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Mohegan Sun Falsely Advertises Melissa Gorga’s “Free Signing Event” – You Must Purchase Her Book to Gain Entry to Signing Line

September 12, 2013 217 comments

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“I just found a website, Pre-sale orders from Amazon of Melissa’s book, Love Italian Style, as of September 13, 2013 (both hardcover and kindle editions) total 244 copies. Obviously, it’s bound to be a NYTimes bestseller!” – Maj, September 13, 2013, Fame-Whorgas

According to, on Amazon as of September 15, 2013, Caroline Manzo has sold 612 copies of her book, Let Me Tell You Something, and Teresa Giudice has sold 424 copies of her latest cookbook, Fabulicious!: On the Grill (both hardcover and kindle editions).

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“I attend Rowan University in NJ right by Philadelphia. We have a Barnes & Noble on campus as our bookstore and they have been promoting Melissa Gorga’s book for weeks now. She is coming to sign on September 26th. Her book was listed as 20% off about a week ago when I was in there. Keep in mind this is a college book store, and almost as soon as you walk in, there is a display of her books. Why are they catering this book to us? Most of the college population on campus that use the book store are not married or thinking about marriage anytime soon. I will most definitely not attend this ‘signing’ because I believe we will have to purchase her book.”- North Jerz Girl, September 15, 2013, Fame-Whorgas

A Reality Check event at Mohegan Sun is advertising Melissa Gorga’s book signing on September 20, 2013, as a “free signing event;” however, a description of the event states that to gain entry to the signing line, you must have a bracelet, and to get the bracelet, you must purchase her book (the same was true when Caroline Manzo had her book signing at Mohegan Sun). So it isn’t a free signing event after all.

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From their website:

The Shops at Mohegan Sun
9:00PM – Free Signing Event *

Things are about to get spicy when Melissa Gorga, star of the hit Bravo TV show The Real Housewives of New Jersey, joins Mohegan Sun for a Reality Check event, signing her new steamy book, Love Italian Style, for fans.

* Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to time restrictions, signing personalization or personal photos for signing are prohibited. Melissa Gorga will only be signing her book, Love Italian Style. This event is bracelet-only. To receive bracelets, guests must purchase her book, Love Italian Style, at Spin Street. Books will be for sale starting at 10:00 AM on the day of the event. One bracelet per purchase. A limited amount of bracelets and books available. Participants must have a bracelet in order to gain entry into the signing line.

Last year, on October 16, 2012, Melissa Gorga appeared at Mohegan Sun as part of their 16-year anniversary celebration (video below). It was billed as a free Q&A and signing of her CDs.

In the past, Joe and Melissa hosted “meet and greets,” charging their fans around $70 each for an inexpensive dinner in addition to the price of her single on CD for signing.

For example, on January 22, 2012, Melissa and Joe hosted a meet and greet at Cafe Buonaros in Naperville, IL, and charged $67.62 per person (which included a $2.72 handling fee) for the event plus $10 for a CD of “On Display” for signing:

Meet and greet Melissa and Joe Gorga in Naperville, IL on January 22, 2012,  Melissa will be signing CD’s of her hit song “On Display” and both Melissa and Joe will be taking pictures and meeting their fans! Ticket price includes: Salad, an appetizer of Bruschetta and family-style Chicken Marley, and Baked Spaghetti, 2 glasses of wine and Italian Ice for dessert. All attendees will receive a gift bag. Melissa’s hit single “On Display” will be available for sale for $10.

In Her Sex and Marriage Advice Book, Melissa Gorga Says Men Desire Her and Women Envy Her

August 3, 2013 538 comments

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“Looks like a bunch of bullshit so far and I only read first few lines. First chapter was hilarious… Knowing that those were the years we were the closest and I was never even mentioned!!Lol @melissagorga. They were still married, but Tonyaeco slept on couch lol. Used to be at house after school with Melissa, Lol, and his blankets and stuff were on the couch! They were splitting up. Ask your sister if she wants to read these letters to the media?? Or if I should read them? And the Valentines Day cards!! And I never existed… I would love to tell all of you right now, trust me, you would love it! Just doing it right so you all know it’s real!!! You will hear my side of the story! See the pics, letters from her, and everything! Just not on here! There’s plenty more!!! Trust me! You will hear!! Definitely not on Twitter, in the headlines. Yea @melissagorga better tell @joegorga to stop send me messages that he’s connected. Don’t make me lol, you got nothing. Yeah, I got the messages, they think their mobsters! Lol… Am I suppose to be scared! Make the threats public tuff guy.” – Anthony Arater (@AArater), August 4, 2013, Twitter

advice book

Macmillan publishers released chapter one of Melissa Gorga’s advice book on sex and marriage plus “a look inside” on (Table of Contents, First Pages, Index, Surprise Me!)

When reading chapter one (see excerpt below) keep in mind the following:

  • Melissa Gorga was born March 21, 1979.
  • According to sources, Melissa’s mother, Donna (who still goes by Donna Marco), divorced Melissa’s father and moved to Florida in 1995 with her new husband and 16-year-old Melissa.
  • According to Jamie Bauer, in Florida in 1995, when Melissa was 16 and a sophomore at Boca Raton High School, she began a 18-month lesbian relationship with her.
  • Melissa’s father, Anthony Marco, died in a car accident in New Jersey on March 29, 1996, a week after Melissa turned 18.
  • At the age of 18, Melissa was arrested on July 16, 1997, for shoplifting in Florida; she missed her arraignment hearing on October 6, 1997 so a bench warrant for failure to appear in court was issued
  • Melissa graduated from Boca Raton High School in 1998.
  • Melissa returned to Toms River, New Jersey, shortly after graduating high school, where she was active in the party scene, even after meeting Joe Gorga in Cancun in March 2003 (she began dating him in October 2003 and moved in with him in December 2003); she also was a student at New Jersey City University (she graduated in January 2004 and married Joe Gorga in August 2004).
  • Melissa’s shoplifting case was dismissed on October 10, 2012, when it was brought to the court’s attention by tabloids reporting on the story – a misdemeanor case prior to 2008 with no activity on it for five years can be dismissed by a simple administrative order.

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A Review by Ashley of Chapter One of Melissa’s Book
August 3, 2013 at 10:11 PM on Fame-Whorgas

Okay, well I have to say from a psychological point of view, it is fascinating to read what is so obviously made-up.

Momajackie, “When the fantasy world is held up to the real world, things just do not add up.”

Exactly, we’re talking about someone who literally is a sociopath, and when you have no conscience you have to fake it because of the dissociative disorder. She paints this storybook picture in the beginning with her parents marriage and the material things, good old-fashioned values – but her life was nothing like that. You don’t turn out three girls of such nasty disposition who came from this supposed idyllic childhood. Which is why she has to imagine, fantasize, what real people and real love is like to the outside world and then try and paint herself into this image that she never had and never was.

Of course it’s so over-the-top to a real person but MeHo isn’t capable of realizing it. In her mind, she’s writing what she wished she had, what others had and “pretending,” as she still is today but, because she doesn’t have the emotional capacity to feel what normal people do, she overcompensates in the imaginary life she wished she had.

The extreme of a rosy childhood (until she slips in the bad stuff), onto ALL the girls hated her in high school in New Jersey because she, as a freshman, made it onto the varsity cheerleading squad. She writes it like, naturally, everyone hated me. Then moves to Florida where EVERYONE hated her again, jealous of course???? Golly gee, what are the chances that every random teenager you come across takes one look at you and hates your guts. Then onto what a virginal, hard-to-get, angel she was and on and on. She prayed every night… no, she partied every night, but it sure would sound better if she wrote the former. Joe Gorga is the man of her dreams. Really, a pervert, the antithesis of a gentleman, robs his own parents, disrespects his own parents repeatedly as well as his only sibling, prone to violent rages, deep-seeded insecurities etc. Wow, what a dream come true. I would be mortified and hiding out if I married a man like that. Beyond disgusting.

Lies, upon lies upon lies. Her father had money but when he died we were broke because there were no contracts with his partners, and they left her family alone to starve? That’s why we have courts. She was always into fashion (Teresa, fashion degree, buyer for department store) and every man wanted her. Pure delusion – she was so insecure she whored herself out to whomever would return the favors with material things. Her pictures before the show clearly show she was no looker, sorry – if she had a wonderful soul and personality I would say differently. She is plain and WANTED to be the girl she describes because she was anything but.

Really fascinating and disturbing to be inside her head.

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“You couldn’t have just left as I had 1 serious boyfriend during ‘college’ lol could ya?! Thanks, you just added more pages to mine 🙂 Why Lie about all that? WHY!? Lol, this girl been drinking Crazy juice for way too long now… Did she really call me a frog lol. FRAUD ALERT! I would have left me out of that book!!! Lmao. I am going to have to write this out in a book. It’s just too many lies to answer lol. God my truth just got really interesting. Patience, it’s coming 😉 I mean, does this girl think people that know her weren’t gonna see this show & read this book. Does she think we moved to another planet? lmao” – Bryan ‏(@bulldog_nj), August 3, 2013, Twitter

The following is an excerpt from chapter one of Melissa’s book, Love Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage.

By Melissa Gorga
The First Man in My Life

Insider Dishes on Melissa Gorga and Says Melissa Thinks Teresa Giudice is Behind Fame-Whorgas; Melissa Received a $300,000 Advance for Her Advice Book on Marriage (She Asked for $1 Million); Teresa Giudice’s Parents Wanted to Disown Melissa After She Accused Teresa of Calling Antonia Ugly

July 9, 2013 436 comments

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On July 6, 2013, Fame-Whorgas received the following e-mail.

I am writing to you regarding an article that RealityTea posted as an exclusive on July 3, 2013:

I would like for you to add to it by addressing other facts and issues.

I personally know the Gorgas, Wakiles and Giudices. I knew Melissa before I knew Teresa, so there are a few things I would like for you to address:

– Please address: Melissa is convinced that Teresa is behind FameWhorgas. Melissa can not seem to understand why someone would dedicate so much time to a blog about her – negatively!

Note from Fame: I am in no way affiliated with anyone on the show, including production. I have never had any contact with Teresa or any other cast member, their family members or friends. Teresa has nothing at all to do with this blog, and I am not part of any “army”!

Here is where the double standards comes in:

– Other blogs such as AllAboutTRH and Reality Tea – Melissa does not seem to understand that bloggers are merely giving their opinion; in other words; they call Melissa’s bluff and it drives Melissa crazy. She always says she knows it is Teresa behind it. Melissa does not see that these sites see how Melissa is so transparent!

Melissa will contact a blog and throw Teresa under the bus – exactly why people like yourself report what you do about Melissa!

– Speaking of… You all see through her transparent ways.

In one of Melissa’s Bravo Blogs last season, Melissa wrote ( I am paraphrasing here). “All I wanted was for my big sister [Teresa] to accept me.” That is a crock of shit. Yes, Melissa always envied Teresa. You saw for yourself how Melissa copied Teresa’s every move – down to the way Teresa had her original font on her website, among the million other things that Melissa copied off of Teresa. Caroline thinks Teresa should have been “flattered” or handled it better? Some would agree. However, despite the feuding that went on before Teresa was on the show, Melissa and her sisters were bashing and doing anything they could to sabotage Teresa. They went on blogs ridiculing Teresa. Lysa Simpon’s (notice the spelling) biggest mistake was signing her name to many of the comments. No one knew who Lysa was when the comments were made. You have posted the comments on your blog (Thank you!). No need to rehash.

– Melissa went out of her way to contact AllAboutTRH and tried to intimidate AllAboutTRH. The Gorgas and Wakiles were convinced that AllAboutTRH worked for Teresa.

Have you noticed every time an “fan” account pops up it never lasts long?, MarcoSisters, GorgaArmy, MelissaFans, etc? It is the demands they set forth. Melissa and her sisters cannot seem to understand when someone volunteers, or is even paid, people do not want to bash family members for them (Melissa and her sisters have paid or promised things in the past).

What is horrible about the Gorgas and Wakiles is they attempt to intimidate bloggers when the truth is reported. Makes them look worse. Their PR tried to tell them, but when you are trying to restore your reputation and have things to hide, that is how one acts. did not get enough hits to qualify for ads, so they asked Melissa and her sisters if they could be paid until they build up traffic. You know how that went. But Lysa (again) promised to have them on the show. Lysa needs to stop making promises she cannot keep and needs to understand not everyone wants to be on camera. GorgaFans did not live near NJ – they live on the West Coast – and that is not what they wanted. They have families to support and blogging a fan site takes time. GorgaFans received more negative comments than it did good. Imagine running a fan site and getting negative comments constantly. Melissa and her sisters (the sisters are not Gorgas but, as always, have their hands in everything) wanted them to post everything they were doing, down to buying a family a hotel room during the Sandy disaster. The GorgaFans advised it was not a good idea because Melissa and Joe were getting enough grief for only helping people for attention. Melissa and her sisters wanted GorgaFans to attack anyone back who spoke negative about Melissa or them! GorgaFans did not want to handle things in that manner. GorgaFans advised them to simply ignore.

The main contributor at GorgaFans still cares for Melissa, so do not be surprised if she retracts – they had her sign a contract because of the falling out of a twitter fan account.

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– Melissa wants Teresa to take blame for all the family problems while Melissa takes no responsibility. Have you noticed this season Melissa always excuses her behavior by saying, “I was giving Teresa a taste of her own medicine”? That is also complete bull shit. Reality: Melissa has always been this way. Melissa is great at playing the victim and manipulating the truth. You have covered these issues as well. (Thank you!)

– Melissa is the first to mention that Teresa’s marriage is fake – did you notice how angry Joe Gorga was when Joe Giudice said at the reunion, “Lets talk about how you met Melissa”?

Speaking of Joe Gorga! Where to begin? – Yes, Joe is on steroids.

– Melissa knows that Joe Gorga is insecure so she uses it to her advantage. It is really sad.

– Have you noticed how Joe whines about his and Teresa’s relationship, saying things like his heart is broken, constantly asking people to “talk” sense in to Teresa – but when it comes time for them to meet up, Joe treats Teresa like shit.

So your readers understand, the show is scripted to a point. Conversations are cut up as well. Here is an example: When Joe said he would start calling Melissa out on her behavior, that is not what Joe originally said. I know for a fact because someone who I speak to often was there.


Note from Fame: In the scene where Joe calls out Melissa on her behavior, Melissa’s hair is not as curly when she’s sitting on the bed typing on her laptop before Joe comes in to the room – when Joe enters the room and she hands the stack of clothes to Antonia as an excuse to get her out of the room so that Joe can call her out on the tweet about Teresa being the bankrupt one, it is curlier – so there was an obvious break in taping before they continued with the staged scene (a long enough break for Melissa to curl her hair). Hat tip to Longtimelistenerfirsttimecaller for pointing this out.

– Teresa and Melissa are encouraged to keep the drama going on and off season by staying in the tabloids. However, if you noticed when Teresa was in the tabloids last year, she was apologizing – but that upset everyone.

Note from Fame: Us Weekly publishes positive articles about Melissa; recently RadarOnline published a series of anti-Teresa articles (see the first comment to this article for links).

Melissa was saying things such as Joe Giudice hit on her and Teresa called Antonia ugly. That even threw BravoTV off. The “story” about Joe Giudice was funny.

When Teresa got on the show, Melissa started to wear extensions. Melissa’s hair was not that long then and still is not – if you re-watch Season 4 when they are at the shore house, Melissa has her hair pulled back in a bun; her bun is not full and you can see her natural Indian tail. You also can see her hair color is different colors in different scenes. Bad editing, but it shows you how things are shown out of sequence.

Melissa changed the way she dressed, stopped associating with people who she thought would not fit the “Reality TV Mold”. So, if you saw Melissa pre-RHONJ, lets just say, Joe Giudice was not interested. Joe Giudice never cared for Melissa – Joe Giudice never cared for Melissa because of the problems she started in the family.

As far as Teresa calling Antonia ugly? Teresa explained that well in her blog. What your readers do not know is that Teresa’s parents wanted to disown Melissa after that. Hopefully BravoTV does not manipulate the scenes. It is things like this, that Melissa does, that causes problems. Melissa is the stem of all family problems.

Look how everyone on the show blames Teresa for everything. It’s jealousy. The Gorgas, Wakiles, Manzos and Lauritas are all using each other. It is hard for Teresa to watch as Melissa hangs out with Teresa’s old friends.

So you understand, Melissa is on FameWhorgas constantly. 🙂 Melissa has to read Joe the comments and posts. He can read things like text messages and tweets, but a whole post? No!

P.S. I forgot to mention that Melissa and Joe decided to shop a workout video when they heard Teresa was working on one. Here is the thing: you never heard Melissa mention a word about working out. Last season you saw how Teresa copied the lyrics of Survivor by Destiny Child on her blog. Teresa also mentioned in that blog post, as she did in her book, that she needs good workout music. Read the post again. Teresa has always worked out. Joe Gorga has always worked out as well, but Melissa would complain he spent more time at the gym than he did with her. And he smelled like sweat all the time. If you look at earlier pictures of Melissa, she is not as toned as she is now or as Teresa always has been. Melissa should just say, “As I get older, I realize I need to workout,” just as Teresa did with her first book – told the truth! Teresa said she never cooked before she and Juicy got married and that she wanted to share her family recipes.

Teresa making NYT best seller three times? Drives Caroline and Melissa nuts. Sad. Did you see Teresa laughing at the epic fail of Kathy’s cannoli kit ? Or her trash Kathy like Rich did on TV? Or laugh at Melissa for writing an “advice book”? No. Melissa had wanted to write a book for a while, however, the publishing companies were not offering what Melissa wanted – $1 million dollars!

Melissa got around $300,000 for this book up front. Get this: Melissa gushes that Teresa only got $250,000 for her first book. That was in a bad economy over five years ago. Not bad at all after only appearing on six episodes! Teresa had presented the book to publishers as the show aired. Contrary to Bethenny saying Teresa copied, Teresa started the book before the season aired and filmed. Teresa had also kept quiet about it because she did not know if anyone would publish it. So when Caroline and Jacqueline talked about a family cookbook, Teresa mentioned she was one writing one. Teresa did not copy. Teresa likes to be original.

Note from Fame: On July 8, 2013, StoopidHousewives published a story from a source using the same term, “Reality TV Mold.”

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