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Melissa Gorga and the Rest of the Cast Spread Cheating Rumors About Joe Giudice (Updated 7/9/2012)

May 6, 2012

Apparently it’s perfectly justifiable for the cast to spread cheating rumors about Joe Guidice, but it’s not okay for Teresa to tell her brother that she hears the same rumors about Melissa. That’s what you call a double standard.

Melissa Has Been Spreading Rumors About Joe Guidice Cheating on Teresa Since 2008 or Earlier

Melissa blogged, anonymously, about rumors of Joe Guidice’s infidelity when season 1 was filming. Here’s some of what she said about Teresa and Joe Giudice:

“I know alot of ones’ husband and he definitely is not too involved with his wife and three kids; idiot, clueless mother and a housewive that has no idea what her husband does and who; maybe Teresa should do a credit check on her husband.”

In the premiere episode of season 4, Joe Gorga brought up on camera the rumors of Joe Guidice cheating on Teresa.

Joe and Melissa Setup Teresa by Taking a Private Conversation Between Siblings and Blasting It on Camera and Telling Other Cast Members

Melissa confronted Teresa on camera about the comment she made (during their 2-month hiatus from filming between season 3 and season 4) to her brother off camera about Melissa (that she would leave him for a richer man). Teresa struggled in episode 3 to explain to Melissa that her brother texted her husband, accusing Teresa’s husband of cheating on her before she said anything to him about hearing cheating rumors about Melissa.

“Jacqueline, you gloss over the fact that Teresa saw a text from Joey to Joe saying that he was going to tell Teresa that Joe was cheating on her if he didn’t leave him alone. That’s what started all of this, but as usual, you take advantage of Teresa’s in-articulation to sharpen your sword and prepare us for the future group kill. Do you think this is fun to watch? If Joey knows that Joe is cheating on Teresa, why wouldn’t he try to protect his sister instead of using that information as blackmail. Because he is a disgrace of a brother and son, that’s why. And PS: the reason Teresa states her case in the tabloids, if she does, is because nobody will see her side of things. They know they can tongue-twister in three minutes flat. This is out and out bullying, and I am not going to watch it anymore. You are all just jealous.” [Miss Miami, May 7, 2012, Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog]

Teresa and her brother are close enough for him to feel the need to tell her that her husband is cheating, yet it’s not all right for Teresa to do the same? The difference between Teresa and her brother is that she didn’t go around telling anyone else who would listen, conveniently when the cameras are rolling, to poison the well against her brother like he and his wife did to her.

“Teresa should not have said anything to her brother about rumors but, in the same token, Joe Gorga should not have said anything about their marriage to either Teresa or Joe Giudice. My parents and I do not like or trust my brother’s wife, but we keep quiet. It is my brother’s lesson to learn. He is a grown man. I wish Teresa and Joe Gorga would do the same — I want to warn my brother, but know he has to find out himself.” [Mom in MD, May 7, 2012, Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog]

“Melissa, why did you even have to bring up the gold-digger comment with Caroline & Jacqueline EXCEPT to be messy? IF you really wanted to resolve the issue, you should’ve spoken directly to Teresa, let her know how you felt and moved on. Maybe if you had done that, you would’ve been able to say, I had an issue with her, I confronted her and I’m moving past it. Instead, you now have the gold-digger comment PLUS Caroline telling you ‘she wants to get you out of her family’ compounded together. Stop bringing outsiders into family problems and stop being a part of strife. You and Kathy can easily shut this down by saying this is family business and you just don’t want to talk about it now. AT LEAST Teresa made her nasty comment with family, away from the cameras…and NO, it doesn’t make it right.” [RealityChecker1, May 8, 2012, Melissa’s Bravo Blog]

Teresa didn’t bring up any of this on camera because she knew this would stir up more trouble, but Joe and Melissa intentionally waited until season 4 began filming to bring up on camera what Teresa said (two months earlier) in confidence to her brother, which she said after being provoked (when Caroline asked Melissa if it was unprovoked, she lied and said it wasn’t). [Note that they also waited two months for season 4 to start filming to confront Teresa on camera about forgetting Joey’s birthday].

“My brother has said stuff to my husband about us.” [Teresa Guidice, Season 4, Episode 3]

“One of the reasons Teresa does hate Missy now is because Missy & Joe have an “open” marriage, and Teresa thinks it’s disgusting. Missy leaves her kids with her two nannies all the time to go clubbing and hook up (she’s usually with an exflame called “Butch,”) and Joe sleeps with everyone in a skirt.” [anonymous e-mail, December 13, 2011, StoopidHousewives.com]

“I think that worse than Joe going back and telling Melissa, is the fact that Joe and Melissa told National TV! That’s not even close to, “I tell my wife everything”. That conversation she had with Joe was months before they brought it up on TV. They did that for one reason only… to hurt Teresa! Then they all get together with all of Teresa’s friends and sit there hashing it out and bashing her.. again.. on National Television. Also, Joe conveniently forgets that she said this in the midst of a conversation where Joe Gorga is talking badly to Teresa about Joe Guidice, Teresa’s husband… she tries to explain this, but Teresa is not good at explaining things… from what I understood, and if I could speak for her, I’d explain it like this… “I’m not going to leave my husband, or react to these rumors, or repeat what you say to me, to him, because I trust him. I know he’s with me all the time, and what you’re talking about is internet gossip… I’ve heard plenty of that kind of gossip about your wife too. I worry about it in fact, because the latest thing said is that, she’s been having affairs with her ex boyfriend, and another guy called something the Greek… and several of her old friends say she set out to find a rich guy; and if you go under, which I’ve also heard you are in financial troubles, she will probably not be as loyal as I am to my husband in our time of financial trouble. I can’t see Melissa working this hard to get you out of trouble and keep you out of jail”… Now of course Teresa won’t say this on TV because she’s not trying to out all of the gossip. She’s talking in confidence about her concerns to her brother… months before filming starts. Even now, she can’t explain that conversation clearly because it means bringing up stuff that hasn’t been said on TV, and it will hurt her parents, and stir the pot even morebut the Gorgas don’t worry about who they hurt…they want their fame, so they tell only part of the story, and they tell it on TV… and everyone trashes Teresa for it! It’s sickening. He truly is the meanest brother in the world.” [MOMMAHURLEY, May 14, 2012, AllAboutTRH.com]

Joe Gorga Threatened Joe Guidice, Saying He Would Tell Teresa Her Husband Was Cheating on Her Unless He Backed Off Gorga About the Money He Owes Sheila Guidice

Teresa said her brother told her that her husband was cheating, but she never said anything because it would only cause problems and hard feelings. Joe Gorga rubbed it in Teresa’s face about rumors of her husband cheating, so as soon as Teresa heard gossip regarding Melissa, she returned the favor.

“Teresa said to Melissa that SHE ONLY SAID THAT TO HER BROTHER JOEY because HER BROTHER WAS TEXTING JOE (Teresa’s Husband) that HE BETTER COME CLEAN TO HIS SISTER & CONFESS TO THE CHEATING, aka his LOVE CHILD, that was written about in MAGAZINES & TERESA JUST ASKED HIM ABOUT.” [WRiTERS RiTA, 05-08-2012, LipstickAlley.com]

“Teresa’s brother is a POS. I guess Teresa was engaging in a tit for tat by telling Joe Gorga that his wife may cheat on him, too. But if this is true, her brother is beyond foul. That little simp Joe Gorga was trying to save his own butt by threatening to expose Joe Guidice. He tried to use this information to protect himself, instead of running to his sister like a real brother would. Disgusting. No wonder Teresa had such a difficult time defending herself against Melissa in that argument, she was trying not to bring up what really transpired. I would be devastated if I was her. Bravo and their darn selective editing!” [Jbaby2008, 05-10-2012, LipstickAlley.com]

“Yeah, ONCE AGAIN it’s “Do as I say, not as I do” with these hosebeasts. Or rather ” Don’t look at the man behind the curtain!” It’s apparently totally OKAY for Little Joey Gorga to say horrendous things about Tree, her husband and their marriage, but if she says anything back, it’s a NO NO and she’s being mean to poor Mel. Not only was Teresa just defending herself and her marriage while trying to warn JoeGo about something that, let’s face it, EVERYONE already believes, but SHE INITIALLY KEPT THIS ISSUE PRIVATE. Little Joey Gorga was the one who decided it was going to be a plotline for the show by bringing it up on camera.” [GuiltyOfWatchingHousewives, May 7, 2012, Stoopid Housewives]

In Jacqueline’s Bravo blog on May 6, 2012, she inadvertently spilled the beans on Joe Gorga and his attempt to blackmail Joe Guidice. If Jacqueline hadn’t drunk blogged, we would have never known about this text from Joe Gorga to Joe Guidice as a precipitator to Teresa’s remarks to her brother about Melissa.

“My feeling is that Teresa was upset with her brother’s text to her husband, that she had unfortunately and accidentally saw, which threatened Joe that if he didn’t stop threatening him, he would tell Teresa that he had cheated on her. This was a fight that was supposed to stay between the men and wasn’t meant for her eyes. He never intentionally tried to hurt his sister. Joey didn’t go to Teresa and say that to try and cause a problem in their marriage. He was upset with Joe’s actions. It wasn’t a warning of something that may or may not happen.” [Jacqueline Laurita, May 6, 2012, Bravo Blog]

Gorga texted Joe Guidice and said that if he didn’t stop bothering him he would tell Teresa that Joe was cheating on her. He didn’t mean for Teresa to see the text: he was blackmailing Joe with the information, not protecting his sister.

“Teresa and Joe were both wrong. What gets me about that, however, is how this is ANOTHER example of how Teresa is raked over the coals for anything she does, while other people’s wrongs are quickly overlooked. I mean, Joey calls his own sister GARBAGE on his very first episode, and nobody has special meetings and sit-downs and one-on-one conversations with him about THAT. But then Teresa repeats a rumor (most likely in response to Joey saying something crappy about her husband), and a whole GANG of people have to discuss it with her. It’s just such a double standard to me. It drives me bananas. Like someone said earlier, just because I’m on Teresa’s side when it comes to some things does not mean I don’t see her flaws/issues. I definitely do. I just hate the pile-on bullying, the hypocrisy and the relentless scrutiny they put the woman under. NOBODY deserves that. I just don’t think Teresa’s punishments fit her crime — especially when the ones dishing out the punishment are guilty of so many deplorable things themselves.” [I Need A Housewives’ Detox Program, May 7, 2012, LynnNChicago]

It’s Okay for Joe Gorga to Tell Teresa That Joe is Cheating on Her But It’s Not Okay for Teresa to Do the Same

Why the double standard? Why the hypocrisy? Teresa lashed out in a silly way, but Joey started it. Yet Teresa is the villain in this story as everybody piles on the hatred and vitriol on Teresa and beats her spirit to a pulp. But of course, she won’t accuse her brother of anything on the show. In Teresa’s weird sense of loyalty she is trying to protect her family; and her friends can see she is hurting, but continue to trash her.

“Melissa ‘owned’ Teresa because she (Teresa) can’t argue. However the argument itself is flawed. Because Melissa is a gold digger and Melissa is a liar. Teresa did have a point when she said that Joe Gorga (her brother, Melissa’s husband) talk shit about Teresa’s husband (Joe Guidice) all the time and she does not repeat it to her husband to keep the peace. And her BROTHER was the instigator in that whole stupid argument because he never should have repeated it, ESPECIALLY for the cameras. I totally agree and it’s just another point to go with the fact that the Gorgas got on the show with the Walikes to take down Teresa, of whom they are ALL jealous.” [veronicaluv, 05-07-2012, 10:44 AM, LipstickAlley.com]

“I am tired of sighing about this family because it is just sad. What makes me so mad about this situation is the fact that before her family was on air, Teresa never bad mouthed her family. I have yet to see any proof of how she did so and did all these terrible things publicly that her brother and sister in law claims that she does. Watching that back and forth between Melissa and Teresa was sad. I would have given up a long time ago because her brother cannot be trusted. Melissa and Teresa are both wrong and so are their husbands. I understood where Teresa was coming from though. It is okay for her brother to run his mouth to Rosie (who is a fake ass bodyguard; why is she even involved?), Melissa, and everyone else as if he is Mr. Innocent; and yet she is the only one who gets called out for it. Where is the blame on Joe Gorga for being a damn gossiper. Do I understand why he repeated what he said? Sure, I do. If I were married and you said some shit like that about me or my spouse I would check you right then and there. But I wouldn’t allow the whole family to lay into you and get in our business. It breaks my heart to see these siblings fight, and as an only child, I hate when brothers and sisters allow others to come in and destroy what they used to have. It would be nice to see them get back together as a family.” [Intimacy, 05-07-2012, LipstickAlley.com]

“Teresa said nothing bad about her family on air during seasons 1 and 2…that I recall. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Season 3 airs…and Melissa and Kathy enter with their guns blazing. In her VERY first blog on BRAVO, Melissa wishes bad karma on Teresa. Melissa admits, in season 2, that she had contact with Danielle, feeding Danielle with information to “push” Teresa’s buttons. Melissa wasn’t even discussed in seasons 1 or 2. Why would Melissa, a self-proclaimed “lover of family” do that?… I contend that Teresa, in the worst days of her life (the pending bankruptcy, the pending trial of her husband), believes her family signed on to this show to “bring her down.” She may be right about that. I personally believe the rumors that Melissa and Joe did try very hard to get on NJHWand one of the things they used to sell themselves was that they knew inside information about Teresa, and would use that information to discredit her and shine an even bigger spotlight on her problems. There is no bigger betrayal than this, in my mind. What more could a family do to be hurtful than to go and leak every skeleton that may be in your closet on national television?” [Comment on Teresa’s Bravo Blog]

So the real reason they had this fight over marriage security is because Joe was trying to blackmail Joe Guidice. Was Joe trying to protect his sister? No! He was using the rumors that he heard to try to blackmail Joe Guidice.

“Jacqueline, so what your basically saying is that it’s perfectly fine for Joe Gorga to meddle into Teresa’s marriage but when Teresa does the same thing back it’s wrong??!! Sounds like a typical Manzo comment…your bad behavior is always excusable but you hold those you don’t agree with to a much higher standard…maybe you should not worry so much about the Gorga/Giudice problems and concentrate on lowering your own pedestal a little bit….it’s very clear that your life isnt perfect…you are the LAST person that should be giving advice to anyone!” [Miss Adkins on May 7, 2012, Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog]

It is Joe and Melissa Gorga who are repeating things, on camera, that were said in private, off camera, to stir up trouble for Teresa.

“Jacqueline, this episode would never have happened if Joe and Melissa kept Teresa’s comments to themselves. They came on this show to discredit your friend who is already going through enough problems of their own that they don’t need their family to air out more dirty laundry. What I don’t understand is why you did not stick up for your friend? Why couldn’t you say to Melissa that your husband was wrong to air out his conversation with his sister to the world? Even better, if their was so much hatred between you and Teresa, why jump back into her life? Why not give them the same advice you received when you married into the Laurita family? The Laurita’s keep the family fight away from the public.” [VJA on May 7, 2012, Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog]

In her episode 2 Bravo blog, written before episode 3 aired, Melissa wrote:

“Joe told me his sister said to him that ‘I would leave him for a richer man.’ I wish he never told me,” Melissa wrote on her Bravo blog, the day after the season 4 premiere. “Why would she ever say something like that?” Joe confronted his sister about the comment on camera later in the first episode of season 4, but “she once again had no excuse and said, ‘I heard rumors’,” Gorga wrote. “We hear rumors all the time, but don’t go to Teresa or her husband and ask if they are true… She knows Joe and I have had times when we couldn’t even buy diapers, and that’s when I stood by him stronger than ever.”

Teresa’s response to that scene in the season 4 premiere:

“So last spring I was hearing really nasty rumors around town about Melissa [Teresa saying Melissa would leave him for a guy with more money was the nicest thing she could say about the rumors she was/is hearing]. They were shocking to me, because I’d never heard anything like them. But it’s a small town and when you are suddenly on TV, people start saying things. I don’t want people talking about him or his wife anywhere. I thought he should know and maybe he could stop them. We were not filming, I said it to him in confidence. I would never, ever want to repeat a rumor like that about any of my family members in public. That only hurts my family.

“Fast forward to TWO MONTHS LATER when we’re filming Season 4 on Memorial Day weekend. Out of the blue, Joey says to me remember when you said that about Melissa? I told her and she’s mad at you. You can see the shock on my face. Why would you bring up a personal, private conversation on national TV? The only thing that’s going to do is make his family look bad and his wife and me have problems again. I’m really trying, but I just don’t understand. I’m so sorry he told Melissa, I’m sure it hurt her like it would hurt my husband if I told him. I guess I’m learning that our relationship might never be as close as it once was. I really love him and I miss him, and we used to talk like that our whole lives.”

The Gorgas needed a reason to be angry with Teresa in the season 4 opener, so they concocted this storyline. Teresa was forced to discuss on camera what she said to her brother off camera because Melissa had already told everybody… the whole cast of bullies were brought into this once private conversation between siblings after Joe and Melissa had their re-enactment scene and told everyone they were upset. Bravo created the perfect storm by casting Melissa: she and her husband gave the jealous pack of wolves the confidence and avenue to stick it to Teresa.

According to Teresa in her first Bravo blog for season 4, she had this conversation with her brother two months before he brought it up on camera. Teresa told her brother that people are saying “with Melissa’s singing career, she’s probably going to be singing at a lot of clubs and exposed to a lot of temptations… what if some rich guy sweeps her off her feet?” But, of course, her brother ran to Melissa with his modified version, that Teresa said Melissa will leave him for a richer man.

“I hated that Joey used that piece of information as a tool against his sister. I am pretty sure that Joey has said awful things to Teresa about Joe (he is probably right, but still); and Teresa could have feigned indignation and made her husband even madder at Joey, but she never said a word.” [Cartwheels, May 7, 2012, LynnNChicago]

“Maybe Teresa should not have told her brother that, but she didn’t do it on camera. She did it in private. Whether he tells his wife or not is not the point. He brought it up in front of the cameras, and the only reason for that is to hurt his own sister. I can think of no other reason he would do that. That’s much worse than what Teresa did IMO.” [BB, May 7, 2012, LynnNChicago]

“It also sounds like he has said things to Teresa in private too about Joe, and she did not run and tell Joe — I think she had a right to expect the same from Joey. Joey was more at fault, especially since he did it on camera and to cause trouble for Teresa. I wonder if there is some truth in it that Melissa could do that to him. Seems to me she’s a bit defensive about it: if there was nothing to it, why even give Teresa the satisfaction of knowing it upset you. If my husband told me someone said that about me, I’d say obviously they don’t know me that well and not waste any time thinking about it.” [Mrs. Peabody, May 7, 2012, LynnNChicago]

“RHNJ live in a small town – people talk, rumors spread and feelings get hurt – on a daily basis (Danielle always seemed to know what was going on). None of these people are above spreading rumors either. Teresa told her brother what was being said in private and he chose to say it in public – IMO, he is a very insecure, emotionally needy, jealous little scumbag. And Melissa is more concerned with trashing Teresa than putting the rumor to rest.” [WindyCityWondering, May 7, 2012, LynnNChicago]

Joe and Melissa Gorga Conspired to Talk About This Comment on Camera as If It Just Happened, When the Conversation Took Place Two Months Prior, During the Hiatus from Filming Between Season 3 and Season 4

Joe and Melissa conspired to talk about this comment on camera as if it just happened, when it was a discussion Teresa had with Joe several months before; and it was after he threatened Joe Guidice in a text war by saying he would tell Teresa that her husband was cheating on her if Guidice didn’t leave him alone about the money he owes Sheila Guidice. Teresa saw the text messages and attacked back by telling her brother the rumors she heard about Melissa. All of this was private and off camera until the Gorgas made it their storyline, but they conveniently left out the part about the text war, knowing full well that Teresa would continue to protect her brother and not say anything on camera to hurt him.

“Melissa and Joey are a team, and that is why he told her. They need to maintain their relevance on the show…so the best way to do it is to throw shade to Teresa on camera. When Melissa was talking to Teresa she made sure to mention DUI, auction, and jail…in that one conversation…and that was not by accident. Teresa is extremely petty, but at least she tries to not talk about ‘family stuff’ in front of cameras. She always talks to Kathy and Joe in Italian to remind them to not discuss her legal issues…yet it seems they always try to bring it up because they know that is her breaking point. It was a private conversation (although I know it was wrong what she said) but Joe made sure to tell the entire crew about it and they made sure to bring it up on camera. This was extremely a calculated move on the part of Teresa’s family. Make no mistake…Teresa can be a moron at times…but I think it is disgusting that her family continues to talk shit every chance they get when a camera is near.” [Mel, May 6, 2012, LynnNChicago]

“The one thing I can’t always be open about though is open legal cases. Not because I’m trying to hide anything, but because that’s what your lawyers tell you — don’t talk about open legal cases, because it could be twisted against you. It’s common sense,” she continues. “What’s crazy to me though, is that my family and friends know this because of their own legal issues, yet keep bringing up mine anyway, even though I ask them not to privately and on camera. Every single person on the cast has had ugly legal issues and accusations against them. I would never sit around on camera and make casual guesses as to whose husband really did what to ‘allegedly’ break the law or ‘supposedly’ steal money from someone or ‘maybe’ have defrauded this or that… It’s not just morally wrong, it could hurt their case. Why would you do that to someone you care about? Especially when you’re in the same boat yourself? It makes no sense to me. And yes, that’s why I walk away when people keep bringing it up over and over to me. I never wanted this conversation with my brother to be public, and tried to keep shutting it down, and even though Melissa wanted it to be public, and I was heated, I kept the details of the ugly rumors private. Why would I want any of that out there about anyone I love? Why would she? I have too much respect for Melissa and my brother to go there. Like I said last week, I am choosing to believe they aren’t true, and I really want my brother’s marriage to last. So what do Caroline and Jacqueline have to do with my private conversation with my brother? The answer should be nothing. It’s sad that Melissa put them in the middle by bringing up a months-old conversation. How does it help us for Caroline to tell Melissa — who she’s only known for a few months at this point — that I’m trying to break up her marriage?” [Teresa Giudice, May 7, 2012, Teresa’s Bravo Blog]

Teresa and Melissa sat down at the Summer Solstice party to discuss this comment. Melissa immediately started to talk about sensitive issues that had nothing to do with the comment. Melissa made sure to mention DUI, auction, foreclosure and jail in that one conversation and that was not by accident. Teresa abruptly ended the conversation and left. When Melissa returned to the group at the other table, she didn’t tell all of the conversation; she only told the part that put her in a good light: ‘Well, I tried, she’s nuts, I dunno what the eff happened…’ It is obvious she was antagonizing Teresa while playing the victim.

“Melissa thinks because she makes more sense she comes off better but I think she comes off the worst of Teresa and Melissa. I think Joey was totally out of line saying anything to Melissa about that conversation and the only reason he did was to make Teresa look bad. I don’t think Teresa should have said it to him, but I do think she thought the conversation was between brother and sister, just like the conversations they had when he was saying things about her husband. I think he said them knowing she wouldn’t repeat them to Joe G and I think she had every right to expect the same from him. He is a trouble maker.” [Mrs. Peabody, May 6, 2012, LynnNChicago]

Jacqueline, in her May 6, 2012 Bravo blog, summed up Teresa’ side of the story:

1. Teresa head rumors that if Melissa started singing in nightclubs that she might just meet someone who is richer and better than her brother and leave him.

2. Teresa felt compelled to warn her brother about this, even though she has always said he is insecure, but she really didn’t expect him to mention it to his wife. She just expected him to keep his eyes open to the idea (“in case they were closed”).

3. Joey mentioned it to his wife. That upsets Teresa, because she didn’t think he would tell her. She felt like her brother betrayed their confidence. Teresa explained that she felt that her warning may actually help him in some way and that she was just looking out for him.

All Teresa did was ask Jacqueline if Melissa told her what happened, yet Jacqueline wouldn’t say “yes” or “no.” How is that asking her to pick a side? Teresa was not attacking Jacqueline; she just wanted to know if Melissa talked about the comment — that’s called seeking information, yet Caroline wants to define it as being a bully, when it it obvious that title belongs to her.

“Jacqueline, you were mad at Teresa for ‘putting you on the spot’ by asking if Melissa spoke to you about what was she said to her brother yet you had no problem saying the word ‘yes’ to Melissa when she asked you if Teresa mentioned it to you, right before the solstice party at Caroline’s house.” [Jen nj, May 18, 2012, Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog]

“Caroline, actually, YOU made Jaqueline pick sides. You manipulated her into going against Danielle and now Teresa. This episode CLEARLY shows what you’re trying to do and it literally makes me feel sick. Teresa had every reason to feel upset about her brother repeating what she said. Why? Because he didn’t just tell his wife. And, btw, as a friend, it was Jacqueline’s duty to tell Teresa that Melissa went to you guys. Another sign of you trying to manipulate… you saying Teresa put Jacqueline in the middle. No, Melissa went to you guys FIRST and Jacqueline sat there listening, so she put herself there.” [kekekinz1, May 7, 2012, Caroline’s Bravo Blog]

“Caroline, I’m sorry, but you are delusional. You have the nerve to call Teresa a bully? You and Jac and Melissa gathered together before the party, and again talked poorly about Teresa, based solely on Melissa’s side of the story. You all ganged up on her again, you bully. Did you see how embarrassed your daughter was as you all sat there and talked about Teresa, again? If she isn’t worthy of your time or consideration, why do you talk about her constantly? It is quite obvious that Teresa told her brother about the rumors going around about Melissa. She didn’t start the rumors. She never once said repeated these rumors in public, or print. She never told her ‘great friends (you all)’ or ‘soldiers in her army’ any of these rumors. She sure as hell didn’t spread them. But, none the less, it gave you all a lot of fodder, didn’t it? She told her brother privately, months before HE, Joe Gorga himself, made these rumors public — in front of the cameras!! And repeated them over and over again. Teresa only told her brother. Why? Maybe she really is afraid Melissa would do that. Or maybe, she just wanted her brother to know what was going around about them. But whatever the reason, she said privately to her brother. I don’t think she should have said it, but only because he can’t keep anything private. I think we can all agree that is was clear that Joey told Teresa her husband was cheating on her. But, I digress…You, Jac and Melissa had no problem discussing it behind Teresa’s back, but when she asks Jac if you all had indeed discussed it, Jac didn’t want to tell her. Why? Guilty conscience much? Oh, and by the way Caroline, way to give Melissa a pass again. She’s a perfect little angel, isn’t she? Thank goodness for Kim D. At least someone has Teresa’s back.” [Boss Lady Z on May 7, 2012, Caroline’s Bravo Blog]

“As you can see, Melissa picked a side too by saying that she didn’t trust Jacqueline because she was friends with Teresa! HELLO! Did you not catch that? Melisssa’s talking head shot: ‘I see a sweet humble girl in Jacqueline. And I like that, cause, I’m the same way. I keep her at arms length cos she’s Teresa’s friend.’ And you are clearly instigating and trying to tear the family apart even more by putting in Melissa’s head that Teresa would rather ruin their family than to be her sister-in-law. You are the EXACT OPPOSITE of loyal. Your excuse for making Teresa your enemy is just plain stupid.” [SourCandyxoxo on May 7, 2012, Caroline’s Bravo Blog]]

Joe and Melissa Staged the Closet Scene; the Actual Cheating Rumors Were Discussed Off Camera Months Before

Joe and Melissa sat on this conversation for 2-3 months and then staged that scene in the closet in episode 1 as if this was the first time they discussed it… she acted shocked and now pretends to be enraged about it. Melissa slipped up in episode 3 when she said to Teresa that Joey came home and cried when he told her about the conversation he had with Teresa concerning rumors about Melissa leaving him for a richer man. How is this possible when the viewers, in episode 1, heard Joe say to Melissa in their closet, without crying, “you know what Teresa said the other day”? Joe was not crying when he told Melissa in the staged scene in the premiere episode of season 4; however, he may have cried when he first told her a few months months earlier because he’s secretly insecure that she really will leave him for a richer man.

“Melissa, after you re-enacted those scenes (we all know which ones, list goes on and on) I don’t know how a single viewer can praise you. How? My God, you re-enacted scenes for a reality show. When you were fresh out of the make up chair and Joe told you about what Teresa said in the closet, which you already KNEW, you batted your eyes, looked perplexed and said “No, what did she say?” Oh…MY…GOD. Andy WHY was there a re-enactment from her brother and his wife? For what purpose? To bring Teresa down. Not one other explanation” [Gilzy, May 18, 2012, Melissa’s Bravo Blog]

“Melissa, the difference between your conversation with your husband about the solstice party and Teresa’s conversation with her husband is…Teresa and her husband’s conversation was REAl. We saw it as he actually for the first time heard of it and he reacted like a husband would. Does anyone really believe that Melissa didn’t go home that night and immediately tell her husband?? And that her husband, with his calm demeanor and all, didn’t curse out Teresa? REALLY?? Melissa’s conversation (all dolled up and calm for the cameras) the next day is laughable…it was as badly re-enacted as your scene in the closet when Joe WASN’T crying. Your set-up song dinner and the very first time EVER your husband heard you sing (while the cameras just happened to be rolling) and he said, “WOW, you know what, you should pursue a singing career.” To anyone who believes this…I heard Jacqueline has some ocean view property in Arizona to sell you!’ [CatTnj, May 17, 2012, Melissa’s Bravo Blog]

“I have 6 sisters, and when I hear things about their spouses, I most definitely tell my sisters and they keep it between us; or even if they tell their spouse, it would stay between us. Why did Joe tell Rosie? Why did Melissa run to tell you and Caroline? Why was it even brought up on camera? I don’t believe Joey hasn’t commented on Joe and Teresa’s marriage for one second! This whole ‘Melissa’s a golddigger’ thing played out last season. Melissa specifically said ‘Joey spoils me, and honestly I wouldnt have it any other way!Isn’t that her stating that if Joey didn’t buy her what she wanted she wouldn’t be with him?? YES! You think it’s ok for Joey to talk about Joe cheating on Tre but when it’s Tre talking about Melissa, it’s a problem? PUH-LEASE! If Joey cared so much he wouldn’t have mentioned on camera what his sister said in the first place! And am I the only one who heard Melissa flat out LIE and tell Tre that Joey came home crying when he told her? They talked in the closet, getting ready to go to the Jersey shore and I even went back to see: Joey wasn’t crying at all. In fact, he had a big smile on his face! Hmmm, maybe because he had just created y’all a story line? I THINK SO!!” [BrandiG on May 7, 2012, Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog]

Joe and Melissa made sure the entire cast knew what Teresa said by discussing it in Jacqueline’s kitchen before the Giudices arrived. To make matter worse, Melissa came over to Caroline’s under the pretense to hitch a ride to the Summer Solstice party, but it was obvious that her purpose was to talk about Teresa.

“They discuss all the so-called horrible things Teresa has done. Caroline gets up on her soapbox and lectures Melissa about how Teresa is destroying her family because of Melissa. Didn’t she give this whole speech about Danielle a couple seasons ago? Eventually it comes out that Teresa‘s true motivation for telling Joe was to disguise hurt feelings and embarrassment. See, apparently, Joe G-to-the-Orga discovered Joe G-to-the-Iudice was cheating, so he let Juicy know he was about to tell Teresa about his dalliances. They got into a text war and Teresa grabbed his phone and saw the texts.” [Mary, May 7, 2012, Reality Tea]

Melissa should NOT have discussed the issue with Jacqueline and, especially not, Caroline: Melissa did this to make sure her problem with Teresa was everyone’s focus. When Teresa asked Jacqueline if Melissa told her what happened, Jacqueline wouldn’t say “yes” or “no.” And Jacqueline claimed that Teresa was asking her to pick a side!? After that, Teresa should have asked her to pick a side because it was clear she already had.

“Whenever Teresa tried to discuss issues with Jacqueline about her brother or Melissa, Jacqueline and Caroline told her to suck it up and put her big girl panties on… but when Melissa and Joe have something bad to say about Teresa, Jacqueline and Caroline’s ears perk up… neither of them have any good intentions, both of them love drama, and both of them are butting their noses in Teresa’s business and making things worse.” [mariincali, May 7, 2012, Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog].

Prior to their discussion on camera, you can bet that, back when Teresa first told Joe about the rumors of Melissa being a cheater (notice how the Gorgas don’t say this, but only say that Teresa said Melissa “would leave Joe for a richer man”), he told Melissa what Teresa said. When Joe and Melissa brought it up on camera in the season 4 premiere, they were acting (badly), pretending they had never discussed it before off camera when Teresa first told Joe. They wanted it on camera to make Teresa look bad. Too bad the viewers didn’t get to hear Joe Gorga telling Teresa about the rumors of Juicy cheating on her.

“This franchise is all about rumor and dirty family secrets. Teresa told her brother about the rumors about his wife because at the end of the day – she is still his big sister and I’m willing to bet she felt she was protecting him. There is a huge difference between going to clubs and going to book signings – who goes to a book store to dance, drink and get lucky? In Teresa’s very inarticulate way – she was trying to tell Melissa (and her brother) that people were talking trash about Melissa! The level of Melissa reaction makes me suspect her motivations regarding her career.” [WindyCityWondering, May 7, 2012, LynnNChicago]

Based on their deceptive history, it seems like Joe and Melissa plotted to make sure they blasted Teresa on camera for her remark about the cheating rumors, but twisted Teresa’s words and made it only about leaving Joe Gorga for a richer man. In her conversation with her brother, Teresa said “read between the lines.” Before Teresa ever mentioned rumors about Melissa, Joe Gorga accused Teresa’s her husband of cheating on her. Then, after her brother makes this accusation, Teresa responds that “they” (the same sources – talk around town, blogs and tabloids) say Melissa would leave him for a richer man. It’s seems evident from the tiny bit of conversation that Bravo did not edit out, that Teresa was questioning why her brother would believe the rumors about Juicy when they (talk around town, the blogs and tabloids) are saying the same thing about Melissa.

“I don’t blame Melissa for being upset about the comment. I would be too, but damn, I would have called Teresa, met with her that day, or the next, and let her know… Not saying I’m letting it go to my husband; not saying, when he brings it up to their family and friends at a BBQ, that I’m letting it go, giving her a pass; not saying at Jacqueline’s, when her husband goes to bring it up again in front of Caroline and the mob, ‘Oh don’t tell them, etc.’ only to then tell them before they ( Caroline, Jacqueline and Lauren ) go to their party. No, Melissa, you should have confronted Teresa yourself — you two, one on one, and hashed it out.” [Lena1, May 6, 2012, Reality Tea]

Melissa came straight out of the gate with her “Teresa is trying to ruin my marriage” claim for the tabloids to run with right after the season 4 premiere. And she tells the viewers she’s trying to reunite the family. Yeah, right!

“Since season one, Tre has always struggled to articulate her thoughts and feelings well. You can tell she’s got a whole perspective just swirling in her head that she just cannot seem to convey effectively. It’s kind of sad. And, so she couldn’t win this argument and she cannot win most until she improves her communication skills. But, if you look at what she was trying to say….it sounded to me like she was trying to explain that she and Joe Gorga have BEEN having this type of inappropriate brother/sister exchange where they talk shit about each other’s spouses. Sound to me like they do it often. This was not the first time and they’ve been keeping it between them rather than running back to the spouse and blabbing what the sibling said. And, Tre’s point was, out of all the times that he has brought some negative sh*t to me about Joe G that he has heard or that he suspects, and I never said a word — now he is, all of the sudden, going to change up because the cameras are rolling? Joe Gorga did this for camera time and a plot; and Carolyn, Jacqueline and Melissa are riding with it for the show. That is a damn shame. Joe Gorga is a dirty little bitchmade boy. Tre is being scapegoated for ratings and people jockeying for their positions on the show. That’s f*cked up. I guess what they all did to Danielle came down on Tre. Now, can we have everybody turn on Carolyn next?” [AnaliseTrue, 05-07-2012, 01:34 AM, LipstickAlley.com]

Tweets About This Episode (Penny Drossos and her husband John Karagiorgis Know Melissa’s Secrets):

“Plenty of people have been saying Melissa cheats on Joe Gorga….hell, the Gorga parents didn’t even want Joe to marry Melissa…Joe Gorga is a hopeless romantic who has been thru what? 2 engagements…that’s probably why he was crying like a baby when Teresa brought up the cheating allegations. They talk mad shit about Teresa and her family but they want Teresa to apologize? Man, I want that greek couple from twitter to be on the show…they on twitter going ham on the cast! Talking about how they have photos (proof) that Melissa is cheating.” [MrsJeremyLin, 05-07-2012, 02:57 AM, LipstickAlley.com]

John Karagiorgis ‏ @JohnnyTheGrk

@amnicoli @ray_nicoli @melissagorga @joegorga When @PDKHAIR is ready & given the green light, she’ll release the Beast.
May 7, 2012

Newsflash @joegorga , @kimdposche is a friend & @teresa_giudice is a class act so when @melissagorga extra activities are exposed, GoodLuck!
May 6, 2012

ReadMyRealMind ‏ @ReadMyRealMind

Someday @Teresa_Giudice will finally get pissed off & @melissagorga & Joey will regret trashing T every chance they got. #skeletons #karma
May 6, 2012

AuntJ ‏ @favAuntJulie

@ReadMyRealMind @Teresa_Giudice @melissagorga OR Penny will be on S5 & spill OR Penny’s Bravo contract will expire and she will spill! lol
May 6, 2012

Crystal ‏ @CrystalGPink

@JohnnyTheGrk @joegorga @kimdposche @teresa_giudice @melissagorga tell us the details Johnny :). Get Tommy the Greek to do an interview. 🙂
May 6, 202

John Karagiorgis ‏ @JohnnyTheGrk

@CrystalGPink @joegorga @kimdposche @teresa_giudice @melissagorga Tommy’s my boy and so are others she don’t want coming out.
May 6, 2012

The Cast Has a Double Standard When It Comes to Teresa Giudice

Watching how Melissa repeats and repeats and focuses on that comment [that she would leave Joe for a richer man] shows that it hit her too close to home. Truly ludicrous comments with no grain of truth to them are easy to laugh off and ignore. It’s when the comment gets too close to the truth that people get most offended. Now that doesn’t mean that she would leave him for a richer man, but it may be too close for comfort to her original motivation for going out with Joe in the first place and to her pursuit of him because he had money. The gold digger rumor has enough truth in the outset of their relationship when she set her cap for him that she’s going to chew on that like a dog on a bone. [Kija, April 30, 2012, AllAboutTRH.com]

Kathy, Teresa is your cousin and she has many problems that none of us know about. We don’t know what she is facing everyday. You would do well to consider that Teresa will still be here (and still your cousin) when Melissa is gone, and she will be gone. She is a gold digger and if the financial problems we all read about are true, she won’t stay around when Joe can no longer give her everything she wants. I read that their shore house is for sale, so it may just be beginning for her. She is not a singer and will never make it as a singer unless she meets a man that can help her and she will go. Family never goes away, but in-laws do!!! As the old saying goes “you can pick your friends, but not your family”: you need to give that some thought. I am not saying Teresa is innocent, but Melissa is a trouble maker and will not be satisfied until Joe and Teresa can’t be fixed. [RHWoNJ Fan, June 11, 2012, Kathy’s Bravo Blog]

You have to give Teresa credit: this woman knows so much about Melissa; she literally could throw her under the bus and tell people all about her on national television, but she loves her brother too much. Even when she told her brother about Melissa leaving him for a man with more money — she meant only for him and nobody else to hear it, but Joe told Melissa. Melissa is so bent out of shape because SHE DID SAY THAT and she doesn’t like that too much of her private information is getting out, not now. [Buck Henry, May 3, 2012, StoopidHousewives]

Teresa HAD to know a lot of this [rumors about Melissa’s infidelity], plus much more dirt on the two of them, and she kept her mouth SHUT, even when they were doing everything in their power to “take her down”, embarrass her, deride her. Can you imagine the astounding self control it took for Teresa to not say anything and just absorb all their BS? Whoever says Teresa lacks self control doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Although, maybe it didn’t take an inhuman show of strength for her; maybe she, unlike her scuzzy brother, just couldn’t tear down a family member. Maybe she’s just not that kind of person. [JoJoLaMa, May 11, 2012, AllAboutTRH.com]

Teresa, I think your brother loves you and your girls very much. I think he knows his wife is not able to love you like he does and he has to accept that fact. My sister and her husband had a very very strong marriage (20 years) and my brother-in-law was awesome. I am the oldest and my husband and I have been married for 24 years. Well, once I went to my brother-in-law in private and told him not to let my sister stress him out so much. I said, “You know it’s okay to tell her no sometimes.” I never dreamed he would go and tell her what I said. My sister was devastated and I was mortified because I love her and I love them!! I tried to understand why he threw me under the bus, and then it hit me: I said the words he really wanted to say to my sister, but he couldn’t, so he used me as his mouthpiece. I forgave him and my sister forgave me. But that never happened again. If your brother has to use you as his mouthpiece then so be it. Melissa knows why he shared the comment….that’s why she was offended that he brought it back to her. Hopefully their kids will know that you meant that union no harm, and you never thought he would put you out there like that, or you would have been mum. [justdoinme, April 30, 2012, Teresa’s Bravo Blog]

Jacqueline, it’s funny that you accuse Teresa of hypocrisy and a double standard yet your are oblivious to when you do it yourself. You point out how Teresa shouldn’t have mentioned “rumors” to her brother that had no merit and that she should also expect that a husband and wife share everything with each other. Yet in the next breath you say, the fight between the two Joes was meant to stay between them. Is there a reason that you think Teresa isn’t deserving of the same honesty with her spouse that you award to Melissa and Joe? According to you, it’s not okay for Teresa to mention rumors to her brother in an ‘attempt to open his eyes up’ (because rumors have no merit) but it’s okay for Little Joe to use RUMORS to blackmail his brother-in-law. From YOUR explanation, Little Joe wasn’t all to concerned that his sister may have been betrayed by her husband and her family could quiet possibly be destroyed, he was more worried about covering his own butt. The bottom line is this, Joey should have never brought up allegations of Joe cheating in their argument. What I thought was really telling is that it wasn’t anger “How could you do this to my sister and your family” (if it’s true) but a low down snitch thing “I am going to drop the dime on you, if you don’t back off.” Teresa should have never said what she said to Joe about Melissa. It was designed to hurt him, and I am betting it was in reaction to what happened between the Joes. [RabbleRouser, May 7, 2012, LynnNChicago]

How about the truth for once? Melissa and Joe begged Bravo to be on the show since inception. They were very pissed that they were not chosen. So before season 3 was set to begin shooting, dear Melissa and Joe sent in a tape to Bravo while they were drunk and promised to trash Teresa every time the camera is on them. And of course “innocent” Melissa swears they had problems before the show, BUT she decided to go on it anyway to air the family’s dirty laundry. And if she had any talent for “singing” (auto tune) she shouldn’t need the show to launch a “career” (a couple of thousand iTunes downloads). And the reason Juicy has a problem with non-juciy Joe is because he owes his brother in-law $80,000. It seems that non-juicy Joe has a BIG problem paying his bills as well. [Hotspec Smith, 05/14/2012, The Huffington Post]

Yes, husbands tell their wives things, but they don’t wait for the camera crew to get to their house, set up, and then tell America. The point was absolutely to screw Teresa. Nice brother. What a man. And you couldn’t WAIT to get it out there to everyone. So predictable. You’re tiring Melissa. Bravo, please make it stop. [CynnyCoo, May 8, 2012, Melissa’s Bravo Blog]

Another One of Melissa’s Lies Exposed: They Were Building a Mansion Yet Melissa Said They Couldn’t Afford to Buy Diapers at the Time

Melissa accused Teresa of trying to ruin her marriage based on Teresa’s comment that Melissa will leave Joe Gorga for a richer man, which her brother brought up on camera in the season 4 premiere.

To defend herself against Teresa’s accusations that she only married Joe Gorga for his money, Melissa claims that at one point in their marriage she and Joe couldn’t afford diapers.

When they were dating (they met in October 2003, she moved into his home in December 2003, and they married in August 2004) Joe Gorga said her promised to put her on a pedestal and give her everything she wanted (season 3, episode 6). Joe Gorga ran a successful landscaping business (which Teresa helped him start by loaning him money) when Melissa first met him. After seeing the success his brother-in-law Joe Giudice had investing in real estate, Joe Gorga sought his advice and followed in his footsteps (until the market crashed in 2009). They bought the shore house in Toms River when Melissa was pregnant with her first child in 2006. In 2007 Joe gave/loaned his sister Teresa $25,000. In 2008, he began building the mansion (as a spec home for resale), which they ended up living in to give the appearance of wealth so that Bravo would cast them. But Melissa says they didn’t have money to buy diapers? She keeps retelling this lie:

“There were times (like the one you heard me remind Joe of) that we couldn’t even buy diapers when Gino was first born. 2008 was definitely a hard year. We had invested in real estate and the market went sour. I’m sure everyone remembers that and is still feeling the effects of the economy.” [Melissa Gorga, Like a Prayer, April 30, 2012]

“I feel like I have absolutely nothing to prove,” says Melissa. “We have an amazing relationship. We are madly in love — we have been since the day I met him. Just for the record, Joe and I have been through incredible lows where we couldn’t buy diapers. I didn’t go anywhere and I never would.” [Melissa Gorga, Hollywood Life, October 27, 2011]

“Joe and I have been married for seven years and have three kids. We went through a time where we couldn’t even buy diapers. We had to sell every house we lived in… Did I go anywhere? Would I ever? No. It hurts me that she would even put that out there, to put that in someone’s head. And it doesn’t even hurt me as bad as it hurts her brother.” [Melissa Gorga, The Hollywood Gossip, June 28, 2011]

“[Teresa] knows Joe and I have had times when we couldn’t even buy diapers, and that’s when I stood by him stronger than ever.” [Melissa Gorga, Rumor Has It, April 23, 2012]

In the photo above (circa 2009), the Gorgas are standing in the landscaped yard of the mansion Joe built, holding Gino and Antonio… Gino is barely out of diapers, which she claims they didn’t have the money to buy in 2008. She expects the viewers to believe her lie that they were building a 13,000 SF mansion but couldn’t afford diapers!

Real estate prices are worse now than in 2008. They’ve been falling every year since then, and they are still falling, so 2012 is worse that 2008, when she claims they were broke because of the real estate market crash. If anything, they should be worse off now than in 2008, and not just broke but underwater and facing foreclosure on their properties.

In season 4 episode 2, Joe is showing off for the cameras, pointing out the various buildings he owns on a city block… when pointing out the last one he purchased, he recounts to Melissa that the purchase left them with only $3,000 in the bank, which prompted him to call his wife and say in jest “don’t buy any diapers” because I just spent a million dollars on a new building for my mini empire. No bank would have loaned him money to buy that building if he didn’t have sufficient income and investments.

Of course, Melissa twisted this comment to make it seem like they were struggling to put food on the table, but yet she stood by his side. In reality, the Gorgas were building the mansion (where they currently live) during 2008, had real estate investments worth millions, and had a steady flow of income from those investments.

Melissa contradicts herself in her April 30 and May 14 Bravo blogs:

In her April 30 Bravo blog she said that in 2008 they couldn’t afford diapers:

“There were times (like the one you heard me remind Joe of) that we couldn’t even buy diapers when Gino was first born. 2008 was definitely a hard year.”

In her May 14 Bravo blog she said that they moved into the mansion in 2008 after having just sold their last home to a football player for $2.45 million.

“For the record, we sold our last house in Franklin Lakes for $2.45 million to LaVar Arrington (formerly of the Washington Red Skins and NY Giants) and bought in Montville so we could be closer to Teresa and the cousins. We moved into our current house in 2008.”

So how could they not afford to buy diapers yet they could afford to live in a house that a pro-athlete wanted to buy?

According to The Huffington Post on May 15, 2012:

As for the allegations that Joe initially built their home as a “spec” house under a construction loan, Melissa’s publicist confirms that is all true. They purchased the land in 2007 for $950,000 cash and then got the construction loan. While the home was being built they lived in a modest rental home.

Melissa claims public documents showing a mortgage modification prove they are not facing financial strain. Nor are the allegations that the couple previously resided in a modest home before upgrading to a “spec house” to appear wealthy on the show. “For the record, we moved into our current house in 2008 and lived there for two years before I was signed to Real Housewives of New Jersey in 2010,” Melissa insists to Huff Po.

“Joe built our last house in Franklin Lakes (149 Pulis Avenue), which we sold for $2.45 million to former New York Giant LaVar Arrington. When we sell our house in Montville, we will move into a rental while Joe custom builds our next house.” That home was sold in 2006 ( LaVar sold it at a significant loss for $1,750,000 in 2008).

The home at 146 Pulis Avenue in Franklin Lakes that Joe sold to LaVar in 2006 was the 5576 SF home that Joe was living in when he met Melissa in October 2003 (he built it in 2003). This is the home that Melissa was referring to when she said, “I wasn’t stupid like my sisters; of course when I saw his house I was going to jump on that sh*t.”

At no point since they met in 2003 have the Gorgas been too broke to buy diapers… Melissa is a pathological liar.

The Leaked Photo of Joe Giudice at TGIFridays and the Tom Murro Connection

According to The Huffington Post on October 6, 2011:

The filming of The Real Housewives of New Jersey went crazy on September 27, 2011, when Bravo ambushed Melissa Gorga by arranging for the owner of a strip club where she used to work to show up on camera.

“The ladies were taping a fashion show at Posche,” an insider tells Huffington Post. “Teresa [Giudice] didn’t want to go because she’s completely over the fake Bravo set-ups; however, no one knew what was about to happen. Melissa [Gorga] was nervous that ex-Housewife Danielle Staub was going to show up, but it turned out the surprise guest would be much more damaging.”

These ladies should know by now that if you have a skeleton in your closet and you go on a reality show, sooner or later it’s going to come out.

“Bravo’s surprise at the fashion show was for Melissa: her ex-boss at Lookers, the strip club she used to work at. No one knew him, no one knew he was coming — although, of course Bravo had a microphone on him — and Melissa ran away from him and refused to film with him,” a witness at the taping tells me.

“The producers made Teresa talk to him to ‘hear him out,’ so his accusations would be aired on camera, but Teresa stopped him mid-story and told him to not talk about her family and left.”

Jacqueline Laurita immediately took to Twitter that night, bashing Giudice, who responded to her with a phone call rather than fighting in such a public way. But the drama didn’t stop with Gorga’s questionable past.

“Jacqueline’s parting shot after she hung up the phone was to text Teresa a photo of [her husband] Joe and [a] mystery lady at dinner and said she was going to leak it to the press to hurt Teresa,” an insider tells me.

And guess what? The picture turned up yesterday!

“Teresa has all these texts. Isn’t it sad and sickening what some people will do?” a friend of Giudice’s asks me.

“What Jacqueline doesn’t know is that Teresa’s laughing about it privately, because she knew about it already. Joe had told Teresa he ran into the girl, a family friend, the night when he went out for drinks with his buddies. The girl has a boyfriend, and I’m pretty sure Joe wouldn’t carry on a big affair at TGI Fridays in Clifton.”

Caroline, Jacqueline and Kim G., with the help of their good friend Tom Murro, seem to be involved with the leaked photo of Joe Guidice with the ‘other women’ in TGIFridays, even though Jac denied this on twitter.

Here is the connection among them:

1. The author of the article at the link below thanks Tom Morro for letting him know Al Manzo was making an appearance at Jack’s Foods.


2. Tom Morro is the man Kim G. credits in her tweets for leaking the photo of Joe Guidice in TGIFridays with Devana Medina.


3. Here’s a video of Tom Murro talking about Kim G. and his ‘release’ of the photo of Joe Guidice in TGIFridays with the ‘other women’:

http://www.courant.com/videogallery/65693938/News/Celebrity-Magnet-|-1 0/27

4. Despite Kim G.’s initial denial that Jac had anything to do with the leaked photo, she later tweets about the Laurita/Manzo connection to Tom Murro:

Kim Granatell tweeted on October 18 and 19 of 2011:

  • Jacqueline knows what Teresa is all about..she admitted to me, I was right all along!
  • InTouch Mag: Teresa’s husband and his latest GF. Thanks to Tom Murro and myself for having those photos! Jacqueline nothing to do with them.
  • And I know Jacqueline will be thrilled!
  • Oh and I forgot M on ica Chacon..my fabulous lawyer who so wants to bring Teresa down..and will! Don’t mess with my Cuban GF!!
  • Oh what a wealth of knowledge..and so much more to come!
  • So glad Jacqueline, myself, and Tom Murro converse each day…oh I forgot M on ica (Chacon) too!!

5. Here are photos of Caroline and Kim G with Tom Murro (along with rumored RHONJ housewife Claire Pavlinec). The photos are from New Jersey Fashion Week in 2010 : “Tom Murro, brought his wife Kelly and the always-interesting Kim Granatell along to the event. Murro was invited to the show by Mrs. New Jersey 2010 Claire Pavlinec… As he hoped, Murro met Dina Manzo, the last “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star on his interview wish list.”

6. Here are more photos and videos of Tom Murro with the cast of RHoNJ (other than the Giudices) and Kim G.

Tom Murro at the Bravo party on April 4, 2012, which followed the WWHL special introducing Bravo’s new shows (the special where Melissa performed ‘On Display’ live). He is with Zoila Chavez and Jenni Pulos, who Caroline can be seen dancing with at the same party in the video below:

Tom Murro at the same event with Joe and Melissa Gorga.

About the Bravo party on April 4, 2012, Murro said:

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey husbands — Chris Laurita, Richard Wakile, Al Manzo and Joe Gorga — were standing together keeping out of the red carpet photos, but were in a great mood… At the open bar Joe Gorga was spotted sipping Johnny Walker Blue…. Joe Gorga who I met for the first time is even cooler than I thought, lots of “I’m Italian/Your Italian” hugs and fist pounds… Caroline Manzo knows how to bust a move.”

Video of Kim Granatell and Tom Murro in New York City:

Video of Kim Granatell and Tom Murro in Payless:

Teresa is always taking the high road even though the others throw her under the bus, then put it in reverse and run over her again, all for camera time.

Pilar Sanders on 05-08-2012, 08:42 AM said at LipstickAlley.com said:

  1. Teresa didn’t tell everyone about Mel’s past as soon as she stepped foot on the Bravo lot.
  2. Teresa did not discuss any of the lawsuits that were filed against her brother; there were like 29 in 7 or 8 years. That is a lot.
  3. Teresa has not discussed or answered any of the questions posed to her, about Mel and her sisters pimping for rooms in Atlantic City and their party past (which may or may not be anything worse than the average college kid, who knows?).
  4. Teresa promotes Melissa’s music in her bravo exclusive segments, on her blog and on twitter. Melissa has never publicly promoted ANYTHING for Teresa.
  5. Teresa told the guy at or before the fashion show that she didn’t want to hear about Mel being a “dancer” at Lookers. Teresa knows stuff and hasn’t spilled it. Mel should keep that in mind the next time she intentionally tries to make her mad. Teresa may go Kim G on her.
  6. Teresa has not said one word about the Laurita’s $25 million business bankruptcy, the 2 lawsuits filed from vendors ripped off, or the blk water lawsuit.
  7. Teresa has never said anything about the Albert Manzo scandal.
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    May 7, 2012 at 2:53 PM

    Finally, someone with a brain writes about Melissa. Thankyou!

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    May 11, 2012 at 6:00 AM

    Get these people off the show… They ruined it

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    Teresa is getting what she deserves! She’s a psychopath

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