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Flashback: New Jersey Real Housewives’ Video Interviews by Ranu

December 9, 2013 73 comments

Ranu’s Reviews (unique celebrity interviews with a twist of Jersey attitude)

Check out some older interviews by Ranu with The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

  1. Ranu’s Reviews had an exclusive interview with Jacqueline Laurita from the Housewives of New Jersey. Jacqueline answered all the questions that people want to hear: Is she still going to be on the show? Was she really sick for the reunion show she missed? How is life with Ashley on the West Coast? So get all the scoop on these questions and more! This was filmed at Mayfair Farms in West Orange, NJ at The Sassy Shop Girl fundraising event in March 2012.
  2. Ranu’s Reviews caught up once again with Kathy Wakile from the Real Housewives of NJ. We talked about what Kathy learned from her first season of filming, her family and of course–food!
  3. This was taken back in November 2010 at the Sassy Shop Girls Miracle on 34th Street Charity Event. She is one of the new Real Housewives of NJ.
  4. This was taken back in November 2010 at the Sassy Shop Girls Miracle on 34th Street Charity Event.
  5. I sat down with Danielle Staub from the Real Housewives of NJ before one of her book signings. She had a lot to say about her life and fellow castmates. Here is just a little taste.
  6. This is the second part of Ranu’s Reviews interview with Danielle Staub from the Real Housewives of NJ. She didn’t hold anything back when talking about her fellow castmates.
  7. Part one of Ranu’s Reviews interview with Danielle Staub from the Real Housewives of NJ. We talked about her book, childhood and Prince!
  8. Interviews include:
    Teresa Guidice – RHONJ
    Dina Manzo – Project Ladybug and former RHONJ
    Martha Fava – Sassy Shop Girl owner and celebrity stylist
    Tracy DiMarco – Jerseylicious
    David Waldron – Law and Order Casting Director
    Dana Prigge – The Daily Fashionista
    Maria DeSantis – Owner of XistHighlights include:
    Sign almost falling on top of Teresa and me busting out laughing
    Tracy DiMarco busting a move
    The Xist Rising Starts Talent Competition was also a fundraiser for Project Ladybug. Ranu’s Reviews was there interviewing the celebs, judges and anyone else that would step up to the mic…
  9. This is the first part of my interview with Kim G. She gives you her side of the story on Danielle Staub and talks about a few things that you didn’t see on TV! Yes, she talks about the stripper pole!
  10. This is the second part of my interview with Kim G. More great stuff about Danielle and the housewives!
  11. Here are the questions I asked:

    You were right in the middle of all the action at the fashion show. Were you concerned about your safety at any point of the night?

    Danielle mentioned that she broke her heels, yet when she was getting carried out by her bodyguard they appeared to be completely intact. Did you see her brake her heels?

    Now I’m not condoning the hair pull by Ashley, but it appears to me that Danielle may be exaggerating a bit about just how much hair was pulled out. You were there, what do you think?

    What do you think about Kim D using Ashley in the fashion show?

    Posche is having another fashion show in November at the Brownstone. Will you be in attendance?

    Let’s fast forward to your confrontation with Danielle. Did you have any idea that she had Danny take her there and then wait in the parking lot?

    Was there anything that happened at the restaurant that we didn’t see on TV?

    You said you were a good friend to Danielle and helped her out a lot, yet she has no recollection. What kind of things did you do for Danielle?

    Has your falling out with Danielle strengthened any of the relationships with the other housewives?

    Have you had lunch with Caroline yet or is that not ever going to happen?

    The first interview I did with you is now the most viewed video on my site and whether people love you or hate you, they definitely are interested in you. Did you ever think you would have such an impact on the show? ”

  12. Questions asked:

    I read that Danielle is looking for a condo in the same building in West New York where you have a condo. Are you looking forward to having a new neighbor?

    I also read that you are allegedly bailing out Teresa with 11.2 million dollars. Is that true?

    Will you be attending the auction at her house in October?

    Last year, you threw Danielle a birthday party and then made her cry and ruined her night as payback for her ruining the baby girl fundraiser at the Brownstone. Then I see that this year, you attended Danielle’s birthday party at Scores in NYC. Was this another type of payback for something Danielle did or did you just want an opportunity to try out what you learned during your pole dancing lesson?

    A story broke today that Danielle was not asked back for Season 3. To me, she is a necessary evil that the show needs for its success. Do you think the show can keep the viewer’s interest without her? ”