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Does Joe Gorga Abuse Steroids?

March 23, 2013 66 comments


Here is what we know about Joe Gorga after two seasons on RHONJ:

  • He disrespects his parents, especially his mother.
  • He called his sister “garbage” and told her to “walk the f*ck away” at his son’s christening.
  • He later called his sister a “f*cking bitch” in front of her children and his children at a family pool party.
  • He treats his wife like his personal prostitute and claimed on camera that her “owns” her (Melissa said “everything he owns is for sale”; Joe retorted, “everything but his kids is for sale”).
  • He called his daughter a “cock blocker.”

Is Joe a misogynist whose aggression has been heightened because of steroid use?

Joe Gorga Before (Season 3) and After Steroids (Season 5)
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He has beefed up since season 3 (see photos above), and he could be experiencing roid rage. In the Gorga’s very first episode (season 3 episode 1), there is a weird scene with Joe Gorga and his parents at his son’s christening in their very first episode, but this could be attributed to drinking and drugs other than steroids (according to a former RHONJ post production supervisor, Joe was doing more than just drinking at the christening):

We hear Joe Gorga say: “Mom, you are cold, cold, so cold!”

His father chides him, and Joe Gorga is screaming at his father: “I’m your son, remember that! I’m your son!”

Joe’s father says to him: “And I’m proud of you.” But then he says: “Eh, you want to listen to me? Go cry to your mother. You only think about yourself.”

Joe Gorga turns back to his father and screams: “You’re my father! You’re my father!”

Joe’s father attempts to make his way to his son, but it looks like he’s getting a little roughed up, too. Joe Gorga finally tracks down his father in the hallway and tells him that Joe Giudice is garbage.


About 13 minutes into the video above, “Turning Point with Frank MacKay” (taped in 2012):

Joe Giudice says there was a big change when Teresa’s family came on, trash talking her. Teresa and Joe both say that her family wouldn’t have done it if they weren’t on camera. And they say that they never treated her like that before coming on national TV. Joe says he used to get mad about it, but now he just feels sorry for them for doing that to their family. Teresa said it was a stab in the back, and her parents were very upset about it, especially after seeing what happened at the christening… her parents don’t even want to be on the show anymore, they want no part of it.

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Some Known Potential Side Effects of a Anabolic Steroid Use:

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