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John and Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis Were Ambushed by RHONJ Production and Cast at Posche 2; JohnnyTheGrk Never Tweeted About the Lauritas’ Son Nicholas; Melissa Gorga Lip Syncs at XL106.7

September 21, 2013 293 comments

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“Finally, you get to meet my music manager Johnny Wright! I have to admit, my nerves got the better of me when I was singing ‘Never Let Me Go’ in my studio for Johnny and Justin Thorne, the songwriter and producer. Johnny is the real deal. He’s worked with Britney, ‘N Sync, Justin Timberlake, Akon, and The Jonas Brothers. I really wanted to impress him. The fact that he’s interested in me at all was so exciting — and terrifying. I had a lot riding on that recording session. It got better once I got over my nerves, trust me, or he would have walked out and never looked back. When Johnny suggested my going to Orlando for vocal coaching, I was all for it. I’d never had any formal training and have just used what I’ve got. I’ll take any expert advice I can get! My attitude is, I’m grateful for every minute of Johnny’s guidance. I’m happy to learn and ready to go! Thanks, Johnny and Justin, for your faith in me.” – Melissa Gorga, Penny’s Not a Reliable Source, September 16, 2013

Although FW will no longer be giving scoops or doing research on the Housewives, the blog is still a forum for you to discuss their shenanigans and the fakeness of the show and other things of interest. Once the season is over, FW will be covering new topics – I’m open to suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to let me know what you’re thinking! Until then, the following is a preview for episode 17 (the full episode should be comical since you get to hear Melissa sing a few notes live, with Joe admitting she doesn’t have the best voice)...

If you plan to amuse yourself by watching the remaining two episodes (and the season 5 reunion special, which premieres on October 6th – RumorFix reported that the 15-hour production was so boring that serious consideration is now underway as to who will return and who will NOT be invited back in season 6), remember that footage is shown out of sequence and most of it is fake (except the ambush on Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis and her husband John – everyone was in on that but them):

1. The Posche 2 grand opening at Moxie Salon was on March 30, 2013 (this is when Jacqueline and Caroline confront Penny, and then later Joe Gorga and the Lauritas assault Penny’s husband John).

2. Melissa and Joe went to Johnny Wright’s “compound” in Orlando, Florida on June 28, 2013, and this is also when Melissa sang live without autotune at XL106.7 (FW was the the first to report this on August 27, 2013) but all copies of her live performance have been removed from the internet since the video proves she can’t sing.

3. Melissa’s and Joe’s testimonials (THs) seen in the screen shots below were taped in July 2013, when Bravo decided they needed more scripted interviews for the revised ending to season 5.

UPDATE 11:00 PM EST: Commentary after watching season 5 episode 17.

Well, now we know why producers didn’t show the December 3, 2012 footage with Penny, Kim D and Teresa where she takes the phone call from Mike about Melissa cheating in the Sushi Lounge parking lot the summer of 2009.

It’s because they couldn’t ambush the Greeks if they had shown that, especially when it actually occurred, at the very beginning of season 5. It would explain that Teresa does indeed know Penny.

Teresa is an idiot for denying that she knows the Greeks. JohnnyTheGrk gave her a donation when she was raising money during her stint on the Celebrity Apprentice and he got her a gig at a family member’s business, which explains text messages between them.

And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the Greeks and Teresa all met at the season 4 Posche Fashion Show on September 27, 2011 (the season finale), if not earlier.

greeks 28
All of this is really no big deal, since producers are the ones behind it all, but it becomes a big deal because Teresa denies any involvement.

It’s all so ridiculous and a repeat of the season 4 finale, but this time it’s about cheating vs. stripping, and this time Bravo made sure the entire cast set out to takedown the Greeks.

This is the MO of RHONJ – the cast always has to be ganging up on somebody (seasons 1 & 2 it was Danielle, seasons 3 & 4 it was Teresa; and season 5 it’s the Greeks)! And this is why I hate this show – nothing but lies and deception and always a target for their fury when it should be directed at themselves for being low-down, dirty, rotten famewhores! Have some integrity people!

Caroline isn’t enraged because the Greeks “came between a family,” and she knows the Greeks didn’t say anything about the Lauritas or Manzos (at that time) – she’s trying to discredit the Greeks because she knows they can spill the tea on Al Manzo’s long-term affair with Jill (which Penny mentioned when Caroline got in her face at the Posche 2 grand opening in the Moxie Salon, but Caroline ranted and raved until the producers agreed to edit it out). And they all think the Greeks are behind Fame-Whorgas, but nobody other than me is behind this blog!

They are blaming the Greeks for the blogs about the Lauritas exploiting autism – NEWSFLASH! – they had nothing to do with it! And Chris and Jacqueline know the Greeks never said anything about Nicholas not being autistic, which is why Jacqueline had to get drunk before approaching Penny with that big ole lie (fed to her by production and reinforced by Caroline because she needs to shutup Penny to keep her secrets hidden).

If JohnnyTheGrk had tweeted about Nicholas, Bravo would have shown the tweet.

autism 1
autism 2

They all are pretending they don’t know Penny (notice how Penny was smiling when Jacqueline approached and that Penny addressed her by name). Caroline and Jacqueline called Penny when they were in Arizona a week before the Posche 2 event, trying their hardest to upset Penny by telling her that Teresa was saying hurtful things about her. And the week before that, Joe Gorga and Rich Wakile met with Penny’s husband John to convince him that if Penny agreed to say Teresa put her up to revealing Melissa as a cheater, she could be on RHONJ next season. Just a few weeks before all of this, the Gorgas met with Penny at Chakra (a meeting arranged and filmed by production) to tell her that Teresa was calling her a stalker and telling everyone that she didn’t like her at all.

But psychological manipulation didn’t work on Penny, so they had to come up with a new plan.

The new plan was to convince Penny that they had all made up. The Wakiles were put in charge of hoodwinking the Greeks into believing this new plan, so they called Penny the night before the Posche 2 event, telling her that because Teresa told her to squash the rumors, they had all made up, and the cast wanted the Greeks to celebrate with them by coming to the event. Producers also called the Greeks numerous times to make sure they were coming.

When the Greeks got to the event, producers made Penny go into the party right away, but told her husband John that he had to wait outside with their friends until Penny was done (without further explanation). Of course, the reason he was made to wait outside was because the cast was inside ambushing Penny. When they were done with Penny, production brought in John, who was immediately confronted by Joe Gorga. Joe charged at John and started throwing punches, and Chris Laurita jumped in, throwing punches as well, all while John was being held back by security. Then Jacqueline stood on a chair, took off her stiletto-heeled shoe, and began to hit John in the head with it.

And that, my friends, is premeditated assault.

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Bryan ‏@bulldog_nj
@JohnnyTheGrk in the end truth will prevail n apologies will be given. 🙂 just know its always messy when fighting with the devil.
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9:43 PM – 22 Sep 13

Tracie Marie ‏@TracieMariBella
@Bravotv you were showing all of @JohnnyTheGrk other tweets where we’re the alleged ones of him attacking Nicks “fake autism” shame on you!
Retweeted by John Karagiorgis
9:28 PM – 22 Sep 13

Ex-Best Friend ‏@exxbestfriend
Where are @JohnnyTheGrk’s tweets about Nicholas @Bravotv? You had no problem showing other tweets on camera. #RHONJ #DidntHappen
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Nik ‏@IsleofJen
@JohnnyTheGrk never saw any tweet from you about kids or the Lauritas…
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8:55 PM – 22 Sep 13

CheyLuvsRosie ‏@CheyNOnlyChey
Never saw @JohnnyTheGrk say Lauritas were faking Autism But IMO it looks sketchy that Autism connection has helped promote BLK
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Faux Reality Ent ‏@FauxRealityE
So why did @RichardWakile & @KathyWakile spend an hour and half on phone with @JohnnyTheGrk & @PDKhair night before this party #RHONJ
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Krystle Sonia ‏@Krystle_Light
@Bravotv @Andy RT @FauxRealityE: So why did Siren make @JohnnyTheGrk wait outside for over an hour? #RHONJ
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TamaraTattles ‏@TamaraTattles
These people testified @JohnnyTheGrk was asked not to come? But they all talked about him coming on their way there?
9:09 PM – 22 Sep 13

John Karagiorgis ‏@JohnnyTheGrk
I will not lose my temper on Bullshit Lies!!! But you will all answer for these Bullshit accusations
8:40 PM – 22 Sep 13

PDK Fan ‏@KaragiorgisFan
@JohnnyTheGrk @PDKhair funny how those who accuse you of hiding behind a computer are the ones who hide behind bravo. Love ya guys!!
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Bryan ‏@bulldog_nj
@JohnnyTheGrk this guy would never make fun of an autism child but the Marcos make fun of me having a brain tumor. Where’s that?????

OldNJGirl ‏@OldNJlady
@kitbrown @AArater @melissagorga @Teresa_Giudice it is hard for anyone to watch this piece of crap show of lies and scripted nonsense
10:11 PM – 22 Sep 13

Arater & Melissa

Anthony Arater ‏@AArater
@AArater just a quick picture of @melissagorga N I… The Ex BF she Dsnt want u to know about, she is tryin so hard but it’s comin out soon
9:52 PM – 22 Sep 13

Vicky Soltero ‏@vickysoltero
@AArater – when are we going to hear your story ??
9:53 PM – 22 Sep 13

Anthony Arater ‏@AArater
@vickysoltero I already signed the contract, it’s on them fighting with @melissagorgas lawyers tryin to stop it
9:54 PM – 22 Sep 13

Anthony Arater ‏@AArater
@jeannie165V I have so many more!! Lol.. That’s me her n her cousin!! Lol… Wait til u read the letters!!!

Anthony Arater ‏@AArater
@JenGotClassNass hahahaha… She did a lot more then kiss!!!

Anthony Arater ‏@AArater
@kitbrown @melissagorga I wish I Cld write it to ppl right now!!!! I watch that show N just laugh!! She is so fake!

Anthony Arater ‏@AArater
@ar51305 theses ppl r so corny like I give a shit about 15 mins! She did what she did N that’s it!!
10:35 PM – 22 Sep 13

Anthony Arater ‏@AArater
@kitbrown @melissagorga that’s why I respect Theresa so much!! She see’s thru her!! Jus protecting her bro frm a pig
9:58 PM – 22 Sep 13

In Her Sex and Marriage Advice Book, Melissa Gorga Says Men Desire Her and Women Envy Her

August 3, 2013 538 comments

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“Looks like a bunch of bullshit so far and I only read first few lines. First chapter was hilarious… Knowing that those were the years we were the closest and I was never even mentioned!!Lol @melissagorga. They were still married, but Tonyaeco slept on couch lol. Used to be at house after school with Melissa, Lol, and his blankets and stuff were on the couch! They were splitting up. Ask your sister if she wants to read these letters to the media?? Or if I should read them? And the Valentines Day cards!! And I never existed… I would love to tell all of you right now, trust me, you would love it! Just doing it right so you all know it’s real!!! You will hear my side of the story! See the pics, letters from her, and everything! Just not on here! There’s plenty more!!! Trust me! You will hear!! Definitely not on Twitter, in the headlines. Yea @melissagorga better tell @joegorga to stop send me messages that he’s connected. Don’t make me lol, you got nothing. Yeah, I got the messages, they think their mobsters! Lol… Am I suppose to be scared! Make the threats public tuff guy.” – Anthony Arater (@AArater), August 4, 2013, Twitter

advice book

Macmillan publishers released chapter one of Melissa Gorga’s advice book on sex and marriage plus “a look inside” on (Table of Contents, First Pages, Index, Surprise Me!)

When reading chapter one (see excerpt below) keep in mind the following:

  • Melissa Gorga was born March 21, 1979.
  • According to sources, Melissa’s mother, Donna (who still goes by Donna Marco), divorced Melissa’s father and moved to Florida in 1995 with her new husband and 16-year-old Melissa.
  • According to Jamie Bauer, in Florida in 1995, when Melissa was 16 and a sophomore at Boca Raton High School, she began a 18-month lesbian relationship with her.
  • Melissa’s father, Anthony Marco, died in a car accident in New Jersey on March 29, 1996, a week after Melissa turned 18.
  • At the age of 18, Melissa was arrested on July 16, 1997, for shoplifting in Florida; she missed her arraignment hearing on October 6, 1997 so a bench warrant for failure to appear in court was issued
  • Melissa graduated from Boca Raton High School in 1998.
  • Melissa returned to Toms River, New Jersey, shortly after graduating high school, where she was active in the party scene, even after meeting Joe Gorga in Cancun in March 2003 (she began dating him in October 2003 and moved in with him in December 2003); she also was a student at New Jersey City University (she graduated in January 2004 and married Joe Gorga in August 2004).
  • Melissa’s shoplifting case was dismissed on October 10, 2012, when it was brought to the court’s attention by tabloids reporting on the story – a misdemeanor case prior to 2008 with no activity on it for five years can be dismissed by a simple administrative order.

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A Review by Ashley of Chapter One of Melissa’s Book
August 3, 2013 at 10:11 PM on Fame-Whorgas

Okay, well I have to say from a psychological point of view, it is fascinating to read what is so obviously made-up.

Momajackie, “When the fantasy world is held up to the real world, things just do not add up.”

Exactly, we’re talking about someone who literally is a sociopath, and when you have no conscience you have to fake it because of the dissociative disorder. She paints this storybook picture in the beginning with her parents marriage and the material things, good old-fashioned values – but her life was nothing like that. You don’t turn out three girls of such nasty disposition who came from this supposed idyllic childhood. Which is why she has to imagine, fantasize, what real people and real love is like to the outside world and then try and paint herself into this image that she never had and never was.

Of course it’s so over-the-top to a real person but MeHo isn’t capable of realizing it. In her mind, she’s writing what she wished she had, what others had and “pretending,” as she still is today but, because she doesn’t have the emotional capacity to feel what normal people do, she overcompensates in the imaginary life she wished she had.

The extreme of a rosy childhood (until she slips in the bad stuff), onto ALL the girls hated her in high school in New Jersey because she, as a freshman, made it onto the varsity cheerleading squad. She writes it like, naturally, everyone hated me. Then moves to Florida where EVERYONE hated her again, jealous of course???? Golly gee, what are the chances that every random teenager you come across takes one look at you and hates your guts. Then onto what a virginal, hard-to-get, angel she was and on and on. She prayed every night… no, she partied every night, but it sure would sound better if she wrote the former. Joe Gorga is the man of her dreams. Really, a pervert, the antithesis of a gentleman, robs his own parents, disrespects his own parents repeatedly as well as his only sibling, prone to violent rages, deep-seeded insecurities etc. Wow, what a dream come true. I would be mortified and hiding out if I married a man like that. Beyond disgusting.

Lies, upon lies upon lies. Her father had money but when he died we were broke because there were no contracts with his partners, and they left her family alone to starve? That’s why we have courts. She was always into fashion (Teresa, fashion degree, buyer for department store) and every man wanted her. Pure delusion – she was so insecure she whored herself out to whomever would return the favors with material things. Her pictures before the show clearly show she was no looker, sorry – if she had a wonderful soul and personality I would say differently. She is plain and WANTED to be the girl she describes because she was anything but.

Really fascinating and disturbing to be inside her head.

mego 77

“You couldn’t have just left as I had 1 serious boyfriend during ‘college’ lol could ya?! Thanks, you just added more pages to mine 🙂 Why Lie about all that? WHY!? Lol, this girl been drinking Crazy juice for way too long now… Did she really call me a frog lol. FRAUD ALERT! I would have left me out of that book!!! Lmao. I am going to have to write this out in a book. It’s just too many lies to answer lol. God my truth just got really interesting. Patience, it’s coming 😉 I mean, does this girl think people that know her weren’t gonna see this show & read this book. Does she think we moved to another planet? lmao” – Bryan ‏(@bulldog_nj), August 3, 2013, Twitter

The following is an excerpt from chapter one of Melissa’s book, Love Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage.

By Melissa Gorga
The First Man in My Life