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Melissa Gorga’s Best Quotes and Lies (Updated 10/7/2012)

February 13, 2012 18 comments

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From Her Website

Prior to releasing her Lookers’ ‘pay register’ in December 2011 to prove she was only a bartender not a dancer, Gorga said on her website on September 30, 2011:

“I did bartend for a few weeks at a bikini bar while I was in college. My outfit was a tank top, shorts and sneakers… Even if I had been a dancer, I do not know why anyone would care 10 years later.”

In her Bravo blog on April 30, 2012, she changed her story to fit with the time frame of the pay register she released:

“I put myself through college with the help of my godfather and worked three jobs doing it. I was substitute teaching, working in a tanning salon, and bar tending one night a week.” [Melissa Gorga, Like a Prayer, April 30, 2012]

A few weeks earlier, on April 12, 2012, Melissa was interviewed by one of her favorite blogs, Reality Tea. She said Joe Gorga used to come see her when she was a bartender at Lookers Gentleman’s Club while in college. She also said she couldn’t remember when she graduated college (as if it was decades ago and her memory is failing her).

Reality Tea: So, the infamous “stripper rumors…” How did Joe and your family handle hearing those things about you? Was it stressful?

Melissa: “That, I have to say, was probably the least amount of stress. It was just so absurd. It was so ridiculous. Joe [Gorga] actually used to come see me when I bartended there. I bartended when I was in college.”

Reality Tea: Sadly Melissa couldn’t seem to remember when she graduated! Minor detail? Right?

Odd that Reality tea is only following @JacLaurita & @melissagorga, not hard to figure out who the “sources” are. #bitterbettys
27 April 2012

Editor’s Note: So which is it Melissa, did you work at a ‘bikini bar’ for a couple of months while in college or did you bartend/dance at the ‘gentleman’s club’ Lookers for at least a year, starting in 2003 when you were 24 years old, the year you met Joe Gorga. In season 3, episode 6, Joe made no mention that you were still in college when he met you, just that you were working three jobs and he promised you a ‘Pretty Women’ scenario, where he would put you on a pedestal and give you everything you wanted (so you wouldn’t have to work three jobs anymore, including the one in the sex industry).

The Gorgas are sticking to the story that she was working three jobs when Joe met her in 2003. And she is being more specific now, saying she ‘bartended’ one night per week to fit the time frame of the pay register she released to AllAboutTRH in December 2011. She told Reality Tea she can’t remember when she graduated college because it won’t match the Lookers’ pay register, which means she’ll be caught in another lie.

“The hooker claims she went to college. She’s not sure of the decade, but she’s almost positive she did attend.” [NYGirl, May 24, 2012,]

From Before She Married Joe

According to Teresa (season 3 reunion), Melissa told her and Kathy (when they were out together drinking in Hoboken and Melissa was a little buzzed): “I wasn’t stupid like my sisters; of course when I saw his house I was going to jump on that sh*t.” Melissa and Kathy attacked Teresa: Kathy claiming she said something other than that (but not actually denying that she said that as well) and Melissa denying it ever happened. Teresa then said: “The truth comes out when you’re drinking.”

From Before Season One Even Aired

Melissa posted anonymously in 2008 while season one was filming:

“One of the pathetic losers that are on this show, is a very close relative of mine. Don’t understand how that show chose her to be on tv. If anyone knows who I might be talking about, what an idiot, clueless mother and a housewive that has no idea what her husband does and who. She definitely needs a reality check.”

“I know one of “housewives” very well. Just from knowing some of the girls on this show I can see why Bravo didn’t pick woman with real money and class they picked the dumb ones with no class and charge cards, it makes for a better show. Why don’t they donate some money to chairty instead of worrying about out doing each other with material things.”

“I know the two sisters on the show and know a third housewive (not so much a housewive at home) I would love to see a show about their so called husbands. I know alot of ones’ husband and he definitely is not too involved with his wife and three kids. But what she don’t know, she will never have a clue about!!!!!!”

“Born and raised in Paterson and and then thinking that she has the wonderful life that these women so called have on this show. This is all just a show because that woman has nothing just a bunch of credit cards with a high balance!!!!!”

“I saw one of the housewives just recently. I don’t need to kiss anyones’ ass especially her. Don’t know wjat definition of beautiful, funny, entertaining your talking about and believe me no one is kissing her ass in this family. She came from nothing and now she thinks she’s living that perfect lifestyle. Believe me everyone in this family is laughing at her. She’s a mess!!!CLUELESS about life! Try having a conversation with her, “what a dumbass”

“FAMOUS” hahaha That’s great. Is that what you actually believe. Famous for WHAT!! And RICH – ER, even better, maybe Teresa should do a credit check on her husband and see how RICH there NOT!”

“One of them…the one that lives in Montville now used to live in a shit hole of a house in Lincoln Park with a mazaratti parked out front. Hmmmm can someone say dirty money. Yeah right ‘construction’ HA H”

“OMG!!! I love it, cant wait to see more, come on people, you gotta admit, these girls are a complete mess. You got the fat wife from the brownstone that needs hair extensions. Dina’s looking old. The wacko from Wayne, (her poor kids), and then Teresa, what is she gonna do when she finds out alllll the $ they owe people and they are gonna be looking for it after they see this show air! The only nice one is the sister in law. She don’t belong with those idiots!”

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Melissa Gorga Contacted Danielle Staub with the Offer to Befriend Her on the Show and Help Her Attack Teresa Guidice (Updated 6/12/2012)

February 8, 2012 1 comment

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The Marco Sisters Tweet or Retweet Negative Things About Teresa Giudice (Updated 9/10/2012)

February 8, 2012 2 comments

lysa simpson july 23 2009

Lysa Simpson, Melissa Gorga’s sister, was playing the fence. On July 23, 2009 she posted on Teresa’s Facebook page this comment:

“Lysa Marco-Simpson spent the weekend with Teresa and the kids at her shore house! was so much fun with all the starstruck people asking for pictures at the beach. then we went to her house for spaghetti!” – Lysa Marco-Simpson, July 23, 2009 at 6:22 am, Facebook

lisa tweets 1

Remember, Teresa said at little Joey’s christening that Lysa had confided in her complaints about Melissa, and then Lysa shouted at her: “There’s only one side; don’t get it twisted!” No wonder Teresa screamed to Jacqueline during their fight about how she can’t do anything right: “Hold the baby, don’t hold the baby!!!” What she meant was that first they complained that she didn’t come to the hospital to see the baby, then they complained at the christening that she was holding him and dancing with him. And first Lysa is her buddy-buddy, going to her shore house and facebooking it, and then Lysa hates her guts. The Marco sisters played Teresa big time.

The Marco sisters, acting on behalf of Melissa Marco Gorga, have spent the past year doing everything they can to slam Teresa Giudice. Many people saw them as harmless, at first, but following them made some see the light. The sisters, Kim Piriella and especially Lysa Simpson, the older one, frequently seen on the show, have been a poisonous presence on Twitter, interacting with the Manzos of course. People are catching on to Melissa’s game. [Absurd to Sublime, May 1, 2012]

None of this is a surprise to those of us that have known these people for years before Bravo ever had a show. Melissa’s sisters are called the witch’s of the North & East for a reason. We don’t bother with the ‘witch’ title for Melissa. She’s just called a bitch. Finally Caroline’s true colors are starting to be revealed & Jacqueline’s as well. And don’t think Kathy is any better. She follows Melissa, watches the behavior, engages in the behavior only behind the person’s back, and then tries to make herself look innocent. And her husband? God what scum he is. When Teresa was cast on the show, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing Melissa, her sisters and their husbands, and Kathy and her husband, call Teresa and her family names. It wasn’t just jealousy, it was hate. If Teresa is smart, she will stay far away from these people, family or not. I knew one day the truth about them would come out, and it’s about time. [Megan, November 30, 2011,]

Teresa’s castmates, their husbands, adult children, roommates of adult children, and sisters and makeup artists of castmates have been tweeting, blogging, using media appearances, and feeding gossip to tabloids and bloggers to take down Teresa. They have been relentless with the constant stream of criticism directed at Teresa, her husband and her children.

“@melissagorga you have been far to kind to Tre, she needs to give love and respect to receive it, her blog says it all #sosad” – Retweeted by Melissa Gorga, August 28, 2012

“Antonia is very blessed to have aunts like @LysaSimpson & @kimpirrella!! How can anyone deny Antonia, Gino, and Joey! It’s Teresa’s loss.” – Retweeted by Lysa Simpson, August 13, 2012, Twitter

“That’s the disgusting shit that makes me crazy! Why would anyone try to poison their mother against their own brother.” – Kim Pirrella, August 27, 2012, Twitter for iPad [in response to Melissa scathing blog accusing Teresa of turning the senior Gorgas against her because Caroline says that’s what she did]

“@melissagorga such a lovely blog. You truly care deeply for your husband and family and want the best for everyone! – – Retweeted by Melissa Gorga, August 27, 2012 [about the same blog where she rips Teresa apart]

“lol *sips her tea “@QueenzOfMedia: @kimpirrella i so fucking love you btw! lol” – Kim Pirrella, August 27, 2012, Twitter for iPad [in response to the lies and innuendo they print about Teresa Giudice with help from the Marco sisters]

“that’s what I heard too “@QueenzOfMedia: BLOOP! Joe just admitted to getting paid for magazines… #RHONJ…need i say more?” – Kim Pirrella, August 27, 2012, Twitter for iPad [in response to Joe Giudice telling Chris Laurita that they get paid by In Touch]

Autumnleaves6 cleared up with Andy Cohen the lie that Queenzofmedia spread on Twitter that Andy called Teresa’s fans scabby rabbies. Queenzofmedia do not have an inside source at Bravo. Their source is Melissa and her sisters (the Marcos).

Skylar & Grace Alexis, Twitter handle QueenzOfMedia, have ties to the Marcos, and they seem to hate the Giudices, and they have a bone to pick with Penny and Johnny Karagiorgis. So QueenzOfMedia would say almost anything to bring down the Giudices, as well as Penny and Johnny. Queenzofmedia are disinformation specialists. In other words, it’s all lies and innuendo, so you can’t believe anything they print. The Marco sisters are tight with them, and they suck up to Melissa (their faux celebrity).


“Guess what? Melissa Gorga is going to be on The Queenz of Media Thursday!” – QueenzofMedia, Retweeted by Melissa Gorga, September 8, 2012

“It’s obvious that Melissa isn’t interested in being a family. Perfect example is when she tweeted ‘when I say something I mean it! I am putting my all into the relationship with Teresa!’ What a piece of sh*t she is! If she was really serious about putting her all into the relationship with Teresa, she would not associate with a nasty blogger like QOM, nor would she allow her hairdresser and her skanky sisters, the Manzos, Lauritas, Wakiles, etc. to bash Teresa.” – TV Junkie, September 10, 2012, StoopidHousewives

“Melissa keeps saying she wants to mend things with Teresa. I want her to explain why in thee hell she is doing an interview today with the nasty lying queenzofmedia’s radio blog? That is about as low as low can be. Really. Queenz hates Teresa and is always bashing her.” – TV Junkie, September 13, 2012, StoopidHousewives

The cast gets their copies of the episodes at least five days before they air, and the episode with Joe using vulgarities against his wife was previewed by Bravo for two weeks before it aired (not the standard), so I think the cast got the tape more than two weeks before it aired, and Melissa gave the scoop to QoM, and QoM made up another lie to dupe people into believing they have an insider at Bravo (so then people will believe all their BS because they were right about the c-word scene).

Some are speculating that the vineyard scene was supposed to air in episode 15 so they would have gotten the tape the Wednesday before episode 15 premiered… the vineyard scene with Joe on the phone was cut from episode 15 and added to episode 16 because Teresa’s lawyers were trying to block Bravo from airing it (she did blog that she begged Bravo not to air it). This would explain why it was previewed at the end of episode 14 as being on “the next episode of RHONJ,” but actually didn’t air until episode 16.

People magazine had the full clip (even Bravo’s website didn’t preview the whole scene) at least a week before it aired, which didn’t make sense at the time, but now it doesthe cast already had their copies of episode 15 with the scene still in it (before the scene was cut and added to episode 16). So someone from the cast (Melissa) leaked the uncut tape (the full scene with Joe calling Teresa the c word) to QoM and to People.

So QoM didn’t have an inside scoop after all… the cast had already seen the scene on their uncut copies of episode 15 more than two weeks before it actually aired during episode 16… and Melissa gave it to QoM so they could scoop it and pretend they had a contact inside Bravo … that way everyone would start to pay attention to QofM and believe their BS because they must really have a Bravo insider as their source.

Melissa (and her sisters) continue to tweet or RT negative things, and Melissa mentions Teresa in every interview.

On a more pathetic note, Joe Gorga tweeted himself the night of June 9, 2012: he forgot that he was on his own account (instead of one of his other accounts he made to make himself look like an adoring fan):

mego 251

Melissa, Joey AND Kathy have been saying, tweeting, blogging, etc… about Teresa. For those saying that it’s sad the parents are taking side, you don’t think it hurts them to see their child and his wife publicly bashing/embarrassing their own flesh and blood on national TV? The parents siding with Teresa is enough evidence to prove what kind of person Melissa and Joey really are.

“I heard what Kim had to say on the show. She is Joey ‘real sister’. I have zero respect for Kim and Lysa due to their actions this past season and all of their tweets. All of the Marco sisters are a major part of the problem what destroyed a family and hurt Joe’s parents. Instead of Kim and Lysa getting a drunk Joe calmed down at the christening, they fueled the fire with their yelling and comments. The senior Gorga was hit and had heath problems so bad that the EMT had to be called. These are not people that I want to promote and waste my time listening to.” – old NJ girl

“You, your sisters, your husband, Rich, your buddy Gregg are the biggest cyerbullies. You started your bullying and comments before RHONJ was even airing. You kept it up until season 3 when you joined the show. Then you and your gang of relatives and friends retweeted every single nasty comment about Teresa that came you way. You continue to give interviews to every news agency, media source and blogger that are nothing but bashing of Teresa either outright or with your hidden digs. Why do you think it is acceptable for you to do it if it involves Teresa but not okay if someone does it to you. You need to learn to treat people the way you want to be treated. Treat everyone else with TRUE caring and honesty not the fake variety that you excel in. People are seeing the light.” – old NJ girl
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