you can fathom!

Yes, I did lie about @bino989 sending me DMs. I’m sorry. I was told that you and that blogger site were harassing the Marco sisters! I was used as a shield to protect them!

Lysa Simpson, why don’t you tell everyone how you had no problem letting me speak in defense of you guys and how you had no problem if I threw Teresa under the bus. Lysa believes that Bino and AlllAboutTRH are the ones who were starting the most mess for them.

I am not proud of my actions. I was just merely a fan in the beginning trying to protect those I was a fan of. I’m glad I realized what a mistake that was.

Note: MarcoSistersFan is now ExMarcoSistersFan on Twitter.

ExMarcoSistersFan ‏ @MarcoSistersFan
Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga are phonies. They want America to believe they are the victims when in reality they are SCUM
April 25, 2012

Meho Whorga ‏ @MehoGorga
@amnicoli @AsianPosh1 @MarcoSistersFan she said she got a DM from Lysa asking her 2 take a tweet she made about Tre down it was being nice
April 25, 2012

ExMarcoSistersFan ‏ @MarcoSistersFan
@kimpirrella @marcosisterfan Coward am I??? I wasn’t so much of a coward when I helped defend you guys against the “group of nasty people”
April 25, 2012

Kim Pirrella ‏ @kimpirrella
Any of our followers following @marcosisterfan feel free to unfollow. apparently the cowardly lion has flipped they’re lid.
April 25, 2012

UPDATE on 4/27/2012: MarcoSistersFan shutdown her Twitter account in disgust over Melissa Gorga and her sisters’ behavior. The fan site owner then needed a break from all of this nastiness on Twitter, so she took a hiatus to regain composure. The Marco Sisters then DM’d her to DELETE her account [direct messages here]! This was the breaking point and when she decided to reveal the truth about these sisters.

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There seems to be one common denominator which which permeates all Teresa’s failed relationships. Teresa and Joe were close. Then Melissa entered the picture. Kathy and Teresa were close. Enter Melissa. Jacqueline, Caroline and Teresa were close. Enter Melissa. Caroline has said that her problems with Teresa stem from more than the cookbook. She has alluded to “rumors” that got back to her. There didn’t seem to be any rumors until season three. Enter Melissa. If I were the Church Lady I’d say, could it be Satan? But, since I’m not, I’ll just say, could it be Melissa? [Njonlooker,, April 26, 2012]

[In season 2]Melissa AND Joe wanted to come on to surprise Teresa and be on-camera friends with Danielle. I wish that did happen because maybe Caroline and Jacqueline would not be believing all of Melissa’s lies like you will see in season 4… Melissa knows how to lie and get what she wants, but the truth will come out… Melissa is a complete fake. She has tried to get on the show; it never happened until she stalked Danielle and made a video WITH Joe (nice brother) saying they will ‘destroy Teresa’. Yet, they call Teresa garbage for working to support her family and keep a beautiful roof over her family’s head… Like Danielle can confirm, Mel was dying to film scenes with her similar to the ones she does with her sisters and Kathy, where she fabricates lies and bitches about Tre… Joey G and Melissa filmed a tape where they, in the style of the Sopranos, promised Bravo execs they would ‘expose’ and ‘destroy’ Teresa. They also guaranteed to give Tre what she has given them ‘…their whole life’. [Insider Commenting at Reality Tea, August and September 2011]

Melissa’s strategy this season was to play victim during filming. She is just a better ‘actress’ than some of the other girls. She really is playing the game of the ‘victim.’ Melissa is very happy the way things turned out. She couldn’t wait to get in the group and turn them all against Teresa. [Inside Source at Reality Tea, May 6, 2012]

When Danielle brought up Melissa at the reunion, Teresa figured out that it was Melissa and Kathy who were leaking her private information to tabloids and online. Melissa was making money off of Teresa! So why would she turn around and tell Melissa, Joe and Kathy ANYTHING about herself? So THEY can profit off of it? At least this way [selling her apologies to In Touch], Teresa can ensure the only one profiting off her misfortune is Teresa and her children. They are just angry they can’t make money off her anymore. [Say What??,, May 3, 2012]

Conspiracy to Defame Teresa (29 Against 1)

The Marco sisters and their cronies will not be happy until Teresa is no longer on RHONJ, her husband is in jail, she is broke, and her four children are homeless. It was Melissa and her evil sisters who instigated this whole thing that turned the show into such a train wreck. Theirs is a well-planned conspiracy to ruin Teresa’s reality career so that Melissa can have the spotlight along with her husband and sisters. Caroline signed on to the plan because she wants Teresa off the show just as bad as Melissa. Jacqueline is a sucker and fell for the lies being fed to her by the Marcos.

So in this conspiracy to defame Teresa, we have the following, lead by the Marco sisters, working to bring Teresa down (28 against 1):

Joe Gorga (blood relative of Teresa and her children who told her that “you need to fall”)
Kathy Wakile (blood relative of Teresa and her children)
Rosie Pierri (blood relative of Teresa and her children
Richie Wakile
The Wakile Children (blood relatives of Teresa and her children)
Melissa Gorga
Donna Marco (Melissa’s mother)
Lysa Simpson (Melissa’s sister)
Kim Pirrella (Melissa’s sister)
Joe Pirrella (Kim’s husband)
Lou Marco Orlick (Melissa’s aunt)
George Miguel Costa (Melissa’s makeup artist)
Tara Bogota (Melissa’s cousin)
Caroline Manzo
Albie Manzo
Christopher Manzo
Lauren Manzo
Jacqueline Laurita
Chris Laurita
Ashlee Holmes
Bonnie Grippe (Jacqueline’s mother)
Greg Bennett
Sheila Marino-Giudice (Teresa’s SIL who finally came to her senses and left the dark side to support Teresa)
Kim Granatell
Monica Chacon
Kim Hiza
Tom Murro
Caroline Self
Cat Rodriguez
Andy Cohen

Jacqueline Laurita Conspires with the Marco Sisters and Rejects Teresa Guidice’s Apology

“I once tweeted Jacqueline something in defense of Teresa, and I was immediately DM’ed by the Marco sisters asking to delete my tweets because Jac was their friend. They never once asked me to delete anything negative I wrote about Teresa!” – MarcoSistersFan, April 25, 2012

“@JacLaurita You look beautiful!” – Donna Marco (Melissa’s mother), April 25, 2012

Jacqueline and Teresa’s Tweets on April 25, 2012: marcosistersfan 3a
marcosistersfan 3

Jacqueline shared with others private discussions that she had with Teresa when they were friends. She is a backstabber and the most disloyal of friends. She ‘direct messages’ people on Twitter with negative comments about Teresa and then blocks them so that can’t reply. All of these housewives and their husbands, their children, and their other relatives and friends ganged up on Teresa and talked trash about her.