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The Gorgas Say They Are ‘Party People’ and Melissa Is a ‘Fondler’

December 10, 2012 112 comments

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Joe Gorga Called Kim D a “Coke-Whore” and a “Dirty Ass F-cking Whore” During Season 4

Joe Gorga called Kim D a “dirty ass f-cking whore” and a “coke-whore” at the Posche Fashion Show (PFS) season 4 finale (episode 20) on September 27, 2011, and told her a number of times to go sniff another line.

On November 29, 2011, Will Love said that Robyn Polay and Melissa set out on a smear campaign against Kim D:

“After Kim D simply expressed her loyalty and friendship to Teresa on multiple occasions, Melissa became furious with Kim. The fact that Kim simultaneously parted ways with Robyn [IlluminationPR, Melissa’s PR person at the time] did not help matters either. In retaliation for Kim being a free thinker, Robyn and Melissa began a well thought out smear campaign. I witnessed, at least during half-a-dozen events, Robyn and her friends speak of Kim D as a ‘coke addict,’ ‘drug user,’ and claimed Kim would be out of business within six months.”

Also in November 2011, Melissa was so enraged by Angelo Vrohidis’ interview with AllAboutTRH, where he declared Melissa worked for him at Lookers as a “dancer”, that she tweeted he was lying and had a drug problem (a tweet she later deleted).

Why did Melissa (during the season 4 PFS finale) try so desperately to get Joe to stop calling Kim D a coke-whore and telling her to “go sniff a line” … it was almost like she was afraid Kim D would come back at the Gorgas (on camera) with the same accusation? And then during the reunion special for season 4, Joe appeared really anxious when Kim D first walked out, interjecting almost immediately — before anything else could be discussed — his apology to her for the things he said at the PFS.

According to a former RHONJ post production supervisor, Joe Gorga was doing more than just drinking when he reacted the way he did at the Christening in the opening episode of season 3 (the Gorgas’ first appearance as new cast members):

“I’ll just say, first day shooting nerves can make some drink and others take…. I’ll leave it at that.”

According to an Anonymous E-mail Sent to StoopidHousewives in November 2011:

“Missy and Joe Gorga used hardcore drugs in the same party environment that their children were present in [multiple times].”

Furthermore, NM said on June 17, 2012, at Fame-Whorgas (The Truth About Melissa Gorga and Her Bravo Audition Tape):

“Joe Gorga called Kim D a Coke whore. Look at your own wife’s family JoeG & your cousins’ PD reports about drugs. We all live near each other. Albie & Greggy ARE VERY close! Caroline’s family is a complete mess. More needs to be exposed. Search hard and you will find the other police records. There is so much more that is hidden. #Fact – YOU’RE an open target when you become a public figure on The Telly! Teresa, you are a class act my dear. See you at your book signing. Melissa, I have had many a lunch dates with your sisters…Stop all the lies!…You never know how people talk when catching a buzz. Rich, you’re a slumlord…How’s the gas station doing? Caroline, I’m very glad Lauren got a lap-band. She’s very beautiful. Sad you trashed her on national TV. Wonder who I am? Don’t bother to send your investigators, I talk to you every week. Hmmmm…”

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The Gorgas Are Self-proclaimed “Party People”

Melissa has stated on camera several times that she and Joe are “party people”:

“We’re young and we’re fun. And that’s us. We party. That’s me and Joe.” – Melissa Gorga, Season 3 Episode 2

“Joe and I are ‘the’ Party People. We like to keep it classy but…yet…sexy at the same time. That’s what Joe and I do, that’s our motto.” – Melissa Gorga, Season 4 Episode 7

“It’s a party house…. It’s a party house” – Melissa Gorga, mother of three young children, during her guided tour of the Gorga’s shore house during season 4 (extra footage)

According to JerseyGirl, commenting at Fame-Whorgas on August 24, 2012:

“My roommate (the producer on WWHL) has gone out and had drinks with Melissa and they are the ‘party people’, kind of how they portray themselves on the show.”

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Joe Pushed Melissa During the Season 3 Christening, and Melissa Was Kicking into the Crowd That Had Gathered Around the Brawl — Producer Says the Fight Was Much Worse Than What Was Shown

If you have the opportunity to re-watch the Christening (season 3 episode 1), note that Joe Gorga forcefully shoves Melissa out of the way to get to Joe Giudice. And later in the episode, Melissa Gorga starts kicking into the crowd — the Marco Sisters were kicking and screaming like they were in a bar fight.

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According to a former RHONJ post production supervisor who was there that day:

“Well, I can say I was actually there that day. It was our first full day filming with a large team; we had been filming previous to that, but they were establishing shots. It was much worse than what was shown: the extended family didn’t want anything on camera, so what you don’t see is family members getting violent with the crew and grabbing their cameras and ripping microphone packs off and throwing them across the room. It was chaos.”

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Melissa Says She Is a Fondler, Especially of Women

During season 4 Melissa admitted that she likes to “fondle” Teresa (she playfully touched her boobs and butt while in the RV they shared during their trip to California). When Andy questioned her about it during the season 4 reunion special (part 2), she asserted:

“I’m a fondler. I’m a toucher. That’s who I am. Especially women, not men. That’s who I am.”

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Jamie Bauer allegedly was a former lesbian lover of Melissa starting in 1995, when the two were 16-year old teenagers in Florida. In the June 29, 2011 issue of the National Enquirer, Jamie said she had an 18-month relationship with Melissa, which ended when Jamie found out that Melissa cheated on her while Jamie was in jail for a probation violation:

“Melissa had one of the most insatiable sexual appetites I’d ever found in a woman… This domesticated family woman that fans see on ‘Bravo’ is definitely not the same wild child I used to share a bed with when we were younger.”

“We met one night at a house party and it was love at first sight… After we started dating, Melissa told me I was the first girl she’d ever been with. We managed to keep our relationship a secret from her mom for several months, even though I spent the night at their house several times a week and we’d sleep in the same bed… I’d sneak into Melissa’s bedroom window several times a week for sex.”

“When I got out [of jail], I found out she had cheated on me with another girl while I was away.”

Joe and Melissa Gorga, and Melissa’s Sisters and Their Husbands, Party Around Their Children

The party at the Gorga’s Jersey Shore ‘Frat House’ during season 4 episode 7 was not suitable for children, yet all the children were present while the adults were drinking, swearing, dirty-dancing, making-out and rough-housing in a dangerously-confined space with a huge bar, a very small deck surrounding a pool, and a dock without fencing.

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The children were essentially left ‘unattended’ because they were ‘attended’ by a bunch of drunks. If you party like that in front of your kids, don’t be surprised when they follow in your footsteps.

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What did Kathy and Richie Wakile tell their teenage daughter and son after witnessing their raunchy behavior: “Don’t get sloppy drunk like mommy and daddy”? And what was up with all the canisters of whipped cream?

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Antonia barely escaped injury (she spent the whole time dodging certain paralysis) when Joe Gorga threw Richie into the pool (in the photo above, she is crying while trying to swim safety away from Richie, who nearly landed on top of her).

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Here’s a video tour of the Gorga’s shore house given by Joe and Melissa (they felt the need to brag about their sexual exploits and Joe’s ‘manhood’) — in the video Melissa calls their shore house a “party house”:

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“I had met Melissa and Joe back in March when they were in Vegas doing an appearance at the Sugar Factory. After their appearance they went and partied at gallery nightclub which is in the same casino as Sugar. Anyways, I’m a bottle service cocktail waitress there and was assigned to their table. Me and another waitress actually. They had some other people with them including the cousin and her husband. Talk about a pervert and, believe me, we see tons of perverted guys in the club, but the guy with the glasses had the dirtiest language. Joe was also hitting on us, and Melissa would give him the dirtiest looks, but when he would try to put his hand on her leg or even try to kiss her she would pull away and look all disgusted. In person, she definitely feels like she has to be the best looking girl in the room, and being that there were so many hot girls around, she had a dirty look on her face most of the night. When I would ask her what else she would like to drink she wouldn’t even look at me and would answer with a snarky attitude. At one point she was asking the other waitress if she had another job, and my friend said that, no, she went to school. Melissa told her something about how that was a waste of time and she’d probably make more money as dancer. At one point, Melissa got up with the cousin and some other girl that was with them and went to the bathroom. That’s when Joe pulled me aside and asked if I knew where he could score some white. That is one the most common things that people ask for at clubs throughout Vegas but, of course, I said didn’t know a thing about it. When it came time for them to leave, being that all the bottles and drinks were comped because of their appearance at Sugar Factory, Joe handed me some money as a tip but Melissa grabbed it and took out some of it and handed it back to me. She leaned in his ear and said he gave me too much. Even the cousin looked at her and shook her head. Being that they didn’t have to pay a dime on their tab, you would think that a decent tip wouldn’t matter, but it just showed how much class that girl has.” – Heather, July 24, 2013, Fame-Whorgas