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Chris and Jacqueline Laurita’s Shotgun Wedding

June 27, 2012 40 comments

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When asked by AllAboutTRH on October 10, 2012 if Caroline Manzo told her that Jacqueline Laurita was a stripper, Teresa Giudice said: “Yes she did. Caroline has told me many things about Jacqueline. Caroline used to even tell me that Jacqueline doesn’t take care of her kids. When CJ was born and growing up, Caroline told me Jacqueline was really into herself, into working out and was basically more into herself then she was her child. Caroline used to complain that Jacqueline never cooked and thought she was a horrible mother. (Video from Reunion 4 Part 3)

Danielle Staub Claims That Jacqueline Laurita was a Stripper in Las Vegas and That She Broke Up Chris Laurita’s Engagement to Dina’s Friend ‘Jen’

Danielle called Jacqueline a “Vegas whore” during the reunion special for season 2. After the reunion for season 3 aired in October 2011, Danielle tweeted (see tweets below) that Jacqueline was a stripper. She said:

“I kept it to myself because Jacqueline was so weak and asked me not to say anything.” – Danielle Staub, October 27, 2011, Twitter

Danielle exchanged tweets with a few viewers in October and November of 2011, who surmised that Jacqueline skipped the reunion because she was afraid her past as a stripper was going to come out. The viewers asked Danielle if Jacqueline was also a prostitute, but it appears Danielle did not respond. The viewers went on to say that Jacqueline wants to appear “goody goody” and that while watching Danielle go through hell for her past, Jacqueline pretended to be “high class” when she herself had “supported a young child by stripping.” They accused Jacqueline of being “a two-faced friend all along to everyone.” Danielle tweeted that Jacqueline “needs everyone to love her and if they don’t, she literally destroys them.” Danielle also tweeted that Jacqueline would attack anyone who supported her and that Jacqueline “doesn’t realize how loyalty really works.” She also tweeted that Jacqueline “should spend more time parenting and less time worrying about what Teresa is doing.”

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Note: Danielle’s tweets exposing Jacqueline as a stripper were in late October 2011; the season 4 episodes where Jacqueline practically forbid Teresa to communicate with Danielle were filmed in early August 2011, a few months earlier. When Danielle outed Melissa in her August 7, 2011 tweets during Teresa’s appearance on WWHL, Teresa tweeted back that she would like to know more about what Danielle had to say, which infuriated Jacqueline because she was fearful that Danielle also would reveal all of her secrets.

According to more tweets from Danielle Staub in October/November 2011 (see tweets below), Jacqueline “took her now husband from Jen his fiance”; Jen was Danielle’s “nail girl” and “Dina Manzo’s then best friend”; both Jen and Dina worked at Nisha. Apparently Chris Laurita was in a relationship with one of Dina Manzo’s friends, Jen (who worked at Nisha), when he met Jacqueline, and he cheated on Jen with Jacqueline. This may be why Dina never got along with Jacqueline because, in Dina’s mind, she broke up her friend’s relationship with her brother.

“Jacqueline took her now husband from Jen his fiancé... Jen told me all about Jacqueline when she was my nail girl and Dina Manzo’s then best friend (both worked at Nisha).” – Danielle Staub, October 10, 2011, Twitter

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Danielle Staub Knows Jacqueline Laurita’s Secrets and That’s Why She Freaked Out When Teresa Giudice Replied to Her Tweets

Reading Danielle’s tweets from October/November 2011, we can see why Jacqueline does not want Teresa to communicate with Danielle — it’s because Danielle knows Jacqueline’s secrets and Jacqueline wants to continue burying the truth (as does Melissa). Allegedly, Jacqueline got pregnant and then married in a rush, which is why she doesn’t have a wedding photo with herself in a wedding dress.

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“We got married very simple, if you will. We didn’t do professional wedding pictures. You know that picture everyone has with the bride and the groom and the wedding dress and you know it just nice to put in the foyer… When I got married to Chris I wore gray pants and a black shirt.” – Jacqueline Laurita, Season 4 Episode 24, The Lost Footage (image above)

According to Jacqueline’s bio, she and Chris married in 2002 (she does not give the actual date): Christopher Laurita, Jr. (CJ) was born on May 24, 2002, so she was pregnant or already had given birth to CJ when she married Chris. It was a shotgun wedding — the ceremony in the park/gazebo without a wedding dress or bridal party that she talked about in season 4 episode 8 and season 4 episode 24.

In her story, “How I Met Chris“, she says they met in 1996 (she was living in Las Vegas but had gone to Chicago to work a trade show that Chris and his brother attended). According to Jacqueline:

“From that day on it was nonstop visiting and ridiculously long and frequent phone calls in which we really got to know each other and became the best of friends and fell in love. That went on for about five years [around 2001]. There was a year break between us after three years [year break around 1999-2000].

“I really had no desire to move to New Jersey at the time and pull Ashley away from my family and friends and he couldn’t make the move to Nevada. We couldn’t move forward. I was so in love with him and I wasn’t dating other people, but I was scared to make the move.

“After our year apart, our failed attempts to get each other out of our minds and attempts of being with other people, we both realized we were just meant to be together and it wasn’t worth fighting it anymore. We reconnected, and then a year later [in 2001-2002] he came to me and proposed to me right in front of Ashley. I had to make a decision right then and there [moved to NJ and married in 2002]. We’ve been together since and we’re still going strong. (While dating Chris I also went on to work for Lancome and worked on-call for swing and graveyard shifts as a cocktail waitress for a local hotel and casino called Samstown. I also freelanced as a makeup artist, just in case you were wondering.) “

Jacqueline Accused Joe Giudice of Cheating on Teresa

“On May 6, Caroline wrote in her Bravo blog that me calling MY OWN brother in PRIVATE to talk about his marriage (like we’ve always done our whole lives) was ‘cruel and thoughtless,’ and that talking about anyone’s marriage is a ‘line that should never be crossed’.” [Teresa Giudice, July 24, 2012, The Knitting Circle]

“If I get hurt I get nasty, and I got nasty because I was hurt.” [Jacqueline Laurita, Season 4 Episode 15, during her conversation with Teresa in the RV, away from the others, where Teresa tries to understand why Jacqueline no longer wants to be her friend]

In Teresa’s June 18, 2012 Bravo blog, she used an analogy of a cheating husband to address Jacqueline’s objection to her replying on Twitter to Danielle Staub:

“As far as Jacqueline goes, she is a really hard person to be good friends with because she is so unstable and moody. But I never thought her moods would turn crazy against me. She was screaming at me to ‘move on’ and forgive Melissa for something evil that Melissa did two years ago, but guess what? I just found out about it a week earlier! Give me some time to process it! And I had already decided to and did publicly defend Melissa. How is it holding an old grudge when you just found out?

“Let me see if I can use an analogy Jacqueline might understand: if you caught your husband flirting with your friend, you would be understandably crushed. Say you worked through it for months though and forgave him. Then you found out he really didn’t just flirt, he slept with her. Two years ago. Does your old forgiveness count? It was two years ago! Why should you care? You said you forgave him! Hypocrite! Um, I say would you care. And that your previous forgiveness doesn’t count because you didn’t know what you were forgiving. You need to work through the new offense that you just found out about. Right?”

On June 18, 2012, Jacqueline went on a Twitter rampage: in one of her many tweets she said that her husband didn’t cheat on her but that Joe Giudice cheated on Teresa and she caught him:

“I think it’s obvious that my husband didn’t cheat on me. Look at us. Look at them [the Giudices]. It was her husband that cheated & she caught him.” – Jacqueline Laurita, June 18, 2012, Twitter [later deleted but screen shot saved here]

A day later, on June 19, 2012, Jacqueline jumped on Twitter again to further accuse Joe Giudice of cheating, this time she direct messaged someone:

“Joe cheated on Teresa with her friend/babysitter.” – Jacqueline Laurita, June 19, 2012, Twitter Direct Message

On Twitter, Jacqueline made it clear that she interpreted Teresa’s analogy in her June 18, 2012, Bravo blog to be an accusation that Chris had an affair with one of Jacqueline’s friends two years ago:

“Teresa tried to imply in her blog that my husband cheated on me two years ago, which is completely false. It was her husband so I cleared that up.” – Jacqueline Laurita, June 26, 2012, Twitter

In her June 27, 2012 Bravo blog, “Don’t Get It Twisted”, Jacqueline attacked Teresa again about the analogy she used in her Bravo blog a week earlier:

“Shame on Teresa again for trying to imply in her last blog that my husband cheated on me, which is FALSE. Again, she is shifting issues that she is dealing with onto other people. I think there may be a jealousy issue on Teresa’s end from seeing how people are responding to me and my husband as opposed to her and Joe’s relationship. She can’t stand the fact that viewers love my husband, so she wants to try to knock him down to her husband’s level. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.”

During the Season 4 Reunion Special Both Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita Accused the Others’ Husbands of Cheating on Them

During the reunion special, Teresa said to Jacqueline in regards to her husband Chris: ‘Didn’t he cheat on you a long time ago? That’s what you told me.’

Jacqueline denied the allegation, but Teresa wouldn’t let up, saying, “Fine, then he didn’t cheat on you. That’s why you told me you didn’t trust him. That’s why he’s not allowed to go out.”

Jacqueline lashed back and accused Joe of swearing and getting into physical fights with Teresa.

Teresa shrugged off the accusations, replying, “‘Yeah, I punch him like if we’re playing around.”

Jacqueline responded: “No honey, no, you guys get into some pretty bad…I’ve heard every name in the book… And now that you’re going there, you told me your husband cheated on you several times. You caught him with his secretary, the babysitter…and you asked me what you should do because my ex-husband had cheated on me.”

After the season 4 reunion special taped on September 7, 2012, AllAboutTRH asked Teresa Giudice if it was true that Jacqueline told her that Chris Laurita previously cheated on her? Here is Teresa’s response:

“Yes. She did. Chris was never allowed to go out with my husband unless they played poker at each other’s houses. I think they might have went out once the whole time I was friends with Jacqueline and I remember Joe telling me Jacqueline wouldn’t stop calling Chris. The only thing Chris is allowed to do is play cards. My husband is allowed to go out with the guys and that’s fine because I go out with the girls and we trust each other. I don’t like talking about other people’s marriages but I’m not going to bite my tongue and say nothing while Jacqueline continues to talk about my marriage to strangers on twitter. (Jacqueline has messaged viewers and has spoken about Joe cheating on Teresa on twitter several times.) This is not something I would make up because I’m not the type of person to do that. Jacqueline and I even have a mutual friend who was going through something with her husband and Jacqueline told our friend how to track her husband through GPS and how to put a memory card on there phone so that she would have access to her husbands stuff and I was shocked because I didn’t even know you could do half of that! And she knew all that stuff because she would do that with Chris.”

As reunion 5 was airing on October 6, 2013, Jacqueline tweeted the following regarding the comments she made during reunion 4 about Juicy cheating with his secretary and the babysitter (she said in the reunion 5 footage that she was wrong to say it but didn’t expand on it):

“Last reunion, although brutally honest, I said things that were not my place to say! I was not going there again.”