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New Trailer for RHONJ Season 5 — More Scripted Than Ever!

May 3, 2013 187 comments

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Us Weekly has an exclusive on the release of the new trailer for RHONJ season 5 (see video below). From the looks of it, it’s a repeat of seasons 3 and 4, with the bickering between Teresa and Melissa and Teresa and Jacqueline continuing. It looks and sounds totally scripted. They are playing their parts well. Such good employees!

In the trailer, Milania, on a bus or train, in front of the entire cast (photos above, with Melissa’s reaction), climbs on a pole and says:

“I’m Melissa, I’m going on the pole!”

Quotes from the trailer include the following:

“Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before it gets better,” Melissa says in her testimonial.

“I do regret things that I’ve done,” Teresa tells her brother Joe.

While navigating an obstacle course, Teresa tells Melissa, “After this, we’ll never fight again.”

“We have to meet each other halfway if we’re ever going to make this work,” Teresa says in her testimonial.

Of course, after therapy sessions for the entire cast in Lake George, NJ, a Teresa and Melissa reunion appears to be short-lived (see the trailer at the link below for clips of their therapy). In the trailer, we see Melissa get on her knees and beg Teresa to “stop hurting us!”, and then we see Joe Gorga charge at Joe Giudice, who easily tosses him into the wall (photos below).

“We’re asking you like this, on our fricking knees, please stop hurting us!,” Melissa screams at Teresa.

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Us Weekly, Bravo’s mouthpiece, reports:

When the ‘On Display’ singer is accused of cheating on her husband, Joe Gorga loses his cool. As a result, alliances begin to shift. “Teresa said you don’t know the real Melissa,” Caroline Manzo says. “You know what? Maybe I don’t.”

When Teresa calls Kathy Wakile and blames Jacqueline Laurita for getting her involved in Melissa’s alleged affair, Laurita grabs her pal’s phone. “Are you talking over me because you’re guilty because you asked me to call out Melissa and I wouldn’t do it?” she shouts at Teresa.

Melissa later gets down on her knees and pleads with Teresa to “stop hurting” her family by spreading rumors about Melissa’s past. (In another scene, one of Teresa’s three daughters climbs onto a stripper pole and proclaims, “I’m Melissa!”)

Teresa and Joe Gorga’s father’s health is in decline, putting them in an even more uncomfortable position. “You don’t want your father to die and not see his kids together,” Manzo tells her frenemy. In the most dramatic scene, Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice come to blows at a family gathering — and Melissa gets caught in the fray.

Manzo and Wakile come clean about their marriage problems.

The trailer shows Melissa dancing like a stripper (photo below); and there is a scene where Jennifer Dalton, Bravo-paid “friend of Housewife” Teresa (a Fame-whorgas’ source says Jennifer was paid $20,000 to be the go-between), tells Melissa that someone is saying she is cheating on Joe:

“Somebody said that you’ve been cheating on your husband.”

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Yadda, yadda, yadda… it’s all Teresa’s fault! Maybe Teresa is OK with being made the villain. But the sad thing is, it upsets the fans and gets them worked up into a frenzy (this must be Bravo’s plan: the fans will want to remedy the situation by buying Teresa’s products). We need to remember it is faked and staged, edited and out of sequence (with some really bad acting), and they are all in it for the money!

“I have a theory. I think Teresa and Bravo have a deal that it’s okay to keep Teresa as the bad guy. Look, here is a whole blog (FW) against Melissa and Joe. When someone is victimized, as is plain to see with Teresa, more people come to their side. More people means more fans, more sales, etc. I’m sure Bravo gets a cut of Teresa’s profits because they helped launch her little empire. In order to keep that train rolling, there has to be drama surrounding Teresa or else no one would watch the show or buy her products. At times, it becomes really bad for Teresa — and I am a Tre fan and I feel for her — but remember, she had a huge bankruptcy to iron out and all this drama brings money to her debt. Most of the show is fake too: they shoot and re-shoot fights, tell the housewives what to bring up, etc., so it makes me wonder about some of the other drama. I believe the whole issue with Melissa’s past is true and the recent fight was real, etc., but much is set up. I may be wrong, but I wonder why Teresa would go through all of this crap just for a small chunk of change. She must be getting quite a bit more than any other housewife in the entire franchise to keep this train rolling, and she needs it. So I hope she can stay strong through all the mud that may be coming with a bad edit, but I think she knew ahead of time — she must have known that they were going to do this to her, and it’s all for the money. If I’m wrong, and Bravo really hates Teresa — and she is being set up again and she’s not getting tons of money for the pain — then, wow, poor Teresa, what a fool.” – corky21, April 4, 2013, Fame-Whorgas

The new trailer is embedded above or watch it at the link below:


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