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Jacqueline Laurita Tells Tabloids That Dina Manzo Wants Bravo to Fire Her So Dina Can Return to RHONJ (Updated October 23, 2014)

October 6, 2013 351 comments

UPDATE OCTOBER 2014: Jacqueline Laurita confirmed on twitter that she was asked in March 2014 to tape scenes for season 6 — Bravo wanted Jacqueline and Kathy, along with their husbands, to talk on camera about the Giudices’ guilty pleas and sentencing, and the Lauritas and Wakiles were happy to oblige.

Bravo interviewed Jacqueline about her return to RHONJ in the episode that premiered on September 21, 2014. The following is what Jacqueline said about her relationship with sister-in-law Dina Manzo, which Bravo later removed from the published interview:

“Currently there is no relationship between us, but only because she chooses not to have one. It’s frustrating because I feel like it’s all petty, nonsense stuff, that all just seems silly and unimportant to me. I have other, more important things to focus on, although, I’m always open to reconciliation with people that are willing and sincere. My husband is probably the most hurt by Dina. Maybe one day we can heal as a family like the Gorgas and Giudices did. Miracles have happened on #RHONJ. All it takes is for both parties to want it at the same time and be sincere about wanting it. (That’s the key.)”

Melissa revealed in her Bravo blog for the season 6 finale that she decided to opt out of taping on the day the Giudices’ verdicts were announced (so apparently that was an option). She wrote:

“Even though there were many positive moments this episode, there was just such a sadness around it all. As you saw, I made the decision not to share our reaction to the outcome of the sentencing. It was an extremely hard day for this family, and I believe issues this serious are meant to be private. I know I’ve asked you before, but continue to pray for their family.”

Throughout the season, Dina refused to discuss the Giudices’ legal issues.

UPDATES AUGUST 2014: See the last comment in this blog post for updates on the feud between Dina Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita. Also see the last comment in the blog post “Dina Manzo is Returning to RHONJ Now That Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita are Not Coming Back for Season 6” for more 2014 updates.

“It was left open 4 me 2 come back 2 the housewives at some point but 2b honest I’m enjoying filming for #ManzodWithChildren 4 now #FunShow” – Jacqueline Laurita, Twitter, July 16, 2014

UPDATE FEBRUARY 21, 2104: When interviewed by Life and Style magazine on February 21, 2014, Jacqueline claimed her departure from RHONJ was because “I needed a little bit of a break, but we’ll see what happens from there.” She then took aim at her sister-in-law Dina Manzo by telling the magazine:

“I understand why Dina wouldn’t want me on the show: She doesn’t want to address family issues on-camera!”

On October 3, 2013, Jacqueline Laurita, posing as an anonymous source, told RadarOnline via family friend Tom Murro, that because of an old feud that goes back to season one, she has to be gone for Dina Manzo to return to RHONJ:

“Dina Manzo gave the producers an ultimatum – fire Jacqueline Laurita or I’m not coming back. Dina wants to come back but wants Jacqueline fired first, because she is afraid of fighting with her.”

After the story was published, Jacqueline tweeted:

“I don’t think Dina is trying to get me fired, but I know she doesn’t want to come on the show with me on it. Probably to avoid any conflict. Dina and I used to be really close when Chris and I first started dating and got married. We had a lot of fun together. Until the show. :0( “

Jacqueline also tweeted an indirect accusation that Dina is the reason the feud continues:

“Hopefully one day, the family will come back together. Like other families we know, everyone has to sincerely want it and try, or it doesn’t work.”

Jacqueline is the reason Caroline Manzo and Christopher Laurita no longer speak to their sister Dina (FW wrote a detailed blog about this on October 15, 2012, which is now marked “private” but may be made public again sometime soon). However, she told RadarOnline that Danielle is the “real instigator of all the old fights” and asserted that she “always protected Dina until she dragged her into the season one finale, wanting her to lie for her while she cowardly let Caroline cover for her” (see transcript below):

“Jax stopped Danielle from exposing Dina so many times by refusing to film with her if she said anything about her. Jax told Danielle that if she said anything about Dina, she would not be friends with her anymore. Danielle always told stories about Dina and everyone else. Jacqueline always protected Dina until she dragged her in the season one finale wanting her to lie for her while she cowardly let Caroline cover for her.”

Danielle was asked via Twitter if Project Ladybug was the cause of the rift between Jacqueline and Dina, and she confirmed that it was:

ds 30

Jacqueline also told RadarOnline that “Dina’s own marriage may be in trouble and her status will all depend on her own success” (Dina revealed in February that she and her husband had separated, but they may not actually be getting divorced). Jacqueline insulted Dina in the piece by saying that since leaving RHONJ Dina’s attempts at TV have failed, and that her only option now to make money so that she can leave her husband is to stay in the spotlight:

‘If Dina makes enough money on her own then she can leave her husband; if not, she’s going back to him. She’s already attempted a few shows to further herself but they fell apart. RHONJ was her only option to stay in the limelight for now.”

Oddly enough, just before RadarOnline published their exclusive story, Dina tweeted on September 26th about Danielle, writing, “If it wasn’t for the ‘telephone game,’ I think Danielle Staub and I would have even gotten along – I hold ZERO ill feelings towards her”:

“Ahhh, I guess old episodes are showing … you guys are so sweet. I agree it’s more fun to see good times!  If it wasn’t for the ‘telephone game’ I think Danielle Staub and I would have even gotten along! I hold ZERO ill feelings towards her BTW.”

Tom Murro tweeted Dina for a response to the RadarOnline story, and Dina responded, vaguely implying that Jacqueline may not be returning for season 6, but she made it clear that she had nothing to do with it (Dina did not confirm or deny that she herself would be returning for season 6).

When Tom tweeted, “Your enemies are closer than you think,” Dina replied, “Yes, I’m well aware who my enemies are, and I send them love”:

Tom Murro ‏@celebritymagnet 1 Oct
Care to expand on this?

Dina Manzo ‏@dinamanzo 1 Oct
@celebritymagnet oh yes, I have the power to fire ANYONE. I’m getting Kris Jenner off Kardashians too! Ur “source” is a little off my friend.

Dina Manzo ‏@dinamanzo 1 Oct
I have NOT made any decisions on my next career move yet, I haven’t gotten anyone fired nor do I have the power to do that ~ Don’t be so silly.

Dina Manzo ‏@dinamanzo 1 Oct
Ok, let me put all the rumors to rest right now so I can continue my love affair with twitter…

Dina Manzo ‏@dinamanzo 3 Oct
@celebritymagnet read my tweets sunshine, all news is not based on false drama. Shocking right? ; )

Dina Manzo ‏@dinamanzo 3 Oct
@celebritymagnet did you see my @projectladybug event? how bout my event planning course?

Tom Murro ‏@celebritymagnet 3 Oct
@dinamanzo No one denies you do good things–Falsehoods by source? If true, your enemies are closer than you think.

Dina Manzo ‏@dinamanzo 3 Oct
@celebritymagnet yes & I’m well aware who my enemies are. I send them love : ) I hate no one and wish them nothing but success.

Tom Murro ‏@celebritymagnet 3 Oct
@dinamanzo So, none of what they say is true? You would share scenes with @JacLaurita then?

Dina Manzo ‏@dinamanzo 3 Oct
@celebritymagnet cut it out~they make decisions on returning cast members BEFORE they cast new season~Duh! thought you were smarter than that Tom?

Tom Murro ‏@celebritymagnet 3 Oct
@dinamanzo I’m a little slow sometimes. Been a long week. Were you asked to be on? Do you want to be on? You didn’t answer the 2nd part @realitytea

Dina Manzo ‏@dinamanzo 3 Oct
@celebritymagnet @Realitytea well that part you’ll just have to wait & see. I don’t know move I’m making next – working on it all now.

RumorFix reported on the RadarOnline story, which lead to more confusion about whether Dina had demanded that Bravo fire Jacqueline. Dina cleared things up by tweeting, “Not true at all”:

Rumor Fix ‏@RumorFix 2 Oct
#RHONJ Did @dinamanzo really demand that @Bravotv fire @JacLaurita???

Dina Manzo ‏@dinamanzo 2 Oct
@RumorFix wow! a “source” that actually tells the truth? lol So refreshing!

Maree ‏@manymagees 2 Oct
@dinamanzo @RumorFix wow! Asking to have @JacLaurita fired that’s so wrong @Andy #RHONj needs J I hope it’s. false rumor!

JayJ ‏@Havee2009 2 Oct
@dinamanzo I sure hope all these reports are not true…cuz that would make you very unlikeable!

Dina Manzo ‏@dinamanzo 2 Oct
@Havee2009 not true at all doll

Jacqueline also told RadarOnline that “Dina doesn’t want to be exposed for who she really is,” which could relate to the confusing conversation between Jacqueline and Caroline in the final episode of season 1 after the infamous table flip went down.

The following is a transcript of that conversation between Jacqueline and Caroline (this was not included in the premiere but made the “director’s cut” and is not in all copies of the season 1 finale on the internet).

C: That’s my family….

J: …You came to me and you were like, “I know what Dina is (here Chris immediately tries to stop Jacqueline from continuing the conversation, but Jacqueline was not paying him any mind and continues), don’t you think I know what she is, I know”…..

(cuts to TH of Danielle)

Conversation resumes:

J: …You were like, “Feel sorry for her, feel sorry.” How could I feel sorry for her when you know what she is? (Here, someone, I believe Chris, begins to lightly whistle in an effort to stop the conversation.)

C: Because you’re wrong…. (again cuts to TH of Danielle)

Conversation resumes:

J: …You said you knew too (Caroline is repeating “Jacqueline, Jacqueline”… but Jacqueline continues with a sly grin, pointing at Caroline) …and your husband said he knew……

C: Jacqueline, you know who you’re hurting? My parents…..

Talking head interviews:

Jacqueline in her TH: In the end I feel good that I told the truth as I saw it. I just hope that they can love and respect and accept me for the decisions that I make.

Dina in her TH: Jacqueline, obviously, was misinformed. Here’s my thing: you wanna stick up for your friend, that’s great, I admire that, but know what you’re talking about first.

Caroline in her TH: Has it affected my relationship with Jacqueline? Probably not. Has it affected Dina’s relationship with Jacqueline? Yes. Does it bother me? Absolutely.

At the end, when Danielle is outside with her daughters:

Danielle: See what happens to Dina when she messes with me — her own family turned against her on that one.

s1 e6

Was Melissa Gorga an Exotic Dancer or Stripper?

September 9, 2012 35 comments

“Angelo Vrohidis was at the Posche fashion show on September 27, 2011, with a table of people from the salon [Salon La Chateau Allure]. He is friends with the salon owners [Penny Drossos and John Karagiorgis] and was formerly a manager at Lookers, the gentleman’s club where Melissa worked in 2003, the year she met Joe Gorga. So ALLEGEDLY, the morning of the fashion show while Teresa is getting her hair done, Angelo comes up to her and asks about Melissa …Teresa tells him she doesn’t want to hear/talk about it. That night at the fashion show, Angelo confronts Melissa, who jumps up and runs to the bathroom all the while saying to the other housewives that Teresa set her up. This was when Jacqueline went nuts, saying Teresa DID this to poor Melissa! And the next day Jacqueline doesn’t show up for the reunion. ALLEGEDLY the people from the salon [the owners] and Lookers had a bone of their own to pick with Melissa. Right after this happened, Melissa started sending out information that she never danced … she just bartended. But the people calling her out all tell a different story; and Penny, along with several others, has been contracted by Bravo to NOT mention anything until this show airs.” [pjkacper, June 22, 2012, Bravo's Message Board]

Penny Drossos and John Karagiorgis claim that Bravo had nothing to do with Angelo being at their salon just before the PFS, that it was not planned for Angelo to confront Melissa at the PFS, and that Bravo did not setup Melissa. But it seems unlikely that the events leading up to the confrontation could be a total coincidence—in the least, it appears Penny and Johnny invited Angelo (and Kim D) to the salon (and later the PFS), and he was the one who informed Bravo of Melissa’s past working at Lookers. Bravo took advantage of the opportunity to capture on camera the reunion between Angelo and Melissa during filming at the PFS at the end of season 4 by (1) encouraging Angelo to approach Melissa on camera at the PFS, and (2) getting Melissa to confront Teresa on camera and have her admit to what Angelo told her at the salon — that Melissa used to work for him as a dancer.

Melissa has threatened to sue people for calling her a stripper, but she has not made the same threat for calling her a dancer. Lookers’ girls don’t strip: they dance around in thongs and bras or other outfits while selling cocktails. There was a discussion on the NLS Society forum in November 2003 about the dancer wearing a ‘cross around her neck’ with a ‘fake chest.’ According to her pay register, she was working there at the time. So it’s really just semantics, and she is telling the truth when she says she wasn’t a stripper… If they don’t take their clothes off and wear lingerie the whole time, then they’re not truly stripping, they’re ‘dancing.’

On September 30, 2011, Melissa said on her website:

Even if I had been a dancer, I do not know why anyone would care 10 years later.”

Video from Posche Fashion Show September 27, 2011 — The One Where Melissa Accuses Teresa of Outing Her as a Stripper/Dancer from Lookers (Taken by an Innocent Bystander) — Everyone is Ignoring Teresa

Click Image to Play Video:

If Melissa was never a stripper/dancer at Lookers as she claims, then how could anyone set her up?

“Melissa, if you don’t want everyone to know you stripped for any man who would toss a dollar bill at you, well, you shouldn’t have agreed to do this show.” – Rosalie Marie, Penny Drossos Says Melissa Gorga Is Lying About Her Past And Was A Stripper!, April 22, 2012,

StoopidHousewives Uncovered a Lead Producer at RHONJ Who Was Biased Against Teresa Giudice

Why do viewers get the feeling that the show is a Teresa Giudice bashfest? Let lead RHONJ producer, “Cat” Rodriguez’ tweets tell the story!

Using the twitter name @YourFriendKitty, Co-Executive Producer “Cat” has communicated frequently with the New Jersey crew… except for Teresa Giudice! “Cat” also stepped in at the Posche Fashion Show… something that is a no-no for a “reality” producer … to assist in defending Melissa Gorga when things got a bit rocky after Melissa’s ex-boss from Lookers showed up!

Ms. Rodriguez is no longer Co-Executive Producer of the RHONJ. Don’t know the REAL reason she was let go from her duties at the RHONJ… can only surmise that either ratings dropped or that Bravo caught on to her obvious bias toward everyone but Tree! Ms. Rodriguez is also NOT listed on IMDB in any producer capacity

In October and November of 2011, Melissa Pointed a Finger at Teresa, Accusing Her of Setting Her Up

At the Posche fashion show on September 27, 2011 (filmed the evening before the reunion for season 3 was filmed), Melissa pointed a finger at Teresa Giudice, accusing her of masterminding the plot to bring Melissa’s old boss from Lookers to the show to expose on camera Melissa’s past as a dancer for the Gentlemen’s club.

“Someone desperately wants to knock me down and prove that I have something to hide, but then tries to cover it up by putting the blame on production,” Melissa told Celebuzz on October 1, 2011.

“Someone takes a chance when they shouldn’t have,” Melissa told on October 12, 2011. “When you do something, you simply need to own up to it. If you’re gonna throw it out there, own it, say, ‘Yes I said it and I did it.’ It’s very difficult for me to deal with someone who’ll poke you and then say, ‘That wasn’t me, I didn’t poke you’… If you throw it out there and do it, you need to own it.”

After all the kissing and making up seen at the end of last season, Melissa’s husband Joe Gorga is ‘disgusted’ with his table tipping sibling once again.”

“Teresa ‘tried to set me up’ and is back to her old tricks, Melissa told Media Bistro on November 30, 2011, without giving anything away.

Melissa Later Has Since Changed Her Story But She Is Still Pointing the Finger, Just in a More Subtle Way

Reality Tea interviewed her on April 12, 2012, and this is her newest claim:

“I’m almost sure the stripper thing is the finale,” Melissa hinted. “I was a little upset at the time. I felt so set-up. And the other girls saw it and they were getting so upset over it. We just didn’t know who to look at; we didn’t know who to blame. And you know certain signs point to certain things and there’s little clues here and there. But until I watch it play out on TV… I’m sure there’s things that I don’t know yet, that I haven’t seen, that other people have shot. Until I really see it play out I’m not going to point my finger at anyone. In the long run, it doesn’t hurt me.”

According to Reality Tea, Melissa admits that the guy (Angelo) who confronted her during the Posche fashion show (PFS) actually spoke to Teresa.

“He didn’t even say it to my face,” Melissa reveals. “And supposedly [this conversation], it went on behind my back with my sister-in-law and it didn’t happen in front of my face. I wish he would have said it to me so I could have been able to defend myself. I wasn’t even able to say ‘that’s not true!’”

Reality Tea asked Melissa: “Why do you think he confronted Teresa with these allegations? ” Melissa answered:

“Well, that’s the tricky part. That’s the part that we’re trying to figure out. How it was all so conveniently Teresa had met him earlier in the day and Teresa had went to a salon and got her hair done and he just happened to be there and he just happened to come to the Posche Fashion Show… I’m not pointing finger at anyone, because I don’t have facts and that’s not fair. But it just doesn’t feel right. I just don’t wanna believe that anyone would do that to me, especially someone who is part of my family.”

Melissa (along with her husband and all the other housewives) did point her finger at Teresa:

“She says she doesn’t want to point fingers, yet mentions that it’s ‘convenient’ that Teresa had her hair done at the salon (Salon La Chateau Allure) that day (the same salon she always uses) and that he was there (Angelo Vrohidis is friends with the owners, Penny and Johnny Karagiorgis). She’s absolutely pointing fingers, just in a sneaky way; and she’s still doing it even after Angelo specifically said Teresa was not involved.” [Hannavas, April 13, 2012,]

Since She Doesn’t Know How Bravo Will Spin It, Melissa Has Setup a Scenario Where She Can Blame Editing for Making Teresa Look Innocent

According to Reality Tea on April 12, 2012, “Melissa is waiting to see how it plays out on TV to get answers”:

“Bravo has magic,” Melissa hints. “We’ll see which way they play it.”

When interviewed by RHWGossip on January 14, 2012, Jacqueline said Bravo will make Teresa appear innocent:

“Jacqueline did say Teresa will appear INNOCENT of any wrongdoing in regards to the set up!”

Mimi on AllAboutTRH summed it up perfectly on April 17, 2012:

“Melissa is plainly delusional and is in damage control mode, just like Caroline with her interview yesterday. The way they are behaving leads me to believe that they know Bravo is no longer on the hate Teresa train — they got off a few stops ago. So now that Bravo will show what really happened, they are trying to control the damage. Just last week, in that horrible Realty Tea article, Mel said something to the effect of ‘you never know which way Bravo is going to spin it’. They are already gearing up to blame editing on how they will come across. Since her little story about Teresa setting her up at the fashion show has blown up in her face, Mel is now trying to say all kinds of other things.”

s5 199 b

According to Reality Tea, Melissa believes the entire thing started with a group of people [including Penny and her husband Johnny] who want to get on the show and want to be Housewives, so they were starting drama to catch Bravo’s attention. This is the same excuse Melissa used when she was put on blast by Sherri Shepherd for the altercation with her stylist at a Heather Robinson’s VIP birthday party — it got Bravo’s attention and Melissa was cast the next season.

Melissa is blaming the setup on a group of people ‘starting drama to catch Bravo’s attention’ — Melissa would know because that is exactly what she did — she fed rumors about Teresa to Danielle Staub — and it worked because she got Bravo’s attention. Then she sealed the deal with an audition tape for Bravo where she promised to expose and destroy Teresa if Bravo cast her.

Back on September 30, 2011, Just After the PFS (Which Was Held on September 27, 2011) Melissa Stated on Her Website That Teresa Staged This Whole Thing to ‘Expose’ Her for Being Something She Wasn’t

There have been a lot of rumors floating around over the last few days that I want to clear up. As everyone knows we are filming season 4 so there is not too much I can confirm, but there is one thing that I would like to clarify…the accusation that I was once a dancer at a strip club. This is 100% NOT TRUE. I did bartend for a few weeks at a bikini bar while I was in college. My outfit was a tank top, shorts and sneakers. SORRY, no bubbies there. You will have a better chance at seeing some nudity on the episode this Sunday. Thanks to the always shy Joe Gorga!

The reason I am so adamant about clearing this up is because people are making false accusations solely to hurt me and my family. Someone desperately wants to knock me down and prove that I have something to hide, but then tries to cover it up by putting the blame on production. I have been happily married to my husband for 7 years and we have 3 beautiful children.

Even if I had been a dancer, I do not know why anyone would care 10 years later.

So here is a FACT for you: New Jersey State Law states that no Go Go bar can have any sort of nudity and serve alcohol. *State of New Jersey Department of Law & PublicSafety, Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control Alcoholic Beverage Control Handbook; page 34 (”Go-Go Dancers”).

Thank you so much for all of your support. I love you guys!



Prior to Releasing These ‘Paystubs’ in December 2011, Gorga said on Her Website on September 30, 2011

“I did bartend for a few weeks at a bikini bar while I was in college. My outfit was a tank top, shorts and sneakers. Even if I had been a dancer, I do not know why anyone would care 10 years later.”

In her Bravo blog on April 30, 2012, she changed her story to fit with the time frame of the pay register she released:

“I put myself through college with the help of my godfather and worked three jobs doing it. I was substitute teaching, working in a tanning salon, and bar tending one night a week.” [Melissa Gorga, Like a Prayer, April 30, 2012]

A few weeks earlier, on April 12, 2012, Melissa was interviewed by one of her favorite blogs, Reality Tea. She said Joe Gorga used to come see her when she was a bartender at Lookers Gentleman’s Club while in college. She also said she couldn’t remember when she graduated college [she graduated college in 2004, the same year she married Joe, so of course she remembers... she avoided answering the question because she was caught off guard and feared she might contradict one of her lies].

Reality Tea: So, the infamous ‘stripper rumors…’ How did Joe and your family handle hearing those things about you? Was it stressful?

They Are All Jealous of Teresa Giudice’s Bravo Business Success; Tom Murro and Kim G are Friends to the Manzo/Laurita Camp (Updated 9/4/2012)

June 2, 2012 12 comments

By the way Melissa, this IS ‘the mother f—ing Teresa show.’ The sooner you accept it, the better off you will be.

The Manzo’s have attempted to capitalize on their ‘celebrity’ by marketing Caroline’s handbags, the Brownstone sauce, and BLK bottled water. The handbags and the sauce were a bust, and BLK, which they are still promoting, is not the huge success they expected it would be (and they were sued for allegedly stealing the idea).

“I think the Manzos/Lauritas wanted Teresa to invest her name and money in BLK. When she refused, they viewed her as a traitor… they have turned on her not out of jealousy, but as payback: they set out to show her that without their support she wouldn’t be where she is. Only it’s backfiring… Teresa refused to invest her name, brand or money in their get rich-quick scheme, which was invented as a desperate attempt to save Jac and Chris, who are in major financial trouble. They believe since they were always there for Teresa — built her up, stood beside her — that she owed them this. She refused, and they all went after her. They believe they hold the power of the viewers. Kim G is being used now by Jac. Jac has been missing and quiet on Twitter, allowing Kim to do her dirty work. Yet, people STILL see through them. Isn’t Jac the one who told everyone they all thought Teresa was poor and struggling, yet she was living the high life? Wasn’t it Caroline and Joey who pointed out Teresa’s expensive bag? I believe Teresa told them she could not afford to invest with them… so Teresa can’t invest in their company but she can afford to live the way she is? They are pissed at her over business.” – SODA1, August 5, 2012, Reality Tea

“I figured out why Caroline and Jacqueline are no longer speaking to Teresa and it has everything to do with BLK Water. The Manzos and Lauritas invested a lot of money into the product, a product that was never theirs to begin with. I think Jacqueline and Caroline wanted Teresa to invest in the BLK and since it would utilize a lot of money and time, and considering the product was stolen, I think Teresa and Joe Giudice’ knew it was not a good investment financially and legally. It would also explain why Caroline and Dina are not on talking terms. Dina also refused to invest in the product because it was too much money and it was an illegal proposition to begin with. Also, Dina’s husband owns half of the Brownstone and they didn’t want the Brownstone connected to an illegal investment. Let’s face it, BLK was a stolen TM product. It makes perfect sense! I noted this on All About TRH, along with other long comments regarding BLK, back in July.” – Rosalie Marie, August 8, 2012, The Fame-Whorgas

“The real truth on why the Lauritas/Manzos are so angry at Teresa. The viewers have been reading between the lines. The truth is… it has nothing to do with a cookbook or PC. The truth is, Jac and Chris wanted Teresa to invest in and support BLK. They felt that Teresa owed it to them after they stood behind her through three seasons and supported her during her bankruptcy and Joe’s legal issues. BLK would have done better short term if it had Teresa’s support and star power. Teresa told Jac she could not afford to invest in BLK… that’s why Jac is so worried about Teresa’s financial issues.. that’s why she’s pointing out Teresa’s new garage, apartment, designer shoes, bags, outfits. Truth is, Teresa bad mouthed BLK to friends and said no way would she put her name, brand, reputation or money behind such a crappy product as BLACK WATER. Jac and Chris are bitter at Teresa and decided to prove to her that without their support she wouldn’t be where she is today… they took their support away to show Teresa that without them, viewers would eat her alive. How’s that working out for you guys? Not going as planned? That’s why Chris Laurita is shown doing THs and ‘protecting’ his wife’… that’s why Caroline is telling viewers she is more upset for what Teresa has done to Jac… all because Teresa would not back BLK. The Lauritas are broke, and Teresa backing BLK would have made a huge difference in sales and promotions… Re-watch some of the episodes with these new facts about BLK. If you have any doubt left, it will all click into place when watching a second time. All this crying Jac and Chris do about Teresa speaking bad about them to mutal friends? Ever wonder why they never say what exactly Teresa said to these ‘mutual’ friends? They can’t say because it was about BLK. They don’t want the public to know what Teresa thinks of BLK for the same reason they are angry at her for not supporting them” – D_Nichs, August 8, 2012, Jacqueline’s Bravo Blog

“You are an extremely jealous person. No one else can make money but you.” – Jacqueline Laurita talking about Teresa Giudice behind her back, Season 4 Episode 9

From Tamara Tattles: “Jac tweets about a lot of products, mostly ones that she gets paid to endorse, like some Acne product and, of course, her husband’s BLK water products. On August 31, 2012 she combined the two. Apparently, she had a pimple and suggested spraying it with fulvic acid (a BLK water ingredient) and the Acne product she endorses. Ever the inquisitive one, TeeCee66 inquired about Jac’s finances, asking if it was really necessary for her to shill an acne product to make ends meet. And so Jac decided to follow her long enough to DM her, to defend herself twice and then unfollow her. It seems that Jac has landed some million dollar a year job y’all! On her website she lists all the jobs she’s ever had chronologically but after RHONJ, there is no other employment on her resume.” Here’s Jacqueline’s Twitter DM to TeeCee66: “No, I make over a million a year. I just love the product. Besides the show, I have successful products out there that I don’t make known to the show to cheapen the brands. :0 I work too. I enjoy it.”

“It becomes unhealthy competition when you step on your siblings head and try to sabotage them to get to the top” [This is exactly what the Gorgas did to Teresa: they contacted the cast's nemesis and got on the show at the expense of their family, but the rest of the cast doesn't call them out on this]. – Jacqueline Laurita’s Bravo blog, when referring to Teresa Giudice and her successful business ventures, July 11, 2012

“Teresa has a very strong Italian background. I think it’s taught her to work hard for what she really wants. It’s an admirable quality. But, in your tactics of becoming the best and achieving something great, you can’t step on people that love you.” – Kathy Wakile, Season 4 Episode 17

“But at the same time, while you’re climbing your way to the top, you don’t step on your friends.” – Jacqueline Laurita, Season 4 Episode 10, in response to her father telling her that Teresa is busy making a living as the primary bread winner, and that she’s concerned about her immediate family and she’s going to do whatever she has to do to.

“This season has not been about friendship or family. It has been about jealousy, power, popularity, fame and money. While the cast members have said there is enough to go around, they do not like that Teresa has the majority of it, and all of them have shown that they will do whatever it takes to wrangle it away from her. Enter all the schemers and connivers, who have now banded together to ‘expose’ Teresa and Joe Guidice to the public in an effort to dethrone her. This from so called family and friends. They have set out to provoke her, and to her credit, she has held up better than they thought she would. This has infuriated Caroline and now Jacqueline, no doubt, and this is why one year after filming stopped, we still have all the nasty interviews, blogs, and twitter rants. Perhaps, her family and friends underestimated her resolve and stamina?” – Julia, July 1, 2012, Priscilla From Wascilla

“I’ve never been jealous of my friends success ever. I’m not that type of girl. Never have been.” – Jacqueline Laurita, April 23, 2012, Twitter

“I was asked 2 do a vow renewal 2 that would have been in the tabloids. I turned it down. T knew. I found out about hers on camera.” – Jacqueline Laurita, June 10, 2012, Twitter

Video: Jacqueline tells The Morning Show in Canada on July 18, 2012, that Teresa Giudice “tried to sabotage a lot of business dealings for me.”

“She congratulated me on an opportunity I got & then tried to take it away from me behind my back 4 herself (& failed).” – Jacqueline Laurita’s reply to someone on Twitter who asked, while season 4 episode 7 was airing, what Teresa did to her personally?

“Jac DMd me that her fight with Teresa is over a lost opportunity for lip gloss and nail polish, which Jac believes Teresa usurped.” – Jennifer, June 19, 2012,

“[Teresa] hurt me bad. Tried to cut me out of opportunities and tried 2 steal one deal I have after I’ve always supported her plus more.” – Jacqueline Laurita, Jacqueline Laurita Explains Why She Isn’t Friends With Teresa Giudice, November 17, 2011,

“I laugh when pple say I’m jealous of T. There is NOT ONE aspect of her life I would want. Not even leaving my kids 4 best selling book signings.” – Jacqueline Laurita, June 20, 2012, Twitter

“I actually have an amazing book I’d like 2 publish but I’m not ready 2 tour yet 4 signings. Maybe if I can bring my kids? I’m waiting.” – Jacqueline Laurita, June 20, 2012, Twitter

“The difference with Teresa’s family dynamic and ours is that she claims she WANTS a relationship so badly with her brother and his family, but then sabotages the same relationship by interfering with potential opportunities they might benefit from behind the scenes.” – Jacqueline Laurita, June 4, 2012, Love is Love

“Teresa would do little things to try to sabotage her family and friends like putting things about them in articles, sabotaging potential business opportunities, etc. all while claiming that she wanted to be one big happy family again.” – Jacqueline Laurita, June 18, 2012, The Rules According to Teresa

“I think the insults directed at Caroline for being one-sixteenth Italian (which is not true at all) and her ‘authentic’ meatball comments were to discredit Caroline as an Italian cook for two reasons. First, because she lost a meatball tasting contest to Caroline on the Rachael Ray show which annoyed her. Also there had been talk since day one of Caroline and our family doing a family cookbook, and in my opinion Teresa was trying to plant a seed in the readers mind. Teresa actually used a similar concept for her book, and I didn’t mind at all. I was happy it worked for her. If our family did it we would use different pictures and our own family stories. I always supported Teresa on anything she ventured into, and when she got to work and actually did what my family had only talked about, I thought, ‘Good for her.’ And I was very proud of her. I think the problem was that Teresa wanted to be the ONLY authentic Italian cook, and she wanted to make sure that she kept that title… Teresa calls her book a family cookbook, yet she never even attempted to include any other family members in it. If the recipes were passed down from generation to generation, I’m sure other family members use the same recipes as well, but if I know Teresa, she probably wouldn’t allow anyone else to claim them but her.” – Jacqueline Laurita, April 22, 2012, The Breaking Point

“There is one more thing that I felt that I had to address. You say everyone has motives for coming on the show with their ‘get-rich-quick schemes.’ Who isn’t trying to make a buck nowadays, and what’s wrong with that? Especially when it’s your family. Why do you make it sound like a bad thing? You say Kathy’s is baking, Melissa’s is singing, so what was YOUR ‘get-rich-quick scheme,’ Teresa? Was it the cookbooks? The TG Fabulicious store? The makeup? The lip gloss? The nail polish? The sauce? The olive oil? The pots and pans? The teeth whitener? The t-shirt line? The Bellini? The wine? The kids’ shampoo line? And now you want to come out with a prostitution whore song? Take a look at your own motives, Teresa. I think you’ve pretty much covered every market. What’s next, a rhinestone studded sex toy line? God Bless you for putting in the work to make all of that happen. I am so proud of you. I hope you are extremely successful. But you are not the only one entitled to make money with the show. How can you knock people trying to make a living? This show gives us a platform for many things. There is enough room for everyone to be successful. There is no need to be greedy or even jealous of other people’s successes.” – Jacqueline Laurita, August 15, 2011, An Eye Opener

“Can anybody have anything…anything…it’s my brother’s wedding…I don’t wanna talk about your stupid cookbook.” – Caroline Manzo, in her talking head interview, responding to Teresa’s proclamation during Jamie and Rich’s reception that she just got a text message stating her cookbook made the New York Times’ bestseller list.

“Because he didn’t achieve his success by hurting his friends & he shares his success with others.” – Jacqueline Laurita responding on Twitter to someone who asked, while season 4 episode 7 was airing, why it was okay for Chris to bring up his success (on the bus in Chicago when he mentioned BLK and the wine they just added) and not Teresa?

“I loved the juxtaposition between Chris Laurita’s announcement regarding a new client (a wine company), and Teresa’s announcement about her new cookbook being on the NY Times’ bestseller list. Teresa and Joe were genuinely happy for their friend, but the Manzos/Lauritas (especially the women) were obviously jealous/annoyed. It is obvious why the other women accuse Teresa of anything they can think of: they are just jealous. Caroline replies to every innocent comment that Teresa makes in a nasty way (preferably in a TH). And she pretends she is the victim on top of it!” – NoPityFL, June 11, 2012, TelevisionWithoutPity

“Maybe fame has gotten to her head. It has gotten to all of their heads. Everyone is about the fame! Every single one of them — so what is the problem??? Teresa makes the money. Teresa brings in the viewers. Teresa has the best selling cookbooks. Teresa had the crazy Christmas cards that are so ridiculous it is cute. She is the standout in New Jersey. So, from those points, what can we figure out? The other four are JEALOUS! And jealousy is a hard thing to get over.” – CFF, June 12, 2012,

“Why would you continue to ask your ‘friend’ about on going legal matters ON CAMERA that could incriminate herself and her husband? Why would you continue to comment and insinuate bankruptcy fraud (lavish lifestyle, spending out of control, etc) to get your ‘friend’ into hot water? I was disgusted regarding Teresa’s behavior toward Danielle (no matter what she said, no one should be physically attacked); HOWEVER, the rest of this cast thinks the viewers are stupid, which I’m most offended with. These idiotic confrontations are no more than jealous power trips on Teresa and Joe’s good fortune to successfully capitalize off of the show. No one wants BLK water, Brownstone sauce, Melissa’s music singles, Kathy’s Red Velvet Cosmos, but Teresa’s books and appearances are selling out, she’s moving bottles of wine, she appears on every episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, she’s on magazine covers, she’s everywhere. ” – brooklyntvcutie on June 18, 2012, Television Without Pity

“I’ve been feeling the desire to state my case as if I need others to validate what I’m already feeling and what I already know… I remember feeling this same way before the Season 2 reunion with Danielle. I went there armed and ready for battle. I had my gun loaded with plenty of ammunition to win. God knows what I thought I was winning. I had so much dirt on that woman that I was actually looking forward to exposing her, because I felt like she deserved it. Halfway through the reunion, I realized that this need to destroy her with her ugly truths was making me just as ugly of a person as she was. Hate makes you ugly. I didn’t want to be that ugly person. It is not who I am. My heart is much too big to be driven to the dark side. I was allowing myself to become someone that I was not proud of. I got control of myself and decided to let go of all the hate, move forward, and not look back. The awkward hug was about letting go of the hate and the fight. She promised to stop harassing my family and move on. (Although she never kept her word.) I didn’t want to become that bitter person then, and I don’t want to become that person now. I’ve decided once and for all, to let go of all the hate. I know what I know, and that is all I need to know. I also know that the season is not over yet, and there will be episodes that I will want to respond to in my blogs. For now, I will continue to respond to each episode, but I will try to do so without as much animosity.” – Jacqueline Laurita, Leaving the Nest, July 2, 2012

“If I get hurt I get nasty, and I got nasty because I was hurt.” – Jacqueline Laurita, Season 4 Episode 15, during her conversation with Teresa in the RV, away from the others, where Teresa tries to understand why Jacqueline no longer wants to be her friend