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Teresa Giudice Sells Stories to the Tabloids But Denies It; Melissa Gorga Claims Teresa Called Antonia ‘Ugly’ and Wrote a “Whole Lying Blog About My Daughter”

October 8, 2012 117 comments

“I used to always cover up for her—I’ve kept a lot of secrets. Not anymore.  When she stops telling lies about me, I’ll stop telling the truth about her.” – Melissa Gorga on Teresa Guiduce, October 1, 2012, Us Weekly

tre 520

On the August 26, 2012 episode of RHONJ, Joe Giudice admitted to Chris Laurita that Teresa gets paid to give stories to In Touch:

“They write the bull (bleep), and we make the money,” Joe tells Chris Laurita.

“They came to us.”

Chris: “So you put it out.”

Joe: “So what?”

Chris tells Joe that he and Jacqueline were approached by a magazine to dish dirt on Teresa for $50,000, and they refused.

Joe: “You’re a moron.”

tre 525

The following in a recap by Vulture of when Caroline called out Teresa (for the second time) in season 4 for a having a deal with the tabloids, which in listed on page 17 in the federal indictment handed down on July 29, 2013:

Tre: I love you.

Caroline: You’re lying.

Tre: I’m not lying.

Caroline: You have a seven-cover deal.

Tre: You’re lying.

Caroline: You’re lying.

Tre: I’m not lying.

Caroline: You are lying to my face right now.

At which point Caroline calls Tre a “fraud” and a “disgrace.” We find out over on the men’s side that Teresa planted a (false) story in a July In Touch about possibly having a baby boy. We learn from Juicy that Teresa did get paid for the tabloid stories. Joe Guidice’s attitude is more or less “So what? Your wives would do it too.” We also learn here that Jacqueline was offered $50,000 by a magazine to write a story about Tre and turned it down. We also learn that Juicy Joe called Chris Laurita “shady” to some businessman and they fight for two seconds but then make up. They all kiss each other. More than they need to, really.

Tre turns down a bend in the road and resorts to Ophelia-style non-sequiturs when Caroline says to her face that she used to tell her to stop hanging out with the rest of the women to prove her friendship: “Just because your family has problems,” Tre blurts out. Irrelevant?

Manzo sick burn: “Hanging out with your family was the biggest blessing because all the things that didn’t make sense began to make sense.” Oww.

Eventually, Joe Guidice yells “Caroline!” from across the room, and Chris Manzo poises for attack (“If he fucking hurts my mother, I’ll fucking jump across the room and hit that motherfucker.”)

Albert Manzo does not seem to belong on this show, and not only because his flesh is not the sickly orange of a hormone-grown low-end grocery carrot: “I usually just sit in the back and pretend to be sleeping or not paying attention.” Eventually, Lauren comes to her mom’s aid.

At one point Teresa grabs Kathy’s face for emphasis.

“I don’t even know how to lie,” Tre says, and everyone basically snarfs. At least, I snarfed. This fight about old shit has actually been going on for half an hour now, and my brain cells are depleting worse than if I hooked myself up to an IV of 151 rum.

“He was an instigur.” Tre says at one point. Pauses, thinks. “He was an instigator.”

Finally Juicy Joe puts an end to all of this by announcing he has important business to attend to and the Giudices must depart. Tre shrieks something intellegible.

“She’s such a piece of shit,” says Lauren. “Why did you two start talking?” Melissa asks Caroline, incredulous. “Don’t talk!” Melissa wins for the only sane line uttered this week.

Like that moment in Fatal Attraction when the erstwhile-drowned Glenn Close springs up from the full bathtub, Tre pops back in for one final round of brief crazy, then she leaves. Joe Gorga says that he’ll continue to try to support Tre emotionally, blood being thicker than water and all, and the Gorgas prepare to leave as well.

The funniest thing about the Kathy face-grabbing incident is that every time Kathy says that she didn’t like it, Tre does it again. Caroline cries in an empty room. Yahtzee.

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Teresa has adamantly denied being paid by the tabloids for stories, even writing a blog about “how it works.” In her June 12, 2012 blog, Cover Girl, Teresa said that she got paid for the photo shot and nothing else:

Here’s the deal though: you’re only ever paid for photographs. The magazine has to pay for photos no matter what: either they do a photo shoot with you, or they pay for shots from a professional photographer who just happened to catch you walking down the street, or god forbid, the paparazzi. Here’s how I feel about that: if the magazine is going to run a story about you anyway and you have no control about what the story will be, what will be on the cover, even how they might twist your own quotes or use ugly pictures of you, why not get paid for a professional photo shoot? I love, love, love photographs… especially of me and my girls. You’ve seen my Christmas cards; I go over the top with photographs. Now suddenly magazines are offering to give me gorgeous photos (that I get to keep) and they’ll pay me. If I say no, they’re going to do the story anyway, but the photos will probably not be pretty, like the recent cover of US Weekly with my arms crossed when I look all mad. Who wants that?

So Jacqueline and I were all excited to have beautiful shots of us and our babies in In Touch and get paid for them! And that one actually was a pretty nice story, no drama or crazy cover tags. But maybe that’s because we never made it to the cover. We got bumped for a story about Brat Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. No need to have a dramatic cover sentence for us because we weren’t the cover.

It’s weird how it works: you don’t always get paid even for photo shoots. People magazine doesn’t pay for instance (unless you’re Brad Pitt I’m guessing). But when I was asked to pose for a photo shoot with my girls in their playroom, for back-to-school clothes with Alex McCord and her boys, and with my girls for Halloween in People magazine, I did them all for free because I love taking pictures! You don’t have any say about the photos of course, and they can still pick a bad one, but I still think taking pictures is fun, especially when I get to keep them for free.

At some point the photos of me and my kids must have been selling well because I started to get asked more often, and started to appear on covers I was never asked about at all. And of course, the stories about me got crazier. To date, I’ve been on the cover of over 25 magazines. That’s just crazy to me; I know actors and models would kill for that much exposure. But I didn’t ask for it. They put me on the cover because apparently magazines sell really well when I’m on them. I’m not sure if that’s flattering or not since the stories aren’t typically very flattering.

The truth is Jacqueline and Caroline aren’t on the covers of magazines every week presumably because it wouldn’t make the magazine sell. They aren’t missing from the magazines because they take some high road and say no. They aren’t wanted. I’m not saying being wanted is better or somehow desirable because in most cases it isn’t, but to say that I have any control over it is false. And they know it.

So on this episode they were all acting so shocked at the story they said I put out. First of all, they know I didn’t put it out. Yes, for that one I posed for the photos rather than have random street shots of me used. And I wanted some photos of me and Gabriella since she’s so quiet and not on the show a lot. During the shoot they asked me some questions, and I answered them. Some of them, not even all of them. And I didn’t say anything bad about anyone.


So now you know how it works. I never did. I do get paid for photo shoots sometimes, sometimes I do them and don’t get paid, but I like pictures. And here’s another thing: if they pay you for the shoot, they shoot a million pictures in tons of different clothes so they can spread them out and use them in several different magazines without having to pay you again. I think I’ve only ever done 4 or 5 photo shoots that they’ve used in the over 20 covers (I can’t even count how many times I’ve appeared in the magazines. I don’t even read them anymore…) And I do say no A LOT. I’m busy, it’s not a lot of money, and I don’t need it.

Regardless of the photos, I can’t control what’s on the cover or when, and I usually hate what they say. Even though I love the picture of my wedding vow renewals with Joe, they wrote right over my wedding dress: “Despite Joe’s drunken bullying, Teresa refuses to leave him.” Did I put that out there? Of course not.

In her June 12, 2012 blog, A Real ‘Rockstar’, Melissa criticized Teresa for the In Touch magazine article featured on season 4 episode 7:

“I guess in her mind, there is a difference between what she is willing to share with the tabloids for money and what she will share with her friends and family. Please take note, if there are constantly stories in the tabloids, the show is going to address it. If you don’t want these issues to be brought up on the show, then don’t address them in the tabloids.”

In this same episode Melissa accused Teresa of not being loyal to family because of the In Touch article:

“I get it—you need to make money, [so] make your money—but at the same time, you need to be loyal to your family. Maybe she can go see a therapist about that. I’m sorry, that’s how I feel.” – Melissa Gorga, Season 4 Episode 7

The In Touch cover above features a photo of Teresa and her children along with sensational headlines. Her children should be off limits and should never be featured on tabloid covers, especially knowing the sensational stories inside. If she wants her face on the cover to help build and sell her brand, fine, but she needs to protect her children from public scrutiny and humiliation. She also needs to restrict the way in which Bravo films her children. She should have final say on what airs, or she should not allow Bravo to film them at all.

In October 2012, Melissa accused Teresa of calling her daughter, Antonia, ugly, but Teresa denied the accusation:

According to Melissa in her interview with Us Weekly published on October 2, 2012, when Antonia, her daughter, got accepted to a modeling agency, Teresa said: “I heard Antonia got accepted. Yeah the ugly kids always get picked.”

According to Teresa in a response posted on her website on October 8, 2012 (see below): “And Antonia, don’t ever, ever let anyone tell you you are anything but BEAUTIFUL! Know how I know? Know how everyone knows this horrible story about me calling you “ugly” isn’t true? Because you look just like me when I was a kid! To be honest, you look almost more like me than my own daughters… I wasn’t trying to make this about me–I was only trying to point out that it’s ridiculous to claim I called Antonia “ugly” when we look alike–that would be like calling myself ugly. She’s beautiful, I love her and my nephews.”

Teresa Giudice and her niece, Melissa Gorga's daughter Antonia Gorga

Teresa wrote a blog on her website to give her version of the story and posted the two photos above, comparing herself to Antonia at the age:

My Darling BEAUTIFUL Niece
By Teresa Giudice,
October 8, 2012 at 2:21 PM

There were another million crazy hurtful untrue stories about me this week and I ignore them all, but one I can’t ignore. Again, Melissa is using our children in public, telling lies about them, to try and hurt me. Please Melissa, say whatever you want about me, but leave innocent children out of this!

I’m not even talking about her ridiculous claim that she’s leaving her “dream house” because she doesn’t want her kids to go to school with my kids. Our kids are all in school now and they don’t go to the same school already. She can stay in her dream house. We all know that’s not the issue…

But while I can protect my own kids from her lies and keep telling them that their uncle and aunt love them, I don’t have any access to my own niece and nephews anymore. Someday Antonia will be old enough to make her own decisions and hopefully I’ll have a relationship with her and her brothers then, but I have to answer the INSANE LIE that I ever, ever said anything mean about Antonia.

Someday when Antonia is able to Google her own name, she’ll find the evil story her mother told to a magazine about me calling her “ugly” (I can only pray Melissa’s words were taken out of context by the magazine and I hope Melissa sets the record straight with Antonia privately, even though she didn’t publicly) but I want Antonia to also see my response: it’s absolutely NOT TRUE. I adore you Antonia, and I adore Gino and Joey. You are my blood. You are Gorgas. You are beautiful inside and out! Zia Teresa will always, ALWAYS love you and always be here for you with open arms. My children love you as well. They always treated you like their own sister growing up since you didn’t have any. I hope one day you’ll be able to hang out again.

And Antonia, don’t ever, ever let anyone tell you you are anything but BEAUTIFUL! Know how I know? Know how everyone knows this horrible story about me calling you “ugly” isn’t true? Because you look just like me when I was a kid! To be honest, you look almost more like me than my own daughters. You are like a daughter to me and will always be in my heart. I love you Antonia! xx

Update on Monday, October 8, 2012 at 5:14 PM by Teresa Giudice

Believe me, I hate to leave a message for my nieces and nephews on the Internet, but I have no other way to get through to them, and at least this will be here, permanently, for them to read with their own eyes someday. I meant every word of it. I don’t care who believes me or doesn’t, this is how I feel.

And this wasn’t just a tiny rumor, the accusation was in a national cover story and you and I both know Melissa bought boxes of that magazine, so yes, Antonia will one day see it. I wasn’t trying to make this about me–I was only trying to point out that it’s ridiculous to claim I called Antonia “ugly” when we look alike–that would be like calling myself ugly. She’s beautiful, I love her and my nephews. Visit us all in 15 years and hopefully you will find one big happy family. xx

I know I’ll laugh about this cover story one day. Actually, the red dresses did make me laugh right away.

On October 8, 2012, Melissa responded by tweeting: “Did T seriously write a whole lying blog about my daughter? This is why I’m moving. Always about her. #enoughalready”

I am the victim

I’m not so sure Antonia looks ‘just like’ Teresa when she was a kid (I think Milania has Teresa’s features and will grow up to look a lot like her mother — photo below). Antonia resembles the Gorga side of the family but I think she also equally resembles the Marco side of her family. Melissa certainly will have something more to say about it.

Melissa Gorga Was Arrested for ‘Retail Theft’ in Florida in 1997, Around the Time She Allegedly Was in a Lesbian Relationship with Jamie Bauer (Updated 10/12/2012)

October 6, 2012 131 comments
chris stark (@stark3923)

#rhonj I went n pulled up Melissa Gorga OPEN ARREST WARRENT = RETAIL THEFT screen shot enclosed

July 16, 1997 Melissa Marco (Gorga) was arrested 4 Retail Theft =Sarasota FL. $1k bond Open Case **NEW DOC** enclosed

Update October 12, 2012:

Melissa Gorga Shoplifting Case was dismissed BECAUSE of a 15th Circuit Judicial Circuit Administrative Order #4.605 and #4.6.25 = in 2008 a judicial order which basically states a misdemeanor case prior to 2008 with no activity on it for five years can be dismissed by a simple administrative order. A phone to the Palm Beach County Courthouse apprising them to activate this administrative order is all it would have taken to have Melissa Gorga case dismissed October 10, 2012.

Anyone stating this case was resolved years ago and the open arrest warrant was a clerical error is misinformed. I checked that to…

Bottom line is: Melissa Gorga was arrested for shoplifting and agreed to appear in court to answer to the charges. Melissa failed to honor her word to the judge and the judge issued a bench warrant for her arrest. The store Melissa shoplifted at has since been sold to Macy’s. No complaining witness.

Melissa evades being held responsible because of TIME. Moral of the story is: if you get caught breaking the law in Florida…avoid detection for five years = then you get to have a clean record and cannot be held accountable for your actions.

1-561-355-2996 Palm Beach County

Order 4.605

Order 4.6.25

RadarOnline also reported on the story, citing Chris Stark as the source.

Melissa Marco Gorga was born on March 21, 1979.

For Melissa Marco’s located in the Florida database, click here.

shoplift 1

Various media outlets have picked up on the story of Melissa Gorga’s arrest in 1997, at age 18, for retail theft in Palm Beach County, Florida. The story was uncovered by lysaslying (Twitter handle), Chris Stark posted the screen shots of the open case, and RadarOnline reported on the story as an exclusive (RadarOnline did not publish Chris’ screen shots).

Melissa Marco was arrested on July 16, 1997, after shoplifting from Burdines (a department store; $1,000 bond). When she missed her arraignment on October 6, 1997, a bench warrant for failure to appear in court was issued October 8, 1997. According to Kathy Burstein, primary media contact for the Palm Beach County Clerk & Comptroller’s Office, the case is still open.

On June 29, 2011, the National Enquirer reported (see Reality Tea story below) that beginning in 1995, when Melissa was a sophomore at Boca Raton High School, she had an 18-month relationship with a woman named Jamie Bauer (both were teenagers; Melissa was living with her mother at the time), who came forward in June 2011.

The lesbian relationship began in Florida in 1995, the Florida theft charge was in 1997, and Melissa graduated from Boca Raton High School in 1998, so the time frame for the arrest and affair line up.

There are no mug shots available online for 1997 arrests, but there is one for Melissa’s alleged former lesbian lover’s arrest in 2009:

shoplift 2

From Reality Tea, July 3, 2011:

In the June 29, 2011 issue of the National Enquirer, a woman named Jamie Bauer alleged she had a lesbian relationship with Melissa and dated her for 18-months while she was still a teenager.

“Melissa had one of the most insatiable sexual appetites I’d ever found in a woman,” declared her alleged former girlfriend Jamie, adding that Melissa once led a hell-raising life that is nothing like her now squeaky-clean motherly image. “This domesticated family woman that fans see on ‘Bravo’ is definitely not the same wild child I used to share a bed with when we were younger.”

Jamie reveals she met Melissa when she was a 16-year-old sophomore at South Florida’s Boca Raton High School back in 1995. Jamie was also 16 at the time.

“We met one night at a house party and it was love at first sight,” says Jamie. “As a couple, we couldn’t have been a more unlikely pair. Melissa was from a affluent family and hung out with all the popular kids. She was a cheerleader, never got into trouble and made good grades. I was just the opposite. I was a high school dropout and already living on my own,” says Jamie.

“After we started dating, Melissa told me I was the first girl she’d ever been with. We managed to keep our relationship a secret from her mom for several months, even though I spent the night at their house several times a week and we’d sleep in the same bed.”

Jamie adds that Melissa’s mom eventually caught on to the relationship and banned them from seeing each other, though they still did secretly.

“I’d sneak into Melissa’s bedroom window several times a week for sex,” claims Jamie.

Eventually things cooled off between the two when Jamie was sent to jail for a probation violation.

Jamie adds that Melissa still wrote her “steamy letters” almost every day while she was in jail. However things ended after 18 months of dating when Jamie discovered Melissa had cheated on her.

“When I got out, I found out she had cheated on me with another girl while I was away,” states Jamie.

Jamie reveals watching Melissa’s new life on the RHONJ makes her “nauseous.” Wowzers.

shoplift 3

shoplift 4

“The week following the 2010 Posche Fashion Show, a startled Melissa greeted me with a half-assed ‘hi.’ The fact that I was confident I recognized the husband of Melissa’s sister [Kim Pirrella] from a local North Jersey gay bar less than a week prior [his distressed facial expression when he saw me did not help] made the evening additionally awkward.” – Will Love, November 29, 2011, Will Love Exposes Illumination PR And Melissa Gorga, AllAboutTRH

Why Should We Defend Teresa Giudice Against Attacks from Her Castmates?

October 6, 2012 67 comments

Season 3 Episode 8

Jacqueline: “Teresa, she’s just starting to talk to her brother again and her sister-in-law and stuff. I’m gonna make sure they make up.”

Ashlee: “Is that your place though?”

Jacqueline: “They want that.”

Ashlee: “Why would you put yourself in the middle of a potentially bad situation?”

Jacqueline: “She asked me for help. She came to me and said, ‘Help me with this’.”

Ashlee: “You tend to care about people that could potentially backfire onto you. OK, you know what? Danielle. Danielle Staub, that’s all I’m saying.

Jacqueline: “So when my friend tries to talk to me about her brother, I’m supposed to say, ‘Don’t talk to me about your brother; you go deal with him’?”

Ashlee (exasperated): “OK, mom.”

Jacqueline: “I feel like they made a lot of progress with each other.”

Jacqueline’s father interjects:  “It’s up to them.”

Jacqueline: “If they want this to work, they’ll make it work.”

Jacqueline’s father: “You have to be careful what you say and how you say it.”

Jacqueline: “That’s what I’m saying.”

Jacqueline in her TTC:  “Ashlee’s trying to tell me to stay out of drama?! That’s a little hypocritical, compared to the drama she’s put Chris and I through in the past few years.”

Ashlee in her TTC:  “This is the thing about my mom: anywhere there’s drama she tries to put herself in it, no matter what it is. It’s like, come on — she was friends with Danielle for a reason.”

– Season 3 Episode 8, ‘Holidazed and Confused’ (Premiered July 10, 2011)

By HairLikeCher, Guest Blogger
October 6, 2012

There is so much evidence that Melissa Gorga IS the destruction of RHONJ — and the Gorga family — and it has been that way since before season one even aired. Shall we look at it?

  • There was a blog (On Common Ground) that was discussing RHONJ prior to season one and it had an “anonymous” poster who claimed to be a close family member of Teresa’s and who was bashing her up and down. Another “anonymous” poster was talking about Teresa’s brother and more specifically about his wife and how beautiful she is, how young and successful they are, how big their house is, etc…and how if Teresa is anything like her brother then the show should be interesting. The comments were clearly Melissa. They were also posted minutes apart from each other.
  • She wrote the song “On Display” before anyone even knew who she was. It is a narcissist’s anthem about how she is constantly plagued by paparazzi and jealous haters who are trying to take her down. That might have made sense if she wrote it AFTER she were already successful. However, her music career STILL hasn’t taken off enough to be considered successful. And I repeat, she wrote it while she was filming season three…nobody knew who the hell she was. So the lyrics are basically her fantasizing about what she wants. Drama.

“Melissa co-wrote the song ‘On Display’ before her first season on RHONJ aired, when only those within her tiny circle knew her name. It’s reasonable to imagine that Melissa was stalking Teresa’s whole life since 2008, the year season 1 was filmed, and wrote the lyrics as if she were Teresa. She had all the poses, smiles and red carpet interviews practiced for years in front of the mirror. She could ‘feel the weight of the world pushing down on her’ before she was on air! Imagine that.” – Obvious Lee, April 20, 2012, Reality Tea

  • Her introduction to the show was the Christening episode. Her, her husband, her sisters and her brothers-in-law attacking Teresa. Verbally and physically.
  • There was the speculation that she had contacted Danielle behind Teresa’s back during season two to both feed her information about Teresa and to try and film with her. UNTIL she admitted it on camera and then it was no longer speculation, it was fact.
  • For two seasons, Melissa has claimed that prior to getting on the show, she and Teresa were not speaking or getting along. Teresa has maintained that they absolutely WERE speaking. A lot of fans have questioned why Melissa would go on the show if she and Teresa were in a bad place to begin with, why would she bring their problems onto national TV? There was a very interesting comment on Teresa’s Facebook page from July 2009. It was from Lisa Marco-Simpson (Melissa’s sister) and it said something about them all having hung out together at the Jersey shore that weekend at the Giudice’s shore house and on their boat having a great time. She also mentioned that people were approaching Teresa for autographs and photos. This was prior to Melissa being cast on RHONJ and also during the time that she would have been pregnant with baby Joey. We already know that she contacted Danielle while she was pregnant with Joey because she admitted it on the show (she blamed it on her pregnancy hormones).

Back on July 23, 2009, during the airing of RHONJ season 1, Lysa Simpson, Melissa’s sister, was gushing on Facebook about spending the weekend with Teresa and her kids at her shore house:

“Lysa Marco-Simpson spent the weekend with Teresa and the kids at her shore house! was so much fun with all the starstruck people asking for pictures at the beach. then we went to her house for spaghetti!” – Lysa Marco-Simpson, July 23, 2009 at 6:22 am, Facebook

Lisa’s Facebook comment on July 23, 2009 proves that the Gorgas and the Giudices were, in fact, getting along and definitely speaking prior to Melissa being cast. How could they have all been hanging out at the shore if they weren’t even speaking? Yet Melissa told Teresa (when she admitted to contacting Danielle) that at the time she hated her. She gave no reason for it though. If you look at what Melissa’s sister said (about fans approaching Teresa) and consider that Melissa was envious of Teresa’s fame and fortune from the show, it provides the perfect motivation for her to go behind Teresa’s back and contact Danielle. Everything makes perfect sense based on that one comment from Lisa. Melissa was insane with envy so she contacted Danielle (the timeline even makes sense), gave her information to use against Teresa (which we saw at the season two reunion), schemed to get herself cast on the show behind Teresa’s back, lied about it by saying that they weren’t speaking (which is why Teresa has always said that they were speaking, because they were) and the rest is what we have seen since Melissa’s introduction at the Christening.

Reunion 4

I honestly don’t understand how people believe a word that comes out of Melissa Gorga’s mouth. I never trusted her from the day she came on the show. She is a lying, manipulative snake, a textbook narcissist, and has no conscience. She loves herself so much that she believes everyone else loves her too and, therefore, will just fall under her spell. This is why she thinks none of her many skeletons will come out or that she can just lie about them. Because she thinks she can just charm people into falling in love with her the way she is in love with herself. And because she is so jealous of the success and attention that she witnessed Teresa getting, she is motivated by her need to prove everyone that SHE is the one who truly deserves the attention. That’s why she copies everything Teresa does – to show that SHE can do it better. The way she dresses, wears her hair, does her makeup (just look at old pictures of her for evidence of this), the way she dresses her kids, the people she uses (photographers, stylists, hairdressers, etc), the comments about whose house is bigger, who throws better parties, whose husband works harder… Everything is a competition to her because she has to show everyone that SHE is better than Teresa therefore SHE deserves the attention. She is so consumed by this that she lies about anything in order to convey the illusion that she is the better woman.

Why would anyone believe a damn word that comes out of her mouth?

RHONJ is the only reality TV show I watch faithfully since season one episode one so I am unfamiliar with how other reality TV shows and other networks operate. While I do think that all cast members should be held accountable for their actions, what I see with this show is both actions and words being edited beyond any semblance of recognition and skewed to manipulate storylines and viewer’s attitudes. Bravo does this to create a villain and justify a gang up situation. They did it in seasons one and two with Danielle Staub and in seasons three and four with Teresa Giudice. It’s to the point where the word “reality” goes out the window.

The level of production interference in Bravo’s programming makes these shows unreal – producers not just suggesting certain scenarios but digging people up out of the woodwork to create drama, befriending cast members, setting cast members up to take the fall for things they have not done, using “Frankenbiting” to put words in peoples mouths (Google it), showing scenes and whole episodes out of sequence in order to make things seems different than how they actually happened, etc.

These are things that cast members cannot possibly be aware of when they sign their contracts. They might know about it now but probably not when they signed the dotted line.

The problem with what they did with Teresa is that the contrived “Teresa as the villain” scenario was too obvious. They brought in two of her family members as main cast members, introduced them by showing an all-out brawl at what should have been a sacrosanct event, then slowly showed her two friends on the show turning against her and standing in solidarity with her family members. All while showing good editing for the other four cast members and bad editing for Teresa.

We see nothing but Teresa’s flaws – her kids misbehaving while Melissa’s kids are shown being perfect angels, Teresa’s husband saying less than admirable things while we see Rich Wakile doting on Kathy or Melissa and Joe being sexy and fun, Teresa flubbing her speech, etc. Bravo makes a point of highlighting every one of Teresa’s missteps while concealing those of the other four.

There are many MANY times where a lot of this makes no sense at all. Especially for viewers who read blogs or are on Twitter because we see how these women behave off camera, and it is not congruent to what Bravo wants us to think (meaning that Teresa is the bad guy and the others are victims).

There is a double standard being used by Bravo (and the Manzos, Lauritas, Gorgas and Wakiles) against the Giudices where Teresa’s behavior is under intense, constant scrutiny and is subject to harsh criticism by anyone who wants to be her judge and her juror while the rest of them are given a free pass every time. Much of the time, the cast can’t even produce a reason why they are attacking Teresa – they allude to things, they say they have heard things but they can’t say where, they claim to have “proof” but they never reveal it. In most instances, whatever it is that Teresa has done or is being accused of doing, is minor in comparison to the actions and behaviors of the other four. That’s why I agree that they ALL should be accountable for what they do. Yet they aren’t.

It is Bravo’s editing that allows them to get away with a lot of this bad behavior, Andy’s clear bias against Teresa that allows the gang mentality and the behaviors to be swept under the rug, and manipulation of viewers’ mindsets that has poisoned so many people against the Giudices unfairly.

It is the unfairness that makes me so “invested”, I suppose. I would never say that I care about these cast members lives more than they do or that I care about them more than my own life. But having watched since the beginning and seeing what has happened to Teresa both on and off camera, I am witnessing a fellow human being treated very unfairly from every direction, including her own friends and family. That does not sit well with me. I’d feel the same way if it were happening to someone I know.

And when a person is being treated that way, they deserve to have support from those who can see what is happening clearly. Lying, manipulation, hypocrisy, dishonesty, envy and greed do not deserve to prevail ever, especially when the truth is out there and someone works so hard to uphold it. Teresa has never changed since season one, her stories have never deviated, her values have remained unchanged, the details about who she is have remained constant. And there are viewers who can see this.

I don’t think that everything that comes out of Melissa/Jacqueline/Caroline’s mouths is automatically a lie simply because I do not like them. But if you look to the past and compare what they are saying now to things that they have said before, much of what they say ARE lies. Provable lies. Either they are lying now or they were lying before because of the amount of times they contradict themselves. All of them.

So taking that all into account, I think there is no way that these cast members can be fully prepared for everything that Bravo is going to subject them to when they sign on to be on TV. And surely, Bravo is protected completely by its contracts, which is why they get away with it. However, these people are not under contract to lie in interviews, on Twitter, on Facebook, or in the media.