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Melissa Gorga Fights Traffic Citations for Her Bentley Borrowed from Emporio and Scammer Bobby Khan; Khan is Wanted by the FBI (Updated 4/18/2015)

May 1, 2013 260 comments

Kahn FBI poster

UPDATE 4/18/2015: Joe and Melissa Gorga’s car dealer is wanted by the FBI for fraud. The Bentley Melissa had been driving for the past few seasons came from his dealership. Afzal “Bobby” Khan and his dealership were featured on season 6 of RHONJ. The following is the description from his FBI poster:

Afzal Khan is wanted for allegedly defrauding customers and financial institutions while he was the owner of Emporio Motor Group, a car dealership in Ramsey, New Jersey. From approximately December 2013 to September 2014, Khan allegedly obtained loans for vehicles that were never delivered, obtained loans for vehicles without proper title, and issued insufficient funds checks. Khan also allegedly offered to sell vehicles on consignment and then neither returned the vehicles nor provided any funds for the vehicle sales. One financial institution has an estimated exposure of $1.7 million in automobile loans. Additional fraudulent loans, and approximately 75 individual victims, have also been identified. A federal arrest warrant was issued for Khan on October 21, 2014, by the United States District Court, District of New Jersey, Newark, New Jersey, after he was charged with wire fraud. The FBI is offering a reward of up to $20,000 for information leading to the arrest of Afzal Khan.

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According to the May 6, 2013 edition of The National Enquirer, as reported by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Melissa Gorga was pulled over in Boonton, NJ, driving a white Bentley, and issued five citations: speeding, no proof of registration, no proof of insurance, unclear license plates, and not having her child in a safety seat:

“She tried to talk the cop into letting her go, but the officer told her to relax because it was going to take a while to write all five of her tickets. Melissa had neither her registration or proof of insurance, her kid wasn’t in a child safety seat, and she had unclear license plates. Those things alone came with a fine of $598 and a court date set for this coming Tuesday [April 30]. While relatives have told Melissa just to pay it and move on, the tough mom of three thinks she can get the whole thing dropped and intends to put up a good fight. She insists that she wasn’t speeding and so when that is introduced to the judge they will throw out all of the other charges as well.”

According to a tweet from Julia Meade (@juliameadee) at 3:12 PM on April 30, 2013 (as reported by AllAboutTRH), Melissa was spotted in the Boonton courthouse on April 30th:

“Can’t believe I saw @melissagorga at boonton court today.”

Faux Reality Entertainment reported that Melissa pleaded guilty for failing to have proper safety restraint on a child, failing to have the vehicle inspected, and failing to properly display license plates — “the remaining violations were dismissed with court costs assessed against Melissa since she produced a registration and an insurance card for the prosecutor:”

“Missy appeared in court for what was supposed to be a first appearance to enter a plea. Due to the confrontation that Missy had with the police officer, the prosecutor indicated that he could not amend or dismiss any violations. Missy’s request to seal the record (so that it would not be available to the public) was rejected” [more at Faux Reality Entertainment].

Boonton, NJ is the location of a company that sued the Gorgas for failing to pay for the installation of a fire sprinkler and alarm system in a Paterson apartment complex. As reported by on September 9, 2010:

“Melissa Gorga owes a Boonton sprinkler company $50,000 for work on an apartment complex in Paterson, according to a lawsuit filed last week in Superior Court in Morris County. Gorga initially reneged on an agreement to pay nearly $300,000 for the installation of a fire sprinkler and alarm system at a Paterson apartment complex, the complaint said. The complaint accuses Gorga, her husband Guiseppe and their business, Gorga Enterprises Inc. of breach of contract and unjustly enriching themselves by misdeeds, among other things, by failing to pay for work performed by Bravante Automatic Sprinkler Corp.”

Based on tweets from Bobby Khan in August 2012, it seems like the Gorgas may have worked out a deal with Emporio Motor Group to get the Bentley at a discounted price, or as a loaner car, in exchange for using their “celebrity” to market the business (see photos and tweets below and at the end of this blog post):

s5 61f


It seems like the Gorgas worked out another deal with Bobby Kahn in 2014 to keep borrowing a Bentley by featuring him and his dealership on season 6 of RHONJ.

Emporio Motor Group was featured on season 6, episode 4, “A Hairy Situation” (photo below): Joe and Melissa met with Bobby Khan to get an estimate for repairs to the front bumper of the Bentley after Melissa had another fender bender.

Bobby Khan

According to on September 25, 2014:

Afzal “Bobby” Khan opened his luxury car dealership, Emporio Motor Group in Ramsey, 17 months ago with a lot of flash. Now, Khan is the subject of complaints by clients who say he owes them a lot of cash. A group of car sellers alleges Khan sold their pre-owned Porsches, Bentleys and BMWs on consignment and never paid them or transferred the titles.

The state Motor Vehicles Commission suspended Emporio’s dealership license Sept. 12 and the state Division of Consumer Affairs is investigating the complaints

Emporio clients said they arranged for Khan to sell their luxury vehicles on “consignment,” with no money changing hands until the cars were sold. They were later told that the vehicles had been sold, but the clients did not receive payment for them. In at least one case, a client is still paying off the car loan for a Porsche that Khan claimed to have sold, because the title is still in the client’s name. The client also hasn’t been paid by Khan.

The dealership appeared to be closed Thursday with a gate blocking the entrance.

When Emporio opened in April 2013, cast members of reality shows “The Real Housewives of New Jersey’’ and “Jersey Shore’’ posed next to $700,000 Lamborghinis at the launch party. Khan appeared on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey’’ this past summer, discussing the repair of a cast member’s Bentley.

According to a TV report on the story by WABC (click here to watch the video), Kim Granatell, who didn’t want to be identified but the voice in the video is unmistakably hers, also was scammed by the dealership:

“He’s a smooth operator, all flash and no cash.” This customer, who is actually a reality TV star says she was rooked by Emporio Motor Group too. “I don’t want or need the money, its about justice for all here and I have to help these people,” she said.

The reality show star says she found out the car she consigned to Emporio Motor Group was sold to someone in Florida. Yet she never got paid in full and they never got her title. “I don’t know how he’s getting away with it.”

Melissa, Jacqueline and Jenny Farley of MTV made an appearance at Emporio Motor Group’s showroom grand opening in Ramsey, NJ, on April 11, 2013:

“Bobby Khan celebrated the opening of his second Emporio Motor Group auto showroom in Ramsey last night with Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Melissa Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita and Jersey Shore star JWOWW.” []

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Back in November 2011, Emperio Motor Group hired Teresa Giudice to unveil the Zenvo $1.8 million sports car (if the November 12, 2011 article by is correct):

“Those who have an affinity for flashy women and flashier cars will be able to get their fix next week. On Wednesday, the Emporio Motor Group in Jersey City will be unveiling the Zenvo ST-1 50S at the Liberty House in Jersey City. The event will be hosted by Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey fame. Only 15 models are available in the world, and of them, only three are reserved for the U.S. market. All three are exclusively sold by the Emporio Motor Group. And for those who can afford the $1.8 million price tag, buyers will also receive an Aspen Zenvo Watch valued at $49,000 as a bonus.” [, November 12, 2011, ‘Real Housewives’ star Teresa Giudice will help unveil $1.8M car in Jersey City]

However, Teresa was busy taping Celebrity Apprentice, so she handed if off to Melissa, who acted like it was her gig all along, tweeting:

“Looking forward to hosting tomorrow night’s unveiling of the countries most expensive car!! $1.8 million dollar @zenvousa”

Bobby Khan of Emporio Motor Group tweeted on November 19, 2011, that “Melissa was my first choice from day one”:

“Melissa Gorga was my choice from day one!… all the haters can shutup.”

After the event, the press did not mention that Teresa handed off the gig to Melissa because of a scheduling conflict with Celebrity Apprentice:

“Last night guests ventured to The Liberty House in Jersey City to cover the unveiling of the Zenvo ST-1 50s with Bravo TV’s New Jersey Housewife Melissa Gorga and her husband Joe Gorga. The event, hosted by The Emporio Motor Group, started with Jullian James singing his new single, ‘My Sweet Radio,’ as the Housewife showed off the 1.8 million dollar sports car. The car is only one of three being sold in the U.S. and the guests had cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and an up close look at the rare car.” [, November 17, 2011, The Emporio Motor Group Unveils The Zenvo]

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Bobby Khan appears to be a big fan of the Gorgas, tweeting them “Happy Anniversary” in August 2012, and telling them to “enjoy your new Bentley.” He tweeted Joe in October 2012, stating that Joe’s brand new Lamborghini just got detailed and would be delivered that Friday.

The Gorgas are driving Bentleys and Lamborhginis yet don’t pay their subcontractors and workers (click here for the story).

“Hey Joe, you are the biggest a$$, pay us the money you owe us for installing your elevator!” – Stephen Ferrara, Asst. Sales Manager at Standard elevator []

“Nice house I helped you build. Pay me the money you owe me bigshot.” – Scott Roberts, University of South Carolina []

The following are Bobby Khan’s tweets to Melissa over the past year and a half (ignore the timestamps, which are incorrect).