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Teresa Giudice Hires Ponzi Schemer and Ex-Con Wendy Feldman Purner as Her Crisis Manager and Legal Coach (Updated 1/3/2015)

November 28, 2013 85 comments

In the Fall of 2013, Wendy Feldman Purner became Teresa Giudice’s pro bono “crisis manager.” Wendy is trying to become famous by associating herself with high-profile clients (i.e. she is another famewhore).

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On March 6, 2014, In Touch reported that Teresa Giudice’s crisis manager Wendy Feldman went on the record last year and slammed Teresa — calling her a narcissist and a terrible client — just months before Teresa signed her as a legal coach:

In the August 2013 interview, she also said the reality star “needs to go into treatment” because there is “something wrong with her thinking.”

At the time, Wendy was talking to The Amy Beth Arkawy Show about how she would handle her as a client, saying she would tell Teresa and husband Joe to “stop all the media.”

Of course, that didn’t exactly happen. In November, the Real Housewife hired “The Fixer” to help her prepare for her trial.

During the initial radio interview, the legal coach revealed she would have Teresa “evaluated” if she had the opportunity to work with the reality star — even though that has yet to happen, that we know of.

“The number one thing I would do if I was on her team is get a psychological evaluation because there is something with her and she needs to go into some sort of treatment,” Wendy explained.

“I am not saying substance abuse treatment because that is not her issue. But there is something wrong with her thinking and until you correct her thinking you cannot really work with it.”

Wendy told the radio hosts she knew Teresa “from a long time ago,” adding that she is friends with other women from the Housewives franchise, so it wasn’t as if she was judging the mother-of-four based on her table-flipping television antics.

Still, even with a personal relationship, she wasn’t hesitant to slam Tre.

“There is an interesting dynamic with people who do those shows,” she said. “There is a narcissistic component that, unless you get a hold of it, will destroy you.”

The bottom line — the self-proclaimed “leading alternative sentencing specialist” had absolutely no interest in working with the Giudices, who pled guilty to multiple counts of fraud earlier this week.

“You have two people here that would be terrible clients because they would never listen,” Wendy said. “And they are in a load of trouble.”

In November 2013, Wendy Feldman confirmed to US Weekly (and other tabloids) that she is working with the Teresa Giudice, labeling herself as Teresa’s “legal coach and crisis manager”:

“I’m her legal coach and crisis manager. I have not been hired to prepare either Teresa or Joe Guidice for prison. In fact, most of my work is well-known as crisis management oriented. In addition, I am known as director of alternative sentencing at Cliffside Malibu where [Lindsay] Lohan recently was. However, I am acting as the legal coach and crisis manager only for Teresa Giudice.”

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Previously Wendy was described as a prison consultant, counseling inmates released from prison and helping them go back into society [source]:

“Prison and criminal justice consultant and coach Wendy Feldman talks about working with people to prepare for incarceration, serve their sentences and re-enter society. She tells of her own experience serving time in a federal prison camp and halfway house, and how it shaped her belief that prison should be a transformational experience. Her program, Custodial Coaching, collaborates with Las Encinas Hospital, The Ranch, Elements Treatment Centers, Promises and others.” [Source]

The following are Wendy’s self-promoting tweets.

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Wendy pleaded guilty to wire fraud and was sentenced in 2006 to 27-months in federal prison for fleecing clients and bilking $4 million from investors, which included friends and family (she served approximately 22 months in custody and almost three months in a halfway house/home incarceration, although she claims she served 16 months):

“During the period from July 1998 through late 2001, Wendy breached the trust of her brokerage customers and investment advisory clients and engaged in fraud when she misappropriated approximately $4,145,000 from her customers at Broker and her clients while associated with San Diego Asset Management, Inc.” [Source]

Wendy recently was described by E! as a criminal justice expert even though she has no background in law – her experience with the legal system comes from being charged for securities fraud and serving time in a federal prison for the crime.

The following are other ways she’s been described in the media:

  • Legal expert and founder of Custodial Coaching Wendy Feldman
  • Alternative sentencing specialist Wendy Feldman
  • Prison and criminal justice consultant and coach Wendy Feldman

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Wendy unabashedly takes credit for Teresa Giudice’s November 20, 2013 court appearance, from her hair to her trench coat, saying “that’s crisis management full service” and tweeting that she tries to “humanize people” with the “right humility.”

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In an E! Online report, Wendy said she is good friends with Jill Zarin and explained that Jill was the one to introduce her to Teresa. Also in the report, Wendy asserted that she is acting as Teresa’s publicist and crisis manager and that she will be helping her with her brand and the show when ‘Real Housewives’ season 6 begins taping.

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In November 2006, the San Diego Union-Tribune published a story on how Wendy ran an investment Ponzi scheme, stealing more than $4 million from investors (including her parents) which she covered up with bogus account statements. Wendy befriended wealthy clients and persuaded them to trust her before misappropriating their money – she used the money she scammed to pay off other investors to whom she had lied about how much their investments were earning. Wendy drained the assets of her friends and family to fund a lavish lifestyle. The judge in her case ordered Wendy to pay nearly $4.2 million in restitution, but noted she was unlikely to do so. At that time, in 2006, her lawyer said she had no assets and no job, so the judge ordered her to pay $25 every three months while in prison and $500 a month after she got out.

Click here and here for legal documents pertaining to Wendy’s securities fraud case.

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