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Penny Drossos Karagiorgis Tapes Scene with Joe and Melissa Gorga; Joe Gorga Defends Melissa Against Cheating Allegations; Teresa Giudice Calls Truce with Melissa Gorga; Joe and Teresa Giudice Double Date with Chris and Jacqueline Laurita (Updated 3/4/2013)

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@JohnnyTheGrk say it aint so.. You and ur wife are now team melissa and joe

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2:33 p.m. – Mar 3, 2013

On February 28, 2013, Joe and Melissa were photographed having a conversation with Penny Drossos, which suggested a reconciliation was in progress. In the photo above from, Penny is seen talking to the Gorgas at Chakra in Paramus. According to, “Melissa Gorga and her husband Joe Gorga stopped by with a few friends while filming a scene for the upcoming season of RHONJ.” [Click here for more photos from the event.]

A source told Fame-Whorgas that during the Bravo-arranged meeting Penny had with Joe and Melissa Gorga at Chakra in Paramus on February 28, 2013, Joe and Melissa were making accusations against Teresa in an attempt to get Penny to say that Teresa was complicit in arranging the phone call at the Holiday Posche Fashion on December 3, 2012, the call where a friend of Penny’s tells Teresa that he witnessed Melissa cheating on Joe Gorga. According to my source, Joe and Melissa told Penny that Teresa is calling her a stalker, and Penny, trying to protect Teresa while also defending herself against the accusations, took out her cell phone to show Joe that she has Teresa’s home phone number, cell number and text messages between them – Penny’s husband John communicated via text with Teresa during her run on the Celebrity Apprentice because he made a donation, and Teresa and Penny would communicate via text about event schedules and invitations. In addition, my source said Penny told Joe and Melissa that she’ll have to take up the accusations with Teressa; and, based on hearsay on Twitter, “it’s deemed accurate that Teresa called her a stalker, and Penny won’t stand for false accusations.”

Also, in a conversation that Penny had with Teresa about a week earlier, on February 18 at the Milania Hair Care launch party, Teresa asked Penny in front of Joe and Melissa, “Are we friends?” to which Penny replied, “We are cordial.” Teresa asked her what she meant, and Penny explained that they don’t go to each others homes, etc. and added, “We are acquaintances.” Teresa responded by saying, “Like when you come to my events,” and Penny interrupted her and said, “No, Teresa, when I come to the events you invite me to.” It seems that Teresa was trying to prove to Joe and Melissa that she was not speaking to Penny other than at the events Penny attended for season 5 but, according to my source, it can be proven that Teresa is misleading Joe and Melissa as well as others.

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On February 27, 2013, Life & Style reported, exclusively, that Joe Gorga is defending his wife against the cheating allegations. About Byran ‘Bulldog’ Bowen,’ the magazine reports that Joe said: “Ha, ha, ha” and explained, “If there were skeletons in my closet I would never have gone on the show.” He also told Life & Style: “The poor girl keeps getting all this abuse for no reason. They find a good mom with a good image, and it’s like, ‘How can we take her down’?” [It is odd that he said “my” closet instead of “my wife’s closet” since the cheating rumors are about her, not him.]

On February 28, 2013, Starcasm reported that Teresa Guidice and Melissa Gorga called a truce and that Joe Gorga is ready to move on too. Teresa was quoted as saying: “Everything is good” and “you have to let things go.” According to their source: “The two attended a cast retreat in Lake George, NY were they hashed things out and agreed to put the past in the past for the sake of their family — especially their children.” [The cast trip to Lake George was February 10-12, 2013 — click here for the season 5 shooting schedule.]

However, on February 15, 2013, just days after the cast returned from their trip to Lake George where they supposedly worked out their differences, Melissa retweeted the RumorFix article that blamed Teresa for Melissa’s cheating scandal:

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Furthermore, the February 28th Starcasm story contradicts a story by RumorFix on February 20, 2013. Acccording to RumorFix, they spoke exclusively to Joe Gorga, who said: “It’s a dirty situation right now.” He also said the women agreed to do another season of RHONJ together, but “they are not in a good place.” Joe stated that fans will see pictures of Melissa and Teresa posing together, but they are only doing photo ops for the show. “We’re family,” an emotional Joe told RumorFix. “She’s my blood, my sister … My heart is always open for her. When she’s really ready, without any of the bulls**t, I’m waiting for her.”

On a related topic, according to RadarOnline, Teresa and Joe Giudice recently double dated with Jacqueline and Chris Laurita, but it may all have been for show since it was taped by Bravo. Their source said: “Teresa knows what makes for good TV, and that is fighting. She’s been trying to get more people to be friendlier to her this season, but she knows she has to bring the drama for the ratings, and she’s definitely planning on doing that this season.”

Teresa Giudice Takes Phone Call from Melissa Gorga’s Past — Caller Claims Melissa Cheated on Joe

January 7, 2013 285 comments

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Based on topics brought up at the season 4 reunion, it looks like Bravo is going to reveal Melissa’s secrets (at least some of them) in season 5. However, based on information from insiders, it looks like Bravo Andy is going to use Teresa to reveal those secrets … just the way they used Teresa in season 4 to reveal Melissa’s secret that she worked as a ‘dancer’ at Lookers.

According to a former post production supervisor for RHONJ, the Posche Fashion Show (PFS) season 4 finale was packed with people from Melissa’s past all saying she ‘danced’, but all of that was left on the cutting room floor; and Melissa still to this day denies she ever ‘danced’ and continues to blame Teresa for setting her up (when Teresa had nothing to do with it and was simply Bravo’s pawn) — and the majority of viewers seem to believe this because of the way the producers edited the final episode (plus Melissa’s coverage in print media such as Us Weekly is positive — no stories about shoplifting, stripping, cheating, etc. or stories about her alleged bisexuality).

In season 5, producers instructed Kim D and Penny Drosso to bring up Melissa’s alleged cheating to Teresa, but this time Teresa knowingly and willingly went along with it — the producers are setting it up so that Teresa takes the fall, again.

According to an inside source, a scene was filmed at the season 5 holiday Posche Fashion Show on December 3, 2012, where Kim D and Penny approached Teresa with information about Melissa’s infidelity, and Teresa agreed to a phone call with someone named “Mike” who confirmed that Melissa cheated on Joe multiple times after they were married. However, the producers will edit it so that Melissa again can successfully deny the allegations by deflecting negative attention onto Teresa for trying to ruin her marriage and attack her character (“Why is my sister-in-law involved in spreading rumors about me?”).

Jacqueline, Caroline, Melissa and Kathy weren’t at the PFS by design, so how Bravo introduces this scene to them is a mystery for now, but Teresa certainly will be attacked by the cast for being part of it.

The producers can edit the footage to make it seem like Melissa is innocent of cheating on Joe and that Teresa is simply out for revenge and trying to destroy her brother’s happy marriage because her marriage is so unhappy (with other footage implying that the real cheater is Joe Giudice).

Why would the producers do this? Is it because Andy hates the Giudices? It seems like he does because they are the ones who have been portrayed in the most negative light consistently for two seasons, while Melissa has been able to deny everything and pretend she and Joe are the perfect couple.

With Melissa’s advice book on marriage backing up that storyline, it is unlikely that Bravo will let Melissa’s fake image be completely tarnished in season 5… maybe they decided to wait until season 6 when Teresa is no longer on the show to expose Melissa (perhaps she’ll have her own spinoff or be imprisoned for money fraud), because without Teresa, Melissa doesn’t have much of a storyline — and then maybe in season 6 they will do to Melissa what they spent three seasons doing to Teresa.

That’s how things are looking now, but the producers could change everything using editing and production tricks like scenes out of sequence, voice overs, crafted dialogue, and coached testimonials (THs).

Had Teresa left the show after season 4, Bravo would have had no choice but to go after Melissa (and, of course, wouldn’t have been able to use Teresa to do it), because other than playing the victimized sister-in-law, Melissa’s only other storyline is that of the obedient wife in a happy marriage (who wants to be a pop star on the side) — and this storyline is weak at best.

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