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Producer Reveals Shocking Behind-the-Scenes Secrets About the Real Housewives of New Jersey (Exclusive Originally Published at FameWhorgas on September 23, 2012)

November 1, 2016 4 comments

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Screenshots from season 4, episode 19
(click the three separate images to enlarge the columns)

This blog post was originally published on September 23, 2012.

The following transcript is an interview with a former producer for The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The interview was conducted on September 17, 2012 and was first published at FameWhorgas in four parts starting on September 23, 2012. The interviewer, who exclusively shared this with FameWhorgas, was writing a piece on the reality of reality television and forwarded parts of the interview pertaining to RHONJ for the purpose of reading fan comments to get a different perspective on the transcript. I will not disclose the names of the interviewer and interviewee; however, I can say that I received this directly from the interviewer: this person, the one who conducted the interview, is the cousin of the former producer. My source saw that people were doubting the legitimacy of the interview when it was first published at FameWhorgas on September 23, 2012, so he/she wrote the following explanation:

“I was asked by my country’s main news website to write a piece on the reality of reality television. My cousin worked on RHONJ, so I asked for an interview. The interview was only given because RHONJ does not screen in my country, and I promised anonymity. We also don’t have any Bravo shows on television here. I called my cousin in Washington and spoke for 20 minutes before realizing I would have to watch the RHONJ to understand what was going on and who was who. So I went online and watched every episode and called back a few weeks later. The second interview (which was recorded) was an hour and a half and mentioned numerous shows from TLC and Oxygen, but I have edited it down to the relevant parts, mainly due to privacy for my cousin.”

Background Information

Q: “So can you tell me about your role on the RHONJ without giving away who you are”?

A: “It’s fine, my contract has finished. I worked on season 3 and 4 of RHONJ as a post production supervisor for 15 episodes.”

Q: “Can you explain why you no longer work with the RHONJ? Does it have anything to do with the rumors that the production team was fired due to a conflict of interest?”

A: “Not true at all, I can’t speak for everyone, um, there are quiet a few of the same team returning for season 5, but I was offered a role on another show and decided to leave for my career; no one was fired for a conflict of interest though.”

Q: “So how ‘real’ is the show? We discussed before (in a private conversation) about the various blog rumours; can you clear anything up?”

A: “Well, if you give me specifics, I can try.”

Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice’s Feud

Q: “I’m curious about the Caroline/Teresa feud. Was she really that angry that Teresa wrote those comments in her cookbook?”

A: (laughing) “Oh come on, at the start of the season the production team sits down and gives a general overview of where we want the storyline for the show to go. ALL of the wives are in on this. We discuss popular storylines from the season before, storylines that need tying up, and also ways of threading in new storylines that look organic to the story. Do you really think we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on just following these woman around with no plan? No, the season and the storyline has a basic outline from the first day.”

Q: “So you’re saying there is no feud?”

A: “I’m saying the feud you are being fed is for television only and there are bigger issues there.”

Q: “Then why are we not being told what the bigger drama is? Wouldn’t it be better to show that than manufacturing the drama?”

A: “It’s up to the wives what they choose to put out into the public forum; nothing is forced on them.”

Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice’s Feud

Q: “What about Jacqueline and Teresa?”

A: “We knew at the end of season 3 that their friendship was ending; the main reason, I was told, for the feud was because Jacqueline was offered several endorsement deals (including a teeth whitener and a real fruit-based alchohol), and Teresa organised deals for herself with similar products which turned off the company wanting to invest in Jax and the Housewives’ name.”

Q: “Well, why was this not mentioned throughout the season? Why are we getting this confusing story that makes Jacqueline look crazy? Why not explain this to the viewers?”

A: “Jacqueline’s ‘character’ wouldn’t have endorsement deals; it didn’t feel right for the character. Jacqueline (the character) is a loving home mother who is trying to raise her children; we couldn’t go from doting housewife to celebrity endorsement maker; it wouldn’t feel organic.”

Dina Manzo Quitting the Show in Season 2

Q: “In season 2 you had a change of cast with Dina Manzo leaving; did she really leave because of Danielle?”

A: “There were legal issues around the filming of Dina’s daughter, and Dina and Danielle had off screen legal issues. Dina threatened to quit the show unless Danielle’s contract for season 2 was shortened; she basically told the producers it was her family on the show or Danielle, but the others didn’t back her, so she quit the show.”

Q: “What about Teresa? Did Teresa threaten to walk too?”

A: “No, none of the other wives did; that is why Dina is so angry at her family; I guess she feels like they chose the show over her.”

Q: “Well they did, so why is she speaking to Teresa then and not the others?”

A: “The others were her family.”


The Addition of the Gorgas to the Show and the Christening in Season 3

Q: “So tell me about the casting of the Gorga family? Did they really send in an audition tape saying they would take down Teresa, mafia style?”

A: “They auditioned, as does everyone. Look, it’s not like just because she is Teresa’s sister-in-law we instantly cast her because we had heard of bad blood between them. Teresa’s brother and Melissa were filmed for a short period and that was edited into a small compilation to see if they were interesting enough to be on television. This happens on every single show. Melissa does say that they will take down Teresa in the video, but in a playful manner. I’m also sure it’s been leaked onto the net, so it wouldn’t be hard to find.”

Q: “What can you tell me about the christening episode that introduces the Gorgas?”

A: “Well, I can say I was actually there that day. It was our first full day filming with a large team; we had been filming previous to that, but they were establishing shots. It was much worse than what was shown: the extended family didn’t want anything on camera, so what you don’t see is family members getting violent with the crew and grabbing their cameras and ripping microphone packs off and throwing them across the room. It was chaos.”

Q: “Why did Joe Gorga react the way he did? He was crazy.”

A: “I’ll just say, first day shooting nerves can make some drink and others take….I’ll leave it at that.”

producer 10

Editing Problems with Season 4

Q: “What is going on with the editing for this season [season 4]?

A: “Can you elaborate?”

Pete Giudice Denies His Family is Friends with Penny and Johnny Karagiorgis; Johnny Says Teresa Giudice Was Not Involved with Strippergate; Jacqueline Laurita’s Mother Said ‘Bravo Asked Jacqueline to Do Things to Teresa to Put Her in a Bad Light’

September 18, 2012 140 comments

cat & melissa and tre 41

According to Jazzyg, commenting at Fame-Whorgas on September 20, 2012:

“I know a friend of Cat Rodriguez [pictured above] who lives here in Los Angeles, CA and she can confirm with me that Cat was let go for her conflict of interest when she produced season 3 and 4 of RHNJ.”

Johnny Karagiorgis Says Teresa Was Not Involved with Strippergate

“For the RECORD & TO BE CLEAR: @Teresa_Giudice in no way, shape, or form knew about Angelo being at the Posche Fashion Show!!! #FACT #TRUTH” – John Karagiorgis ‏@JohnnyTheGrk, September 20, 2012, Twitter

Pete Giudice Says Penny & Johnny Are Not Friends of the Giudice Family and Questions Why Caroline Manzo Pretended She Didn’t Know Who He Was at the Posche Fashion Show

“@AllAboutTRH No. We happen to be a few functions and they were there with friends. We were at Disney years ago and seen a show for an hr.” – Pete Giudice ‏@PeteGiudice September 18, 2012, Twitter

Pete Guidice retweeted this comment on September 19, 2012:

“Why did @carolinemanzo pretend she did not know who @petegiudice is? Such BS. I smell a rat!… has to be more to it. Caroline & Melissas were sooo nervous. Caroline wouldn’t even look @ him.”

By Scarlet, Fame-Whorgas
September 20, 2012

I was wondering if it was meant to be Caroline that was supposed to ask the question, ‘Who was that?’ I say this because she had asked something like, ‘Who was that?’ about Joe’s brother Pete, and yet we know that Pete is nearly a dead ringer for Joe, so wasn’t it obvious who he was? I thought maybe Caroline had missed her cue. She was scripted to say ‘Who was that?’ to the first guy to approach the table. Only they didn’t count on Pete coming over. My main thoughts:

  • Caroline had never gone to any of the previous fashion shows. So why start now, considering she was going to be seated with Teresa who she dislikes.
  • Caroline would have been the obvious choice for the one to deliver the line and push for information because Jax wouldn’t have had the pluckiness to do it, nor Katfish.
  • When Angelo does arrive at the table, both Caroline and her daughter are busy texting (looking overly busy if you ask me). Why did she take so much interest in Pete and not Angelo?
  • I think, in the real world, a girl-friend would have had no problem asking again, ‘Who is/was that?’, but it looks like Caroline knows she has stuffed the scenario and thinks it would be too obvious to ask again.
  • I believe that the whole ‘Melissa having to ask Teresa who the man was is’ actually was an on-the-fly setup. I think what really was planned was for the whole scenario to play out at the table with all of the girls present.

I believe the scene with Angelo talking about Melissa working for him as a dancer was supposed to occur at the table in front of everyone, but Melissa didn’t take the bait and Angelo choked, so producers had to setup the scene in the bathroom between Melissa we and Teresa so that they could discuss what he said about Melissa earlier that day at the salon.

On September 19, 2012, Pete Giudice got into a Twitter conversation about Melissa:

A follower tweeted Pete: “I hate how she can keep on lying and no one calls her on it! #sofrustrating. Pete for your SIL this bish Mel really has crossed the line!”

Pete tweeted: ” @melissagorga Yea long lost fuck of joe gorga back in Cancun! Don’t make me break out the picts….. Actually @frankabba has em on a cd.”

Someone else tweeted: “Strippers of a feather ( boa) flock together lmao #RHONJ.”

And Pete replied: “U got that right “

Another tweeted: “Melissa makes it like the salon was random place. It was in fact affiliated with PFS. Look at the step and repeat” (photos below).

The following are Pete Giudice’s tweets from September 18, 2012, where he denies that his family is friends with Penny Drossos and Johnny Karagiorgis, owners of the salon where Kim D and Teresa got their hair and makeup done for the Posche Fashion Show.

Pete Giudice ‏@PeteGiudice
@TeamPDKHair the both of you talk to much and thats the problem. Leave my family out of your mouths.

6h Pete Giudice ‏@PeteGiudice
@TeamPDKHair @stoopidhsewives @Teresa_Giudice @johnnythegreek Take your BS and sell it to all your followers Mrs housewife NJ wanna be.

Stoopid Housewives @stoopidhsewives
#RHONJ @TERESA_GIUDICE Joe Giudice’s Brother @PeteGiudice and @JohnnyTheGreek “Not Friends”… via @StoopidHseWives

6h Pete Giudice @PeteGiudice
@TeamPDKHair @stoopidhsewives @Teresa_Giudice @johnnythegreek Start posting pictures of 5 years ago wearing the same outfits on twitter.

Pete Giudice ‏@PeteGiudice
@AllAboutTRH We are not friends, I wish them well and the best. I want this nonsense to stop stating we knew each other for years. Done
2:01 PM – 18 Sep 12

9h Pete Giudice @PeteGiudice
@AllAboutTRH No. We happen to be a few functions and they were there with friends. We were at Disney years ago and seen a show for an hr.

AllAboutTRH ‏@AllAboutTRH
@PeteGiudice I thought you were friends with them

Pete Giudice ‏@PeteGiudice
@HOWTOBEAMANZO I was invited.

Pete Giudice ‏@PeteGiudice
We don’t appreciate anyone lying and stating that we are friends and family. So now you all know the truth.

8h Pete Giudice ‏@PeteGiudice
Since Teressa and my brother got on tv they were telling everyone they were good friends with us including me. Not true. Done!

8h Pete Giudice ‏@PeteGiudice
I want to make this clear. Me and my family including Teresa and Joe have no relations with Johnny and Penny Karagious we are not friends.

Posche Fashion Show Guest Speaks Out

“#RHONJ Here’s an interesting comment from some one who claims to have been at the finale taping: From: (cont)” (see below) – Retweeted by Penny Drossos, September 21, 2012

I was there said on August 11, 2012 at 9:36 PM at StoopidHousewives:

Well now we know why Penny & Johnny were told to play nice at the Posche Show. Penny was about to confront Melissa while she was talking to Teresa but producers told her not to interfere. Johnny was going to come to Kim D’s defense while midget Gorga was verbally abusing her, but producers told him to stay back as well. Even better, producers told Johnny to play along when confronted by midget because this was their way of introducing Penny to the show. Bullshit!!! Producers were con artists.

I saw the crap unfold in front of me. Johnny told the black-haired producer that he’d play nice only for Penny but if “the midget” made any stupid moves he’ll “put him through the F’in wall”. I even heard one of the security guys tell Johnny, “relax bro, no one needs to see you hurt anyone on camera”. Then I heard Johnny laugh and say, “I know bro”.

Believe me or not, I was there as a guest and all unfolded in front of me. That’s all I’m saying.

I was there said on August 11, 2012 at 9:36 PM at StoopidHousewives:

There was just so much happening. I found it odd how the producer grabbed Penny aside & kept asking her and her employees if they were certain about the whole Lookers thing. Penny kept saying, “What don’t you understand? She was managed by him”. There was a short blond-haired girl next to Penny who kept saying something like Melissa always came to the salon and Robert always went to go see her there (Lookers). As well as another girl who said, “I was friends with the bitch and she acts like she don’t know me because I know who she really is”. All this in front of the black-haired producer, I guess her name is Kat.

I did see Johnny rush at the doors when they told him Kim D was getting attacked by Joe and the security, and producers held him back. They really sold him some bull how to just let it play out. Wow was he pissed. Yes I was nosey 😉 . I was sitting at the table in front of Penny and the HWs.

I was there said on August 15, 2012 at 8:49 PM at StoopidHousewives:

Hope you don’t mind, I sent JTG/Penny a DM about this possibility of answering followers questions. JTG responded with “ask away”. He’s funny.

Jacqueline Laurita’s Mother Said ‘Bravo Asked Jacqueline to Do Things to Teresa to Put Her in a Bad Light’

“Bravo asked Jac to do things to Teresa that would have put Teresa in a bad light but Jac wouldn’t do it!” – Bonnie Grippe (Jacqueline’s mother), May 16, 2012, Twitter

“Bravo DOES NOT ASK TO BRING DRAMA!! They ask for the TRUTH 2b told. NO faking ur life 4 cameras. GET IT NOW? My Mom was confused… THE TRUTH=DRAMA!! GET IT NOW? MOST people wouldn’t want their truth 2b told, would they? Some people are more open. @Bgrippe STAY OFF TWITTER” – Jacqueline Laurita’s response to her mother’s tweet on May 16, 2012 (above)

“These loons tatally twisted what I said. Trying to make the point that you were a good friend to t and even refused to film a scene if it wld make her look bad. They twisted it of course! Love you xxoo” – Bonnie Grippe’s response back to Jacqueline’s tweet on May 17, 2012 (above); shortly after this tweet she protected her Twitter account

“Jacqueline tries to convince everyone and justify what she has done, however, her own mother took to Twitter to state that Bravo asked her to take Teresa down. Which is it? Who is lying? Since Jacqueline likes to share everything with family and friends, wouldn’t you think she shared that information with her mother? Did her mother try to make Jacqueline not look so bad, so she took it upon herself to say that was what Bravo had her do, paid her to do? And, if Jacqueline was such a good friend, why would she deliberately do that, because she was paid to by Bravo–that doesn’t sound like what a good friend would agree to? I hope Andy will address this in the reunion, as I would like to know the truth about Bravo’s involvement in this take down and exposing of Teresa. At any rate, even if Jacqueline subsequently denied it, calling her mother a liar, it was calculated and underhanded. Therefore, I believe nothing that Jacqueline has to say to try and cover her ass at this point in time. It is all bs.” – MelindaK., August 5, 2012, Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog

“I just finished going over some of the comments on BubbaJax Bravo Blog…and while reading it I realized something. I’m starting to believe that Bonnie was right when she said that JaxAss was asked to do some things to Teresa to make her look bad…the whole cast and production was in on it… I believe Jackaholic’s job was to get Teresa to admit on camera things about her bankruptcy, her relationship with the tabloids, and to admit that she was jealous of Melissa and wanted JaxStabber to side with her in the feud. That’s why BubbaJax is so emotional: she does not want to fall in line with the rest of the cast and turn on Teresa. Think about it. Jacqueline tried to get Teresa to admit to all of those things at the backyard ambush, and many other conversations with Teresa. She kept bringing up the same things… and Chuckie’s and JackStabber’s response were, ‘there, you just admitted it’. The insane clown posse lead by Chuck Droopy Jawled Manzoid. What a sick bunch of people.” – Meadow (@improgressing), August 16, 2012, StoopidHousewives

Who Is Jacqueline Laurita Waving to as Angelo Vrohidis Approaches the Table?

Jacqueline Laurita waved to someone as Angelo Vrohidis approached the table at the Posche Fashion Show on September 27, 2011; and after waving, she immediately pointed to her mic (?) and then started to chuckle.

As several readers have pointed out, there is a blonde woman behind Angelo that Jacqueline may be waving to. This woman can be seen saying ‘Oh my God’ as she looks in Angelo’s direction. If she’s not talking about him, it could be something off camera to her right. If she is reacting to Jacqueline and Angelo, then it is very suspicious because how would she know who Angelo is? And why would Jacqueline be motioning to her and then her mic? Maybe Jacqueline is motioning for her to be quiet because Angelo is mic’ed and because the staged scene is about to go down.

Angelo didn’t say anything to Melissa about knowing her when she was a dancer; he simply walked away and no one at the table paid any attention to him or questioned who he was (which was strange since moments before Pete Giudice approached the table and they all asked who he was — see Pete Giudice’s tweets below were he calls out Caroline for pretending she didn’t know who he was). However, before walking away, he made it a point to ask Teresa, ‘How are you, good?’

The only reason there was a scene is because Melissa made one in the bathroom by calling her husband to come rescue her, which was what the producers asked the cast to do.

Just re-watch episode 19 (youtube video here; embedding has been disabled; go to 41:30), and it is so obvious that they were all acting. Here are screen shots:

Who Was the Mutual Friend That Texted Jacqueline Laurita at the Season 4 Finale and Told Her Teresa Giudice Was Part of the Setup (Posche Fashion Show and Strippergate)?

September 16, 2012 131 comments

tre 33

With Rob Shuter of The Huffington Post (@NaughtyButNiceRob) tweeting that the “truth comes out next week because someone forgot their mic was on,” and Johnny Karagiorgis saying that Angelo Vrohidis is the one who forgot and “with editing, it won’t be too favorable for him”… it doesn’t look good for Angelo.

Follow Back Retweet (@retweet_central)
9/17/12 6:17 PM
@JohnnyTheGrk So do you happen to know who forgot about their mic and who was really behind it all?

John Karagiorgis (@JohnnyTheGrk)
9/17/12 6:22 PM
@retweet_central Angelo left his mic on & w/editing not too favorable. Oh well, it is what it is.

I’m a lover… (@uarethequeen)
9/17/12 6:37 PM
@JohnnyTheGrk @GraceIn2010 @retweet_central but he didn’t lie did he?

John Karagiorgis (@JohnnyTheGrk)
9/17/12 6:32 PM
@GraceIn2010 @retweet_central you’ll see next week. I can’t comment on episodes that haven’t been aired. Sorry.

In the restaurant, Angelo tells some random woman that Teresa and Kim D plotted to “blow the whistle” on Melissa and that they planned the whole set-up at the fashion show:

“Kim and Teresa want to blow the whistle on her… They had me do this thing, ya know…”

At the beginning of the event, while the ladies are sitting at the table eating salad, Jacqueline Laurita starts getting texts from a mutual friend of the cast, saying that “something is going to go down” at the fashion show but that “she’s not the target.”

As source told FameWhorgas that Martha Fava was the person who texted Jacqueline during the season 4 fashion show, saying that Teresa WAS part of the setup.

When Teresa asked Jacqueline to identify who was saying she was in on it, Jacqueline refused, saying it was a mutual friend (these are the text messages Jacqueline told Joe Gorga she would send to him).

Jacqueline told Melissa earlier that “I think she’s (Teresa’s) the one that set it up.”

According to FW’s source: Kim D told Martha Fava (owner of a week before the event that she and Teresa were setting up Melissa.

On the night of the event, Martha texted Jacqueline and told her this.

When Teresa asked Jacqueline who told her that she was the one to setup Melissa, she refused to name Martha at Martha’s request since she was friendly with all the cast.

However, Martha was more of a friend to Melissa than Teresa, which is why she eventually told Jacqueline what Kim D had revealed to her.

tre 111

“Martha Fava: This woman can be seen running after Teresa when Tre was chasing Staub at the POSCHE show in season 2, trying to calm her down. At the season 3 POSCHE show, she was standing next to Melissa, looking ‘concerned’ when Tre got loud with Kathy. She is, like the rest, desperate to be cast. She just gave birth to her firstborn last month yet still had an in-home audition (where the cameras come into your home for an interview and tour).” [Martha commented on FameWhorgas about what this source said about her on September 17, 2011, which you can read by clicking here.]

martha fava

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The following photos of Martha with Melissa and Kathy come from “The Housewife Girls” on December 19, 2010.

The following photo of Melissa and Martha is from “The Housewife Girls” on November 15, 2010.

The following photo of Teresa Giudice, Dina Manzo, Martha Fava, and the Cast of Jerseylicious comes from “The Housewife Girls” on October 17, 2010.

Even though Angelo was caught on tape saying Teresa and Kim D put him up to it, Teresa maintains she was an innocent bystander. She tells InTouch Weekly:

“I know in my heart I did nothing. I feel like I’m making myself sick over this.”

Kim G (related to Kim D by marriage) was perched on her balcony with Tom Murro (a friend to the Manzo/Laurita camp), waiting for it all to transpire.

mutual 8

Let us flashback to October 16, 2011, when Virginia Rohan wrote a story for The Record, which was published on with the title, ‘Real Housewives’ Mystery: Posche Boutique Center of Drama. Here is a summary of that article:

Why was Jacqueline Laurita a no-show at the reunion for season 3, which was taped the day after the Posche Fashion Show (PFS) on September 27, 2011? Because, she tweeted, ‘someone (not me) got set up’ at the fashion show, held this year at Son Cubano restaurant in West New York. ‘There are some sneaky people trying to make someone look bad and then play innocent on camera,” she wrote, a few days later tweeting that one-time pal Teresa Giudice is ‘scum.’ Teresa, claimed innocence, tre 16tweeting on September 28, ‘Breaks my heart that anyone would believe I would be part of something to hurt my family.’

On the night of the PFS, Joe Gorga — Melissa’s husband and Teresa’s brother — apparently blamed Posche owner Kim DePaola (Kim D) for the whole thing — a story that Tom Murro of Franklin Lakes, who goes by ‘The Celebrity Magnet’ [he is a friend to the Manzo/Laurita camp], says a reporter that he had at the fashion show confirmed.

‘Joe Gorga showed up and had a screaming match with Kim D,’ says Murro, who was with Kim Granatell on her condo’s balcony overlooking the restaurant. ‘According to my reporter, [security] had to hold him back. They felt if they let him go, he was gonna hit her.’ Kim G., recurring pot-stirrer, tweeted that she watched the fashion show unfold from her ‘fabulous condo’ overlooking the restaurant: ‘We were sitting on my balcony watching the hideous outfits parade in.’

Actress Martha Byrne, a Bergen County resident, happened to be at the show and tweeted tidbits such as, ‘Fight in the bathroom. Teresa in bathroom with …’

Bravo declined comment about the incident. The network tries to keep future ‘story lines’ under wraps — the third season, after all, just finished airing last Sunday, and the two-part reunion begins tonight — but in this age of Twitter, it’s hard to keep secrets, since the series’ stars can dispatch cryptic tweets that technically don’t seem to violate their confidentiality clauses. And tweet they did. And tweet-following RHONJ fans everywhere tried to piece together what had gone on.

Us Weekly summed up the prevailing rumor about the fashion show, quoting a source [Melissa] saying that Giudice ‘chatted up a former strip-club co-worker of Gorga’s at [the fashion show], quizzing him on camera about her past. She was trying to embarrass Melissa and imply she used to be a stripper,’ says the source [Melissa].

Us Weekly also spoke with Larry Guarino [Melissa it the only person to mention Larry, probably to deflect from Angelo’s story], Gorga’s former boss at Lookers in Elizabeth. He backed up Melissa’s own tweet, saying, ‘She was a bartender for a couple of months years ago, it was such a short time.’

Top Six Reasons Kim D is One of the People Behind the Posche Fashion Show Setup Exposing Melissa Gorga’s Past: