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Andy Cohen Teases Fans by Hinting That Danielle Staub Could Be Returning to RHONJ; Bravo Leaks Details from RHONJ Season 4 Reunion

September 7, 2012 41 comments

Terra @terrad85 on September 3, 2012, tweeted this question to Andy Cohen:

“If you had to bring back one of the housewives, which one would it be? You may NOT #PleadTheFifth, sorry.”

Andy replied:

“Dina and Danielle!”

He then tweeted (to no one in specific):

“Truth is stranger than fiction. And I am reminded of that each and every day at Bravo! Good night.”

Terra replied:

“That’s very vague. Be more specific.”

But Andy didn’t respond.

This Twitter exchange between Andy and a fan fuels the rumors that Dina or Danielle, or maybe both, may be returning for season 5.

Andy tweeted a photo and comment on September 7, 2012 (see below), leading viewers to believe that taping for the reunion was in progress. Later that day, Andy tweeted:

“Just wrapped #RHONJ reunion. It was intense, funny, dramatic & VERY EMO. And I have Teresa’s bronzing glitter all over my suit sleeve!! … Man do I need a drink.”

Below are photos tweeted from the Borgato Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ, on the day the reunion special was taping.

Dina made an appearance on season 4 episode 18, which premiered Sunday, September 9, 2012, where she attends Teresa’s Fabellini Launch Party held on October 7, 2011.

Teresa appeared on WWHL after episode 18 premiered. On the WWHL After Show, Andy showed a comment that Teresa made about Danielle which didn’t make air from her one-on-one interview with him (which premiered August 26, 2012):

Teresa: Definitely love and light.

Andy: I’m just impressed that you quoted Danielle.

Teresa: I kinda, I don’t know, I kinda miss… not that I miss… you know what, she did do things to hurt me… not hurt me, she really didn’t hurt me. Look, I stuck by Jacqueline and Caroline, being loyal because they were telling me all this stuff about Danielle, and I really didn’t know Danielle.

Andy: So you’re feeling more of an alliance with Danielle, now, in the rear view mirror.

Teresa: Well, she knew a lot of things about Caroline and Jacqueline, and she, at the reunion show, she kept her mouth shut. She didn’t, you know, let it out. And, you know, that’s something to be said about that.

Danielle tweeted this response (which later was removed from her timeline):