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Joe Gorga Tweets Photo of a Male Friend in Hotel Room and Asks: “What Do You Think of My Boy’s Body?”

January 21, 2013 139 comments

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On January 20, 2013, Joe Gorga tweeted a photo of himself in a hotel room with a shirtless man, asking, “What do you think of my boy’s body?” (image above).

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On January 26, 2013, Joe Gorga tweeted another photo of himself with the same man, saying, “Life is good.”

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It makes you if Melissa and Joe want the tabloids to run with stories about them being bisexual … Melissa’s performances are often at LGBT bars/events, and maybe they think if they present themselves as bisexual, they can build a bigger fan base (and maintain favor with Bravo Andy).

On WWHL in 2012, Andy Cohen asked Melissa and Joe if they ever had sexual relationships with the same sex — both said ‘No’.

One of the reasons Teresa does hate Missy now is because Missy & Joe have an “open” marriage, and Teresa thinks it’s disgusting. Missy leaves her kids with her 2 nannies all the time to go clubbing and hook up and Joe sleeps with everyone in a skirt. – Anonymous, E-mail to StoopidHousewives, May 11, 2011

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Teresa Giudice Takes Phone Call from Melissa Gorga’s Past — Caller Claims Melissa Cheated on Joe

January 7, 2013 285 comments

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Based on topics brought up at the season 4 reunion, it looks like Bravo is going to reveal Melissa’s secrets (at least some of them) in season 5. However, based on information from insiders, it looks like Bravo Andy is going to use Teresa to reveal those secrets … just the way they used Teresa in season 4 to reveal Melissa’s secret that she worked as a ‘dancer’ at Lookers.

According to a former post production supervisor for RHONJ, the Posche Fashion Show (PFS) season 4 finale was packed with people from Melissa’s past all saying she ‘danced’, but all of that was left on the cutting room floor; and Melissa still to this day denies she ever ‘danced’ and continues to blame Teresa for setting her up (when Teresa had nothing to do with it and was simply Bravo’s pawn) — and the majority of viewers seem to believe this because of the way the producers edited the final episode (plus Melissa’s coverage in print media such as Us Weekly is positive — no stories about shoplifting, stripping, cheating, etc. or stories about her alleged bisexuality).

In season 5, producers instructed Kim D and Penny Drosso to bring up Melissa’s alleged cheating to Teresa, but this time Teresa knowingly and willingly went along with it — the producers are setting it up so that Teresa takes the fall, again.

According to an inside source, a scene was filmed at the season 5 holiday Posche Fashion Show on December 3, 2012, where Kim D and Penny approached Teresa with information about Melissa’s infidelity, and Teresa agreed to a phone call with someone named “Mike” who confirmed that Melissa cheated on Joe multiple times after they were married. However, the producers will edit it so that Melissa again can successfully deny the allegations by deflecting negative attention onto Teresa for trying to ruin her marriage and attack her character (“Why is my sister-in-law involved in spreading rumors about me?”).

Jacqueline, Caroline, Melissa and Kathy weren’t at the PFS by design, so how Bravo introduces this scene to them is a mystery for now, but Teresa certainly will be attacked by the cast for being part of it.

The producers can edit the footage to make it seem like Melissa is innocent of cheating on Joe and that Teresa is simply out for revenge and trying to destroy her brother’s happy marriage because her marriage is so unhappy (with other footage implying that the real cheater is Joe Giudice).

Why would the producers do this? Is it because Andy hates the Giudices? It seems like he does because they are the ones who have been portrayed in the most negative light consistently for two seasons, while Melissa has been able to deny everything and pretend she and Joe are the perfect couple.

With Melissa’s advice book on marriage backing up that storyline, it is unlikely that Bravo will let Melissa’s fake image be completely tarnished in season 5… maybe they decided to wait until season 6 when Teresa is no longer on the show to expose Melissa (perhaps she’ll have her own spinoff or be imprisoned for money fraud), because without Teresa, Melissa doesn’t have much of a storyline — and then maybe in season 6 they will do to Melissa what they spent three seasons doing to Teresa.

That’s how things are looking now, but the producers could change everything using editing and production tricks like scenes out of sequence, voice overs, crafted dialogue, and coached testimonials (THs).

Had Teresa left the show after season 4, Bravo would have had no choice but to go after Melissa (and, of course, wouldn’t have been able to use Teresa to do it), because other than playing the victimized sister-in-law, Melissa’s only other storyline is that of the obedient wife in a happy marriage (who wants to be a pop star on the side) — and this storyline is weak at best.

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Joe Gorga is Not a Real Estate Developer – He’s a Landscaper Who Also Installs Pools and Does Stucco Work

January 2, 2013 128 comments

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“He [Joe Gorga] is one of the best developers in New Jersey… Joe surprised me with the plans for this 15,000 SF home for Christmas. I was beside myself. I was crying. It was like this amazing thing. But my sister-in-law never said my house was beautiful. It’s like, eh, crickets… as Joe and I built his business together, their [his and Teresa’s] relationship started to diminish and my relationship with Teresa started to get competitive. ” – Melissa Gorga, Season 3 Episode 1

A blind gossip item from December 13, 2012, says a reality TV star is faking wealth and success. Here is the story:

Hot Scandals Brewing For Fake Housewife

I know, I know, this could describe almost every single one of the reality TV stars of late, right?! Being rich seems to be the exception and not the rule.

This little blind item tidbit has to do with a more up and coming Housewife/reality TV star and that’s all we can say about that.

The alleged dirt:

“Mrs. X has several kids from (possibly) two different baby daddies and there may be another on the way. Her husband, who has been touted as a “very wealthy man” doesn’t quite live up to that title (when do they ever?!). His profession is not what it has been presented as. He is actually a general laborer of sorts. Considering that the application process for many reality shows include a full and lengthy questionnaire on financial details, it’s safe to assume they may have fudged the numbers a bit – or a lot. They borrow luxury brand items to make it seem like they have the best of the best – including clothing. The show may have a hot scandal on its hands since he reportedly has wandering hands and she and the kids spend a lot of time at a friend’s house because of it.”

It sounds like it is Joe and Melissa Gorga.

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Joe is not a real estate developer like he claims for the show (at least not anymore).

Here is what he does for a living, according to his website:

Joe Gorga Construction as Seen on The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Welcome to the Joe Gorga Construction website! Located in New Jersey, we provide complete solutions for our customers. We are experts in helping homeowners transform their backyard visions into a reality. Whether you are looking to install a beautiful in-ground pool (we are members of the Northeast Pool & Spa Association) or create a unique outdoor living space, we have you covered. For all customers, large or small, and no matter what your budget, we can help revolutionize your property and outdoor living area! We understand that every backyard is different and we take pride in working closely with our customers in order to develop a tailored plan to suit their needs. Our team will ensure that every single detail, along with your specific preferences, are incorporated into the transformation plan and process. Being in business for over 17 years, rest assured that we know and understand how important our customers are!

Call Now for an estimate or more information!


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Thank you for taking an interest in our company. We look forward to serving you in the future. Here are just some of the services we provide:

Custom Pools & Installation Outdoor Kitchens Seeding
Custom Spas & Installation Fireplaces Mulch
Ponds Fire Pits Landscaping Lighting
Waterfalls Retaining Walls Sprinkler Systems
Hardscape Features Custom Landscaping Projects All Types of Stucco
Masonry Work Landscape Design All Types of Tree Work
Stone Work Grading Tree Removal
Custom Patios Draining And Much More!

Gorga Enterprises LLC was the name of his previous business. He also bought investment property under Courtland Street LLC.

Joe Gorga must be taking tips from Chris Laurita on how to spread your money around to different business accounts so it’s harder to track when you use company funds for personal expenses. Here is an excerpt from the lawsuit filed against Chris and his brother Joseph explaining how the Lauritas embezzled funds from their company Signature Apparel:

Chris Laurita and his brother Joseph directed Signature’s vendors, including certain of the petitioning creditors, to make payments to certain of the Laurita’s other companies of funds that were rightfully owed to Signature Apparel LLC. They also directed Signature to pay the personal expenses of, and make outright payments to, the other Laurita family members (Jacqueline and other family members accepted funds they knew belonged to Signature and for which they each knew they had performed no services and/or provided no value). Instead of being used to sustain and develop Signature’s business, pay Signature’s vendors and creditors, Signature’s assets were misused to make outright and unjustified payments to Laurita family members, and to fund the operations of the Laurita brothers’ other companies and business ventures.

After Signature’s bankruptcy, Chris and Joseph conveyed the Licenses away from Signature while retaining for themselves a percentage of gross fees from the licenses, further damaging Signature and effectively rendering the Company an empty shell with no means to pay its creditors [coordinating the transfer of the Rocawear License and the Artful Dodger Licenses to a third-party, as a new license, while retaining for themselves, rather than Signature, a percentage of the gross fees from the Licenses]. That transfer provided Chris and Joseph with continuing income from the Rocawear and Artful Dodger Licenses, while reducing Signature to an empty shell with little or no means to pay its debts or continue its business.

The other Laurita companies at the time included Pyramid Trading, Inc., Pyramid Trading Corp., Retail Solutions, Four Brothers Retail and Cool Five LLC (collectively referred to as the “Laurita Pyramid Companies” ). From the lawsuit:

Chris and Joseph failed to respect the separate legal existence of Signature Apparel LLC and the other Laurita companies and treated the assets of those companies as if those assets were Chris and Joseph’s own personal assets.

Chris and Joseph, in concert with one another, have wrongfully siphoned corporate funds from Signature which resulted in Signature becoming grossly undercapitalized to the point of financial extinction, while amassing personal assets for themselves and their family members. To this day, Chris and Joseph, while claiming the financial crises of Signature, still drive luxurious vehicles, own buildings and residences, and have assets which may be worth millions of dollars. Signature was so controlled and dominated by Chris and Joseph, and its separate legal existence so ignored, that Signature primarily transacted the personal business of Chris and Joseph, and is therefore a mere instrumentality and the alter ego of Chris and Joseph.

With their new venture blk., the Laurita’s already have more than one company name associated with it:

Blk Brands LLC
blk.beverages, LLC

What is it called when you steal money from a company? Answer: it is called fraud, theft or embezzlement, take your pick, these crimes are all felonies.

Hat Tip: Thank you long-time FW reader Sackem for the tip!