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Jacqueline Laurita’s Storyline for Season 5 Would Be Nicholas’ Autism; The Timing of Her Announcement Coincides with Contract Renewals, Season 4’s Explosive Ending and the Upcoming Reunion (Updated 8/27/2012)

August 25, 2012

On September 10, 2012, Jacqueline Laurita was a guest on the Anderson Cooper Show. He asked her if she will be back for season 5, for which she neither denied or confirmed. Chris Laurita said that if asked back, he and Jacqueline would use the RHONJ as a platform for autism awareness.

They are all narcissists. To put yourself on TV is to be one. I’ve worked with many actors, and believe me, this is almost a necessary trait to be in the public eye in this vein. Someone further down the thread mentioned that Bravo was tiring of Teresa’s inflated ego due to fame. Weren’t they all chasing fame? Kind of part of the deal, and it’s the competitiveness over the spotlight that has got the storyline to where it is. I personally would argue that they are infamous rather than famous …. Horses for courses, it’s reality TV. Putting ego and id aside, this is a new step on Bravo’s behalf. Perhaps I’m being repetitive; however, please consider this: Bethenny has a well documented fractured relationship with her mother — Bravo certainly could have courted her, but did not go down this path [like the path they went down to hire the Gorgas and Wakiles to antagonize Teresa] — Bravo has the right to employ whomever they wish — that would have made for a spicy episode, don’t you think? What about Jeff from Flipping Out and his self professed flawed character — they didn’t go on a fact finding mission with him? Teresa deserves no more and no less than her counterparts, but somehow she’s got the raw end of the stick because some pimpled-faced producer, filmmaker wanna-be decided to make some controversy. Ratings gold. Brilliant, show me the money! Do it — perfect business sense — but do it impartially and fairly, not pointedly and maliciously… Don’t slaughter the golden goose…. Pretty sure they’d be making some coin off her ‘fame’. – Anonymous, August 25, 2012, The Fame-Whorgas

If anything, the “diagnosis” has given Jacqueline a get out of jail free card.

Jacqueline told People Magazine that she concealed Nicholas’ disability from the show as cameras rolled on its fourth season last year “but would be open to chronicling what’s going on if she signs on for a fifth year.”

“I am sorry to hear about her child, but you would think that she would keep it private. Especially since she trash talked other people for selling stories to the tabloids.” – AT, Independence, MO USA, August 23, 2012, The Daily Mail

Nicholas’ autism would be Jacqueline’s new storyline now that Ashlee has left home. Here are some other highlights from her People Magazine article:

  • At 15 months, she saw a regression in his motor skills.
  • At 15 months, he started to lose his ability to communicate.
  • She says that once he began to speak, Nicholas would always say, “I love you Mommy.”
  • At 18 months, he wouldn’t say “I love you.”
  • At 18 months, he wasn’t answering to his name or noticing people come into the room.
  • At 18 months, he couldn’t follow a simple command.
  • They waited 8 months for their insurance to clear them to see a specialist, which was followed by the official diagnosis from a family doctor.
  • She is starting to see behavioral issues.
  • “I know they say a lot of autistic kids are not affectionate, and I don’t know how God allowed it, but he’s always hugging and kissing me.”

“Nothing! & we are helping people not hurting people. Not an illness!” – Jacqueline Laurita, August 26, 2012, Twitter, when asked by @KateHolmesF, “How much did you paid to exploit your son’s illness?”

Jacqueline tweeted that she wasn’t paid by People Magazine. Someone should tweet Jacqueline and ask her if she got paid by People Magazine for the photos of her and Nicholas. And maybe somebody should remind Jacqueline that she put out negative things about Teresa Giudice on Twitter, and she says she’s paid to tweet, so then she is paid for her stories!

Nicholas must have been extremely precocious if he was saying “I love you Mommy” at 18 months old; however, more likely than not, Jacqueline is exaggerating her story and Nicholas didn’t say that at 18 months old. A baby says his first word usually between 10 to 15 months, and the average age an infant says his first word is 13 months. Once a baby speaks his first word, he begins identifying other understood words by saying them. By 18 months, the average baby can speak close to 50 words. From 18 to 24 months, babies begin combining words (usually subjects and verbs or adjectives and nouns) to create two-word phrases to communicate. These two-word utterances leave out parts of speech and are direct: “Want cookie,” “Sara mean,” and “Fat cat” are examples of two-word utterances. [Source]

Initial diagnosis of autism requires parents self report any and all behaviors that they are concerned about. Given what we have seen about Jax on the show with her daughter, she almost seemed to enjoy the martyrdom that came along with having a “bad child” — like a jacked up psychological Munchhausen by proxy. She loved her crying scenes, thrives on Chris saying she has “such a good heart” blah blah blah. Any mother of a teenage daughter could spin their antic into making them appear to be the devil’s spawn but MOST mothers wouldn’t do that. Jax did. Jax did it with relish. I can only hope that the doctors could weed out any bullcrap such as this before agreeing with a parent that the child has autism. It seems to me that Jax has major perception problems when it comes to her interpreting the actions of other.

• Tree won’t share her struggles with me!!!!! (as much as I think she should)
• My child won’t show me affection!!! (as much as I think he should)
• Ashlee won’t babysit CJ!!!! (as much as I think she should)
• My child doesn’t listen when I say his name!!! (as quickly as I think he should)
• My college-aged daughter is obsessed with hanging out with her friends (imagine that)
• My toddler son is obsessed with his tonka truck (imagine that)
• It goes on…..

A misdiagnosed child is tragic and intentionally misdiagnosed child… no words.

– madepiley, August 23, 2012, StoopidHousewives

The photo below is a still from a video that Ashlee took during the Manzo’s/Laurita’s Jersey Shore vacation in August 2012 (they rented a big house, which they all shared; they tweeted photos throughout their ‘vacation’). Nicholas is more than three years old in the video. Just a week after this video was taken Jacqueline released her story to People Magazine about Nicholas having autism. Note that autism doesn’t affect the development of motor skills, which Jacqueline says is one of Nicholas’ symptoms.

“Do not feel bad for Nicholas. He’s extremely smart & making great progress. He’s happy and loved. Thank you all for the support though. xx”  – Ashlee Holmes, August 22, 2012, Twitter for iPhone

  • Nicholas was born June 11, 2009 (according to IMDB.com), so in December 2010 he was 18 months old, which is when Jacqueline first noticed his ‘regresssion’.
  • The season 2 finale aired on September 6, 2010, and reunion 2 was filmed shortly thereafter.
  • Filming for season 3 began almost immediately, in late September/October 2010. Jacqueline first noticed Nicholas ‘regression’ in December 2010, a couple months after filming for season 3 began (filming ended in mid March 2011). However, they waited 8 months for their insurance to clear them to see a specialist, which was followed by the official diagnosis from a family doctor around August 2011.
  • Filming for season 4 began late May/June 2011, six months after Jacqueline first noticed his ‘regression’, and continued through September 27, 2011. Nicholas was diagnosed in August 2011, around the time of the meeting on Jacqueline’s deck, where she criticized Teresa for replying to Danielle’s tweet and stated that she wanted to distance herself from Teresa and her family.
  • The big blow up during the PFS at the end of season 4 (to be aired as the season 4 finale) was filmed on September 27, 2011, about two months after Nicholas was officially diagnosed with autism. The reunion for season 3 was filmed the next day, September 28, 2011, and aired two weeks later in early October 2011.

By Carolyn H.G., Comment Posted at StoopidHousewives
August 24, 2012

That Jacqueline Laurita would PREY UPON THE COMPASSION OF THE PUBLIC by using her son’s developmental issues to avoid facing accountability for her INDEFENSIBLE behavior is OFFENSIVE TO THOSE FACED WITH THE CHALLENGES OF AUTISM.

The timing of Mrs. Laurita’s announcement couldn’t be more obvious; her PR team scheduled its release to coincide with the season’s explosive ending and the show’s upcoming reunion, where the New Jersey housewife will surely face the audience’s wrath for her shameful actions.

Mrs. Laurita had a solid YEAR to serve as an outspoken advocate for those dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders. She had every opportunity to sit down for countless interviews to SPREAD AWARENESS and SUPPORT RESEARCH. Instead, she spent precious time and energy trashing her cast mate on social media, in blogs, and on television. Now, she is attempting to hide behind the issue of Autism to garner sympathy from the audience and escape culpability for her morally questionable conduct.

It’s not surprising this group would stoop so low. After all, the audience is already anticipating their excuses:

• Caroline’s bullying and ruthlessness wasn’t her fault; she was menopausal.

• Melissa executed a devious plot to humiliate and destroy her husband’s only sibling because she was hormonal during her pregnancy.

• Jacqueline didn’t punch Caroline in the face because she has impulse control issues and she’s emotionally unstable; she was suffering from Post-Pardom Depression. (What about the arrest for assaulting an ex-boyfriend in Las Vegas?)

• Jacqueline already tried to explain away her vile treatment of her (former) best friend with claims of “low testosterone.” Unfortunately for her, the audience didn’t buy it.

Perhaps Caroline Manzo crafted this strategy? Remember, the Manzo-matriarch’s son, Albie, flunked out of law school NOT because he was too busy playing on Twitter and enjoying his newfound Bravo celebrity status; ADD was the culprit. (By the way, I’m not discounting ADD; I, myself, have ADD, as do many SUCCESSFUL professionals.)

As an aside, had Mr. Manzo not been tossed out of law school, he and his family members would know they’re walking a fine line in touting BLK’s “health benefits.” Remember the class action suit against the herbal supplement Airborne? Statements made by the Manzo and Laurita families indicate they probably DON’T.

In an article in the Wyckoff-Franklin Lakes Patch, Mr. Manzo claims:

“A mother gave her autistic son BLK to drink, thinking its unique color might get him drinking more water. The boy not only drank it, he loved it, but the amazing part, he started behaving. The mother reached out to Albie, shocked, who sent her two more cases to try. Her son is stimming less and listening and following directions more. The difference, she told Manzo, is unbelievable.”


More Readers’ Comments from StoopidHousewives, AllAboutTRH, and Reality Tea:

Ragin_Cajun_theonly1 said on August 26, 2012:

Ahhhhh, I guess we are not gonna see Jax in one of her Posche sausage dresses running down the hall screaming at somebody with Tre by her side. Jax wants sympathy and times that article about Autism to come out at the end of the season to make her soft again? Well, who the heck is manipulating the fans with tabloid stories? If her son was diagnosed with Autism a while ago then why is she all about getting messy with Tre? I will say screw you I am not gonna get upset all over your trampling booty and concentrate on my son. She did the same thing with Ashley. Instead of paying attention to her at the Fashion Show she is there poking that Dani Bear with Tre until it was her daughter that was eventually charged. When is Jax gonna get her act together for her children’s sake?

Lee said on August 27, 2012

I live in Bergen county like Jacqueline and I don’t understand why it took so long. I called the Bergen County Health Department and they sent someone to evaluate my son in 1 week and my doctor sent me to Hackensack hospital for an evaluation. In 2 months I was receiving services. I hope he attends a therapeutic preschool.

Barb Aroneo Roach said on August 25, 2012 at 4:50 PM

I wrote a comment last night Linda, what sickens me the most is that they are going to exploit the child by showing him on the next year’s NJHW if they are asked backed. He is going to be their story line. That is horrendous.

love nj said on August 24, 2012 at 10:21 PM

It’s scary how low they will go. Albie Manzo works for Chris Laurita. Nichola Laurita is Albie’s cousin. Nicholas supposedly has autism. (We haven’t seen the medical records – so I am using supposedly). Now, Albie is giving two cases of Blk water to a woman whose son has autism. The woman claimed that Blk water made her son behave. So, will Nicholas’ autism be manipulated to help sell Blk water for some purported health benefits and for sympathy for the Laurita family? I think so. Well, if Albie is L.D., he should stop slugging the alcohol and start slugging Blk water. How about Lauren drinking Blk water? Change her mood. This family is very crass and vulgar. If they ripped off Signature Apparel, they will rip off anybody else.

Kiki LaShrew said on August 24, 2012 at 11:48 PM

I got my copy of People today. Judging by the pictures, either photoshop or plastic surgery is Jax’s biggest enemy, not Tree. Jax said they had to wait 8 months for their insurance to clear them to see a specialist which was followed by the official diagnosis from a family doctor. For those who live/lived in NJ is that sort of wait normal for people with money and insurance? She said everyone knew during the taping of season 4 but they chose not to share it publicly but it will be part of her storyline if they return for season 5. Poor delusional Jax apparently just “watched in a daze as her castmates squabbled”. She said, ” It all seemed so petty. My head was here. I couldn’t take it anymore.” Ashlee is included in the family portrait (featuring her awful foot tattoo) and Nick has a shirt on that says, “My Mom Rocks.”

Bryan said on August 26, 2012:

Now with the money situation and the cost of treatment, has Jacks cut back on the weaves, botox or whatever else she has done, and visits to her spiritualist/nutritionist she was seeing?

Parkview said on August 25, 2012 at 1:53 PM

Hey Jac, I think you said you had to wait 8 months for insurance approval. That truly is a shame. I would however like to point out to you, for future reference, that doctors and therapist take CASH. In fact, they love it. No red tape there. I am suprised you did not know that given your plastic surgeon certainly has been taking your cash. Plastic surgeons are doctors, too.

madepiley said on August 25, 2012 at 3:10 PM

Now that we know what was going on during filming, Tree was not about to “out” Nicholas’ issue on camera by asking Jax about it because she respected Jax wish to keep it quiet. Tree was being the true friend and Jax was not able to discern that.

holy cannoli said on August 22, 2012 at 11:56 am

God Bless you Nicholas! Damn Jacqueline went to a “tabloid” and “sold” a story. Oooooo, and it was about her child!!! Can you freakin imagine if Teresa would have done this??? OMG, she did it for sympathy, blah blah blah!!

Kristina said on August 22, 2012 at 12:39 pm

While I agree that this is a life altering event in her life, and I truly hope and pray for her son, I find it very difficult to be sympathetic towards Jacq. The reason being, any normal mother going through something like this with their child… doctor visits, test, etc… would NOT have the time or patience to focus so much on someone else’s life. She said all of this was going on while they were filming season 4. So we are to believe that when the cameras weren’t rolling, she was dealing with her son… and when the cameras were rolling, she had the energy and mindset to constantly attack Teresa, not only on the show but on twitter as well (and her twitter rampage carried on past the filming and into the airing of season 4 the next year). If she was a good, honest woman, she would have been ENTIRELY devoted to her son! She is nothing but low life and a poor excuse for a mother (who has the emotional maturity of a 14-year old). God help her children!

jerseygirl said on August 22, 2012 at 12:51 pm

Be prepared to pop your top repeatedly because she’s going to be called out on it. The timing of this article is suspicious to say the least. Why not continue to keep this very private matter, private? Why come out with it now, when her popularity on the show is at an all time low? And from the sounds of it, she’s using this article to SHILL BLK WATER!?!?! That dear, tightly wound up “Cris” is why this article is all about PR and marketing. And this mess comes out a day after she gets on her blog to give Teresa some more sh*t for exploiting her loved ones for tabloid $. If she is right and magazines pay for articles, then Jacqueline just profited from her child’s illness. Exploiting your own child’s pain is worse than anything Teresa has been accused of doing with the tabloids.

Lizi said on August 22, 2012 at 1:53 pm

She’s looking for sympathy because she thinks that that’s how Teresa sells her books. She said it herself that people buy Teresa’s merchandise because they feel sorry for her. So she figured she would give it a try and maybe someone will buy that black crap. I’m sorry for the kid, but the fact that he has autism does not excuse her awful behavior. Sorry.

Sugarlump said on August 22, 2012 at 7:51 pm

I have a feeling that her defense will be that she decided by making Nicholas’s story public she could bring more attention to the disorder and to the charity. And she’ll make sure she’s holding a bottle of BLK water and wearing a Cafface t-shirt while making that defense!

ladynblack said on August 22, 2012 at 12:06 pm

Feel for the family and special prayer for Nicholas. But I agree the timing is suspicious and Wacko constant complaining that Teresa is contacting the magazine providing family stories contradict what’s she’s doing now. What’s the difference with Teresa supposedly giving family stories to the tabloid? Perhaps whacko needs sympathy to sell blk water.

hoolie said on August 22, 2012 at 1:32 pm

Why wait until Season 5 to raise awareness. Her hate campaign against Teresa on Twitter for the past year could have been redirected to her sons condition and promoting awareness/raising funds. Autism and any other disorders/diseases do not wait around to strike or for contract renewals.

Sugarlump said on August 22, 2012 at 7:54 pm

I knew this would be her defense for making his story public. Save the world Jacqueline at your son’s expense! smh

Maggs said on August 22, 2012 at 1:05 pm

I have nothing but compassion and hope for her little boy, but that doesn’t suddenly change what I know about Jacqueline, or what she has done and continues to do to a former close friend. She tried to destroy Teresa’s credibility and livelihood at a time when she should have, at the very least, kept quiet if she didn’t like something about Teresa, given what she knew Teresa was dealing with. This is apparently what Teresa has done with Jacqueline. She never uttered a word about Jacqueline’s troubles, not on camera and not to the tabloids behind her back.

Bionic said on August 22, 2012 at 1:28 pm

First, she stated her excuse for not showing up at the reunion was because she couldn’t stomach what a BAD and FAKE friend Teresa was. She went running to KimG’s house and got drunk…. So for her to backtrack and say that it was because her son was diagnosed is pure lies. Either way you want to put it. She either lied then or she is lying now. A liar is a liar. The end. Sad that she has neglected and even left her son behind to tag along with this show for the sake of fame. God has a funny way… This lady has a wacked out daughter and now an autistic child and has been more worried about a “friends” personal issues than her own. I wonder why women like her are even blessed with children?!

DLL said on August 22, 2012 at 5:15 pm

I really hope that she is not planning on exploiting the child either, but that last sentence “would be open to chronicling what’s going on IF SHE SIGNS ON FOR A FIFTH YEAR” really has me wondering if she is sending a message to Andy, because we all know how he likes exploitation for ratings. Also, over on SH, it was mentioned that Albie tweeted something about a “woman” who has an autistic child gave the child BLK and the child really improved. That also sounds like exploitation to me. I wonder who the “woman” was? I really don’t want to believe that Jax could be that desperate for money, but she did mention the expense of caring for autistic child, so I really hope not.

DLL said on August 22, 2012 at 5:50 pm

Yes, her concealing it all last season and then waiting a year, THEN going to a tabloid makes this whole thing suspect! Also, the charity event for autism – how much of a cut does she get from that event? SH spoke with someone from the autism charity and couldn’t get any clear answers on that, so she recommends that anyone who wants to give, give to the charity directly instead of spending $100 to $110 for a ticket for the “event” that is being held at the BROWNSTONE. I would bet money that there will probably be some BLK water for sale there, too, since it is supposed to be good for autistic children, according to the tweet that Albie mentioned he received from a woman who gave it to her autistic child.

housewife99 said on August 22, 2012 at 8:12 pm

Interesting also how different people react to circumstances. Teresa took charge and made earning and keeping her family afloat a priority, despite the hate spewed upon her by her castmates and friends. Jacqueline however, continued to bash her friend, instead of making her son a priority.

nancyadopt said on August 22, 2012 at 3:03 PM

Their reaction, or how they deal with it, will be nothing autistic parents would benefit from. Bravo has never helped bring a positive light to anything – autistic parents would not learn anything, and it will just be another angle for Bravo to promote. It is a little frightening that any faith would be put in Bravo or Jax on how to handle this properly and to benefit the cause of autism.

Ana Cephaly said on August 22, 2012 at 3:46 PM

Do you think Bravo is the appropriate venue to highlight the challenges of raising a child with autism – with their fake set up scenarios for maximum dramatic effect and the disgusting antics of the people on the show? I would be very uncomfortable watching Jacqueline in one scene having a drunken hissy fit over Teresa and then in the next assuming the role of advocate for her special needs child. I don’t feel that Bravo would handle it with the necessary respect and dignity.

Susie said on August 22, 2012 at 1:15 PM

The show is their main source of income but a high price to pay for exposing all your skeletons. Kids are now being dragged into the storylines. Bravo is beyond sick when it comes to making $$.

pjbottoms said on August 22, 2012 at 1:44 PM

OK I have to mention this… on one of Jac’s blogs (the one where she talked about writing a beauty book with the 20 years worth info she keeps in binders), she said now that Nicholas will be in preschool, she will have time to focus in all her “projects.” WTF????

Suspect said on August 22, 2012 at 1:47 PM

Reunion coming up, Chris’s mistress possibly being in a mag this week backlash, Ashlee tweet about filming S5 (maybe exit filming or autism mentioned to fit in S4), Albie comment about Blk helping autism. Call me crazy but very good timing for the sympathy vote & nice PR setup

fistgeneration said on August 22, 2012 at 2:13 PM

She better put the vino down and the twitter away. If she wants to help her son, he is going to need the help of his parents at every turn. You have to be consistent and follow routine. You need to be able to speak with doctors, school officials, to make sure everyone is on the same page. You can’t let him be off by himself while you are drinking, twittering, or even on this type of show. Honestly, if her character to date is how she really is, then she isn’t the one that’s going to be able to help her son. You have to face it and do everything you can to help. First, I think she needs to stop drinking and clear her head.

Malissa said on August 22, 2012 at 3:48 PM

I [thankfully] am the mother of a healthy 3 year old and I certainly don’t want to sound insensitive or cruel. However she claims “I spend all my time researching what we can do for him.” Umm…. not really, there is too much drunk twittering going on for that to be true. I’m going to pray for that precious little child to get the help he needs, in spite of being born into a family like that. Also, if this is some kind of sick twisted promotional ploy for BLK, I will be outraged!

lobstahsmaht said on August 22, 2012 at 3:55 PM

Let me get his right? Jax spews hatred at Teresa for being on magazine covers and how she divulges family secrets, but then she puts her autistic child out on display to the world in People? She sold out her child to People? What the heck.

Barb Aroneo Roach said on August 22, 2012 at 5:08 PM

There is no way they can exploit him by putting him in front of a TV camera. If they do, they should be immediately reported to Family Service.

BritishBev said on August 22, 2012 at 6:19 PM

IMO the BLK reference should be removed – this isn’t an advertisement opportunity; this is about a little boy who has been diagnosed with autism. Shame, utter shame, on the Manzos for trying to use this news as another ad campaign. Your black hole of desperate free advertisements have reached an all time low. I hope nobody buys this pathetic brand at all.

Aint PittyPat said on August 22, 2012 at 8:51 PM

If the show isn’t a positive experience for Jax and family then perhaps it’s time to move on. With all this going on with Nick, why would anyone try and take another family down. This season could have been devoted to mending relationships, repairing friendships – but that doesn’t garner ratings. Russell Armstrong’s suicide was exploited by Bravo so, if the past is any indication, Nick’s autism will be as well.

nancyadopt said on August 22, 2012 at 2:39 PM

I wish I could think positively about this, but the facts don’t lie. The Brownstone is getting publicity for this event, it comes at a time that would save her contract with Bravo, the Vodka that MeGo promotes will probably be donating the liquor or contributing. This whole thing does not look like altruism, but looks like marketing exploitation. I really don’t see how it can be beneficial for an autistic child to be exploited by Bravo (because they only exploit and we are the voyeurs). This whole revelation about her child and charity fundraiser has really lowered any goodwill I felt for Jax and Caroline, and MeGo. They should all be pushing for her to spend all her time with her son, as early intervention is the key to a normal life. Reality exploitation would never be an answer by a physician – and I would never believe she wants to suddenly help all the autistic parents by showing her son on TV. The paycheck would be the devil’s money…so to speak. It would not truly benefit her child in the end to have all those cameras and attention stuffed in his face.

nancyadopt said on August 22, 2012 at 3:08 PM

I really believe this event is for promotion for the Brownstone and to present Jax in a good light, not at all altruistic for Autism Speaks. There is no upside for Autism Speaks. They will probably raise the same amount of money if they had called 10 friends for a 100 donation – this event is a publicity stunt and nothing else when you look at the character of everyone involved and the timing of it as well.

An Autism Primer: How Do You Know If It’s Autism?


Autism is a brain disorder that is present from birth, but often does not show up until around the age of four, when parents notice their child is acting “different”.

If your child shows at least half of the traits below, you might wish to contact your health care provider. It is important to understand that all autistic people are not that same, and do not necessarily exhibit all of these symptoms.

• Difficulty in mixing with other children.
• Insistence of sameness. Resists changes in routine.
• Inappropriate laughing and giggling.
• No real fear of dangers.
• Little or no eye contact.
• Sustained odd play.
• Apparent insensitivity to pain.
• Echolalia (repeating words or phrases in place of normal language).
• Prefers to be alone. Aloof manner.
• May not want cuddling or act cuddly.
• Spins objects.
• Not responsive to verbal cues. Acts as if deaf.
• Inappropriate attachment to objects.
• Difficulty in expressing needs. Uses gestures or pointing instead of words.
• Noticeable physical over-activity or extreme under-activity.
• Uneven gross/fine motor skills.

While there is no “cure” for autism, there is help and hope. Early intervention can make a lot of difference in your child’s future.

What Is the Difference Between Mental Retardation and Autism?


There is a major difference between mental retardation and autism. Autism is not a form of mental retardation, even though many autistic people appear to act like people who suffer from retardation. In fact, autistic people generally are very intelligent. On the contrary, people who have mental retardation, by definition, lack the necessary skills for daily living and have below-average intellectual capability.

Austic people have inconceivable sensory experiences. In many cases, they may react to situations in a sensitive manner. It can also be difficult for them to interpret what they are experiencing. As a result, it is common for them to avoid being touched by other people. Their brains might have insufficient sensations to let the rest of their body know what is happening, which ultimately leads to more confusion for an autistic person.

Hearing and vision problems in people with autism also are different. Many of the noises they hear hurt their ears because they cannot process sound correctly. When people talk to them, it is difficult to understand what is being said. In a comparison of the vision capabilities of people with mental retardation and autism sufferers, autistic people have a more difficult time recognizing different faces. Bright lights and flickering frequencies make seeing objects a difficult task.

Autism: Symptoms, Signs and Tests


All children should have routine developmental exams done by their pediatrician. Further testing may be needed if the doctor or parents are concerned. This is particularly true if a child fails to meet any of the following language milestones:

• Babbling by 12 months
• Gesturing (pointing, waving bye-bye) by 12 months
• Saying single words by 16 months
• Saying two-word spontaneous phrases by 24 months (not just echoing)
• Losing any language or social skills at any age

These children might receive a hearing evaluation, blood lead test, and screening test for autism (such as the Checklist for Autism in Toddlers [CHAT] or the Autism Screening Questionnaire). A health care provider experienced in diagnosing and treating autism is usually needed to make the actual diagnosis. Because there is no biological test for autism, the diagnosis will often be based on very specific criteria from a book called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV. An evaluation of autism will often include a complete physical and nervous system (neurologic) examination. It may also include a specific screening tools.

    August 26, 2012 at 12:38 AM

    Shame on these people, She didn’t have to wait for insurance she could have paid and got reimbursed after it was approved. She can pay for her own enhancements but not for the child. I will never believe anything that come’s from the Laurita’s or the Manzo’s. They are probably the worst type of people you would ever want in your life. If you notice you don’t see too many outsiders, besides Greg Bennett. I don’t trust any of them and they will be exposed thank’s to blogs like this one and all of us followers. We don’t forget.

    • plainviewsue
      August 27, 2012 at 1:32 PM

      That is exactly what I thought. This is your child!!!!!!!!! You wait 8 months, almost a year for a diagnosis???? Stop buying all your booze and pay the doctor out of pocket.

    • September 3, 2012 at 2:01 PM

      since new jersey housewives are filmed right in new jersey, why didn’t jacq and chris go to the media, for help. instead of waiting 8 months. this would have been takencare of fast and other families could have got the info they needed. somethinfg phoney is going on with those two. if they didn’t want people to know, then borrow the money,pay it back,when insurance came .

    • October 16, 2012 at 1:35 AM

      You are all so stupid and this entire blog is full of horrible misinformation. I might be with you on the other stuff, not with this. First, my daughter said “I love you” easily by 15 months. Granted, she had no idea if she was saying one word or three (so much for your word count theory) but she would say it and blow kisses so she generally knew what it meant. I dont think my child is a genius; its really not that extraordinary. Second, there are HUGE waits for autism testing in most states. You can use private, but many parents choose to wait and it doesn’t mean they don’t love their kid. Do research you idiots. Lastly, you really think they are using their kid for sympathy?? That’s sick that you would even suggest that. Totally, totally sick. Karma, it sucks…

      • October 16, 2012 at 1:37 AM

        By the same token, can we assume that Teresa’s daughters look like trolls just to garner sympathy too??

        • Lee
          November 18, 2012 at 12:03 PM

          I was happy that this website posted my comment I left on Stoopid Housewives. The Bergen County Health Department has a great early intervention program and would have sent over therapist to look at her son. The Laurita’s could have also written a check up front like I did and have him evaluated at Hackensack Hospital right away. While they were waiting for the insurance company, the Health department could have arranged for him to start therapy if they were willing to upfront the money.

  2. August 26, 2012 at 6:49 AM

    This is such a touchy subject… but I’m just so suspicious. I don’t want to sink to the level I’ve see but I’m sure these “ladies” will add his condition to their arsenal for the reunion. I can just see Melissa tutting and shaking her head with a quizzical look and Caroline screeching through tears “you knew!!” As mentioned on the page, if she was suffering from such trauma, why continue the Teresa Bash Tour on twitter, Bravo Blogs, web gossip? This lady is relentless! I can’t give her a free pass, I can feel sympathy but they won’t be off the hook in my house. It’s just another reason for me to switch off from Bravo. I won’t watch a defenceless child with medical issues being flaunted in this arena where they pedal their goods and unique code of “morals” and particularly when Teresa has been maligned on the net for even showing her children’s faces. I honestly will never understand why people don’t get that magazines, twitter, Facebook fan pages, the show are all variations of the same thing…. a vehicle to sell an image.
    The first rule of fight club should be if you bag your enemy for selling a story to a tabloid, don’t do it yourself! Are they not aware how bizarre it is? Go to a credible publication and separate it from the show otherwise they just seem like opportunists for want of a better word.

  3. August 26, 2012 at 8:19 AM

    Cannot believe that Jax knew all last season that her son had this condition and all she focused on was Theresa. She should have quit the show immediately and focused all of her attention on her son. Having cameras, lights, strangers and noise around her boy is the WORST thing that she can do to him. I am a mother and I would never put my need for fame and money before the welfare of my child. These people are shameless and the timing is so obvious. She spent an entire year drinking, tweeting and going off on vacations, leaving her poor special needs child with God knows who. Disgraceful parents and extended family. If Theresa did that to her child she would have been “outed” and burned at the stake by this pack of Jackles. Cannot stand them now more than ever.

    • I live in the neighborhood
      August 26, 2012 at 9:38 AM

      Totally agree, autistic children need a structured environment. I don’t think having a camera crew around would be the best thing for this little boy. Jaq put away the booze, quit the show, sell the big house if money is tight and focus on your family

      • August 28, 2012 at 6:44 AM

        She waited 8 months for the insurance company to approve!!!! Why couldn’t she pay cash like she does with her plastic surgeons. Plastic surgery is NOT covered by health insurance yet she managed to find the money for herself. In her own words she stated that early intervention is key and that every day waiting for the ins. co. was hard. How could she hand cash over for her plastic face while her son sat there w/o medical attention.

  4. August 26, 2012 at 8:45 AM

    I agree with the other posters. My grandson was born legally deaf which we noticed around 15 months. My daughter was over whelmed with doctor appointments and research that she had no time to focus on anything else but her child. Thank god that he was her first because it would have been worse if she had other children, she was also a full time mother. It’s hard for me to believe that Jacqueline had time or energy to focus on Teresa and her tabloid issues instead of her own children. Things just don’t add up with this situation! Shame on them if their goal is to save their jobs because that’s exactly what Bravo is to them! We will see how this all pays out! Bless this child!

  5. OverBravo
    August 26, 2012 at 8:49 AM

    I will start with I am sad for her son. That being said, no free pass here. My son has the same diagnosis but it does not give me the right to bully others and act like a wench. I can’t treat someone the way she/they have treated Teresa and say oh so sorry my son has Autism and so I can’t be called out on my behavior. I do think the legal/finance problems and her son’s diagnosis does explain the increase we have seen in her drinking(not that she didn’t drink before but this season has been more excessive).

  6. Lee Ann
    August 26, 2012 at 10:57 AM

    In the article Chris Laurita states that he is worried about how Nick will be treated when he gets older. Putting him on the cover of People magazine and having him featured on a reality show sure isn’t going to help make his life any easier. It’s shameful. I have grown so tired of this show, It has become the “Bash Teresa” show. Don’t these people have anything else going on in their lives? All they do is sit around and talk about Teresa. it has become so transparent.

  7. Dubbalicious
    August 26, 2012 at 11:36 AM

    I agree with all of the above comments. Something is not right! This whole season has been nothing but a giant informercial/ branding opportunity. I’m so angry at the absolute ridiculousness of everything NJ. I also see this as a positioning tool for Jacqueline! (so pathetic)
    I believe many of us have dealt with hardships in our lives. When my husband left many years ago ( I had a 3 & 6 yr old) I was devastated, angry, heartbroken and scared. I certainly didn’t have the time or emotional strength to take to social media 24/7 bashing my best friend. (I was barely able to get out of bed and take care of myself and 2 small children.) I don’t know what to believe anymore. Yes we all mourn differently, but how did Jacqueline have the time to trash Teresa at every turn when she had a child to contend with? Not to mention things were not going well with Ashley either. Maybe Jac is some kind of super woman. Troubled daughter, autistic son, financial difficulties and an active bankruptcy, yet, she still devoted ALL her spare time on Twitter trashing everything Teresa.
    Does anyone ever question if this is for real? I wasn’t born yesterday. In my 52 years I’ve never witnessed adults behaving with such ill regard for another human beings life, livelihood and feelings. Ever!! I just can’t wrap my brain around it!!

    • October 16, 2012 at 1:45 AM

      Because it was her JOB you idiot. Were you on a reality show at the time? Did you have a contract with Bravo? I am no lover of Jac but stop being so dumb. She gets paid a lot of money to be controversial – which probably is important when you are in bankruptcy and your husbands only job is hawking gross water. Women have had to do a lot worse than that for their families. Not to mention the obvious, but since you are spending your time bashing someone on the internet (who you never even met, even more pathetic), why don’t you tell us how it’s done??

  8. Dubbalicious
    August 26, 2012 at 11:37 AM

    Btw..great work at this site!!

  9. RayRayH
    August 26, 2012 at 2:36 PM

    I agree … the whole 8 months wait time to see a doctor? I can go into ALL of my doctors offices, including the specialists, and say I need to see them that day, and if they don’t squeeze me in right then, they’ll tell me to come back in an hour and I’ll be seen. ESPECIALLY when it comes to my kids! AND if I can’t pay, they’ll bill me! Has she ever heard of a payment plan? This whole thing just doesn’t sit right, it doesn’t make sense. What is most upsetting is that they take us for idiots and don’t expect us to say, “Hmm, she found out 2 years ago, but is just coming out with it now. Storyline!” DUH! It’s really unfortunate that a poor little boy is in the middle of it all, like some sideshow freak. Come look at the autistic little boy, courtesy of Bravo! Sick! I used to like Jacqueline a lot. I now see her for what she is. I hope the paycheck is worth it to her, but we all know it won’t be in the end. I’m just about done with this whole franchise of Housewives. I can’t take the callous attitude towards human life.

  10. Rosalie Marie,
    August 26, 2012 at 5:24 PM

    From day one, I have been disturbed by the Manzo and Laurita’s black water scheme. I call it a scheme because in season three, there was never a mention of blk. Not one. Then season four, only one year later, they have this product. You don’t just pop up with a product from nowhere. It takes years for a TM. I’m certain that during the time of the birth of BLK water, the Manzo and Laurita’s would have brought this business plan and adventure into the show long before season 4. I’m certain we wouldn’t be hearing of Albie’s failures between law school and then of course, Sheriff’s office. POP! Look we we thought of! Black Water!

    Wow, this came fast and with fury. BLK is the root of all evil between Manzo’s and Laurita’s.

    It’s Charcoal and Water. Don’t let them lie to you claiming there is no dye. It does contain a black food dye. I am so disturbed by this blk bullshit, that I think I will contact the Food and Drug Administration and attempt to get them to test the product.

    I did write a company requesting information about Alkaline water and I’ve yet to hear from them. Shame. I was very polite, professional and thanked them for their time to respond to my question so I hope they do contact me.

    • autumnleaves61
      August 27, 2012 at 4:36 PM

      Rosalie: The Manzos were handed blk by a Canadian woman who worked for a company in Canada, called “Blackwater”. She helped develop the bottle design & worked on marketing. She brought her sister into the company also.

      One day, she turned up at an industry event, crossed paths with the Laurita/Manzo fam, and “blk” was born. The original company filed suit against all parties, because they believed their former employee stole their formula, lied about how the product was developed (stating it was marketed after HER MOTHER who used it to cure disease, a complete lie), and even stole the bottle design. You can look at “blackwater” and “blk” and see the simiarities.

      The lawsuit was just recently settled and the documents are sealed, so there is no way to tell how much the Manzo/Lauritas agreed to pay in damages, and whether they cut in “blackwater” for a percentage, etc.

      I am confident they agreed to some liability b/c the evidence was easily supported that the former employee ripped them off and handed it to Manzo/Laurita.

      I doubt in 5 years it will be much more popular than now.

  11. isolde
    August 26, 2012 at 8:34 PM

    I recall when they sent Ashley away, and Albie came to pick her up, Jacqueline was standing at the front door with Nicholas, and he was saying bye, and I wuv you. Now, according to Jacqueline’s timeline, since this happened in Season 4, Nicholas would have been diagnosed with Autism. Read the timeline above of when seasons were filmed and when she said Nicholas started regressing. I am not sure what I think of his diagnosis, but I have never waited eight months for the insurance to approve a specialist, and I also know that while I am middle class, that if our insurance didn’t approve a prescription or doctor immediately, that I did not wait for any approval when it came to my children. I reached into my own pocket and paid for whatever I had to when it came to the welfare of my children. Certainly, we have seen them put time, energy and money into everything else, and you want us to believe that you couldn’t or wouldn’t pay for a specialist to see your soon for eight months.

    We have all been hearing that with autism, early intervention is essential to a more normal life for the child, and then you want to tell us that it took eight months to get insurance approval to see a specialist. Sorry, I don’t believe that it took that long, nor do I accept that people who freely flaunt their money in all areas of their life, should not have taken him to a specialist before eight months and paid for it, and to hell with waiting for insurance approval.

    The whole thing doesn’t sound right, and timing is certainly suspect. Shortly before the filming of the reunion, you decide to do an article in a magazine. Like another poster observed, Jacqueline’s popularity is at an all time low, and we are wondering if she will be back, especially when she missed the Season 3 reunion, and she was on Twitter essentially saying she quit the show, and reports from sources were that Bravo was furious with her for not attending the reunion, and taking to Twitter to announce details of things that were taking place in Season 4, which is forbidden in their contracts.

    Now, fast forward to a year later, and this magazine article, and her comments of chronicling her son’s illness and progress as part of her Season 5 story line, if she comes back for Season 5. She was in breach of her contract a year ago, not attending the reunion and revealing details of the season that was being filmed, and consequently, she should be fired. Now Bravo pushes back the taping of the reunion, and this article appears in People magazine. Talk about selling out your family in a magazine.

    The Lauritas and the Manzos do not get a pass for anything that they have said and done, no matter what sympathy campaign they launch. Sorry, but everything about these people is just disgusting and reprehensible.

    • August 26, 2012 at 8:55 PM

      Great comment!

    • Lee Ann
      August 26, 2012 at 10:06 PM

      Well said!

  12. staceychris
    August 26, 2012 at 10:18 PM

    Excellent post!!

  13. Rosalie Marie,
    August 27, 2012 at 4:00 AM

    pjbottoms said on August 22, 2012 at 1:44 PM

    OK I have to mention this… on one of Jac’s blogs (the one where she talked about writing a beauty book with the 20 years worth info she keeps in binders), she said now that Nicholas will be in preschool, she will have time to focus in all her “projects.” WTF????
    Excellent point regarding this comment. I remember reading that! I’m so baffled by this sudden news, at first I felt tremendous strength for Jacqueline and yes, I really did start to feel bad for her as I shared a story regarding a mother and her son. Now, after really reading this information, I really feel duped. I really feel more sorry for Nicholas. Not because of his autism, but because his own mother, father and other family members view him as a ticket to more fame rather than a boy who needs family. This child is just a meal ticket for all of them and they will expose him for as much as they can get out of him.

  14. autumnleaves61
    August 27, 2012 at 4:48 AM

    She has tweeted MANY comments about doing flashcards with her son, about him riding his trike, being hauled around by his sister, grandparents, etc.

    He’s a little young to be dx with autism. It’s suspect that they waited 8 mos for insurance clearance, and say the family doctor did the dx. Wouldn’t that come from a specialist?
    Only heinous monsters would question a mother faking her child’s condition (therefore she’s protected from ever having to answer hard questions).

    I am confused by the timeline, as appears above:

    ((in late September/October 2010. Jacqueline first noticed Nicholas ‘regression’ in December 2010—- they waited 8 months for their insurance to clear them to see a specialist, which was followed by the official diagnosis from a family doctor.
    Filming for season 4 began late May/June 2011, six months after Nicholas was diagnosed, and continued through September 27, 2011.))

    She noticed his regression in Dec 2010, waited eight months for dx–wouldn’t that make it August 2011 when he was dx? I’m not understanding how she noticed it in Dec,waited 8 months, but diagnosis goes back to dec 2010. Help!

    (According to the twitter personality who claims to have a direct line to a Bravo insider, Bravo pushed back the Reunion so that Joe & Teresa would HAVE to discuss Joe’s legal woes. The reunion is now scheduled to take place AFTER the Giudice’s court case.)

    • August 27, 2012 at 10:15 AM

      Sorry Autumn. I forgot to change that line after I later read that they waited 8 months after she first noticed the signs to get him officially diagnosed. Thanks for pointing that out. I just updated it to reflect that the officially diagnosis was 8 months later, around August 2011. I don’t understand why the article says he was diagnosed by the ‘family doctor’ yet they had to wait 8 months for insurance to cover the testing – you would think that they went to a specialist for that?

      The trial for Joe’s case hasn’t been set; he goes to court Oct 1 for that date to be set. So the queenz are just making up stuff – people need to ignore them. If you follow them on Twitter you are just supporting their antics. Lies, half truths and false accusations. They have no inside scoop – most of what they say, if not everything, is hogwash.

      The reunion is normally filmed right after the season finale. I don’t know why the cast was saying the reunion would be filmed in August when the season finale won’t be until September. I don’t think the cast knows how many episodes are left – I think maybe two more, which would make it 19 episodes, not counting the reunion special. There were 19 episodes in season 3, not counting the reunion shows (part 1 & 2).

      • autumnleaves61
        August 27, 2012 at 4:40 PM

        fw: I hope you know, I didn’t mean that to sound snotty by questioning the timeline…! I just thought I was missing something really obvious. LOL.

        So the timeline *does coincide w/last August. I’ve been confused in thinking the Napa trip was in early to mid August. I just discovered it was really a trip that flowed into September, since it started as Hurricane Irene (August 28,2011) was hitting NJ.

        Thank you for the update, now it makes sense!

        • August 27, 2012 at 5:46 PM

          I didn’t take it the wrong way, no worries.

          Here’s a timeline for the events surrounding the California trip last year:

          Caroline’s Birthday – August 23rd or 24th
          Cast Leaves for California – Saturday, August 27, 2011 (Hurricane Irene Reached New Jersey Late Saturday)
          Camping World – Sunday, August 28, 2011
          Half Moon Bay * – Sunday, August 28, 2011, through Tuesday, August 30, 2011
          Cassini Ranch – Tuesday, August 30, 2011 maybe through Wednesday (not sure how long they stayed)?
          Levindi Tour – Wednesday or Thursday, September 1
          Caroline’s Birthday Dinner in the Vineyard – September 1
          Final Dinner at the House – September 2 or 3

          * http://www.woodallscm.com/2011/09/real-housewives-stop-at-pillar-point-rv-park/

      • autumnleaves61
        August 27, 2012 at 4:52 PM


        I have to correct myself, as the claim was that the Giudices “missed” their court date so they didn’t have to discuss it on August 3 reunion. Thus, Bravo rescheduled the Reunion taping date to force them into discussing it.

        Quote: “They were hoping to avoid discussing the court issue on the reunion… Bravo then Moved the reunion date back a month. lol
        1:39 AM Jul 30th from web

        Quote: Well, The reunion was to be taped this week Aug 3rd. ….
        1:38 AM Jul 30th from web

        Quote: “Bravo moved back the taping of the #RHONJ reunion a month? Missing One’s court date to avoid discussing it = fail.
        1:32 AM Jul 30th from web

        I agree w/you regarding Twitter, blind sources, etc.

        I agree w/you especially regarding the taping of “reunion” shows, which would certainly not be taking place August 3, long before the last episode of the season aired. Especially b/c some of the most damaging episodes had not aired as of August 3.

        We all know lawyers always advise against discussing ongoing legal issues, so I can’t imagine Bravo would delay a taping to force Giudices into discussing a “court issue” everyone knows would not be discussed.

        • Lee Ann
          August 27, 2012 at 5:03 PM

          I find it odd that everyone on the show wants to discuss Teresa and Joe’s legal issues, but not their own. Why is Bravo silent on all of the lawsuits against the other cast members, but Teresa and Joe’s legal issues are always front and center? Just another reason that I am done with this show.

  15. autumnleaves61
    August 27, 2012 at 4:48 AM

    I noticed jac has removed all the videos she’d posted of her son. The footprints are still there.

  16. Mum
    August 27, 2012 at 10:01 AM

    The doctor’s visit would have been a tax deduction too.

    No cause to wait for a diagnosis that critical to take place unless you are indifferent. I would have had my child tested for everything even if it meant selling all my worldly possessions.

    I wonder if they will pursue social security disability for him? It is based on income and if they can’t afford to pay a doctor to diagnosis and test him I am thinking they’ll need SSN.

    Also, they need to change the name of their drink, I am not putting anything in my body with that type of name.

    • October 16, 2012 at 1:48 AM

      It has nothing to do with money – waits are long in every state due to demand. Do your research before you judge others you idiot.

  17. WindyCityWondering
    August 27, 2012 at 4:30 PM

    So sorry to hear about Nicholas’ diagnosis – but I don’t believe for one minute that Chris Laurita would wait over 8 months for “insurance” to kick in…..this is just too shady! For Nicholas’ sake – his momma needs to stay fired for breaching her Bravo contract.

  18. Viestepia80
    August 28, 2012 at 2:04 AM

    Hi fanewhorgas, this might nor have much to do with Jacqueline. But Teresa is being crucified for talking bad about Melissa to her own mother. But go to Kim Pirella twitter ( Melissa so loving sister) she seems to show an interesting tone to Dinas episode and bashing Teresa. Where has she gotten soo much hate unless Melissa also used her family to bash Teresa. Its sad..

    Kim Pirrella
    That’s the disgusting shit that makes me crazy! Why would anyone try to poison their mother against their own brother. #RHONJ
    26 Aug via Twitter for iPad

    26 Aug
    @kimpirrella ugh!!!

    26 Aug
    @kimpirrella Ask my sister in law! #RHONJ

    27 Aug
    @kimpirrella <—-YOU are the one that's disgusting! #RHONJ
    * weren't they the ones in Joe Gorgas ear poisoning him against his own sister at his sons christening? Did this witch say to Joe "I'm your real sister" but yet they dont acknowledge the step brother and sister they have who by the way seem to be doing good for themselves and are good looking young adults.

    See more on Kim vs. Dina ( I wonder what Caroline has to say about this?)

    Kim Pirrella
    Hmmmm so I honestly think about 50/50 on whether people want to see Dina. I'm not sure myself. Guess I'll know better after the next epi
    26 Aug via Twitter for iPhone

    26 Aug
    @kimpirrella I am over it all just want to see/hear Melissa's new songs and see more Marco sisters @LysaSimpson @melissagorga

    26 Aug
    @kimpirrella I don't want to see her. Dina is Dina's favorite person. Meh.

    26 Aug
    @kimpirrella always liked Dina. She just doesn't seem to be as strong personality wise as the rest……..

    27 Aug
    @kimpirrella Speaking for someone who adores Dina, the fans have asked her many times to come back to the show, YES WE WANT DINA! @dinamanzo

    27 Aug
    you're going to love it, "I Just Wanna" @kishamisslady @kimpirrella @melissagorga

    Not sure if the above makes sense but there is more if you go to her twitter until she deletes of corse. I guess these are Melissas soldiers. They are disgusting excuse for a human being.

    • August 29, 2012 at 12:04 AM

      Melissa’s sisters are a piece of work. Thanks for the tweets. Especially these:

      Kim Pirrella
      That’s the disgusting shit that makes me crazy! Why would anyone try to poison their mother against their own brother.

      @kimpirrella <—-YOU are the one that's disgusting! #RHONJ

  19. Viestepia80
    August 28, 2012 at 2:11 AM

    Further I found RHONJ Scoop…
    JUN 17
    Posted by C’est la Vie: Potpourri
    I stumbled upon this comment at Reality Tea, and thought it might interest my readers.

    #RHONJ Dina n Caroline FEUD FACTS: The BrownStone is owned by Caroline’s husband and by Dina’s husband. YET the SONS’ Albie and Chris are hawking – BrownStone Sauce…… makes you wonder if this is the other business deal Dina is pizzed at Caroline for??


    Sept 28, 2011 TRE said 2 Caroline = QUOTE: you stabbed her (Dina) in the back …this is before Punta (feb 2011) n wedding (July 2011)Sauce announced July 2011

    Manzo boys tried to hawk the sauce n blk water last year = epic fail. Now this week they are relaunching the products again – only this time they are going after Dina n TRE fan base. Manzo hired a PR team which told them to play nice with Dina n TRE fans – n to stop alienating them… this is why the Manzo are on the cover of us weekly n video with their false stories of everyone getting along and TRE is just their moms’ friend and they love TRE and how Dina is now speaking to Caroline…plz… running into Dina at her moms house IN MAY 2012 is not a love fest.

    #RHONJ The REAL Reason the Manzo kids n Gregg hate Teresa. Remember the never talked about but FILMED by Bravo Dominican Republic Punta Cana trip? (filmed but never shown to public – FEB 2011) Adolfo Arriolla and Jason Gomez (Americans) where very injured and with a broken arm is suing them all…. Manzo’s claim Teresa started the entire fight…February 22 or 23, 2011 =

    Remember what we are seeing on tv right now was filmed in June/July 2011. Caroline blames Teresa for her sons’ being detained and held in jail for several days. One can only assume Manzo’s paid $$ to the third world country in order to secure the release and no charges filed.

    In MY opinion and I have been to Punta Cana and IMO this is how it works $$ talks and you walk.

    Caroline will never forgive Teresa for HER kids going to JAIL. As in Greggs’ words = “done, done, done” = which is the Manzo’s motto for Teresa = their goal is to take Teresa down and they have tons of HELP from Melisa. Who made a God father Style video in Feb 2010? as an audition tape to Bravo to secure a place on#RHONJ

    #rhonj FACTS ON THE DINA MANZO CAROLINE MANZO FUED. Hard to forgive and move on when you (Dina) ask your Brother (Jamie) to film his wedding on your tv show (Dina’s Party HGTV) and Jamie agrees ONLY to have Caroline wooo Jamie with the Bravo filming and exposer to HELP give Caroline a boost… (Jamie also is hoping to get his own Bravo cooking show on Bravo maybe even with Albie n Chris Manzo.

    This is a fact and this is WHY Jamie said he had to throw a wedding together in less than a month! SO Bravo would FILM IT

    Caroline stole Jamies wedding from Dina.

    Caroline was angry with Dina. Caroline blames Dina for Caroline losing out on her book deal and that book deal went to Teresa. I do not know what Dina did to help Teresa but this is what the real feud is about..Caroline is angry that Teresa stole her business deal with the help of Dina so Caroline stole Jamie wedding from Dina = facts!! Jamies siblings where so appalled by this that they boycotted the wedding and refused to be filmed on Bravo. = fact
    #RHONJ Jamie has 11 bro sisters n 2 came – Chris n Caroline.

    Another fact – Bravo only agreed to film Jamies wedding if Teresa was invited…. Teresa is the star and this kills Caroline = that is why Caroline is filled with contempt. and has such a hate smirk on Caroline FACE

    What do you think? The only thing that’s a little off to me are the dates given for the Teresa comment to Caroline and the fight in Punta Cana. September 28, 2011 is AFTER (not BEFORE) the Punta Cana fight which happened in February 2011. This is the only thing that I found that I could not believe. I believe EVERYTHING else…

    What about you???

    • I live in the neighborhood
      August 28, 2012 at 10:54 AM

      Mr/Ms. Fame-whorgas,

      The Chirping Twit did a wonderful article on the Brownstone being sued, also Al Manzo is not listed as owner of the Brownstone anymore. Please check it out.

    • August 29, 2012 at 12:13 AM

      They were in Punta Cana in February 2011. I read some stuff about the fight being one of the problems between Caroline and Teresa, but I haven’t written anything about it. I have some info I’ve collected on the Dina rift, but I’ve been too busy to read it over. I might look into it soon, though. Thanks for the stuff about the Brownstone sauce — hadn’t heard that one.

      I have some of the Dina/Caroline feud here:


      The unofficial story is that Caroline stole the gay wedding idea from Dina, who wanted to feature her brother Jamie’s wedding on her HGTV show, Dina’s Party. It would explain why this wedding was so rushed, and why only two, Chris Laurita and Caroline Manzo, out of 11 siblings (and only their mother and not their father) attended. Regarding Caroline’s feud with Dina, Teresa told Caroline during reunion 3: “You stabbed her in the back”; Jacqueline said in season 4 episode 6: “Teresa told Dina that Caroline said she’s going to try to take her down, business-opportunity-wise.” The accusation is that Caroline stole the wedding idea from Dina – Caroline knew Andy would jump on the idea and that Jamie would as well because the audience for RHONJ is much larger than Dina’s HGTV show. Featuring Jamie’s gay wedding on Dina’s struggling show, which is all about parties, would have helped put it on the map.

      • August 30, 2012 at 8:09 AM

        And here:


        “In Season 4, you will see Don C and Jac turning on Tre. Jac is puppeted by Don C. Don C is mad that Tre is very close with Dina. Although Tre was always the closest with Dina, and made friends with her first, Don C is beyond big headed. Don C and Dina got into it (like they usually do) but this time Don went too far and they have not spoken for quite some time. Don C turned on Tre because she is pissed at Dina and taking it out on Tre. She is angry that Tre does not jump when she speaks ala Jac. Don expects everyone to listen to her, and when they don’t, all hell breaks loose. This is why she likes Missy, who only kisses Don’s ass to spite Tre. The fight [the one which led Tre to seek Dina’s advice and which is captured on film in season 4] takes place, conveniently and scheduled, right before Melissa’s single release party. On camera, Don C and Jac try to cover up the issue and act as thought they are mad at Tre for something else, but the real issue is the aforementioned. What infuriated Don even more, and helped lead to the blowout quicker, was the fact that Tre listened to what Danielle had to say regarding Melissa contacting her. Tre was already aware of Missy reaching out to Danielle, but was in denial until the WWHL Twitter War. Don C honestly did not want to go through sticking up for Tre because that means she would simultaneously be confirming that Danielle was correct.”

        And here:


        Here is another take on the feud that Caroline has with Dina (which gives new meaning to Jacqueline’s comment in episode 6):

        “Teresa told Dina that Caroline said she’s going to try to take her down, business-opportunity-wise, and Caroline never said that.” – Jacqueline Laurita, Season 4, Episode 6

        By Chris Stark, @stark3923
        June 18, 2012

        Dina and Caroline FEUD FACTS: The Brownstone is owned by Caroline’s husband and by Dina’s husband. YET the SONS Albie and Chris are hawking Brownstone Sauce… makes you wonder if this is the other business deal Dina is pizzed at Caroline for??

        September 28, 2011 [Reunion 3]: Teresa said to Caroline: “You stabbed her (Dina) in the back.” …this was before after Punta Cana (February 2011) and the wedding (July 2011); sauce was announced July 2011.

        The Manzo boys tried to hawk the sauce and BLK water last year and it was an epic fail. Now this week they are relaunching the products again, only this time they are going after Dina’s and Teresa’s fan base. Manzo hired a PR team which told them to play nice with Dina’s and Teresa’s fans and to stop alienating them. This is why the Manzos are on the cover of Us Weekly and the video with their false stories of everyone getting along, and Teresa is just their mom’s friend and they love Teresa and how Dina is now speaking to Caroline… please… running into Dina at her mom’s house in May 2012 was not a love fest [confirmed by Jacqueline on her June 24, 2012, WWHL appearance].

        The REAL reason the Manzo kids and Gregg hate Teresa: Remember the never-talked-about and FILMED-by-Bravo Dominican Republic Punta Cana trip, filmed but [many scenes] never shown to public in February 2011?. Adolfo Arriolla and Jason Gomez (Americans) where very injured (and with a broken arm) and are suing them all. The Manzo’s claim that Teresa started the entire fight (February 22 or 23, 2011). Remember what we are seeing on TV right now was filmed in June/July 2011. Caroline blames Teresa for her sons being detained and held in jail for several days. One can only assume Manzo’s paid $$ to the third world country in order to secure the release and have no charges filed. In MY opinion, and I have been to Punta Cana and IMO this is how it works, $$ talks and you walk.

        Caroline will never forgive Teresa for HER kids going to JAIL. As in Gregg’s words — “done, done, done” — which is the Manzo’s motto for Teresa: their goal is to take Teresa down, and they have tons of HELP from Melissa, who made a Godfather-style video in February 2010(?) as an audition tape for Bravo to secure a place on RHONJ.

        FACTS ON THE DINA MANZO CAROLINE MANZO FUED: Hard to forgive and move on when you (Dina) ask your brother (Jamie) to film his wedding on your TV show (Dina’s Party, HGTV) and Jamie agrees, ONLY to have Caroline wooo Jamie with the Bravo filming and exposure to HELP give Caroline a boost. (Jamie also is hoping to get his own Bravo cooking show on Bravo maybe even with Albie and Chris Manzo.)

        This is a fact and this is WHY Jamie said he had to throw a wedding together in less than a month! SO Bravo would FILM IT. Caroline stole Jamie’s wedding from Dina.

        Caroline was angry with Dina. Caroline blames Dina for Caroline losing out on her book deal and that book deal went to Teresa. I do not know what Dina did to help Teresa, but this is what the real feud is about. Caroline is angry that Teresa stole her business deal with the help of Dina, so Caroline stole Jamie’s wedding from Dina = facts!! Jamie’s siblings where so appalled by this that they boycotted the wedding and refused to be filmed on Bravo = fact. Jamie has 11 brothers and sisters and two came, Chris and Caroline.

        Another fact: Bravo only agreed to film Jamie’s wedding if Teresa was invited. Teresa is the star and this kills Caroline, and that is why Caroline is filled with contempt and has such a hate smirk on her face.

  20. isolde
    August 28, 2012 at 7:43 PM

    I just have a couple of observations to make. I posted above regarding Nicholas saying bye and I wuv you when Ashley was sent away to Las Vegas, and since that took place at the beginning of the season, I assume that was May-July, 2011. Nicholas would have been two years old at the time. Jacqueline’s timeline of when she started noticing changes or regression in her son, makes it sound as if Nicholas would have stopped saying I love you, prior to him turning two. Also, I find it curious, to say the least, that someone has mentioned that Jacqueline has deleted any video of Nicholas that she had previously posted–am assuming on Facebook or Twitter, perhaps. My other comment was regarding the filming of the reunions.

    I have noticed in the past that Bravo housewives have said oh we just filmed the reunion, which would always take place about two weeks before the end of the season’s last episode. I may be off one to two weeks, but they always did film the reunion of any of the housewives shows before the last episode aired. Perhaps, they sent videos of the remaining episodes to the women to review before the reunion, but they never filmed it after the end of the season aired. Bravo was always ready with the first reunion episode to air the week after the last episode of the season aired. Allowing for taping and editing, Bravo will be pushing it if they want to air the reunion any time soon. We are speculating that there are two episodes left, making 19 episodes this season.

    Since Bravo or the housewives have announced that they have not taped the reunion yet, and it was pushed back to September (not sure if anyone gave a specific date for the taping), I wonder if Bravo execs were waiting for some event to take place before the taping. We have all wondered if it was to capture any information regarding the disposition of Joe Giudice’s legal outcome, but since he has opted to go to trial, and he doesn’t even have another court appearance until October 1, that will not happen.

    I do, however, find it curious that since the People magazine article did not come out until last week, regarding Nicholas Laurita being diagnosed with autism, that had Bravo taped the reunion when it was originally scheduled, we would not have this information before the reunion. Nor, would we have had the WWHL segment with Caroline’s and Teresa’s commentary regarding their issues prior to the reunion, if the taping had not been pushed back. Therefore, it appears to me, that some decisions were made in favor of the Manzo and Laurita families to do the segment with Caroline explaining herself, and the article in People magazine to come out, so that all of this new information regarding reasons and feelings and explanations would be factors in the reunion. Bravo appears to be in image repair or damage control mode before taping the reunion.

    It is purely speculation on my part, but I have to wonder if their decision to move back the taping ever had anything to do with the Joe Giudice issue, or if it was more about the Manzo and Laurita families. It makes it a little harder to press Jacqueline and Caroline with hard questions, when they have become sympathetic characters because of dealing with Nicholas’ medical issues, which affected the whole family. I do believe that Bravo would have loved to have known Joe’s legal fate, so that could be addressed, however, I do not believe that is the reason for the postponement of the reunion taping any longer, in light of these other events. If I am correct, which time will tell, it will set a certain tone for how the taping will go, and what the agenda is. I believe it is now becoming apparent, transparent and if you ask me, very reprehensible on the part of Bravo.

    Does anyone hear another bash fest and setup coming on? I do hope I am wrong, because Caroline and Jacqueline both should be called out for their deplorable behavior this season, but can’t you just see it being about all they were dealing with while filming was going on during Season 4? I think it was the strategy of the Manzos and Lauritas and maybe the rest of the cast, to get rid of Teresa and turn the viewers against her, but they have not had the support of the viewers. So, has it become about garnering sympathy for themselves before the reunion, and contract renewal for Season 5? Is Bravo giving them the time needed to put their stories out there before the reunion? Does that indicate that Andy Cohen will tread lightly at the reunion? Does that indicate what we can expect, and who we can expect on Season 5. All of this recent media exposure for the Manzos and Lauritas on Bravo and in People, has certainly got me questioning motivation and what is fact and what is fiction. I would like to know what everyone else thinks.

    • August 28, 2012 at 9:36 PM

      You pose some great questions. I think Bravo is garnering sympathy and support for the Manzos and Lauritas — they want the viewers to support them because they plan on bringing them back next season. Bravo is taking it easy on them and, instead, in the past few episodes, have stepped up the negative edit on Teresa. She isn’t looking good in the home stretch, just before the reunion. And the cast is in attack mode, and their blogs this week prove that they are going to gang up on Teresa at the reunion — and we haven’t even gotten to the big blow up at the Posche Fashion Show.

      The episodes with the original cast in conflict with one another have gotten the highest ratings, so that’s why Bravo is bringing back the Manzos and Lauritas.

      Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 Viewership Summary:

      Episode 1, 2.9 million viewership (High Tide, Low Blow) – Premiered April 22, 2012
      Episode 2, 2.2 million viewership (Poker Face)
      Episode 3, 2.5 million viewership (Third Eye Blind)
      Episode 4, 2.3 million viewership (Drowning Pool)
      Episode 5, 2.3 million viewership (Spoiled Sports)
      Episode 6, 2.5 million viewership (Uncivil Union)
      Episode 7, 2.3 million viewership (True Love, True Lies)
      Episode 8, 2.7 million viewership (Best Friends for Never)
      Episode 9, 2.9 million viewership (Public Display of Rejection)
      Episode 10, 2.3 million viewership (Temporary Shrinkage)
      Episode 11, 2.5 million viewership (The Sniff Test)
      Episode 12, 2.6 million viewership (The Jersey Side Step Premiere)
      Episode 13, 2.3 million viewership (Sit Down and Man Up)
      Episode 14, 2.1 million viewership (Pack Your Baggage)
      Episode 15: 2.2 million viewership (If This RV is a Rockin’)
      Episode 16: 3.0 million viewership (Whine Country)
      Episode 17: 3.1 million viewership (Hot Tub of Sour Grapes)

      Watch What Happens Live Viewership Summary:

      WWHL 1.7 million – Joe and Melissa Gorga; May 6, 2012
      WWHL 1.7 million – Joe and Teresa Giudice; Jun 17, 2012
      WWHL 1.4 million – Mike Tyson and Melissa Gorga with Joe Gorga as Guest Bartender; Jul 8, 2012
      WWHL 1.5 million – Vanessa Williams and Kathy Wakile; Jul 15, 2012
      WWHL 1.5 million – Megan McCain and Caroline Manzo; Jul 22, 2012
      WWHL 1.3 million – Teresa Giudice and Renee Graziano; Jul 29, 2012
      WWHL 2.4 million – Andy’s 1-on-1 interviews with Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice; Aug 26, 2012

      I don’t know the history of the reunion shows. I thought they filmed them right after the final episode and then heavily advertised them so as not to lose any viewers before they aired, which last season was within two weeks of the season finale.

      I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to break up your post into paragraphs to make it easier to read. It’s packed full of info, and I’ll be reading it again and may have additional comments. But I’m a little too tired today and am calling it quits until tomorrow.

      Thanks for sharing!

  21. Jerseygirl118
    August 28, 2012 at 10:28 PM

    I’m really tired of Bravo skewing things. If you go to almost every other site, people are sick of the gang mentality and even if they don’t love Teresa, they are definitely not loving any of the others. All of a sudden though, Caroline’s blog this week is predominantly supporting Caroline. That, coupled with the autism diagnosis announcement….something fishy is brewing. And bravo is controlling it. I wrote a response on Caroline’s blog saying I was disgusted with Lauren’s mouth and the vulgarities, and I’m expected to buy a book about parenting with Caroline as the author? It didn’t get posted.

    I cannot stand it that Teresa has no way with words. I want to yell at the screen and answer for her! She soooo needs someone to coach her for the reunion. I was in utter shock last year and if they do that again this year, and don’t make any cast changes, I am done with Bravo. This whole 4 against 1 thing is gross!

  22. IamNobodysHW
    August 28, 2012 at 11:37 PM

    when Jac was talking to her life coach on the back deck wasn’t Nicholas running around and going near the stairs? She didn’t seem to concerned about him understanding about the stairs, and he listened to her when she said NO NO. I am confused, does this illness affect his speech only or is his thoughts and walking also affected? I am also not sure how old he was in that episode

    • August 28, 2012 at 11:48 PM

      Autism is not an illness: it is a developmental disorder that affects the brain’s normal development of social and communication skills (or in other words, autism is characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by limited and repetitive behavior). Autism is a physical condition linked to abnormal biology and chemistry in the brain. The exact causes of these abnormalities remain unknown. There are probably a combination of factors that lead to autism.

      It doesn’t affect the development of motor skills, which Jacqueline says is one of Nicholas’ symptoms.

      While there is no known cure for autism, there are treatment and education approaches that may reduce some of the challenges associated with the condition. [http://www.autismunited.org/articles/treatment-of-autism.php]

      General consensus among the medical and scientific community says that no true cure has yet been discovered for autism. On the other hand, many children who, having been diagnosed on the autism spectrum at a young age, later “outgrow” their diagnosis. Some writers and researchers claim that children with autism can be “recovered” (another term for cured) through specific biomedical treatments including special diets, supplements and other alternative methods. The question of whether and how these children were cured, however, is still open. [http://autism.about.com/od/treatmentoptions/f/curefaq.htm]

      Children with autism typically have difficulties in:

      Pretend play
      Social interactions
      Verbal and nonverbal communication.

      People with autism may be overly sensitive in sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste (for example, they may refuse to wear “itchy” clothes and become distressed if they are forced to wear the clothes).

      Have unusual distress when routines are changed
      Perform repeated body movements
      Show unusual attachments to objects

      The symptoms may vary from moderate to severe. The movie ‘Rainmain’, starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, and ‘Temple Grandin’ (true story), starring Claire Danes, are accurate depictions of cases of autism.

      Communication problems may include:

      Cannot start or maintain a social conversation
      Communicates with gestures instead of words
      Develops language slowly or not at all
      Does not adjust gaze to look at objects that others are looking at
      Does not refer to self correctly (for example, says “you want water” when the child means “I want water”)
      Does not point to direct others’ attention to objects (occurs in the first 14 months of life)
      Repeats words or memorized passages, such as commercials

      Social interaction:

      Does not make friends
      Does not play interactive games
      Is withdrawn
      May not respond to eye contact or smiles, or may avoid eye contact
      May treat others as if they are objects
      Prefers to spend time alone, rather than with others
      Shows a lack of empathy

      Response to sensory information:

      Does not startle at loud noises
      Has heightened or low senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste
      May find normal noises painful and hold hands over ears
      May withdraw from physical contact because it is overstimulating or overwhelming
      Rubs surfaces, mouths or licks objects
      Seems to have a heightened or low response to pain


      Doesn’t imitate the actions of others
      Prefers solitary or ritualistic play
      Shows little pretend or imaginative play


      “Acts up” with intense tantrums
      Gets stuck on a single topic or task (perseveration)
      Has a short attention span
      Has very narrow interests
      Is overactive or very passive
      Shows aggression to others or self
      Shows a strong need for sameness
      Uses repetitive body movements


  23. autumnleaves61
    August 29, 2012 at 11:57 PM

    We only have the say-so of one source indicating the Reunion was to EVER be taped in early August. The odds are, that was just never the case. So talking about why Bravo “delayed” taping, may be a waste of time on our parts, b/c we’re only taking someone’s word that it was delayed, rather than going with the usual, normal timeline.

  24. stephanie
    August 30, 2012 at 7:10 PM

    All I have to say is I think the reason she waited for insurance is because the state is paying for it! My daughter and her husband have good jobs well paid but their insurance does not pay for early intervention. My granddaughter is a child with Down Syndrome. Since their insurance will not pay and she has a disability the state will pick up her insurance for special needs but not early intervention. So they paid out of their own pocket till she was( I believe) a year old maybe not that long, she is 18 months now and she is able to get the insurance for it!. So IMO they were waiting for the state to pick it up! Disgusting if true because they like my daughter could of paid and should of paid for it so he could get the help he needed if true. Early Intervention is so impportant in childrens development and teaches everyone who cares for him how to help him keep up with other children. So his life is no different then anyother childs. Shame on them if this is the case!

    • amamax%
      September 28, 2012 at 4:20 AM

      This is sickening. And sad and disgusting. Maybe jax needs a mental evaluation. Because that would make more sense. Using her son’s autism in order to gain popularity. Is beyond words. My daughter is a behavioral consultant. She is not allowed to talk about her clients but I do see how much affection she has for each one of those kids. And they love her also. I’d go more into it, but I won’t. My daughter is so such an Angel. I’d hate for her to work with a mother like jax. If she did and saw actions such as jax. She’d report her immediately!

      • October 16, 2012 at 2:04 AM

        Actually, YOU are sick, sad and disgusting. Say what you want about their business deals or marriages, but how can you say anything about their adorable kid or their love for their kid. They are using their child for popularity? That is a really sick thing to say about someone you don’t even know. And really, really weird. I think you all need mental evals. Shame on you!!!

  25. isolde
    August 31, 2012 at 1:24 AM

    In checking where the information about the delay in taping the reunion came from, coincidentally it was a tweet from Jacqueline saying that the taping had been pushed back to September. So was that fact or fiction? Was it always going to be taped in September, who knows. Someone is saying that there are 3 episodes of the season left, with the next not being shown until 9/9/2012, which if there are three episodes left means that the last episode would be shown on 9/23/2012, leaving sufficient time for the reunion to be taped and edited to run at the end of September. With these people, who knows what the truth is anymore. They have not been credible, their timelines do not add up, and their so called facts have been refuted. Again, all I ask for is a level playing field this time. By the way, when they did cover Danielle and Melissa speaking during Season 2, this information really came out in Season 4, but was skimmed over at the Season 3 reunion, so I hope now that such a big deal with details was given about it during Season 4, there is no reason for it to be skimmed over, and should be covered and questioned in detail. However, that remains to be seen.

  26. Che
    September 2, 2012 at 8:02 PM

    I think they put their magazine artical out now because another magazine was supposedly putting an artical about Chris cheating on her. And I’m sure she was pissed that she only got a small picture on the cover and not the cover.
    Also I remember when she kicked ashley out and he said good bye or what ever it was a voice over you didn’t actually see him say it.

    • autumnleaves61
      September 3, 2012 at 6:33 PM

      I’m not really sure in what ways Jac’s son is not developing. Has she been specific about it, such as saying he isn’t talking, etc?

      She’s made many tweets about interacting with him, some including his responses, interactions, etc. So I’m not sure what areas he is underdeveloped or disabled in.

  27. autumnleaves61
    September 3, 2012 at 6:31 PM

    Okay I do have to laugh a little at a recent find regarding the personality “MomsThoughts”, because from what I’ve read about her, she seems very anti-Teresa, very pro-Gorga etal.

    I found a site owned by her, where she was selling artwork and related merchandise. One of her offerings is a “Team Teresa” shirt.

    Even Teresa’s critics seem to know TG is the star attraction and will sell mdse. !!!!

  28. Anonymous
    September 13, 2012 at 9:27 PM

    Ok,now Chris has a twitter. Caro and the ‘children’ all tweeted about it. Today there’s a tweet to Chris From Jac about Nic making ‘ more ‘ eye contact or something like that.
    What a crock. The public communication between the 2 is what I’m referring to.
    During ‘ that long 8 mons. of waiting for insurance to clear ‘ she was mean, hateful, and vindictive on Twitter ALL day long. Basically an ‘ ugly human being ‘. Waiting for a diagnosis/insurance/whatever, did not make her a busy, researching, don’t have time to be a bitch person. Are we really supposed to buy this crap? Come on.

  29. JJ
    September 24, 2012 at 11:55 AM

    Wow!!! They have all that money and they couldn’t pay for thier child to see a Doctor? They had money to go to CA and have a vacation. Im disgusted with her anyway, she crys all the time about Theresa in the meantime noone ever hears about her sick child, maybe she should be crying about that or at the very least getting him help and stop trying to be in the miiddle of all the drama.

  30. Anonymous
    September 27, 2012 at 4:27 PM

    Wow, it is incredible how naive most of you are. As a parent of an child with Autism, it disgusts me. Every experience is different, but I can relate greatly to Jac. I don’t have the time to address all of the miss conceptions on here, so I will address a few. My son also regressed. Almost every child I know with Autism has occupational therapy to help with both fine and gross motor development. The diagnoses of Autism CAN take a long time; waiting for referrals to go through (which has nothing to do with insurance), waiting for appointments, waiting for follow ups and new referred appt., and insurance is a reality that fortunately most of you don’t understand. Until my son was diagnosed only my close friends and family knew about it. However, now that he is older I am open about it-My son is perfect, there is no reason to keep him a secret. Clearly Autism is obvious, especially to a trained eye. There is no way she would be able to hide it. He is also in treatment; Jac said he was in a preschool program with behavioral modification services (very common course of treatment). Also, Jenny McCarthy didn’t get nearly this kind of heat when she came out about her son’s Autism. Autism is real and everywhere. The more light put on the developmental disorder the better in my opinion. The only thing I didn’t like about Jac, or Jenny McCarthy’s approach to the subject is the belief that if parents push hard enough, they can cure their child. Although many children do come out of their Autism. Early intervention is critical, but every case of Autism is very different, and the same treatments often have little success for one child and while having great success with another.

  31. amamax4
    September 28, 2012 at 4:36 AM

    Like I said my daughter is a behavioral consultant works with children with autism. And if she had to deal with a mother like jax. She would immediately report her. She is required to do so.

  32. Brynn
    October 2, 2012 at 12:51 AM

    I know theres not alot of fans of WWHL on here, but Jenny McCarthy is on this week. Plus, jac has already been kissing butt to her on twitter. Wonder how she felt when she swore on her “child who is austic”. As a parent, it disgusts me.

  33. October 13, 2012 at 9:56 PM

    I am not into the story, sorry. My sister’s (she is a ginecologyst, her husband is a surgeon), son was born sept 2009, turned 3 a couple months ago – same age as Nicholas – he is not talking sentences, yet. He is still pooping in the diaper and I do not think, for a moment that he is autistic.
    You can see it in his eyes, his body language, things he does in response to the conversation.
    His parents – both doctors- they are not concerned, maybe yet. It is nearly impossible to diagnose at that early. If there is any indication to worry, the mother should put everything aside and spend as much time as possible to work one on one – reading, watching, talking.
    I guess she is preoccupied with everybodys elses problems.
    I am not buying the story.
    I will find ways to donate money through other’s, not Lauritas.

  34. R Tortor
    October 17, 2012 at 9:30 PM

    Possible fetal alcohol syndrome

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