They Are All Jealous of Teresa Giudice’s Bravo Business Success; Tom Murro and Kim G are Friends to the Manzo/Laurita Camp (Updated 9/4/2012)

June 2, 2012

By the way Melissa, this IS ‘the mother f—ing Teresa show.’ The sooner you accept it, the better off you will be.

The Manzo’s have attempted to capitalize on their ‘celebrity’ by marketing Caroline’s handbags, the Brownstone sauce, and BLK bottled water. The handbags and the sauce were a bust, and BLK, which they are still promoting, is not the huge success they expected it would be (and they were sued for allegedly stealing the idea).

“I think the Manzos/Lauritas wanted Teresa to invest her name and money in BLK. When she refused, they viewed her as a traitor… they have turned on her not out of jealousy, but as payback: they set out to show her that without their support she wouldn’t be where she is. Only it’s backfiring… Teresa refused to invest her name, brand or money in their get rich-quick scheme, which was invented as a desperate attempt to save Jac and Chris, who are in major financial trouble. They believe since they were always there for Teresa — built her up, stood beside her — that she owed them this. She refused, and they all went after her. They believe they hold the power of the viewers. Kim G is being used now by Jac. Jac has been missing and quiet on Twitter, allowing Kim to do her dirty work. Yet, people STILL see through them. Isn’t Jac the one who told everyone they all thought Teresa was poor and struggling, yet she was living the high life? Wasn’t it Caroline and Joey who pointed out Teresa’s expensive bag? I believe Teresa told them she could not afford to invest with them… so Teresa can’t invest in their company but she can afford to live the way she is? They are pissed at her over business.” – SODA1, August 5, 2012, Reality Tea

“I figured out why Caroline and Jacqueline are no longer speaking to Teresa and it has everything to do with BLK Water. The Manzos and Lauritas invested a lot of money into the product, a product that was never theirs to begin with. I think Jacqueline and Caroline wanted Teresa to invest in the BLK and since it would utilize a lot of money and time, and considering the product was stolen, I think Teresa and Joe Giudice’ knew it was not a good investment financially and legally. It would also explain why Caroline and Dina are not on talking terms. Dina also refused to invest in the product because it was too much money and it was an illegal proposition to begin with. Also, Dina’s husband owns half of the Brownstone and they didn’t want the Brownstone connected to an illegal investment. Let’s face it, BLK was a stolen TM product. It makes perfect sense! I noted this on All About TRH, along with other long comments regarding BLK, back in July.” – Rosalie Marie, August 8, 2012, The Fame-Whorgas

“The real truth on why the Lauritas/Manzos are so angry at Teresa. The viewers have been reading between the lines. The truth is… it has nothing to do with a cookbook or PC. The truth is, Jac and Chris wanted Teresa to invest in and support BLK. They felt that Teresa owed it to them after they stood behind her through three seasons and supported her during her bankruptcy and Joe’s legal issues. BLK would have done better short term if it had Teresa’s support and star power. Teresa told Jac she could not afford to invest in BLK… that’s why Jac is so worried about Teresa’s financial issues.. that’s why she’s pointing out Teresa’s new garage, apartment, designer shoes, bags, outfits. Truth is, Teresa bad mouthed BLK to friends and said no way would she put her name, brand, reputation or money behind such a crappy product as BLACK WATER. Jac and Chris are bitter at Teresa and decided to prove to her that without their support she wouldn’t be where she is today… they took their support away to show Teresa that without them, viewers would eat her alive. How’s that working out for you guys? Not going as planned? That’s why Chris Laurita is shown doing THs and ‘protecting’ his wife’… that’s why Caroline is telling viewers she is more upset for what Teresa has done to Jac… all because Teresa would not back BLK. The Lauritas are broke, and Teresa backing BLK would have made a huge difference in sales and promotions… Re-watch some of the episodes with these new facts about BLK. If you have any doubt left, it will all click into place when watching a second time. All this crying Jac and Chris do about Teresa speaking bad about them to mutal friends? Ever wonder why they never say what exactly Teresa said to these ‘mutual’ friends? They can’t say because it was about BLK. They don’t want the public to know what Teresa thinks of BLK for the same reason they are angry at her for not supporting them” – D_Nichs, August 8, 2012, Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog

“You are an extremely jealous person. No one else can make money but you.” – Jacqueline Laurita talking about Teresa Giudice behind her back, Season 4 Episode 9

From Tamara Tattles: “Jac tweets about a lot of products, mostly ones that she gets paid to endorse, like some Acne product and, of course, her husband’s BLK water products. On August 31, 2012 she combined the two. Apparently, she had a pimple and suggested spraying it with fulvic acid (a BLK water ingredient) and the Acne product she endorses. Ever the inquisitive one, TeeCee66 inquired about Jac’s finances, asking if it was really necessary for her to shill an acne product to make ends meet. And so Jac decided to follow her long enough to DM her, to defend herself twice and then unfollow her. It seems that Jac has landed some million dollar a year job y’all! On her website she lists all the jobs she’s ever had chronologically but after RHONJ, there is no other employment on her resume.” Here’s Jacqueline’s Twitter DM to TeeCee66: “No, I make over a million a year. I just love the product. Besides the show, I have successful products out there that I don’t make known to the show to cheapen the brands. :0 I work too. I enjoy it.”

“It becomes unhealthy competition when you step on your siblings head and try to sabotage them to get to the top” [This is exactly what the Gorgas did to Teresa: they contacted the cast’s nemesis and got on the show at the expense of their family, but the rest of the cast doesn’t call them out on this]. – Jacqueline Laurita’s Bravo blog, when referring to Teresa Giudice and her successful business ventures, July 11, 2012

“Teresa has a very strong Italian background. I think it’s taught her to work hard for what she really wants. It’s an admirable quality. But, in your tactics of becoming the best and achieving something great, you can’t step on people that love you.” – Kathy Wakile, Season 4 Episode 17

“But at the same time, while you’re climbing your way to the top, you don’t step on your friends.” – Jacqueline Laurita, Season 4 Episode 10, in response to her father telling her that Teresa is busy making a living as the primary bread winner, and that she’s concerned about her immediate family and she’s going to do whatever she has to do to.

“This season has not been about friendship or family. It has been about jealousy, power, popularity, fame and money. While the cast members have said there is enough to go around, they do not like that Teresa has the majority of it, and all of them have shown that they will do whatever it takes to wrangle it away from her. Enter all the schemers and connivers, who have now banded together to ‘expose’ Teresa and Joe Guidice to the public in an effort to dethrone her. This from so called family and friends. They have set out to provoke her, and to her credit, she has held up better than they thought she would. This has infuriated Caroline and now Jacqueline, no doubt, and this is why one year after filming stopped, we still have all the nasty interviews, blogs, and twitter rants. Perhaps, her family and friends underestimated her resolve and stamina?” – Julia, July 1, 2012, Priscilla From Wascilla

“I’ve never been jealous of my friends success ever. I’m not that type of girl. Never have been.” – Jacqueline Laurita, April 23, 2012, Twitter

“I was asked 2 do a vow renewal 2 that would have been in the tabloids. I turned it down. T knew. I found out about hers on camera.” – Jacqueline Laurita, June 10, 2012, Twitter

Video: Jacqueline tells The Morning Show in Canada on July 18, 2012, that Teresa Giudice “tried to sabotage a lot of business dealings for me.”

“She congratulated me on an opportunity I got & then tried to take it away from me behind my back 4 herself (& failed).” – Jacqueline Laurita’s reply to someone on Twitter who asked, while season 4 episode 7 was airing, what Teresa did to her personally?

“Jac DMd me that her fight with Teresa is over a lost opportunity for lip gloss and nail polish, which Jac believes Teresa usurped.” – Jennifer, June 19, 2012,

“[Teresa] hurt me bad. Tried to cut me out of opportunities and tried 2 steal one deal I have after I’ve always supported her plus more.” – Jacqueline Laurita, Jacqueline Laurita Explains Why She Isn’t Friends With Teresa Giudice, November 17, 2011,

“I laugh when pple say I’m jealous of T. There is NOT ONE aspect of her life I would want. Not even leaving my kids 4 best selling book signings.” – Jacqueline Laurita, June 20, 2012, Twitter

“I actually have an amazing book I’d like 2 publish but I’m not ready 2 tour yet 4 signings. Maybe if I can bring my kids? I’m waiting.” – Jacqueline Laurita, June 20, 2012, Twitter

“The difference with Teresa’s family dynamic and ours is that she claims she WANTS a relationship so badly with her brother and his family, but then sabotages the same relationship by interfering with potential opportunities they might benefit from behind the scenes.” – Jacqueline Laurita, June 4, 2012, Love is Love

“Teresa would do little things to try to sabotage her family and friends like putting things about them in articles, sabotaging potential business opportunities, etc. all while claiming that she wanted to be one big happy family again.” – Jacqueline Laurita, June 18, 2012, The Rules According to Teresa

“I think the insults directed at Caroline for being one-sixteenth Italian (which is not true at all) and her ‘authentic’ meatball comments were to discredit Caroline as an Italian cook for two reasons. First, because she lost a meatball tasting contest to Caroline on the Rachael Ray show which annoyed her. Also there had been talk since day one of Caroline and our family doing a family cookbook, and in my opinion Teresa was trying to plant a seed in the readers mind. Teresa actually used a similar concept for her book, and I didn’t mind at all. I was happy it worked for her. If our family did it we would use different pictures and our own family stories. I always supported Teresa on anything she ventured into, and when she got to work and actually did what my family had only talked about, I thought, ‘Good for her.’ And I was very proud of her. I think the problem was that Teresa wanted to be the ONLY authentic Italian cook, and she wanted to make sure that she kept that title… Teresa calls her book a family cookbook, yet she never even attempted to include any other family members in it. If the recipes were passed down from generation to generation, I’m sure other family members use the same recipes as well, but if I know Teresa, she probably wouldn’t allow anyone else to claim them but her.” – Jacqueline Laurita, April 22, 2012, The Breaking Point

“There is one more thing that I felt that I had to address. You say everyone has motives for coming on the show with their ‘get-rich-quick schemes.’ Who isn’t trying to make a buck nowadays, and what’s wrong with that? Especially when it’s your family. Why do you make it sound like a bad thing? You say Kathy’s is baking, Melissa’s is singing, so what was YOUR ‘get-rich-quick scheme,’ Teresa? Was it the cookbooks? The TG Fabulicious store? The makeup? The lip gloss? The nail polish? The sauce? The olive oil? The pots and pans? The teeth whitener? The t-shirt line? The Bellini? The wine? The kids’ shampoo line? And now you want to come out with a prostitution whore song? Take a look at your own motives, Teresa. I think you’ve pretty much covered every market. What’s next, a rhinestone studded sex toy line? God Bless you for putting in the work to make all of that happen. I am so proud of you. I hope you are extremely successful. But you are not the only one entitled to make money with the show. How can you knock people trying to make a living? This show gives us a platform for many things. There is enough room for everyone to be successful. There is no need to be greedy or even jealous of other people’s successes.” – Jacqueline Laurita, August 15, 2011, An Eye Opener

“Can anybody have anything…anything…it’s my brother’s wedding…I don’t wanna talk about your stupid cookbook.” – Caroline Manzo, in her talking head interview, responding to Teresa’s proclamation during Jamie and Rich’s reception that she just got a text message stating her cookbook made the New York Times’ bestseller list.

“Because he didn’t achieve his success by hurting his friends & he shares his success with others.” – Jacqueline Laurita responding on Twitter to someone who asked, while season 4 episode 7 was airing, why it was okay for Chris to bring up his success (on the bus in Chicago when he mentioned BLK and the wine they just added) and not Teresa?

“I loved the juxtaposition between Chris Laurita’s announcement regarding a new client (a wine company), and Teresa’s announcement about her new cookbook being on the NY Times’ bestseller list. Teresa and Joe were genuinely happy for their friend, but the Manzos/Lauritas (especially the women) were obviously jealous/annoyed. It is obvious why the other women accuse Teresa of anything they can think of: they are just jealous. Caroline replies to every innocent comment that Teresa makes in a nasty way (preferably in a TH). And she pretends she is the victim on top of it!” – NoPityFL, June 11, 2012, TelevisionWithoutPity

“Maybe fame has gotten to her head. It has gotten to all of their heads. Everyone is about the fame! Every single one of them — so what is the problem??? Teresa makes the money. Teresa brings in the viewers. Teresa has the best selling cookbooks. Teresa had the crazy Christmas cards that are so ridiculous it is cute. She is the standout in New Jersey. So, from those points, what can we figure out? The other four are JEALOUS! And jealousy is a hard thing to get over.” – CFF, June 12, 2012,

“Why would you continue to ask your ‘friend’ about on going legal matters ON CAMERA that could incriminate herself and her husband? Why would you continue to comment and insinuate bankruptcy fraud (lavish lifestyle, spending out of control, etc) to get your ‘friend’ into hot water? I was disgusted regarding Teresa’s behavior toward Danielle (no matter what she said, no one should be physically attacked); HOWEVER, the rest of this cast thinks the viewers are stupid, which I’m most offended with. These idiotic confrontations are no more than jealous power trips on Teresa and Joe’s good fortune to successfully capitalize off of the show. No one wants BLK water, Brownstone sauce, Melissa’s music singles, Kathy’s Red Velvet Cosmos, but Teresa’s books and appearances are selling out, she’s moving bottles of wine, she appears on every episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, she’s on magazine covers, she’s everywhere. ” – brooklyntvcutie on June 18, 2012, Television Without Pity

“I’ve been feeling the desire to state my case as if I need others to validate what I’m already feeling and what I already know… I remember feeling this same way before the Season 2 reunion with Danielle. I went there armed and ready for battle. I had my gun loaded with plenty of ammunition to win. God knows what I thought I was winning. I had so much dirt on that woman that I was actually looking forward to exposing her, because I felt like she deserved it. Halfway through the reunion, I realized that this need to destroy her with her ugly truths was making me just as ugly of a person as she was. Hate makes you ugly. I didn’t want to be that ugly person. It is not who I am. My heart is much too big to be driven to the dark side. I was allowing myself to become someone that I was not proud of. I got control of myself and decided to let go of all the hate, move forward, and not look back. The awkward hug was about letting go of the hate and the fight. She promised to stop harassing my family and move on. (Although she never kept her word.) I didn’t want to become that bitter person then, and I don’t want to become that person now. I’ve decided once and for all, to let go of all the hate. I know what I know, and that is all I need to know. I also know that the season is not over yet, and there will be episodes that I will want to respond to in my blogs. For now, I will continue to respond to each episode, but I will try to do so without as much animosity.” – Jacqueline Laurita, Leaving the Nest, July 2, 2012

“If I get hurt I get nasty, and I got nasty because I was hurt.” – Jacqueline Laurita, Season 4 Episode 15, during her conversation with Teresa in the RV, away from the others, where Teresa tries to understand why Jacqueline no longer wants to be her friend

Around 4 PM on May 31, 2012, Teresa Giudice posted this on Facebook:

“I watched this week’s RHONJ episode yesterday. It’s a fun one! But keep this in mind when you watch it:

At about the same time, Tom Murro, a self-proclaimed ‘celebrity magnet’ and friend to Kim G, the Manzos and Jacqueline Laurita, told Radar Online that Dina feels “slighted” and is “fuming” that Teresa did not select her charity for Celebrity Apprentice. reported that they “exclusively learned there is a brand new feud brewing between Teresa Giudice and her best friend and former co-star Dina Manzo!… Even though Dina left the show in 2010 she and Teresa have stayed close, but Teresa’s recent actions have started raising flags about the status of their friendship… Teresa might be surprised to know the one woman she considered a friend is fuming about her slight.”

Dina founded a charity called Project Ladybug that helps children with cancer and when Teresa was on Celebrity Apprentice she was hoping that the charity she would choose to promote would be hers, but she picked another one, and Dina was very disappointed that Teresa didn’t pick hers,” Housewives friend Tom Murro exclusively told

“Teresa led Dina to believe that she was going to use her charity on the show, and Dina was blindsided when hers wasn’t chosen,” Tom said. “Dina is not happy that her long time friend Teresa chose another charity but she isn’t going to publicly say anything… Dina thinks that this isn’t something a best friend should do, and Teresa has crossed the line.”

Via Twitter on May 31, 2012, Dina and Teresa ‏denied the claims made by Tom Murro (how would he know anything unless it came from Jacqueline or someone else from the Manzo/Laurita clan, because it certainly didn’t come from Dina):

Dina Manzo @dinamanzo:

Wow~must be a slow gossip week. T & I are good! How in the world can u get mad at someone for helping a sick child & another great cause?

Sharon Sharon ‏@Absurd2Sublime

Don’t Believe The Hype; No Feud Between Dina Manzo and Teresa Giudice

Retweeted by Teresa Giudice

Jerz ‏@AlwaysJerzy

@Absurd2Sublime @bmwz4baby Just an all time low, bringing a charity for children’s cancer into drama 4 ratings. Guess Gia wasn’t enough.

Teresa Giudice ‏@Teresa_Giudice

Exactly! xx RT @becandgus Dinas not petty, jealous, or selfish, children were helped #bottomline

Teresa Giudice ‏@Teresa_Giudice

Working w @NephCure allowed me to see how Dina could pour her heart into kids she didn’t know. She’s an angel to her ladybugs! xx

Teresa Giudice ‏@Teresa_Giudice

I ADORE @DinaManzo & @ProjectLadybug I didn’t want to overshadow her by claiming it on Celeb App b/c it’s her baby & I’m SO PROUD of her! xx

Teresa Giudice ‏@Teresa_Giudice

When you watch RHONJ on Sun, keep this in mind from Dina herself:

Teresa Giudice ‏@Teresa_Giudice

And no @DinaManzo & I are *not* feuding! I just talked to her yesterday b/c she’s mentioned in this Sunday’s RHONJ episode. #NotCool

The only way Tom Murro would know for sure the entire content of season 4 episode 6 (airing on June 3, 2012) is to have gotten this information from one of the cast members who, like Teresa, saw the episode on May 30 — Bravo allows the cast to preview it before it airs.

“Da MagnetGuy even sent SH an email back in January 2011, promising MORE info from him… only if SH ‘keeps it all positive!’ NOTE: Still don’t know that that meant!” [StoopidHousewives, August 3, 2012]

Jacqueline is friends with Kim G and the Tom Murro, the Celebrity Magnet… both of whom have sent nasty cheating pictures of Juicy to backstab Teresa. Lovely friends Jacqueline. “I am absolutely positive that is a huge coincidence….right? Remember, Jaq is the peacemaker who always get put in the middle, bless her little heart. I think she is still believing that viewers believe everything she says as absolute truth and she means no harm to no one, only love and light: hatred and jealousy are the biggest blinders to the truth about yourself.” [misszippit, August 3, 2012, StoopidHousewives]

Murro’s timing for revealing his ‘inside information’ is not a coincidence – his friends, the Manzos and Lauritas, are using him to spread disinformation in an attempt to sway public opinion about Dina and Teresa’s friendship before the episode airs.

“I hold Teresa responsible for a lot of my relationships that are hurting,” Caroline says in season 4 episode 6. “She puts wood in my relationships’ fire. I put the lid on hers.” ‏@celebritymagnet
@Absurd2Sublime Friend to Kim + the Manzo camp. I don’t pick sides. Both charities are getting attention from!
June 1, 2012

Sharon ‏@Absurd2Sublime
@celebritymagnet Ah, Manzo camp. So going after @Teresa_Giudice & @dinamanzo at the same time was kinda like buy one, get one free? #rhonj
June 1, 2012

Sharon ‏@Absurd2Sublime
@celebritymagnet Well, I see you spread that piece of dirt far and wide. But as you said, you work for the Manzos #rhonj
June 2, 2012

“The cast hate for Teresa cannot just be over the fact that Teresa doesn’t like her in-laws. I wonder if once upon a time Caroline mentioned doing a cookbook and Teresa ‘stole’ her idea and did it first. Which is stupid because Caroline is still capable of writing her own. I just don’t get it. But they also hate Dina and that’s another whose stint on the show translated into further success in other areas.” [shannongrrr, May 21, 2012, Television Without Pity]

“I think Teresa either wrote about the cookbook idea or spoke about it at last year’s reunion. Tre said during/after the first season, all the HW’s (minus Danielle) were putting together cookbooks. She even said Caroline looked over how Tre was doing hers and told her what was wrong and what she should change. Tre said she thanked Caroline and then kept all the stuff Caroline said shouldn’t be in the book. Of all the books, Teresa’s was the only one picked up. I think just the audacity of a publisher picking Tre over Caroline is enough to have Don Caro’s blood boiling, not counting all the other successes Teresa has/is having. But I hear there were a hundred people at the last blackwater signing. Caroline must be proud!” [his sissy kitte, May 21, 2012, Television Without Pity]

Tom Murro is pictured above at New Jersey Fashion Week in 2010 with Caroline Manzo, rumored RHONJ housewife Claire Pavlinec, and Dina Manzo. Tom Murro is pictured below at the same event with Kim G.

“Tom Murro, brought his wife Kelly and the always-interesting Kim Granatell along to the event. Murro was invited to the show by Mrs. New Jersey 2010 Claire Pavlinec… As he hoped, Murro met Dina Manzo, the last ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star on his interview wish list.”

LifeIsGood on April 22, 2012 at 2:38 pm said on

Melissa’s sisters are at it again!

I was reading some of the stories about RHONJ and I came across this one:

It seems neutral/positive about Teresa, and her simultaneous appearances on CA and RHONJ. Not glowing, but fair. In the comments section, I came across this from someone’s facebook account (called “Momsthoughts”).

“I don’t understand why no one finds it odd that Teresa picks or was told to pick, Eric Trumps charity. She is an NBC/Bravo Employee playing on a NBC Competition show FOR the charity of one of the JUDGES/Influencers/?NBCEmployees WHO directly impacts the competition outcome! I know it is entertainment – but shouldn’t there be some disclosure out front? It reeks to me. BUT….it would make for great tv if she (finally) got kicked off C.A. on the same night as RHONJ premieres. As for the changing persona…it is my personal opinion this chameleon can change to suit any situation as long as it benefits her…she is broke, she is not broke. She is angry and nasty, she is sweet and charitable. What ever works at the moment. What a hot mess.”

This comment seemed a bit beyond the normal Teresa bash, so I went onto the website associated with this moniker and low and behold, under the “contact us” section, was Kim Pirrella, Melissa’s sister. The facebook seems to have a lot of RHONJ posts, but I don’t see her being upfront about her connection. I’m probably late to the party on this one.

I’m sure that NBC/Bravo would not be happy about Melissa questioning Eric Trump’s integrity via her sisters.

Tom Murro is the one, along with Jacqueline and Kim G., that leaked the photo of Joe Guidice with the ‘other women’ in TGIFridays, even though Jac denied this on twitter.

For more on Tom Murro, search his name on this two blog entries:

Bravo Set Up Melissa Gorga to Expose Her Dancer/Stripper Past (Updated 5/1/2012)

Melissa Gorga and the Rest of the Cast Spread Cheating Rumors About Joe Giudice (Updated 5/15/2012)

Tom Murro at the Bravo party on April 4, 2012, with Joe and Melissa Gorga:

“Nothing is as terrible as a friend who listens to you vent, listens quietly while you tell them your darkest thoughts and feelings, they know your issues… and then they use everything you trusted them with to assisinate your character. And publicly to boot!” – CaraLinda, July 20, 2012, Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog

Kim Granatell and Tom Murro in New York City:

itsallgravy on June 12, 2012 at TelevisionWithoutPity:

“I think Chris was making a slight dig at his wife and sister when he complimented Teresa on her ‘hustle’ and wished her success in ‘building her empire’.”

And maybe Chris has criticized Jaq in private for not being more like Teresa and writing a cookbook or capitalizing on the publicity from the show in other ways. I can just hear it…”If Teresa can do it with four little kids why can’t you?” or something like that. That would partially explain why Jaq seems to be turning on Teresa and why she had a meltdown with her the night before the reunion.

Melissa, Kathy, Caroline, Jacqueline they all seem to be in agreement that Teresa’s getting too big a piece of the pie, much more than they think she has earned or deserves. And when their names are dragged into it in a magazine piece or online it pisses them off all the more because Teresa gets the benefit with more fans and more gigs and they get no attention, negative attention or some attention but not nearly enough apparently.

I think Teresa has finally figured this out but I think she should have considered the other HWs feelings long before this and seen the jealousy and bad feelings coming a mile away. I’m sure she wanted to believe that her friends and family would be thrilled for her success and only wish more good things for her but many times that’s not the way things work in relationships.

Submitted by Debster1 on June 13, 2012 on Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog:

Jacqueline, please listen. You are her friend, so of course she is going to vent about them to you. That’s normal. And of course the Gorgas wouldn’t have done the same because you are TERESA’s friend and they know (or thought they knew) where you loyalties lied. So they knew you would just tell Teresa everything and have her back (like real friends do). Problem is….you didn’t act like a real friend. I have a friend who frustrates me sometimes too when I try to help, but you know what I do? I just tell her I understand how you feel but it won’t help things. But she and I always know that I will always have her back and will always be her friend. PERIOD.

What really irritated me was what you did after your fight with Teresa. You were blabbing everything she said to you in private. You don’t do that. Just because there is a break in the friendship doesn’t give you the right to tell the world everything she told you in confidence. That’s low. And I don’t care what excuse you have.

It’s sad because I liked you. I did. I loved watching you two together. I find it really funny how every time one person out of a group becomes more famous then the others, they all of a sudden “have changed”. No you Jacqueline have changed. I miss the days when you all were so close and funny together. Sigh….oh well.

Submitted by bigNJfan1 on June 13, 2012 on Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog:

Jacqueline, you should never let anyone get to you to the point where you just blow up. Now a big part of this is your fault too because you were way too passive for so long it became her expectation of you. She was used to you sitting there as she went on and on about her life. I believe she considered you a friend as well, but it usually doesn’t go well when one changes their “role” per se out of the blue. If that was right for you, then you made the right decision…. but you have to own your portion!!

Now… you say her relatives were never saying negative things to you like she was saying about them. Of course not: you were her best friend so naturally they would be extra cautious around you… I’m sure they do it now. I simply don’t buy that her family wants to reconcile because of Melissa’s very first Bravo blog. It just seems like they had a motive to make her look bad and are now trying to overcompensate to look they care. Besides Melissa went out of the way to say that she wasn’t fake on her very first blog…who does that without accusation? HUGE RED FLAG!!

I know Teresa loves the fame (who wouldn’t), but her sis-in-law is a starving animal for the spotlight!! My advice to you is to avoid other families disputes at all costs, especially if you are affiliated with both sides.

P.S. Jac, please knock it off with the Twitter bashing. You don’t have to put others down to get your message across and no one wants to listen to you at that point. It really makes you look bitter and turns once loyal fans against you. Good luck!!

Submitted by VIRGINIA NATIVE on June 13, 2012 on Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog:

Did it ever occur to you, Jacqueline, that Melissa, Joe, and Kathy showed you guys the side you wanted to see? You were sharing TV time and they wanted to look good to the viewers and cast.

You’re not the first friend that disagrees on how someone handles their life. You tell her what you feel then back off. Don’t discuss it after that. As a grown woman, she can make her own decision in regards to her family. It’s no excuse for you to expose personal conversations or turn on her because you haven’t witnessed the nasty behavior.

People say that you really don’t know someone until you live with them. It’s applies to this. It looks like the both of you may be guilty of not speaking or acting in each others best interest. It’s no excuse to go national and say horrible things about the viewers, blog, tweet personal stuff about Teresa, husband and kids, and reveal private conversation. I can believe Teresa shifts the blame. You haven’t come out and explained why you done some things that I think are unworthy of a friend, current or former. You have a credibility problem with many of us now.

MOMMAHURLEY said on June 25, 2012 at 11:28 am at the Chirping Twit:

After watching the show, I was kind of glad that Teresa made nice with Melissa, but at the same time, not. What Melissa did was more than talk to an enemy…she opened a whole can of worms , setting the match to the fuse of a huge powder keg of reactions that completely changed and destroyed Teresa’s life as she knew it. Everything that was once hidden and private became public knowledge. That public knowledge caused the ripple effect which put the light of public scrutiny on everything they did, and made all of the consequences that much worse.

All of these people have skeletons in their closets which, if they were presented on the show, would be devastating to their reputations, yet Teresa doesn’t bring those out… Melissa, through Danielle did, and that’s not something a simple “I’m sorry I did it” will fix. Then again, it can’t be fixed, so Teresa has to accept and move forward I guess. The fact that we know they now don’t speak though tells me that the apology was insincere and more is going to happen that’s going to tear the family apart. I’m so tired of this tearing of families…it’s not entertainment, it’s tragic.

Caroline completely ruined any shred of believability she ever maintained with her interpretation of her words to Teresa. Don’t these people realize that we’re all going to see it for ourselves?

Jacqueline has never, and continues to never, answer the question, “What did I do to you?” Last night she came the closest in saying something to the effect, “She grabs all the business opportunities for herself, and doesn’t leave any for me”… something like that… that right there is the crux of her hate. Teresa’s ventures are successful, Jac’s are not. I’ve heard Jac hawk just as many products as Teresa, it’s just that Jac’s do not turn into successful ventures. That’s not Teresa’s fault…that’s business. That is not an attack by Teresa… that is jealousy by Jac, and the rest of the failed business venturists!

One final comment, before I start my day… It has occurred to me that Jacqueline brought up the fact that Teresa doesn’t give her opportunities to make money, or makes away her opportunities or something like that… it makes me think, perhaps Jac got so upset about Teresa not telling Jac her personal intimate business and legal troubles because is it possible Jac had a deadline, and someone was expecting a juicy scoop from Jac… that Jac was getting paid for. Teresa not sharing with her was costing her that opportunity to make money? Just a thought!

Parkview said on August 8, 2012 on Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog:

@D_Nichs You may be on to something here.

I, like most people, cannot understand WHAT Teresa did to these people… and the half assed reasons they all give just DON’T FLY. Jac, Melissa, Caroline, and Kathy: you are asking the viewers to believe a bunch of reasons that are against human nature. Who gets mad because a friend doesn’t divulge all their personal financial info? Caroline, who gets mad about a comment in print that you laughed about the first time it was said? The answer is NOBODY. And NOBODY includes y’all. So unless you can give us all SOMETHING WE CAN BELIEVE, will all continue to speculate. Back to BLK… I don’t think that Jac and Caroline initially thought they needed Teresa’s backing of BLK. Remember, Jac was the housewife darling until she didn’t show for the reunion (more or less). But I do think you are right on some level: Jac’s nonsensical hatred of Teresa has something to do with BLK… I’m not sure what though. Maybe plain old jealousy, maybe more. Maybe Jac wanted all their endeavors to be done as a group. Maybe she wanted a piece of the cookbook too. ‘Housewives of NJ Italian Cookbook’, not Teresa Giudice’s cookbook. I don’t know.

lola.howe said on August 9, 2012 on Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog:

D_Nichs FINALLY! A reason that makes sense to me. Teresa occasionally comes across as not the brightest bulb but she is a hard worker and knows how to market herself. Your explanation is flawless and explains the nasty bashing from even Caroline’s children. Doing business with friends is a recipe for disaster and Teresa rightfully took a pass on that. BLK Water? Since the beginning of human kind we were all born with the survival instinct not to drink black water so very poor choice of a name. Cafface? Really? Genuinely my initial response despite Don Caro’s convoluted and farfetched rationale for the name was UGH! Sounds like calf face. So many women join the housewife franchise to create a profitable brand and few succeed. Bethany Frankel and Teresa Guidice are standouts. Seems to me the Manzos seemed above it all until recently… hard times all around. However it’s about to get worse if they lose the RH paychecks. The Manzos and the Lauritas may want to look to the Jill Zarin fiasco if they need any further lessons. thanks D_Nichs for the info.

  1. Mum
    June 5, 2012 at 9:56 AM

    Teresa’s critic make it sound like because Teresa has written a cookbook that no one else can make another cookbook of any type. Why don’t they write their dang cookbook once and for all and shut up. I wish Teresa critics had something going on in their lives besides what Teresa is or isn’t doing. I am so sick and tired of Jac commenting about Teresa, is this to deflect attention away from their own impending financial/legal questions?

  2. staceychris
    June 5, 2012 at 6:35 PM

    I absolutely think all this is in part to deflect from their own legal issues. Who knows why Caroline spits fire where Teresa is concerned, probably Punta Cana that no one can discuss. Whatever the reason, Teresa is doing well and standing strong. God bless her and I hope she continues to take the high road.

  3. Leila
  4. Anonymous
    June 11, 2012 at 12:57 PM

    Caroline Manzo tried to get a cookbook published, but the book was never pick and Caroline was criticizing Teresa book saying that she was doing it wrong. So, Caroline was piss-off when Teresa’s books starting selling like crazy. Everything Teresa promotes, it sells. So, The Manzos, Lauritas, Wakiles and Gorgas are jeaulous. Carolines handbags, Browntone sauce, BLK, Melissas’s songs, Kathy’s desserts, Jacqueline Laurita beauty tips all FAILED!

  5. Stacey
    July 16, 2012 at 12:49 AM

    The Dina and Caroline split may have something to do with the fact on first season when Dina quit the show that Caroline told Dina not to speak to Danielle or go see her or be filmed with her. Dina has a mind of her own and instead called Daniele to meet and talk cause Dina had some things to say to her which she did and was filmed. Hence Caroline upset with Dina.

  6. July 16, 2012 at 10:52 AM

    I LOVE your blog. You have pieced together what we have ALL been thinking. I don’t know EVEN ONE viewer who is okay with this circus. Hope you’ll read this and share the link:

    New Jersey ‘Housewife’ Teresa Giudice Is Still Standing — at

  7. August 9, 2012 at 10:23 AM

    The Laurita’s corporate bankruptcy filing was in 2009, around the same time the Giudices filed for bankruptcy. But the Laurita’s bankruptcy was not discussed on camera like the Giudices (Melissa fed the lie to Danielle about the Giudice’s home being in foreclosure, which Danielle mentioned on camera at the season 2 PSF, which started the big fight and the negative press about the Giudice’s financial situation).

    Suddenly, almost two years later in August 2011, Chris Laurita is himself bringing up on camera (unprovoked) his corporate bankruptcy, and also giving the viewers a sob story about how he’s invested everything in BLK, practically pleading with the viewers to buy BLK so they won’t lose everything they have. At the same time, Chris is telling the viewers that the Giudices aren’t good people, and his wife is accusing Teresa of faking being broke (pointing out all the things she is spending money on). In her blogs, Jacqueline comes right out and says that Teresa is using pity to get the fans to buy her products.

    So this theory of the Lauritas getting revenge on the Giudices for not investing in and helping promote BLK makes sense when you factor in the above. Since the Giudices wouldn’t loan their star power to help the Lauritas sell BLK, they decided to use what they believed was Teresa’s key to success in selling products: garnering pity from the viewers.

    To top it off, the Lauritas, angry that Teresa wouldn’t loan them her star power to sell BLK, made it their mission to assassinate her character. And, after three years of intense jealousy over Teresa being a star and not them, her cousin, SIL and brother, without hesitation, jumped on board the hate train.

    “Once Teresa got this show and became even more visual, I think Joe and Melissa were fit to be tied in jealousy and revenge. Those two think they should be famous and adored, and there was Teresa starring on a reality show. Joe even said ‘Teresa needs to fall.’ Fall? He pushed her!” [FanViewerNJ, August 8, 2012, Teresa’s Bravo Blog]

    See also: The Lauritas and Manzos Are Hoping Viewers Will Buy BLK ‘Out of Pity’ (They Say They’ve ‘Invested Everything’ in BLK); Teresa Giudice Should Cut All Ties with Kathy Wakile and Joe & Melissa Gorga; Melissa Accuses Teresa and Bravo Producers of Sabotage

  8. SunnyAZ_1
    September 18, 2012 at 6:46 AM

    It’s late, I can’t sleep and am trying to see how this all links together. I don’t have twitter acct but from what some of you have mentioned with Kim G I was going over her old tweets and though it may not be anything it is telling how much she does know what goes on behind the scenes and definitely has a bone to pick with Teresa. I feel this plot has both Kim’s written all over it, as well as Jacqueline, Monica, Melissa and her sisters, Kathy, The Manzo’s,Tom Murro and Bravo (Andy).

    I can actually say I detest Jacqueline more over Caroline. She is very, very cunning and will do whatever, to whomever to be right. I think that the sway for Jacqueline towards Teresa might have started the night that Ashlee pulled DS’s hair. Because due to that Ashlee had to go to court. But the big question I have is why does Jacqueline despise only DS for that but yet DS was leary of filing charges unitl Kim G pressed her to do it. Kim G was the one who pushed DS to file the charges against her next door neighbors daughter. You would think that Jacqueline would detest Kim G since this was even caught on tape. So why are they so buddy buddy? Why did Jacqueline skip the Reunion 3 and cry her woes to Kim G the night of the airing and why is she feeding information to Kim G? I feel it was Kim G who Jacqueline was texting at the PFS. She had a birds eye view and considering the tweets below. Both Kim’s are in-laws. Kim G has the money and resources. Monica has an ax to grind with the Guidices and Melissa and her clan will go along with whatever as long as the outcome is Teresa ruined.

    So Kim G and Tom Murro admitted they gave the picture to “in touch” magazine of Joe with another woman at a restaurant. Isn’t this the magazine that Teresa has a 7 cover deal with (sarcasm). If that’s the case they sure didn’t do Teresa any favors… right? Isn’t Tom Murro affiliated with Radar Online also?

    Kim Granatell ‏@Kimgranatell
    Oh what a wealth of knowledge..and so much more to come!
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    20 Oct Kim Granatell ‏@Kimgranatell
    So glad Jacqueline, myself, and Tom Murro converse each day…oh I forgot Monica too!!
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    19 Oct Kim Granatell ‏@Kimgranatell
    Jacqueline knows what Teresa is all about..she admitted to me, I was right all along!
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    19 Oct Kim Granatell ‏@Kimgranatell
    InTouch Mag. Teresa’s husband and his latest GF. Thanks to Tom Murro and myself for having those photos! Jacqueline nothing to do with them.
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    18 Oct Kim Granatell ‏@Kimgranatell
    And I know Jacqueline will be thrilled!
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    18 Oct Kim Granatell ‏@Kimgranatell
    Oh and I forgot Monica fabulous lawyer who so wants to bring Teresa down..and will! Don’t mess with my Cuban GF!!

  9. num1fanDtre
    September 23, 2012 at 1:29 AM

    Looking back everything makes sense, i just wish that teresa has had a PR before the reunion, like she knew how to answer the questions straight to the point….recently she was on WWHL on Andys show and a caller was asking if it was true Caroline allegations of her being the reason why Dina and her are no longer talking to each other. i was upset…i wanted to jump and answer that a few weeks before… Dina herself was on the same show WWHL and someone asked the same question and Dina herself answered that it has nothing to do with Tre …”Please do not believe that, i wasn’t talking to Teresa when it happened”. Many times it happens that she doesn’t say the things like she’s supposed to. i know the Reunion was already recorded …waiting for tomorrow and will hope Teresa shuts they’re mouths. Hoping Andy was fair with Teresa this time after all she has been put through all season.

  10. JJ
    September 24, 2012 at 1:50 PM

    I know That Theresa had nothing to do with all this shit, Theresa has made a name for herself beyond this show and all the other women can not so of course they are jealous. Theresa keep going you are the best Mom and If your husband does have to go to jail your kids will be proud because you are a great business woman and can take care of them. The rest of you go to H___l!!!! Melissa just a little advice, quit now before you make a total fool of yourself, you can not sing, you will never make it big. Caroline, what can I say you are too far gone and I feel so sorry for you, you are a very unhappy miserable woman. Jacqueline, get a life, dont cry over Theresa she is fine, you need to worry about you and yours.LOVE THERESA she is a real woman!!!! Joe you should be proud of your sister.

  11. tdtweety
    October 21, 2012 at 2:50 PM

    Am hoping Tre keeps standing tall. Enough is enough. Shame on Bravo for trying to destroy her reputation, her family and her relationships all the while skimming off of her profits. It can’t be easy getting in bed with the Andy devil…

  12. Love & Light!!!!
    November 20, 2012 at 9:07 PM

    Am I the only one who thinks the Brownstone Sauce sounds like a venereal disease? LOL

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