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The Lauritas and Manzos Are Hoping Viewers Will Buy Blk ‘Out of Pity’ (They Say They’ve ‘Invested Everything’ in Blk); Melissa Gorga Accuses Teresa Giudice and Bravo Producers of Sabotage (Updated 7/17/2012)

July 12, 2012

The Manzos and Lauritas made it perfectly clear during season 4 episode 12 (a giant infomercial) that they have everything riding on the success of BLK water (it is not a coincidence that this season Chris Laurita had more screen time than Jacqueline in episode 12 and that he is doing talking head interviews looking rather depressed and saying things like “this has to work” as if this is their last hope). The episode was filmed in August 2011, and BLK is not the success they hoped it would be. This must be adding to the resentment and jealously the cast has toward Teresa Giudice.

Chris Laurita said during episode 12 that he “invested everything” in BLK (Albie Manzo said essentially the same thing). And both Chris and Jacqueline even mentioned that their apparel company went bankrupt. They are hoping viewers will buy their product out of pity, which is what Jacqueline ‘Loose Lips’ Laurita claims Teresa is doing (see quotes below). The creditors of the Laurita’s apparel company forced a corporate bankruptcy in 2009, but they are just now, two and a half years later, mentioning it on the show.

To make the case that they (along with Bravo, which has a vested interest in BLK’s success) are playing the viewers for fools, an astute viewer questioned why the Lauritas were acting like owners of BLK rather than just promoters of the product:

“OK…so, when we first were introduced to BLK it seemed that Chris was partnering with (or backing) Christopher and Albie in a new promotion company. My impression was that they were starting a business to promote other people’s products (and I assume make some sort of percentage off of sales they made). It seemed to me BLK was their first client. NOW it seems as if they are doing more than just promoting BLK…it seems like it’s THEIR product/company. The way they’re talking about all the money they’re spending, the traveling, the booth, the van, etc…that’s legwork people do to promote their own company, not someone elses. A promotional company throws some parties, gives the stuff out at a bar or a food store. Am I missing something? Did they purchase all the ownership rights to BLK? They all can’t get rich on this stuff if they’re just promoting it for someone else…and I don’t see them even remotely promoting anything else. They are all acting like this is their meal ticket and I don’t think there’s a chance it would be unless they OWN it. What’s the deal???” – ivygirl22, July 17 2012, IMDb.com

“People were buying Teresa’s products out of pity, thinking they were poor and needed help. People around town were starting to notice that her big lifestyle hadn’t changed and started saying that the Giudices were con artists, and were part of a big scam to get people to buy her products. People felt like they were getting played.” – Jacqueline Laurita, June 27, 2012, Don’t Get It Twisted

“I was wondering if Teresa was just profiting from people’s pity by benefiting from a big media scam while she was really living the high life or was my friend really in trouble, denying it to herself, suffering in silence and getting deeper in debt.” – Jacqueline Laurita, June 27, 2012, The Rules According to Teresa

Albie said during episode 12 that he invested his savings in BLK, and then backed up this statement while the show was airing by tweeting: “True story; no one gets paid from blk. All the money goes to making the company grow. We have all sacrificed a lot, hopefully it pays off!” – Albie Manzo, August 15, 2011, Twitter

“What Albie said is true; they have been traveling non-stop and busting their butts to get BLK out there. As a matter of fact, I’m sure we’ve even met quite a few of you who are reading right now at a BLK tasting somewhere along the way. If you have been to one, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. It’s also true when Albie said they haven’t made a dime. All the money has been going right back into the company, and they’ve been working for pretty much nothing. Times have been rough, but the reward has been worth it.” – Caroline Manzo, July 15, 2012, Getting Saucy

It was an involuntary bankruptcy. Signature Apparel stopped paying its vendors. And when the company’s books were reviewed by the trustee, a related adversary proceeding was filed against the Laurita Defendants. The Laurita Defendants are Joseph Laurita, director, Christopher Laurita, director, Adeline Laurita (wife of Joseph), Jacqueline Laurita (wife of Christopher), Anthony Laurita (brother of Joseph and Christopher), and Frankie Laurita (son of Joseph and now deceased). The adversary proceeding states the Laurita Defendants used over $7 million of the company’s funds for their own personal use – vacations, cars (Ashlee’s SUVs), credit cards, etc. It’s called a ‘bleed out.’ The bankruptcy trustee’s responsibility is to protect the bankruptcy estate and to get the legitimate creditors of the company paid (even though it may not be 100% but something). The personal assets of the Laurita Defendants will have to be sold and the proceeds paid to the bankruptcy estate to enable the legitimate creditors to be paid something. The Lauritas committed bankruptcy fraud – a federal crime. If prosecuted, prison time and fines.” – Love NJ, July 16, 2012, StoopidHousewives

“Well, I think some things became very clear in last night’s episode. It is all about their business ventures (which we knew), and their success in promoting their products. Kathy with desserts (Rich thought he was funny–not!), BLK and Chris L. admitting his other business failed and he sunk so much money in BLK and it just has to work or he is in deep sh*t (financially ruined), and now there is a trio of new pasta sauces from Caroline and hubby. This spoke volumes of the need to “take Teresa down”, make her look bad so that viewers will turn on her and not buy her products, and love the Manzo/Laurita gang for exposing Teresa, and then everyone will buy their products, and they will be rich. The want the viewers to spend our money on their crap and not Teresa’s. The almighty dollar and its pursuit has the devil working overtime in NJ. Just what the world needs, more water and pasta sauce. I would never spend one cent to buy any of their products or anything they are affiliated with. It is time for them to go away. Chris Laurita should have thought of his financial future before they embezzled/blew through all their company’s funds.” – julia109, July 16, 2012, Reality Tea

“Pretty sure Teresa’s product sales are out stripping the Sauce and BLK. I’m also pretty sure this is the crux of the issues between the Manzo/Lauritas and Giudices. They were never meant to be the successful ones. The Manzos tried to tarnish her image because they believed the public were supporting her product out of sympathy.” – Sackem, August 5, 2012, Reality Tea

“Now I get why you and Jacqueline wanted to get rid of Teresa. It seems like both of you were trying to alienate her so she could get kicked off the show, so that you girls would have the floor to promote your own products. I get it now; just getting rid of the competition.” – Mimilicious, July 17, 2012, Caroline’s Bravo Blog

“Glad to see Caroline has stopped bashing and blaming Teresa in her blogs, but it is too little too late. We all know the outcome, as all of this came out one year ago, and Caroline continues to go on television interviews and speak negatively about Teresa. So she is fooling no one. I think they really think if they ‘exposed’ Teresa, and viewers saw how terrible she was, that they would no longer buy her products, and be so grateful for the others showing how bad Teresa is, that we would all run out and spend our money on their products instead of Teresa’s. In my opinion, it backfired and more people will say just as I do, that they will never spend one cent to buy any of the products from the other housewives on the show because of how nasty and mean they have been. They should have lived and let live, but I think they may have slit their own financial throats. Chris Laurita finally stated that he had financial problems with his other business (yeah they embezzled or drained all of the funds out of it), and now they really need this BLK to work or else he is in huge financial trouble. Well, they should have found a better strategy than trying to hurt Teresa, in order to help themselves. It is clear that the Manzo/Laurita gang had a meeting, and everyone decided on the agenda, and that would be to trash the whole Guidice family every chance that they got, and that each and every member would do it.” – MelindaK, July 17, 2012, Caroline’s Bravo Blog

“I think the other housewives are jealous of Teresa’s resilience and the business success she’s experiencing despite all her troubles. Caroline and Jacqueline, especially, seem to hate other females (look how badly they treat their daughters compared to their sons), so I’m not that surprised that they’re all trying to pull bullshit excuses out of their asses to justify their raging hatred of Teresa.” – Natasha333, July 15, 2012, Television Without Pity

“It’s so funny watching the beginning of BLK. They have come SOOO far since then. SOOO proud of our hard working boys!! :0) BLK is now in all the major grocery store chains across the country !!! BLK lawsuit settled. It’s over. All is good!! :0) Vanessa’s right! I shed a LOT of tears this season. Besides everything that went on, I found out I had extremely low testosterone. Now good!” – Jacqueline Laurita, July 15, 2012, Twitter [BLK is not in all the major grocery chains across the country if you check their website, http://www.blkbeverages.com]

By louise123, Caroline’s Bravo Blog (‘Caked On’)
July 16, 2012

Last night’s episode solidified and confirmed everything I thought. It’s been so obvious that Caroline’s attack, which built and built, was so much more than Teresa not being honest with them about her “feelings.” Caroline can’t even articulate why she acted like Teresa needed to be publicly executed anymore, so she’s just staying quiet and letting Jacqueline do her dirty work.

Caroline and Jacqueline are both in such dire straits over blk water: Jacqueline for her and Chris, and Caroline for her and her boys. This was supposed to take the world by storm.

Caroline just worked herself into a craze—a jealous, lunatic craze—because they were not doing well (like many people out here), and singing about the bad economy (which is true) while, simultaneously, Teresa was on the best seller list again and they couldn’t keep her books on the shelves.

I believe they worked themselves into a FRENZY watching her succeed. Caroline always needs a target when she’s failing, and she lashes out; and boy did she target Teresa. But this time she went too far, as she did with Dina.

Caroline and Jacqueline most likely, without even speaking to each other, came up with this “Teresa is twisting everything and lying about her life” together as they (and we watched them) gossip and gossip and gossip about Teresa with themselves and her “family.” She was the topic of EVERYONES conversation and it was always negative. They were building their case before our very eyes each week! You bet Kathy, Melissa and Joe loved their CASE, because it meant ruining Teresa, woohoo!

While Caroline and Jac were hiding their feelings of money desperation (how ironic), they were focusing their treacherous gossip on the one person who was making it with their product from this show. When everyone is drowning, and one person is headed straight for safe ground, everyone tries to sink the swimmer, and THAT’S what they did. It was mean, cold, calculated, and I have no empathy for their current situation with blk water because they were willing to publicly destroy Teresa.

Even if Caroline and Jaq thought it was true about Teresa misleading them (which I don’t think they did), but even if they did, what they then did with their “feeling” on national TV is unforgivable and just plain messed up. If we bought what they were selling about Teresa, AND GAVE THEM THE REACTION THEY BOTH WANTED, Teresa would be ostracized and ruined on this show. It’s unarguably what they were “going for.”

Caroline has been relentless and even went this week onto the Bethenny show to badmouth Teresa more. This week! It was really scummy, and then jumps on here and writes pleasantries. It’s bad enough Teresa’s family wanted her ruined for their own success. Bravo needs to give us some REAL friends and women for Teresa to play with, She’s earned it.

“This episode was so much fun! It was nice to see everyone getting along and doing their thing; let’s hope this is the start of a new, happier trend in Jersey. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got my fingers, toes, and even my eyes crossed!” – Caroline Manzo, July 15, 2012, Getting Saucy [three days after her appearance on Bethenny’s show, above]

By louise123, Teresa’s Bravo Blog (‘Dance Mom’)
July 12, 2012


The fat lady has not only sung, she has left the building and is headed to The Olive Garden.

Teresa, it’s done, over.

The reason the other women are still scrambling is because they think they STILL can make some sense out of their attack if they continue on the war path. The had some people fooled for a while, but the jig’s up.

All of this boiled down to two words for the Manzos and the Lauritas: Black Water. I mean, it was pretty obvious how much Caroline is invested in the success of Black Water (blk). She had her sons on Millionaire Matchmaker for god’s sake, and when it appears her son is finally in love, she actually morphed into ‘Jabba The Hut’ because she feared he may get his priorities mixed up and lose focus on Black Water. That lovely scene [Caroline saying “I worry because at this point in Albie’s life he’s not capable of having a relationship; his priority should be work and blk; I’m worried”] was followed by Lauren telling us all that her main goal in life is to have more money than her brothers. Jacqueline is so busy peddling products and slamming Teresa on Twitter 24/7, she’s lost all reality (no pun intended).

Listen, I’ve heard this before but it ties everything together. After Bethenny hit the friggin lottery with this show, that brass ring was out there. They tried—Black Water was supposed to get THEM on the cover of Forbes. It didn’t.

You were building your empire and hot on her trail, so MAN, you were gonna pay. All of this ridiculous circumstance you find yourself standing in the middle of is ALL envy. Envy because YOUR ventures with this show hit big and Black Water can’t get off the ground.

We watched the parallel lines as your books and on-air persona became bigger and bigger—you became the target. We know Caroline and Dina’s rift is because of a business deal, we just don’t know what it was. Well surprise, surprise—look what Caroline did to you when she thought her turf (success) was being infringed upon. I mean, it had to be bad: her own sister hasn’t talked to her in a year.

Fortunately, we saw what Caroline did to you, so we know her means of operation. The funny part is she thought she and Jacqueline could pull off this story that all of this hate and anger is because you weren’t being real. Dina came out and said their rift had absolutely nothing to do with anything you did or said to her, so they had to think fast. It still doesn’t make sense. Caroline screaming “Of Course It’s Not About The Cookbooks” was a very telling moment. Bottom line, Teresa, is Caroline and Jacqueline are furious the fans brought you to success and not them. You had to pay. They can’t take it out on US, though Jacqueline is starting to.

The beauty of all of this is how you handled yourself. It was crazy, bizarre, and so, so ugly but you remained grounded and lived in gratitude. Caroline and Jacqueline targeted you because it was easy. You already had a sister-in-law and brother who came on for your blood to pursue their own fame. That’s a whole other blog, and frankly it bores me now. They both are repulsive, and I imagine you will never look at your brother the same again. What he did was so far past anything I thought a human was capable of doing to family, but the fact remains that he did it.

Times are tough and these women all want to keep their lifestyles. Everyone is hurting, and the mere fact that you were succeeding with your ventures drove them mad. Melissa is now getting karma. She’s almost done: there’s nothing inside her to carry a personality on the show now that she’s been exposed. The women have worn out ‘The Teresa Is BAD’ story, and there’s nowhere for them to go, and they know it [they’re clinging onto hope that the viewers will buy that Teresa setup Melissa to expose her dancer/stripper past (the final episode of season 4), but they’re keeping quiet now because they don’t know how Bravo will spin it].

You have such a wonderful family in your house and you’ve been so strong, it’s almost unimaginable. Caroline and Jacqueline are lost in a panic. Caroline thought she could use the ‘Caroline Rules’ persona to get us to swallow anything, but what she didn’t understand was that we stopped believing in that a long time ago. Just because Bravo published the supporters and the non supporters comments on the blogs, she thought it was 50/50. Clearly now they see it’s about 90/10, and what a vindication for you after all they put you through. Whenever I begin to feel sorry for Jacqueline I think about the fact that if she had her way, you’d be in the gutter now.

I don’t know if I’d categorize them (Caroline and Jacqueline) as bad people, but they certainly lack character.

Your brother, Melissa, and Kathy? The way they have enjoyed seeing you at the center of a public lynching is so disturbing. Joe and Melissa dancing on the table for attention summed them up nicely. Your cousin has always, and continues to do, everything in her power to remove you from grace. She’s way more dangerous than anyone thinks. They have no idea how ridiculous they look kissing up to your enemies. That just tells it all. Bam. Now that they see the Manzo/Laurita side is losing steam, those rats will jump ship—rats always do.

I believe all three—Joe, Melissa and Kathy—are bad people—100%. All three knew what they were doing every bloody episode, for two seasons; and they literally planned it, complete with contrived scenes—all to see you fall hard. No two ways around that.

I stand behind what I say—bad people. Just cut all ties. This was too much, too far to the dark side.

In the latest issue of Star ‘magazine’, an ‘inside source’ (Melissa) is saying that Teresa Giudice is behind the confrontation between Melissa and her former boss (Lookers Gentlemen’s Club manager Angelo Vrohidis) on September 27, 2011, at the Posche Fashion Show (PFS).

Since September 27, 2011, Melissa has been claiming that Teresa set her up to expose her dancer/stripper past, but she hasn’t said much about it since earlier this year. With this latest article from Star, she is once again blaming Teresa for the PFS setup. 

“Bullshit, all bullshit. Guess ‘source’ needs money for bills!! She better shut the fuck up with her blatant lies before I release the tape her GF made of her. FYI: I don’t need to make $ off it, remember. Or how about the fact when producers contacted her friends to join the show she told them it wasn’t worth going on. That’s a lie too BS! Let me understand this… X bfs lie, Gfs lie, x boss’s lie, everyone lies but her … Shut the fuck up liar!!!” – Penny Drossos‏@PDKhair, July 4, 2012, Twitter

“This was just sent to me & it’s a bunch of bullshit. Teresa Giudice never tried to sabotage her nonexistent career (pic.twitter.com/tFqP23Rk – photo above). What a way to piss me off. Star suggests my friend Angelo was part of a set-up. Oh let’s guess who leaked that bullshit story. Bartender, dancer, whatever. You all get on the stage at some point. Star claims source? Angelo managed for 13 yrs & will not retract! Neither Teresa Giudice, Bravo, or anyone was part of a setup. It was pure coincidence. So Star, if you want facts we won’t hide! Can you hear me now Star. No-one tried to sabotage a 15 min famer, autotoned coattailer, or a family & friend backstabbing famewhore!! Star claims Melissa Gorga was sabotaged. There was nothing to sabotage, she did it to herself w/her past. She’ll go Kung Fu on my ass. Wait till she sees this bullshit article Star posted. Talk about leaking bullshit story. Here’s a fact, fakeass’ lawyer sent Angelo letter” [Melissa had her lawyer start a lawsuit against Angelo after he gave an exclusive interview with AllAboutTRH last year; it was quickly dropped]. – John Karagiorgis‏@JohnnyTheGrk, July 4, 2012, Twitter

Penny and John Karagiorgis claim that Bravo had nothing to do with Angelo being at their salon just before the PFS, that it was not planned for him to confront Melissa at the PFS, and that Bravo did not setup Melissa. But it seems unlikely that the events leading up to the confrontation could be a total coincidence—in the least, it appears Penny and Johnny invited Angelo to the salon (and later the PFS), and he was the one who informed Bravo of Melissa’s past working at Lookers. Bravo took advantage of the opportunity to capture on camera the reunion between Angelo and Melissa during filming at the PFS at the end of season 4 by (1) having Teresa mention to Melissa on camera that Angelo told her at the salon that Melissa used to work for him as a dancer, and (2) then encouraging Angelo to approach Melissa on camera at the PFS.

“Teresa, as you probably have learned, when the tide goes against you, you have to be careful of every little thing you say, because it can and will be turned against you no matter how right you are or how justified you are or how wronged you have been. Given the slightest opportunity, they will mock and trash you every time you open your mouth. I know, I’ve been there and it’s miserable, frustrating and cruel. Just know that these people are cruel and crazy: don’t let them beat down your spirit because you will need it.” – Lin8888, July 16, 2012, Teresa’s Bravo Blog

By louise123, Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog (‘Fearless’)
July 14, 2012

We have three women who feel exactly the same, and we’re frustrated. I think all of this arguing about whether Jacqueline is a good friend or not is just ridiculous because the deck ambush was just a setup. Teresa not “opening up” is NOT why Jacqueline and Caroline went on the warpath—it’s what they created to try and snow the viewers, and it didn’t work.

The two things that are JUST KILLING them, just eating away at them daily, which snowballed into this, are:

1) Dina wants nothing to do with either of them because this show brought out their true colors, and

2) their endeavors, their “take the world by storm” project, isn’t working. In fact, it’s a disaster (and here’s the important part) in comparison to Teresa’s success with her endeavors on this show.

They want to blame Teresa for both. In fact, they have turned ruthless in the attempt.

The reunion we watched, the TERESA BLOODBATH, was taped AFTER this season taped—get it folks? AFTER.

They tried to say Teresa is the reason for their separation from Dina, but Caroline never expected her sister to come out from hiding to call it a bold face lie. But she did. That’s why, at the reunion, ALL Caroline could do was point at Teresa when Andy asked about their rift with Dina, and who was the cause—all she could do was point at Teresa and say: “I’m looking at it.” Caroline knew then that Dina had said it isn’t true because Teresa went to Dina’s house after the setup and told her what they accused her of.

Remember, Caroline screamed “OF COURSE this isn’t about the cookbook!!” and then she hissed through her gritted teeth that she was sick of Teresa coming between her family. Dina publicly stated that Teresa said nothing to her to cause the bad blood between her and Caroline and Jacqueline.

Whatever the business rift between Caroline and Dina, it was too much for Dina. Caroline must have done something pretty bad; and it has been alluded to that it was business/money related with CAROLINE—surprise, surprise…. Dina STILL isn’t talking to her.

No wonder Teresa looked bewildered on that deck. But she was ready at the reunion because this season had already taken place.

Caroline wants blkwater to work BAD—we all saw how she treated Albie’s girlfirend just in the “event” that she may come between blkwater and true love. Please, even Lauren said it: everything is about money. Well no WONDER they were out for Teresa!

Here Teresa was succeeding with a flourish (with us), and they were left out to dry by the viewers, in that aspect. I mean, they can’t blame US, though Jaq is starting to, so they turned on the woman who was getting what THEY wanted. It’s all so simple and has NOTHING to do with Teresa “not opening up.”

That is all smoke and mirrors, and what they are COUNTING on for this reunion. Jaq and Caroline are really horrible people and have revealed themselves. Dina just caught on before us.

By LisLwr, Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog (‘Fearless’)
July 15, 2012

Dear Jacqueline,

My opinion is I believe you followed Caroline’s lead. I think you both were very angry with Teresa, and most likely came up with the reason you are telling the viewers as to why you are angry with Teresa together. And it’s very possible you two didn’t even mention the real reason out loud to each other because it’s very easy to do that as humans, when we don’t want to admit something to ourselves. I’ve seen Teresa do the same thing.

I think you and Caroline came up with this “Teresa isn’t being honest” reasoning to mask what is really going on because you need to verbalize something to match the angry actions the viewers are seeing. The taping of this show must be very hard. They throw you all together, and of course you would seem obsessed when you have to talk about each other day after day and every move each of you make is magnified in the numerous public outlets especially while the show is being taped.

I think you and Caroline were justifiably jealous of all the attention Teresa was getting from being the break out star, and the huge success she was having with her books, products, bookings, and magazine articles. I think it’s very easy to feel left out when a friend becomes larger than life, and seemingly is going there without you.

Maybe Teresa could have handled her best friend differently. Just like Teresa was, all of you were trying to make a product stick with the viewers. I don’t blame you, I would have too. We all saw how Bethenny did it, and boy oh boy, that “brass ring” as another viewer put it, was out there! It seemed obtainable by all the HW’s in every city this network showcases. The stakes were so high because each of you women on that show know what can happen if you find the right niche like Bethenny did. It can be LIFE CHANGING.

All of you guys, like everyone else out here, is feeling the hit the economy has taken and everyone, including you guys and Teresa, want to either score big like Bethenny, do better than you are now, or at the very least, keep your lifestyle, especially when your lifestyle is shown to millions of viewers.

All of you women are worried like all Americans are with this horrible economy. Teresa is in a panic for her family and took a huge hit after her legal problems, and her books and new products are supposed to be her savior. You are worried for your family and petrified too, and BLK H20 is suppose to be your savior; Caroline is worried for her boys and is in a panic as blk h20 is suppose to be her boy’s savior.

I think it’s a very fine line between being mad and being jealous, and even though you were mad about the rag magazines, and maybe you had a right to be, it’s reasonable to say that all the attention in these magazines, good or bad, was appearing to make Teresa success even larger.

I believe you have a right to your feelings of anger with Teresa but I believe it’s more of a case that while she was growing and growing, climbing out of her hole, she wasn’t seeing the hole you were in, and I think your hole was a dark place full of panic and angst because blk h20 wasn’t working like Teresa’s attempts were, three times.

I think Teresa could have come to you and said “how can I help, I know you are trying to have this product both of your families are so invested into to stick, and it isn’t, what can I do?” But she didn’t. Let’s face it, Teresa can be self absorbed, and we’ve learned that Teresa is very private when it comes to money and what she feels is family, private business.

But I believe your pride stood in the way of you telling her how you were really feeling, and then in that case, you are doing the very thing you are telling us is why you are so angry at Teresa—you didn’t open up and tell her you were growing angrier and angrier because she wasn’t noticing how deep into despair you were getting. I think at that point, you then were more worried about Teresa failing, then you succeeding (which isn’t nice, but very natural) and you tried to show the story on television that you wanted to appear true, and unfortunately, the story was Teresa was getting her success by lying to the viewers and you.

I think you had every right in your had to be angry with Teresa, but now Teresa has every right to be angry with you because on that deck, in front of millions of people on camera, you insinuated she wasn’t being honest with the audience and her creditors; and you purposefully asked her about paying back her debt, you told the amount, and you insinuated she was building things at her home when she was suppose to be using the money she was pulling in from this show to pay back her debt. That was meant to sabotage her standings, and I don’t know if Teresa will ever forgive you—it was pretty low.

I also don’t know is you will ever forgive Teresa for not realizing what you were going through either, because that was pretty low for best friends too. What I DO know is you and Caroline coming up with this reason as to why Teresa needs to be publicly humiliated was contrived, and I don’t think Teresa ever planned to hurt you. I think she’s at fault for being completely self absorbed, but I do not think it warranted the set-up which followed.

I think the reaction you are getting now is what happens when you become immersed in something that doesn’t ring true, and I think you and Caroline know this. You are handling it differently though. Caroline is backing away, trying to salvage her reputation by staying quiet, while you are doing both of yours and Caroline’s dirty work by going round and round with the “filler” information which may be very true in some aspects, but just comes across as more of the same web of deceit that got us all here to begin with.

I can’t imagine this all will be left as anything other than two best friends who lost out on a hard to come by, best friendship because of an age old story—jealousy. I am not taking all blame away from Teresa: it is not 100% your fault Jacqueline; however, I will say even in Teresa’s darkest hour, she did not resort to a personal attack which can’t ever be taken back, and I think unfortunately for you, with Caroline’s guidance (no matter how vocal it was or wasn’t behind closed doors) you did resort to unfair play which is what the viewers are left with.

We already know your show’s finale ends with you accusing Teresa of sabotaging Melissa, which appeared to you to be true; however, the facts have since been released that Teresa had nothing to do with it. I’m not sure how you will play out what’s to come, but I do know both of you would be better off is the table started fresh today, and the two of you would sit down and both be 100% honest with each other without cameras.

We’re tired out here, and it seems the lines are formed in the sand. Only you two can bring in the tide to remove them. Not Melissa: her intent has been quite clear from the onset. Whatever Teresa and Melissa may have done to each other prior to Melissa joining, in my opinion, has completely exonerated Teresa because of the things Melissa has done since joining. However, your intent nowhere NEAR compared to Melissa’s, until recently, and I can sympathize with your anger at Teresa, but I do not agree with your reasons. I hope you all find peace, and peace never comes until truth does.

By DG_5, The Daily Beast

There is no show without Teresa because the rest of them are mean and boring.

Caroline is petty, bitter, and very obviously envious of Teresa. She thinks that Teresa is beneath her, so it irritates her to no end that somebody inferior to the great and wise Caroline has managed to successfully brand herself and sell products.

Jacqueline has no mind of her own, and thinks and does whatever Caroline tells her to think and do. She also trashes her daughter Ashley in every episode.

Melissa, the sister in law—oh my God, what a psycho. This woman has managed to insert herself into Teresa’s life—getting on the show, taking her friends, copying her clothes, and attacking her 24/7. She’s creepy and obsessed. She can’t sing or dance either and looks like a fool.

Joey, Teresa’s brotherhe said that Teresa needs to ‘fall’. What kind of creep says something like that? He’s jealous and believes that he and his family have a right to profit from her success. Every week he says the worst things on TV about his own sister. He treats his family like trash.

Kathy—boring woman with a gross husband who exploits her gay sister for a storyline.

I wish Bravo would fire everyone except for Teresa. If it’s true that Teresa is no longer talking to any of them, then that’s a smart move on her part. They are toxic losers who won’t be happy unless Teresa is broke and her husband is in jail. They are that envious.

By jillybeans, Melissa’s Bravo Blog (‘That Was Easy’)


This blog is all sunshine and light, but if one really reads “between the lines”, as you and other Housewives have asked us to, it is clear you are one bitter little lady.

You say SILs should be able to “play with other,” and that is true, but your cookie comment was not playful: it was a jab. You have admitted that you hated Teresa—she did use that term toward you, but you seemed to be proud to pronounce that little tid bit to her.

You constantly retell that cookie story. You went online to crab about it and to show her in a bad light, so making that cookie comment to Teresa on this episode was not friendly banter—it was a slap in the face, and a reminder that her reaction to your oh so generous gift of pregnant-lady sprinkle cookies was the excuse for you targeting her and joining the show to take her down.

Your hatred of her was so intense you that you even exposed your own children and your nieces to it. That is so sad.

One thing I did notice [at Antonia’s birthday party] was that all four of Teresa’s children did run to you, your husband and their cousins for hugs and hellos. However, your children were not so expressive, which is fine, but I do think it’s telling. Your husband was doing everything he could to setup Teresa to be caught talking about Jacqueline as he spotted Jac approaching, while Gia was seen running up to greet her. Then we see Gia embrace Jac and Kathy. It seems Teresa’s children really do have feelings for you, your family, Kathy’s family and Jacqueline (even after the way Jac abused her at Field Day). Obviously her girls might be spirited, but they seem genuinely loving.

Teresa’s 4 children seem to be more affectionate toward their family members. That to me shows that they feel affection for those people. That they seem genuinely loving. At this party, we not only see the children all getting along, but we do see a difference in how Teresa’s children interact with the adults in their family. Melania is right there next to her uncle as he is getting his tattoo; she even calls his daughter over to see. Gia hugs all the adults and is even shown holding Melissa’s baby.

We have also seen Teresa being loving to Melissa’s children. In the beginning of this season, when they were all the beach, who was in the water with the Gorga and Gudice children? Joe Gudice. And let’s not forget Gia’s gymnastics meet last season: Melissa spent the entire time on her phone. Teresa and her husband were loving to Melissa’s daughter.

By carolyngrdwsk, Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog (‘Fearless’)

How could anyone ever trust Jacqueline again? Melissa and Kathy set Jac and Caroline up to do their dirty work—so they wouldn’t have any blood on their hands. The problem is, the viewers saw through all of it. They aren’t good actresses! Jac and Caroline, you can thank Melissa and Kathy for turning you into the biggest villains on reality TV and destroying any chance of capitalizing on any opportunities related to this show. In fact, everyone I know says the same thing: If we have to see these sneaky faces next season, we won’t bother watching — and no one will support any of your business endeavors, that’s for sure [Jac and Caroline allowed jealousy to make it way too easy for them to jump on Melissa’s hate train].

  1. NNJchris
    July 13, 2012 at 1:16 AM

    Don’t forget how hilarious her kids are! I would love a Teresa show 🙂

    • Kim Rowland
      November 15, 2012 at 7:14 PM

      I would not spit on the BITCH if she were on fire.I hate her on this show, so please take her off and give her ,her own show, so she can pimp out her girls best thing of all I won’t watch 🙂

  2. FunnyAstute
    July 13, 2012 at 5:01 AM


  3. Anonymous
    July 13, 2012 at 5:41 AM

    just the name black water makes me gag, i think of dirty water when they say it. plus now that caroline has treated teresa so bad, i won’t even try it. then jacq tells teresa she wants to put distance between her and teresa and her family. that was the biggest crock,i’ve ever seen chris in background,while they were talking, and caroline popping in,people aren’t dumb.as far as mellissa and the rest, they ruined the show,made it lookk like bunch of old gossips. wonder how much they get paid for showing covers of these rag magazines.teresa isa hard worker,doing everything to keep her family together and i give her lots of credit for it, many of us women do it too, so we understand. instead of her friends sticking by her , they just acted like a bunch of bullies,that they are.caroline and jacq yell and make fun of gia, but caroline never said a word, when her sons were peeping in bathhouse windows at mellissa and joe. now that was disgusting

  4. Deborah D
    July 13, 2012 at 7:52 AM

    Couldn’t agree more. I used to like Andy Cohen but he is either very gullible (hard to believe with all of his success) or he is a master puppeteer who is using his favorite puppets (now its MOHO and Mini man) only to HOPEFULLY set them up and expose them for who they really are and who they were before they whored their way on the show. Melissa has quite a shady past and is doing damage control now. The problem with that is that the people from her past are fast on her heels, ready to pounce. Hopefully Andy will bring them on as new characters and they can do to her what the Whorgas and back stabbing Wakilies did to Theresa. The only thing is is that Theresa didn’t have a stripper past and she never stalked the rich greek who used her and then kicked her to the curb. It was either he or Butch who bought her those horrible fake boobs. Her nose job as well? Who knows? She is as fake as both nose and boobs. Please Andy, make me like you again. You fall all over the Whorgas and treat T and Joe like they are poison because you think Joe is a homophobe. Tasteless, yes but not a homophobe. Everyone else can joke but him. That mooch Greg can dish it out but he can’t take it. Why is he even on the show? He is as irrevant as the Lurita/Manzos. No story line except when they are bashing T. It really did turn into the Theresa show and they made that happen. Stupid asses. After last weeks WWHN with Mike T., I swore that I would never watch you. I’m on the fence about next years RH also. Will make my decision after the reunion. You were all for the T set up because it made for good ratings but you sold your soul and are losing viewers by the truckload. Your only redemption is to give MOHO a taste of her own medicine.

    • July 13, 2012 at 9:49 AM

      Viewership Summary:

      Reunion 3, 3.4 million viewership
      Episode 1, 2.9 million viewership (High Tide, Low Blow)
      Episode 2, 2.2 million viewership (Poker Face)
      Episode 3, 2.5 million viewership (Third Eye Blind)
      Episode 4, 2.3 million viewership (Drowning Pool)
      Episode 5, 2.3 million viewership (Spoiled Sports)
      Episode 6, 2.5 million viewership (Uncivil Union)
      Episode 7, 2.3 million viewership (True Love, True Lies)
      Episode 8, 2.7 million viewership (Best Friends for Never)
      Episode 9, 2.9 million viewership (Public Display of Rejection)
      Episode 10, 2.3 million viewership (Temporary Shrinkage)
      Episode 11, 2.5 million viewership (The Sniff Test)
      Episode 12, 2.6 million viewership (The Jersey Side Step Premiere)


      Reunion 3, 3.4 million viewership
      Keep in mind that the episodes from season 4 were filmed and finished before the cast sat down for reunion 3 (filmed on September 28, 2011, aired in October 2011)

      Episode 1, 2.9 million viewership (High Tide, Low Blow)
      Tempers flare between Teresa and her brother, Joe, when their families head down to the Jersey Shore.

      Episode 2, 2.2 million viewership (Poker Face)
      Caroline struggles to help with Lauren’s growing insecurity over her weight, and Melissa cooks up a musical surprise for Joe.

      Episode 3, 2.5 million viewership (Third Eye Blind)
      Melissa’s anger over being called a gold digger finally boils over at a Summer Solstice party.

      Episode 4, 2.3 million viewership (Drowning Pool)
      Kathy hosts a pool party that plays back drop to a blow out between Teresa and her brother, Joe.

      Episode 5, 2.3 million viewership (Spoiled Sports)
      Jacqueline hosts a family field day that has everyone picking sides.

      Episode 6, 2.5 million viewership (Uncivil Union)
      Kathy and Rosie have a heart to heart that reveals hidden feelings and long over-due truths.

      Episode 7, 2.3 million viewership (True Love, True Lies)
      It’s a wedding to remember and a friendship to forget when just hours before her brother’s ceremony Caroline reads what Teresa really thinks of her.

      Episode 8, 2.7 million viewership (Best Friends for Never) – filmed in early August 2011
      As Teresa meets with her bankruptcy attorney to weigh her options, Jacqueline decides it’s time for her friend to come clean.
      (WWHL 1.7 viewers – The Giudices as guests; tied with 1.7 viewers on May 6, 2012 with the Gorgas as guests)

      Episode 9, 2.9 million viewership (Public Display of Rejection)
      Teresa moves further away from Jacqueline and Caroline and closer to family.

      Episode 10, 2.3 million viewership (Temporary Shrinkage)
      Teresa gets a surprise visit from her cousin, Rosie, who is determined to clear her sister’s good name.

      Episode 11, 2.5 million viewership (The Sniff Test) – filmed in mid August 2011
      Albie works up the nerve to introduce his new cheerleader girlfriend to the family.
      (WWHL 1.4 viewers – Mike Tyson and Melissa Gorga with Joe as Guest Bartender)

      Episode 12, 2.6 million viewership (The Jersey Side Step Premiere) – filmed on and around August 20, 2011
      Melissa and Gia perform at Beatstock.
      (WWHL 1.5 – Vanessa Williams and Kathy Wakile)

  5. Anonymous
    July 13, 2012 at 11:26 AM

    Famewhorgas- i really enjoy your blog. I had to stop watching RHONJ because it seriously became dark after the third reunion. I have been keeping up with the blogs and twitter because i feel bad for teresa. She isn’t by far perfect -she has said things that was bothersome but the facts remain that her SIL from the first ep of season three slammed teresa and her family. It is interesting to note that during the christening debacle that Teresa said that Lysa played the fence meanwhile on twitter Lysa is bashing teresa.p.s. I dont know if you noticed but a few days or weeks ago check Penny’s twitter …she was going off the rocket how someone is a liar about some magazine article that was out. I think it was about Melissa (i could be wrong). Also, recently Melissa’s twitter has been on the rampage about how she throws parties for antonia and getting all defensive about Reality Tea’s story about her not throwing her children parties. I just don’t get why she is so defensive. If a tabloid or blog writes some BS story then who cares why do you have to prove them wrong. Also, she retweeted a fan basically implying that Teresa put out the story. This woman has been doing so many book signings and taking care of her family who has time to put out any stories. Did melissa ever think that i dont know someone else put the stories out….someone else that is close to her. i think it’s terrible that these people came on TV to ruin her sister in law/cousin. oh also, i live in NJ and i was flipping through clippers magazine (which is for advertisements as well coupons) was an advertisement for Joey Gorga’s construction company (i dont know if that is anything but i never saw advertisements for him before) . I was also looking at youtube videos and i saw a preview of caroline manzo on Bethanny’s show and she is saying it’s about teresa’s character about why they aren’t friends anymore. It’s so sad because looking at season one they loved teresa. Looking at season three after kathy goes to caroline to explain herself; caroline even says there is history with teresa not kathy. Caroline even says they aren’t buddy buddy (her and teresa) but they are friends. Teresa’s character has been really the same-yes it sort of changed but everyone changes. The beginning of season three she was really calm in her talking heads and really wanted to get closer to her family again.

    • July 13, 2012 at 11:54 AM

      They accuse Teresa of putting out negative stories about them because that’s what they do to her. But Teresa doesn’t put out the stories–when she talks she does it as herself, not in secret as an ‘inside source’ to the tabloids.

      First RealFauxHousewives and then Reality Tea picked up on my story about Melissa not throwing birthday parties for little Joey’s first and second birthdays (https://famewhorgas.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/no-birthday-parties-for-little-joey-gorga-and-the-cock-and-bull-story-that-teresa-guidice-is-a-bad-aunt/). I originally published the story around 6 PM on May 6, just before RHONJ aired (I republished it on July 10 to move it to the front page since I had updated it with new facts on Antonia’s birthday from episode 11).

      In late April I saw Melissa’s tweets/Facebook photos of little Joey with a slice of dessert cake at a formal restaurant, but no party, and I thought it was lame to celebrate a 2-year old’s birthday that way. Then I saw the preview for the episode with the parking lot fight, which showed a TH interview with Teresa where she explained that she forgot Joey’s first birthday because Melissa didn’t throw him a party. I did some research and wrote the article. I waited two weekends after Joey’s birthday to publish the story because I figured if I published it too near Joey’s birthday then Melissa might see the article and throw him a last minute party. When she didn’t throw him a party, I published the story.

      On a side note, for those who think I am paid by Teresa to maintain this blog: I have never communicated with anyone associated with Bravo or the Real Housewives. I’m just a viewer who was curious about what was really going on with the cast since what was being shown at the end of season 3 didn’t make sense. So after the final episode of season 3 and during the two weeks before the reunion aired, I went online looking for an explanation. I found blogs dedicated to the series and started reading. For some reason, I was driven to unravel the mystery. I saved the stuff along the way and then decided to publish it so everyone could see what I had found.

      • Anonymous
        July 13, 2012 at 1:02 PM

        I have heard that people accuse other people of things because that’s what they do. It isn’t a far fetch idea because that what that person does. When Joey Gorga on twitter said to someone defending her / bashing him, i know that it’s you teresa. That’s because Joey has fake accounts and does the same to her. I wasn’t bashing your blog about it being bs because i agree with everything your saying. I was just saying that why is Melissa getting so defensive if she knows the stories aren’t true. Wouldn’t she just ignore them if they weren’t. Sorry if my wording is off. I feel like she defends herself when the blogs or comments hit a little too close to home. There are a million stories out there of her and she only picks the ones that are true. Besides she only showed she threw parties for antonia not little joey. I apprecriate someone is looking out for her lies. Something is defenitly going on.

        • July 13, 2012 at 5:14 PM

          Yeah, I agree with all your points, and I knew you weren’t bashing my blog. I was responding in a general way about them always accusing Teresa of putting out negative stories (even about herself) when they are the ones doing it. I think Melissa gets defensive because people are blogging the truth and she can’t handle it. Like you said: “The blogs or comments hit a little too close to home. There are a million stories out there of her and she only picks the ones that are true.” And you’re right about her not showing parties for all the kids (based on the photos she tweeted): it looks like her focus since 2007 (when Teresa was cast on RHONJ and the last year Antonia had a party before the one thrown for Bravo cameras in 2011) has been to stalk Teresa, Bravo and Danielle in a desperate attempt to be cast. She and Joe are all about themselves and their kids have become accessories.

      • Anonymous
        July 13, 2012 at 1:22 PM

        oh sorry i forgot to mention the thing about Penny and the article. I think i was misunderstood. There was an article that Melissa put out and penny freaked out. The article was about Bravo producers help teresa giudice to sabtoge melissa (the stripper thing). I can’t see the conversation. I dont know if my computer is acting weird but here is Penny’s tweets

        Penny Drossos‏@PDKhair
        Let me understand this.. X bfs lie, Gfs lie, x boss’s lie, everyone lies but her … Shut the fuck up liar!!!

        4 JulPenny Drossos‏@PDKhair
        Or how about the fact when producers contacted her friends to join the show she told them it wasn’t worth going on.. That’s a lie too BS!

        4 JulPenny Drossos‏@PDKhair
        She better shut the fuck up with her blatant lies before I release the tape her GF made of her. FYI: I don’t need to make $ off it, remember

        4 JulPenny Drossos‏@PDKhair
        @JohnnyTheGrk @evamariebitter guess “source” needs money for bills!!
        9:34 PM – 4 Jul 12via Twitter for iPhone · Details

        4 JulPenny Drossos‏@PDKhair
        @faithlovechell @johnnythegrk @evamariebitter bullshit all bullshit

        Here is johnny the greek’s twitter

        John Karagiorgis‏@JohnnyTheGrk
        @whitegirl1__ @teresa_giudice @star_news @melissagorga Talk about leaking bullshit story. Here’s a fact, fakeass’ lawyer sent Angelo letter

        4 JulJohn Karagiorgis‏@JohnnyTheGrk
        Wheres @lisaslying ???

        4 JulJohn Karagiorgis‏@JohnnyTheGrk
        @EvaMarieBitter @pdkhair She’ll go Kung Fu on my ass. Wait till she sees this bullshit article Star posted

        4 JulJohn Karagiorgis‏@JohnnyTheGrk
        @whitegirl1__ @teresa_giudice @star_news claims @melissagorga was sabotaged. There was nothing to sabotage, she did it to herself w/her past

        4 JulJohn Karagiorgis‏@JohnnyTheGrk
        Can you hear me now @star_news. No-one tried to sabotage a 15min famer, autotoned coattailer, or a family & friend backstabbing famewhore!!

        4 JulJohn Karagiorgis‏@JohnnyTheGrk
        Niether @Teresa_Giudice , @Bravotv , or anyone was part of a setup. It was pure coincidence. So @star_news if you want facts we won’t hide!

        4 JulJohn Karagiorgis‏@JohnnyTheGrk
        Bartender, dancer, whatever. You all get on the stage at some point. @star_news claims source? Angelo managed for 13yrs & will not retract!

        4 JulJohn Karagiorgis‏@JohnnyTheGrk
        What a way to piss me off. @star_news suggests my friend Angelo was part of a set-up. Oh let’s guess who leaked that bullshit story.

        4 JulJohn Karagiorgis‏@JohnnyTheGrk
        This was just sent to me & it’s a bunch of bullshit. @Teresa_Giudice never tried to sabotage her nonexistent career pic.twitter.com/tFqP23Rk

        the picture was the article put out by star…i just wanted to share this with you. I didn’t know if you seen it or not. p.s. you dont have to post this reply or whatever.

        • July 13, 2012 at 5:19 PM

          Great stuff. Thank you for sharing. I cleaned up your comment a little bit to make it easier to read, and I’m going to look for a good way to add it to the blog.

    • July 13, 2012 at 6:15 PM

      I wanted to expand on your comment that Lysa is playing the fence. On July 23, 2009 she posted on Teresa’s Facebook page this comment:

      “Lysa Marco-Simpson spent the weekend with teresa and the kids at her shore house! was so much fun with all the starstruck people asking for pictures at the beach. then we went to her house for spaghetti!”
      July 23, 2009 at 6:22am

      Remember, Teresa said at little Joey’s christening that Lysa had confided in her complaints about Melissa, and then Lysa shouted at her: “There’s only one side; don’t get it twisted!” No wonder Teresa screamed to Jacqueline during their fight about how she can’t do anything right: “Hold the baby, don’t hold the baby!!!” What she meant was that first they complained that she didn’t come to the hospital to see the baby, then they complained at the christening that she was holding him and dancing with him. And first Lysa is her buddy-buddy, going to her shore house and facebooking it, and then Lysa hates her guts. The Marco sisters played Teresa big time.

  6. staceychris
    July 13, 2012 at 11:47 AM

    I feel sad for Teresa as she views this season and sees for herself just how vindictive they’ve all been. She said in her blog watching the episodes makes her feel foolish and stupid – I feel so bad for her. I am dreading the reunion but am hoping she is prepared as I suspect they will all be there guns a blazing. What Bravo and Andy have done is deplorable!! I hope Teresa continues to take the high road, as hard as it is, and outshines them all – I love her kookiness and no she’s not perfect but is TV Gold!!

  7. Mum
    July 13, 2012 at 12:03 PM

    Whoever you are, I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for supporting Teresa, no one is that bad and it is so onesided.

    Re: guarding BLK Water, I am a 55 year old black woman, I can assure I am not putting anything in my body called black water, sounds like water from Bangladesh or some dirty pond.

    What got my craw was that Teresa enemies seem to think we’re stupid and can’t see or discern for ourselves what motivates their actions.

    Again, whoever you are thanks for speaking TRUTH.

  8. July 13, 2012 at 12:32 PM

    What got me was in the last episode – how her brother tried to stir the pot, He saw WacoJaco walking up the driveway and started talking about WacoJaco and kept talking and talking as Jaco got closer and closer and never said shhh her comes Jaco. He was trying so hard to get something started. BUT it was an epic fail. I truly hate everyone on the show except Teresa and I would not watch it if she was not on. I hope on the next reunion Andy doesn’t join in with the Teresa gang fest as he did on the last reunion show.

  9. aqua
    July 13, 2012 at 1:16 PM

    I agree with you 100%! Kathy puts on this facade of wanting of wanting peace, when she loves drama. I haven’t watched this season except the first episode- their disgusting behavior does not deserve my ratings-but from what I remember last year Kathy was such an instigator. At the party she told Teresa it was nice to see her,which Teresa sweetly replied to,and that should of been that. But no, the b*tch continued to say “nice to see you” a million times in her condescending tone until Teresa reached her limits,which is exactly what Kathy wanted. Not to mention the comment she made about Teresa’s unattended children,what a b*tch. Kathy is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

  10. aqua
    July 13, 2012 at 1:31 PM

    And another thing-Melissa saying Joe Giudice started the fight. Does she think we are blind? CLEARLY it was Joe Gorga who lunged first towards Joe Giudice for no apparent reason,which started the whole debacle. Not to mention him calling his sister a b*tch and acting like an animal,just because she said congratulations. SMH From day 1 you could see those 2 were trying to start something out of nothing. I hope Teresa plays hardball for season 5.

  11. July 13, 2012 at 4:31 PM

    so i was just reading an email from Melissa on examiner.com and there are some definite contradictions.

    the interviewer asks how her and joe met and she explains that she was in cancun on spring break for her 21st birthday when joe was 25 and how he saw her and said this will be my wife (whatever) she then goes on to say that summer they met at a beach club and thats where it all started.

    she then talks about their first date, which afterwards they both just knew and saw each other every day and were married within a yr, since joe was 28, she was graduating (which she says she doesnt remember when she graduated) and they (really just joe) had money.

    my question is this…so did you guys date for 3 years in between cancun and your first date which we know you have not said all along? or were you busy with the greek and joe’s friends during those 3 years? or is this whole timeline made up like most of your back story mel? thoughts

    • July 13, 2012 at 5:22 PM

      I haven’t had much time today to read that article, but I saw some comments on another blog about it yesterday, and that her timelines don’t add up. Her web of lies is getting very tangled. Thanks for the tip. I’ll be updating ‘Melissa Gorga’s Best Quotes and Lies’ when I get the chance.

      Just finished updating it (added to end of article): https://famewhorgas.wordpress.com/category/lies-told-by-melissa-and-other-quotes/

  12. Anonymous
    July 13, 2012 at 7:34 PM

    wonder if andy will bring up richies remark to rosie and brianne about muffdiving, now teresa’s joe never came near that kind of remark.notice caroline’s radio show didn’t last long, since i live at jersey shore, i wouldn’t think of putting it on too boring

  13. IamNobodysHW
    July 14, 2012 at 1:01 AM

    On bravo’s site there is a picture of CaroLIE’s (name I made for caroline)son taking a bath and the water is black. I wonder if that is where he got the ides for BLK water. LOL

  14. IamNobodysHW
    July 14, 2012 at 1:11 AM

    I absolutely love this site, it is refreshing that others see Melissa,Joe Go, Kathy,CaroLIE, & Jac for being so fake and fame hungry.

  15. Mesocrazy
    July 14, 2012 at 8:19 AM

    I absolutely love this site! I want to meet the person behind it& just hug them ! Kudos!! So happy that pig is getting exposed for who she really is! About time!! I get offended that other cast, Manzo, Laurita, Wakile& Gorga actually think we r that dumb?? We r not on them & their BS? Disgusting human beings they are! They are just so jealous of Teresa& it’s so OBV! Viewers are a lot smarter than them apparently !

    TY for this site!! I randomly stumbled upon it& been back daily since!!

  16. July 14, 2012 at 8:44 PM

    Thanks so much for this blog! I sort of did the same as you (but used the blogs on internet) to get to the back story about Melissa & Kathy joining the show. As an occasional viewer, I was never into “behind the scenes” info, so I couldn’t understand the Gorga/Walkilie/Guidice feud. Once I watched Reunion 3, I started digging, and shortly became a Teresa fan (after seeing all the lies, etc. by her family and castmates). My only questions is: How much of this was pushed by Bravo? Because I sense Andy dislikes Teresa & Joe Guidice immensely. So, I keep wondering if this was Andy’s plot, and is now backfiring.

    My major concern is, if Bravo was behind the gang up, that would keep them from bringing ammo to Teresea(ie. Danielle and others to expose her fam & castmates) for the upcoming reunion. I’m hoping from reading the twitters above, that Penny will expose Meho for the snake she is before then!!!

  17. ThatOtherChick
    July 15, 2012 at 11:20 AM

    I have to say, thank you so much for starting this blog. I’ve been reading it for the past month, and it’s such an eye opener. I was always wary of the Gorgas, and I didn’t like them. Part of me was willing to give Melissa the benefit of the doubt about certain things, but now I know that she’s a truly horrible person.

    By the way, have you heard about the mini “twitter war” Melissa got in with Reality Tea? An insider told RT that Melissa never threw her sons any parties and this past episode was the only big party she threw for Antonia, but she posted pictures on twitter to disprove what was said about her. She made a nasty comment about RT, saying that it use to be her favorite site, but it wasn’t anymore (I think she deleted it, but I saw it on twitter before she did).

    I asked her on twitter about Antonia’s birthday, and she confirmed that it was in August (When the previous episode took place). I asked her about the party thrown for Antonia back in January 2012, she didn’t answer. So if Antonia’s birthday is in August, why did she throw a birthday party for in back in January? (She can’t deny it was just a regular party for Antonia because of the card that said “Happy Birthday 6” in the picture). And if she turned six in August, why did that birthday cake in the picture above show seven candles? Wouldn’t she be seven this August? It doesn’t add up.

    • July 15, 2012 at 3:39 PM

      Hi the other Chick,

      luv your name. apparantly RT, used info from this site & it began the twitter fight between Melissa & RT. I don’t think RT has retracted their statement, but as you say Melissa provided the pictures of Antonia’s birthday parties. From another blogger, she suggested the extra candle may have been done for Good Luck. The blogger’s family practiced the same extra candle do-hickey. (Can’t think of the proper word) Hope this helps with your questions.


      • ThatOtherChick
        July 15, 2012 at 8:13 PM

        Thanks for replying. I think RT has; I remember the article on RT said that while the source said that the “insider” didn’t throw any birthday parties for her boys, Mel retracted that statement by uploading the pictures on twitter. I’m not blaming RT for the false information on this one because they were given false information.

        While the extra candle clears some things up (Although I still would love to hear Mel’s opinion on why there’s an extra candle on the cake), the fake birthday party is still puzzles me. It’s not like they threw the party because they never had the time to threw it in August, we SAW the 6th birthday party thrown for her on tv. So why make a fake birthday party…

    • July 15, 2012 at 11:38 PM

      Yes, I read the Reality Tea article. I added Melissa’s photos that she tweeted in an attempt to prove she throws parties for her kids to my article here:


      But those photos only confirm that she hasn’t thrown parties for her kids (until the one for the cameras for Antonia’s 6th birthday) since her quest to be cast by Bravo, which began in 2007, the year Teresa was recruited and selected to be part of the original cast.

  18. Rachel H.
    July 16, 2012 at 11:47 AM

    Hi, this is my first time commenting, but I come to this site almost daily – yes; I’m a certified RHoNJ JUNKIE! I know my view isn’t going to be popular, but YES, I DO see how destructive Melissa and Co. is. But, why isn’t anyone stopping to think why Teresa is so easily manipulated? The woman is a NARCISSIST, plain as day, and anyone who has lived with one sees that clearly. She thinks things are fine because to her, they are. She doesn’t share private information and gets angry about it coming out because in her mind, a negative reputation would crush her.

    I LOVE this site, and Melissa is ABSOLUTELY a “fame whorga” LOL, but narcissist? Hell no, I just don’t see it, and I really have looked. There is a difference between Narcissists and Sociopaths, and she is a Sociopath. Please look it up and amend your accusations!!!! Sociopaths climb to the top just for the title, and step on everyone who gets in their way because it doesn’t matter to them – they have no empathy. That’s MeGo to a T, ladies!!! After a long time, I’ve decided that yes, Melissa is destructive and it’s painfully contrite to watch those fake scenes with her husband. The thing about it that gets to me the most is how she rejects ALL of his advances – it’s quite clear she married him for his status. I guess after being Jersey Shore hood rat trash, anything is going up from there, but Teresa is just as ill as Melissa. It’s sad to watch.

    That being said, please update more often!! I really enjoy you scraping away at the veil of B.S. You saved me from being a Melissa die-hard. (To be fair to me though, I was suspicious and getting ready to jump from her train!) I’ve decided that both of these poor women are extremely ill, and I’m going with the current flow that they really need to change the cast up. I do see Caroline is extremely bitter, and will someone please tell me why Jacqueline’s nickname is “Drunkuline” LOL? I don’t see her drinking that much … but LOVE LOVE LOVE the site LOL!

    – Rachel H.

  19. Rachel H.
    July 16, 2012 at 11:49 AM

    Also, my family does the extra candle for good luck … I was kind of surprised it was a question; I thought it was a fairly well-known tradition. No smoke or fire there girls.

  20. Anonymous
    July 16, 2012 at 2:45 PM

    i didnt get to watch last nights ep. I have seen two clips of melissa and gia doing their thing but all i know is melissa made some backhanded comments on twitter during the show…..

    Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
    My sisters are amazing.. True family.. @LysaSimpson & @kimpirrella they always support me. They were proud. Cried watching.

    15h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
    Joes such a great uncle.. He always supports her… Love it.. True family.

    15h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
    I’m excited for Gia!! I know she’ll rock it!

    15h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
    Those little girls hug and Kiss me when they are around just me.. I always tell them I love them.

    15h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
    It’s sad because Gia or Miliania have never seen me perform.. Wonder where they get this from :.(

    15h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
    10 year old goes in a limo.. My hubby drives me.. Lol..

    15h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
    Just so everyone & especially T knows bc she is so concerned.. I sing to a track when I do a lot of choreography..

    15h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
    I don’t talk about who writes her cookbooks..

    15h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
    How about Mind your business….

    15h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
    That’s not true. I didn’t.

    16h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
    Successful marriage!!!

    16h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
    I put red on for my man!!!

    16h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
    Aunt Melissa!!

    16h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
    Not perfect…

    as she is saying mind your business she judging that i guess Gia took a limo to beatstock and her husband drove her…i dont really get whats so funny. I guess you can attach an lol after anything and it will pass as a joke…i guess richie should of just put an lol after “let’s burn the witch at the stake LOL” and the kids did watch melissa perform just on the show (unless they were late? no because T was there). wasnt most of her performances at clubs and not really kid friendly? whatever it seems like she doesn’t get that many gigs. If she really wanted a music career she would be in clubs or whereever they will take her to perform. I understand she has kids to take care of..oh wait she has a nanny…oh no sorry she has an au pair..oh no she takes care of them by herself…now that it’s the summer there is no excuse that she is not out there performing on stage anywhere. Oh wait she only has four songs that are out so it would be a very short performance. Did anyone else notice that she said that joe always supports her…what about melissa, she is your niece. I love how teresa doesnt say anything negative on twitter, she doesnt let anything that is said about her poison her!

    Im a music major and ill admit her songs are catchy.. but i dont respect her as an artist…she is trying to be more of an entertainer. There is a huge difference between musician and entertainer. Just like britney spears she lip syncs to her songs and dances (most “pop artist do that). The kid anthony who wrote her songs is a musician. He was the one that created the melodies and created the chord progressions to go with them. All she did was text lyric ideas she wanted to do. He even arranged the sentences together to create a song. All she does is sing in the studio and which her vocals have either tons of effects/autotune/reverb with a dance beat. p.s. i dont know about you guys but i feel her tone of voice even with autotune is flat…or just monotone with no feeling.

    so if anyone else can fill in to her hypocrisy with her tweets please enlighten me…i didnt want her to delete them so that is why i am posting them here

    • July 16, 2012 at 3:29 PM

      Thanks for posting Melissa’s tweets and giving us your excellent analysis (for some reason WordPress put your post in the spam folder but I recovered it for publishing). I agree with everything you said.

    • Anonymous
      July 16, 2012 at 3:54 PM

      “Jacqueline Laurita‏@JacLaurita

      But she SINGS with it! On tv just track.@MamaCujo @JacLaurita @melissagorga said she uses a track. Maybe u 2 should get ur stories straight. ”

      “16hJacqueline Laurita‏@JacLaurita

      I heard Melissa DID sing there but on the show they added the track for sound. She looked & sounded great!”

      Yeah Jac it’s called lip synching she is singing with it but we cant hear her real voice….lmao Didn’t Jac learn by now to stop talking so much on twitter….she’s actually blaming her emotional outbursts on low testosterone.

      “Jacqueline Laurita‏@JacLaurita

      Vanessa’s right!I shed a LOT of tears this season.Besides everything that went on,I found out I had extremely low testosterone.Now good!”

      ^^ i dont think she is good otherwise she would of ignored the comments about melissa. I bet Teresa gets tons of comments that are negative towards her but she doesnt engage with them or even answer their questions. She already said it in her blogs, she doesnt have time to care and she knows shes rights…whats to defend?!

      Honestly i feel like Melissa’s family and Melissa is buying her own songs to make her populaity go up. On itunes you can send the song as gifts so why not buy a song for everyone on your email address book. You can tell she has only a few fans because she retweets all the postive tweets about her music which is not that many…Teresa’s whole twitter is of fans tweets of her cookbook signings…and pictures of what people are cooking from her cookbooks and her fabelli wine!

    • Pita0013 (aka:debi w.)
      July 16, 2012 at 5:42 PM

      Totally see the hypocrisy and thanks for posting…..I’m twitter challenged so I don’t go on much. I agree with all of your music comments and respect the fact that you are in the biz—which i think gives you a better perspective than my own comments of her music.

      My take, is pretty much the same as yours on M. She totally lacks the passion she needs to make the songs entertaining. They are catchy, but the autotunes make the songs unappealing, IMO (I’m a an old lady – I’m used to good ol rock ‘n roll). Off the subject, I heard a Sheryl Crow song on autotunes and it it sucked (my opinion) and I love SC.

      JMO, Thx for the comments.

      • Pita0013 (aka:debi w.)
        July 16, 2012 at 5:46 PM

        above comments meant for Anonymous above, Re: Melissa’s songs.

    • Rachel H.
      July 17, 2012 at 9:19 AM

      Thank you for calling attention to the difference between musicians and entertainers!!! SOOO true! I HATE it when people say, “Oh, my fave musician is Fergie, or Brittney, or Nikki Manage.” Umm, no – hello, musicians play instruments. My dad is in the music industry and he pounded that into our heads, along with a few other choice lessons!

    • dsc60
      July 18, 2012 at 8:02 PM

      These would be my replies – if I tweeted that is:

      Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
      My sisters are amazing.. True family.. @LysaSimpson & @kimpirrella they always support me. They were proud. Cried watching.

      -I cried too. It was sad.

      15h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
      Joes such a great uncle.. He always supports her… Love it.. True family.

      -Really? When was the last time Joe saw Gia?

      15h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
      I’m excited for Gia!! I know she’ll rock it!

      -She DID rock it. Bet she could sing at the same time too!

      15h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
      Those little girls hug and Kiss me when they are around just me.. I always tell them I love them.

      -Guess they DON’T hear their parents talking about you like you claim. Funny your kids aren’t as loving though. Maybe they DO hear their parent talk? Reflection I think they call it.

      15h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
      It’s sad because Gia or Miliania have never seen me perform.. Wonder where they get this from :.(

      -How long did it take you to get to a book signing again? And you were late too as I recall.

      15h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
      10 year old goes in a limo.. My hubby drives me.. Lol..

      -Take your own advice and mind your own business.

      15h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
      Just so everyone & especially T knows bc she is so concerned.. I sing to a track when I do a lot of choreography..

      -THAT was a lot of choreography? I’d call it posing.

      15h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
      I don’t talk about who writes her cookbooks..

      -She admits she has a co-author. What’s your point? Even James Patterson uses co-writers. Are you going to claim they aren’t her family’s recipes now?

      15h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
      How about Mind your business….

      -How about you stay off my television. You ruined a show I LOVED.

      15h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
      That’s not true. I didn’t.

      -True. Not True. You did. You didn’t. Just another day in the life of Melissa Gorga.

      16h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
      Successful marriage!!!

      -You know the saying that most people that REALLY have money don’t need to talk about it? I think they same thing applies here.

      16h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
      I put red on for my man!!!

      -That was some crotch shot. Didn’t look like much. Could mean one of two things. Neither are good.

      16h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
      Aunt Melissa!!

      -Uncle Buck!

      16h Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga
      Not perfect…

      -NOW you’re talking!

  21. Maggs
    July 16, 2012 at 7:02 PM

    great update! I am alittle confused about the tweet about BLK water being in all major grocery store chains, doesn’t that mean it is a success if they were able to get it out like that? I’m not a fan of the Manzo/Laurita’s either at all. Also all the toe sucking last night was just disgusting, I mean we don’t need to see that crap on the TV, wth!

  22. Maggs
    July 16, 2012 at 7:04 PM

    Also, I don’t get the tweets by Melissa’s sister about Rockstar being #21 on the Itune chart? I would think she wouldn’t even make the top 100 list, is this list like billboards top ten? I find it hard to believe she would be that high.

    • Anonymous
      July 16, 2012 at 8:58 PM

      shes is number 21 on the dance charts…you have to search for it its not like it’s on the main page

    • July 16, 2012 at 10:01 PM

      LifeIsGood said at AllAboutTRH:

      You have to really look to find it:

      Dance > Club Mix > Ex-Strippers > Psycho-bitch > Over 30

      FYI, #24 is a recording of someone stepping on a cat’s tail.

  23. July 16, 2012 at 8:15 PM

    ? what is the purpose of greg? why is greg on the show? i know greg is work out buddies with the producer of rhonj but still – how does that translate to being roommates and being on every epsidoe of rhonj?

    great blog = very accurate.

    did u see the flyer n online advertisement for beatstock? TRE is listed as a guest appearance above melisa name… http://www.zimbio.com/Melissa+Gorga/articles/D_k0E5DpPNQ/Real+Housewives+New+Jersey+Melissa+Gorga+Beatstock

    I BET THAT JUST BURNS @melissagorga that @Teresa_Giudice got top billing 4 introducing an act at beatstock

    I also think that melisa performed after the concert ended. and the 10k concert people left. what we saw was a few hundred people hanging out to film n be on rhonj IN MY OPINION. and all those closeups of melisa family crying at her performance – weird. – IMO. i have a sister we talk every day. we r very close in age and in relationships and when i went to her opening of her being in prince purple rain movie – i did not cry – we all screamed in excitement. happy faces. joy. screams of joy. who cry’s at a concert? note the advisement has melisa as a special guest under the names of Teresa and way under the names of the girls from the tv show jerseylicious. how sad and pathetic is that? more evidence that melisa was never to perform as an act – melisa was build as a guest appearance. see the evidence = link enclosed. Teresa got a limo and melisa had to drive herself…..

    i am watching live feeds cbs Big Brother n they are talking RHONJ. Mocking ‘On Display’ Said only thing on display was Mel’s lip syncing.

    thank you for letting me share my opinion = great blog

    • July 16, 2012 at 9:56 PM

      You have a good theory about Beatstock. I did see the poster and noticed that Teresa’s name was above Melissa’s. It makes sense that she was scheduled to introduce an act but performed onstage instead, and maybe performed only for a few hundred people (just for the Bravo cameras) after the show ended.

      Melissa made a petty comment on Twitter about Gia coming in a limo, and someone made an astute comment about it:

      “She just can’t understand how some parents actually do things for the kids and what would actually make the kids happy and feel special. Everything she does is for herself and what makes her happy. I’m sure she is also pissed because she has not one origanal thought and didn’t come up with the limo idea and feels Gia stole her thunder again!”

      I’m glad you like my blog, and please keep sharing your opinion.

      BTW, I saw your comment on LNC with this link:

      Melissa Gorga not even listed in the beatstock 2011 line up

  24. July 16, 2012 at 8:19 PM

    r u on twitter? send me a link so i can follow u

    • July 16, 2012 at 9:45 PM

      I’m not on Twitter Chris.

      • I live in the neighborhood
        July 17, 2012 at 7:38 AM

        Get on so you can get blocked like the rest of us

  25. Maggs
    July 17, 2012 at 2:05 PM

    Totally agree with this comment:

    Happy day says:
    July 17, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    For Melissa=image is everything. Respect for her family=nothing. Let’s all petition for Melissa to sing live at the Reunion. Danielle, LeAnne the Countess, Kim and Kandi who all used the show to promote their singing all had to sing live on WWHL. Why the double standard and protecting Melissa there Mr. Andy. If Melissa is a talented singer, prove it. I will give her all the credit in the world if she gets up and sings well live and on pitch. Until she sings live, she is no singer period and is a fraud!!!!! Even Danielle’s ten year old daughter had to sing live on camera when she performed!!!

  26. ratfarts
    July 17, 2012 at 3:59 PM

    Does anyone remember Pepsi Clear? Remember how long that lasted? Pepsi wanted to make the product seem “pure” but it did not work. Blk was SUCH a bad idea for similar yet opposite reasons. Most specialty water is marketed heavily toward health/fitness centered consumers. Most of the people in this category are not interested in an inherently unhealthy/unpure looking product (this stuff is black!), since they see their bodies as a temple. Of course, the water has a trendy look, and the health and fitness crowd likes a trendy look as much as the next, but not when the product looks like it could compromise their bodies. Sadly, at this point, the whole shtick is that the water is black, so it would be difficult to change direction now. The brand is all tied up in the color of the water, but that is also the main reason it will fail. The ones who won’t be put off by the color are the same ones who aren’t put off by drinking soda regularly, and this probably is not the ideal target when marketing specialty water.

  27. Maggs
    July 17, 2012 at 5:09 PM

    that RoxyPoxyGirl is tweeting again:

    roxypoxygirl ‏@roxypoxygirl

    @phcalef funny you should say that because i can say that teresa may be on the cover but in a good way.
    Retweeted by Real_HW_fan

    2h roxypoxygirl roxypoxygirl ‏@roxypoxygirl

    @JacLaurita Shit is about to hit the fan and justice is sweet! Good one on sending people to threaten me.
    Retweeted by Real_HW_fan

    2h roxypoxygirl roxypoxygirl ‏@roxypoxygirl

    @CarolineManzo Shit is about to hit the fan
    Retweeted by Real_HW_fan

    2h roxypoxygirl roxypoxygirl ‏@roxypoxygirl

    @Kellibel70 thanks kellibel I believe that those who have been attacked on their bravo show will be shocked and vindicated
    Retweeted by Real_HW_fan

    2h roxypoxygirl roxypoxygirl ‏@roxypoxygirl

    @Kellibel70 There are threats that are out there but I have secured recourse for myself against that now which is why I can be here now.
    Retweeted by Real_HW_fan

    2h roxypoxygirl roxypoxygirl ‏@roxypoxygirl

    @csajbi28 Well I don’t wish my infidelity to hurt anyone however these are not good people. They are hateful and vindictive.
    Retweeted by Real_HW_fan

    2h roxypoxygirl roxypoxygirl ‏@roxypoxygirl

    @angelawagner31 Once the article is out all of the social media will have it the very minute its given to the public.
    Retweeted by Real_HW_fan

    2h roxypoxygirl roxypoxygirl ‏@roxypoxygirl

    @angelawagner31 I can’t reveal the magazine , when, what, or who. The only info I can give is that the interview has been done.
    Retweeted by Real_HW_fan

    2h roxypoxygirl roxypoxygirl ‏@roxypoxygirl

    I checked out for awhile due to some serious threats and harrassment. All I can say now is i did the interview and can give no details
    Retweeted by Real_HW_fan

    2h roxypoxygirl roxypoxygirl ‏@roxypoxygirl

    Yes I did the interview the magazine will decide when it will go out and it is going to be huge.
    Retweeted by Real_HW_fan

    2h roxypoxygirl roxypoxygirl ‏@roxypoxygirl

    @Teresa_Giudice I have first hand knowledge of what they have been doing to you behind the scenes for two years vindication is coming.
    Retweeted by Real_HW_fan

    2h roxypoxygirl roxypoxygirl ‏@roxypoxygirl

    @Teresa_Giudice Stay away from the manzos/ lauritas they want to see you and your husband along with your kids fall…. ruthless people.
    Retweeted by Real_HW_fan

    2h roxypoxygirl roxypoxygirl ‏@roxypoxygirl

    @Teresa_Giudice You are about to be vindicated. Good luck to you and your family. Even though we never met I see what your dealing with.
    Retweeted by Real_HW_fan

  28. Maggs
    July 17, 2012 at 7:14 PM

    roxypoxygirl ‏@roxypoxygirl

    I am not interested in arguing or battling with anyone in twitter wars. Trying to keep it nice.

    27m roxypoxygirl roxypoxygirl ‏@roxypoxygirl

    To everyone thank u for your kind words. To those of you like chris stark I will block not to be mean but to keep it civil on here.

    chris stark ‏@stark3923

    @roxypoxygirl lets see who has eggs on their face – u said the interview is done n in the can n we all know mags dont sit on hot stories.

    2m chris stark chris stark ‏@stark3923

    @roxypoxygirl i am a former internet researcher from cbs big brother. u live in california n for a long time stated a intouch cover story=bs

    21m Maggie Casiano Maggie Casiano ‏@Maggs1221

    @stark3923 Really? So no magazine interview coming out? I was wondering if it was true or not.

    4m chris stark chris stark ‏@stark3923

    @Maggs1221 in my opinion she is a fake from California. i did my own research n read every tweet. wak job IMO. @roxypoxygirl

    4:09 PM – 17 Jul 12 via web · Details

  29. Maggs
    July 17, 2012 at 7:18 PM

    Maggie Casiano ‏@Maggs1221

    @stark3923 well I guess it made for good reading, lol! I had read about her in several different housewife blogs too….
    View conversation


    2m chris stark chris stark ‏@stark3923

    @Maggs1221 faker IMO she has claimed for over 30 days = that it was coming out n tweeter harassed the crap out of Theresa. –
    View conversation


    I guess time will tell if this RoxyPoxyGirl is telling the truth or what huh?

    • I live in the neighborhood
      July 17, 2012 at 8:12 PM

      She is back. I hope if this is true it happens before they film the reunion

  30. Meho Whorga
    July 18, 2012 at 2:07 AM

    Another great blog Fame Whorga 🙂 Keep up the great work. I hope that one day soon i’ll open your site and see that the fucking whore Mel has been exposed and humiliated.

    As for this Roxypoxy i think its still a big bullshit ploy. Surely Wacko Jac would have threatened legal action by now. I dont know I just smell a big rat

  31. Mum
    July 18, 2012 at 11:49 AM

    I wonder where the stuff is bottled? That is what we need to know!!

  32. dsc60
    July 18, 2012 at 10:12 PM

    Is there a reason why my post isn’t posting? I’ve tried several times and it’s not appearing yet my other posts, such as this one, are.

    • July 18, 2012 at 10:32 PM

      I just checked the spam folder and they were in there. I don’t know why wordpress put them there (maybe length?), but I recovered them and there are now where they should be.

      BTW, great comebacks to Melissa’s tweets!

  33. aqua
    July 20, 2012 at 12:22 PM

    It is very clear that those witches are jealous of Teresa’s success. Now kathy wants to write a book? i thought the recipes were in her head? and good one on calling jacqueline out on her hypocrisy too! andy said the reason he fired those rhony wives was because of the fans tweets,blog posts,etc about hating them. WHEN will he listen to the fans of rhonj? he doesnt have to look far. right on bravos websites, the comments on jac,melissas,kathys,and carolines blogs are nearly 100% negative while teresa gets mostly positive posts of support.

    .btw does anyone have the full story on melissa lying(surprise!) about being ralph macchio’s cousin? ive seen a tweet here and there that she lied about being related to him and he denied it on wwhl. hopefully this will be the beginning of her house of cards falling,and mainstream media will finally catch on to how much of a liar she is.

  34. NonnaB
    July 20, 2012 at 3:29 PM

    They couldn’t have invested everything into BLK – Albie just bought a brand new car. He claims he isn’t get paid but had money to buy a new car. They really think we’re all suckers. Keep on buying BLK to support their buying binges.

  35. July 20, 2012 at 10:52 PM

    who in their right mind would want to drink black water, is it any wonder it is failing? They get what they deserve for being such jealous imsecure backstabbing bitches, all of them

  36. July 20, 2012 at 10:53 PM

    anyone read Melissa’s newest blog? Just another week of her pointing out how great she is. lol

  37. Llinda
    July 21, 2012 at 10:16 AM

    I wonder is shady, embezzler, dumbazz, fake hoe bags Chris and Jack used their STOLEN bleed out money to invest in blk?? If so, the IRS takes their portion of blk profits too??
    Bawhahahaha LOSERS!! Jack loose some wdight and hit the pole cause you suck at promoting your lies! Chris, grow a brain already!

  38. Stefanie
    July 21, 2012 at 3:32 PM

    Here are a couple of things that I found on BLK. One was an article done by SELF. Here is the link: http://www.self.com/health/blogs/healthyself/2011/09/black-water-dont-believe-the-h.html This article was done on September 27, 2011. I don’t know if this would be relevant but it’s a review for BLK done by the Miami NewTimes. Here is the link: http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/shortorder/2012/03/blk_water_looks_dirty_tastes_l.php It was written March 2, 2012.

    I hope they can be helpful.

  39. Just ME
    July 22, 2012 at 9:12 AM

    CHECK OUT Melissa, Joe, Kathi and Ritchie trashed and dropped the f*g bomb…..You MUST watch the entire clip…. DISGUSTING..

  40. Anonymous
    July 23, 2012 at 2:09 PM

    okay so here is an article from us magazine (may 2012)from “source” saying that teresa will get her own spinoff show and a book deal “my life without joe”. after last nights ep (its july) that source was def. caroline manzo. Besides that her daughter was on us magazine.

    heres the clip from stoopidhousewives.com


    coincidence i dont think so…

  41. IamNobodysHW
    August 4, 2012 at 11:03 PM

    BLK water is doing badly and selling 3 for $1.00. I mistakenly posted this on the wrong story, sorry

  42. August 9, 2012 at 7:58 PM

    The Laurita’s corporate bankruptcy filing was in 2009, around the same time the Giudices filed for bankruptcy. But the Laurita’s bankruptcy was not discussed on camera like the Giudices (Melissa fed the lie to Danielle about the Giudice’s home being in foreclosure, which Danielle mentioned on camera at the season 2 PSF, which started the big fight and the negative press about the Giudice’s financial situation).

    Suddenly, almost two years later in August 2011, Chris Laurita is himself bringing up on camera (unprovoked) his corporate bankruptcy, and also giving the viewers a sob story about how he’s invested everything in BLK, practically pleading with the viewers to buy BLK so they won’t lose everything they have. At the same time, Chris is telling the viewers that the Giudices aren’t good people, and his wife is accusing Teresa of faking being broke (pointing out all the things she is spending money on). In her blogs, Jacqueline comes right out and says that Teresa is using pity to get the fans to buy her products.

    So this theory of the Lauritas getting revenge on the Giudices for not investing in and helping promote BLK makes sense when you factor in the above. Since the Giudices wouldn’t loan their star power to help the Lauritas sell BLK, they decided to use what they believed was Teresa’s key to success in selling products: garnering pity from the viewers.

    To top it off, the Lauritas, angry that Teresa wouldn’t loan them her star power to sell BLK, made it their mission to assassinate her character. And, after three years of intense jealousy over Teresa being a star and not them, her cousin, SIL and brother, without hesitation, jumped on board the hate train.

    “Once Teresa got this show and became even more visual, I think Joe and Melissa were fit to be tied in jealousy and revenge. Those two think they should be famous and adored, and there was Teresa starring on a reality show. Joe even said ‘Teresa needs to fall.’ Fall? He pushed her!” [FanViewerNJ, August 8, 2012, Teresa’s Bravo Blog]

    See also: They Are All Jealous of Teresa Giudice’s Business Success; The Real Feud is the One That Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita Have With Dina Manzo; Tom Murro and Kim G. are Friends to the Manzo/Laurita Camp

  43. Lysa Marco-Simpson
    September 3, 2012 at 11:15 PM

    My local Dollar General has Blk. for $1.00.

  44. Bj
    September 27, 2012 at 9:14 PM

    I feel bad for teresa Even when u show ppl the facts the damage has been done they did a really good job on there mission to destroy her character I hope they get rid of everyone but tre also

  45. Bj
    September 27, 2012 at 9:24 PM

    I wanted to ask if you think the lauritas will go to jail and is it true penny and her husband have alot of dirt on Melissa and what does blk water taste like

    • September 27, 2012 at 9:36 PM

      I haven’t followed the Laurita case, so I really don’t know what to think.

      I really do believe that Penny and Johnny, her husband, have dirt on Melissa. Some of that here:



      LOL about the blk question… it is supposed to be in Wegman’s, but I couldn’t find it there when I looked a few months ago. So I don’t know how it tastes. But here’s a funny comment I copied from one of Bravo’s blogs:

      pjbeaudry said on September 20, 2012 on Garden Statement Bravo Blog:

      Did anyone notice the Manzo boys making subtle digs at Teresa’s Fabellini drink (at the breakfast table)?? Maybe Teresa and her girls should go outside with a bottle of water, put dirt in it, and crack jokes about black water!!!

      • Anonymous
        September 28, 2012 at 12:26 AM

        Thank u for your reply… I enjoy this site very much.. Its the best…

  46. October 13, 2012 at 10:16 PM

    Not a penny from me and my family and friends on manzo, laurita, wakile, gorga products.
    The same goes for Kardashians, hilton, lohan.
    Banned from my household and my circle of family and friends.

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