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Teresa Giudice Explains the Gorga’s Bravo Audition Tape and How They Joined the Show (Plus Radio Interview)

June 9, 2012

audition 9

Possibly the most hypocritical words ever spoken on Reality TV were spoken by Melissa Gorga during season 4 episode 7 when she talked about the August 1, 2011, issue of In Touch magazine, which featured Teresa Giudice on the cover (I’m Terrified of Being Poor): “I get it—you need to make money, [so] make your money—but at the same time, you need to be loyal to your family. Maybe she can go see a therapist about that. I’m sorry, that’s how I feel.”

Three episodes later, Teresa’s brother Joe showed the same hypocrisy when he said: “I think it’s extremely hard for Teresa to be a good friend, a loyal friend. She can’t even be loyal to her family. How can she be loyal to a friend. That’s why I’m going to therapy: to make her understand what she does wrong.”

How many of you would be ok with your family member opening a competing business in the middle of the night without your knowledge, all the while trying to steal your customers, then waging a campaign to discredit your livelihood. That’s not jealousy…it’s called betrayal!!!

– Dubbalicious, March 25, 2012, Reality Tea

97.9 WRMF Radio Interview With Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

97.9 WRMF
June 7, 2012

Teresa Giudice took the time to speak to us about her family feud with Joe and Melissa Gorga and where they stand today, what really happened surrounding all the rumors about drama on the set of The View, The Real Housewives Of New Jersey, if she’ll have her own television show, her new cook book “Fabulicious! Fast & Fit” and more!

Editor’s Note: In the radio interview, Teresa does an excellent job answering questions, much better than her appearance on ‘The View’ and in her other TV interviews. She also wrote a blog on her website (below) explaining much more, including how Joe and Melissa Gorga joined the show.

The Truth Always Comes Out

By Teresa Giudice
June 9, 2012

I flew to Miami yesterday for my book signing so I didn’t get to watch “The View” (we filmed it on Tuesday). And since I left right after my segment because I had a book signing on Staten Island that evening, I didn’t know what Melissa and Kathy said during their segment. Now in my hotel, I just watched the whole thing online, and… wow… so many things going through my mind…

It’s hard to get your thoughts straight when you’re being interviewed for TV — especially when you’re trying to talk to 5 women at once like on The View and there are no “retakes.” If you’ve ever done a live or even taped television segment, you know how much is going on and how overwhelming it can be, but I think I’m getting better! But I’m always much better at writing what I think because you’re not on the spot, you can take your time, and there’s the wonderful delete button! So here goes…

You all know I’m not big on bashing my co-stars, family, or really anyone on Twitter or Facebook and I try my hardest not to in my blogs either. I just don’t live my life that way. I never have. I didn’t run around town with Danielle’s book. I don’t meet with people’s ex-husbands to dig up dirt on them. I don’t hire private investigators to look up people’s true identity on Twitter… I’m way too busy living my life, raising my beautiful daughters, working, and raising money for Neph Cure.

I only heard today that Melissa called me a liar or a fibber or whatever, when the press started calling me for my response. I’m not going to play he-said-she-said in the papers, but I do have to set the record straight so I wanted to just tell you all directly. I’ve been telling the same story–the truth–since it happened. Suddenly Melissa has a new answer for it, fresh from her new PR people: it’s a lie and it’s my “crutch.” Are you kidding me?

Here’s the absolute truth: I had no idea Melissa or Kathy were joining RHONJ until the day a Bravo producer called me and told me. And I was shocked almost out of my mind because I literally had no idea… not even the tiniest hint. The two of them can split hairs all they want and dance around the exact when/how/why, but the fact is you don’t get cast on the show overnight. It takes interviews, phone calls, meetings, contract negotiations, etc. However much they did for however long I don’t know because it was all behind my back.

After Dina and Danielle left in Season 2, there were two open spots on the show. None of us knew who they would pick. The producers interviewed tons of people in NJ. Every time one of my friends or even acquaintances got a call from producers for an interview, they called me immediately to tell me. That only makes sense, right? I was happy for anyone else to get the opportunity to be on the show and hoped a bunch of my friends would get picked. For whatever reason, they weren’t. Why would anyone who knew me interview for a show I had been on for two years and keep it a secret from me???

I got my contract from Bravo for Season 3 and just a few weeks before we were scheduled to start filming, I got a call from one of the producers saying: “By the way, the new Housewives are your sister-in-law and cousin Kathy.” Total shock. Never in a million years was that even a possibility to me because I’d never heard anything about it from them. In fact, when I was filming, Kathy would put the show down and say she could “never” be on TV like that. I would have to defend myself and say, “Well, I chose it and I’m having fun with it.”

I called Melissa and Kathy to ask if it was true. They did not call me. They confirmed that yes they’d “interviewed” but said “nothing was set in stone yet.” They said they were still thinking about the offer and going to make family decisions about it. Um, what? *Family* decisions?!?

Melissa’s very good at giving you carefully selective answers. “I interviewed on a Friday and told Teresa about it that Sunday” is technically true, but far from the complete story. She could have interviewed that Friday, but was it her very first interview, the first time she’d ever had a hint of being on the show? Did she wait only 2 days between first getting in contact with Bravo and telling me? No and no.

Now add Kathy, my blood relative’s spin on it. She told the ladies on The View they couldn’t tell me about being on the show because they had signed confidentiality agreements. Which is it? You told me right away or you couldn’t tell me? Now Kathy changes her story again and says there was “nothing to tell.” What??? This is my life and my livelihood. It’s not like you just started shopping at the same grocery store. Why keep it a secret if you weren’t up to something not good?

Why is this important at all? Because the shock and betrayal I felt by my family joining the show behind my back (during an already hard time in my life) is why I was so obviously miserable during Season 3, and continued to affect my relationships with them into Season 4 (which you all know we filmed back-to-back).

I have fully admitted I’m not proud of everything I did and said in Season 3, but I was in a bad place and feeling very betrayed. And I’ve taken responsibility for it and apologized over and over to each and every person for anything I might have done or even things they thought I might have done just to make peace.

However, what’s never been cleared up, apologized for, or even honestly addressed is how and why Melissa and Kathy joined the show behind my back. I had doubts and fears about their intentions for joining the show (because they hid it from me), which I think were answered by Kathy and Melissa’s own actions on the show and in their own blogs. Melissa’s very first blog says it all: I can’t even count the lies. You all know I included my brother and Melissa in everything in my life from all my televised parties like my Housewarming party all the way to Audriana’s private first birthday party the month before we started filming the new season they had just joined without me knowing. Audriana’s party was September 2010; Joey’s infamous christening was October 2010, yet Melissa claims we “weren’t speaking for months.” Interesting math.

I wasn’t excited going into filming with them because of how they joined the show. I worked through it slowly, and you see me now in Season 4 doing better with them (or you will very soon!). But that was filmed before I ever saw Season 3. Before I saw what the two of them actually said about me on the show. Still, I tried to work through it.

audition 10

I even worked through it when I started to find out more about how Melissa especially got on the show. She innocently claims Bravo just called her up and wanted her. But I heard from many people inside the process that Melissa campaigned hard to get on the show from the first season and they didn’t want her. Fine, I don’t begrudge her that. She could have told me, but O.K. But she didn’t stop.

Melissa contacted Danielle during Season 2 when Danielle was still filming with us. Why? Danielle claims Melissa wanted to film with her (as a “friend of Danielle”???), but that Danielle turned her down (my guess is Danielle was afraid she was being set up). I had no idea at the time, so when Danielle brought up Melissa’s name and an accusation about the birth of Melissa’s baby during the Season 2 Reunion, you saw my response (and poor Andy felt it!). How would Danielle know anything about my family? Caroline, Jacqueline, and I all blamed Danielle thinking Danielle was just telling more lies about knowing anyone in my family.

Fast forward to last year when Season 4 is filming. I was on “Watch What Happens Live” when Andy Cohen read me a tweet from Danielle asking what I thought about how Melissa had been contacting HER. Um, what? Again, total shock. Stupid, naive shock on my part I guess, but I thought Melissa trying to get on the show and keeping it a secret from me was the worst of it. Never did I imagine she would have tried to work with Danielle behind my back to get on too.

I asked Melissa directly if she talked to Danielle, and she admitted it. Ask her yourself. You’re likely to get a typical half-truth, glossed over answer, but I’m pretty sure Danielle was smart enough to keep any of the evidence so she should be careful… There are just no words for how crazy this is to me, especially when you know, like Melissa did because I told her when it was happening, how much pain Danielle caused the Manzo/Laurita family — publicly and behind the scenes. In my mind, there is no innocent explanation for contacting Danielle. Period.

audition 11

So put yourself in my shoes. Can you see how I might be feeling hurt by this whole thing? It didn’t have to be this way. Melissa could have told me the truth from the beginning, and we could have worked together. Once she was for-sure on the show, I talked to her and my brother about exactly that: putting it all behind us and teaming up to take over the world together. They turned me down. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it’s because that wasn’t their plan…

I was told over a year ago by several different people behind the camera that to clinch their spot on the show (well before that one Friday interview I’m guessing), Melissa and my brother made a Godfather-style video where they acted out different crazy parts and talked about how they would “take me down” if they were cast and sent it to Bravo. Apparently lots of people saw it and they all laughed about how ridiculous and pathetic it was, and that it was of course “TV gold.” I’ve never seen the tape. Does it exist? I have no idea. Maybe someone should ask Melissa. Here’s my guess as to what she’ll say: either it’s an absolute lie and doesn’t exist (in which case she better hope it never comes out) or that yes, they did and it was all in “fun.” I’m fairly certain if I saw it, I wouldn’t think it was very fun, but ok… So add “audition tape” to another thing I didn’t know about.

And no, I didn’t put out the story about the tape in Star magazine a couple of weeks ago, despite Melissa’s accusations that I did. I don’t put out bad stories about anyone ever. It’s not my style first of all, and it’s just not smart. The truth always comes out. I’m sorry Melissa has enemies, but you don’t have to look very far in NJ (or on Twitter) to find people who have a beef with her. That’s not my deal though. I don’t wish that on anyone, especially having suffered the tabloids myself.

The point is that still after finding out about the possible tape and the definite Danielle connection, I STILL made peace with Melissa and Kathy. Then, after filming Season 4, we filmed the Season 3 Reunion in September, and they all came at me. I thought we were in a better place, and then bam! That’s when I stopped talking to them. I just wanted to move past it all, and I was fortunate enough to get to leave for the Celebrity Apprentice right afterwards and do just that.

Since September I haven’t heard from Melissa or Kathy personally. I’ve gotten texts and a few tweets from them and I’ve sent texts and tweets to them about their kids’ birthdays and supporting their new businesses, but that’s it. That’s not how we’ve ever communicated before in my family, but that’s where I guess we stand now. It’s very sad to me.

I did send my brother and Melissa an invitation to Gia & Milania’s birthday party in January. They didn’t respond, so I was surprised when Melissa showed up alone, posed for photographs, and left.

So when I got a call this week that suddenly Melissa and Kathy wanted a big reunion on The View, I’m sorry, I passed. Not because I thought anyone was going to attack me. Because we have a lot to resolve, and I didn’t think it could be done sitting on a couch in front of an audience for a few minutes. That’s not honest or real, and both things are very important to me.

At this point, I am honestly over that they joined the show. I’ve accepted it, I’ve learned to work with it, and I really do truly hope they get everything out of it that they hoped they would. I’m not looking for an apology or anything. Just the truth would be nice. Or how about just not calling me a liar about your own lie?

Everything I’m seeing on Season 4 now I’m actually seeing with you all for the first time too. I had no idea everyone was talking and plotting behind my back Maybe it’s good I didn’t know because I was pretty overwhelmed with everything. I was blessed to get a break and do “Celebrity Apprentice” and it really did change me, showed me what was important in life. But I promise you, I’m not going to be bullied by anyone… or everyone if they really are all working together to “bring me down.” I can’t wait to start filming Season 5 so we can finally deal with everyone’s crazy face-to-face. It’s easy enough to be a tough guy behind my back, but let’s do this out in the open.

audition 12

Yes, I love my family, but I don’t like them very much right now. I can’t change the past, but in the present they continue to retweet bad stories about me and threats to my husband, they accuse me of planting every bad story that’s ever written about them, and they lie about everything. It’s not cool, not if you really want to move forward.

I want us to be whole again but it’s going to take time… more than a few minutes on a couch. I’m guessing that “time” for us will come the same way this whole fight started — on the show. You all watched our relationship fall apart, I think you deserve to watch us put it back together. At least, that’s my hope. It’s going to take them actually being honest though. I guess we all have to wait and “watch what happens” right?

In the meantime, I’m going to keep my head up, keep concentrating on all that is good and wonderful in my life — like my beautiful daughters, my wonderful husband, and my amazing, inspiring fans! — and continue to avoid tiny battles on Twitter and in the press. I want to win the war and to me that means dealing with this head on and getting my family back on the same page, back together. Think of what we could do if we were all fighting for the same thing!

Thank you all for supporting me and my family! You’ve become part of my family these past 3 years, and I love love love you all!


“The main difference between Melissa and Teresa is, Teresa is trying to live her life and focus on her children and her career while avoiding giving negative comments about her cast mates. Melissa has nothing to talk about EXCEPT Teresa and is constantly trying to defend herself by cutting Teresa down. Melissa is like a dog with a bone and refuses to let Teresa move on because she knows that without this drama and fighting with Teresa, Melissa really has no story, nothing to talk about and no reason for people to want interviews with her.” [Annah, June 9, 2012, Stoopid Housewives]

audition 13

Melissa Responds to Teresa’s Blog

In her typical, pathetic, lying fashion, Melissa responds on her website to Teresa’s blog (although she claims to have published her blog first) by saying:

“She wanted to be able to go out there [on ‘The View’ alone] and bad mouth us for being on the show without us sitting there and being able to correct her… This is why I called her a coward!” [Notice that she doesn’t address the audition tape and contacting Danielle Staub, etc.]

By abc, Stoopid Housewives
June 9, 2012

Let’s rewrite this for Melissa saying what she really meant to say…

Let me clear something up. I am a narcissist. You all know me by now and know that I am real.

There are a lot of stories going around about The View. Bravo called me months ago and said the View wanted Teresa and I to come on. Then they had to add Kathy, which made no sense to me. Who cares about Kathy? So irrelevant except when I need her to backup my plan to take Teresa down. Whatever. So I said OK, I hide easily in public, its fine. My best work is done behind the scenes after all.

We knew about this interview on the View for weeks. In the meantime, RHONJ episodes have aired and Teresa has seen and heard what we all really think of her. It’s shows us all at our best, except Teresa, which has been delicious for me especially.

audition 14

The day before I got a call saying Teresa refuses to go out with us and she is demanding her own segment. I guess the RHONJ episodes really shook Teresa. The View hosts split us up because they’re weak, too afraid to take me on. I’ll take anyone down, even Barbara Walters. I’m so much better than them after all. Look at all I’ve accomplished in my hard working life?

Teresa did her segment and I was watching the screen from the hair and makeup room. I found her excuse really lame and a weak effort to thwart my plans. Teresa is such a fool as she proved by apologizing to us in a magazine, before she saw us all bashing her on RHONJ aired episodes. Oh how we laughed at her for still being kind to us while we get to ruin her. She’s such an inferior being to me. She is so afraid to speak with us in public because I will attack her.

She is the QUEEN of RHONJ and that just does not sit right with any of us. We want some of that. Yes, we are on the show and have been for 2 seasons. My plan is working!

She also went out there and said we all talk behind her back. Yes we’re all watching the same show. I’m surprised she figured this out finally. Is she constantly trying to ruin my marriage and my character behind my back? Please. She can’t do anything to me that I can’t do just fine on my own. I’m a narcissist after all. I will go down taking the entire Gorga family with me because that’s how I roll.

Please don’t believe any of the victim crap she pulls saying we were going to attack her. This is why I called her a coward! She knows I only work in secret and I never tell the truth up front. So exhausting trying to battle an idiot. I need a target more my speed. Caroline should be my next focus, don’t you think? We’re so much alike; it would be the best battle for attention and domination any Real Housewives show has ever seen! Teresa is so last year.

“Mel, this is your 20th version of how you got on the show…and we are supposed to believe that Bravo found your witch ass outta the clear blue? Why didn’t you address Danielle, you lying Ho. Tre gave tons of details in her blog… you, not so much, which leads me to believe Tre is telling the truth…Also must you always defer to name-calling your family, whose coattails you rode onto the show? FYI, if it wasn’t for your said SIL, you would NOT even have a public platform and/or fame…Two things I’ve never seen outta you Mel and Josephine is (1) any gratitude for Tre for where your are today or (2) any accountability for your parts in this family drama. You inserted yourselves into Tre’s life and livelihood…then you have the audacity to lie about it all. I would have a modicum of respect for you if you owned your shit and misdeeds, but you continue to insult my intelligence, and for that…fuck off…what awful family your are, skank.” [Whatever, June 10, 2012, AllAboutTRH.com]

“First of all: Teresa made it clear that she asked for a separate segment on The View, not because she thought she would be attacked, but because she hadn’t seen Kathy or Melissa since Sept 11; and, after several attempts at reconciling, she didn’t feel anything would be resolved on The View at this point. Second thing: Teresa didn’t mention anything regarding Whoopi; who cares if she did or didn’t sit in on the Mel and Kathy segment! Third: Mel, as Teresa stated, is still not fully answering the questions: did you contact Danielle; did you and your husband make a video stating you would bash Teresa and bring her down? Fact: there are more questions than answers reading Melissa’s blog. When reading it, I was thinking wth is she talking about? lol [lorri, June 10, 2012, AllAboutTRH.com]

Note: The NY Daily News never mentioned Whoopi; it was the second media outlet to pick up on the story, Radar Online, that reported a ‘source’ who works at The View heard Melissa on her phone angry that her plan to ‘bring Teresa down’ was thwarted. Radar Online added the twist that Whoopi refused to film with Melissa, claiming someone from The View was the ‘source’.

“Interesting that after a whole day and many, many tweets later, Melissa still hasn’t addressed the two main points of contention in Teresa’s blog. Why did Melissa contacted Danielle to begin with? Didn’t she know that Danielle and Teresa were sworn enemies? Is it true that Melissa and her husband sent an auditioning video where they promised to expose Teresa and bring her down? Instead of worrying about the fact that Teresa might have had some help writing the blog, if I were Melissa [who uses autotune to produce her singles], I would be more concerned about debunking these two accusations because to me that is the crux of the problem — not so much that they joined the show and might have kept it from her because they were told by the producers, but somehow the idea that their platform was to expose Teresa and their family problems to the world. If this was a lie and I was Melissa, I would be livid and I would have demanded production to air my auditioning tapes ASAP; I would have issued Danielle a dare to publish whatever proof she had about my participation, just to prove my innocence. Why doesn’t Melissa do this and get it over with? Because she can’t. She knows the lengths she went through to get on the show and is probably scared to death that someone would actually air any of those e-mails or videos. We all have seen that first episode so there is no doubt in my mind that the Gorgas and Wakiles promised something and they had to deliver — they want Teresa to just forgive and forget [without them admitting or apologizing], on top of apologizing for ever being upset, LOL; but for the last two seasons they have beaten down this horse to death trying to convince everybody that Teresa was the reincarnation of the devil. Teresa had ignored them in all possible situations, but now it is her turn to tell her side of the story and her timeline is impeccable and gives credence to her allegations. I can only hope that Caro and Jacquie are gone and that they will bring KimD and PennyK to let us have some juice on Melissa. It is only fair.” [Cartwheels, June 10, 2012, LynnNChicago.com]

“You know why Mel and Kathy wanted to be on The View with Teresa? So they could fight with her outside of Bravo and ruin her image with a mainstream audience after she did so well on The Apprentice. But she didn’t fall for it! As long as she stays away from those psychos she’ll be fine.” (Melissa also had her busted posse in the audience to scream for Melissa and make it appear as if she was the star, not Teresa, and that she had the audience support.) [Susan, June 10, 2012, Reality Tea]

Must Read Related Stories:

“Kathy, I watched ‘The View’ and you couldn’t have gotten caught in a bigger WEB if you had tried. A confidentiality clause is signed when a CONTRACT is SIGNED! You had a dozen different opportunities to tell Teresa negotiations were going on…You CHOSE NOT to tell her! For you to say, ‘there was nothing to tell’ is something one might say to, OH, I don’t know—A STRANGER!… Certainly not what FAMILY does, does it? Is going behind someone’s back what you mean when YOU say ‘RESPECT’?? I just wonder WHY you didn’t even MENTION it to Teresa? My guess is, you thought she might talk to Bravo and discourage them from signing you and Missy on, maybe you were afraid she would be upset and ,last, but certainly not least, maybe you did it behind her back for good old fashioned revenge—stemming from jealousy!! Either way, your MOTIVES were FAR from pure! We can mince words here too, and call it omission, but lying through omission is still NOT telling the truth!!” [kat44, June 11, 2012, Kathy’s Bravo Blog]

  1. LisaE
    June 9, 2012 at 6:53 PM

    I personally believe what Mellisa and Joe have done is unforgivable. I really do. What Joe did with their private conversation is repulsive and something I could never shake from my memory. He and his wife wanted fame that bad that they sold their soul, and even that makes it sound like they are getting off lightly. It’s worse than selling your soul. Teresa was at a just horrific time in her life, however no one cared and launched a full attack because Teresa made the mistake of being very successful outside of that show and the women were pissed. Melissa had the perfect storm and they went for it. We all know how money can just destroy people and that group sure desroyed a lot, The Manzos & Jaqueline & Dina have all dropped the hint that Dina isn’t speaking to Caroline over a business deal,, and Teresa’s own brother and sister attacked for $$$ as well. I think Teresa should absolutely have nothing to do with Melissa and Joe. Nothing. They cannot hold their own on the show. Everyone knows it. They aren’t interesting, they have zero star quality and Teresa has it in spades. I don’t even like cookbooks, and I will buy anything Teresa puts out..Teresa needs to not talk to them, are we going to watch an entire season of them “texting” her? Melissa complains that now the cousins can’t be in each other’s lives because Teresa won’t try. First of all, it’s Melissa’s fault they aren’t in each other’s lives, because of the way she slithered in on the show and worked behind the scenes until Teresa’s face was in the mud. The problem is WE were there watching her. My God, we all saw it. And furthermore, she only wants to make up with Teresa now because she knows she has no air time without it. I believe The Guidice’s will be far better off without Teresa’s lowlife brother in her life. The kids will continue to be hurt because even now bloggers are bashing Teresa’s kids on the show’s website, and it’s all a driect result of Aunt Melissa and Uncle Joe. Her parents can handle it, they know what Joe did and what kind of a man he is, that’s why Joe Gorga was screaming and crying the first episode begging his Dad to notice him. Please, Teresa needs to cut all ties, it’s best for her children and they will have nothing to do on the show if there is no interaction, why should TERESA give them any more of her consideration when all they have done is try and take her out .Family is not suppose to do that, so I belive they have lost the right to be called family.

    • June 9, 2012 at 11:48 PM

      Well said! I agree 100% with your post.

      The unofficial story is that Caroline stole the gay wedding idea from Dina, who wanted to feature her brother Jamie’s wedding on her HGTV show, Dina’s Party. It explains why only two, Chris Laurita and Caroline Manzo, out of 11 siblings (and only their mother and not their father) attended the wedding. Regarding Caroline’s feud with Dina, Teresa told Caroline during reunion 3: “You stabbed her in the back”; Jacqueline said in season 4 episode 6: “Teresa told Dina that Caroline said she’s going to try to take her down, business-opportunity-wise.” The accusation is that Caroline stole the wedding idea from Dina – Caroline knew Andy would jump on the idea and that Jamie would as well because the audience for RHONJ is much larger than Dina’s HGTV show.

      More about this here: http://absurdtosublime.net/2012/06/05/on-the-teresa-giudice-show-greggy-bennett-is-the-elephant-in-the-room-did-caroline-steal-the-wedding-from-dina/

      • pita0013
        June 13, 2012 at 11:21 AM

        That totally makes sense about Dina/Caroline feud. To: LisaE, I totally agree that what Joe and Melissa do was UNFORGIVABLE. I get sick to my stomach when Melissa acts the sweet SIL that she is not.

        • Anonymous
          October 26, 2012 at 11:02 PM

          makes sense now why dina is not talking to caroline, caroline is choosing to be friends with Melissa. Melissa conspired with Danielle, and Danielle tried to have Dinas daughter taken from her! very serious sh*t

  2. June 9, 2012 at 7:17 PM

    Kudos to Teresa, stay strong and keep it moving. Dont give Melissa a second thought we all know she is a LIAR.

  3. Katie
    June 10, 2012 at 9:22 PM

    Thank you for posting this article- it’s really an eye opener.

    Joe and his wife are terrible people. They really are meant for each other.

  4. JSplash
    June 11, 2012 at 6:01 PM

    Another great article! Thank you for exposing the truth, I love your website. Are you on twitter? Occasionally I come across stuff and would love to call your attention to it in case you haven’t seen it. Again thanks for the hard work you put into this site, I love reading it!

    • June 11, 2012 at 6:04 PM

      I’m sorry, I’m not on twitter or facebook. However, you can post a comment with any tips, if you’d like… I read all the comments. Thanks for coming and thanks for the compliments! Please share links from here with others on twitter and when commenting at other sites to help spread the truth.

      • JSplash
        June 11, 2012 at 9:47 PM

        I will definitely post the link to your site!

  5. pita0013
    June 11, 2012 at 7:24 PM

    Love your blog. I do think it is funny, that on S3 Reunion, Caro, Kathy and Melissa gave off the vibe, that fame had gone to Teresa’s head…..IMOP they must have been lookin in the mirror!! Because, I’ve been seeing all 4 of her castmates hanging out, all over the web, and on twitter.

    So tired of all the bashing and backstabbing. Thanks again for your blog!

  6. pita0013
    June 13, 2012 at 11:18 AM

    Great Blog. Thanks for all the research….I can’t keep track of all the lies put out there by the Unfab 4. I truly hope Bravo gets someone to be on Teresa’s side in season 5, or I don’t think I will be able to watch. Too Mean for my blood

  7. Parkview
    July 26, 2012 at 6:07 PM

    I wonder if Bravo knew the court of public opinion would side with Teresa. Did they think they could spin everything against T and we would all hate her? Or is there some “big reveal” in the works? Certainly the editing has been against T since last season. Maybe they have been setting the mean girls up from the start…..I just don’t know. But I do know this…..most people are basically good and when a good person sees another person wronged, lied about, bullied, and tormented….that good person will become angry. And all of the faults the bullied person has will be overlooked. We will always, eventually, side with right over wrong. Game over Caroline.

    • July 27, 2012 at 1:45 PM

      I think you may be right that Bravo setup the mean girls, but maybe not from the start… they could have made the decision to show the negative footage of the others when they saw the public siding with Teresa.

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