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Penny and John Karagiorgis Are Not Friends with the Wakiles But They Were Friends with Teresa Giudice; Teresa Giudice v. Kathy Wakile Dessert Line; Kathy’s Dessert Cookbook Hits Shelves, Sales Tank (Updated 9/6/2014)

October 11, 2013 360 comments

Penny & Teresa

A source told FameWhorgas that during the Bravo-arranged meeting Penny had with Joe and Melissa Gorga at Chakra in Paramus on February 28, 2013, Joe and Melissa were making accusations against Teresa in an attempt to get Penny to say that Teresa was complicit in arranging the phone call at the Holiday Posche Fashion on December 3, 2012, the call where a friend of Penny’s tells Teresa that he witnessed Melissa cheating on Joe Gorga. According to my source, Joe and Melissa told Penny that Teresa is calling her a stalker, and Penny, trying to protect Teresa while also defending herself against the accusations, took out her cell phone to show Joe that she has Teresa’s home phone number, cell number and text messages between them. In addition, my source said Penny told Joe and Melissa that she’ll have to take up the accusations with Teresa. According to my source, based on hearsay on Twitter, “it’s deemed accurate that Teresa called her a stalker, and Penny won’t stand for false accusations.”

The entire cast knew of the Greeks, Penny and John Karagiorgis, since the season 3 Posche fashion show, which was taped on September 27, 2011. Plus, the Greeks’ niece, Marigo, booked members of the cast for Wendy Williams’ talk show (she now is the booker for Bethenny’s talk show).

1. Melissa knew Penny through mutual friends (Penny took over the salon where Melissa used to hang out, and when she took it over, the staff remained – they knew Melissa and her stories well, but Melissa stopped coming into the salon after the old owner, Robert, who paid for her boob job, left).

2. Kathy knew of the Greeks through her daughter’s friendship with their niece and nephew (who are rubbing shoulders with the Wakiles in an obvious attempt to share in their spotlight – even calling Rich, Kathy and Rosie uncle and aunt on twitter, a very public display of disrespect toward their real uncle John and aunt Penny, indicating that there is discord in the Greeks’ family). She and Rich called the Greeks the night before the Posche 2 ambush to convince them the cast had made peace and to encourage them to come to the event and celebrate with the them.

3. Penny said Caroline and Jacqueline had been calling her from the Arizona spa in March 2013, telling her that Teresa was trash talking her. Along with the rest of the cast, they met the Greeks at the S4 Posche Fashion Show finale taped on September 27, 2011.

4. Teresa has known the Greeks since 2011 (see photos here, here, here and here), and she and her makeup artist Priscilla know John Karagiorgis’ sister Vasilia (the mother of the niece and nephew who are friends with the Wakiles), tweeting photos of themselves with her in August 2012:

Teresa Giudice (@Teresa_Giudice) August 24, 2012
Having dinner with my friend Vasilia at Varkas

Priscilla DiStasio (@mspriscillanyc) August 30, 2012
With the Greek goddess @vasiliavasilia

Penny Drossos ‏(@PDKhair)July 24, 2013
Fun time last night with @JohnnyTheGrk @WillLoveInc @MarigoPR @VasiliaVasilia & Esco… ( the dog scares the crap of out of me ❤Sophie )
Retweeted by Will Love

Penny Drossos (@PDKhair) June 25, 2013
So how many agree with me that @JohnnyTheGrk and he’s sister are identical !!

On September 29, 2013, FauxRealityEnt tweeted about the Wakiles using the Karagiorgis’ niece, Marigo, to get him to agree to meet with Rich and Joe Gorga and call a truce:

So @RichardWakile used his daughter’s friendship with #JohnnyTheGrk’s niece to go see him, but “doesn’t know who he is?”

@donna627lee @MarigoPR @WendyWilliams Now she books for Bethenny & besties with Wakiles, calls Rosie, Aunt Rosie.

So let me understand, Bethenny’s booking girl who is #VictoriaWakile’s friend is #JohnnyTheGrk’s niece but “who are these people”

On February 28, 2013, QueenzOfMedia (QOM, aka Grace Alexis) commented on my blog to intimidate me to take down one of my blogs (the one published in March 2012 where John Karagiorgis helps Pete Giudice take on QOM):

“I have developed a friendly relationship with the Giudice family and personal friends so your continued use of my twitter feed to generate content for your blog Must Stop!…. I suggest you remove all content involving me.”

QOM “developing a friendly relationship with the Giudice family and personal friends” struck me as extremely odd since they had been bashing the Guidices up until then.

At the link below, you can see John Karagiorgis and Pete Giudice backing each other up on Twitter as QOM bashes the Giudices in January and March 2012:

The following are some of those January and March 2012 tweets between Johnny and Pete:

Pete Giudice ? @PeteGiudice
@johnnythegrk I’m on twitter
Jan 23

Pete Giudice ? @PeteGiudice
@GigisMom11 @PDKHAIR @lisamarone Don’t worry Penny, me and The Grk got this shit.
In reply to maria feliciano
Jan 25

Pete Giudice ? @PeteGiudice
@AndersonCooper8 @PopaLole @Team_Giudice @GeorgeMiguelC @QueenzOfMedia He’s lucky Johnny didn’t get hold of him & now he’s fucking with us?
In reply to Anderson Cooper
Mar 25

Pete Giudice ? @PeteGiudice
@GeorgeMiguelC @JohnnyTheGrk Keep talking asshole. You think Johnny’s the only one with info?No point in burying a career that doesn’t exist
In reply to George Miguel Costa
Mar 25

Pete Giudice ? @PeteGiudice
@Team_Giudice @actorguy1259 @SheilaGiudice3 @JohnnyTheGrk @PDKHAIR Time to let @BravoAndy & @bravotv we’re ready to play. Shit’s on now!
Mar 25

Pete Giudice ? @PeteGiudice
@JohnnyTheGrk I suggest @GeorgeMiguelC just STFU! You have no fucking idea what you’re dealing with jerkoff.
Mar 26

Pete Giudice ? @PeteGiudice
@PDKHAIR @bino989 @ms_sbrown @karagiorgisfan @ray_nicoli @team_giudice @tregiudicefan @AllAboutTRH Hey Penny, if only they knew! My Greeks!
In reply to Penny Drossos
Mar 26

John Karagiorgis ‏ @JohnnyTheGrk
@LisaGaglione72 @PDKHAIR @Team_Giudice @bravotv @johnnythegrk @petegiudice @sheilagiudice3 WTF is going on now?
In reply to Lisa Gaglione
Mar 25

John Karagiorgis ‏ @JohnnyTheGrk
@LisaGaglione72 @PDKHAIR @Team_Giudice @bravotv @johnnythegrk @petegiudice @sheilagiudice3 STANDBY, NEED TO LOOK AT THIS SHIT.
Mar 25

John Karagiorgis ‏ @JohnnyTheGrk
@PeteGiudice @queenzofmedia @lisagaglione72 @team_giudice @georgemiguelc Pete don’t waste your time w/ these losers.They just want attention
Mar 25

The following are Pete Giudice’s tweets from September 18, 2012 (just before the season 4 strippergate finale), where he denies that his family is friends with Penny Drossos and Johnny Karagiorgis.

Pete Giudice ‏@PeteGiudice
@TeamPDKHair the both of you talk to much and thats the problem. Leave my family out of your mouths.

Pete Giudice ‏@PeteGiudice
@TeamPDKHair @stoopidhsewives @Teresa_Giudice @johnnythegreek Take your BS and sell it to all your followers Mrs housewife NJ wanna be.

Stoopid Housewives @stoopidhsewives
#RHONJ @TERESA_GIUDICE Joe Giudice’s Brother @PeteGiudice and @JohnnyTheGreek “Not Friends”… via @StoopidHseWives

Pete Giudice @PeteGiudice
@TeamPDKHair @stoopidhsewives @Teresa_Giudice @johnnythegreek Start posting pictures of 5 years ago wearing the same outfits on twitter.

Pete Giudice ‏@PeteGiudice
@AllAboutTRH We are not friends, I wish them well and the best. I want this nonsense to stop stating we knew each other for years. Done
2:01 PM – 18 Sep 12

Pete Giudice @PeteGiudice
@AllAboutTRH No. We happen to be a few functions and they were there with friends. We were at Disney years ago and seen a show for an hr.

AllAboutTRH ‏@AllAboutTRH
@PeteGiudice I thought you were friends with them

Pete Giudice ‏@PeteGiudice
@HOWTOBEAMANZO I was invited.

Pete Giudice ‏@PeteGiudice
We don’t appreciate anyone lying and stating that we are friends and family. So now you all know the truth.

Pete Giudice ‏@PeteGiudice
Since Teressa and my brother got on tv they were telling everyone they were good friends with us including me. Not true. Done!

Pete Giudice ‏@PeteGiudice
I want to make this clear. Me and my family including Teresa and Joe have no relations with Johnny and Penny Karagious we are not friends.

John Karagiorgis then backed up Pete’s assertion that the Giudices weren’t friend with them, which was an obvious attempt to cover for Teresa’s involvement in setting up Melissa at the season 4 finale (strippergate).

“For the RECORD & TO BE CLEAR: @Teresa_Giudice in no way, shape, or form knew about Angelo being at the Posche Fashion Show!!! #FACT #TRUTH” – John Karagiorgis ‏@JohnnyTheGrk, September 20, 2012, Twitter

Then next day, Penny retweeted a link to “an interesting comment” from an insider who was present for the taping of the season 4 finale.

“#RHONJ Here’s an interesting comment from some one (“I was there”) who claims to have been at the finale taping: From: (cont)” – Retweeted by Penny Drossos, September 21, 2012

The following is the content from that TwitLlonger.

I was there says:
August 11, 2012 at 9:36 PM

Well now we know why Penny & Johnny were told to play nice at the Posche Show. Penny was about to confront Melissa while she was talking to Teresa but producers told her not to interfere. Johnny was going to come to Kim D’s defense while midget Gorga was verbally abusing her but producers told him to stay back as well. Even better, producers told Johnny to play along when confronted by midget because this was their way of introducing Penny to the show, Bullshit!!! Producers were con artists.

I saw the crap unfold in front of me. Johnny told the black haired producer that he’d play nice only for Penny but if “the midget” made any stupid moves he’ll “put him through the F’in wall”. I even heard one of the security guys tell Johnny “relax bro, no one needs to see you hurt anyone on camera”. Then I heard Johnny laugh and said “I know bro”.

Believe me or not, I was there as a guest and all unfolded in front of me. That’s all I’m saying.

Stoopid Housewives says:
August 11, 2012 at 9:48 PM

I was there: WOW! You said a lot!! If you can think of anything further, let us know! TFC!! SH

I was there says:
August 12, 2012 at 4:18 PM

There was just so much happening. I found it odd how the producer grabbed Penny aside & kept asking her and her employees if they were certain about the whole Lookers thing. Penny kept saying “what don’t you understand? She was managed by him”. There was a short blond haired girl next to Penny who kept saying something like Melissa always came to the salon and Robert always went to go see her there (Lookers). As well as another girl who said “I was friends with the bitch and she acts like she don’t know me because I know who she really is”. All this in front of the black haired producer, I guess her name is Kat. I did see Johnny rush at the doors when they told him Kim D was getting attacked by Joe and the security and producers held him back. They really sold him some bull how to just let it play out. Wow was he pissed. Yes I was nosey 😉 . I was sitting at the table in front of Penny and the HWs.

Stoopid Housewives says:
August 12, 2012 at 5:42 PM

I was: WOW! SH

I was there says:
August 15, 2012 at 3:56 PM

Have you seen Penny & Johnny’s tweets geared at Melissa? Johnny said she doesn’t know the difference of sauce or gravy “ragu isle 3″ & something to the fact if you can trace your roots back to the motherland it’s sauce. Then the team account commented back “ragu? More like Goya” WOW.

Penny then commented about knowing other salon owners & for Melissa to stop talking shit about her family and ended it by calling her a stripper. It’s getting hot & spicy.

SH, how do you feel about Penny and Johnny? Maybe it’s time for you to interview Penny & Johnny. I mean, she did a radio interview with Will Love.

cookbookgate 5

At 11 PM on October 6, 2013 Teresa tweeted, “Where did these people these strangers come from?,” with the link to a blog at RealityRow which implied that the Wakiles are friends with John and Penny Karagiorgis (the Greeks), but John tweeted and denied that they were friends or acquaintances. The Greeks’ niece (@marigoPR) and nephew (@gmihalos), who seem to be estranged from John and Penny, have recently become very good friends with the Wakiles, and tweeted photos of themselves with the Wakile family, referring to Rosie, Kathy and Rich as aunt and uncle. It’s likely the Wakiles hired the Greeks’ niece to handle PR for the family (based on tweets, it looks like that may have occurred around June 2013).
cookbookgate 4
Teresa and Kathy’s competing dessert lines surely won’t help fixed the strained relations between the two!

NY Daily News Gossip ‏@NYDNgossip July 31, 2013
Teresa Giudice and husband Joe had plans to open cupcake shop before they got slammed with tax fraud charges

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc July 31, 2013
Looks like plot line b/w Kathy’s desert book vs. Teresa’s desert shop for S6 is done. Bad for KW? RT: “@NYDNgossip:

Will Love ‏@WillLoveInc August 2, 2013
@SpicyThaiGirl …At least with boring Caroline they can make Al’s mistress a storyline since topic was discussed in S5 @bravoandy @bravopr

On October 10, 2013, Teresa Giudice tweeted that she is coming out with a new dessert and coffee line under her Fabulicious trademark:

Teresa Giudice ‏@Teresa_Giudice Oct 10
Joe, team & I are on our way to Boston to promote my new Fabulicious Dessert & Coffee line. Can’t wait to share it with my adoring fans! LLL

Two days later, on October 12, 2013, Kathy Wakile told OK magazine that she is expanding her dessert line, Dolci Della Dea (which presently has one product, cannoli making kits), to include coffee:

“Rich and I went up to Boston and we had the best time. We were meeting with a lot of people, and it looks like my dessert business is going to expand considerably, and what better to expand it with than dessert and coffee? I’m really thrilled to be going that route.”

A year earlier, in October 2012, Kathy announced her cannoli making kits, which became available on QVC in December 2012. They are no longer available on QVC, but you can purchase the 24-piece kit for $39.99 PLUS a shipping and handling fee of $38.61 (almost 100% of the product price!) on Kathy’s website (includes 24 cannoli shells and two cannoli cream pastry bags shipped using dry ice).

kathy 2

During season 4, Kathy met with Italian dessert company Bindi, which also has a plant in Totowa, NJ, to negotiate a partnership for her Dolci Della Dea dessert line. The deal must have been solely for the cameras because it seems nothing ever came from it.

Also making matters worse, Kathy announced in July 2013 that she has a deal with St. Martins Press to write a dessert cookbook, “Indulge: Delicious Little Desserts — 75 Recipes that Keep Life Real Sweet.”

Teresa told Kathy in season 4 that she didn’t think there was a demand for a dessert-only cookbook (although Teresa includes dessert recipes in her books, she has not written a cookbook only about desserts). The following is a partial transcript (video here) of the conversation in season 4 when Kathy and Rich attend (for the first time) one of Teresa’s cookbook signings – this one at a bakery.

Teresa flips through her cookbook and points at photos.

Kathy: Oh, my mother’s pizzelles! Oh, my mother’s cookies too! Oh, my God!

Teresa: Well, they kind of almost have, like, the same recipes, but like (Kathy, not listening to Teresa, interrupts).

Kathy: Oh, that’s cool (pointing at the photo in Teresa’s cookbook).

Teresa: In my next cookbook, I’m going to put the recipe of the pizzelle in there.

Kathy: So your next cookbook it’s going to be like a a baking cookbook?

Teresa: No. You know what? Everybody watches their weight. Like, nobody’s going to buy a straight up dessert cookbook, that’s what I think.

Kathy and Rich look at Teresa but there is a noticeable pause before they speak.

Rich: Alright, well, listen, congratulations.

Kathy: Congratulations.

Rich and Kathy leave.

Rich: That was kind of awkward!

Kathy: I didn’t know that she was that good at baking, but that’s great, you know?

cookbookgate 2

cookbookgate 1

UPDATE September 6, 2014: On September 3, 2014, Kathy stopped by Bookends Bookstore in Ridgewood (image below) for her first appearance to promote her new book, Indulge: Delicious Little Desserts That Keep Life Real Sweet. []

Kathy’s dessert cookbook hit shelves on September 2, 2014. Early release sales in August were less than 40 copies; sales in September as of the 6th are less than 30 copies, according to

Kathy took several digs at her cousin Teresa during an interview about her cookbook for New York Daily News on August 31, 2014. The following is that article.

Kathy Wakile Calls Teresa Giudice’s Fans an ‘Army of Idiots’; Kathy Wakile’s Mother and Teresa Giudice’s Mother Are Not Blood Relatives, So Their Recipes Are Different ‘Family Recipes’ (Updated 8/10/2012)

July 24, 2012 39 comments

“First, we need to talk frankly to the cast members for a second. Guess what, cast members. If you are on this show, it’s because you create and/or attract drama. You are not superior to the other cast members. You are not the one who’s above the B.S. Yes, this means you, Miss Holier-than-Thou. You and your gossip and pettiness. For instance, in this episode, Caroline Manzo predicts that Teresa Giudice will get a divorce, and that she will write a book about it. Caroline often tries to play the wise mom, but really, predicting your former friend will get a divorce and write about it? That’s pretty low. She adds, ‘You heard it here first.’ Great; we’ll make sure you get all the credit for the spiteful gossip as it happens.” [Hudson Reporter – RECAP Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 Episode 13 Almost in Napa]

Kathy Wakile Calls Teresa’s Fans an ‘Army of Idiots’; Caroline and Jacqueline Refer to Teresa’s Fans as ‘Her Army of Soldiers’

“Clearly my attitude towards Teresa has changed and with good reason. I won’t be a soldier in her army.”Caroline Manzo, ‘Like You Mean It’, May 6, 2012

“Teresa needed allies on the show (looking to recruit soldiers for her army)… Teresa wants her friends to be her soldiers in her army. My dad was an army colonel, so I recognize military tactics. I wasn’t looking to get drafted.” – Jacqueline Laurita, ‘Don’t Get It Twisted’, June 27, 2012 and ‘Spin City’, May 7, 2012

“Well, well it looks like the #ArmyOfIdiots is recruiting some new soldiers again. When u all get to HELL make sure u tell the DEVIL I sent u.” Kathy Wakile, August 7, 2012, Twitter

After Kathy made the tweet (above), she was asked on Twitter to clarify, but she failed to do so. Instead, she blocked everyone’s inquiries and eventually deleted the tweet.

“Kathy, the WORST thing you can do is ATTACK the fans. Without the fans, you have no show and without the show you have no ‘PRODUCT ‘ and without the product, you are back to being an average PLAIN JANE in New Jersey with a gas-pumping, foul-mouth man for a husband. Get it.” – taffi, August 10, 2012, Kathy’s Bravo Blog

“Kathy, a lot people want to be famous. Some will do anything to achieve it. Most don’t fully understand the meaning of The Price of Fame. Most will let their fans inflate their egos, while some will let their egos infuriate their fans. Many are foolish enough to believe they can escape the relentless scrutiny of the media and their fans. Some flourish – some fail. You might ask, what’s the difference between a Movie Star and a Reality Star? At the end of the day Johnny Depp isn’t a chocolate making, scissor handed, Mad Hatter gangster pirate barber that grows corn. But, at the end of the same day, you aren’t a fictional character brought to life by someone’s imagination. You are the person we see and hear and we the viewers can hold you accountable for your actions (whether out right or implied) – just like every other REAL person. FANS WILL MAKE YOU OR BREAK YOU.” – Calypso, Representing the ARMY OF IDIOTS, August 10, 2012, Kathy’s Bravo Blog

“Just read Kathy’s tweet and it sure would be nice to hear from her what exactly she meant – it really doesn’t ‘read’ well. For the mere fact she has put herself out there on reality TV, she does owe people an explanation. Put something out there in print, on the radio, on TV, in your blog, or social media such as Twitter or Facebook for all the world to see – as a public figure, you should at least explain it. (An opinion other housewives have voiced, at one time or another, about Teresa.) Many other famous people have been held accountable for far less. What sense does this tweet make?” – Jeannie5233, August 10, 2012, Kathy’s Bravo Blog

“That is exactly what she meant, because when other people read it on twitter and called her out on it regarding not liking her behavior and supporting Teresa, and why she was calling people the army of idiots, Kathy then blocked these people. All this shows is that Kathy is really not a nice person, and she certainly is two faced. Kathy does not care about, love or support Teresa. We have seen this, and when Bravo shows reruns and someone tweets something new when they watched the reruns, Kathy put up the tweet about the army of idiots and them going to hell, and for them to tell the devil when they get there, that Kathy sent them. Is that the comment of a nice person? I don’t think so, and as many have said they are acting for the cameras. If any of the viewers are idiots, it is for watching this trash, and supporting anything the Wakiles, Manzos, Lauritas, and Gorgas have to offer, as they are the ones that are constantly tweeting something nasty to viewers. I will give Teresa credit, that if she doesn’t like something that someone tweets (and I am sure there is), she ignores it and doesn’t tweet nasty comments back to them. These women really are the bottom of the barrel.” – MelindaK., August 11, 2012, Kathy’s Bravo Blog

“If it wasn’t regarding Teresa fans then she wouldn’t have taken it down. She would have left it up and tweeted after that tweet that it was was not meant toward Teresa and her fans and apologized for the misunderstanding. Seriously, how many ‘army of idiots’ could a person have in her life? If not Teresa’s fans, who else do you think would be an ‘army’ she couldn’t stand? If there really was another army she is feuding with, then the woman has issues. Let’s be real and not try to twist what she did.” – CC1921, August 12, 2012, Kathy’s Bravo Blog

Kathy Wakile’s Mother and Teresa Giudice’s Mother Are Not Blood Relatives, So Their Recipes Are Different ‘Family Recipes’

Kathy Wakile’s mother and Teresa Giudice’s mother are not blood relatives, so Kathy’s mother’s ‘family recipes’ are not Teresa’s mother’s ‘family recipes’. In other words, Teresa’s mother and Kathy’s mother are NOT sisters, so the recipes are NOT from the same grandmother or mother. The blood relation is between Kathy’s mom and Teresa’s father, who are brother and sister.

On July 17, 2012, Teresa said on her Bravo blog, Dreams Come True:

“Kathy’s mom is my dad’s sister and as you know, they didn’t grow up together either.”

Kathy has no blood relation to Teresa’s mother. Kathy and Teresa are blood relatives because of Teresa’ father, who is the brother of Kathy’s mother.

For Kathy to imply that recipes in Teresa’s cookbook are from her mother (at a book signing in front of fans) is a lie and an attempt to ruin Teresa’s reputation and discredit her cookbooks so that she can market her own. Teresa has always said that the recipes in her cookbooks were passed down to her by her mother, who is not a blood relative to Kathy, her mother or her grandmother.

“What in the world is Kathy doing? I’m trying to figure out what would possess her to come to my book signing (Finally, by the way! I’ve been having them for two years right near her house… First thing she hosts though, and I’m there!) and suggest the recipes were her mother’s. First of all, you can tell she never read the book at all since she points out pizelle cookies which don’t even have a recipe in the book (I use store bought for a quick kid ice cream sandwich dessert). Then she keeps pointing to pictures and saying ‘my mom’s, my mom’s.’ Who does that? I don’t know why she wants people to think our moms are related and somehow I’m using her mom’s recipes. Our mothers aren’t related by blood, they didn’t grow up together, and her mom didn’t even grow up with my dad, her brother. And no, we’ve never baked together. And yes, I can bake. Always have. I’m not trying to be the Cake Boss, but I think I can make a cupcake! I’m also pretty sure my mom’s not the only Italian grandma with a cookie recipe, but my mom’s is the one I use.” [Teresa Giudice, July 24, 2012, The Knitting Circle]

In season 4 episode 13, Kathy indirectly accused Teresa of stealing family recipes for her own financial gain: Kathy commented during Teresa’s book signing that the cookies in her cookbook were actually her own mother’s recipe (this was the first book signing of Teresa’s that Kathy ever attended even though Teresa had been doing them for two years at that point). It is important to note that the cookbook does not have a pizzelle recipe: the photo Kathy was looking at was for a recipe that uses store-bought cookies for a ‘quick kid ice cream sandwich dessert’. The fact is, Kathy went to Teresa’s cookbook signing and pointed out that certain recipes in Teresa’s cookbook were her mother’s, and now she is backpedaling and denying her accusations.

“Kathy, for starters, when you appeared on Andy live, even Andy Cohen said it ever so gently…that it was a passive aggressive comment that you made toward Teresa’s recipe in the cookbook… and you did not seem to happy about that. So I have to agree with Andy and the majority of the viewers: it was a passive aggressive comment. In the Collins English dictionary, the meaning of the term passive aggressive is this: of or relating to a personality that harbours aggressive emotions while behaving in a calm or detached manner. Sound familiar? And as far as the dig Teresa made to you about no one buying a dessert cookbook… well she made that comment after you accused her and her mother of stealing your mother’s recipes.” – Debbieinmissouricitytx, July 27, 2012, Kathy’s Bravo Blog

Kathy told Celebuzz on July 23, 2012, that she didn’t mean to imply that Teresa stole her mother’s recipes:

“I don’t know why she took it as if I was inferring that [the recipes were stolen], because that wasn’t what I was doing. I wanted to support her. I wanted to be happy for her and support her at her book signing. I was so happy and proud of her that she’s got another book out there.”

On the show, Teresa called the comments “a cheap, passive aggressive shot.” Of course, Kathy disagreed. Kathy told Celebuzz:

“Sister-in-laws share recipes [Kathy’s mom and Teresa’s mom are SILs]; it’s not that big of a deal. I don’t know why [Teresa] would bring it to that level. Nobody has heard that anything was stolen on my end. You know, that’s crazy.”

Teresa later insisted that the recipes were her mother’s recipes and not her aunt’s, but Wakile says that arguing over the recipes seems silly.

“The bottom line is if you Google a cookie recipe, a basic simple cookie recipe, it could be the same recipe with a different ingredient here and there,” Kathy points out. “It’s not like it’s reinventing the wheel here.”

In her July 25, 2012, Bravo blog, True Beauty, for episode 13, Jacqueline said that Teresa’s mom called Kathy’s mom for her cookie recipe. And during episode 14, Melissa told Teresa that Kathy said the same thing to her, that Teresa’s mom called Kathy’s mom for her recipe and then Teresa put it in her cookbook.

During season 4 episode 14, during their walk on the beach, Melissa told Teresa:

“She said your mom called her up and asked her for that recipe. (Teresa: “No”.) And her mom gave it to your mom and then you put it in the book… (Teresa: “Now?! She didn’t tell me that last night.”)”

Then in her talking head interview, Melissa said about Teresa and Kathy’s recipe-stealing allegation:

“Ridiculous. It’s stupid, and I think Teresa just needs to let it go. Let’s face it. Her mother and her father are brother and sister, so it may very well be one of her recipes. And what’s the big deal it it is?”

Melissa, Kathy, Jacqueline and Caroline are a bunch of lying hypocrites.

“Kathy may have noticed that her mom’s recipe that Teresa’s mom had called and asked her for was added to Teresa’s cookbook, but I don’t think there were any hard feelings from Kathy for it being in there. It just seemed like an observation.” [Jacqueline Laurita, July 25, 2012, ‘True Beauty’]

“Well the truth came out on last night’s episode; and if you caught the scene where Teresa and Melissa walk on the beach and have a talk, that’s when Melissa blabbed it without realizing it (no surprise there, lol). Anyhow, Teresa brought up when Kathy made the comment at her book signing about it being HER mom’s. Remember Kathy denied that she never meant it to be accusatory and said she was actualy giving Teresa “props”? Well, when Teresa mentioned it Melissa responded that Kathy told her that it indeed was her mom’s recipe and that as a matter of fact Teresa’s mom called her and asked her for it years ago. Why would Melissa say such a thing if Kathy had not told her that? Kathy a martyr you aint sweetie. Don’t you and your husband always accuse Teresa of not being real? I’m no great Teresa fan but, come on, stop being so darn jealous all the time.” [charbyswife, July 30, 2012, Kathy’s Bravo Blog]

Kathy does not mention in her Bravo blog for episode 14 anything about the conversation Melissa had with Teresa on the beach about Kathy’s cookie comments:the same day Kathy had been complaining that Teresa used her mom’s recipes, Melissa said Kathy claimed that Teresa’s mother called Kathy’s mother for the recipes. Melissa used that conversation to get that accusation out there on tape. With that, any protestation of innocence is false. Kathy cannot claim she was making no such assertion while simultaneously whining to Melissa with her claim that the recipes were her mother’s cookies.” [Cajsa, August 1, 2012,]

“Kathy tries to clear up that she never said they were her mothers ‘recipes’, but then says in her blog that her mother always shared her recipes with her sister-in-laws. What exactly is she trying to do? Clearly her intentions are to create ambiguity around the authenticity of Teresa’s cookbook. She is trying to damage Teresa’s livelihood. If the recipes were from Kathy’s own mother, everyone knows FULL WELL that Kathy would be shouting it from the rooftops!!! Since she knows they are NOT, she trys to play around with what words she used. But then goes on in the next paragraph of her blog and tries to create confusion again. To me that shows the level of hatred she has for Teresa. Why doesn’t Kathy come right out and state unequivocally that the recipes did not come from her mother? Because she is the passive aggressive “not nice” person that Teresa said she is.” [CatCan, August 1, 2012,]

In her July 24, 2012, Bravo blog, Say Cheese, for episode 13, Melissa said that “most families pass recipes down, most come from a grandmother, and they both have the same grandmother, so let’s just say it’s a family recipe.” However, their mothers are not blood relatives and Teresa’s maternal grandmother is not related to Kathy; therefore, the grandmothers are not the same.

“As far as the recipe goes, whether it’s Kathy’s mom’s or Teresa’s mom’s just seems silly to me. They are one family; their parents are brother and sister. They are the whole family’s recipe. Most families pass recipes down, most come from a grandmother, and they both have the same grandmother. So come on ladies, let’s just say it’s a family recipe! Done!” – Melissa Gorga, July 24, 2012, ‘Say Cheese’

But Kathy said “my mother’s cookies” and Teresa has clearly said the recipes come from her mother’s side of the family, so Kathy is lying because her mother is not a blood relative of Teresa’s mother.

“Standard recipes like chocolate chip cookies or brownies are in every cookbook and I guarantee many are exactly the same. You don’t see Betty Crocker rising up from the grave and pointing fingers. If she’s talking about pastries made in every Italian home, does she really think the recipe her mother is using is 100% original? So unless Kathy’s mom is an extraordinary pastry chef who put an original twist on the cookies, she should really pipe down.” [jerseygirl, August 1, 2012,]