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Proof the Gorgas Lied About Being Sick When Joe’s Father Was Hospitalized, Plus They Lied About Driving Him to the Hospital; Bravo Tells the Marco Sisters They Are “Too Ugly and Negative” for TV

July 25, 2013 664 comments

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FW reader Autumn (@AutumnLeaves61) sent me the photo above from Melissa’s Facebook page which proves that Joe and Melissa Gorga were lying about being sick when Joe’s father became so ill late Saturday night, January 5, 2013, that he had to be rushed by ambulance to the hospital (per Joe’s mother in season 5 episode 3).

On that night, Melissa posted the photo of the two of them out on the town with the tag, “Happy Saturday Night!” So the Gorga’s story that Joe was sick with the stomach flu and Melissa had a sore throat when Joe’s father was rushed to the hospital is a complete lie conjured up to protect themselves from blame and criticism.

This is the real story: After partying that Saturday night, Joe was in no condition (he probably was too tired, wasted or hungover) to drive his father to the hospital when his mother called in the early morning hours, but he didn’t want to tell her that, so he said he was sick. Since season 5 was taping at the time, they had to come up with stories, and act them out on camera, to cover their asses.

Joe and Melissa lied about being sick because they knew that Joe would look bad for not driving his father to the hospital and Melissa would look bad for waiting four days to visit him in ICU.

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When Kim D confronted Melissa at Gia’s birthday party in season 5 episode 3, she asked Melissa if she visited her father-in-law in the hospital, and Melissa told Kim D she visited him the next day. Teresa overheard her and stepped in to clarify that it was four days later. Caught off guard and unable to keep her lies straight, Melissa said Joe drove his dad to the hospital at 3 AM that Saturday night.

To make matters worse, Melissa gave an interview on June 23, 2013, with The Hollywood Reporter and said:

“My husband was the one who rushed him to the hospital” [Melissa is labeling Joe’s mother a liar]. He got up in the middle of the night. Teresa was not there that night. My husband was, and he was coming down with something.”

Just five days earlier, in her June 17th Bravo blog, Melissa worded her story a little differently, saying:

“On Sunday at 3:00 AM, my mother-in-law called us to say Joe’s father couldn’t breathe. Joe didn’t hesitate. He got up and rushed to the hospital.”

Notice the subtle difference and intentional vagueness of her words: she told The Hollywood Reporter that “my husband was the one who rushed him to the hospital,” but wrote in her blog that “Joe got up and rushed to the hospital.”

Apparently, in November 2012, Joe Gorga did drive his father to the hospital for his scheduled pacemaker surgery (photo below) – Melissa thinks she is being slick by substituting this scheduled hospital stay in November 2012 with an emergency visit in January 2013.

Only a pathological liar would give an interview and flat out lie about an incident which was clearly recorded and televised during episode 3 (Teresa’s mother told her that she called an ambulance at 4 AM because Joe was sick too).

Click on the link below for the full updated article (originally published on June 17, 2013):

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In an unrelated story, Bravo has decided the Marco sisters are too “ugly and negative” for TV. According to BlindGossip:

“For the past couple of seasons, Don Caro and Ashlee’s Mother and Stripper and Cannoli thought that if they teamed up against Teresa, that that they could bump her out and replace her with their own family members. Well, that plan didn’t work out for them. First of all, Teresa is the freaking star of RHONJ! She is the one who rakes in the viewers and the advertising dollars. Secondly, the entire plot of the show is about the Juicys fighting the Gorgons in an intergalactic space battle. They’re not going to kick off the Juicys just to make room for some more Gorgons. Finally, The Gorgonettes (Melissa’s sisters) hold absolutely no appeal for Real Housewives producers. So, back off, Gorgonettes! The producers don’t want you or your ‘ugly and negative’ Bumpits!”

Back on September 17, 2012, in a FW exclusive, a former post production supervisor for RHONJ said the same thing about the Marco sisters when asked if Bravo had considered casting them for season 5:

“No, no, we get what they try and do on twitter and it takes the sparkle off the series; they won’t be housewives anytime soon.”

ExMarcoSistersFan, who used to tweet on behalf of the Marco sisters, told Faux Reality Entertainment on May 4, 2013, that Melissa’s sister Kim said they expected to be on the show by next season:

“Kim told me that she and Lysa expected to be on the show by next season. They told me they would be taking Teresa and Kathy’s place. So we should show our support by tweeting about them too… Kim and Lysa want to be on the show so bad they both work on losing weight and getting plastic surgery like Melissa, but they are so ugly on the inside. I have the messages saved so I can prove everything.”

Another source told FW in April 2013 that Kim and Lysa are obsessed with the show:

“I have been told on good authority, and this has come from Kim (Melissa’s sister), that Kim was heartbroken when Melissa decided to ‘follow her dreams of being a singer’ because it is completely untrue. The footage you have seen of Melissa singing as a little girl is just that, a little girl being a girl. Her dream was never to sing. It was actually her sister Kim’s dream! Kim was devastated because she can actually sing and can sing very well, much much better than Melissa. I heard this before from a friend [edited out], but heard it again from another reliable source recently, so I truly believe that it is truth. [Edited out] Scottie Simpson (Lysa’s husband) hates the show and thinks that it has caused nothing but drama, and he really doesn’t want anything to do with it, but his wife (Lysa) is obsessed with it and would love to be on the show.”