Gone Fishing Notice


February 12, 2014 ‘Gone Fishing’ Notice:

I am taking a sabbatical from blogging and will be turning off commenting since I won’t be available to moderate. For a list of public FW blog posts, click here or see the menu bar. Also, please view the blog roll on the menu bar for links to other sites.

“Of course Teresa talks about lifting each other up and support, that’s what her script says to say. I know there are Trehuggers here that love and defend Teresa – save it. I’m not saying anything that’s not all ready well known. she has her “team” that wrote her blogs and handled most of her social media and a publicist that’s earning every cent getting Tre media ready. I wouldn’t be surprised if she practiced every day while in jail. Probably after yoga. But only on Mondays, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. And I get it, either she or Bravo were smart enough to know that she needed help and she got it. Good for her on that point. I’m also aware she’s done her time for her crime blah blah blah. That doesn’t mean that she was remorseful or accepted any responsibility for her actions. And that doesn’t sit well with me. I’m the first one to line up behind an underdog and cheer on someone who was down and out and who legitimately works their way back and who learned from the mistakes they made. I don’t see that with her. All I’ve seen so far is the Release From Jail tour and canned answers that don’t really say anything. That and trying to sell sell sell. And just who are these people that buy all of the crap that these housewives push out? That’s all these shows are doing now is trying to get a gullible person to buy their stuff. It’s not about what it use to be which was a peek behind the gate into a fabulous life and how great the rich live. Now it’s all about fame hungry women (and their men) desperate to be the next Bethany, slapping their names on plastic purses, caterwauling a highly engineered tune and promoting their wine. Just how many of these wives have their own wine now anyway? Ridiculous. And I refuse to believe that there is no show without Teresa. Bologna. Everyone is replaceable and probably should be at a certain point. Here’s an idea – why not let viewers vote. Even better, how about a Thunderdome-style tournament, two wives enter one wife leave. Fight it out until the last hair extension is pulled out.” – Dee February 19, 2016 at 11:54 AM, AllThingsRH

There are rumors that FameWhorgas was forced to remove some blog posts because certain Housewives threatened to sue the website. But this is false. No person or entity has ever threatened or attempted to sue this site. I made some previously published posts “private” for my own personal reasons (some of those posts were about “Bulldog”, who decided to make his twitter account private — since I was the one who “outed” him, I removed many posts referencing him out of respect for him as a private citizen). Furthermore, since “going fishing” in February 2014, I have republished (made “public”) quite a few of my older posts. At any time I could bring back online all my previously published blog posts; however, I have chosen not to do so at this time. I have no reason to lie about this: if anyone had threatened legal action, or if I had removed posts because of a legal agreement, etc., I would not hesitate to share that with my readers.

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