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Did Joe Giudice Get Caught Cheating on Teresa? (Updated 10/12/13)

August 15, 2012 61 comments

According to RadarOnline on January 2, 2014, this is the third time Teresa’s hubby has been caught out with another woman. In late November Joe was spotted having lunch with a brunette woman in Secaucus, NJ, and in 2011 he was spotted at a TGIFriday’s with a woman who was not his wife.

As reunion 5 was airing, Jacqueline tweeted the following regarding the comments she made during reunion 4 about Juicy cheating with his secretary and the babysitter (she said in the reunion 5 footage that she was wrong to say it but didn’t expand on it):

Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita 6 Oct 2013
Last reunion, although brutally honest, I said things that were not my place to say! I was not going there again.

When asked by AllAboutTRH on October 10, 2012 if she ever told Jacqueline that Joe cheated on her, Teresa said:

“I never told Jacqueline any of that. If I had proof of Joe cheated on me, I wouldn’t be with him. I’m just not made that way. I know some people would stick with their husbands even if they did that but to each their own. It would be unfortunate but I would definitely not stay with Joe.”

When asked, “Was Joe Giudice talking to a woman on the phone in Napa; did he forget to turn off his mic?”, a former RHONJ post production supervisor, speaking to a cousin on September 17, 2012, responded: “The call was 100% innocent. He called Teresa a c*** because he didn’t want to be there filming and was taking it out on her. He had a legal mess at home he needed to deal with but was contractually obligated to be there.”

A magazine called me two weeks ago to ask me about my reaction to the new episode they just received. I hadn’t seen it, so I had no idea what they were talking about. Once I got a copy and watched it, I was sick. I felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach. It has not been a good couple of weeks. Of course I begged Bravo not to air it, but when you sign up for a TV show, you sign up to show everything, warts and all. The good and the bad. Kind of like that other promise: for better or for worse. Welcome to the ‘worse.’

My husband disrespecting me on camera happened a year ago, but I just found out about it, and I’m trying to process it. I seem to always be the last to find out things, huh? People’s pasts keep coming out and they admit their dirty deeds to me, like my own family contacting Danielle to try and “take me down,” but I only find out about it months or years later. They say they’re sorry, they’re not that person now, and what can I do? I forgive them. I forgave my brother and Melissa, and I can forgive Joe.

But I’m not stupid. It does make me wary, it does make it hard to trust the people I love. But that’s how it is in grown-up life. It’s not a fairy tale. Everyone I know has their own share of heartbreak. And to be honest, guys in Jersey aren’t the most refined in the world. I look around me and I see other guys treating their women the same as Joe treated me and worse. I don’t like it; I don’t think any woman does. It’s weird that we put up with it when we’re so strong and smart in so many other ways… But I’m sure it’s the same with guys in a lot of places. They’re different animals. They are animals. They think it’s funny to show everyone their buttholes. Women aren’t like this. We have our own kind of ugly that men don’t understand. But we have to work it out and live together, don’t we?

I don’t really want a guy that acts like a woman. I’d rather not have Joe talk to me like a perfect gentlemen and go to his mistress’ apartment every night either. So I guess you have to decide what you can take and what will break you. I’m pretty strong and I have to be: I’m the mom of four little girls.

The truth is Joe and I are happy together now. He’s a great dad and a great husband and we still really like each other. He’s not perfect, I’m not perfect, but you put up with each other’s faults for the good of the whole. Should I break up my family and leave him because he called me an ugly name a year ago? My pride wants to of course, but I don’t think that’s the right or responsible thing to do. People don’t stay married for decades without bumps in the road. So this is a pretty big bump, but I’m hanging on. Thank you all for hanging on with me!

- Teresa Giudice, August 20, 2012, For Better or for Worse

Video of Joe’s Mysterious Phone Call (Still Below)

“For Teresa’s sake, I really hope that Joe was talking to Jake from State Farm, but it’s obvious to me he’s cheating.” [charmed1, August 20, 2012, Television Without Pity]

“Loved Joe’s switch to another language even though his phone partner had obviously understood English a few seconds beforehand. Obviously their signal for ‘no longer able to talk freely’.” [Jessie Q, August 20, 2012, Television Without Pity]

“Here’s another thing about Joe’s call that should tip off Teresa. It looked like it was about 6 or 7 PM when that call happened, which means it would have been 9 or 10 PM back in NJ. Does Tre really think that any legit business needed to be conducted that late? [TheBombDotCom, August 20, 2012, Television Without Pity]

“So why at the particular time did Teresa need to confront him about being on the phone? I think it’s because he walked away to have the conversation in private (and it could have been his body language and the look on his face while on the phone, which Teresa could see from the table). Joe seems like one of those assholes who has loud phone calls in public without giving a shit about what he’s talking about or what others hear. So him walking away for a good couple of minutes talking softly probably jumped out as a warning sign to Teresa. That whole display in the vineyard was truly pathetic and embarrassing.” [luckyroll3, August 20, 2012, Television Without Pity]

“Many marriages go through infidelities. If you chose to forgive him and give him a second chance, we support you. Just make sure if you stay, you find out for sure if he was cheating and not let him off the hook for that.” [CC1921, August 21, 2012, Teresa's Bravo Blog]

“As for Joe’s phone call… Please do not ignore the fact that he was not on a work related call…your fans are not stupid; and just because you don’t address it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen…or that it will be forgotten. At least say ‘it’s a matter I have chosen to keep private’…but not addressing it at all makes you seem…dumb.” [MaaMaa, August 21, 2012, Teresa's Bravo Blog]

“Teresa…it was very clear, by the tone of your husband’s voice and the content, that he was talking to another woman in your presence. He is so disrespectful and I’m not sure why you put up with it. I also think you had an idea of what he was doing; that is why you followed him and then tried to force him to have sex with you. Now, you are trying to obfuscate the cheating by focusing on the name-calling. The name-calling is bad enough, but the cheating is worse.” [ceeacee, August 21, 2012, Teresa's Bravo Blog ]

“I’ll give her a pass on the phone – it’s their business and nobody else’s and they’re dealing with it privately – fair enough. Teresa and Juicy are working things out… protect your man, girl. I hope behind closed doors she ripped him a new one.”

“I suspect part of the conversation she had with Juicy behind closed doors included a very loud ‘you a-wipe – you just gave them ammunition to throw at me and our family. Nice going you ignorant douche’!!”

“Teresa and Joe are still together. They got past that very bad moment in their marriage.”

“I’m not going to comment on what came out on this episode regarding Joe Giudice, because I feel that it is such a sensitive matter to talk about, and I am sure it was very hurtful for Teresa and her family to see. Despite our fighting, my heart hurt for her. That is all I will say on that matter. As far as the sex they had in the vineyard, I think I understand more now why she chose such a time to make a scene. I was wrong thinking that it was entirely about her trying to take the spotlight away from Caroline. I think somewhere in her mind, she was marking her territory. In my opinion, she should have just peed on him, kicked up some dirt, and walked away.” [Jacqueline Laurita, August 21, 2012, Marking Territory]

For an Excellent Recap of Episode 16, Read ‘Whispers in the Grapevine: Teresa is no fool‘, Excerpt Below:

“One thing I hope she is not feeling is embarrassment or humiliation about how Juicy spoke about and to her. It’s not her fault. She cannot control whether he behaves like a gentleman. For the record, I do not believe Juicy is a bad man. I think he’s broken. He lost his way. He forgot the difference between what is right and what is wrong. And I strongly suspect that if he gets into alcohol recovery many of his problems would be resolved. After all many of them stemmed directly from drinking. Many more can be solved if he can just get the help he and his family need.” [Priscilla from Wascilla, August 20, 2012, Whispers in the Grapevine: Teresa is no fool]

Joe Giudice Before Bravo | Joe Giudice After Bravo

Was/Is Joe Giudice Cheating on Teresa?

Footage from season 4 episode 16, which aired August 19, 2012, shows Teresa Giudice seducing her husband in the vineyard (stills below) after the mysterious phone call where he verbally abuses her and claims he is talking to someone from work. Here’s a summary of what was shown in the episode: Joe is on the phone with what seems like another woman; Teresa, suspicious of him stepping away to make a call to ‘work’, goes over to investigate; as she is approaching, Joe says to the person on the other end of the call: “Here comes my bitch wife”; he also refers to her as a “c—“; Teresa, maybe trying to avoid going back to the table in this emotional and awkward moment (and not wanting the others to suspect anything is wrong), leads Joe to the vineyards where (perhaps playing to the cameras to lighten the mood and prove to the audience that all is good) she tries to seduce him, but he tells her: “I’m not doing it over here. I don’t like it over here”; and when she persists, he calls her a “f–king whore.”

After interrupting Joe’s mysterious phone call (knowing the camera crew was filming and her mic was on), Teresa led Joe into the vineyard to fool around; he said he didn’t want to; she kept insisting; he called her a ‘f—ing whore’. The others could see Teresa jumping up and wrapping her legs around Joe, and they could hear him cussing and saying he didn’t want to do it. Note that Teresa had suggested making out in the vineyards earlier, while the Gorgas and Giudices were stilling driving in the RV (and after Teresa’s vulgar remark, when Melissa took their picture, about her husband sticking his finger somewhere in her — her attempt, she said, to ‘make him smile’).

Since season 1, Teresa has been jumping on Joe and has allowed the crew to film them in bed in the morning as she attempts, in a playful way, to engage him, to which he is never receptive because it goes against his personality (he’s no nonsense, rough around the edges, very private, and hates the cameras but is allowing them into his life for Teresa). After Joey and Richie joined the show, Teresa’s sexual banter increased: the cock ring, Joe’s lubrication, hot dog breath, etc., as if she’s trying to keep up with their exploits. Joe Giudice doesn’t seem to appreciate public displays of affection, yet Teresa keeps trying to get him to respond. She needs to stop: some people are just not comfortable with PDA and don’t behave in a romantic manner.

“I’m trying to make some sense of this. Teresa and Juicy had to know that the camera was following them into the vineyard. Didn’t they? I remember seeing a still of Teresa with her legs wrapped around Juicy sometime either just before the season aired or when it was just beginning. So what they didn’t know was that Bravo had Juicy calling her all the other nasty names. Or that Bravo had the audio of his phone call before Tre showed up to question him.” [They probably did not realize that Bravo had a clear audio of the phone call or that they would make such a major deal of it.] – WestCoastFeed, August 16, 2012, Reality Tea

In Richie’s talking head interview about what he saw and heard in the vineyard, he made a nasty comment about the Giudice’s marriage:

“All I kept hearing is, ‘Come on, we can do it here, I’ll put my legs up.’ And I’m wondering to myself, ‘This guy doesn’t even want you in the bedroom, what makes you think he’s gonna wanna do you on gravel?”

In her Bravo blog for the episode, Kathy made excuses for Rich’s comment, as usual (he constantly hurls insults at Teresa behind her back). She also made excuses for teaming up with Caroline to stir up trouble for the just-rekindled (albeit lukewarm) friendship between Jacqueline and Teresa. Remember, just prior to Teresa’s toast that got Kathy and Caroline riled up further (Teresa didn’t mention Jacqueline in her toast, even though they just made up, yet Jacqueline wasn’t upset about being left out), Kathy and Caroline were trash talking Teresa and trying to redirect Jacqueline’s anger back onto Teresa. Here’s what Kathy wrote in her Bravo blog on August 20, 2012 (what the others say and do is harmless, according to them, and the swipes they take at Teresa are just ‘wisecracks’):

“When Joe Giudice stepped away for his phone call, none of us knew what was said or what had happened between him and Teresa until this week when we previewed our episode. In retrospect Rich’s comment, which was meant as a wisecrack, now may have been a little insensitive. Rich and I both feel badly about the situation. This all happened a year ago, and we sincerely hope that they are in a much better place.

“I want to address the little talk I had with Caroline and Jacqueline before our last dinner at the Lancaster Estate. If you’re wondering why I asked so many questions about what went on in their conversations with Teresa, I will tell you. We all spent a great deal of time on this trip trying to understand and sort out our relationships. Some relationships were on the mend and others were fractured. This was true for each and every one of us. Here we were, all together, trying to make a go of it, each in our own way. I felt that I needed to understand the dynamics of what was going on so that I could be supportive and compassionate to everyone. That’s just me, I’m a libra and I constantly try to find balance.

“This brings me to our last dinner. Sometimes I need to see things played back, because I want to be sure of what I heard or didn’t hear at that dinner. The fact that I was left out of my cousin’s toast after I had tried so hard with her was a disappointment at best. If you were there, you knew it was a deliberate snub. You could cut the tension with a knife. I was embarrassed, but I wasn’t going to let it ruin my evening or cause a scene that would ruin anyone else’s evening. Once again Teresa’s actions speak volumes. So at this point I would like to offer my own toast, “In Vino, Veritas (In Wine Is Truth).”

Teresa, in her August 20, 2012 Bravo blog, explained that she did not snub Kathy in the toast:

“Of course I didn’t mean to ‘snub’ Kathy in my toast! For goodness sake! I thanked our hosts, the birthday girl, and mentioned how glad I was that I was working things out with my brother. I have wonderful things I could have said about everyone at the table — how much I love Vito’s bear tattoo, how Lauren just warms my heart every time I see her happy little face — but that would be kind of ridiculous and long. I had patched things up with Kathy already at our lunch, but this trip was the start of fixing things with my brother and Melissa. If anything, Kathy should be happy for me and Joey. If Rosie was sitting at the table and they toasted each other after a rough patch, I’d be happy for her and not try and make it all about me… I’m sorry, but it just didn’t make sense to toast Kathy or Richie, because then I would have had to also toast Albie and Chris and Greg and Lauren and Vito and the people who owned the winery and the camera guys and my agent… I actually don’t even have an agent. Well I do have a literary agent for my books, but that’s it. No PR person either. Bravo TV is my PR.”

Caroline, in her August 20, 2012 Bravo blog, wrote a short blog (just a few sentences) for episode 16, saying:

“This has been quite a season so far, and frankly I can’t wait for it to end so I can lock it away in my mind’s vault never to surface again.”

“Here’s my problem with Caroline: she is always saying she’s over the drama and doesn’t do drama, while constantly causing it by instigating it and involving herself in other people’s family issues, while simultaneously saying no one has the right to get involved in her family dramas or comment on it. It’s a double-standard. And next week I think she’s going to maybe lose it or something – I don’t know, but I feel she’s been very out of line with Teresa’s family this season. Maybe she’s over it completely ( I can sympathize), and I know Bravo is hiding pivotal information from us but, still, it’s getting ridiculous and she is looking like a huge hypocrite.” [Mary, August 20, 2012, Reality Tea]

“Caroline is a total shit stirrer. When Jacq said she was ok with just being a casual friend to Tre, Caroline was all over that screaming that you need to pour out your deepest thoughts to your friends. Really? When it was clear she wasn’t able to stir any more shit between Jacq and Tre, she decided to turn to Kathy and tell her how lousy Tre treats her too. I didn’t think the toast was mean, what is Tre supposed to do, go around the room and make up things to thank people for? She isn’t articulate, she doesn’t think ahead, but I refuse to believe she planned to diss Kathy. She’s just not that smart. Caroline is the mean girl on the RHONJ, not Tre. And why is everyone so friggin concerned with their friendship with Teresa anyway? God, it’s like watching high school, where everyone wants to hang with the popular girl. Pathetic.” [poeticlicenced, August 20, 2012, Television Without Pity]

“For Caroline to come on national TV and said she felt ‘sorry for Teresa’ about her marriage… if that is not mean spirited, what is?” [GiveMeBalls, August 31, 2012, Twitter]