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Monica Chacon, Kim G, Kim Hiza and Tom Murro’s Connection to the Gorgas and Wakiles and to Each Other

September 4, 2013 516 comments

kim hiza

Kim G and Monica Chacon sat at a table with Kathy, Melissa and Melissa’s sisters at the Posche fashion show (PFS) in season 3 episode 2 (photos below). This was at the very beginning of the Gorgas’ and Wakiles’ first season – how did they get so close to Kim G so quickly? Because they had known her for a while, although earlier in the same episode Melissa and Kathy pretended to have met her for the first time at the Posche boutique (first photo below), where Kim G said to them about Teresa, “She doesn’t know who she’s messing with,” and neither of them defended Teresa or were shocked by the statement.

kim g 10

When Teresa saw Kim G sit down at Melissa’s table at the PFS, she asked Jacqueline and Caroline: “Why is Kim G talking to my sister-in-law? It’s just weird that my sister-in-law’s friends with her.”

kim g 13

kim g 14

kim g 16

In the same episode (season 3 episode 2), before the PFS, Kim G came over to Melissa’s home (photo below), and they went clubbing on Halloween, Kathy included – Melissa and Kathy talked smack about Teresa with Kim G the entire time.

Bob and Kim Hiza are mortgage brokers who were credited in season 3 as being the Gorgas’ accountants, but in reality Bob Hiza co-owns with Joe Gorga at least 10 low-end properties in Paterson, NJ.

The Gorgas and Wakiles dined with the Hizas in their home during season 3 episode 6, at which time they talked about the Giudices’ bankruptcy – the Hizas snarked on their impending remediation auction and called Teresa “rude,” while Kathy commented on Teresa’s shopping habits by saying, “Mindless spending will catch up with you eventually.”

Kim Hiza, Kim G and Monica Chacon attended the Gorgas’ 2010 Christmas party in season 3 episode 10 (photos below). The producers invited Monica and Kim G unbeknownst to the Giudices but Melissa was fully aware that they would be attending, even though she feigned knowing Monica at the time. Teresa became upset that Monica was there because earlier that day she had a confrontation with her at the courthouse during a break in a fraud case that Juicy’s former business partner had filed against him.

kim hiza 8

“Teresa’s bankruptcy was exposed by Danielle at the 1st Posche fashion show when she said Teresa’s house was in foreclosure (Melissa, Kim G or Monica fed Danielle this information, which was a lie). After that episode aired, the wave of articles on the web and in the magazines started. Monica Chacon, whose husband was the lawyer representing Joe Giudice’s partner, fed a lot of dirt to Kim G; she, in turn, fed it to Danielle and the bloggers. When they were ready to film season 3, Teresa was forced to talk about it because the producers invited Monica to the 2nd Posche Fashion show (season 3 episode 2 – she sat with Melissa and her sisters) and the Gorgas’ Christmas party (season 3 episode 10 – she came with Kim G). Remember when Monica introduced herself to Melissa and Kathy as the lawyer suing Teresa. Let’s not forget, the Wakiles and the Gorgas were asked to be on the show if they would address Teresa’s personnel finances.” [Lee, May 15, 2012,]

“We [Melissa and I] did never meet; however, it was because I wouldn’t allow that to happen. She wanted to film during season 2, and she thought it would be a good way to get back at Teresa. And I said I wanted absolutely monica 3nothing to do with that; however, I would forward all her e-mails, which were a lot, to the producers, which I did. Which is how, after two seasons of her being behind the scenes — on camera but behind the scenes — she all the sudden became a person of interest and that’s how she landed on the show. Um, I think that it would be good for her to just come clean. I wanted nothing to do with what she wanted to do to Teresa. It’s not my place. I don’t play with that. Karma has a return policy and it isn’t an exchange.” [Danielle Staub, WWHL, September 9, 2013]

No matter how intelligent you try to come across in your blogs, I cannot get over how you allow other people to dog and disrespect your family, mainly Teresa & her husband (season 3 episode 6, dinner at the Hizas’). First, in Poshe you allowed Kim to talk about Teresa and didn’t defend your cousin, and then again in last night’s episode you sat by idly as the Hizas talked about Teresa and her problems – only her brother had the decency to defend the honor of his family, while you and Melissa just sat there complacently while these two business associates/”friends” tried to snicker about the Guidice’s personal affairs. Many viewers have made this observation and I will reiterate it too – you and Melissa are both probably great women in your own right. But neither of you are doing yourselves favors by trashing your family on TV – just makes you look bad. Looks bad in your blogs too. Keep the skeletons in your closet – and when in public, put on good face about your family. We all have family problems, all of us, but I would never allow strangers or business associates to dog my family in front of my face like that – makes YOU look bad, not the Giudices. [ColoradoViewer, Kathy’s Bravo blog, June 20, 2011]

The worst thing about Melissa is that she’s dumb in a boring way, not a funny way (aside from the “wench like me” line, which was even funnier because she sang it!). Melissa clearly needs this conflict to continue if she wants a storyline, though, and she drives me crazy when she fusses that Teresa doesn’t care, insists Joe get it sorted out, and then rebuffs any apologies. Maybe she wants Teresa to apologize while hooked to a polygraph. The only solution she desires is unconditional acceptance of her, and that won’t work either. Sometimes there’s only room for one tacky bitch per family, and Teresa got there first. Melissa will have to settle for being the tacky bitch-in-waiting. Maybe Kim Hiza didn’t need a plate of food because she feasts on the miseries of others? [foucault, TWP, June 20, 2011]

The following are Kim Granatell’s tweets directed at Teresa after the 39-count federal indictment was handed down on July 29, 2013.

Kim G's Tweets
Kim G's Tweets

Kim G’s Friend, Monica Chacon, Says She’s Been Working with Federal Investigators for Four Years to Nab the Giudices

July 30, 2013 429 comments


After the story broke that Joe and Teresa Giudice were indicted for fraud and released on $500,000 bond each, Kim Granatell (Kim G) — who is Kim D’s sister-in-law — celebrated by poking fun of Teresa on Twitter. Her hatred for Teresa stems from Teresa joking during RHONJ season 2 about Kim’s “old lady butt crack” on the stripper pole with Danielle Staub. Teresa also referred to Kim as “elderly” and called her “Kim Grannytell.”

The following are Kim G’s tweets directed at Teresa on July 30, 2013:

@Teresa_Giudice in jail without makeup-SCARY! Mascara is a toothbrush dipped in ink, eyeliner is a #2 pencil @realitytea @celebritymagnet

The Do’s and Don’t list. Coming live from a real prison inmate @teresaguidice @realitytea @celebritymagnet @swimmie2009

Stay tuned for my Helpful Hints for being in prison. @celebritymagnet @swimmie2009 @realitytea @bravoandy

Btw @teresaguidice II have an Orange Hermes Birkin bag to match your orange jumpsuit. @celebritymagnet @jaclaurita @realitytea

Teresa, make sure you stock up on toilet paper. U r only allowed one roll per week in prison. @celebritymagnet @realitytea @bravoandy

God is good. Finally, justice shall prevail

No toenail clippers in prison @Teresa_Giudice so start chewing @Realitytea @celebritymagnet @NaughtyNiceRob @HuffPostCeleb @swimmie2009

@Teresa_Giudice Get ready-Only 5 articles of clothing washed over + over, watch out for broom handles, hope U like bologna @celebritymagnet

@Teresa_Giudice Your ugly 1000 count sheets will soon be like gauze + your stolen @PaylessShoes will be slip-on sneakers @celebritymagnet

Hey Tom, @Teresa_Giudice will be wearing pants that read INMATE instead of FABULOUS @celebritymagnet @JacLaurita @PageSix @Realitytea

Kim G tagged self-proclaimed “celebrity magnet” Tom Murro (her good friend, pictured with her above, who is also a friend of the Manzos and Lauritas), tagged Reality Tea, and Jacqueline Laurita in her tweets — tagging Jacqueline speaks volumes.

Kim G is Jacqueline’s friend and neighbor — could Jacqueline have been helping Monica Chacon and the federal investigators? During the taping of season 4, Jacqueline and the other cast members tried very hard to get Teresa to admit to being paid for magazine covers and articles and consistently asked her about financial matters when Bravo’s cameras were rolling.

Below are Kim G’s tweets to Jacqueline on October 20, 2011, where she says, “So glad Jacqueline, myself and Tom Murro converse everyday… oh, I forgot, Monica too!”


Update July 31, 2013: Kim G included Danielle Staub in one of her tweets on July 31, 2013, and Danielle replied back, “Keep my name out of your filth”:

Kim Granatell ‏@Kimgranatell
@Teresa_Giudice – I know @daniellestaub is celebrating, rightfully so. @celebritymagnet @radar_online @OKMagazine @usweekly @BravoAndy
9:05 AM – 31 Jul 13

danielle staub ‏@daniellestaub 2h
@realmrhousewife @Kimgranatell keep my name out of your filth
11:26 AM – 31 Jul 13

Kim Granatell ‏@Kimgranatell 2h
@daniellestaub Since when did you reform? I own you rent. @celebritymagnet @Realitytea @swimmie2009 @radar_online @TMZ
11:41 AM – 31 Jul 13

Update July 31, 2013: On July 31, 2013, Jacqueline called out Kim G for her tweets directed at Teresa:

Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita
Hey @Kimgranatell ! I haven’t seen you in 2 years,U have been MIA, until now. U r very vocal. I know you never…

Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita
Hey @Kimgranatell ! I haven’t seen you in 2 years,U have been MIA, until now. U r very vocal. I know you never cared…

Kim G’s friend Monica Chacon (seated far right in the photo below) told RadarOnline on July 30, 2013, that she has been working with federal investigators over the past four years to nab the Giudices (so would that make her a snitch, rat, narc, fink?).


Monica’s husband, William Saracino of Totowa, NJ, is the attorney for Joe Giudice’s former business partner, Joseph Mastropole, who sued Joe and Teresa in 2007 for $260,000, the debt due in a business divorce agreement. Mastropole accused Juicy of forging his signature on documents to discharge a mortgage on property they jointly owned for the purpose of refinancing the property to garner funds (Juicy admitted in court to forging his signature).

Juicy forged Mastropole’s signature on the discharge of a mortgage for 17 Webster Place, and in June 2007, refinanced the mortgage on the property, whereby a preexisting $994,565 Astoria Federal mortgage was replaced with $1,675,000 of Dominion mortgages.

Juicy admitted that he forged the signature but testified that on any occasion Mastropole had authorized him to sign his name to documents (on camera in season 4, Juicy said he had his implied permission to do so, or something to that effect), which Mastropole denied, testifying that Juicy signed his name without his knowledge or authorization. Juicy also admitted during his testimony to forging the notary’s signature and the notary seal.

Juicy was found liable in court for the debt in the amount of $255,000 (Juicy went to Mastropole at some time in December 2007 and gave him a $5,000 payment, attributed by Mastropole to relate to an earlier vehicle transaction, but credited against the $260,000 debt by the awarding court in the judgment of October 23, 2009).

The judge wrote: “The Giudice forgery under the circumstances established in this proceeding leads to the clear conclusion that J. Giudice defrauded Mastropole. That conclusion justifies excepting Mastropole’s claim from any bankruptcy discharge of J. Giudice which might eventuate.”

Public records show that there is still an open judgment of $255,000, meaning he has not paid Mastropole.

You can read the opinion letter on the case here, which was written by the bankruptcy judge (at the time the case was before the court, in December 2010, Juicy had not withdrawn his bankruptcy petition, and Mastropole was suing so that the debt due him would be excepted from bankruptcy discharge). The letter is very damning against Juicy. The judge writes: “The extraordinary web of lies and misrepresentations woven by Giudice to implement and cover his misconduct reflects on his approach to business matters, and suggests his disregard for legal restraints which would bind others.”

Update July 31, 2013: Monica spoke with RadarOnline again on July 31, 2013, and said the following about the Giudices:

According to attorney Monica Chacon, who represented Joe’s former business partner Joe Mastropole in a 2007 fraud case, Joe allegedly used “gang” tactics to intimidate her and her client.

“Someone blew out seven windows at our office the same day we filed in court,” she claims. “They were shooting slingshots with marbles. Of course we didn’t catch Joe doing it, but my and my husband’s office and Joe Mastropole’s office were both targeted the same day we filed in court. It wasn’t a coincidence.”

“You see a lot of different types of people when you’re a lawyer, but these two … I don’t know if they’re just that dumb, or if they’re crazy smart.”

“They just don’t care!” Chacon says. “They do what they want, and they say what they want, and figure that someday they’ll deal with the implications.”

“Even Al Capone didn’t go down for murdering people, he went down for tax evasion!” Chacon laughs.

But despite rumors, she says that Joe and Teresa definitely don’t have mafia ties.

“They have an inner-city, gang mentality,” Chacon explains. “They’re like people who have nothing to lose. That’s what you’re dealing with. It’s crazy.”

The following is an excerpt from the July 30, 2013 RadarOnline article where Monica says she has been working with the feds to nab the Guidices.

A lawyer who worked to have them found liable for fraud back in 2007 tells that she feels vindicated — and even a little bit pleased.

“It does feel good,” attorney Monica Chacon tells exclusively. Chacon represented Joe’s former business partner Joe Mastropole when he sued Giudice for fraud in 2007.

“The work we put in to make sure the judge recognized they were committing fraud ultimately resulted in them withdrawing their petition [and tipping off the feds],” she explains. “It’s been a long road.”

In fact, Chacon says, she’s been aiding federal investigators in their work to nab the Giudices for years. “Our office has had calls from some federal agencies over the past four years,” she reveals. “You don’t think it’s gonna come to anything and then finally [it happens].”

Still, she says, “Teresa and Joe’s true day of reckoning is yet to come. The federal case is still ongoing. To actual vindication, I think it will be a long road.”

“But finally it feels like people are opening their eyes to the situation after so many years,” Chacon says. “Little by little, the truth is starting to come out. They’re starting to show who they really are and what they are about.”

“Everybody around her knows they’re sleazy,” Chacon insists. “I think that their fans must be from anywhere but New Jersey!”

Monica was Kim G’s guest at the Gorga’s Christmas party in their home during season 3 episode 10 (photos below) — she introduced herself as “the lawyer suing Teresa.” She is the “lawyer” the Gorgas like to boast about kicking out of the party to appease Teresa — Teresa was upset that Monica was there, in her brother’s house, because the two had a verbal altercation at the court house earlier that day.

According to an insider, both Bravo and Melissa invited Monica to the party, although, during the episode, Melissa denied even knowing her.

During season 3 episode 10 (Melissa’s Christmas party), Melissa first claimed, “I don’t even know who the woman [Monica] is, so why is she in my house?” Then she feigned surprise recognition when Kim G said to Melissa, “Say ‘hi’ to Monica again.” Melissa quickly regrouped and said, “I think I met you at the fashion show.”



Lets flashback to some older articles at FW where Monica Chacon is mentioned. The following are excerpts from those articles.