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Joe Gorga Apologizes to Teresa Giudice Via Text; Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo Project Their Resentment Toward Teresa Giudice onto Her 10-Year-Old Daughter Gia

May 22, 2012

“Once Teresa got this show and became even more visual, I think Joe and Melissa were fit to be tied in jealousy and revenge. Those two think they should be famous and adored, and there was Teresa starring on a reality show. Joe even said ‘Teresa needs to fall.’ Fall? He pushed her!” – FanViewerNJ, August 8, 2012, Teresa’s Bravo Blog

According to Teresa Giudice in her Bravo blog about the pool party confrontation instigated by her brother in episode 4 of season 4, where he lost control of his temper and verbally abused her in front of all the children:

“I didn’t love the talk my brother and I had. I really, really didn’t want to get into it at a pool party my kids were at, because I knew how it would go. And it went that way… and worse. You didn’t even see the entire argument. Joey’s explosion at me was insane, scary, and yes, really, really hurtful to me.”

Joe Gorga called his sister a “f–king bitch” and told her to “shut the f–k up” during the episode (as well as telling her “you need to fall in order to see what you have done wrong“). In the next episode, the Gorgas scripted the “I sent my sister a text” scene (many of their scenes are staged and rehearsed) to cover up his failure to promptly apologize. It appears he lied about sending the text the next day.

“You know the other night, Meliss, I sent my sister a text the next day” (Joe Gorga tells Melissa in the car on the way to field day at Jacqueline’s).

Joe had Melissa read his text message on camera and then Melissa pretended to support his fake desire to reconcile with his family. Who text messages their sister an apology after calling her an f–king bitch and antagonizing her at a party in front of her kids? That’s not an authentic apology.

Jacqueline and Caroline accused Teresa of lying about not receiving the text from her brother. Of course, when Jacqueline asked Teresa if her brother had contacted her, Teresa had not yet received his text message. Leave it to these two troublemakers and busybodies to jump to the conclusion that Teresa flat-out lied to manipulate them into thinking negatively about Joe Gorga.

In her blog, Teresa explains:

“I wasn’t lying about getting the text from my brother because when Jacqueline called me, I hadn’t gotten it yet! I was going to tell her at field day, but I didn’t get a chance because of everything going on with Gia.”

“Joe Gorga told Melissa that he sent it to Teresa the day after the pool party, which was apparently the day before the field day events. When Teresa talks to Jacqueline, she asks about the pool party from the night before, then she asks if Teresa is coming the next day to the field day activities. Which could also explain why Teresa said Joe had not reached out to her, if the text came later in the day it would make sense from all sides.” [inatizzy , May 21, 2012, Television Without Pity]

See the blog ‘The Chirping Twit’ for an excellent recap and timeline for season 4, episode 5: Spoiled Sports. Here’s an excerpt from the blog, which I highly recommend:

RHONJ: The Field Day on Tre & Gia (Excerpt)

The Chirping Twit
May 20, 2012

In the car, Joe Gorga tells Melissa, “You know the other night, Meliss, I sent my sister a text the next day” and hands her the phone to read the text he sent Teresa out loud (for the cameras):

“I feel horrible at what happened yesterday I don’t know how to get past all this hurt and try again. I love you and remember, I’m your brother and I will always be there for you if you want me.”

Joe Gorga says,

“She knows how to push my buttons. I was trying to be sweet..”


Later in Jacqueline’s kitchen:

Caroline says:

“You know what, there’s a lot of talk going around (because my self-esteem sucks so bad that I have to keep ragging on about people who I feel are better than I am) something about what happened with Joe and nonsense so…”

Melissa says:

“Everything’s fine. Joe text his sister and told her he loves her and that he’s here for her and will always be there for her…”

Jac in her headshot interview says:

“I was a little confused. When I talked to Teresa I asked her specifically if her brother had reached out to her and she said no. Why would she lie to me about that. Why wouldn’t she tell me that her brother reached out to her (because I’m too stupid to realize that he texted her after I told Caroline he hadn’t called her and she gave him the heads up to quick-send-a-text-to-cover-his-rotten-backstabbing-ass for the cameras)?”

Caroline plants seeds and tells Jac,

“She lied to you. You asked her and she..”

Jac says,

“She called me yesterday and I asked if he reached out to her and she said no.”

The voices in Caroline’s head say Caroline says,

“She’s trying to create an illusion. She doesn’t want us to know it was a positive thing.”

Then Caroline’s voices in her head become audible and she mimics Tre and says…“I didn’t hear from him, I didn’t hear from him, no I didn’t hear … meanwhile the poor guy reached out to her.”

Jac says,

“Maybe she was trying to manipulate my perception of the situation.” (or maybe your jealous beotch sister-in-law planted and is growing seeds in your little chia head)

Melissa then adds more to the text message by continuing:

“It was really sweet…he said, I’m so sorry. I love you, you’re my sister and I will always be there for you. Anything you ever want or anything you ever need, I’m here.”

Caroline says:

“So when did he do that?”

Liar Melissa says:

“He did that right after they had the argument.”

Caroline projecting her own short-comings says:

“Teresa always has to blame somebody for something. Doesn’t matter if it’s a lie. Doesn’t matter if it hurts other people. As long as she comes out in the clear and she looks like the victim and people could feel sorry for her, it works for Teresa.”


We don’t know if Teresa received the text at the time she had spoken to Jacqueline so why start another feud when it’s none of your business?

Also see the blog The Real(ly) Old Housewives of Manatee County for another great recap. Here’s an excerpt:

The little girl [Gia] accuses her uncle of cheating and the whole situation escalates when she breaks down crying and screaming the blue team cheated. Jacqueline tells us that all the blue team’s trashing talking and mocking was all in fun and the kid [Gia] was taking it too seriously. She goes on to say she was “trying to break her of that”. Why Jac thought it was her place to break someone else’s child of anything is beyond me.

Somehow Jacqueline and Caroline end up in the house alone with Teresa’s daughter and they proceed to lecture her. When the little girl says she wants her mom, Caroline tells her “You don’t need everyone paying attention to you”, and then order’s the kid to look at her when she’s speaking. To make things even worse, Jac begins reading aloud a children’s book about being a bad sport. The kid responds by stomping off but instead of letting it go, Jac goes after her saying she wants her to learn this lesson.

Finally Teresa enters the house and rescues her from these two catty shrews. I’m amazed a table wasn’t flipped! Seriously, I was surprised how calmly Teresa handled the situation. Of course she was clearly outnumbered without an ally in sight, but still I would have thought she’d go ballistic if someone messed with her kids. Maybe now that she’s seen the entire scene she wishes she had kicked their asses.

While Teresa is talking to her daughter and trying to calm her down, the other women are in the kitchen acting like they’ve never seen a child have a melt down before. Yes, the little girl totally over reacted and blew everything out of proportion, but then she’s a child and children do that. I think Tree should have given her a time out and made her sit out the next game, but regardless it was Teresa’s place to decide how she wanted to handle her daughter. Not mine, Jacqueline’s or Caroline’s.

Say What?? on May 21, 2012 at 11:05 am said at AllAboutTRH.com:

I was thinking something more seedy. Joe never mentioned the text when he was at the gym with Rich. Jac called Teresa and heard Josephine hadn’t reached out… she then called Melissa and told her Teresa said ON Camera that Josephine hadn’t reached out and he was going to look bad for it… so Joe texted her. Jac didn’t want to confront Teresa because she knew it was set up! Teresa would have said, “Ya, he texted me this morning” or no he hadn’t text her at all! Why would Teresa lie about it? That whole text situation was awkward and obviously a set up.

Submitted by santa barbara Viewer on May 21, 2012 on Melissa’s Bravo Blog:

Melissa, I can’t help but notice the you and Joe wait for the cameras to be rolling before you talk about things that are hot topic issues, and things you’ve obviously already discussed. Are we supposed to believe that this car ride was the first time you’ve talked about what happened at a party 5 days ago? It’s like you want to make sure the viewers are “clear” about the way the fight went down and make sure we know what happened afterwards, how poor Joe apologized right away and Teresa rebuffed him. Sorry, not buying it. We all watched things go down and no matter how you try to spin it afterwards it won’t change the facts. I can’t stand all the Teresa bashing. I think you all might have a chance if you stopped blabbing to that awful clown Carolyn and her stupid family. They are an awful bunch!

Submitted by sky snow on May 21, 2012 on Melissa’s Bravo Blog:

Melissa, what a huge SET UP. The whole acting out of Joe contacting Teresa and how Teresa lied about it deal. You and Jacqueline set that up as you acted out your parts to try to make Teresa look like a liar. The whole reading the message in the car as the proof and it being brought up and “overheard” wink wink in the kitchen. What a farce. You people are the most destructive, dishonest bunch I have ever seen. Joe paints himself as an angel this week, telling all how wonderful he was to Teresa; and you are so encouraging–what a crock! You are just continuing to try to hurt Teresa while putting on innocent masks. Why not try being HONEST AND REAL and making true amends and stop all the excuses and blaming, and do something real to restore these relationships and give up all the ego issues you have. Get out of Caroline and Jacqueline’s back pocket and work out your family problems so that there can be some lasting peace and harmony.

downformine, 05-21-2012, 10:15 AM, LipstickAlley.com

Joe Gorga is a liar and there is no truth in him. In one scene with Ritchie he hadn’t talked or reached out to Teresa, yet in the scene going to Jacqueline’s, it’s “Look Melissa, here’s the heartfelt text I sent my sister who I love.” Bravo is smart: when this train wreck ends they can tell the viewer we showed you him/them lying and setting Teresa up but you hate her so much it didn’t matter. Lawd!

Yorkshirestar on May 21, 2012 at 10:18 am said at AllAboutTRH.com:

I just thought the whole text message scenario reminded me of the Melissa and Joe scene when they were discussing what Teresa had said to Joe about Melissa leaving him for a richer man. They made sure it was on camera, and Melissa then made sure to tell Jac and Caro. Then everyone decided to presume Melissa and Joe were telling the truth. I am not saying that Joe didn’t text Teresa, but for all we know it might have been like five minutes before they got in the car, so when Teresa spoke to Jac he hadn’t yet texted her. I just think something is amiss and all is not what it seems.

Submitted by Hassett on May 20, 2012 on Caroline’s Bravo Blog:

Caroline, I found it interesting that you automatically believed that Teresa was lying about the text. Not for one second did either you or Jacqueline stop to think maybe she didn’t get the text. I don’t believe that Joe sent it to her the next day. He probably sent it on field day. When he and Melissa were on their way to Jacqueline’s, he mentioned that he had sent the text, and it only took Melissa a second to find it… if it had been days ago, it would have taken her longer to see it. Teresa probably really hadn’t seen it. Something to consider.

Submitted by Libbiec2 on May 21, 2012 on Caroline’s Bravo Blog:

Caroline, given the discord between Joey G and his sister Teresa, neither you nor Jacqueline should assume that Joey apologized to Teresa for calling her names. You wonder just whose benefit Joey did that for when he sent the message — certainly not his sister’s. For all we know Joey merely saved the message as a “draft.” He has no problem berating her on the televised show. Calling someone a “bitch,” especially your sister to her face, and stomping off does not warrant a text message apology. If he was truly sincere in his apology, he would have sought her out and apologized in person. Might I add — not in front of rolling cameras. I believe you all jumped to conclusions about an apology being made.

holy cannoli on May 21, 2012 at 11:45 am said at AllAboutTRH.com:

When did Joey send this text to Teresa? At the gym with Rich–he never mentioned it. I’m thinking, if it happened, maybe it was after he spoke to Rich, maybe later that day? Maybe that is why Teresa told Jacqueline that she hadn’t heard from her brother because she didn’t get the text yet? Why did Jacqueline just assume that Teresa lied to her, and then go and say something to Caroline and Chris about it, when possibly Teresa hadn’t heard from her brother when Jacqueline spoke to her. Ugh these people! Funny also Melissa told Jacqueline that Joey sent the text that night of the fight, huh? Joey never said that, did he? He just said he sent a text, right? Something is really off about the timeline.

Submitted by melissa123456 on May 21, 2012 on Caroline’s Bravo Blog:

You could so see the part where Melissa and Joe staged that ‘Joe sent Teresa a text’, but earlier in the gym with Richie he said he felt bad and needed to reach out to her and that he should be saying that to his sister but he can’t. How many times are Melissa and Joe going to get snagged lying and mixing their words. Bravo get them off TV–I have had enough.

Submitted by Libbiec2 on May 21, 2012 on Melissa’s Bravo Blog:

Melissa, your husband Joey’s means of delivering an “apology” to his sister Teresa was way out of line. He has no problem berating her, calling her a b—h, and stomping off. What a despicable way for a man to act! Then to compound matters, he sends of all things a text message to her “apologizing.” Hold on here! That is NOT a sincere apology nor was it reaching out to his sister. He should have put his big boy pants on, sought her out, and apologized in person — away from the cameras and cast! For all we know, he just says he sent a message. The one he should care about it is his sister. Again, he needs to apologize in person to Teresa.

Submitted by Miss Miami on May 21, 2012 on Melissa’s Bravo Blog:

Melissa, can your husband read? I don’t mean to be rude, but why do people always have to read aloud to him? He sent the text two seconds before the cameras started rolling in your car and after Jacqueline talked to Teresa. You just could not resist manipulating her “friends” and making her look like a liar. No matter how many angel wings you try on, they just don’t fit, just like your shorts.

Submitted by amorenomore on May 21, 2012 on Kathy’s Bravo Blog:

Kathy, why do you all assume Joey is telling the truth — anyone can say they “sent a text”! If his apology was sincere, he should have gone to his sister and apologized on camera! I applaud you for the way YOU helped Gia. I believe Jac and Carolyn had other motives for their efforts. No wonder Ashlee has problems, if that’s how Jac handles her children’s behavior. Jac should have been a mother to Ashlee like she’s trying to be to Lauren. Keep it going with Teresa…she needs your love, support and understanding. But please, Kathy, STAND UP to those who are being negative and mean to her!

Submitted by amorenomore on May 21, 2012 on Melissa’s Bravo Blog:

Melissa, you can’t possibly believe that Jac and Carolyn were coming from a place of “trying to help and keep the peace”? They were both wrong in how they handled the situation with Gia and you should just say it! Teresa said she didn’t hear from Joey after he verbally abused her…again. The scene in which he told you he text her was rehearsed and so obvious a set up. Why should we believe him instead of Teresa…because he said so?! I think not! He’s been a cruel brother to Teresa (the vile names), and he should have gone to her IN PERSON AND ON CAMERA to apologize!! Please stop making yourself out to be the “loving sister-in-law”!

Submitted by EMM126 on June 1, 2012 on Melissa’s Bravo Blog:

I do not believe Caroline or Jac was coming from a good place talking to Gia. The beginning of the day, they tought/said Teresa was a liar, they talked crap about her with the rest of the cast, including her own family, yet hours later they are in a caring place?

There is no need for public humiliation, which is what Jacqueline and Caroline did to Gia—and to someone else’s kid no less. It was wrong for Bravo to air these scenes with Gia, and it was wrong for Jacqueline and Caroline to corner, badger and taunt her. Gia asked for her mother numerous times and was clearly in distress—Jacqueline and Caroline should have explained to her that she could leave and get her mother herself if she wanted.

“Caroline and Jaq were obnoxious (and, I think, were actually GLAD that Gia was coming across badly on camera. Why? Because they thought it was making Teresa look bad. They were judgmental and critical to a child who has had a lot of stress–including a father who’s been to jail and may be returning, who probably sees her parents’ marriage collapsing and who is caught between her uncle and mother).” [Kali12, May 21, 2012, Television Without Pity]

“Jacq and Caroline could have done one of three things: (1) let Gia stew in her anger, (2) tell her to go to her mom, and (3) go find Teresa. Simple as that. I think Gia behaved horribly, but then I look at what’s going on in her life and what age she is, and I’m just like, damn… some ages should not be caught on camera! Now, my mother would have whooped me from here to Jupiter if I acted the way Gia did, but I do not think Gia is a horrible child. Thus far, she’s seemed to mature quite a bit, so I just think she has so much going on that it’s no surprise she melted down. Notice how gently Kathy spoke to her and how receptive she was? Jacq and Caroline went about the situation all wrong, which can’t really be a surprise given how Ashley and Lauren turned out. Gia’s not stupid—she knew what Jacq and Caroline were trying to do.” [PharmGal10, May 21, 2012, TelevisionWithoutPity]

Kathy (Gia’s blood relative) handled the situation totally different from Caroline and Jacqueline, and she got much different results because she came from a place of love and understanding, and Gia responded in kind.

Gia’s reaction to the cheating was extreme: she appeared to be the most upset about her uncle cheating, yet he showed no concern for her emotional state; Melissa sticking her tongue out at the ‘losers’ didn’t help either. Teresa should have taken Gia aside in private to address it (there is no doubt that this show and feuding relatives is taking a toll on Gia). For whatever reason (at Teresa’s encouragement or Gia’s own initiative), Gia removed herself from the situation by going to the basement away from the others and the cameras. Jacqueline and Caroline went looking for Gia, with cameras in tow, to teach her a lesson for the world to see: they were authoritative, aggressive and condescending toward Gia, which escalated the situation.

Gia should not have back-talked Jacqueline, which was wrong, but mother-of-the-year Jacqueline, who looked like she was enjoying the torment (and who in her talking head made a snide remark about Gia’s competitiveness), antagonized Gia on purpose—it’s not hard to see why Jacqueline is constantly at war with her own daughter and shipping her off to live with relatives. Jacqueline trying to give parenting advice is so ridiculous it is offensive. And it’s very sad that Jacqueline’s Twitter followers think an adult’s behavior can be justified by pointing out a 10-year-old’s tantrum. You don’t call a 10-year-old kid a sore loser and then read them a baby book about being a sore loser, when it’s clear they are upset about adults cheating.

“If you TWITTER FANS are your MORAL COMPASS in life, God Help You!’ [real jersey girl, May 25, 2012, Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog]

While a child should never disrespect an adult, neither should the adult disrespect the child. Children respecting elders does not translate into an angry woman being allowed to mistreat a child she deems is acting inappropriately. Jacqueline and Caroline were mocking a 10-year-old—adults should know better, when a child does not. Jacqueline acted in her typical, immature way—you don’t teach a kid not to smart mouth you by smart mouthing them back like you’re both on a playground together. Caroline looked like she was kicking a little girl who was already down; she projected the contempt and hatred she has for the Guidices onto their child. Clearly, at that point, Teresa was no longer seen as a family member or even as a friend to Caroline, and Caroline had no business disciplining a child that was not her’s, especially if the relationship with the child’s mother was on the rocks. Caroline manipulated that situation to make a statement about Teresa’s parenting, but it said a lot more about her.

11-year-old Gia Giudice wrote this her Twitter as a response to this episode:

I know that I was put of line by my actions this episode but you all need to understand that I was hearing a lot like my aunt kathy said!

And this is what 21-year-old Ashlee Holmes wrote on her Twitter:

LOL! NO NEED to feel bad for me @Teresa_Giudice ..if ANYTHING I feel sorry for YOUR kids ..AND you ..thanks for your concern though doll

The right response: leave Gia in the room alone until she gets over her feelings, because she would have and did, as evidenced by the footage at the end of field day with all of them eating on the deck.

Submitted by sage33 on May 27, 2012 on Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog:

Jacqueline, you are the one starting the whole Gia thing. The child was sitting there clearly upset her Uncle was cheating, but she wasn’t crying. You started it by saying that she wasn’t upset about him cheating it was because of her loosing the game. She TOLD you it wasn’t and to get her mother. You said if she would’ve won it would’ve been all ” I won…blah blah blah!!! You and Caroline are horrible and YOU BOTH made that child get even more upset. Shame on you for letting your frustration and jealousy for Teresa out on her daughter.

Submitted by Elma on May 25, 2012 on Caroline’s Bravo Blog:

Put yourself in Gia’s shoes: at her age everything is a big deal. By adults saying everyone was having fun and it wasn’t a big deal doesn’t make it easier for a child because remember they don’t have as much going on in their mind (pressures of daily life, work etc.), so anything becomes a big deal for them. Instead of ganging up on her, Caroline and Jacqueline should have:

1) Acknowledged her feelings and tried to find out why she thought Joey cheated, in what manner, how many times, etc. just so that Gia can unburden a bit and feel like someone is really listening to her…then try to find out if it’s true and then tell her that instead of crying she could have gone to to him and asked him why he cheated.

2) Called her mom right away – it is not OK for other adults (no matter if it’s aunts, uncles etc.) to do what Caroline and Jacqueline did – especially when the Mom is present and not too far away.

3) Acknowledge children’s fears, feelings and then tell them whether they are right or wrong. Think about yourself at that age…if you were very upset and people kept laughing it off (or laughing at you) and told you to shake it off, how upset you would be?

Submitted by team teresa on May 31, 2012.

Carolyn and Jackie over stepped their bounds with Gia. I saw it as getting to you through Gia by giving Gia their opinion of her. Their excuse that they felt they were family and doing it out of love was lame. Especially Caroline.

Submitted by SunnyAZ#1 on May 25, 2012 on Caroline’s Bravo Blog:

Caroline, you have complete disdain towards Teresa, so with Gia there was no “lesson” to teach. Gia had referred to you as an “aunt” because you were considered like family to her mother. Do you really think that she didn’t understand that you were not coming from a place of good? I think back to when I was her age and I had an Uncle who treated my dad poorly. I picked up on it and hated him with a passion for it. Give Gia more credit than that! She KNOWS your attitude has changed towards her mother and has no respect for you anymore… as I feel she shouldn’t. Besides, in your words, Teresa was never your friend, so Gia was not your’s to take on. It doesn’t come across as sincere. [‘You don’t need everyone to pay attention to you” – why would u say that to a 10-year-old? – that’s how you felt about Teresa, not Gia.]

Sorry, but times have changed, and though some not for the better, but I can honestly say (I have 3 girls) that I would rather my daughter(s) be outspoken and speak their minds than to be passive. You have to give respect Caroline in order to receive it. Maybe by now you are feeling the tilt on your blogs of how people are now feeling about you. It is time for YOU to have the attitude adjustment and learn some lessons.

Submitted by RHfanLI on May 21, 2012 on Melissa’s Bravo Blog:

Melissa, one question right now! Why are you, along with Jac’s Mom, following a horrible person on twitter since last night–someone who has been bullying and saying the most horrific things to Gia? I, by the way, am not following her, but someone I am retweeted it, and was appalled and reported her. But YOU, my dear, are still following her. That, my friend tells me EVERYTHING about the type of person you are. Finally, Antonia, is ALSO sitting right behind you WHILE you and and your loving husband are talking so lovingly about Teresa. Hypocrite much?

Note from AllAboutTRH: After the episode aired Gia got tons of support but was also being harassed on Twitter by one specific person who wouldn’t stop. That persons name is Collette and she is followed by Melissa Gorga and Jacqueline Laurita’s mother Bonnie Grippe.

Also note that @BravoTV tagged Gia’s twitter addy in a poll about her on WWHL, which resulted in the child being pelted with outrageous tweets, one even said she needed to be “beat”.

IDon’tBelieveInUnicorns on May 24, 2012 at 8:46 pm said on LynnNChicago:

The whole “gang” followed an “egg” who sent some really nasty tweets about Gia. Jac’s mother even tweeted “xo – good night” to this Gia abuser. Read about it on The Chirping Twit. The account has since been suspended. I can’t even express how disturbing that is to me.

Acacia on May 22, 2012 at 7:33 pm said on AllAboutTRH.com:

I was chatting with favAuntJulie and Johnny the Greek, when it was happening, and I follow Joe Gorga for laughs, so I was tweeting him, demanding to know why he wasn’t doing anything to stop the woman who was picking on his niece and goddaughter he claimed to love and care about. He just kept flirting back with the whores who tweet about how hot and sexy he is. Sick bastard.

me on May 22, 2012 at 12:19 pm said on AllAboutTRH.com:

I have sent Mel DMs [direct messages on Twitter] about this person following her and to un-follow them immediately or I will block her… and she isn’t even responding. ‘ExMarcoSistersFan’ said that when someone is mean tweeting or harrassing Teresa, she takes pleasure in it–i.e. her hairdresser, her sisters, etc. Now when ‘MarcoSistersFan’ tweeted something in defense to Teresa to Jacqueline, she was told immediately via DM to take it down!! Now Melissa is sitting quiet on this attack too. I have seen NUMEROUS fans tweet Joe Gorga about this too and instead he retweeted people only saying wonderful things about him. JUST SHOWS exactly what is the story there.

MOMMAHURLEY on May 22, 2012 at 10:47 am said on AllAboutTRH.com:

If Melissa was really so offended by people attacking Gia last night, and yesterday, why didn’t she ask her followers to stop? She didn’t. She followed a lot of them that night as they were attacking her niece. And she constantly talks about Teresa in front of her kids! Gia knows her uncle didn’t come to her birthday party. Gia heard her uncle’s tirade in front of all of the kids at Kathy’s pool party! Joe didn’t explain anything to Gia, he brushed her off with half truths and promises he doesn’t intend to keep, then also put the blame back on her mother. That’s not an apology or a loving uncle! That’s a scam artist. Teresa is the one who is desperately trying to protect her parents. Not Joe Gorga. If he wanted to protect his parents, he and his wife would have never come on this show promising to “take Teresa Down!”. Words are easy Melissa… actions speak far louder than your words. Your smirk as you heard Gia begging Joe to stop hurting her mother…said it all. You love seeing the pain! You absolutely love it, like a sick sadistic viper.

Submitted by Viewerincali on May 21, 2012 on Melissa’s Bravo Blog:

Enough Melissa, please don’t try to pretend you care about Gia. Maybe she hears a lot because you and your husband schemed to get on Teresa’s show to take her down so you could live out your teen singing dreams. Maybe because when Gia goes to her cousin’s christening she sees her mother gets attacked verbally and physically by her brother, or when she goes to an end-of-year pool party at her cousins’ house (where you guys cornered Teresa into a talk that she stated she didn’t want to do with her kids there) she once again sees her mother verbally attacked by her brother. Funny how he cares so much about Gia’s feelings when cameras are rolling and in front of Jacqueline, yet when cameras aren’t rolling he can’t even bother to show up for her birthday party. Joe Guidice just seems tired of seeing all of you set up and attack his wife–that is his problem, not that Teresa and Joe are running around tearing you guys apart to his in-laws. After all, isn’t it Joey who went crying to his father–both of you last season telling anyone who will listen that Joey and his father don’t have a relationship? Now you are both running around telling everyone that they are so close. Which is it?

Submitted by filyMom on June 2, 2012 on Melissa’s Bravo Blog:

Melissa manipulated her way through this show with one sole purpose: to turn anyone she can against Teresa to make a name for herself on a reality show. What makes it disgusting to me, is that it has affected her own nieces horribly, and there is no way she didn’t see that coming… Combine that with her husband climbing on board with the same goal, well, it makes them tough to stomach.

WeedWaiter on June 22, 2012 said at Television Without Pity:

Joe Gorga lost me the first eppie he was on when he called his sister Garbage for congratulating him, then calling his ailing father his “fucking father”. He’s shown no respect for his family. I have never heard Teresa once talk about him in those terms, not even Melissa. Now he’s trying to make himself look good by trying to “make peace” with Teresa. I don’t believe him. He doesn’t believe that Tre will go with him to therapy and that’s why he suggested it. If he and Teresa make peace, he has no storyline. Whatever might have been going on between Teresa and her brother, he was out of line talking to her that way in public. He brought the fight and Teresa gets blamed for defending herself. Sorry, but no points from me. Also, the bit about him and Gia, sorry there too. Look at field day as a prime example. He cheated and when he saw how upset she was, instead of trying to make it right, he lied and did it again. Meanwhile, his prize of a wife stuck her fingers in her ears, her tongue out of her mouth and mocked Gia. Yeah, I felt the love. Juicy Joe has every reason to be frustrated and wanting Joe Gorga out of Tre’s life. I’m sure he hears from Teresa and her parents about the situation and as much as it drives us crazy, imagine living it.”

Submitted by KelliOfficeGirl on June 2, 2012 on Melissa’s Bravo Blog:

Melissa has set up a season to have her nieces SLAMMED on blogs across the nation. To support Melissa, her fans write about how terrible Teresa’s kids are. And that’s considered a “win” blog for Melissa. Nice. You may have fame Melissa, but (if you care) you will never have your nieces’ love. Though I suppose, seeing you AND Joe in action with the cameras, you guys are MORE than willing to make that trade. OMG, who does Melissa get to write in these nice blogs about she and Joe trying to keep the peace? I must admit, it gave my friends and I a good chuckle this morning when we were perusing these sites. Serously? He set his sister up telling the nation what she said in private, and he’s trying to “keep the peace?” That wasn’t a little things folks, he purposefully set her up, with cameras ROLLING-to fall hard with a PRIVATE conversation regarding what everyone was saying around town. How can ANYONE not find that simply vile, or are you just Teresa haters? I think the latter is true; fortunately, you’re a small majority. Any fan that would write in to bash another woman’s children on here is someone I wouldn’t want to know in real life! It shows you who Melissa’s fans are.

Teresa lets us in her life and shows the real scenes with family life with four children. They are adorable and full of life and learning to be honest, not manipulative, and they are accepted for who they are. Teresa allows them to be who they are on camera, and they are rockstars.

Melissa shows us contrived scenes she wants us to see. It is so painfully obvious now, and its out there for everyone to read, how Melissa and Joe came on this show to take Teresa down so they could have fame. It’s hard to fathom, coming from a family who would never even THINK about doing that to one another for “reality” fame. Yikes. That’s why we “Moms” are just flaberrgasted at the people who haven’t caught on yet.

If you go to Teresa’s blogs, she receives nice blogs from fans who lavish her with kudos on overcoming a public execution. On MELISSA’S site, you see viewer’s slamming Teresa to build Melissa up. All Melissa is, is tied in with hating Teresa. Great dynamics for your career. Melissa is in Teresa’s shadow and she always will be and THAT…. is the whole problem. It couldn’t BE any more black n white.

Melissa’s loyalty is to her family, blood relatives only, and not to her husband’s family (he has no loyalty to them either). Melissa has no love in her heart for Gia, and Joe Gorga loves Gia as much as a narcissist can love someone other than himself (Melissa spread some nasty rumors about Gia after her birthday party, which Uncle Joe did not attend). The Gorgas partied with the Manzos after watching Caroline antagonize and bully their niece on the May 20th episode and after witnessing the same niece being bullied on Twitter by someone Melissa follows.

Calzoned on May 24, 2012 at 4:54 pm said on AllAboutTRH.com:

I’m wondering why Melissa, Joe and Kathy aren’t speaking up for EVERYone to back off Gia and Milania? They’re family…and they’re not saying boo about how wrong it is to go after the kids? They don’t even need to name names to shut this attack on their family down. Garbage. All of them. Their silence speaks volumes.

Submitted by debideb on May 22, 2012 on Caroline’s Bravo Blog:

Maybe Gia’s uncle Joe should have apologized to his favorite niece and Goddaughter for cheating. Then, chaos would have been avoided. As rude as Gia sounded, she was crying out for someone to listen. She was standing up for what’s right and called Joe out for cheating. As spoiled as they come, kids are people too and it should have been handled accordingly.

Submitted by Meemaw21111 on May 22, 2012 on Caroline’s Bravo Blog:

Caroline, I’m sorry to say that it really looked like you were projecting your anger at Teresa onto Gia. Gia was way out of line… but, given the current state of your relationship with Teresa, don’t you think it would have been best to stay out of it? I know it is hard to hear a child be disrespectful to any adult. I would have been furious at my daughter had she screamed at an adult. But, it wasn’t your place, and something tells me that deep inside you see that now. You are not going to change Gia’s attitude with one stern comment to her. She wanted to be left alone and you should have never followed her. She knows that you don’t like her mother…..why would she want your advice?

Submitted by ElaineNCarolina on May 22, 2012 on Caroline’s Bravo Blog:

I’m a mother to children ages 37 to 11 – grandmother to children ages 13 to 9 and married to a retired Marine. Respect is big around here and the only people I saw being disrespectful were Jacqueline and Caroline. I saw Gia react to being treated disrespectfully and personally give the child kudos for not thinking she had to put up with it just because she is a child. We need to raise our girls to speak out when they don’t think they are being treated fairly or having their needs met. Kudos Gia!

Submitted by Ratched on May 22, 2012 on Caroline’s Bravo Blog:

Caroline, I’m not so opposed to a “family friend” trying to deal with a child’s meltdown, but it was not the place you were coming from when you did it. You practically wet your pants to be able to showcase your superiority in the whole deal. That kid was not stupid and knew she was in “enemy territory” when it comes to the Manzo’s/Gorgas clans VS the Guidices. And I’m sure she couldn’t articulate why she was even feeling what she was feeling, but I’m sure she felt the “gang-up” mentality throughout the day and was lashing out in confusion and frustration. You are so damned smug when dispensing your pearls of wisdom, and you certainly live in a glass house yourself. Best take care when trying to be the Italian Yoda there, lest you get a window broken yourself. Pride goeth before a fall.

Submitted by RachelofVA on May 22, 2012 on Caroline’s Bravo Blog:

Caroline, you and Jacqueline were wrong to do what you did to Gia. I was horrified as I watched and put myself in Gia’s position. I would’ve felt trapped and belittled and frustrated, and a child should never have to feel like that – even if she was behaving poorly. You say children should have respect, and I agree. But you are not her parent and had no right to reprimand her in that way. If you didn’t appreciate the way she was talking to you, you could’ve said that to her and then walked away to get her mother, let Teresa know she was upset, crying and begging for her, told her how she spoke to you, and left it up to Teresa to deal with. Maybe Teresa would’ve reprimanded her for it or maybe she wouldn’t have, but either way that is HER prerogative as Gia’s parent.

If you don’t like the way Gia was speaking to you or how she was behaving throughout the day, then just make the choice to stay away from her in the future. Your way of parenting is not the only right way. You have this very judgmental air about you as if you’re the only sane person, you’re the only right person, and that your way of handling things and parenting is the only right way, and that is simply not true. I have to say I might’ve done the same thing Teresa did in that case as far as telling the two of you she didn’t appreciate the way you handled things with her daughter. I would’ve reprimanded my kid too, but just because you two are adults does not mean you were right in the situation. If you think children should show respect, so should adults, and you two did not respect Teresa as a parent of Gia as a child with the way you were cornering her and talking down to her.

Submitted by adrileoni on May 21, 2012 on Caroline’s Bravo Blog:

Caroline, I’m a big fan of yours. I look up to a lot of the advise you give but I have to admit I think what you and Jacqueline did in regards to Gia was out of line. Yes, every child should respect adults but children need to be respected too. As a mother of 8 I always teach my children to voice their opinion and wishes, in a respectful manner of course, but not to be push overs and feel like they have to do something that makes them uncomfortable just because an adult said so. If Gia is telling you she wants to be left alone or get her mother you should of respected that and given her her space to have a fit if that’s what she wants. She’s a child! Just because a parent handles their child in a manner you don’t approve of does not make it wrong. I also disagree that Teresa is sending Gia the massage that no matter how badly you behave if you feel hurt they’re wrong… I see Teresa’s message more like you’re my child, I’m your mother, I’m your protector! Both you and Jacqueline were wrong. Any mother would of stuck her claws out if they felt their child is being picked on! Wouldn’t you?

Submitted by Ruby2 on May 23, 2012 on Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog:

Do you know what Jacqueline, maybe you should be directing your anger toward the editing of your show rather than at Teresa! They are making you look sad and pathetic. We all get it! We know why you are feeling such hatred toward Teresa….it’s simple. She’s the most successful of the group. End of story. We will see how far your business ventures go…so far I’m sure that they are a hit in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

And the way that you are being depicted in this show will not help you. Blah…blah…blah! Right….you saw the text….you saw Teresa had responded…but she LIED to you blah…blah…freaking blah!! Whatever.

You and especially your sister in law Caroline are really looking horrible this season. You are actually beginning to make Kathy and Melissa look good. And that is not meant to be a compliment.

And last but not least, maybe it’s the negative energy in the room every single time Teresa and her family enter that Gia is feeding off on. She may hear things from her parents (all of the other children are hearing things as well (Caroline’s adult children are the worst)…but the energy that is being released toward the Guidice family whenever they are around I’m sure can be felt by not only Teresa and Joe but their children as well. Maybe it’s that toxic energy that Gia was responding to toward you and Caroline and not just being disrespectful. You need to be respectful of her family as well to receive respect. And oh by the way…did you NOT see Teresa respond to Gia’s behavior? So far this year, it’s been a witch hunt to take Teresa down…if we are feeling it by watching it, I can not IMAGINE what Gia must be feeling by living it. You are horrible people! Much success to Teresa and her family!

Submitted by Sunflower Mommy on June 4, 2012 on Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog:

Jacqueline, I know you are well-meaning and I’m not a Teresa fan, but in a constructive spirit, the way you made Gia feel small and humiliated is something I have noticed in your interactions with Ashlee. If you make someone feel strong, independent and successful in the way that you treat them, they will act accordingly. If you belittle them and wag your finger, they will have two choices — submit or rebel. I have always treated my daughter as an equal with respect and at 12 she is mature and responsible.

MOMMAHURLEY on May 24, 2012 at 6:50 pm said on AllAboutTRH.com:

As a qualified Expert, MA in ECE and Child Psychology… etc. etc. worked with hundreds of children every year… Gia was sorely provoked after hearing her Adored Uncle go on a Tirade against her mother, that actually went on much much longer and more vicious than what was shown, right in front of her. Then when she talked to him, he gave her an apology that was not an apology, only a deflection of blame onto her mother. Then he compounds that by cheating and his wife mocking her… Anyone might lose it… but she went off by herself to self soothe (a sign of emotional maturity in and problem solving)… until Jac and Caro, uninvited and unwantedly, went into the basement with camera crew in tow and mentally and emotionally abused, mocked, threatened, laughed and humiliated her, with a camera crew recording it. You can see her extreme emotional distress, but they don’t care! They aren’t trying to correct her…they are trying to humiliate her as a means of Putting Her Mother Down.

Annah on May 23, 2012 at 4:07 pm said on Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog:

Jacqueline, as for Gia, the cameras wouldn’t have been on her if you and Caroline didn’t go running downstairs after her. She was sitting with that boy, venting. She is old enough to work her way out of her own emotional state, but you and Caroline wouldn’t allow her to do that. You both cornered her and tried to ‘teach her a lesson’. When Gia tried to explain to you why she was upset by calmly telling you that your team cheated, you LAUGHED in her face. Which would be fine if she was teasing you, but she was upset. When you laughed, Gia said ‘if you think it’s funny then why don’t you just go outside’. In other words, Gia knew you weren’t there to listen to her, just to mock her. She knew your intentions and THAT is why she didn’t show you or Caroline any respect. You think she doesn’t hear and read the horrible things you say about her mother? She doesn’t trust you or your motives… she’s a smart girl. And for the record, I’ve always felt bad for Ashlee as well: you are so busy trying to push her to be what you want her to be you never stop to LISTEN to her. I’m sure you wanted to be a great mother and tried with her, you’re just not that good at it because you are too emotional and immature.

cammierari on May 23, 2012 at 4:40 pm said on Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog:

I think they went in there to make Gia look like a spoiled brat, and themselves look like responsible adults--which is laughable because any responsible adult would NEVER try to use a CHILD’S misery to their advantage. I am betting when Teresa saw what really happened to Gia she was done with both Caroline and Jacqueline, and no longer hopes they can all stay friends–unless SHE gets a big, public apology.

Submitted by viewer9509 on May 23, 2012 on Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog:

Jacqueline, your blogs continue to disappoint me, but I guess who has the biggest right to be disappointed in you is Teresa. Some friend you are, huh? When the go-and-got tough for Teresa, the tough ‘friends’ left. True friends would never abandon each other like that in their hour of need. Imagine if you had an estranged brother who decided to join your show and trash you to America? Tre would be there for you, because Teresa knows the meaning of loyalty. She’s excepted more than enough blame for her actions (and some of the rest of yours) and I can’t stand to see this. I guess what disappoints me most is the set-up scenes to make Tre look bad with Caroline and Melissa. If you were a real friend, you wouldn’t do that. It’s just so disappointing — especially now that you’re attacking Gia in your blogs. You stepped WAY over your boundaries and yet say how rude Gia was to YOU?!?! She shouldn’t have told you to leave your house, but you were harassing her while Caroline glared. Sad what you two have become.

Submitted by Viewer2210 on May 25, 2012 on Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog:

Jacqueline, so while I understand that on paper, you can talk about it being your house and your rules and Gia being bratty and disrespectful etc, that’s just not the way it works in real life and you obviously know that. It’s great that you apologised for trying to parent Gia that day and that you feel bad about it. The things you wrote in your blog today, however, is just something new you need to be sorry about. You ladies shouldn’t discuss young kids in your blogs and make predictions on how they will turn out to be. Reality TV is taxing enough on adults, but making claims that Gia is going to be as difficult as Ashlee and that she’s learning all the wrong things is a horrible thing to say on a national forum. She’s a child. Please don’t set her up for trouble. The more positive, encouraging things you say about her and to her, true or not, the more she’s going to emulate that. It almost sounds like you WANT her to turn out a certain way so that you can compare stories. I understand Ashlee is difficult and no its not your fault – but don’t project that on Tre’s kids, just like she doesn’t project her marital problems on your marriage.

alwaysflaca on May 29, 2012 said at IMDb.com:

Do you guys ever get the impression that Jac *enjoys* when Ashley misbehaves or fails? It’s seems like she has some sick, subconscious desire for Ashley to be problematic so that she (Jac) can be appear saintly and garner sympathy from the audience. It’s SO annoying to me. I’ve *never* seen Jac appear believably empathic with Ashley; I’ve only seen her come across as using Ashley’s misfortunes to make people feel sorry for herself. That’s why she emphasizes/exaggerates/publicizes every little thing that goes on (wrong) in Ashley’s life. It disgusts me.

lux_aeterna on May 29, 2012 said at IMDb.com:

To be very honest, yes. I do get that “victim” vibe from Jacqueline. It sometimes appears that she exploits this situation to garner sympathy so she can throw it at her daughter. Maybe because I’ve seen this kind of competitive behavior before. Regardless of anything Ashlee has done, Jacqueline is not a high school kid, she is not an equal. She is the adult, the parent. It doesn’t appear that she is behaving like one. I can understand her crying on a friend’s shoulder about her frustrations, sure. But playing this “poor me” to the cameras so her daughter can be painted the bad guy is just wrong. This isn’t a competition, this is her daughter. They both lose.

cottoncandyskyhigh on April 29, 2012 at IMDb.com:

Jacqueline is disgusting and so is her husband and her entire family. Could it be any more obvious that they don’t give a flying eff about Ashley. With Chris and the Manzos its bad enough, but Jacqueline is her mother. This girl is more than a partier and lazy she has some serious issues. And all her MOTHER and step father can talk about is what an inconvenience she is to them. Are you serious? No wonder she’s so screwed up with parents that clearly find her nothing but an annoyance. My mom, who is amazing and helped me through so much because she is actually loving and a parent, was watching the premier episode and was so disgusted by Jac, which I would hope most other parents are. Ashley is no angel, but she’s also seriously troubled; and Jacqueline not being able to wait to get her daughter out of the house and have a big party that night makes me sick to my stomach. HELP YOUR DAUGHTER. It couldn’t be anymore obvious that she wishes Ashley never existed and that she resents her. Its very very sad.

Submitted by AmrS on May 24, 2012 on Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog:

Jacqueline, I am on no side, but your blogs come from a place of hate. Your response regarding Teresa’s children is completely disproportionate to her one comment about you and Ashlee. For all you know that comment was a response to an interview question asked of her taken out of context. There is no need to drag kids and comment on what you believe is ‘rude’ and ‘rebellious’ ways on your blog – can’t you see that it only brings harm to those that are harmless in this mess. Also just because you are angry with T does not mean every single thing she does is wrong and every little action of her should be micro-analyzed. Why are we harping on text messages that she denied etc.. etc.. give her the benefit of the doubt and move on. Did you ever think that she may have not wanted to be at field day because she knew that you were turning on her – you were already gossiping about her with Caroline – that isn’t the definition of a friend.

Submitted by Janet G. on May 23, 2012 on Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog:

I used to be a huge fan of you, but have since changed my opinion. I understand the blogs are to talk about the episode, but you only continue on with talking about Teresa, her parenting, her kids, her brother, her issues, the ENTIRE BLOG. Its absolutely horrendous what you did to Gia. I have no issue with someone stepping in when a parent is around, but the manner which you did it, being that you are “like” family, but not actually family was disgusting. Your tone, Caroline’s tone, just oozed with nastiness, not well meaning words. Kathy was the only one that seemed to handle Gia in a proper way (when a child is not yours). Get over yourself. As I said in my comments to Melissa, Joe is a liar too. What was the date of this text message? He never once mentioned anything the day after when he was at the gym with Richie (who seemed to actually make him think to do it), and it wasn’t until days later that Joey, in the car with the camera’s on) tell Melissa about the text and says “Look Look Look, I’m a good guy”. Why didn’t Melissa mention to you that Teresa had responded in a positive manner as you say above in your blog? Did you ever think Tre spoke to you before the message? You have lost me as a fan of yours. Hope you and Caroline leave the show. I’m so over you guys.

YeahRight on May 23, 2012 at 3:33 pm said on AllAboutTRH.com:

I find it interesting that Jac say’s “From what I am hearing on Twitter, most people would have been a lot more aggressive with her than I was.” Sounds to me like Jac is condoning the Bashing Gia on twitter stuff.

Submitted by StephieBreeze on May 23, 2012 on Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog:

Jacqueline, you are so crazy lady! You seriously need help! You have your own perspective on things, but you think anyone with a different perspective is lying! You were so out if line with that child it is unbelievable! You were immature and condescending! Try and take some advice from your husband and stay out of other people’s life! Please go back into some sort of intensive therapy! Maybe even check yourself in for a while! You need it! Then maybe you will see how fake and wrong you really are!! By the way just because you put a “LOL” after something does not mean that it wasn’t a rude b*tchy comment!!

Jennifer on May 23, 2012 at 5:02 pm said on Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog:

What would they have done? Would they hit the child? If they did DYFS would be there in a second and Jac would be losing her other two children as well. Jac is delusional. She over-reached. She should have gotten Tre. She was not in charge of Gia when her mother is around. If I were Jac I would have gotten Tre and explained everything prior to bringing her to Gia and then explained my position again in front of Gia. Tre would have admonished Gia slightly for her lack of respect. But, what the heck are we talking about here. This is a little girl who had a tantrum. Then, we have two adults bullying her for the cameras. This is sick. It is depraved. It looks like Gia is prey for these two coyotes, Jac and Caroline. If this is where America and National TV has lowered itself, then we have to reflect. This is not what should be considered good TV. It is vindictive and awful.

Kate (not the ignorant, Tre-hating “kate”) on May 22, 2012 at 12:45 pm said on AllAboutTRH.com:

Unfortunately, we are now seeing the backlash from Bravo not handling this “storyline” about Gia correctly. They managed to insert other adults where it wasn’t necessary. They managed to make a child cry on camera. They managed to publicly embarrass and humiliate a 10 year old child that did not sign up for that kind of exposure (unlike the grown Manzo children who each have their own contract) and nor did her mother. I personally love seeing the Giudice children as well as the other children on RHONJ (not including the Manzo “children” here for obvious reasons). Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the children are being treated respectfully by the network and because of that I would have to say that it is time to take them off the air. Bravo, if you can’t treat ALL of the children with the “kid-gloves” and respect that is due to them, then just don’t show them at all. We, the viewers, obviously can’t trust to make the right decision on this topic.

Calzoned on May 22, 2012 at 1:09 pm said:

I can’t even imagine the betrayal that Teresa (and by extension, Joe) feel as it regards Bravo. Andy Cohen used to hold Gia in high esteem and I can’t imagine that Teresa thought Andy and Bravo would ever show Gia in a bad light or make her the focus of an episode just to drum up controversy, drive ratings and further the agenda against her mother.

I’m contacting Paul Peterson and A Minor Consideration and if anyone else cares to do so, here’s the URL:


farishta said on June 22, 2012 at Television Without Pity:

While Joe Gorga and Teresa have some traits in common, I think he’s worse by a factor of ten at least: his famewhoring is so out of control that next to him Teresa is a shrinking violet. But even more awful IMO is how much of a user he is of people who care for him, including his sister, nieces, and his parents. It wouldn’t surprise me if we discover that he’s been ripping off his parents for a long time. The shenanigans around the house in which his parents lived are bad enough if I’m right that he sold it out from under them and they paid for it–but it’s absolutely unforgiveable IMO that he’s willing to undermine their dignity by disclosing (or misrepresenting) that they are financially dependent on him. That disclosure was so abrupt, and it was backed up so instantly but unconvincingly by Melissa that I think he’s nervous of some info coming out.

Unless Teresa elaborates, it won’t come out though, and she I don’t think will. Teresa has many problems but I think she has always gone out of her way to protect the parents and I respect her for that. I also think that she genuinely enjoys her kids and gets a kick out of them. I just don’t see JoeGo showing any real interest in his kids–they truly seem to be accessories. It’s got to the point where I loathe him even more than I loathe Jackie and Caroline, and that’s saying something. I do agree that nonstop adulation from his birth family has probably been a huge factor in his assholicness.

WeedWaiter said on June 22, 2012 at Televison Without Pity:

I do know that until they joined the show, I never heard a bad word about Joe and Melissa Gorga come out of Teresa’s mouth. Since they’ve joined, all I hear is them badmouthing her, baiting her and then playing victim. Teresa reacts to what they do and say. I really wish she could put them on ignore.

The Gorgas started the housewife war with the Garbage comment. Sorry, when someone tells you congratulations, you don’t humiliate them in front of family and the TV viewing audience. Teresa did not walk over to their table and start yelling at them, she didn’t say-yell at me — she congratulated them. Teresa’s outbursts are always in reaction to what others do. I don’t see her sitting in restaurants by herself and flipping tables for the heck of it.

donnalee on May 22, 2012 at 1:48 pm said:

I will be for sure contacting them…as well as should those who are complaining about Teresa keeping Gia from being shown. What we all saw on TV was Bravo’s doing. In Teresa’s blog she states that in Andy Cohen’s book he writes that they tape 85 hours of footage and edit for about 2 minutes for the show. They put it all out there for everyone to see…they exploited that child…Teresa does not get to see the footage.

Calzoned on May 22, 2012 at 3:08 pm said:

Good, donnalee! I don’t expect Bravo to listen to angry viewers but Paul Peterson surely will!

Calzoned on May 22, 2012 at 3:21 pm said:

I just got an email from Paul Peterson — he shares our concerns and outrage. Just wanted to pass this info along. 🙂

jerseygirl on May 22, 2012 at 4:05 pm said:

From one of Paul’s articles ( June 29, 2010)

“Bravo said it worked to ensure that children’s hours of participation were monitored and that they didn’t miss school. All children participate only with parental consent and involvement,” the network said. “With respect to ‘The Real Housewives’ franchise, the children are peripheral as definitionally the series focuses on the ‘housewives’ and their interaction with each other, and not their kids.”

Bravo put the interaction with Gia front and center and she is no longer peripheral. Someone throw the book at the producers!!!

jerseygirl on May 23, 2012 at 1:12 pm said:

Yup! Have you noticed the increasing number of negative comments getting through on the blogs of the “other” housewives? You know….we’ve also fallen right into Bravo’s trap! Getting us all riled up about how Teresa is being treated. Bastards!! I’m so done with Bravo. Well, at least Tre will be vindicated and the joke is on the mean girls.

So as I see it, this is how Bravo is setting up public perception:

  • Caroline Manzo is a self righteous bully.
  • Lauren Manzo is a bitter fat girl (as a former fat girl I know it’s a horrible thing to call someone, but she is so disrespectful and rude that she deserves it!).
  • Chris and Albie were raised to have no manners. They are also horribly sexist.
  • Jacqueline Laurita is stuck in a suspended state of adolescence and needs to act like an adult if she’s ever going to be treated like one.
  • Kathy is passive aggressive. Her efforts to make everyone like her is completely transparent. BUT she’s still a good mom and bakes a mean cookie.
  • Richie is a loud, tacky, vulgar a**!
  • Melissa is an attention seeking famewhore, and SHE is the jealous one who went on the show just to tear Teresa down.
  • Joe Gorga is the worst brother in the world, who would sell out his sister for 15 minutes of fame. 15 minutes is all he will get and he’s on about minute 13 right now.

Mel said on June 25, 2012 at LynnNChicago:

When Teresa went to Kathy’s pool party, I think she was done with everything and trying to move forward. She bought her kids and the first thing she said was she wanted no drama…especially with her kids there. Instead of moving forward and having a good time, the first thing Joe Gorga did ON CAMERA was to bring up a conversation that happened OFF camera. That pretty much sums Joe Gorga for me. He could have had this conversation privately or responded to her comments the moment she said it. Instead he tells all of the castmates about it and blindsides Teresa on camera. How is that trying to move forward? He did this intentionally. It’s like he makes every effort to publicly embarrass his sister. From the conversation he had with her handyman, to bringing up borrowing money, to the comments he made about his parents…it’s disgusting.

I am sure Teresa has ALOT ALOT of dirt about her brother… not once has she brought any of this up on camera. When her husband bought up Joey borrowing money from her, she shut that conversation down quick. She didn’t even elaborate on her parent’s housing situation. I think Teresa is about loyalty, and the fact that it is so easy for her family to throw her under the bus on camera… it hurts and it angers her. Do you see Caroline talking shiit about Dina on camera or on interviewers? NO. Jacqueline does… but I mean it’s Jacqueline… she blabs about EVERYone’s business. That is why she is so desparate to know all of T’s business… so she can store it in memory to blog or tweet about it later.

  1. I live in the neighborhood
    May 23, 2012 at 8:10 PM

    Great article now Go after after I am d source 2..on twitter to get to the bottom of these fame whores. Also Melissa was tweeting pictures of her with Khloe kardasian and not retweeting a picture of her daughter’s dress dance rehearsal taken by her aunt. Great priorities.

  2. Anonymous
    May 24, 2012 at 9:11 AM


    • Get a life
      May 24, 2012 at 1:01 PM

      The child was being torture by people who are jealous of her mother.

    • May 24, 2012 at 1:32 PM

      These posters at other sites said it best:

      It’s one thing to correct a child if they storm into your house and start screaming at you, it is another thing to SEEK OUT a child who has removed herself from an upsetting situation and bring a camera man with you. If I was p*ssed off and went to my room too cool down and two people came trudging up there with a camera crew I would escort them to the door and tell them to get the eff out. When I think of how a 10-year-old me would react in the same situation, especially in someone else’s home, I think I would have said the same things… ‘Leave me alone, go away, get my mom’. It was none of Jacquelyn and Caroline’s business to go down to the basement and insert themselves into Gia’s conversation with her friend. Gia obviously didn’t want to be on camera… what is wrong with these people. They wanted Gia to have respect for them, but they didn’t have any respect for her. Kid or not, everyone should be respected and allowed privacy when needed. [Annah, AllAboutTRH]

      I would want someone to correct my child if they were in the wrong and I wasn’t on hand. Kids make mistakes in judgement or get overwrought, and it happens because they are kids. HOWEVER, that ends at “teaching a lesson.” Teresa might not have been right there, but at the point where someone felt the need to reprimand Gia, the very next step should have been to find Gia’s Mom. At that point, quietly, I’d want my friend to say, “Hey Maggie, your child is really upset. She was pretty rude to me, so I told her not to act like that. She definitely needs her Mama.” Jac & Don Caro crossed a line when they wanted to parent Gia. No matter how they feel about Teresa, that’s unacceptable behavior from the purported “adults” on hand. [Maggie5, AllAboutTRH]

      It was definitely unethical for Bravo to film Gia when one of her parents were not in the room. If I were Teresa or Joe I would be livid. [ccmmaahh, AllAboutTRH]

      You are so right, they should have shut it down. First and foremost Caroline and Jacqueline should have never gone there to begin with, when they saw how upset this child was they should have STOPPED immediately and gotten Teresa and I don’t care if she was filming or not, they should have gone after her. And if anyone thinks what happened in there with that child is Teresa’s fault they are so wrong, it was Caroline and Jacqueline’s fault as they went there. When they didn’t stop then the production crew should have shut it down. What I don’t understand is these people are parents, how would they have felt if that was their child this was happening to, wouldn’t they have wanted someone to protect their child? I just don’t understand how adults with their own children would not have stopped this. What did Teresa do that was so horrible that makes it alright to go after her child. CAn you answer that Caroline? I know you guys read these blogs. [Mrs. Peabody, LynnNChicago]

      I thought Gia handled herself against those 2 turds pretty well for a 10 year old. She was upset that her Uncle cheated but the 2 grown-ass women, Jax and Don Caro, kept calling her a sore loser. Gia tried to tell them – repeatedly – that she was not upset about losing but upset that her Uncle cheated his way to winning. This simple distinction was lost on the 2 morons. There were 100 different ways to handle the situation and these 2 jack-asses chose the worst one – team up against the 10 year old, berate her and call her names. [Entree-Manure, AllAboutTRH]

      Looked like she HAD removed herself and was then yes, mocked and drilled down on by two adults, while she asked for her mother to be brought to her. That is bullying in my book. [Candace, AllAboutTRH]

      Plus, she was talking to another child – that Frankie kid, who I’m sure was “handling” things just fine. Gia clearly just wanted to be left alone — with that kid — so she could calm herself down and maybe vent a little to him. Caroline had NO business going down there in the first place. Gia was doing what I’m pretty sure the experts would say was healthy and appropriate – taking herself OUT/AWAY from the stimulus that was upsetting her until she was settled enough to return. Jac and Caroline went down there and riled her up, made it clear they were going to teach her a lesson and came at her from a disciplinarian/authoritarian stance, ignored her pleas for her mother and to be left alone and then got nasty when Gia acted ” disrespectfully” toward them. Maybe they should have respected her space and repeated requests (and RIGHT) to be left alone. [GuiltyOfWatchingHousewives, LynnNChicago]

      That Carolyn and Jackqueline continue to defend their despicable behavior is a new low, in the gutter point for them. At the very most, Carolyn could have said to speak to her respectfully and now I will go get your mother and then she could have explained her issues with Gia to Teresa and let the MOM handle it. I can not tell you how heinous so many bloggers are on other sites like Lynn Chicago and Reality Tea, bashing, call Gia the b-word, on and on. I never knew so many people had such cold, bock hearts. I sure hope many of them do not have children. Some even said Carolyn should have hit or beat Gia…I am not joking…just nuts. the other comment that made me laugh by the Gia/Teresa critics are criticizing Gia for not running to get her mom instead of asking for her mom…the bloggers say, “Gia has two legs why didn’t she use them.” I will tell you why: 1. If Gia would have walked out while Carolyn, the bully, and Jacqueline were yelling at her they would have attacked her even more aggressively for walking away or failing to listen. 2. I can recall a few times at that age where an adult or teacher attacked me and I was frozen in shock and fear. Instead she asked for help, a completely rational response by a 10 year old. The actions and ugliness of Carolyn, Jacqueline and these evil commentors are beyond belief. I would like to think they would feel bad that Gia is being attacked on Twitter, but at this point I think it would make their day. [Happy day, AllAboutTRH]

      Gia was sandwiched between an adult reading to her in an attempt to humiliate her, and another demanding that she look her in the eyes, while she kept requesting to be able to see her mother. Kids are not stupid. The malicious tone of voice that Jac used came throuygh loud and clear. Then came febus’s commands. I wouldn’t have looked at her either. It hurts the eyes. Out of line, from beginning to end. [Candace, LynnNChicago]

      I undertand how Gia can be seen as disrespectful towards Caroline and Jac in the basement but I think we need to look at Gia’s past actions. She has never been rude to these people before. The worst thing you can do to a child in the middle of a meltdown is try to force a lesson down their throats. It’s just not going to work. They are closed off. You have to let them have their moment and then explain to them what they did. That’s not bad parenting. Of course she’s going to be upset by Joe cheating, especially since she’s at her breaking point with all the fighting. And she was not being disrespectful by saying she would rather be with her father. At that point she’d be crazy not to feel that way. She was being antagonized by two grown adults who hate her mother. And I’m sorry, it may have been inappropriate for Tre to say she feels bad for Ashley but damn did she hit the nail on the head. Tre NEVER says bad things about her kids on camera. But Jac is constantly berating Ashley and saying she doesn’t miss her etc. etc. [Gwenny, LynnNChicago]

      I hate the reference but this whole situation reminds me of an episode of the Sopranos. A.J. was depressed and Meadow said something to the effect of ” You are the son of Italian parents, it doesn’t matter what I do. You will always be the favorite.” I feel like that is so fitting here. I know a lot of Italians do not feel that way but it seems like Lauren is disposable to them and the sons are their real prize. [Gwenny, LynnNChicago]

      I really wish Gia would have stood up and just walked out of the room while The Don and Jax were talking to her. How dare they antagonize the poor kid until she finally had enough and basically said “leave me alone.” The Don with the “look at me when I’m talking to you” was absolutely out of line. Gia didn’t go to her, she came downstairs and inserted herself into Gia’s issue. I’m proud of Tre for saying what she said. Jax was doing her typical passive aggressive torment by reading the Bad Sport book. [housewife hoe, Stoopid Housewives]

      You are a better woman than I am! If I saw two adult women (although they acted as if they were five years old) I would have come unglued! When a child is a bad sport and pouting don’t cater to them and give them attention, let them get it out of their system and join the activities again when they are ready! When a child is clearly upset you don’t mock them by reading a baby book while you are laughing incoherently. [StephieBreeze, AllAboutTRH]

      I’m with you 100%. I don’t think ANYONE would put up with their kid being cornered and reprimanded, when all Gia wanted at that moment was to be left alone. They were like 2 bullies. I do believe Jacqueline felt bad at the end, but then she seemed to blame you for her feeling bad about herself….huh??? Caroline is just a straight up bully who’s own children (I don’t care HOW old they are) are permitted to be rude to others time and time again. She only reacts if they pick on Lauren too much, and she can be pretty nasty herself, but gets a free pass because she’s dieting. [housewives fanatic, AllAboutTRH]

      The most disgusting thing to me was Jax – “This is my house so you can get out lil girl!” grow the eff up. []jorseytrash, LynnNChicago]

      But again we have people who are not worthy of respect demanding respect from a child who they torture. [madepiley, LynnNChicago]

      Jac did such a superb job of raising Ashley that I’m sure she should be drilling down on Gia. Oh wait, I forgot about the assault charges, failing school and general snottiness. [Candace, LynnNChicago]

      That poor little girl did look trapped by those puffy faced she-devils. Didn’t Caroline and her baby tools cheat during that charity run and deny it? [Dc baby!!, LynnNChicago]

      BIG RED was outraged when Danielle pressed charges against Ashlee for assault, that’s what she said that D was going after the kids because she couldn’t get to the adults. Sound familiar? [jen, AllAboutTRH]

      Well, I can’t say that I blame Teresa for being upset. Jacquelyn obviously has no problem messing a child’s head up. Adults are supposed to protect children, all children. Jacquelyn would rather hurt them when she is angry and emotional, she doesn’t know where to draw the line. I can only imagine the guilt trips and anger that she has put on Ashlee as she was growing up. [Annah, AllAboutTRH]

      Stump’s cheating is what bothered Gia. I know assholes like him. They want ppl to know they cheat just to rub it in after they win. Everyone probably knows someone like that. Gia is a kid, those kind of things get to kids, and she is still learning how to deal with assholes as a part of life. So not only does she have to deal with the cheating assholes. She gets chased down by the old bitch assholes who hate her mother and have kids with issues of their own. AND she is being forced to listen to their bullshit. Which one of us wouldn’t have told Jac and Reddog to STFU? Now she’s being called a brat because she is old enough to know an asshole when she sees one? Gia is going to be just fine, I do not worry about how she will end up. she is just experiencing the crap kids have to put up with, when hanging around adults who act like children. [pinkie, AllAboutTRH]

      • Britney
        November 8, 2012 at 1:53 AM

        What Gia did was right. If my child had had a meltdown I would have told them to go take some times for themselves and calm down Gia didn’t need to be told(which speaks volumes of her own maturity although she is a little to grown at times), she did it on her own. She needed some time to herself. They just got in her face, and didn’t let her have that time..

    • May 24, 2012 at 1:56 PM

      If Caroline and Jacqueline parented their daughters the way they attempted to parent another person’s child, then it is no wonder Lauren and Ashley are so messed up. Remember, Lauren herself threw a tantrum in the kitchen at the same time Gia was throwing one in the basement. But Lauren is an adult and Gia was a 10-year-old child who just witnessed her uncle erupt in anger and swear at her mother at a pool party attended by children.

      When Melissa decides the time is right to leave her husband, she can use the excuse that Joe has a violent temper. It’s now documented on film that he is verbally abusive to women and cannot control it even in front of children. Apparently, there was much more to his temper tantrum that Bravo didn’t air, probably because it was too disturbing.

      “Let me just say, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tre’s comments about Melissa being a gold-digger who will hop the next richest train are true. Melissa is seriously dubious, imo. ALSO, I NEVER see any chemistry between she and Joe G. I see Joe G feeling Melissa, but I don’t see Melissa feeling him back. It’s like she loves him but she ain’t “in love” with him. I think he disgusts her on the low. She’s tired of his short, insecure ass but she is in love with the fame and the money for as far as it will take her. But, I doubt she’s cheating because I do believe Joe G would do serious physical bodily harm to her if she ever cheated and she knows this….and I don’t get the impression that she is out of his sight ever for too long.” [AnaliseTrue, 05-06-2012, lipstickalley.com]

      And I know she is upset cause of T’s comment, but the Manzos have been bashing Ashlee and Jacs parenting for how many seasons ? And she says nothing. She has let The Manzo kids make fun, and put down Ashlee so many times that It always made me sick. I would never allow anyone talk about my daugher no matter how immature she is. And Lauren has the nerve to stick it to Ashlee about designing a shirt for her beauty bar, makes a whole episode about how Ashlee is lazy, and we find out later she(Lauren) quit after one day!?.. [Lucky 13, Reality Tea]

      Teresa’s children are just that children, so I do think it is different. Ashley is an adult who Jac agreed to have a storyline with involving the way her daughter misbehaves! Teresa puts her daughters on the show but does not focus on a storyline involving how they are out of control! Jac put Ashley’s problems out there for everyone and then gets upset when she receives criticism for it. If she was so concerned then she shouldn’t constantly say negative things about her daughter! You don’t see Teresa doing that! … I don’t see Gia’s growing maturity as the same story line as ‘look at Ashley, she’s such an awful daughter’. Jac allowed Caroline and her entire family to bash Ashley for more than 1 season and that was okay. I’m sorry, I don’t care if you are family, you don’t allow someone to do that on national television. I highly doubt that Teresa would allow someone to talk about Gia that way. You can’t make assumption like that until it actually happens. [Regaek01, Reality Tea]

    • dsc60
      May 25, 2012 at 9:19 PM

      Wow. Why so angry? Why are children so below adults in your opinion? In this day and age the last thing you want to teach a child is that, under any circumstances, they should ALWAYS respect an adult. That’s how kids get hurt, and worse. Not saying that would have been the case here but Jac and Caroline were out of line seeking that poor little girl out and getting in her face when she had given herself a time out which was the RIGHT thing for her to do. Btw, there’s no such thing as a DAMN child. Hope you don’t have kids.

  3. Anonymous
    June 10, 2012 at 8:17 AM

    Melissa, Jacqueline and Caroline should worry about their Karma and leave Gia alone. These 3 women are boring and jealous. Unless they attach themselves to Teresa they have no storyline, camera time or relevance, sadly we all see it. The dirty water and music career are going nowhere. Meanwhile Teresa is Queen Midas with everything she touches turning to gold. I hope Teresa buys all her Giudice family a horn and hand for their necklaces to ward off the jealousy.

  4. I believe in miracles
    June 14, 2012 at 1:55 PM

    Please post that picture of Ashlee’s ass as an example how Jac need to shut up about parenting.

  5. Anonymous
    September 28, 2012 at 7:32 PM

    i totallu agree.that caroline and jac.have no right treating that young [child] she isnt even a teenager/yet their grown up daughters are so embarrassing to have as daughters..but then as they like to talk about joe cheating on teresa. as caroline and chris cheat on them. is maybe why lauren and ashlee are rebellious and bitter. these two women are the most vicious, malicious people ive ever seen……may what they want to happen to teresa and her husband happen to them and their husbands…and oh yes jac will get petty at her poor sons expense..instead of her just living for him n stop doing drugs [zanax or whatever calming pills n drinking …sober up and take care of your son //like you didnt do for ashlee/and im contacting paul peterson also to go after bravo and andy cohen//if gia does wind up being suicidal for what he and the producers did these past shows to take teresa and joe down. like that man who killed himself/for the personal hatred of teresa and joe/affecting childrens lives//they edit what is shown and affects viewers reactions to people on the show/and caroline is at the top of the list. she didnt care what happened to danieles girls either //she n her husband have deep connections to investigators//like the guy she had train her dog//i pray that the so called praise jesus melissa gets her just do also//and by the way what kind of church and pastor does she go to/////

  6. PHW
    December 4, 2012 at 3:15 AM


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