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Giudices’ Homes Are in Foreclosure; Teresa Could Be Released from Prison to a Halfway House or Home Confinement by December 23, 2015; Teresa Sues Bankruptcy Attorney and Hires Leonard Law Group

January 5, 2015

giudice home additions

UPDATE 4/16/2015: On April 16, 2015, NJ.com reported that the bank which holds the mortgage on the Guidices’ Montville Township home started foreclosure proceedings against the couple, and that the couple’s other two homes are in pre-foreclosure:

Community Bank of Bergen County filed a notice of foreclosure in Morris County Superior Court Wednesday, April 15, on their Indian Lane property, according to court papers obtained by NJ Advance Media. The couple had returned to the mansion to the market this week with a $2.99 million listing price.

Community Bank was listed as one of the couple’s creditors in its 2010 bankruptcy filing, with a $1.7 million claim on the property. The couple eventually abandoned their bankruptcy claim after the trustee representing their creditors alleged they hid assets and income, which led to a federal prosecution that netted Teresa 15 months in prison and Joe 41 months. The trustee closed out the bankruptcy proceedings last year after only collecting $7,500; the end of the proceedings gave banks and other credits free reign to seek repayment.

The couple also had two other properties on the market since last year: a vacation home in Manahawkin and a modest three-bedroom home they rented out in Lincoln Park. But they pulled those homes off the market earlier this month. According to Zillow.com, the two homes are in pre-foreclosure, although there has been no notice of foreclosure for the Manahawkin home filed with Ocean County Superior Court. In May 2014, a mortgage holder on the Lincoln Park property filed a notice in Morris County Superior Court, but no further action has been taken.

Giudice shore house foreclosure

UPDATE 4/23/2015: NJ.com reported on April 20, 2015, that the Giudices’ 1,350 SF shore home at 49 Sylvia Lane in Manahawkin, NJ (Stafford Township), will be go to action on May 19, 2015 (see image above). According to the Giudices’ October 2009 bankruptcy filing, the couple took out three mortgages on the property, which they purchased for $347,000 in December 2005 (near the peak of the real estate bubble). America’s Servicing Company holds the first mortgage and initiated the foreclosure proceeding.

Shore House at 49 Sylvia Lane, Manahawkin, NJ (Amount Owed – $550,266):

  • 1st mortgage of $266,365 with America’s Servicing Co. (in Teresa’s name)
  • 2nd mortgage of $33,903 with Ocwen Loan Servicing (in Teresa’s name)
  • 3rd mortgage of $249,998 with Wachovia (in Teresa’s name)

6 Indian Lane, Towaco, NJ

giudices remove home from market

UPDATE 3/1/2015: On March 1, 2015, the Giudices took their home off the market. It was on the market for six months, with two price reductions of $500,000 each. According to RadarOnline, Teresa and Joe are planning to let the house go into foreclosure, and multiple sources have confirmed the plan to stop making mortgage payments on the home and allow the bank to take back the property. The Giudices also placed their vacation home in Manahawkin and a rental property in Lincoln Park on the market in September. The Lincoln Park property is in default and has also been removed from the market.

giudices home reduced 2

On January 5, 2015, Joe and Teresa Giudice, for the second time, reduced the asking price of their home in Montville/Towaco, NJ, by $500,000. The new price is $2,999,000. The first $500,000 price cut was on November 6, 2014, which lowered the price to $3,499,000. The original asking price was $3,999,000, about twice the home’s estimated market value (Zillow estimates the home to be worth $2,036,408). The Giudices have a $1.72 million mortgage on the property.

According to TMZ:

The latest cut brings the asking price to a relatively reasonable $2.99 million. Their realtor believes that should do the trick. Teresa and Joe are cash strapped after their conviction and they want to radically downsize.

On September 8, 2014, just weeks before their sentencing hearing, the Giudices listed their mansion for sale. They also put their shore house and a rental property in Lincoln Park, NJ on the market (click here and read the last comment for more details).

In October 2009, when the Giudices filed for bankruptcy protection, they briefly listed their home for sale for $3.99 million, but they pulled it from the market on June 11, 2010. They withdrew their bankruptcy petitions in late 2011 after the court determined they both committed fraud by failing to disclose all their assets.

Given the chance to respond to the Trustee’s allegations, Joe Giudice had a change of heart about his bankruptcy. When questioned about hiding the family’s assets, Joe chose to invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination; and, soon thereafter, he settled his dispute with the Trustee. [Source]

According to the consent order, Teresa agrees to waive discharge of her debts, and acknowledges that she wishes to resolve the Trustee’s proceedings against her “without the need for further inquiry or litigation, and without her making any further admissions.” [Source]

Since 2011, the Giudices have added the carport and detached garages (see photos above; click here for more photos of the home).

Teresa Giudice reported to federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut in the early morning hours of January 5, 2015, to begin her 15-month sentence for mortgage fraud and bankruptcy fraud.

teresa inmate info

While federal statute calls for an inmate to serve 85% of the sentence imposed, under BOP calculations the inmate will serve approximately 87.5% of their time. Under the Second Chance Act, an inmates may serve the last 10 percent of their sentence (up to six months) at a halfway house or on home incarceration. If Teresa earns her maximum of 60 days credit for “good conduct time,” she would serve 11 1/2 months in Danbury prison and then she would be released around December 23, 2015 to a halfway house or under house arrest to serve out the last 45 days of the 13 months to complete her sentence (15 months minus 60 days equals 13 months). Parole applies only if the sentence is for five years or longer.

When asked by Good Morning America about any possibility of early release, Teresa’s attorney, James L. Leonard Jr., said that would be “up to the judge and the Bureau of Prisons.” However, Leonard told the New York Post and ET that Teresa could be home by next Christmas:

“We project Teresa will be home sometime before Christmas.”

“Your expectations are you will serve 85% of your sentence and that then you will be able to get out… on house arrest at some point prior to the 85%,” Leonard revealed. “Right now, barring any change in her sentence, she is probably there until December.”

For Teresa, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) calculated her release date with “good conduct time” credit as February 5, 2016.

At the beginning of a prisoner’s sentence, the full amount of “good conduct time” is credited (awarded up front) and reflected in the projected release date. “Good conduct time” is subject to forfeiture if the prisoner commits disciplinary infractions.

Good conduct time is credited at 54 days per year, prorated, pursuant to PS 5884.03. In reality, the BOP gives an inmate 47 days per year after the first year’s credit. So while the statute calls for an inmate to serve 85% of the sentence imposed, the BOP credits the amount of time actually served. So the BOP makes the inmate serve approximately 87.5% of their time. In other words, inmates who earn their “good conduct time” end up serving 87.5% percent of their sentences.

In Teresa’s case, approximately 60 days of “good conduct time” can be earned (approximately 4 days per month x 15 months), so the calculation by the BOP for her projected release is two months less than her 15-month sentence.

In addition to “good conduct time” credit, the BOP may award “extra good time” credit for performing exceptionally meritorious service, duties of outstanding importance, or for employment in an industry or camp.

“Extra good time” is awarded at a rate of three days per month during the first 12 months, and at the rate of five days per month thereafter. Furthermore, any staff member may recommend to the Warden the approval of an inmate for a “lump sum award” of “extra good time.” Such recommendations must be for an exceptional act or service that is not a part of a regularly assigned duty. The Warden may make “lump sum awards” of “extra good time” of not more than 30 days.

Under the Second Chance Act, inmates may serve the last 10 percent of their sentence (up to six months) at a halfway house or home incarceration (inmates can serve half of this period at the halfway house and half of this period on home incarceration). Ten percent of Teresa’s 15-month sentence is approximately 45 days, or about a month and a half.

The BOP calculated release date is the date the inmate is released from BOP custody, which includes prison time and halfway house/home confinement under the Second Chance Act.

Parole applies only if the sentence is for five years or longer: 18 USC4206(d) requires the Parole Commission to release an offender after he has served two-thirds of the sentence, unless the Commission determines he has seriously violated BOP prison rules or regulations or there is a reasonable probability he will commit a crime.

If Teresa earns her maximum of 60 days credit for “good conduct time,” she would serve 11 1/2 months in Danbury prison and then she would be released around December 23, 2015 to a halfway house or under house arrest to serve out the last 45 days of the 13 months to complete her sentence (15 months minus 60 days equals 13 months). She would then be on supervised release for two years.

For example, Bernie Kerik, a former New York City police commissioner and Al Manzo’s best friend, spent the last five months of his four-year federal sentence on home confinement (he pleaded guilty in 2009 to eight charges, including criminal conspiracy, tax fraud and lying under oath).

leonard 3

Leonard, who has “been involved with Teresa now for more than a month,” is a criminal defense attorney turned entertainment lawyer (Leonard Law Group, LLC) who is making the rounds with various media outlets, putting a positive spin on things.

Leonard told the New York Post that Teresa is a very strong women and her only concern going to prison was that of her four children:

“Teresa’s only concern going into the prison was that of her four children. She never once discussed how this was going to affect her, only how it was going to affect them. Teresa is very strong and I believe she will emerge from this entire experience stronger.”

It is plausible that Leonard is working with the Giudices to sell stories and photos of the family to tabloids/webloids (see comments), including two photos of Teresa at the diner before she surrendered herself to Danbury prison (click here for the photos at TMZ). Leonard also has provided legal services to the Wakiles and the Gorgas. In addition to being an attorney, Leonard is owner of Boardwalk Journal Magazine.

In 2010, Leonard was retained by Joe and Melissa Gorga to handle their original contract negotiations with BravoTV for The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Rich and Kathy Wakile also retained Leonard. Leonard appeared in three episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey (twice in season 3 and once in season 4). In 2011, Leonard, on behalf of the Gorgas, threatened to sue any media outlet that called Melissa a stripper.

leonard 2

On Teresa’s surrender date, it was Leonard and one of his associates who drove her to Danbury federal prison. Teresa hid in the back seat of the SUV. According to Leonard:

“Our plan was that we were going to leave her house at midnight to start our journey to Danbury. I got to her house at 10:30 p.m. and it was somber. The kids had already been put to bed. She was cleaning up the kitchen two minutes before we left for Connecticut. She was still running around, making sure the house was normal. It was all about her children and her family. That’s been her singular focus. The main reason we left at the time we did, is she didn’t want her kids waking up for school and have a million people in front of their home waiting for Teresa to come out.

“She wore a black sweat suit and obviously she [will have] a uniform when she gets there. She looked beautiful. She looked as if she could’ve begun filming another episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Her hair and makeup were intact, and she looked great.”

teresa prison 6

Leonard told Us Weekly that the car ride to Danbury took about 90 minutes, and the group arrived at around 1:45 AM, ahead of Teresa’s 3 AM reporting time, first stopping at Elmer’s Diner in Danbury, about a mile away from the prison, before surrendering (click here for photos that TMZ posted of Teresa at the diner).

Leonard told PEOPLE magazine that Teresa was supposed to surrender by 10 AM but she prearranged with prison officials to turn herself in early and use an alternate route to avoid a media circus:

Teresa was supposed to appear at the prison by 10 a.m. on Monday. But, says Leonard, on New Year’s Eve, Teresa asked him if she could turn herself in before that. Officials agreed to let her surrender at 3 a.m. and let her use an alternate route in order to avoid the likely media attention outside the prison main entrance, he says.

“The reason she wanted to go early was because she didn’t want to have her children wake up on Monday morning and see a big [media] circus outside of the house,” he says.

Because they had time to spare before her arrival, she stopped off at a local diner just before 2 a.m. “She had a breakfast sandwich and some coffee,” Leonard says. “She was joking that she shouldn’t be eating at this hour. I said, ‘You could make an exception.’ So she ate.”

When she arrived at the facility, Tersa spent between 10 and 15 minutes in the pre-processing area, where officials introduced themselves to her.

“They talked about starting her commissary account. They told her she would be able to make her first phone call within 24 hours once they had her account set up. They said they were going to make it possible for her to meet with her immediate family this weekend. So she was very happy with that. There weren’t going to be any delays with that stuff,” says Leonard.

“Everybody was extremely respectful and courteous. It was very easy to ease her way into this because everything was positive. There was a lot of positive energy there.”

Leonard presented her with a set of rosary beads and a necklace with two medals – one for St. Christopher and one for St. Teresa.

“They let her keep all of that,” he says. “She was very happy with that, and she told me she would keep them with her all the time.”

When it was time to say goodbye, he says he hugged her and told her, “You’re going to be fine.”

“She said, ‘Yeah. I’ll be fine,’ ” he says. “She was very stoic and very strong. I left them there. They didn’t handcuff her. She was just standing there.”

Leonard had no sooner left the building when he returned to use the restroom.

“As I was walking back, they were walking her out of the first building to another building,” he says. “She saw me and said, ‘What are you doing?’ I said, ‘I’m breaking you out of here.’ She laughed and said, ‘I wish.’ ”

He continued: “The last thing she said to me was, ‘I’ll be fine. Tell Joe and the girls I’m good.’ ”

He isn’t sure if the children will come visit her this weekend. “But they will 100 percent come see her,” he says. “I think she wants to see them whenever she can.”

Leonard told ABC News that “Teresa was anxious to get in, get this thing started, get it behind her, and get back to her family:”

Leonard said Teresa prepared for her time behind bars by corresponding with recently released female prisoners from Federal Correctional Institution, Danbury. She was told to be “friendly but guarded” at the prison, and to savor moments with her family, Leonard said.

“They told her to keep her head up, that she would make it through,” Leonard said.

Leonard told E! News that Teresa “was very upbeat and positive,” as well as “talkative and lively:”

“There was some nervous energy there, but not because she was scared. She was just anxious about getting started,” said Leonard.

And contrary to previous reports, the mother of four “did not have a wedding band with her.”

Also, despite the rumor mill going into overdrive about such silly things like hair extensions, Leonard shares that “she looked exactly the same as she always does. Her hair was the same length, no difference.”

He added: “When we got there, I asked the prison officials two questions. First, when can she make her first call? Because she brought the money for her account with her, they said she would be able to make a call within 24 hours. Second, when can she have her first visit? We were told her first opportunity would be this weekend. I told this to her husband and he was very, very excited.”

Leonard told the The Bergen Record that he expected Teresa’s family to visit her as soon as this coming weekend:

“I spoke to the officials about it. They’re going to make arrangements so that this weekend she can visit with her immediate family, so I’m assuming that means her husband and the girls,” Leonard said. “And I plan to continue to visit with her and communicate with her and phone her.”

When asked, “What is the future of RHONJ and Giudice’s association with the show?,” Leonard could shed no light. “I’ve been involved with her now for more than a month, I guess, and we’ve talked about literally everything under the sun – with the exception of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. There’s so many more pressing things to deal with that that has not come up. And I don’t think it’s a focus of hers at this time.”

As for rumors that Teresa plans to use her time in prison to write a book about her life there, Leonard said: “At the moment, her focus is getting in there, getting acclimated to her surroundings, making sure that everybody’s good at home. And then, who knows what the future brings?”

The Bergen Record also reported that, “while paparazzi camped outside the Giudices’ home in the Towaco section of Montville on Sunday night, angling for a shot of her leaving for lockup (see video below), only a handful of media members, all Record staffers, were waiting for her at the prison’s stone gates in Connecticut just after 3 AM:”

Teresa’s attorney James J. Leonard Jr. drove up the prison’s driveway in a black GMC Denali. Seated in the SUV’s back seat, behind tinted windows that shielded her from outside view, Teresa was reportedly dressed in a simple black sweat suit. And she was not being followed by reality-TV cameras. Her vehicle was trailed by a Danbury police car. teresa in car at danbury

The 42-year-old reality star will serve her time at the minimum-security satellite camp for women on the property, which also houses a low-security prison used by men.

Waiting for her, inside, was a sort of inmate Welcome Wagon, according to Beatrice Codianni, who spent 6½ years at the FCI Danbury minimum-security camp. It’s not uncommon for inmates to hear through the grapevine that a new person is about to arrive, she said.

“I had it from a very reliable source that some older women were there to greet her, to make her feel welcome, to show her the ropes and put her at ease,” said Codianni, who’s now managing editor of the national prison news and information website, Reentry Central.

So what did Teresa take with her to the federal prison? Leonard told E! News:

“She came with $200 to put into her commissary account. She also had her legal documents with her which also contained a list of addresses for her to write friends and family.”

TMZ reported that “Teresa can spend $320 per week at the prison commissary, and that her family can put as much money in her account as they want.” (Click here for the Danbury prison commissary list.)

Leonard told Good Morning America (click here for video) and ET (click here for video) that Teresa’s husband Joe “was somber,” Teresa was mentally and emotionally prepared, and other inmates advised Teresa to “keep her head up:”

“The enormity of this entire situation hit him… He was very low key and, you know, it was tough. It wasn’t easy for him.”

“Mentally and emotionally Teresa was prepared,” he said.

Once she arrived, the other inmates “were giving her the lay of the land,” said Leonard. They advised her to “keep her head up.”

Joe Giudice Drives Daughters to School on Teresa’s First Day in Prison (Video)

Joe’s driver’s license is not suspended at this time (in January 2010, Joe was charged with driving under the influence: he later was convicted and his license was suspended for seven months). However, under Joe’s plea deal with the State of New Jersey for possessing a fraudulent driver’s license, his license will be suspended for a minimum of six months. He will return to Passaic County Superior Court in Paterson, NJ on March 20, 2015 for his formal sentencing, at which time the judge will rule on the length of time his driver’s license will be suspended and the fine he must pay (the maximum is $10,000). For the state charges of identity theft and forgery, Joe received a suspended 18-month state sentence that will run concurrently with his federal sentence, which means there will be no additional jail time.

teresa prison 3

teresa prison 5

Us Weekly reported that Teresa spent Sunday, January 4, the day before she surrendered, attending church with her family (image below) and throwing Gia an early 14th birthday party:

“They had a birthday party for Gia,” a source tells Us of the family’s last free day with their mother, who will miss the 3KT singer’s actual birthday on January 8. “They had a cake and a celebration.”

Before wishing the aspiring singer a happy birthday, Teresa, along with her husband Joe and their daughters, attended mass at Sacred Heart in Newark, New Jersey, the same church where she wed Joe 16 years ago. “She wanted to go there yesterday and be there with the girls,” her lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr. told Us.

Later that night, Teresa said her goodbyes and prepared to report to prison.

teresa at church

On March 4, 2014 Teresa pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and three counts of bankruptcy fraud. Both Teresa and her husband, Joe, were charged with hiding assets from bankruptcy creditors and submitting phony loan applications to get some $5 million in mortgages and construction loans. Joe was also charged with failing to pay taxes totaling more than $200,000.

In the federal indictment handed down on July 29, 2013, which was amended on November 18, 2013, Teresa and Joe were charged with 36 counts of mortgage fraud and bankruptcy fraud: counts 1 through 13 alleged that the couple fraudulently incurred large amounts of loan debt by making false statements on loan applications and supporting documents; counts 14 through 36 alleged the couple then attempted to fraudulently discharge that debt by making additional false statements during the bankruptcy process (in many cases, the properties the couple acquired with fraudulent loans were the same properties they either failed to disclose their ownership of or concealed income from during the bankruptcy process).

The couple was sentenced on October 2, 2014: Teresa was given until January 5th to surrender. At the sentencing hearing, the judge criticized the couple for not disclosing all their assets as required under their plea agreement, calling it “the same pattern of obstruction, concealment and manipulation as they showed in the bankruptcy case.”

Teresa will serve her sentence first, and upon her release her husband, Joe, will begin his 41-month sentence for mortgage fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and failing to file a federal tax return in 2004 (he was charged with five counts of failing to file taxes and pleaded guilty to one count as part of his plea deal). The judge sentenced Teresa to a sentence below the range sought by the U.S. attorney’s office and staggered her sentence with her husband’s so they wouldn’t be in prison at the same time and unable to care for their four daughters. Joe was advised by the court that he faces deportation, a decision that will be made by U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement following completion of his prison term. His attorney said Joe came to the U.S. as an infant and didn’t know he wasn’t an American citizen until he was an adult. Joe also pleaded guilty in state court in October to unlawful use of identification in a case involving a bogus driver’s license. His 18-month state sentence will run concurrent with his federal sentence.

The couple’s debt has grown from $11 million to more than $13 million. Because they failed to disclose all their assets on their October 29, 2009 bankruptcy petition (and later amendments), the court-appointed U.S. bankruptcy trustee denied the discharge of their debt. According to a final report issued by the trustee on April 8, 2014, the Giudices have not made any attempt to pay off their debt using the millions Teresa has earned from her Bravolebrity—they paid $7,500 toward attorney fees and nothing to their many creditors.

Gia tweets Tre is her BFF

Gia's tweets

On December 2, 2014, Teresa’s new attorney, Carlos Cuevas, filed a lawsuit in New York against her former bankruptcy attorney, James Kridel, alleging legal malpractice and negligence and claiming that he “failed to perform a reasonable investigation concerning the petition, schedules and statement of financial affairs.” Seeking $5 million+ in damages, the lawsuit states that Kridel’s “failure to exercise that degree of reasonable knowledge and skill that lawyers of ordinary ability and skill possess” caused her lost income, legal fees, botched business deals, and public ridicule. Teresa claims that Kridel failed to list her employment, income, automobiles, business interest, rental income, and certain bank accounts in the bankruptcy filing.

Reached by phone in late December 2014, Kridel called the lawsuit “ridiculous” and denied the claims:

“We did what we were supposed to do,” he said. “We can only rely on the facts that were provided to us. I don’t wish her any ill will, but I would have preferred a ‘thank you’ rather than a lawsuit.”

UPDATE 7/30/2015: On July 24, 2015, Carlos Cuevas discontinued the New York lawsuit against Kridel and it was “dismissed without prejudice”; however, on behalf of Teresa, Cuevas refiled the suit in New Jersey on July 28th. Kridel told PEOPLE magazine on July 30th:

“She [Teresa] went to jail because she committed crimes, which were not participated in by me. She had about 2.5 hours of testimony before she went to jail where she took full responsibility for the crimes.

“However, I suppose things have changed in her mind. I have read the transcript and the judge made it very clear that she had originally decided not to send her to jail, but because she had falsified her assets before the sentencing she decided to send her to jail.

“She was chastised by the judge well after I represented her. There were failures to file income taxes, which occurred many years before we knew her. Her falsifying W2’s for mortgages – that has nothing to do with her bankruptcy.

[That bankruptcy] “probably brought attention on her, but this is something which has a lot to do with all of her comments on TV, showing off her huge mansion and the jewelry she wears and the cash she spends. She’s got to be subject to scrutiny. But it’s not as a consequence of anything that occurred in the bankruptcy petition.

“That’s what occurred on TV. Prosecutors watch TV and they draw their own conclusions. She wasn’t sent to jail for anything that occurred as a consequence of her coming to this office. She went to jail for things she did herself.

“We didn’t falsify a W2 for her, her tax returns, or not file them. These were supposed to be done by people other than us. To say that we participated is ridiculous. We tried to preclude them from selling her assets in a public sale. We were successful in representing her. I think we did everything we were supposed to do. I don’t think we did anything wrong.

“[During the bankruptcy proceeding the government notified Kridel, saying that she had not filed tax returns for 10 years] Clearly we were not involved in that. She well knew that, unless she was in a coma for 10 years. That triggered people to examine, if she didn’t have a tax return how did she get mortgages? This came out of the blue. We had wished her well.

“She seems to go from attorney to attorney. I see some of the comments she makes from prison. If they refer to us, they’re ridiculous. All we did was try to help her. In a bankruptcy you have to sign a petition. And you say that everything in it is true and accurate. She signed it. Then you go to the meeting with the Chapter 7 trustee.

“[When meeting with the trustee] They ask, are the statements here true and accurate? Yes they are. After that she appeared at a deposition in bankruptcy court. Same questions asked. All of those sworn statements by her are now untrue? She was here on a regular basis. I am sorry this is what she thinks. She admitted under oath that she took full responsibility for these crimes. I guess now she wants to say that she didn’t commit them, somebody else did.”

The Giudices were responsible for disclosing to their bankruptcy attorney all their income, assets and liabilities, which they obviously failed to do or else it all would have been listed on the petition. Both Joe and Teresa signed their bankruptcy petition (this is documented on camera in season 3, when Kridel explicitly says to them that they signed the petition), attesting under the penalty of perjury that that the information contained in the filing was true and correct. Their original petition was filed jointly, but the court later severed their cases so their issues with concealment of assets could be separately addressed.

bankruptcy fee paid to kridel

The image above is from the Giudices’ bankruptcy petition, which shows they paid Kridel $3,800 for bankruptcy fees and costs. No attorney would risk a malpractice lawsuit for a $3,800 bankruptcy fee. Kridel could only submit to the court the information he was given by the Giudices (bankruptcy ethics only require a “reasonable” inquiry by the attorney). When Teresa signed the documents, indicating she was declaring all her income, assets and liabilities under the penalty of perjury, she surely understood that she needed to be truthful and honest. By filing this malpractice lawsuit, Teresa has opened a can of worms: she has now waived her attorney-client privilege, which could lead to exposure of more crimes.

kridel at fabellini launcy oct 2011

Kridel seems to genuinely care about the Giudices, especially Teresa. He attended her Fabellini launch party in October 2011 (image above), so it must be a slap in the face for Teresa to file this suit against him.

The following are some of Kridel’s quotes defending the Giudices.

Regarding the auction of their furniture, originally scheduled for August 2010, but was postponed and then later cancelled: “You can’t sell used, personal property for the sticker price. A $5,000 chandelier won’t sell for $5,000. Nobody will buy a used mattress. The real issue in bankruptcy is, what’s the value of everything? And at the time of the bankruptcy, these things didn’t have any value.” Kridel said the items for sale – including the couple’s wedding rings, children’s toys and even a suit or armor – are expected to fetch only $51,000 at auction (the couple is entitled to $52,000 worth of personal property that is exempt from the bankruptcy filing). Kridel added that other than the $51,000 in property, “they have no assets.” Kridel said: “Obviously we have objections to what they’re trying to do. I don’t think Teresa is happy seeing all her belongings displayed on the Internet … clearly they are under the microscope because they are famous.” Noting that many of the items are “used” and typically classified as exempt property, Kridel said that his clients could be unfairly harmed if their possessions were to be snapped up at bargain-basement prices. Kridel complained that his clients could be left with an empty home and no funds to replace their furnishings. “There may be a celebrity value to certain things,” Kridel noted and admitted that “there are extravagances here due to celebrity.” Among the items on the auction block is a boat – something that is not a necessity to live with. “They understand that,” Kridel explained.

Regarding Teresa’s $60,000 spending spree immediately after filing her bankruptcy petition on October 29, 2009: “That was the money she earned as an advance for her book Skinny Italian. Since she earned it after the filing, she was absolutely free to spend it. If she put it in the bank, they’d say, ‘Why don’t you pay your creditors?’ And the trustee might freeze the assets while he investigates whether she can spend it or not. Legally you are entitled to spend money you earn after a bankruptcy. She needed to re-buy furniture because she didn’t have any furniture in the house. It’s a big house and she wanted furniture consistent with her style on the show. There is nothing wrong with doing that, except that it doesn’t look good for her to be doing it.”

Regarding Joe forging his former business partner’s name on mortgage discharge papers: Kridel said Joe admitted to forging the document and said he did so with Mastropole’s permission.

Regarding Teresa’s understanding of the couples’ finances: “I did not believe that Teresa was all that knowledgeable about any of the finances of her family until ultimately she became the breadwinner. Everyone seems to blame her that she knew or should have known. I don’t find that to be true in real life, though. People come in and sign tax returns quite often, and the spouse who is not in charge of the finances has no information. They just do what the accountant tells them.” kridel

Regarding Teresa paying off her debt: “Teresa has always wanted to be able to say that she paid her creditors.” Kridel clarified that nearly all of the debt was Joe’s and said: “The cost of litigation might exceed what she owes. She may not be able to pay all [her creditors] with one check, but she can pay them back. She wants to do the right thing.”

Regarding the brawl in Punta Cana in February 2011: “They acted in self defense. If someone threatens you, you can react with reasonable force. That’s what my clients did.” Kridel said that after the champagne incident there were words and a member of the Chicago family physically assaulted Teresa. “Teresa was hit and assaulted. She is still in pain over this. This wasn’t something that was minor.” But the suit claims that Joe Giudice and Albert, Chris and Albie Manzo attacked some of the family members “without provocation.” However, Kridel claims that’s not true. “It’s absolutely ridiculous that they were assaulted without provocation,” he said. “These people are very litigious and they are looking for an opportunity to look into someone else’s pocket.”

Regarding the trustee’s decision to deny the bankruptcy discharge: “I am going to be sending a letter to the U.S. Trustees Office because I would like to resolve with them their issue rather than have to try it. I’m not doing it out of desperation; I’m doing it in their [debtors and U.S. Trustees] best interest. That’s the next step. But ultimately the ball is in their court. Instead of just looking at it as ‘Joe Giudice,’ it is a family, and to deny a discharge in this case would destroy this family. Some of the family members are clearly not responsible for anything that occurred here.” Kridel argued that Joe didn’t intentionally omit assets from the petition: “If you have a bank account that has zero in it, but you didn’t disclose it because you didn’t realize it was open, I don’t believe that to be a really egregious offense.” He also said: “The omissions made would not change the outcome of the case. Their discovery would not increase the value of the estate. To deny a discharge would be a very severe consequence and I don’t think it’s deserving. They’re going to owe a significant amount of money, including any IRS debt. Other than the personal property in the house, they don’t really have any assets so they are going to start over again. If they don’t get a fresh start [with a discharge], it’s going to be almost impossible to get back up on their feet.”

  1. January 13, 2015 at 2:24 PM

    Teresa’s attorney, James L. Leonard, Jr., clearly is serving as her spokesperson, providing information about Teresa to the various news outlets. The Giudices obviously are being paid for these stories and photos, after Leonard takes his cut, or course. Teresa does need a PR team to counter the fake stories with fake sources being published by RadarOnline. Let the PR spin begin!

    joe loads kids on tre first day of prison

    Joe Giudice loads up his kids to take them to school after Teresa checks into prison. (Norman Y. Lono/for New York Daily News)

    Teresa Giudice to get jailhouse visit from husband Joe Giudice, kids on Saturday
    New York Daily News
    January 8, 2015, 2:59 PM

    Contrary to reports that the reality star’s prison sentence has been reduced, her lawyer tells us that the sentence remains the same.

    The Giudices will bring a little taste of New Jersey to Connecticut this weekend.

    “Real Housewife” turned jailbird Teresa Giudice is getting a visit from husband Joe and daughters Gia, Gabriella, Audriana and Milania on Saturday, when the family will head to Danbury Federal Prison to visit the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Confidenti@l has learned.

    The meeting will likely be heart-wrenching for the reality star, as we’re told by a Danbury prison official that Giudice’s family is only allowed to see her a maximum of three days a week. With the girls’ school schedules, the clan will likely see her between 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. only on weekends.

    “You can stay the day, but it’s unlikely when it gets busy,” another prison insider tells us, adding that Saturdays are usually pretty crowded. “If there are too many visitors, they tell you time is up.”

    Contrary to reports that Giudice’s prison sentence has been reduced, her lawyer James J. Leonard Jr. tells us that the sentence remains the same.

    “Her sentence was not reduced. It was 15 months, and under federal law you only have to serve 85% of that. That’s the law and her sentence has always been the same. When it’s calculated, it’s designated as her full sentence,” Leonard tells Confidenti@l, adding that she’ll likely be home by Christmas.

    The New Jersey-based lawyer also tells us Giudice has already made friends in the big house and that she seems to be in a “positive” state of mind.

    “She’s getting acclimated well and says everyone’s being nice to her,” he says.

    As for the luxury-loving star’s high-end grooming practices, Giudice still will be able trim her eyebrows in prison.

    Confidenti@l has learned that she can shop at the clink commissary once a week, and that her assigned day to buy any needed snacks or beauty treats is Monday.

    Among the items that she can purchase, including food and grooming aids, are ponytail holders and toenail clippers.

    The spa-loving Giudice will have to pare down her beauty routine, though, washing her hair with a choice of Pantene, VO5 Kiwi Lime, Selsun Blue or Head & Shoulders. For soap, the bubble bath-loving star can choose a bar soap from Dove, Ivory, Pure, Dial and Irish Spring. If she’s feeling spendy, she can also buy a soap dish for 70 cents.

    And for a little TMI, Giudice will be using a plush Charmin on her bottom.

    Pudding, popcorn and peanut butter are her snacks, but inmates are limited to just two at a time.

    We’ve also learned Giudice does not yet have privileges to make outgoing calls, but can receive incoming calls. And unless she befriends a very nice corrections officer, her time will be limited.

    Teresa will be able to send emails, but only under a system called TRULINCS, which lets emails be exchanged between inmates and the general public, but in a secure manner. All messages are limited to 13,000 characters. Messages are limited to text, so Teresa will not be able to receive any pictures of her girls over the next year. All email addresses must be cleared by the prison. All outgoing and incoming emails are scanned by the prison guards (maybe not the ones to/from attorney). She will have no access to the internet.


    Teresa Giudice ‘Doing Great’ In Prison, Family To Visit This Weekend
    Access Hollywood
    January 9, 2015, 10 AM

    It’s only been a week, but “The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s” Teresa Giudice appears to be holding up well behind bars.

    “She’s doing great,” the Bravo reality star’s lawyer told People.

    “I got a series of emails from her and she is doing phenomenally. It seems like she is getting acclimated very well. She tells me that everybody is nice and everybody is treating her respectfully,” her lawyer continued. “She said both the staff and the inmates are being nice to her and that she is getting along fine.”

    Teresa’s lawyer also spoke to E! News explaining that the “Real Housewives” star could get out of prison before the end of 2015.

    “When there’s 10 percent of her sentence left she will be eligible to serve the remainder via house arrest or a halfway house. So you subtract her 10 percent (which is about a month-and-a-half) from that release date and you have her eligible in December,” he said

    Teresa also has something to look forward to this weekend.

    “She will get her first family visit this weekend,” her lawyer told E!, saying that husband Joe Giudice will visit, but he was unsure if all of their four daughters would travel to Danbury, Connecticut, where Teresa is serving her sentence.

    Upon completion of Teresa’s time behind bars, Joe will begin serving his 41-month sentence. The Bravo stars are parents to Gia, 14, Gabriela, 10, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 5.


    Teresa Giudice “Inundated” With Fan Mail in Prison: “It’s Really Lifted Her Spirits”
    E! News
    January 9, 2015

    It sounds like Teresa Giudice is already getting a lot of well wishes behind bars.

    The Real Housewives of New Jersey star, who began her 15-month federal prison sentence earlier this week, has started receiving fan mail just days after surrendering herself to the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Conn.

    “She’s just been inundated with letters and cards from her fans,” a source tells E! News exclusively. “She’s so overwhelmed by the support and very grateful to everyone. It’s really lifted her spirits.”

    On Monday, Giudice’s lawyer James L. Leonard told E! News that the 42-year-old mother of four “was very upbeat and positive” upon entering prison, as well as “talkative and lively.” “There was some nervous energy there, but not because she was scared. She was just anxious about getting started,” Leonard said.

    “Teresa’s last words to me [were], ‘Tell everyone I’m going to be fine,'” he added.

    As for life inside prison, Leonard revealed that Giudice hopes to put her culinary skills to good use. “She indicated that if she had her choice to work she would like to work in the kitchen facility because she’s obviously a good cook,” he told us.

    Meal options in a prison like Danbury include fruit, bran cereal, bread, juice and coffee for breakfast, beans and franks, potatoes, meatloaf, vegetables and chips for lunch and spaghetti, Salisbury steak, peas potatoes, chicken and more for dinner.

    So how are her husband Joe Giudice and their four daughters doing while the reality star is behind bars? “This is a very strong family and they’re going to be fine,” Leonard said.


    Here’s How Teresa Giudice’s Daughter Gia Is Celebrating Her 14th Birthday
    E! News
    Jan. 8, 2015 4:49 PM PST

    It’s a bittersweet day for Gia Giudice.

    The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is celebrating her 14th birthday today, however, there’s one very important person missing from the festivities—mom Teresa Giudice.

    Unfortunately, Gia’s special day comes after Teresa surrendered for her prison sentence early Monday morning, and while we’re told that Gia is spending her day just like any other day (like going to cheer practice, for example) E! News also learns that the young reality star has some exciting things planned for the big 1-4 in the coming weeks.

    “Her friends are throwing her a big party this Saturday,” the insider tells us. “Next weekend, she’ll have another celebration with her bandmates in 3KT. Everyone wants to celebrate with her.”

    The source also noted that Gia is holding up phenomenally considering the recent circumstances. “She’s really matured so much just in this past week. She’s got it all together. Two days a week, she mentors kindergarteners through third graders after school. She has cheer practice three days a week and she has her girl group.

    “She’s busy, but happy. She’s really got her life in order right now…Everyone’s really proud of her.”

    Gia tweeted Sunday night, “support system is unreal #soblessed.”

    The 42-year-old Real Housewives of New Jersey star, who is currently serving 15 months in federal prison for fraud charges, spent her final hours as a free woman with her husband Joe Giudice as well as the couple’s four daughters, Gia, 14, Gabriela, 10, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 5, enjoying quality family time while ensuring that her loved ones are prepared for her absence.

    “She spent Sunday at home with the family getting the house in order,” a source told E! News. “She wanted to make sure everything was organized before she left. Her priority was making sure her daughters’ schedules and routines would be disrupted as little as possible.”

    Upon completion of her 15-month sentence, Teresa’s husband of 15 years, Joe, 42, will serve 41 months in prison (their sentences were staggered to ensure that one parent remained at home with their children). Joe then faces the possibility of deportation, as the native Italian is not a U.S. citizen.


    Teresa Giudice is settling into her new digs just fine.
    PEOPLE Magazine
    January 9, 2015

    The Real Housewives of New Jersey star, 42, emailed her lawyer, James J. Leonard, Jr., several times this week to let him know she is adjusting to prison – and so far, it’s been okay.

    “She’s doing great,” Leonard, tells PEOPLE. “I got a series of emails from her and she is doing phenomenally. It seems like she is getting acclimated very well. She tells me that everybody is nice and everybody is treating her respectfully. She said both the staff and the inmates are being nice to her and that she is getting along fine.”

    On Jan. 5, Teresa surrendered to authorities at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut, where she will be serving a 15-month sentence for bankruptcy fraud and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.

    Her husband, Joe Giudice, 44, is planning to visit her this weekend, says Leonard. “I can only assume he is bringing the kids,” he says.

    While Teresa is in prison, Joe is caring for their four daughters, Gia, 13, Gabriela, 10, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 5. When she is finished serving her time, he will serve a 41-month sentence for similar charges.

    “She is looking forward to visits from her children,” says Leonard. “I think she wants to see them whenever she can.”

    Giudice was able to let Leonard know she is doing well using the TRULINCS messaging system. “It’s not your typical email system,” says Leonard. “It’s an email system for federal prisoners. It’s a privilege, like using the telephone, etc.”

    Users can sign on and send and receive emails but can’t surf the Internet. “It’s more of a communication mechanism,” he says.

    Prisoners cannot send pictures or attachments. Messages are limited to 13,000 characters. Reading or writing an email on a TRULINCS computer costs 5 cents a minute.

    He also points out that Teresa is not getting out of prison early. The “Inmate Locator” on the Bureau of Prisons’ website says that the reality star’s release date is Feb. 5, 2016 – two months earlier than the 15-month sentence a federal judge handed her in October.

    “Under federal law, every federal prisoner serves 85 percent of their sentence, unless they do something really egregious,” he says. “So her 13-month release date – Feb. 5 – is actually 85 percent of her sentence.”

    She may be out of prison as early as Christmas, he says, but not out of the system altogether. “Prisoners can also take six months or 10 percent off that 85 percent,” he says. “So for her, 10 percent of 15 months is one and a half months, which puts that date in late December – just before Christmas.”

    During that last stretch, from late December until Feb. 6, she is still considered a prisoner, however, but would serve that time at a halfway house or under house arrest.

    “Our goal is that Teresa will serve out the end of her sentence in home confinement in lieu of going to a halfway house. That is something that we are going to work towards.”

    During home confinement, she would not be allowed to leave her house without the permission of her probation officer. “When you are in a halfway house, you are able to leave and go to work, etc.,” he says. “So they will allow her to do certain things with their permission.”

    She may even be able to leave the house to work on RHONJ. “If she were to return to the show, and that was her primary source of employment, then that would be a discussion we would have with probation,” he says.

    Giudice already has a probation officer assigned to her, he says. “At the conclusion of the custodial sentence, which appears to be Feb. 5, she has two years of supervised release. That probation officer is involved with you for the next two years. There are certain rules and parameters so the probation officer makes sure you are operating within the parameters of your supervised release.”


    KateWyn, who did an internship with the DOJ, commented at PEOPLE magazine about the prisoner e-mail system:

    Just to clarify a bit –TRULINCS is the program that the BOP uses but the official email system is called CorrLinks. Prisoners can get a Corrlinks account but they have to pay for the email service in order to have an active account. And Corrlinks doesn’t charge the family and friends of prisoners to use their email service. It’s funded from fees inmates pay for the email service, to make telephone calls and from money used for commissary purchases. It’s called the Inmate Trust Fund and that’s what used to fund the program.

    EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: The beginning of the Giudices’ life apart: As Teresa spends her first weekend in prison, her husband takes his daughters to cheer contest and tries to sell their cut-price $2.9m mansion
    Daily Mail
    January 12, 2015

    • Joe Guidice and daughters Gia, 14, and Milania, 8, pictured leaving home
    • They were expected to travel to Danbury, where Teresa Giudice is jailed
    • But instead, they headed to a cheerleading contest at New Jersey school
    • They later returned to New Jersey mansion, before Joe shortly left again
    • He was spotted visiting San Michele Social Club in Paterson, New York
    • Meanwhile, broker was trying to sell house, recently reduced to $2.99m
    • Other daughters, Gabriella and Audriana, thought to have stayed home
    • Saturday was Teresa’s fifth day of 15-month prison sentence for fraud
    • After she is released from prison, Joe will serve his own 41-month term


    Teresa Giudice’s First Weekend Visit Postponed: Why Her Family Didn’t Show
    E! News
    Jan. 13, 2015 8:33 AM PST

    She has begun her second week out of her 15-month sentence, but unfortunately Teresa Giudice hasn’t had family visit yet.

    Her family was supposed to visit this past weekend, but had to reschedule at the last minute for a variety of reasons, E! News has learned exclusively. According to a source, the reality star’s four daughters had previously scheduled activities and Teresa didn’t want them to have to change anything.

    “It’s important to [Teresa] that their lives continue as normally and uninterrupted as possible,” the source tells E! News, explaining that she doesn’t want her children’s lives to be uprooted.

    In addition to the girls’ absence, Teresa’s husband, Joe Giudice, also didn’t visit his wife because of legal issues. The source tells us that his involvement in her trial requires special clearance that he couldn’t receive in time.

    “There was an issue getting [Joe] approved,” the source says. “Because he’s a co-defendant in Teresa’s case, extra steps have to be taken to get him approved to visit her. The process is in the works but it wasn’t done in time for last weekend.


    Video: http://www.eonline.com/videos/230500/exclusive-why-teresa-giudice-s-family-visit-was-canceled

    The Reason Teresa Giudice Didn’t Have A Visit From Her Family Yet
    Reality Tea
    January 13th, 2015

    There have been daily stories since Teresa Giudice entered prison last Monday to serve her fifteen month sentence. The media has been dissecting everything from what her beauty routine will be to what Joe is doing every waking moment while she’s gone. Daily Mail even has photographers basically stalking every single move of Joe and their four daughters. Outside their gate, at Gia’s cheer competition, everywhere.

    Last weekend many were wondering why Teresa’s family didn’t head off to visit her at Danbury and the answer is very simple. Our source dishes on the reasons why. “Joe took Gia to her cheer competitions all weekend. Gia had competitions Saturday and Sunday. Teresa doesn’t want any disruption in their schedules to come visit her. She misses them terribly, but wants their life to be as normal as possible.”

    Our source gives Joe props for doing a great job during his first week as a single dad to four girls. “Everyone had their doubts about Joe but, he is doing a fantastic job caring for the girls. He has a handle on it and is really there for them. “

    The Daily Mail tried to make it look like Joe was off running with friends, when it was actually Joe meeting up at the social club with his brother Pete. “Joe is with his brother a lot and his sister in law helps with the kids as well. Teresa’s parents and Joe’s family are a constant source of love an support for Joe and the girls.”

    The girls are going to see their mom this weekend, “Joe will take the kids to see Teresa this weekend. They speak to her daily and Teresa is able to email.”

    There were other stories flying today that Bravo is leaning toward putting The Real Housewives of New Jersey on the shelf until Teresa gets out. But we all know Bravo – they aren’t giving that info out just yet. There’s no telling how this will all pan out over the next few months.


    Real Housewives Of New Jersey Teresa Giudice Prison Hiatus: ‘Real Housewives’ May Hibernate Until She’s Free
    1/13/2015 12:50 AM

    Teresa Giudice may have just had a reversal of fortune, because we’ve learned Bravo is seriously considering shelving “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” until Teresa gets sprung … they think she’s THAT important to the success of the show.

    Our sources say Bravo execs have been holding meetings and they’re “strongly leaning” in the direction of putting the show on ice, because without Teresa it’s boring. Bravo is worried a bad season could tank the show, and it’s just safer to wait.

    This is not sitting well with the rest of the cast. Bruised egos aside, the women are pissed at the prospect of not pulling in a paycheck for more than a year. She’s serving 15 months.

    Teresa, who has a conflict with virtually every other “housewife” on the show, can almost certainly use this turn of events to her financial advantage. It’s pretty basic … the more the network needs you, the more you make.

    TMZ reached out to Bravo … they had no comment.


    ‘RHONJ’ star Jim Marchese: Show will go on without Teresa Guidice
    January 13, 2015

    Rumors are running rampant that Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” will be under lock and key until its biggest star, Teresa Giudice, serves out her jail sentence at Danbury Federal Correction Institute in Danbury, Conn. on February 5, 2016. But “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Jim Marchese told FOX411 the reports of his show’s demise are “fiction.”

    “From what I understand, it takes a three or four month break after filming. The time frames I would start to expect shooting wouldn’t be for a month or two, and from the storylines — people’s lives — there’s so much that can still go on.”

    Reality shows like ‘Housewives’ thrive on drama for ratings, and Giudice’s legal woes certainly brought plenty of it, but Marchese says it’s not one star, but cast dynamics, that make or break a show.

    “It’s not about just one character. It’s all the characters. There was one episode that drew a lot of attention and she (Teresa) wasn’t even there,” he said. “The show does well because of the dynamics of the group and the interaction of the group. I believe the show can go on without Teresa.”

    FOX411 reached out to Bravo who declined to comment.


    On December 12, 2014, AllAboutTRH interviewed Amber and asked her questions about season 7:

    Are you planning on returning for season seven of RHONJ?

    If they ask me and if the price is right you know, yeah for sure.

    Have you heard anything about when RHONJ season seven will begin filming?

    Lots of Rumors but no nothing. Honestly I’m not the type that pushes for answers it will happen when it’s actually supposed to happen organically. I trust that the producers and Bravo know when to do it and they know the right time. I trust them.

    Do you think Bravo would actually hold season seven until 2016 (when Teresa Giudice gets out of prison)?

    I don’t know I really don’t. I question it because some of sources seem to be pretty confident when they do say that so that makes me take pause and think maybe they are going to do that. I think it would be very silly. I think they have an excellent cast as is and you know we can carry on. I mean I don’t think she (Teresa Giudice) is going to do the full 15-months. She’ll be back season 8 very easily so I think it would really silly if they were to do that. They’d lose a lot of fans. They should really focus on getting to know the new girls and everyone has an amazing story and I think they need to focus on the dynamics of the girls – less fighting. You saw the lost footage…you saw we were getting along and they cut out all of that and they went right to the drama and there was so many things that happened before that. New Jersey’s about fun, were about strong personalities, were about family and the Italian way and were just so different and it’s unique and everyone brings something to the table.


    On December 19, 2014, Fox News interviewed Amber, and asked her, “Will you be on next season?” Amber replied that she hasn’t heard anything about season 7:

    “A lot of rumors. A lot of talk but nothing is set in stone. Nothing. Even on my end, I haven’t heard anything. They’re not keeping me in the loop, I think by design, but once I get that phone call, if they want me back, we’ll deal with it then. But until then I kind of live my life. I’m happy.”


  2. January 22, 2015 at 8:37 PM

    Teresa Giudice’s First Weekend Visit Postponed: Why Her Family Didn’t Show
    January 13, 2015

    She has begun her second week out of her 15-month sentence, but unfortunately Teresa Giudice hasn’t had any visitors yet.

    Her family was supposed to visit this past weekend, but had to reschedule at the last minute for a variety of reasons, E! News has learned exclusively. According to a source, the reality star’s four daughters had previously scheduled activities and Teresa didn’t want them to have to change anything.

    “It’s important to [Teresa] that their lives continue as normally and uninterrupted as possible,” the source tells E! News, explaining that she doesn’t want her children’s lives to be uprooted.

    In addition to the girls’ absence, Teresa’s husband, Joe Giudice, also didn’t visit his wife because of legal issues. The source tells us that his involvement in her trial requires special clearance that he couldn’t receive in time.

    “There was an issue getting [Joe] approved,” the source says. “Because he’s a co-defendant in Teresa’s case, extra steps have to be taken to get him approved to visit her. The process is in the works but it wasn’t done in time for last weekend.

    “So the visit will most likely happen this coming weekend,” the source adds.

    Although her family wasn’t able to make it to Danbury prison last weekend, the source tells us that Teresa has been holding up and is “doing great.”

    “She talks to her family on the phone frequently—to Joe, her girls and her mother,” the source says. “She wakes up and, for now, spends most of her time reading and working out.”

    Contrary to some reports, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is satisfied with how she has been treated inside the prison.

    “She has no complaints about the food. She hasn’t complained about anything, actually,” the source says, but adds that even though she is in prison, she is still aware of what is being written about her.

    “She’s been getting letters and hearing what’s been out there,” the source says. “What’s sad is that a few inmates have clearly been leaking stories about her.”


    Teresa Giudice Gets First Prison Visit From Husband Joe, Daughters: Details
    Us Weekly
    January 19, 2015

    Time to see mom. Recently-incarcerated reality star Teresa Giudice received a visit in prison from her husband Joe Giudice and their daughters this past weekend, Us Weekly can confirm.

    This was the first time Teresa, 42, got to see her family since she reported to Danbury, Connecticut’s Federal Correctional Institution on Jan. 5, for her 15-month sentence.

    A source explained to Us why Joe and the girls did not stop by the location to see Tre last weekend — and it turned out she was the one who nixed the visit. “The girls had significant activities and Teresa didn’t want to disrupt anything,” the insider told Us.

    Meanwhile, one of Giudice’s fellow inmates has revealed exclusively in the Jan. 26 issue of Us Weekly how the Real Housewives of New Jersey veteran has been faring behind bars.

    “All anyone is talking about is that woman — even the staff,” one source told Us of the Bravo-lebrity, who has since become inmate No. 65703-050. The insider added: “The vultures who want to be her bestie were all over her.”

    Despite the welcome reception from most (but not all) of the inmates, a confidant told Us that a poker-faced Teresa broke down alone on her first night at Danbury. “She cried,” the insider said. “As silent as she could.”

    Still, Teresa received some good news several days after beginning her prison stint. The mom of four will be released from the clinker before Christmas, about two months (54 days to be exact) shy of her 15-month sentence.

    During her incarceration, her husband Joe, 44, has been taking care of matters at home with their daughters Gia, 14, Gabriella, 10, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 5. His consecutive sentence for fraud will begin shortly after her anticipated release from prison in mid-December.


    Inside Teresa Giudice’s First Family Visit in Prison—Get the Exclusive Details!
    E! Online
    January 20, 2015

    Nearly two weeks after surrendering for her 15-month prison sentence, Teresa Giudice was finally able to reunite with her loved ones.

    The Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s husband, Joe Giudice, and their four daughters, Gia, 14, Gabriela, 10, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 5, had their first family visit with their famous mama, and E! News has all of the exclusive details.

    “They were amazed at how good she looks,” a source close to the family tells us. “They thought her hair looked especially great.”

    The visit lasted a few hours, and Teresa, who was wearing a light green jumpsuit, gave her family a tour of the grounds. “The family was impressed at how nice they are,” the source continued. “Teresa said the food is really good and that her roommate is pretty and very nice.”

    All in all, the insider says, “the visit was exciting for everyone. It wasn’t a sad goodbye. It was a ‘See you soon.’ Everyone was just very relieved that Teresa looks and sounds so good.”

    After they arrived home in the afternoon, it was business as usual. “Joe got right back in the car to drive Gabriella to soccer and Gia went to rehearse with her group, 3KT, who’s putting out a new video soon.”

    And it looks like Joe is doing a good job at keeping everything in order while his wife is away.

    “The house is in great shape. It’s very clean and tidy. When the girls got home from their activities, dinner was on the stove,” the insider adds. “Joe tucked them in and kissed them goodnight. It’s really sweet to watch them with him.”

    The source is not clear on when the next visit will be, but says everyone in the family is now cleared to go any time they want.

    Upon completion of her 15-month sentence, Joe, 42, will serve 41 months in prison (their sentences were staggered to ensure that one parent remained at home with their children). Joe then faces the possibility of deportation, as the native Italian is not a U.S. citizen.


    Gia Giudice Says Mom Teresa Giudice Is ”Doing Great” in Prison and ”Looks So Amazing!” Plus Scoop on Her New Music—Watch (Video)
    E! News
    January 22, 2015

    Gia Giudice is giving fans an update on how her mom Teresa Giudice is doing in prison.

    “She’s doing great,” the 14-year-old Real Housewives of New Jersey star told E! News exclusively at the NBC Experience Store while promoting her girl group 3KT and their new song “Just 13”

    Gia and her father and sisters recently visited Teresa at the Federal Correctional Institute in Danbury, Conn. where she will be for the next 15 months. “Honestly it was amazing. She looked so good. It’s nothing like anyone would expect,” Gia said. “She just looks so amazing. It was so good seeing her…They just had her makeup done. It was fun.”

    Gia says she had been preparing and supporting her mom leading up to her prison time. “Me and my mom are extremely close. We’re like sisters,” she revealed. “Honestly, I was with her every step of the way. There were obviously things where she like didn’t tell me, but basically like I was with her every step of the way…My sisters, they really had no idea. They would see things in like magazine but they really had no idea. It was really just me because I was older, I was 13 at the time and I did understand.”

    In addition to 3KT, Gia will also be focusing her attention towards a new reality show, which she will star in. “That’s why I was so for it because it was positive and I always make sure it’s positive and just puts out good energy,” she said of the series.

    As for 3KT’s upcoming new song, band-mate Alexa Maetta, told us, “It’s very upbeat, pop. Relating to girls our age and all different age groups really. Just like cute.”

    “But then Cristianna brings in the rap a little,” Gia added.


  3. February 12, 2015 at 1:03 PM

    Teresa Giudice keeps busy with kitchen chores and some TV in her new life at Danbury Prison
    February 10, 2015

    Teresa Giudice has settled in to a comfortable routine inside Danbury Federal Prison, staying busy with a packed schedule of working in the clink kitchen and joining a TV watching club with fellow inmates, a source tells Confidenti@l.

    “She is watching ‘Empire’ and ‘Scandal’ with two other inmates,” says our insider, who adds that the jailed ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star has a fairly lenient television watching schedule because she is on her best behavior. “She is also watching ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ ”

    Besides watching the tube in the common room with her new gal pals, Giudice has landed a job in the big house’s kitchen, whipping up some of her famous Italian specialties, among other things, with whatever ingredients she can find.

    “She’s not in laundry (as had been incorrectly reported), she’s in the kitchen cooking,” says our source.

    We also hear the jail has been overwhelmed with fan mail for Giudice, and that she has been receiving a “ton” of letters from supporters wishing her well while she spends the next 10 months locked up.

    “She (is reading) them. She isn’t writing back, though, she doesn’t have the time,” explains our source, saying that Giudice’s days inside the slammer are packed with chores and have little down time.

    She has been writing emails to her four daughters, though, which are monitored by jail staffers.

    Giudice is also cooking her famous Italian specialties in the prison’s kitchen. Mike Coppola/Getty Images Giudice is also cooking her famous Italian specialties in the prison’s kitchen.

    Giudice’s husband, Joe, along with her daughters, have visited a few times at the prison since she turned herself in to feds in on Jan. 5 to serve a 15-month sentence. Giudice had left her Montville Township mansion at midnight that day with lawyer James J. Leonard Jr. behind the wheel.

    Joe had to receive special permission for visitation rights from the warden at the prison because he has a criminal record.


  4. April 30, 2015 at 8:50 PM

    How Teresa Giudice Is Adapting to Prison: Leading an Exercise Class!
    PEOPLE Magazine

    Teresa Giudice has been in prison for almost four months now and is “adjusting well” to life behind bars, her lawyer tells PEOPLE.

    One reason: “She is helping to teach exercise classes,” says her attorney, James J. Leonard Jr. “The women take turns leading classes and she has her little group, so once in a while she takes the lead.”

    Considering how many cookbooks Giudice, 42, has written, she also has a job in prison that is just right for her.

    “Teresa has a job working in the kitchen,” he says. “She told me she enjoys it because it helps her pass the time and allows her to interact with the other inmates.

    “Plus, she loves being in the kitchen, because it reminds her of home,” he adds.

    In the meantime, the mother of four is doing her best to deal with life in prison. She has traded her designer dresses for olive green and gray prison jumpsuits and has to abide by the prison’s rigid, daily schedule.

    “Prison is all about establishing and maintaining a routine, and she has done that,” says Leonard. “She has adapted well.”

    That includes making new friends. In recent weeks, reports surfaced saying she was acting like “a diva.”

    Not so, Leonard says.

    “Any reports that she is behaving like a diva in prison and not getting along with inmates and the staff is 1,000 percent false,” he says. “She is getting along well with everyone – staff, inmates – all the way down the line.”

    Giudice turned herself into the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut, on Jan. 5. She is serving time for bankruptcy fraud and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.

    She will be released for home confinement Dec. 23 until her sentence is finished in early February, Leonard says.


  5. June 12, 2015 at 6:21 AM

    ‘Real Housewives’ star Teresa Giudice’s foreclosures: 7 questions answered
    Vicki Hyman | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com
    April 21, 2015

    When NJ Advance Media revealed that the bank holding the mortgage on the Montville Township mansion of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars Joe and Teresa Giudice planned to foreclose and that their Jersey Shore house was scheduled for a sheriff’s sale next month, it drove home the couple’s dire financial straits.

    How did they get there?

    The couple had filed for bankruptcy in October 2009, revealing $13.4 million in debts. The bankruptcy trustee representing their creditors alleged the couple hid assets and income in their filing, and in 2011 Joe Giudice pleaded the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination when questioned about the matter.

    He and Teresa soon abandoned bankruptcy discharge, but federal prosecutors took up the allegations, and the couple pleaded guilty in 2014 to bankruptcy fraud, as well as conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud. Meanwhile, their bankruptcy trustee, who was only able to recoup $7,500 of their debts because their homes were mortgaged to the hilt, wrapped up the bankruptcy case more than a year ago.
    \”Real Housewives\” stars Teresa and Joe Giudice indicted on fraud charges”Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars Joe and Teresa Giudice leave the federal courthouse in Newark after being charged with bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud in 2013. John Munson/The Star-Ledger

    While that case was still active, their creditors were barred from seeking repayment. But in the year since, few of their creditors have moved to recoup their money.

    Their Jersey Shore house in Manahawkin is scheduled to be sold at auction in May, but Community Bank of Bergen County just last week filed its intent to foreclose on the couple’s showplace home.

    Still, shouldn’t these foreclosures have happened much sooner?

    The lawyer representing the Community Bank refused to comment, and the lawyer representing the mortgage holder on their Manahawkin home did not return a call or comment. But bankruptcy and foreclosure experts unconnected to the case say the banks generally move very slowly. Princeton lawyer Richard Steen says that sometimes banks hold off on foreclosure in an attempt to work out a payment plan with the owners.

    When do the Giudices need to vacate the two homes?

    Joe Giudice continues to live with his four daughters in the Montville Township while his wife Teresa serves her 15-month sentence at the Federal Correctional Institute in Danbury, Conn. The foreclosure process typically takes nine to 12 months, so Joe and his daughters will be able to stay in the home for the foreseeable future. They might still be living in the home when Teresa gets out of prison in February.

    “Foreclosure is a very meticulous process,” says Hackensack lawyer Ronald LeVine. “Unlike other lawsuits, 20 years down the road, someone’s got to look at the title and be convinced that the title is okay.”

    If the Manahawkin home is sold at auction in May, they will have to vacate within a month or two of the sale.

    Are their belongings included the sheriff’s sale?

    No, not even the appliances, with the exception of the range.

    Does the couple also owe property taxes on the homes?

    No. The property taxes are up to date, according to Montville Township and Stafford Township. In foreclosures, the mortgage lenders typically continue to pay taxes on the properties to avoid hefty penalties on overdue taxes, LeVine says.

    What about the couple’s other mortgages?

    According to the 2009 bankruptcy filing, the couple has two other mortgages on their Manahawkin home. If the house is sold at auction, that money goes to the first mortgage holder. The other mortgage holders would have to go after the Giudices in court for repayment.

    Are they currently making any money — and can their wages be garnished?

    Yes — if they have a paycheck. But court records do not show any attempt to garnish the couple’s wages. It’s unclear if Joe, who owned a stucco and stone company and rehabbed houses, is working. There have been rumors that Teresa plans to write a tell-all following her prison stint, but no confirmation from any publishers. Joe recently told Extra that they would return to “Real Housewives of New Jersey, but only for a “very big” paycheck.

    Jennifer Manzella

    The taxes have been paid and are up-to-date, but have the Giudice’s paid them, or has the mortgage company?

    Vicki Hyman | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com
    Apr 21, 2015
    My experts say that the mortgage company probably paid them.

    Harold From Newark
    I looked the property up on the Morris County Clerk’s office website and see that the US Justice Departrment holds a $422,988.90 Judicial Lien onthe proerty. As such I would assume there will be nothing left for the Giudice at the sale. I assume other judicial lien holders will do the same.

    Vicki Hyman | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com
    Apr 21, 2015

    I also called around to some of the creditors named in the bankruptcy about whether the couple have settled their debts or whether the creditors plan to pursue repayment but have not heard back.

    Harold From Newark
    If you look up the property on the Morris County Clerk’s office online property search you will see a $422,988.90 Judicial Lien held by the US Justice Department and attached to that property. The site keeps crashing on me but I assume other creditors would have filed liz pendents on that property so they could collect at the sale.

    Vicki Hyman | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com
    Apr 21, 2015
    The only lis pendens is from Community Bank.

  6. June 12, 2015 at 6:22 AM

    Teresa Giudice’s Lawyer: ‘Nothing Has Been Seized from Her and Nothing Will Be’
    PEOPLE Magazine
    June 10, 2015

    Yes, Teresa Giudice made a deal to pay back money she owes the federal government in connection with her bankruptcy fraud case – but she did so months ago, her attorney tells PEOPLE.

    “Back in December, before Teresa went to prison on Jan. 5, she and I met with attorneys from the U.S. Attorney’s office in Newark, as well as investigators from the U.S. Attorney’s Financial Litigation Unit,” her lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr., tells PEOPLE.

    On Tuesday, reports surfaced that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star had made an agreement with federal prosecutors for her to pay restitution that was ordered by U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas at her sentencing.

    “While the government may have recently filed these orders, it was signed and agreed upon in late December and the only thing that has happened since then is that she has made payments in accordance with that agreement,” Leonard says.

    “We reached agreements that same day in December on how the restitution would be paid back.”

    Contrary to recent reports, “nothing has been seized from her and nothing will be seized from her,” he adds.

    Perhaps she’ll pay the bill with future Bravo TV appearances?

    “Bravo is in talks with Joe Giudice to film him taking care of their four daughters while she serves her prison sentence,” a source tells PEOPLE. “Bravo has also made overtures about Teresa returning to Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

    Since Jan. 5, Giudice has been serving the 15-month sentence she received in October at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut, after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.

    When she finishes her sentence in February, her husband, Joe Giudice will serve a 41-month sentence for the fraud counts and a concurrent 12-month term for failing to file a federal tax return in 2004. (Federal prisoners serve 85 percent of their sentences, Leonard says.)

    The restitution agreement, which federal prosecutors filed in court on June 5, show that Giudice agreed to let Bravo withhold “25 percent of any monies held on behalf of, or payable to Teresa Giudice, and pay the sum to the [government],” according to court records.

    The records showed that Giudice must give the federal government 50 percent of a New Jersey rental property she owns with husband. She must also hand over possession of a 2005 Maserati.

    Originally, she owed $414,588 in restitution. Now, Leonard says, the outstanding restitution “is less than $200,000.”

    “She has been cooperative, as has Joe, in making payments to the government pursuant to their obligations,” he says. “I have no doubt that this debt will be paid in full.”


  7. June 12, 2015 at 6:41 AM

    Teresa Giudice Must Pay 25 Percent of RHONJ Bravo Salary, Give Up Maserati to Government
    Us Weekly
    June 9, 2015

    Teresa Giudice is finding more and more of her former good life slipping away. Currently behind bars in Danbury, Conn., serving a 15-month prison sentence for fraud, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star faced a new, harsh reality June 9 when the Associated Press uncovered government paperwork from December detailing a pre-negotiated agreement to take a portion of her earnings and seize a vehicle in order to satisfy a judgment against her.

    On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that Giudice, 43, must fork over 25 percent of her Bravo salary, and give the feds a 2005 Maserati in order to help satisfy the $415,589 judgment against the reality star and her husband, Joe Giudice. (It is not known if the payment required is from 2014, or a sum from her six seasons on the series.)

    According to docs filed with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the government will also get half the rent from the family’s Lincoln Park, N.J., rental property, and assorted home furnishings from their main home in Montville, N.J.

    Giudice’s lawyer, James Leonard, Jr., tells Us Weekly the agreement with his client was solidified in December before she entered prison, and that regular payments have been made on her behalf. “We are in good standing with the government. The debt now is under $200,000,” Leonard explained. “All the debts will be paid in full. There has been nothing new seized from the home and nothing else will be seized from them.”

    Giudice and her husband pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges last year, and the mom of Gia, 14, Gabriella, 10, Milania, 9, and Audriana, 5, was sent to Danbury while her husband cares for their family in New Jersey. Upon his wife’s release later this year, Joe Giudice will start serving his own 41-month sentence.

    “I miss Joe and my girls terribly, but we are going to get through this as a family one day at a time,” the RHONJ table flipper told Us in May. “We will be stronger because of this. Nothing can break us apart.”


    I think her greed for material things pushed her husband to find crooked schemes to feed her desire for leopard fur and everything under the sun to spoil their dawters. Caroline Manzo called in it in one of the reunions when she said Teresa drove him into a life of crime to provide for her. And that was before they were indicted. She knew what was up.

    Patty Hoch
    Exactly! Caroline Manzo did state that Joe was pressured to keep Teresa in a life of luxury so much so that he broke he law. Caroline also stated that she believed that they would eventually divorce.

    Theresa lives for money rubbed it in every ones face that she was filthy rich & the whole time was ripping off hard working true americans………. If your husband is all of A sudden a millionaire you wouldn’t be suspicious…….. Her mommy & daddy also knew what was going on the whole family is crooks including Theresa’s brother……… Obviously T knew where the money came from & as a housewife if you are all of A sudden filthy rich you don’t spend it you ask questions!

    I bet money that within 6 months of Joe going to prison, Teresa will divorce him. She’ll claim abuse and how prison made her stronger. Next will be the tell all book about her life and how Joe brought her down. Blah, blah, blah

    Francine Smith
    The material goods were likely Teresa’s consolation prizes for looking the other way on Joe’s indiscretions.

    She didn’t “give” anything back — it was, or will be “taken” by court order. I hope she comes back to an empty foreclosed home. Would be so sweet to see her living in a 3 bedroom USED rental driving a Ford Fiesta to shop at Walmart.

    Does anybody understand why these assets were not seized ON DAY ONE? When you declare bankruptcy, you cheat people who trusted you. The small business down the street is waiting for your payment and instead they get a letter from the court saying there are no assets. But you still manage to find money for a spray tan and your daughter’s manicure.

  8. June 12, 2015 at 7:04 AM

    From the movie script, Blue Jamsine:

    Augie: She stole our money. Okay. Understand? We could have been set. That was our whole chance in life.

    Ginger: For the last time, Augie, he was the crook, not her, okay? What the hell did she know about finance?

    Augie: Don’t stand there and tell me that. She’s married to a guy for years… up to his ass in phony real estate and bank fraud. She knew nothing about it? Believe me, she knew, Ginger. Okay? She knew. But when all those diamonds and minks were flying in… she just looked the other way.

    Ginger: I don’t think so, Augie.

    Augie: You said it. You said to me, “She’s a phony and had to know. ”


    Jasmine to her friend: Oh, I never pay attention to Hal’s business affairs. I have no head for that sort of thing.

    Jasmine’s friend: Just don’t file a joint tax return.

    Jasmine: Don’t say that. I sign anything. I’m very trusting.

    Jasmine’s friend: Famous last words. It’s called looking the other way.


    Ginger: When Jasmine don’t wanna know something… she’s got a habit of looking the other way.

    Augie on Hal, Jasmine’s husband: He lived like a big shot on other people’s money.


    Ginger to Jasmine: The financial genius, generous, the philanthropist? He’s such a phony. He’s a cheap crook. His charitable contributions with stolen money. Did you not suspect anything or did you not care?

    Jasmine: What does that mean?

    Ginger: It didn’t pay for you to ask questions.

    Jasmine: Think I would have allowed him to set up corporations under my name? Sign accounts? This is no cake walk. I could get indicted.


    Ginger’s friend to Jasmine: So, Chili was telling me that you used to have a really nice collection of cars.

    Jasmine: Oh, yes, my husband did. He used to collect vintage Bentleys and Mercedes.

    Friend: Wow, those are expensive cars.

    Jasmine: Yes, they are. You know, having wealth is nothing to be ashamed of. We were very civic-minded.

    Friend: Yeah, with other people’s money. This guy lost every penny of Ginger’s money.

    Jasmine: I tried to bring my sister and her husband in on a good thing. I mean, what do I know about financial schemes? You’ll be very happy to know that I lost every cent of my own money. You know, every home, every stick of furniture…every fur, every ring and every bank account…and still it wasn’t enough to placate the government.


    Jasmine: See, everything unraveled so quickly. You know, I started experiencing anxiety and claustrophobia… and this acute fear of death. You know, I had nightmares and a nervous breakdown. I mean, you must have heard of Prozac and lithium. Well, all those drugs just made me worse.

    Of course, you know, I probably did suspect… that not everything Hal did was always 100-percent aboveboard. Christ, I mean, you’d have to be an idiot… not to think his phenomenal success was too good to be true.

  9. July 30, 2015 at 3:19 PM

    EXCLUSIVE: From jailbird to REAL Housewife! Teresa Giudice hits farmers market days after being released from prison – rocking a studded $2,500 Valentino tote

    The Daily Mail
    December 30, 2015

    Teresa Giudice, 43, shopped at farmers market in Totowa, NJ picking up lemons, strawberries and orchids

    This was her first outing since being released from the the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut last Wednesday

    ‘She was happy to be out shopping and back into her routine,’ a source tells Daily Mail Online

    Teresa served nearly a year behind bars for bankruptcy fraud and will serve remainder of 15-month sentence in ‘home confinement’

    But she is able to leave for medical and legal appointments, and she will be free to otherwise travel with permission

    ioniancat21, NYC, United States said on December 30, 2015:

    I can’t hate her anymore because she showed us slaves the way!!! Do like your politicians and wealthy do, create a good plan to steal and then make sure you have good lawyers, do a year in jail and retire a millionaire with your middle finger raised to the working class suckers AKA “Bagholders”….

    Michael of NJ, Princeton, United States, said:

    More staged sightings for her ridiculous show. No one cares. When exactly do they start paying back their creditors?

    Paul, Lansdale, United States said:

    When will you figure it out DM? It’s “exclusive” because no one else cares. You’re the only ones [other than PEOPLE magazine] dim enough to pay for picks everyone else knows isn’t worth it. Because no one else cares.

    Super Pelican, New Orleans, United States said:

    How many ex-cons put on stiletto pumps and make-up just to go get groceries? And how many invite the media to go with them? This scrounger learned nothing and obviously feels that she didn’t do anything wrong. Time for a boycott of anyone who pays her for interviews of photos for a while, perhaps?

    Jane, New York City, said:

    If she’s buying stuff like 2k handbags and a new Lexus (or even the lease of a 90k Lexus) after declaring bankruptcy, there’s something very, very wrong. Also, she and her pal look like they should be auditioning for a remake of the Sopranos.

    RejectedMomma, Detroit, United States, said:

    Why are they not being watched. They still owe a lot of people money and yet he’s buy cars he can’t drive and she’s carrying purses they shouldn’t be able to afford.

    Marcy L, Los Angeles, United States, said:

    It looks like they were filming and this was not a chance grocery store encounter, since both ladies are wearing heavy make-up, huge fake eyelashes, a fur coat and a 2,500 tote while “running errands.” Teresa’s troubles are not over yet; Joe has to go away next.

    Lady Jane, California, United States, said:

    Could somebody PLEASE take the whole State of New Jersey and make it into another country, break it off the mainland, and send it out to sea.

    Lolabell1, Covina, United States, said:

    What a disgrace of a women she is. Her and her husband don’t care who they steal from or hurt as long as they are living a life of luxury.


    lawgrrl34 said in July 2015 at PEOPLE:

    Several points leap to mind: 1) ignorance is no defense to the law (if she was “unsophisticated” or just plain stupid, she is still on the hook), 2) she signed a confession which included the falsification of documents to obtain mortgages and she clearly did know she wasn’t working when she signed them, and 3) while I do believe the bankruptcy is what put her in the cross hairs of the federal government, it was because she lied, got caught and then moved to rescind the bankruptcy petition. When you do that, you are putting a target on your back and she did it while continuing to live a life on camera that served to prove that she was saying one thing and doing another. She brought this on herself. Period. I’d have a lot more respect for her if she finally told the truth and acknowledged that she made some serious mistakes. But she won’t. Most narcissistic people are incapable of this.

    OhNo said at PEOPLE in response to Teresa suing her bankruptcy attorney:

    What little bit of empathy I had been able to gather for her, and her situation, just went flying out the door! Own it woman! Quit looking for a scapegoat!

    the ugly truth said:

    The attorney prepares the document according to what she and Juicy told them. I’ve been through a bankruptcy and before it’s discharged a judge goes over your schedules in detail. You swear that everything you filed is true. I saw a woman lose her wedding rings…Teresa didn’t report her assets because she didn’t want to lose them. She may be dumb as hell but she’s also shady as hell too.


    Teresa knew what she was signing. She’s a business woman. She established and trademarked Fabulicious before season one premiered, knowing when her table flip episode aired she would hit it big. By the time season one premiered, she had setup her website and sold her Fabulicious products online (in the beginning it was T-shirts and those elaborate accessories she made her kids wear on the show). She had a separate bank account for Fabulicious LLC that she did not disclose on her bankruptcy petition when she declared her assets. She put rental income from their Lincoln Park home, which was in her name only, into that account. She also did not disclosure her increase in income for season 2 of RHONJ and her cookbook deal and advance payment, even though she had signed the contracts before filing for bankruptcy. She also hid in her Fabulicious LLC account the money she received for magazine deals and did not disclose in her bankruptcy filing the income from those deals.

    She’s in jail because she failed to disclose ALL her assets not once, but TWICE [first in the original bankruptcy filing, subsequent amendments and testimony under oath, and then in her plea deal with the feds]. That’s the reason she’s in jail.

    Bottom line is: Teresa is the reason she is in jail. She didn’t list her assets. End of story. The judge even said so. She plays extra dumb for TV. It’s the character Bravo defined for her.

  10. November 23, 2015 at 11:13 AM

    ‘RHONJ’ star Teresa Giudice settles foreclosure, keeping Montville mansion
    By NJ.com
    November 13, 2015

    Embattled “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice will have a home to return to after she leaves federal prison in December: She and husband Joe have paid up their missed mortgage payments on their ornate Montville mansion, according to the bank that initiated foreclosure proceedings earlier this year.

    “The Defendant has reinstated the mortgage and therefore the foreclosure is hereby settled,” according to an Oct. 22 filing from lender Community Bank of Bergen County obtained by NJ Advance Media.

    The couple, who lost their Manahawkin beach home through foreclosure over the summer, is still responsible for future mortgage payments on the Montville mansion, which they had tried to sell last year for $3.99 million.

    “We are very happy that this matter is now resolved,” their lawyer James Leonard says. “I know that the Giudices are looking forward to putting the past behind them and starting fresh.”


  11. July 18, 2016 at 8:50 PM

    Teresa’s Legal Troubles Are Not Over
    From RadarOnline, July 2016

    The Giudices filed for bankruptcy in 2009, but withdrew their petition after they were suspected of fraud. Teresa’s case was closed in 2014. Teresa and husband Joe were sentenced to jail on fraud charges stemming from the 2009 bankruptcy filing.

    Teresa later filed a malpractice lawsuit against her former bankruptcy lawyer, James Kridel, after she was found guilty of bankruptcy fraud and sentenced to 11 months in federal prison. She could be awarded damages in the suit against Kridel, which allowed the court to reopen her case. In April of 2016, the trustee for Teresa ‘s original bankruptcy filed a request to reopen the case.

    In May 2016, U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Stacey L. Meisel agreed to reopen the suit.

    “Satisfied means paid in full in my book,” Meisel told Cuevas in court, N.J. Advance Media reported. “There may have been a satisfaction of a number of creditors… but the fact remains that creditors still exist.”

    On July 11, 2016, Teresa made her way to court, demanding that a judge enforce her bankruptcy lawsuit settlement in order to block the case’s trustee from backing out of their original agreement.

    “Ms. Giudice has requested that the Trustee engage in mediation,” the official court filing, obtained by Radar, read. “However, the Trustee has refused to engage in mediation.”

    “Because of the Trustee’s refusal,” the document, signed by the star’s lawyer Carlos J. Cuevas, continued, “Ms. Giudice is requesting an order directing that the Trustee meet [with her] before a Magistrate Judge.”

    The couple plead guilty to federal charges in 2014, with Teresa spending 11 months behind bars and an additional month on house arrest in January 2016. Joe began serving his 41-month sentence at Federal Correctional Institution in Fort Dix, N.J. in late March 2016 .

    Teresa is still not complying with the law, and is facing contempt of court charges in her bankruptcy case!

    Teresa, 44, was served with multiple subpoenas pertaining to the case in June, but did not produce the necessary documents needed by the July 13 deadline. A trustee in the case appeared before a judge later that day to ask that Giudice be found in contempt of court.

    The trustee reported that the mom-of-four failed to turn over copies of her and Joe’s federal and state tax returns for the past three years, as well as all of their joint bank account statements since January 2015. She was also asked to turn over copies of employment contracts over the past three years.

    As a result, the trustee asked the judge to fine Giudice $1,000 per day that the documents are missing.

    The trustee also alleged that Giudice will not show up to her examination on July 20, and asked that for each day she does not appear she is fined another $1,000.

  12. November 26, 2017 at 5:09 PM

    Teresa Giudice bankruptcy settlement talks break down, lawyers charge ‘bad faith’

    Updated Aug 17, 2017; Posted Aug 17, 2017
    NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

    Settlement talks broke down this week between lawyers for “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice and the bankruptcy attorney she is suing for legal malpractice, according to a letter filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Newark.

    In the letter to Judge Stacey Meisel, who must approve any settlement, Giudice’s lawyers are slamming James Kridel, the Clifton attorney who represented her in the bankruptcy proceeding that helped lead to Giudice’s year-long prison stint for bankruptcy fraud. Giudice’s lawyers accuse Kridel of “bad faith litigation” and a “scorched earth defense.”

    They argue that his stonewalling is an attempt to run up Giudice’s legal fees and to exhaust Kridel’s own malpractice insurance policy before a settlement is reached or the case can come to trial.

    “The insurance coverage is finite,” write Carlos Cuevas, who is representing Giudice with Anthony Rainone, in the letter.

    Jacqueline Laurita, who is not returning to ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ for its eighth season, had struggled to make payments on the Franklin Lakes house in previous years

    Cuevas has requested a status conference with Meisel, who must approve of any settlement because a portion of settlement proceedings would go toward any of Giudice’s remaining creditors. He is hoping that Meisel’s input would push the case toward a resolution.

    “Listening to a judge’s viewpoint on a case can have a sobering impact,” Cuevas tells NJ.com, “especially when the judge has to make a final determination on an issue.”

    This is the latest twist in a convoluted case that dates back to 2009, to just after the dawn of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” franchise. Giudice and her husband Joe, who is currently serving his own 41-month federal prison term for bankruptcy fraud and conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud, filed for bankruptcy through Kridel in October 2009, saying they owed millions to mortgage lenders, credit card companies, lawyers, contractors and others.

    But John Sywilok, the trustee representing the couple’s creditors, alleged that the Giudices hid assets and income in their bankruptcy filing, and in 2011, the couple withdrew their bankruptcy claim.

    Two years later, the couple was indicted on 39 counts of fraud (later increased to 41). Some counts pertained to the bankruptcy and other counts involved what prosecutors alleged was a long-running scheme to use fake financial documents to get mortgages and construction loans.

    The Giudices eventually pleaded guilty to several counts of fraud each. While Teresa Giudice was serving her prison sentence in 2015, her lawyers filed the legal malpractice claim against Kridel, saying the “inaccurate” filing and his alleged failure to notify the couple that federal prosecutors were investigating them led to Teresa Giudice’s incarceration.

    Kridel has called the claim “absurd” and has pointed out that the wire and mail fraud conspiracy element of the case predated the bankruptcy and his work with the couple.

    Though the legal malpractice case was filed in Superior Court in Morristown, the case took a detour to U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Newark last year when Sywilok, the bankruptcy trustee, argued that any award from the lawsuit should go to Giudices’ creditors. Giudice’s attorneys and Sywilok eventually hammered out a settlement in which they would split any hypothetical award from the Kridel lawsuit.

    Kridel’s attorneys argued against the settlement and later appealed Meisel’s approval of it, but was denied.

    In any case, the bulk of Giudice’s debts from her bankruptcy case have since been resolved, although the couple does still owe money to the IRS and the New Jersey Department of Revenue and are on a payment plan.

    Kridel’s lawyer Carl M. Perri had no comment on Cuevas’ recent allegations.


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