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Shocking Revelations About the New Jersey Housewives Made by ‘Insider’; Voli Vodka Drops Melissa Gorga as Spokesperson

July 27, 2013 341 comments

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Shocking Revelations About the New Jersey Housewives Made by ‘Insider’

A superfan of RHONJ commenting using the name ‘Kung Fu’ posted quite a story at Lipstick Alley in July and August of 2013. Kung Fu is not an insider. He/she is a fan who carefully follows the blogs and has created a story based on both fact and fiction – just because some of what he/she is saying is true does not mean all of it is true. It can be best described as fan fiction. In other words, Kung Fu summarized what bloggers and commenters have been writing for the past few years and then added some creative fiction to the story.

Kung Fu also goes by Say What??, a long-time commenter at AllAboutTRH. Kung Fu/Say What?? replied to someone on Lipstick Alley about them having read his/her comment first on FW, but they were mistaken – they read it on AllAboutTRH. SayWhat?? posted it there first (before posting it on Lipstick Alley using the handle Kung Fu) – just to clarify that no one copied it from AllAboutTRH to FW.

The following are the posts from Kung Fu and his/her responses to some questions posted by others at Lipstick Alley.

07-25-2013, 01:05 AM
KungFU Unspecified

This should be posted in the housewives forum but I don’t have the rep to post there, yet. I have a lot more tea on Joe Gorga, and all of RHNJ.

Melissa Gorga will never be accepted by the elder gorgas because of what she’s done. Joe gorga took a dirty loan (loan sharks) without the elders knowledge. they had NO clue they did not own the home until Joe failed to keep his loan sharks paid because all his money was tied up in making melissa a “star” and living in the spec house without the banks knowledge. ELders were surprised with a quick, shady foreclosure/eviction that left them HOMELESS! The spec home was never intended for joe and melissa to live in but Melissa convinced joe if they got on the show they could keep the house and make enough money to cover it. Teresa was not just surprised they got on the show, she was SHOCKED because it caused her parents to lose their home in order for Melissa to keep the mansion. yet Melissa had the mansion and the shore house. You see joe gorga talking about his parents financial problems. That was his GUILT talking. He was covering his ass because he didn’t know what Teresa would reveal about the house. He is seen speaking about finding his parents a better home. An empty promise he made them after stealing their home for his wife’s bennifit…. You later see Joey, Caroline and melissas sisters attacking Teresa on twitter and on the show for not helping to provide for the elders…this is all an attempt to cover for what They believe Teresa will reveal about joe and messy Melissa. Melissa convinced him the parents didnt need the home anyway because they live with teresa and teresa makes enough money because shes so RICH that she can provide for the elders! all excuses melissa used to steal the elders home and BLAME teresa!

You see giudice actually building an apartment for the elders on his own property because the elder gorga has Italian pride and is devistated that he’s too ill to work to support himself and his wife. Elder gorga worked his ass off, his whole life as an immigrant to provide for his family. He reached retirement with his home paid for and should have been able to rest and enjoy his family. But instead hes homeless and his income is not enough to pay RENT he is too ill to work as he once did! They went from being in retirement with their home paid for to being homeless!!!!!! gorgas jealousy and fear kicked in and he could NOT allow giudice to fix the mess he created or be the hero to his parents. so he intentionally called inspectors and tried to prevent the apartment from being built. Once again destroying his parents and putting their business on national TV! Italian mothers do not cut the apron strings with their sons. Melissa knows this, which is why she lied for 3 seasons pretending their was no problem with her in laws!

Nothing Teresa could say or do would cause the rift that’s between joe gorga and his parents. Joe gorga and Melissa are completely responsible for that.

After all this, add in what Kathy has said about the elder joe gorga and accusing Teresa’s mother of STEALING recipes… Watching with their own eyes every single one of them try to get Teresa and joe to implicate themselves in a crime that could send them BOTH to prison… And attempt to destroy teresas career and her life just as they destroyed the elder gorgas? Melissa has ruined this family. she ruined the elders, she ruined joe gorga and kathy snd attempted to ruin Teresa’s life, her ability to support her family and her career. how would any parent react to this? The elder gorgas are completely aware that Melissa gorga has destroyed their family, ethically, financially, mentally and much more.

Joe gorga repairing his relationship with Teresa will not change his relationship with his parents. He and Melissa both know this. Which is why they can’t allow the relationship to mend. Because then they have to explain why they still have no relationship with the elders. Joe gorga making up with Teresa would lead to him sitting down with his parents and eventually facing what Melissa has done to their family. She must keep joe away from his family.

Gorga is seen in this past episode crying he has no mother. He does have a mother but she’s pulled away and is very careful around joe and his wife. Joe gorga is to embarrassed and ashamed to face his parents over what he does to them.

I have loads more tea. Including tea on joe gorgas business. why bravo appears to hate teresa, melissas sisters being banned from the show and much more But I don’t want to type it all out if I’m going to get moderated for not having the rep needed to post.

07-25-2013, 01:26 AM
KungFU Unspecified
Old Re: Rhnj tea !

QUESTION: Sure you didn’t get this from Fame Whorgas?

This is not info from fame whorgas but I know they have a lot of the same information. Just not the hot tea I have. The gorgas home information is widely known all over jersey.

There’s two parts to this story. But the details are not secret. Deeds are public information and easily verified. Loan sharks were involved and the end result was the elder gorgas unknowingly lost their home with no warning.

QUESTION: Joe Gorga took out a dirty loan, which resulted in his parents being homeless and it’s still MELISSA’s fault? I am no Melissa stan, everybody on RHONJ are all equally disgusting in my eyes, but put the blame where it needs to be. Melissa didn’t but a gun to his balding head and make him take out the loan. Whether he was doing it to make Melissa happy or not – He still did it! It’s his fault, not hers. BTW: I knew the house they live in wasn’t meant for them to live in. I didn’t know he made his parents broke as a result.

Yep, joe gorga is responsible. But he’s so stupid and easily manipulated that he never would have done this to his own parents without Melissa pushing for it. He’s the Italian son and his parents were always first priority. That doesn’t resolve him of responsibility but there is more going on that will make it clear Melissa is ultimately behind it all. It will click with you, once I’m finished.

07-25-2013, 11:19 AM
KungFU Unspecified
Join Date: May 2013
Unread Re: Rhnj tea !

Joe Gorgas hate for Joe GIudice.

He claims he’s hated GIudice for ten years. But note at the christening GIUDICES entire family was invited. GIUDICES mother, father, brothers, sisters. The whole family of a man he’s hated for 10 years? At that point things were just starting to pop off. With the elder gorgas just learning about their own home which they believed was theirs! Gorga was in a deep hole and was insecure and scared of what people were saying. He needed an excuse to blame someone else and jumped the gun on his parents and his sister. He didnt know if the others would speak about it on camera. So he went crazy fully intending to be vindicated because they had hatched a plan to say it was all lies& vicious “rumors” spread by TERESA. They had not yet switched the mansion from bank construction to a real mortgage. Melissa was stirring the pot and building joe up to keep him on track and blaming joe giudice for using his “people” to make this happen. In reality gorga dug his own grave and giudice could not save him with loan sharks.

Truth is Joe Gorga was mowing lawns and not going anywhere in life. Teresa begged GIudice to help get gorga started in the business. Flipping houses, construction and property. An easy business to get into unless you’re in NJ or NY. It’s a tight group of people and everyone is connected. Giudice taught gorga how to flip houses. He opened doors for him, he gave him contacts and allowed him to use his people. People did him favors and trusted him because he was GIUDICES brother in law.

A Flipper buys the property and calls his connections in to do work, electrical, pluming, drywal concrete ALL that shit is connected. They do work out of their own pocket and get paid when the flipper sells the home. We all know majority of construction work is under the table, and often done by illegals. They depend on each other to stay in business. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. Burn one and you burn them ALL. Joe Gorga started small, using GIUDICES connections, made a little money then went in over his head with the mansion. When he moved into the home he screwed his connections over. They were never paid because the home wasn’t sold. He went on national TV and bragged about his extrvagant life. melissa telling the world that the home was a gift to her made it worse. because not only had they not paid the people they owed, they admitted they never intended to sell the house to begin with. so gorga knowingly ripped his connections off or he was lying. either way, not good! Gorga then showed himself as a snitch when he filmed a scene with a contractor and admitted to calling inspectors on GIudice. He was finished. He will never work in construction again. Ripping people off, burning his contractors, burning the workers and showing himself as a RAT.

If that’s not enough both Pete and Joe are well established and connected. RHNJ is the Gorgas only income. When that ends they will have to leave the state in order for Joe to continue in the only business he knows, construction. He has no other skills or education. That’s why there were stories out that joe and Melissa were moving to LA. They actually made a trip down to LA and met with Lisa’s friend Muhammad. You can google for the story and pictures to back that up. However, Muhammad is no fool and joes reputation followed him there. He won’t be using Muhammad to start another run in construction.

When the show ends the gorgas will lose everything. He will never work in NJ or NY again. Teresa and her parents Know what’s coming next. It’s why Teresa has been very careful with what she says. Joe Gorga will be running back to his family soon. Gorga is stupid and insecure. When this ends, Melissa will be gone and joe will be devistated and unable to support himself.

07-25-2013, 01:05 AM
KungFU Unspecified
Join Date: May 2013
Re: Rhnj tea !

QUESTION: What do you know about Jo Gorga’s rape charges?

This rolls into the house that was stolen from the elder gorgas and Joes claim that he’s been supporting his parents for 12 years. He was actually paying DEBTS he owed the parents for 12 years. What he failed to say was those 12 years started in 1993!! he had not supported his parents again until he swindled them out of their home.

Joe gorga went to Kean university in 1993. (Shocking, i know!) He *supposedly* raped a girl and charges were filed against him. His parents gave their life savings, mortgaged their home, and took out massive loans to pay the girl off. The girl went away and prosecutors couldn’t move forward, obviously. However Kean university found there was enough evidence to prove he was guilty and expelled him from the school!

There is some serious legal dirt coming next and I’m going to protect myself and make it clear this is all alleged

The lauritas and manzos knew the gorgas were being cast on the show even though they act surprised and say otherwise. Al manzo and his dirty connections cleaned gorgas police records so the rape arrest would be gone. Teresa didnt HIDE HER BROTHER FROM CAMERAS SHE PROTECTED HER BROTHER! she knew that if he played any role in the show his rape arrest would be all over the tabloids. imagine Danielle getting wind of it?

al manzo didnt stop there. look at how joe GIUDICE was busted for the fake ID when he had not actually used it. The manzo/lauritas knew giudice had obtained the DL because jaquline and chris were close friends with teresa and joe. i dont know what caused the manzo/lauritas to turn on the giudices. No one i know has all the dirt on this. but caroline was an angry bitter old hag at teresa. teresa had made caroline look like a fool because caroline tried to manage teresas book deal. Teresa didnt listen to Caroline and insisted on doing it her own way. Caroline told her, she was making a mistake, it wouldn’t sell, don’t get an agent etc etc well Teresas book shot off the shelfs, she was makimg money hand over fist as well as being the most popular housewife… caroline was pissed!! that began the hate but im not sure thats the whole story. ANYWAY AL Manzo pulled his dirty connections and tipped the police to joes fake ID. They tried to catch juicy driving but were unable to. remember he was still hot from his DUI and was probably laying low. So they targeted pete giudice pulling him over and using that as their reason to investigate.

This was a ballsy and bad move on Al Manzos part. Considering joe giudice also has *connections* which led to Al manzos investigation as well as the police chief and his cohorts. All were asked to resign immediately or face criminal charges. They all resigned.

Now think back to the entire cast trying to get Teresa to speak about joes legal case on national tv. Interesting right? It’s also sort of interesting that joe and Teresa don’t appear to be too concerned about juicy going to prison. It’s odd that a state prosecutor would be pushing for joe to do the maximum time in jail for a crime millions of college kids commit everyday. A sentence that is so outrageous that no one believes he deserves that much time so of course he’s going to reject plea deals. Matter of fact, how has joe managed to get a judge so agreeable that he’s postponed trial for 3 full years and counting? Well, if they slap him on the wrist it would be obvious, no? …….. Aledgedly!

That’s a pitcher of tea!

QUESTION: Does juicys family get along.

Yes. Juicys family gets along. Keep in mind the GIUDICES are family friends. Teresa’s mother and joes mother are best friends. Teresa had a touchy relationship with joes brother Pete’s wife. But she supports Teresa.

QUESTION: Is Melissa really cheating? Was she a stripper or nah? Why was it so easy for Melissa’s friend from her wedding to turn back on her and rat her out?

On melissas past the stories coming out about her ex are true. Melissa challenged Teresa to bring any dirt she has on her forward in her most recent blog. She is setting the table to blame the ex boyfriend coming forward on Teresa.

Melissa is not the only one who cheated. The Gorgas have not had the happy perfect marriage. In fact both joe gorga and Melissa cheated. Joe had a long time mistress who came forward before the season aired but was shut up with hush money. She swore she had no idea he was married until she saw he was cast in RHONJ.

Both Melissa and joe cheated prior to getting on the show.

Melissa was indeed a dancer. That is not new tea. This stuff is posted and archived on fameWHorgas. She was notorious for using men for money. Married or not, didn’t matter.

Melissas bridesmaid turning on Melissa is funny as hell. Melissa doesn’t have many female friends to begin with. She would flirt with all men including JOE GIUDICE. Married men were not exepmt. She used her sexuality in everything she did. While Melissa was working overtime to get cast on the show she used her “friends” to bash Teresa, leak stories about her to the tabloids etc. once Melissa was on the show she cut them out of her life. They would text and call her and Melissa refused to acknowledge them.

When bravo banned the sisters from being on the show, they then told Melissa she had to find friends to film with that were not related to her (otherwise Melissa could control all the conversations) she had no choice but to turn to the same friends she had kicked to the curb after getting on the show. Hence, the bitter bridesmaids.

QUESTION: Why are Melissa’s sisters banned?

Melissas sisters were banned for revealing storylines. Going after viewers on blogs and twitter and threatening people.

They had every intention of becoming housewives on the show. they became a liabilty and Andy COhen was being BLAMED by viewers and taking serious heat for what THEY had done. think about the amount of leaks and details people knew about last season before it even aired. thats not the case this season.

The Marco sisters were using BRAVO and Melissa to obtain free clothes, meals, and other free items in exchange for advertising on the show. Bravo controls all advertising. If you see a product mentioned or shown, believe bravo is being compensated in some form for it. There is NEVER accidental advertising.

That should lead you to consider Teresa’s cookbook. The one they spent an entire season discussing ? Interesting that bravo would allow that storyline right? BRAVO is accused of hating Teresa and going after her. But it’s not true. Bravo has used this fighting to line their own pockets. They never intended for Melissa to be a “favorite” what they intended was to push Teresa into SNAPPING and revealing the truth about her brother and melissa. That was supposed to be last seasons storyline. They went after Teresa’s, marriage, her child (attacking gia on field day) pushing joes pending trial etc. they went so far as to actually TELL the rest of the cast that Teresa had outted the gorgas for the house stealing… That’s why gorga, lauritas, Caroline all went after Teresa. They made fools of themself all while believing they were defending what joe gorga had done to his parents. They had no idea production had manipulated them!

There’s tons more. Including more details on how screwed Joey gorga is. He is in deep and will never get out of the mess he’s created. Ill post more tomorrow.

QUESTION: Did u post this “tea” any another site on the innanet cause this was worded exactly the same way on Famewhorgas.

I did post the full story to another blog. If fameWHorgas have the first post in this thread then they have used my comment from the other blog. I have not posted the rest of what I know to any other blogs.

QUESTION: Do u have any kinda tea on that mad ass Jackie?

I have tea on JAquline too. Lots of it!

QUESTION: Who wrote this Tre or a Melissa bashing site?? I thoughty this was 1st/2nd hand tea. Neither Tre or Melissa hands r clean in this mess. And lmao at the innocent Tre enduring twitter attacks and bashing because she is so loyal… Not buying lol Im starting to dislike melissa butt more tho

Oh Teresa is not innocent. Teresa didn’t like Melissa from day 1 she saw right through her. Teresa used her bond with joe gorga and their parents. Both Teresa and Melissa did ridiculous shit to each other. Like the cookies and the “congrats on your redone home” they were civil to each other but both getting in jabs and “competing”.

Melissa Gorga was a HW fan before NJ was added. Way back to OC days. with them already in competition Teresa gets cast on the show. Melissa went NUTS with jealousy and hate. She was scheming before the cameras even arrived to film season 1!

QUESTION: I believe every word. What i don’t understand is if kathy and rosie know all of this, why are they blaming theresa? Are they fooled or playing dumb

Kathy is BANKRUPT! She didn’t have much choice. Richy was in deep shit, his gas station was so broke that he had gas delivered by EXXON and never paid for it. To the tune of like 200k! Exxon came after his ass. They got a judgement on Richy preventing him from using, selling, trading or transferring EXXON property. But richys dumb ass didnt bother to show up in court or even RESPOND to EXXON. So they went about the collection process and started depositions to find out what assets they could recover from richy. Richy never responded! He ignored them again. Then he gets a lawyer and try’s to file for bankrupcy. Exxon objected and the judge held richy in contempt of court for not appearing to the numerous summons for court.

Then Kathy shows up on RHONJ pretending to have the perfect life. In reality she was broke and close to losing her home. She didnt even own a car! Money is Kathy’s motive. She was desperate and sold her family out for fame and fortune but again, she’s vindicated herself by saying she has done nothing to hurt Teresa and everything’s Teresa’s fault.

There’s more tea on Rosey being gay and richy and Kathy dogging her out for it.

QUESTION: What do you know about Jacqueline?

Jaqulines tea is pretty much out there. The Jaquline you see in the first two seasons was FAKE. You’re now seeing the real JAquline on the show.

She was a Vegas “model/hairstylist” living with her parents raising Ashley. Chris hit her up every time he was in town on business. Chris was engaged to Dina’s best friend and they were planning their wedding when Jaquline got pregnant. Chris cancelled the wedding and married Jaquline In a quick ceremony that pissed his whole family off. Particularly Dina. Chris moved Jaquline and Ashley into Caroline’s and it was turbulent. Dina and Jaquline eventually made peace, so Dina thought!

When season 1 was airing Jaquline was leaking dirty stories about Dina to bloggers and gossip sites. She is behind all the rumors of Dina’s husband cheating on her, she’s behind Danielle knowing that Dina forged her ex husbands name on paperwork giving bravo permission for lexy to film. Danielle was not the force behind all that, she couldn’t be, how would she know the family secrets?

Jaquline went too far with her hatred of Dina and went after Dina’s charity. She TRASHED the charity in the blogs. She was feeding a vicious blogger personal details including Dina’s cell phone which was posted on this blog. They called the charity a fraud and a cover for Dina to funnel money. She was ruthlessly attacked on twitter and any company who donated or supported the charity was harassed. It got so bad, that Dina logged on Caroline’s twitter account and tweeted her support for Dina and project lady bug. BUT Jaquline ALSO HAD ACCESS TO CAROLINE’S TWITTER! she logged on, tweeted the account had been hacked and shut it down. This caused a big fight between Caroline and Dina because Dina knew Jaquline was behind the attack but Caroline didnt want to believe her and took jaqulines side blaming hate bloggers. Jaquline has been full force encouraging the fighting between Dina and Caroline. The rumors that Dina wanted them to leave the show was not true.

Jaquline is TRULY mentally unstable. Chris wanted to divorce her years ago but was afraid of what she would do. He stayed for Ashly and his son. Jaquline used ashley for a storyline on the show. She needed a storyline and went the route of Ashley being troubled. But Ashley rebelled because the rules and judgements placed on her for the storyline were so off base from what her life was when cameras were not around. Jaquline would gossip about family, make fun of people and manipulate things behind the cameras then play the innocent housewife when cameras were on.

Jaquline, Caroline and Teresa are still on the show because they have no choice! They can’t leave bravo because of their LONG Contracts. Caroline has phoned in her role for a few seasons and jaquline tried to get bravo to fire her. Teresa tried to quit when her family came on the show. But bravo had tricked her. They got her to sign the contract after long negotiations over her cookbooks then revealed her sister in law would be on! She begged them to fire her or let her quit but bravo wasn’t having it. They have forced them to stay on the show. Teresa will be with bravo for a long time!

QUESTION: OP, I thought you were jocking off famewhorgas at first but I believe you and I’m here for the tea. What is the relationship with Joey and Tre now?

All for the cameras. There is no truce. BRAVO was worried about where the show would go from last season. Teresa obviously wasn’t going to drop the goods on joe and Melissa. Melissa had backed herself into a corner with no chance of making up with Teresa because she thought it would result in bravo firing Teresa. If no one likes her or films with her, they will fire her. Melissa is a narcissist! BRAVO was NOT letting go of their cash cow. Bravo decided to enforce their contract and make both Caroline and Melissa write a book. Caroline knew the contract and the drill. She’s fulfilling her contract. Both Melissa and Caroline’s books were designed to feed into the storyline. Obviously you can see what direction they are going. Caroline is going to *fix* the family and Melissa is going to be made to look a fool for writing a marriage book.

07-26-2013, 12:49 PM



Does the name John Gotti sound familiar? Of course it does. Everyone knows John Gotti. Thats the problem, people in his line of work are not supposed to be movie stars. He was loud, flashy, arrogant , sure of himself. Loved the spotlight a little too much. He let his ego run rampant. He felt untouchable because of the ties he had. This led to his downfall. Everyone talked about it. Bosses all over considered him a risk. Many plans were hatched to deal with him.

Had Gotti not become arrogant he would still be alive today.

Dina’s dream of being famous was innocent. She did a wedding special for MTV and was pursuing other avenues of reality tv when she came upon bravo, it was a small network mostly know for top chef and “in the actors studio” she signed up for the show about rich housewives. then set out to bring her friends on and build the cast. (Including Teresa and a couple others). Dina’s friends were cautious and had to clear it with family (for obvious reasons) well at the last minute a couple of the girls pulled out. That’s when Dina asked Jaquline to do the show. By that time producers had been in town and picked up Danielle. They were scrambling to find the last housewife before filming started and convinced Caroline to do it. She didn’t want to but her kids were so excited she went for it.

The show was much bigger than anyone ever expected. It blew up with Teresa’s table flip and the book drama. Danielle was stirring attention and tommy didnt like it. A smart business man knows the attention is dangerous. For some reason it makes people nervous and antsy. With cameras, producers, editors sniffing around. A dangerous game.

It’s also alleged that Dina got wind of where the show was headed… Straight towards her friend. Remember Caroline blaming Teresa. Chris words were interesting because he said “knowing how teresa is, I have to assume Teresa is involved with the wedge between my family” is it possible that giudice and tommy manzo are just not cocky, brazen and arrogant enough to do what the others have done. The others are paying for it now. They are ALL paying for it.

Allegedly of course. This is all just my conclusion of events and nothing is real.

QUESTION: I thought J.Gotti died of throat cancer

I thought it was syphlis. The point was, had he not become arrogant and cocky turning himself into a “starlet” he would not have went out the way he did. He would likely still be running his business.

QUESTION: Um the tea about Dina, false. Danielle Staub already put it out there, she forged her ex husbands signature so her daughter could appear on the show and he found out through his sister who is close with Danielle. Her ex threatened to sue Bravo. Andy Cohen does have pull, and if he likes a HW, he can help them out. Dina was allowed to “quit” the show and leave graciously, instead of being technically fired. This issue had nothing to do with Teresa at all. I will try to find the link for interview, Danielle talks about it when asked.

I don’t think you understand what I wrote. Look In jaqulines tea post.

Jaquline told Danielle about Dina forging her ex husbands name on the contract allowing bravo to film her. Her husband found out from his sister who is close to Danielle because Danielle told his sister! There is even an episode of danielle in the sister in laws shop. No one knew about Dina forging her ex husbands name but Dina and Caroline. Caroline told one person. JAQULINE. Jaquline, is defending and helping Danielle in season 1 until the family force her to get in line.

None of this led to Dina being fired. Dina left the show because her husband wanted her off. Her husband also wanted Caroline and Jaquline off the show but he couldn’t control that and AL manzo was not pressed about it.

QUESTION: According to Danielle it’s a different story: I take tea all reality tea with a pinch of salt, ALL of these women are messy. I can’t get behind tea where the blame is on only one person. It’s at the 1:08 mark . She explains that Dina’s ex sister in law has been a friend of hers for 20 years and asked Danielle if her ex husband had to sign a contract for her daughters. Danielle said, yes and she found out her brother in law had been lied to. Not once does she mention Jacqueline, and trust if Jaq was involved, Danielle would have put her on blast as well. All of these women I think are messy as heck, which is why I (love) the show, its my guilty pleasure.

And dina has yet a different story for life and style mag. No one is telling the truth. Each one of them have secrets to hide. Including Teresa

Here’s Dina’s spin

Dina Manzo on why she left ‘Real Housewives’: Danielle Staub tried to have my child taken away – NY Daily News

QUESTION: KungFU already stated that Juicy cheats. S/he just didn’t give details.

Ya, I know everyone wants Teresa tea. The problem is, Teresa doesn’t have much left that hasn’t been spilled. I don’t have a lot of Kathy tea either. She doesn’t have a lot going on. Richy ripping off EXXON, how Rosey was disowned and treated like shit by Richy and Kathy.

Teresa keeps her business tight. She doesn’t tell anyone anything. She trusts no one now! She learned years ago when everything she said showed up in magazines. Not the ones she was profiting off of but the magazines that were flying off the shelf with details on her bankrupcy, joes legal issues. Everything was being spilled. Rumor was Jaquline was selling the stories but I know for a fact that Melissa was selling stories. Teresa trusted her brother, she told him things and her mother too. When things started leaking Teresa took notice and limited who she gave details to. Eventually she was telling no one and private things were still being leaked. It lead back to her mother and brother telling Melissa and Melissa selling the stories. So you can imagine how careful she’s become with joes legal issues and her business to protect.

QUESTION: KungFu, I hope we dont hear that some Guidice family associate (female) was found floating at the bottom of the hudson river. Be careful!

I think I’m safe! I haven’t said anything that reveals my identity and all this is stuff is well known in certain circles.

QUESTION: So is it true that Jacqueline sent Ashley to Texas to keep Ashley from blowing the top off her whole facade?

This is true! Jaquline treats Ashley like a peer instead of a daughter. Ashely acts just like her mother with no impulse control and can’t keep her mouth shut. With them targeting Teresa they knew She would see and hear things, pop off and alert Teresa to what was going on. Ashley also blackmails Jaquline.

Jaquline is a loose cannon with twitter, Ashley is identical! Mix with young and dumb you have a blackmailing teenager that’s a disrespectful lose cannon.

the episodes you see Ashley treating Jaquline like shit, and Jaquline crying and acting fragile… She deserves an Oscar for that shit. Ashley treats Jaquline the way she treats her.

On Rich Wakile:

Here is your richy receipt

Document 21 :: EXXONMOBIL OIL CORPORATION v. WAKILE & SONS, INC. et al :: 2:2009cv01265 :: New Jersey District Court :: US Federal District Courts Cases :: Justia

And I agree, they are ALL corrupt. But Al MAnzo takes it to a new level. He is brazen and believes hes above the law. He was given a second chance with GOV Christy offering him the opportunity to resign. He won’t leave it alone or let things settle. He’s pushing hard and bringing a lot of attention down on himself when he should be “thanking Jesus” he’s a free man. Al manzo will end up in prison. His hoboken move is a challenge to Gov CHristy. he’s saying CHECK MATE, BITCH! GOV christy is not going to turn a blind eye and allow that.

Also, Danielle was right about tommy manzo. He was a cheater. He’s never been faithful to one woman. Tommy is the one who does his mistress right! Keep her happy, quiet and tucked away somewhere fabulous.

QUESTION: Why aren’t the men getting blamed for any of this? Melissa made him do it, Jacqueline made Chris leave his fiancée, where is their responsibility in this? Does Joe Gi really have a mistress? Love child?

ALL the men HAD mistresses. It’s a given. Richy cheated with anything he could get near, gorga cheated, AL MAnzo cheated, Chris is obviously a cheater but i cant say for sure if he’s cheated since he married Jaquline. i would personally guess that he has. there were rumors that he and his ex fiance rekindled something after he married jaquline. but i dont know if thats true. Joe Giudice has cheated.

All the jersey men are guilty of the same things. Including fraud, dirty money, dirty deals. Giudice is the only one getting recognized for his misdeeds but I assure you they are all guilty of the same stuff. Even Al Manzo

The story about joe giudice love child is not true. he would have been sold old by melissa already.

I can say without a doubt joe giudice WILL have a son. Rather its from a mistress or Teresa. The giudice boys all have daughters and grandpa giudice has offered up a LARGE amount of money to the first one to produce a grandson. It will happen!

QUESTION: LMAO. His father is determined to have someone carry on the Giudice name? Tre and Juicy better get to work. Does Bravo ever plan to shake up the show’s dynamic? Melissa vs. Tre has run its course.

BRAVO is now afraid to make cast changes because of what happened to RHNY.

They intentionally plan 2-3 seasons ahead. They have to lay the ground work for things to unfold; for example: Melissa coming on and production building trust with her. They prove they are on her side, build her up, teach her how to play the game. Then she trusts them enough to relax and say things knowing they will edit them out. They have her pick at Teresa until Teresa snaps then edit it to make it look like Teresa started the whole fight. Now, when producers have her do it again she is confident and knows its safe to mumble under her breath at Teresa, whisper insults, hide out of camera range and make comments to stir the pot. The season airs and bam: melissa is happy and satisfied that producers are on her side. Then they flip the script and stop editing those things out. By the time Melissa realizes it, she’s fucked. She’s depending on BRAVO paychecks, already signed a new contract and getting her ass handed to her on national tv.

This happens to nearly all the housewives. Melissa was so confident and giddy over having production “in her pocket” that she failed to realize she was walking the exact same path that many before her had walked.

Watch for Brandi of RHBH as she’s falling for the same deal.

QUESTION: @KungFU so do you think Season 5 is anyone’s last season? Particularly WackoJackson and Katfish Kathy.

I think this is Caroline’s last season. She’s rehabbing both her and alberts image. trying to show a softer side. Shes bought the condo in Hoboken, filmed scenes proving she rarely stays in her “mansion,” established that her sister has taken over the family home, she’s seen coming back to MOVE things from the mansion to the condo with a standout scene of a boar in her driveway to stick in viewers mind. She’s establishing and documentimg residence In hoboken…While letting people think its just to be close to her boys.

Al is filmed in the condo, they’ve established Lauren lives there, the boys have an apartment and a business in Hoboken. Al manzo will be running for office in hoboken in the up coming election. He’s so corrupt it’s ridiculous. His arrogance and defiance of GOV Christy is shocking. GOV Christys cleaned up the corruption and allowed the *connected* public chairs to resign or face charges. He got rid of al manzo and his cohorts but Al has been pushing all nearby areas trying to weasel back in. Hes made numerous efforts to get himself and albie into a police force with enough persistence to make it obvious that there is more involved then being interested in “police work.” he’s been shut down over and over again. No one will allow him in for fear of GOV Christys coming after them. Hes so bold that he releases his own stories pushing to get people on his side. He is DIRTY and the only way he can get back in business is by being voted in.

He didnt skip a beat Al Manzo of ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ working with Hudson County Sheriff’s Office on new program |

Sheriff’s officer plan by Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Albert Manzo on hold, Hudson freeholder says | This follow up report is full of shade and worth peeping even of you don’t read the other stories

Former NYPD boss Bernard Kerik released from federal prison, heads home to N.J.* – NY Daily News

Thumbed his nose at GOV Christy. I predict Al MAnzo wont stop till he’s in prison.

07-26-2013, 11:57 AM
Unread Re: Rhnj tea !

Someone mentioned being surprised Gorga isn’t sleeping with the fishes. He owes his life to AL MAnzo. Watch the first season with the gorgas and you will see that idiot richy meeting Al like hes the president and Joey basically kissing ALs rings and thanking him like he’s a boss…in more ways than one. its alleged He did more than erase the rape charge from gorgas record. But how long will it last? Let me explain.

Brownstone business is down lately. I mean the economy being as it is, people can’t afford to travel from all over NY, NJ etc to have their business meetings at the brownstone. They can stay in the city and conduct business in any resturant. it may not be as secure, secluded, free from prying eyes, ears, and those damn hearing aids elderly people tend to leave laying around, but oh well. the show must go on.

Did I mention that al manzo was involved with the volunteer police force and well connected to the sheriff, commissioners and power people in the surrounding area? Area business men (including priests and rabbi ) are known to share their favorite box of cereal with associates over a business lunch. Some people bring a nice bottle of wine to close a business deal. Others choose a nice big box of cereal. Who am I to judge?

ANYWAYS… With brownstone business down and AL losing his commissioner seat the manzos are clearly struggling for….money? So why not help the boys who appear to be fumbling and losing lots of money in their crazy black water adventure. seriously these knuckle heads have lost a lot of $ in BLACK WATER. poor Chris Laurita himself has lost nearly 50 million trying to get this business off the ground. Whew! But He loves him a good box of cereal!

Now that the boys have done the MORAL thing and helped their favorite uncle, its time they are repaid for all their loyal work. lets get them started in a new resturant up in hoboken till the *economy* settles down at the brownstone. Matter of fact, lets just move our eggs to that basket for the time being and let the dust settle.

Sorry, I got sidetracked. It just makes me sad thinking about poor Jaquline and Chris. Being bankrupt and sinking their very last dollar into something that’s bound to fail. Plus the bankrupcy they are unfairly dealing with, to the tune of 55 million dollars! How dare federal investigators accuse them of fraud. They have enough to deal with. They can’t afford their house payment, their medical bills, they owe taxes. How will they pay for their autistic child’s treatments? My heart BLEEDS!

Back to the story. so how long before the narcissist Melissa and her loud sisters piss Jaquline or Caroline off? Even the few gorga fans can clearly see that Melissa is not the best with girlfriends. Plus, they are on a reality show with editors who are careless and only interested in drama to bring in ratings. Eventually the storyline will turn, melissa will do what shes known for and run a full on campaign to destroy her enemy…..then what? Will someone be “going away” or sleeping with the fishes? Do these people have any clue the risk they have taken for a little fame and money?

Maybe that’s why Teresa is so shocked and worried about her brother. He’s so dumb and a hothead with a bad temper. Melissa doesnt care, she will just move on when its all said and done. Teresa often says she just wants her brother back, it appears creepy because of the emotion we see. Like she’s already grieving the loss of a family member, to death. With elder gorga terminally ill he is worried about leaving his wife and daughter. He can’t count on Joey to look out for them. He has looked to Giudice as the man of the family to take of the women.

Does this explain why Melissa is considered the problem ?

This is all allegedly. I’m not fond of cement shoes. I prefer a nice pair of red bottoms, much lighter on the feet.

QUESTION: Any tea on Caroline’s boys/Lauren? ETA: Also, is cereal boxes code for something? That just sounds so odd.

I was being funny about the cereal boxes. A very high profile case went down at the brownstone where some rabbi and mayors used cereal boxes to pass bribes over dinners at the brownstone. Check it out…anted=all&_r=0

The manzo brothers were reference in that post. After helping their uncle Chris intentionally pick a product that would never succeed in order to hide the money he drained from his company they were then ordered to open a resturant in hoboken to help their father establish ties for an upcoming election. The manzo boys should be looked at as history repeating itself. The boys are doing exactly as tommy and big al.


Calypso did the research on what Kung Fu was claiming about the Manzos based on various newspaper articles which he/she linked to. Calypso proved that the articles were about different Manzo brothers and a different Brownstone restaurant – as unbelievable as it sounds (what are the odds?!)

The story about passing bribes through cereal boxes was an article about Louis Manzo and Ronald Manzo (other Manzo brothers) and also involved Michael J. Manzo (no relation to Lou or Ron – apparently “Manzo” is a very common name in the region). And – wait for it – the Brownstone establishment in the articles was the Brownstone Diner and Pancake Factory in Jersey City, not The Brownstone catering house in Paterson.

Calypso wrote: “I really do prefer the truth over a fabricated and ‘alleged’ tale used to deceive others. Why fill a post full of allegations and innuendo if you KNOW the juicy truth? Albert and Tommy Manzo may have DIRTY HANDS and I suspect they do but …. you have to ask yourself after reading all of this are they involved in this case? The hundreds of pages I’ve read say – no.”

Calypso’s full comment here:

QUESTION: I want to know why the Gorgas aren’t as mean to Kim D as they are Teresa. It can’t be because Teresa is family and they expect more from her. Wouldn’t you ignore and exile Kim D from you cordial list if she talked bad about you? There must be more to Kim.

I’m surprised at this question. Kim D and Kim G Are producer weapons. Remember the show is family. They are not going on air and stirring the pot in front of the world. They must have a neutral party that can deliver the goods. Kim G Was used in the beginning but her husband is connected and was NOT playing. He threatened divorce if she went on the show and he followed through! (Only the manzos are cocky enough for that lol)

Kim G was JAQULINES mouth piece back then. Jaquline couldn’t do and say all the things she felt without causing a family war. Interesting enough, Jaquline was behind Kim G antics when Teresa was going through bankrupcy. Chris admitted it on camera in a SHADY way. Remember his solem TH where he says he thought they were friends with the GIUDICES. He had even planned to secretly buy all their items from the bankrupcy sale and give it back to them. This was a direct hit to teresa and joe. it was intended to show them they were NOT friends. This is what Kim G was saying years earlier. See here where she told the tabloid of her plans… And look who was to accompany her to the auction, jaqulines good friend Tom muro.

EXCLUSIVE: NJ Housewife Kim G. Threatens To Buy Out Bankrupt Costar Teresa Giudice’s Auction And Re-Sell Everything On E-Bay | Radar Online

Production realized Kim G was not the neutral bomb dropper she was supposed to be, she was in jaqulines pocket. Producers would tell kim g what they wanted her to do and say, but kim G was telling jaquline. which led jaqulines crazy ass to think Teresa had figured out her two face game and was going to drop a bomb on her at the reunion. She thought she was HIT!

Jaqulines basket case antics created this mess. She plays dirty. so when producers plan a twist, Jaqulines paranoid ass flips out and try’s to pin it on someone gunning for her. When truth is , it’s production stirring the pot.

A liar always thinks people are lying, a cheater always thinks people are cheating. A manipulator always thinks people are manipulating. Jaquline took it to a whole new level.

So they dropped Kim G (regardless of what Kim G claims). Kim D herself is *connected*, that gives her a certain level of protection. But she is bravos tool and must be able to move between the families with ease. If this stops happening Kim D will be replaced by someone else who can be the go between. Caroline and JAQ cant turn on Kim D because she is the voice of the NJ producers. If they shut her out they shut production down and I’m sure bravo got that in writing. Kim D told joe gorga “I run with the big dogs”. Even without bravo producers, Kim runs with the big dogs. It’s one thing for the women to fight and argue. It’s another for a man to say what gorga said. Similar to juicy demanding joe apologize to Teresa. Gorga was forced to apologize to Kim. Gorga insulting her the way he did was a challenge to her family! Imagine a man speaking that way to Jaquline or Caroline. What would the men do?

Gorga thinking it was fine to say the things he said to Kim is more proof that joe gorga is not equipped to be in this game. He has no idea what he’s doing.

History on how corrupt the political game is in jersey. Take note of how confident and brazen the men are in this line of work. They openly laugh at Feds. They ARE the law. Helps explain how and why AL Manzo has his eyes set on hoboken since he’s been shit down on all other fronts.

Hudson County has long been a nest of New Jersey devils – NY Daily News

here is the story that references the cereal boxes. Apple jacks!
Shocking bribe probe hauls in dozens in New Jersey – NY Daily News

Now that you’re getting an idea of how politics work, how it’s connected to construction, builders and developers etc think of joe GIUDICES position and Joe gorga burning his connections.

Gorga is dumb, he may have his life but he has paid in other ways. For EXAMPLE say your helping a brotha out with tips in development. Your people turn him on to a piece of land near a hospital, the land appears to be nothing special. But the helper has inside information that would lead a developer to believe buying up the land may prove to be extremly profitable should a cereal box land in the right hands. So the developer jumps on the property, turns the old warehouse into rental units. Not long after, surprisingly the hospital decides to do a budget cut and one of the items cut is housing for doctors, the hospital felt managing housing was draining funds from critical resources. Well what perfect timing that a brotha should be so lucky as to have brand new apartments across the street? Hospital tells all the doctors this is the best option for them. jump on this building before its too late! Brotha jacks the rates sky high and makes a killing in profits. Everyone’s happy. What a lucky bastard brotha is!

So brotha thinks he’s a big dog now. But in the mean time it’s revealed he’s done some bad things to some important people. Student realizes he has lost his teacher but is dumb and believes his newly formed friendships will sustain the break. His new fwends have assured him he is good with them!! Student goes forward with business as usual. With the help of cereal boxes and his new friends he buys up more land near the hospital. Sinking big dollars into the property and turning them into more apartments. Brotha is hard at work and doesn’t notice all the other developers building near buy. What could keep him so preoccupied!? ANYWAY, the hospital decided students apartments were far too expensive considering the other developer had offered new, better apartments to their doctors at a much lower price. Poor student was left with the overextended property, a brand new mansion, and other abandoned warehouses he had started developing. All not surprisingly his cereal boxes are empty!

Now with everyone watching him, expecting him to fall (on display , on display) he is desperate! He can’t allow this to happen. Still being DUMB and trusting a handful of contacts he decides he will hit up a good pal that’s known for loaning friends money. Putting up a few properties to his friend as collateral. But things start going downhill, his new investments are not panning put. He’s not making what he expected to make. He’s getting pinched and has to make a decision soon. Pay his good friend back, or pay his mortgage on his new mansion. He picks his mansion, happy wife, happy life! Good buddy understands his choice and moves forward to accept the property as payment.

This would be such a good movie, no?

On Al Manzo:

Yes, Al Manzo is connected. You don’t walk away. I thought I made that clear in my story. Just in case: Al is connected, tommy is connected, Chris is connected, giudice is connected, Christopher and ALbie connected, Kim D, Kim G. Everyone is connected but Melissa and Joe gorga. They were once connected until gorga dug his own grave. Al manzo saved him.

The hoboken move, condo, restaurant, Caroline’s damage control. Als upcoming election, All connected.

Albie manzo is not gay. If he is, he’s in the closet or hiding it well. He’s always been popular with the ladies.

Christopher, no idea if he’s gay. But I have no gaydar. I’m always the last to know. Sorry.

Lauren, did get engaged to Vito. Announced it, then back peddled. Wanted to hold out for a storyline and possible spinoff for a manzo wedding at the brownstone. Lauren does have friends but she’s a classic spoiled mean girl.

Melissa being mixed. I do think she has the same parents as her 2 sisters. But my guess is as good as yours on this. I thought she could be passing at one point. I don’t think so anymore.

Richy being in love with Teresa. No clue. Richy is gross. I think he treats all women the way he treats Teresa. He’s a real scumbag.

thing about richy and kathy, they disowned Rosie because she was gay. Richys culture doesn’t acknowledge gays. He didnt want his kids around her, didn’t want to be seen with her, didnt want anyome to know about her…said the kids would be teased and harassed in school.

Remember richy saying the kids don’t want to be associated or tell people they were related to Teresa? He was actually addressing the rumors that he and Kathy had said that about ROSIE! Kathy and Rosey only recently worked things out. When their dad died. You see the clips of juicy and Rosie hanging out ? See how comfortable Rosie is with juicy and Teresa? She’s not that comfortable with Kathy and richy! Because she has spent lots of time with Teresa and joe. They never disowned her the way Kathy did. Kathy, Rosie, richy and the kids are uncomfortable with each other. It’s awkward!

QUESTION: They all are miserable, backstabbing snakes. Wow! How can anyone proudly be team anyone on this show? Lol The aftermath of this show is going to more entertaining than the actual show. I will say I respect Teresa for stepping up and realizing this show could provide for her family financially.

Ok? You can’t point the finger and say YOU’RE THE WORST! They are all pretty equal. Although the gorgas crimes are against their own family. Add in the rape & snitching and they win.

Melissa is manipulating the shit out of everyone. She’s the mastermind, Joey is too stupid to pull off the things that have been done. And Melissa is too ignorant to understand the consequences of what she’s doing. Or maybe she doesn’t give a shit.

On Melissa’s cars:

Melissas broke ass gets those leased cars for advertisement. Joe gorga got a lambo. They don’t pay anything for Them. The guy who owns the cars was shitty when joe went on twitter bragging about BUYING His new lambo. They give them free leases for advertisement. Teresa use to have the same deal with this guy. When she quit Melissa and joe picked up. Same for the tanning salon they rep.

Next they will be peddling teeth Whitening like Teresa. Melissa talks all that shit about teresas brands but her thirsty ass is right there picking up TRee left overs.

On the Manzos and the Brownstone:

It appears that some who have stumbled on this thread (but post their comments everywhere else) refuse to believe the manzos and the brownstone are involved in corruption. Interesting that nearly all corruption cases have a common link to the brownstone.

I guess I need receipts to knock it into people’s head that there is a connection. Perhaps it’s just a fluke that continues to connect the brownstone resturantS…..


i would like to bring your attention to the story below. Where in the last paragraph the brownstone is mentioned.

Court breaks for the day in Beldini corruption trial |

Another corruption story with a “meeting” at the brownstone. Half way down the page, or do a search for the word “brownstone”.

FBI informant Solomon Dwek has whirlwind N.J. corruption tour |

Long list of corruption clean up, includes al manzos resignation. Includes the BMV sweep. Gives you a look at how much work has went into getting rid of corruption. Explains why business may be down at some restaurants and why a certain person may be frantic to get himself back into the political game.

The Soprano State, Bob Ingle and Sandy McClure

A story on a shot who was accepting bribes at a “diner” which was the brownstone ! Don’t believe it’s the brownstone? Do a search on the page for “brownstone”

FBI — Former Jersey City Deputy Mayor Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Taking Bribes in Exchange for Official Influence

What do you know? A fundraiser held at the brownstone where people were forced to donate money or lose their jobs.

NOTE FROM FAME: The Brownstone mentioned in these articles is the Brownstone Diner and Pancake Factory in Jersey City, not The Brownstone catering house in Paterson. The two Manzo brothers in the story about passing bribes through cereal boxes are Louis Manzo and Ronald Manzo, not Al and Tommy Manzo.

“A federal appeals court agreed that the charge of extortion conspiracy, filed by the feds against Ronald and Louis Manzo, can be tossed. The two brothers were among the 44 rounded up in a corruption sting in 2009. Louis Manzo, a former state assemblyman, made an unsuccessful bid for Jersey City mayor in 2009 in a campaign where his brother served as adviser. The two were charged with taking money from a federal informant posing as a developer who wanted help with project approvals. The brothers successfully argued before the courts that the law applies to public officials and neither was in office at the time. The Manzos still face lesser charges of bribery and mail fraud. They also can be found in The Soprano State, Chapter 2.” – Associated Press, Feb. 17, 2011

It’s a long story, so here is the pertinent paragraph as well as a link to the story. An old fashion shake down!

Blue Jersey:: Charles Stile on Jeff Gardner: “Bona Fide Giant Slayer”

NOTE FROM FAME: The story at the link above does mention The Brownstone in Paterson:

“The state Attorney General’s Office is probing whether PVSC employees were pressured to make political campaign contributions to keep their jobs or earn promotions. Investigators are taking a look at an October 2009 beefsteak fund-raiser Girgenti held at the Brownstone in Paterson. Girgenti has denied shaking down anybody for campaign donations.”

Oh, look at this:

FBI — Jersey City Mayoral Candidate Louis Manzo and Brother Indicted for Allegedly Accepting $27,500 in Corrupt Payments

And here’s another:

Political Insider: [Louis] Manzo says he would like to return to his hometown |

NOTE FROM FAME: The story at the link above does mention The Brownstone in Paterson:

“On March 12 Congressman Bill Pascrell, who will be battling U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman for the new 9th District that includes Secaucus and part of Kearny, is hosting a fund-raiser. It is Pascrell’s annual St. Patrick’s Celebration at The Brownstone in Paterson. There are three donation levels, $300, $500 and a $1,000 PAC sponsorship.”

Why would someone speak out on a topic when they know the truth is there to be found. Oh maybe the “fans” speaking out dont realize the proof is readily avalible and disputing will result in digging? You pay to play in NJ !

Mr shaw, was on the road to becoming healthy after weight loss surgery he ate mushroom egg white omlets and tea at his favorite resturant the brownstone house just hours after being arrested in the biggest corruption round up in nj history. It’s just a shame he wound up dead 5 days later in his luxury high rise apartment. I guess he “ran out of people” that’s what the story says!

Before Death, a New Jersey Political Operative’s Descent

NOTE FROM FAME: The story at the link above is about the Brownstone diner in Jersey City, not The Brownstone event hall and catering facility in Paterson.

“A few hours after he was ensnared in the biggest corruption sting in New Jersey history, Jack M. Shaw showed up at his favorite diner in downtown Jersey City. I am innocent, he declared, with the optimistic charm that had gotten him through so many previous legal, political and personal thickets. Five days later, Mr. Shaw, 61, was found dead in his luxury high-rise apartment in what the police suspect was a suicide.”

QUESTION: Did you hear the news? Both Theresa and Joe were indicted on fraud and tax charges. Kungfu, what can you tell us about this?

They’ve been under investigation the whole time. These are not new charges. This is the reason Teresa withdrew her bankruptcy and joe pleaded the 5th. It’s all the same case.

QUESTION: Did they know they were being investigated???

Yep, it’s the reason they withdrew the bankrupcy. this is all the same charges that made headlines a couple years ago. Teresa has worked her ass off to pay her debts. It’s also what the entire cast worked so hard to get her to speak about… her finances as well as her court case. They were trying to get her to implicate herself and joe in the case. Knowing full well they were facing time in federal prison. Great friends and family!

Jaquline and Chris are facing the same problems for Chris draining signature apparel to the tune of 55 million. Jaquline was a full participant in this. Paychecks going directly into her private bank account in the guise of her being an employee. They stole the computers from the company and hid them. When investigators asked in court for the computers the lauritas and their lawyers claimed to have no knowledge of them. It was later found that the computers were being used at the former home of the Laurita mom. You remember the episode of Chris and albie running BLK office from their grandmas old house? Those were signature apparel computers. The lawyer in their case was facing being disbarred for lying to the judge and investigators. He had to go into court, apologize to the judge and admit his clients had lied to him. Chris went on to file paperwork to have Jaquline declared too mentally unstable to undergo the deposition process. The court disagreed and Jaquline was forced to give her deposition. The computers were turned over but of course they were so damaged they didn’t expect to retrieve anything from them…. or so they claim. (amazing how people will hang themself when they think theres no proof) Since then they made a motion to have the case sealed and it was approved. I fully expect Jaquline and Chris to face charges soon.

BLK is nothing but a business adventure undertaken in order to hide and funnel the stolen $55 million. They chose a product that was destined to fail. In the mean time, all the attention has been on the GIUDICES and no ones noticed the lauritas shananigans! Did you all laugh at the idea of black water? Did you all wonder how they could be so stupid as to believe people would buy that shit?

They are ALL criminals. I tend to feel more compassion towards Teresa for the loyalty and hard work shes demonstrated since the investigation started. but keep in mind, she was working hard to show the courts she was a good person anticipating this outcome. but she’s still a criminal as the others are.

Now, it’s really about who’s next to be arrested… Chris and Jaquline or al manzo?

07-30-2013, 12:44 AM
Old Re: Rhnj tea !

QUESTION: A 10 page tea thread and yet no mention of the Guidices’ many crimes including all their mortgage frauds and failure to file their taxes. But carry on folks. Let’s continue to bash those awful Gorgas

I spilled on the GIUDICES too. It just isn’t anything new.

Wow – what not to do in BK

Would anyone be shocked to learn that Melissa lifted some hidden documents from the elder gorgas home that may have landed in the hands of the Feds? Or would everyone think it was a way to blame Melissa for Teresa’s crimes?

On Monica Chacon:

Oh no, I forgot to drop the best tea of all. What was I thinking?

Who is Monica ? Monica is the wife of joes former business partner. You know the one he allegedly forged the signature of to obtain the loan that led to the federal charges. This will give you a refresh on the details.

Teresa Giudice Displays Temper In Court, Plus More Courtroom Drama! – Reality Tea

Anywhoooo. Monica needed help getting proof on Teresa and joe giudice to prove the fraud. Did Melissa obtain a key to elder Gorgas home? did she approach joeys dad and charm him out of a key so she could “warm bottles for the baby?” While warming up those bottles did Melissa accidentally go through drawers and paperwork lookimg for evidence of a crime that may have been committed by the GIUDICES? Did melissa gorga give those papers to Monica chacon to assist her in getting the Feds involved with the GIUDICES case? Oh no why would Melissa do such a low thing to her sister in law? This can’t be true!

NOTE FROM FAME: In extra footage from season 5 with Dr. V in Lake George, which didn’t air on BravoTV but was posted on their website, Melissa and Teresa argued about Teresa taking the key from Melissa to the house the senior Gorgas shared with Joe and Melissa (they operated Joe’s business from the basement, with Melissa as his secretary).

Clip 5 of 8 – Exclusive: Dr. V Takes on the Feud (Dr. V gets involved in the Gorga-Giudice feud and tries to have both sides come together to resolve their issues.)

Joe actually sold two homes out from under his parents: the family home that his parents owned for years (Joe needed cash to invest in real estate) and then another he bought for them to live in while he ran his landscaping and construction business from the basement — he later sold this home too but rented it back from the new owners (it changed hands twice in a short period of time) so that his parents could continue to live there until he found a “nice little ranch” for them — this is the home that Melissa had keys to because she worked as Joe’s secretary out of the basement while his parents lived upstairs — Teresa took the keys from Melissa because Teresa’s mother expressed concern that Melissa would forget to lock up the garage, as explained in the extra footage from Lake George.

A reader did some research on this and sent me the following info:

I have documents showing that Joey did have quite a lot to do with Papa Gorga loosing his home. I need to do some more reading on the documents I found, but right now it looks like Mama and Papa Gorga owned their home at 281 Maitland Avenue, Paterson, NJ (since when, I’m not sure yet) and then sold it in 2003 after Joey bought the property at 259 Black Oak Ridge Road, Wayne NJ in 2002 – Joe then moved this property into his name and Papa Gorga’s name jointly in 2004. Also on February 1, 2004, Joey mortgaged the property to its maximum value ($500,000); and then, in 2007 and 2009, there is some strange refinancing going on. Basically, it appears that a shady company (MCMCap Homeowners’ Advantage Trust III) “purchased” the loan from the mortgage company ( Then everything spirals out of control: a foreclosure suit is filed in 2009, and they are forced to sell the property for $440,000 to Anthony Delorenzo (not sure his connection, if any) on November 9, 2009. Interestingly, on July 23, 2010, Anthony Delorenzo sold the same property to someone else for $675,000.

The someone else Delorenzo sold the property to was Michael Matarazzo, who is rumored to be friends with Joe Gorga and who ran a landscaping business from that address just like Joey did. Matarazzo still owns the property, and it is rumored that Joey borrows money from him, which is a deal they probably worked out when they house was changing hands. FW published a blog about this on January 27, 2013.

Interesting enough, joe mastropole sold a story to radar online detailing how he will never be paid back and that joes money is all untraceable. Wouldn’t he be worried about being in business with someone he considers to be a criminal with “untraceable income”? Read mastropoles statement here

NJ Housewives’ Giudice Money Untraceable? Plus Danielle Staub’s Show Coming In February – Reality Tea

After Teresa Giudice had figured out there was a friend selling her private details to the tabloids she cut everyone off. Teresa herself found that Melissa was selling stories from things she heard through trusted family members >Teresa’s parents! Did Melissa contact Danielle and beg her to film with her? Did Melissa give danielle information on Teresa’s financial problems? Did Danielle know about teresas foreclosure and court details that no one else knew about? Oh wait, SHE DID and she admitted it. So why would anyone believe Melissa wouldn’t do the same to Monica? Particularly if she was given a spot on RHONJ in exchange for “taking down Teresa and joe”

Melissa Gorga had a “friendship” with Monica. She invited her to her Christmas party in season 3. You all remember Caroline throwing Kim G out and making a big scene? Kim G and Kim D, As I explained before are the voice of producers. When family are involved no one is going on national tv to say and do things that will make them look bad. So Kim g is brought in to be the messenger. Melissa faked innocent and threw Monica out of the party on Teresa’s behalf. What did Monica have to say about that?

See for yourself Attorney Monica Chacon, Kim G’s Guest at Melissa Gorga’s Holiday Party – Tells Her Side of the Story |

Monica not only had an invitation by bravo, she had an invitation by Melissa gorga the sweet innocent sister in law.

before that, in season 3 episode 2 you see monica at the fashion show. Sitting where? With Melissa gorgas and her sisters!

Is there any question that Melissa not only was involved with the investigation but actually helped Monica obtain the proof she needed to get the Feds involved? Keep in mind joe Giudice taught joe gorga about the business. In season 3 giudice claims he sees gorga everyday at work and has no problem with him. What? how is that possible if joe gorga has hated him for 10 years? See here for the details

Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Love The Ones You’re With – Reality Tea

how is it that Gorga has so much hate for giudice but giudice has no idea they are not getting along?

Comment from caramel15: WHOOOOOA. Monica Chacon is NOT the wife of Joe’s former business partner. Monica is the wife of William Saracino Jr. William is the attorney of Joe’s former business partner Joe Mastropole. An odd thing for someone “in the know” not to know. Lemme find out yall been sipping some stale tea for the past 10 pages. Yikes.

Finally, in season 3 Kathy and rich, Melissa and joe go to their family “accountant” house for a nice catered dinner. who is this strange couple who just so happens to claim to be “friends” with Monica? Why havent we seen this couple on the show agian… EVER? Here is a glimpse of the conversation they had…

“The Hizas, obviously feeling smug that they are not the Giudices’ accountants, snark on their impending remediation auction and call Teresa “rude.” I noticed only Joe said anything at all in her defense and admits he would help his sister if she asked. Kathy, who seriously needs to teach a tutorial to the Bravo Housewives (Kathy’s Financial Takeover), issues some sage advice: “mindless spending will catch up with you eventually,” in reference to the Giudice bankruptcy as a result of their depleting Italy of all its marble tiles.”

Interesting topic! And an interesting couple, no?

Here is a link to that recap featuring the odd couple

Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Feud, Feud, and More Feud! – Reality Tea

Fast forward to today. You have to be blind not to see what’s going on.

On Kim G:

Kim G said due to contracts she was not allowed to say who invited Monica to melissas party. See the last paragraph in the below story…

“Kim G. did not invite me to Melissa’s party,” said Monica Chacon, who is outraged over having been set up for a public fallout. “I went as Kim’s guest after a producer of ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ invited me to a charity event, supposedly with the consent of the hostess, Melissa Gorga.” I was also assured that Teresa would not be at the event since she and Melissa did not get along. Without getting into specifics which are irrelevant at this point, Bravo should be ashamed of themselves for setting someone up who did not sign up to be a part of the show or have a venue with which to defend myself. There are always three sides to every story. But as far I knew, I was simply going as a guest to a charity event. It is unbelievable how everything unfolded.”

“I am not a reality TV personality, I’m a real person, with a real life, a real family and peers and a real career which could be negatively influenced by all this fictional nonsense. Bravo has turned a real life villain into a reality TV heroine and vice versa, which is mind blowing to say the least.”

And Kim G. is claiming Albie Manzo pushed her in the parking lot.

Kim G. says that she is unable to comment about who actually invited Monica and still finds it hard to talk about that night. “It was one of the worst experiences of my life,” Kim said. “Everybody ganged up on me, it was like a Manzo mob just descended on me. I was really frightened. I think the worst part of all of it was that I have known the Manzo kids since they were little. Chris practically lived at my house growing up, and now he’s pushing me out the door like I’m an uninvited stranger? Albie, who is a 25 year old man now by the way, actually pushed me in the parking lot. Lauren was glaring at me, calling me a bully, and Ashley, whose dog I had just watched all summer long, gave me the finger. It was terrible. I went home and cried all night long I was so traumatized. The next day, my kids came into the room and said ‘Mom, please don’t do that show anymore.’ That’s when I decided to stop being played for a fool, or a villain, and take back control of my life. That’s what I’ve done, and thank God I did, and I have never looked back. ”

QUESTION: @Kung Fu, I don’t know if you’ve answered these questions or not (at least I haven’t seen it). If you have, my bad. What did Danielle do to Don Caro & the klan that was so bad that she was boo-hooing and crying at the reunion a few years ago? “What you did *sniffling* to my family… *crying* You are garbage!” or something to that degree. When asked what Danielle did, she didn’t want to talk about it. Was JacDaniels an escort or stripper in Vegas when she met Chris? Do you think there will be a falling out between Don Caro and Melissa or JacDaniels and Melissa?

At the reunion when Caroline was crying and blaming Danielle, It was about Lexi. Danielle thought by seeking out Dina’s sister in law in her salon and telling her Dina forged her ex husbands name allowing (Lexi to appear on the show) it would cause Dina to lose custody of Lexi. Lexis father does not live in the US. If things would have played out the way Danielle wanted, Dina would have lost custody and Lexi would be living in another country. Caroline was responsible for the secret getting out in the first place.

Jaquline did hair and make up, she was also a “model” in Vegas. She was sent out on gigs all over the place. Car shows etc. we all know there’s more to that than the actual “job title”

I think that your last question is a good question. Maybe the best question of all.

You see, all cast members can be called to testify against Teresa and joe. Once the Feds were involved you have to change the way you think and feel about people. You have to be very careful about what you say and do on camera. Now that its established that Teresa and joe are not close to Jaquline and Chris.. Nor Caroline… They are not very valuable witnesses to the Feds. Chris being called to testify against joe giudice? Well we all know Chris hates joe for what he’s done to his family, right? Jaquline being called to testify against Teresa…. Oh no, we already have established Jaquline is crazy, haven’t we? Remember Jaquline had such a difficult time confronting Teresa. In fact, it was so difficult Caroline had to drive over and help Jaquline confront her on her deck.

It’s interesting (to me) to note that joe giudice admitted forgery of his business partner. Then admitted he forged an employees witness signature as well as the notary. Took the charges for everyone. In the ID case, he admitted to going to his brothers home and stealing documents out of the safe. Proving his brother had no part in this. What does this tell us? He’s not going to snitch. Can you imagine the dirt he has on others? None of the jersey cast mates will make good witnesses against Teresa and joe. Every potential juror in the area has to know that. Right? You have two choices… People who view Teresa as a victim being shit on by all friends and family or you will be on the side of Caroline and Jaquline and know that they hate the GIUDICES and have no relationship with them. Hmmm?

You’re now seeing things come out on the show. That lead up to revealing Melissa as the rat she is. You’re going to see more of that. You’re slowly going to see the gorgas for who they really are and what they have done to get this spot on the show.

QUESTION: I don’t think the tea is stale but I do think its one-sided and with an agenda.

It’s not one sided. It appears one sided because the story isn’t finished. It appears I am intent on spinning Teresa giudice as the poor innocent party in all this. I’m dropping the tea and when I’m finished it will come full circle.

QUESTION: Could it be a setup? I think its brilliant but I don’t know if these people are smart enough to pull it off without massive help (Bravo) none of them are credible witnesses against Teresa or Joe but then again in the fraud case how could they be called? I think Melissa and Joe Gorga are in big trouble that has nothing to do with the law of the land…

Who knows?!

Anywho.. Just curious, do you believe the mob would have female authority figures? Females in powerful roles? I know that what you see on tv and in movies tends to show the classic Italian men with the women in the classic homemaker roles. But why is it so difficult for people to imagine that all types of businesses have now incorporated women in leadership, authority roles but we still have the belief that women don’t play a role in organized crime? Are we that naive ?

Do you remember a long time ago when crazy Jaquline went off on Teresa and accused joe of cheating and said she had proof? Teresa called her a liar so Jaquline posted the pictures! Who was that woman in the photos? Why have we never heard from her? Oh she’s Teresa’s former nanny. She’s Teresa’s trainer and she’s started training joe. Blah blah blah. How kind of jaquline to warn Teresa ahead of time that someone had pictures? We all know jaq is crazy and just out to hurt Teresa, don’t we!!!? Here’s a break down of the story. That crazy Jaquline !

Joe Giudice Leaked Pictures 2011 Shock Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa Giudice: EXCLUSIVE

QUESTION: A few questions:
1. I thought Teresa didn’t believe in nannies or maids because she’s old school?
2. Are you saying Jacqueline leaked a story/pics to the press of this cheating story?

1.) oh I thought so too! In fact, I believe you can find Teresa has said this on the show numerous times. She’s said it on WWHL a few times and quite a few of her blogs. So why would jaq knowingly post that photo, and Teresa’s spin is that it’s a “nanny, babysitter, trainer” was there a deeper motive for Jaqulines leaking that photo? How come no one has seen or heard from that woman he was with in the photo?

2.) no, What I’m saying is.. Jaquline leaked the photo while in an argument with Teresa. Then, because the cover was blown on “someone”, the photos were used as stories in a gossip magazine. By this point we have already proven through the show that Teresa doesn’t control what’s in gossip mags. Right? Jaquline and Teresa had an argument over it. It was extensively discussed on the show, in blogs on wwhl.

Is it slowly coming together?

COMMENT FROM caramel15: I can’t believe folks are still believing this stale tea. It’s nothing but information found through Google mixed with some fan fiction. It’s fake made up tea. The Monica thing was not a slip up. It’s called not remembering what I Googled earlier. How does an insider spill paragraphs of tea about someone… and not even know who they’re married to??? But I guess people will believe what they want, no matter how obviously fake it is, as long as it paints their favorite in a positive light… Also, the number one way you can tell a tea spiller is phony is when they claim to know too much about everything, everybody and their mama.


Kung Fu
08-02-2013, 07:22 PM

I chose to say what I had to say on this forum for a good reason. No ones getting paid. This is not a site profiting off of bravo traffic. It’s not a site dedicated to Teresa or Melissa, Jaquline or Caroline. It’s a small corner of a big site that’s unbiased.

No ones forced to believe what I have to say. You can take the tea or leave it. I won’t be mad. In time it will it all come full circle and my tea will stand for itself.

Btw. If I knew everything about everyone and their momma I wouldn’t be held accountable by you for the Monica mistake. Would I?

Proof the Gorgas Lied About Being Sick When Joe’s Father Was Hospitalized, Plus They Lied About Driving Him to the Hospital; Bravo Tells the Marco Sisters They Are “Too Ugly and Negative” for TV

July 25, 2013 664 comments

s5 ep 3 f

FW reader Autumn (@AutumnLeaves61) sent me the photo above from Melissa’s Facebook page which proves that Joe and Melissa Gorga were lying about being sick when Joe’s father became so ill late Saturday night, January 5, 2013, that he had to be rushed by ambulance to the hospital (per Joe’s mother in season 5 episode 3).

On that night, Melissa posted the photo of the two of them out on the town with the tag, “Happy Saturday Night!” So the Gorga’s story that Joe was sick with the stomach flu and Melissa had a sore throat when Joe’s father was rushed to the hospital is a complete lie conjured up to protect themselves from blame and criticism.

This is the real story: After partying that Saturday night, Joe was in no condition (he probably was too tired, wasted or hungover) to drive his father to the hospital when his mother called in the early morning hours, but he didn’t want to tell her that, so he said he was sick. Since season 5 was taping at the time, they had to come up with stories, and act them out on camera, to cover their asses.

Joe and Melissa lied about being sick because they knew that Joe would look bad for not driving his father to the hospital and Melissa would look bad for waiting four days to visit him in ICU.

s5 ep 3

When Kim D confronted Melissa at Gia’s birthday party in season 5 episode 3, she asked Melissa if she visited her father-in-law in the hospital, and Melissa told Kim D she visited him the next day. Teresa overheard her and stepped in to clarify that it was four days later. Caught off guard and unable to keep her lies straight, Melissa said Joe drove his dad to the hospital at 3 AM that Saturday night.

To make matters worse, Melissa gave an interview on June 23, 2013, with The Hollywood Reporter and said:

“My husband was the one who rushed him to the hospital” [Melissa is labeling Joe’s mother a liar]. He got up in the middle of the night. Teresa was not there that night. My husband was, and he was coming down with something.”

Just five days earlier, in her June 17th Bravo blog, Melissa worded her story a little differently, saying:

“On Sunday at 3:00 AM, my mother-in-law called us to say Joe’s father couldn’t breathe. Joe didn’t hesitate. He got up and rushed to the hospital.”

Notice the subtle difference and intentional vagueness of her words: she told The Hollywood Reporter that “my husband was the one who rushed him to the hospital,” but wrote in her blog that “Joe got up and rushed to the hospital.”

Apparently, in November 2012, Joe Gorga did drive his father to the hospital for his scheduled pacemaker surgery (photo below) – Melissa thinks she is being slick by substituting this scheduled hospital stay in November 2012 with an emergency visit in January 2013.

Only a pathological liar would give an interview and flat out lie about an incident which was clearly recorded and televised during episode 3 (Teresa’s mother told her that she called an ambulance at 4 AM because Joe was sick too).

Click on the link below for the full updated article (originally published on June 17, 2013):

mego 22

In an unrelated story, Bravo has decided the Marco sisters are too “ugly and negative” for TV. According to BlindGossip:

“For the past couple of seasons, Don Caro and Ashlee’s Mother and Stripper and Cannoli thought that if they teamed up against Teresa, that that they could bump her out and replace her with their own family members. Well, that plan didn’t work out for them. First of all, Teresa is the freaking star of RHONJ! She is the one who rakes in the viewers and the advertising dollars. Secondly, the entire plot of the show is about the Juicys fighting the Gorgons in an intergalactic space battle. They’re not going to kick off the Juicys just to make room for some more Gorgons. Finally, The Gorgonettes (Melissa’s sisters) hold absolutely no appeal for Real Housewives producers. So, back off, Gorgonettes! The producers don’t want you or your ‘ugly and negative’ Bumpits!”

Back on September 17, 2012, in a FW exclusive, a former post production supervisor for RHONJ said the same thing about the Marco sisters when asked if Bravo had considered casting them for season 5:

“No, no, we get what they try and do on twitter and it takes the sparkle off the series; they won’t be housewives anytime soon.”

ExMarcoSistersFan, who used to tweet on behalf of the Marco sisters, told Faux Reality Entertainment on May 4, 2013, that Melissa’s sister Kim said they expected to be on the show by next season:

“Kim told me that she and Lysa expected to be on the show by next season. They told me they would be taking Teresa and Kathy’s place. So we should show our support by tweeting about them too… Kim and Lysa want to be on the show so bad they both work on losing weight and getting plastic surgery like Melissa, but they are so ugly on the inside. I have the messages saved so I can prove everything.”

Another source told FW in April 2013 that Kim and Lysa are obsessed with the show:

“I have been told on good authority, and this has come from Kim (Melissa’s sister), that Kim was heartbroken when Melissa decided to ‘follow her dreams of being a singer’ because it is completely untrue. The footage you have seen of Melissa singing as a little girl is just that, a little girl being a girl. Her dream was never to sing. It was actually her sister Kim’s dream! Kim was devastated because she can actually sing and can sing very well, much much better than Melissa. I heard this before from a friend [edited out], but heard it again from another reliable source recently, so I truly believe that it is truth. [Edited out] Scottie Simpson (Lysa’s husband) hates the show and thinks that it has caused nothing but drama, and he really doesn’t want anything to do with it, but his wife (Lysa) is obsessed with it and would love to be on the show.”


The Gorgas Lied About Being Sick When Joe’s Father Was Hospitalized, Plus They Lied About Driving Him to the Hospital

June 17, 2013 231 comments

s5 ep 3 f

Joe Gorga’s father was hospitalized in ICU starting late Saturday night, January 5, 2013. Joe’s mother said she called Joe to drive his father to the hospital, but he told her he was sick, so she called for an ambulance at 4 AM (the early morning hours of Sunday, January 6, 2013).

Joe was not sick that Saturday night, January 5th, because Melissa posted a photo on her Facebook page of the two of them out on the town (see photo above).

After partying that night, Joe was in no condition to drive his father to the hospital when his mother called in the early morning hours, but he couldn’t tell her that, so he said he was sick. Since season 5 was taping at the time, they had to come up with stories and act them out on camera to cover their asses.

s5 ep 3

If they truly were sick, they wouldn’t have filmed and Melissa wouldn’t have gone to the gym to workout. Even Kathy called out Missy at the gym on not being sick: Kathy mumbled under her breath, “You’re not sick,” when Melissa said she hasn’t visited her father-in-law because she has a sore throat.

Joe was not sick with the flu and Melissa did not have a sore throat that prevented her from visiting her father-in-law until Wednesday, four days later – Joe’s father was very sick, in ICU, and could have passed away, so Melissa shouldn’t have waited four days to visit him.

Bottom line: Joe and Melissa lied about being sick because they knew that Joe would look bad for not driving his father to the hospital and Melissa would look bad for waiting four days to visit him in ICU. Their stories about being sick are lame attempts to protect themselves from blame and criticism.

The truth is they were out partying Saturday night, January 5th, the night Joe’s father became so ill he had to be hospitalized, and when Joe’s mother called around 4 AM, they were too tired, wasted or hungover to drive him.

To make matters worse, Melissa gave an interview on June 23, 2013 with The Hollywood Reporter and told them: “My husband was the one who rushed him to the hospital,” basically calling Joe’s mother a liar. “He got up in the middle of the night. Teresa was not there that night. My husband was, and he was coming down with something.”

Just five days earlier, in her June 17th Bravo blog, Melissa worded her story a little differently, saying: “On Sunday at 3:00 AM, my mother-in-law called us to say Joe’s father couldn’t breathe. Joe didn’t hesitate. He got up, and rushed to the hospital.” Notice the subtle difference and intentional vagueness of her words: she told The Hollywood Reporter that “my husband was the one who rushed him to the hospital,” but wrote in her blog that, “Joe got up and rushed to the hospital.”

Apparently, in November 2013, Joe Gorga did drive his father to the hospital for his scheduled pacemaker surgery – Melissa thinks she is being slick by substituting this scheduled hospital stay in November 2012 with an emergency visit in January 2013. Only a pathological liar would give an interview and flat out lie about an incident which was clearly recorded and televised during episode 3 (when Teresa’s mother says that she called an ambulance at 4 AM).

For further confirmation that Joe was lying about being sick, the day before, on January 4th, Joe went to the dentist and was feeling just fine:

“Wow I just left the best dentist office @RauchbergDental without any pain, and a goodie bag” – Joe Gorga, 3:41 PM on January 4, 2013, Twitter

For even more proof that the Gorgas lied, Melissa’s first tweet about Joe being sick wasn’t until Wednesday, January 9th, which happened to be the same day she first visited her father-in-law in the hospital (this is not a coincidence):

“How is everyone?! @joegorga has a fever:.( I’m nursing him back to health..” – Melissa Gorga, January 9, 2013, Twitter

They even went as far as tweeting on Thursday, January 10th (also not a coincidence) that Joe was in the hospital (he was not admitted, but they gave the impression that he was):

“I’m dying over here in the hospital this flu kicked my ass. Not a word or movement from Tarzan in 4 days #Pain.” – Joe Gorga, January 10, 2013, Twitter

Melissa forgot that she was supposed to be caring for her sickly husband because on the same day Joe tweeted that he was in the hospital, she tweeted a photo of herself and Antonia shopping at the Paramus mall (see the photo below of Antonia on the carousel):

“Quick stop at the mall.. Little Miss Antonia insisted on the carousel!” – Melissa Gorga, 1:04 PM on January 10, 2013, Twitter

Plus she made her hair appointment the next morning, Friday, January 11th, even tweeting about her “amazing blowout” (which you can see in footage from Gia’s birthday party later that day):

“Just left @BogettaSB salon in Cedar grove.. Seriously the best blowout around.” – Melissa Gorga, January 11, 2013, Twitter

Five days later, on Tuesday, January 15th, after supposedly going to the hospital for treatment for his runny bowels due to the stomach flu, the Gorgas tweeted a photo of the two of them out to dinner (see photo below). Joe did not have had the flu that was going around at that time because those who got it were very sick for two weeks — Joe “recovered” quickly because he was never sick like they acted out on camera.

tre 688

They look perfectly fine and dandy in the photos they posted to instagram (see photos above) from January 1st through January 13th – and Melissa hosted two bottle signings for Voli Vodka during that time period.

s5 ep 3 e

The following are Melissa’s and Teresa’s Bravo blogs for season 5 episode 3 plus a commentary by Jeannie5233.