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Flashback: Danielle Staub Addresses Jacqueline’s Parenting and Ashlee’s Assault; Kim D was Danielle’s Friend But Turned on Her to Befriend Teresa and Jacqueline

July 3, 2013 190 comments

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Season 2, Episode 9: “Posche Spite”

Danielle shows Kim G a text that Ashley sent to her:

“You and I and God both know where you are going, to hell.”

Danielle goes to Posche. Kim D isn’t there as she expected. Danielle perceives she is being snubbed by the clerk, who Danielle has never seen in her life. When Kim D returns to the store, Danielle reenters and says:

“As your friend, I’m going to say, I love you too much to come in here and be treated like this. I don’t know why this happening. I can tell you I am not going to be able to shop here anymore because I want to keep our friendship.”

Kim D responds by saying to Danielle:

“What is the big deal. You can’t lighten up ever?!”

Kim D suggests Danielle leave her store.

Kim D has lunch with Jacqueline and Teresa, and she invites them to the PFS. Teresa asks Kim D how does she know that she can trust her since she is turning on Danielle? Kim D acknowledges Teresa’s question by admitting that right now Teresa doesn’t know what to think since they are just acquaintances:

“We’re acquaintances; we’re friendly right now.”

Danielle in her TH says that she got text messages from 16 people telling her Jacqueline and Teresa with be at Kim D’s fashion show – Kim D had invited Danielle to the show months earlier.

Danielle TH:

“Little confused about why Kim D has invited enemies. Kim D is absolutely, positively playing me for the last time. She’s showing me what kind of friend she is. I can’t believe she’s inviting Teresa and Jacqueline to her fashion show. But I don’t want Kim to know that I’m hurt and betrayed. I’m done. I’m on to you. And you know what! Hang out with those woman all you want. You should have told me because a friend of mine would have let me know. You’ve disrespected me, and that will not happen again… And I pay you on top of it and support your tiny little boutique. Believe me, she will miss my money (ha ha). Bye bye (waves).”

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Season 2 Episode 10: “Country Clubbed”

Teresa’s TH, explaining that it was Danielle’s fault for what happened at the country club after the PFS:

“I was trying to be nice and Danielle started it.”

Kim G’s driver tries to hold back Teresa, telling her to be classy and not to follow Danielle as she tries to leave the country club after she and Teresa argued about her house being in foreclosure (a lie passed on to Danielle from Melissa, no doubt – Melissa is probably the one who also told Danielle to drive by Teresa’s old home, the one with “linoleum floors” that Danielle mocked during their argument).

Kim G’s Driver to Teresa (as she’s moving outside to follow Danielle): You’re like a gazelle, fast.

Teresa to Driver (as the driver is trying to stop her from walking toward the Bentley where Danielle is inside, crying): I swear to God, I’m cool. I swear on my kids. Trust me, I swear to God on my kids, I’m cool.

Teresa: The bitch better come out and talk to me.

Jacqueline tries to stop Teresa.

Teresa: I want to talk to the bitch!

Later in the episode, Chris and Jacqueline discuss Ashley’s assault on Danielle at the country club.

Chris: I’m telling you right now, ignore her (Danielle)! If you don’t ignore her, she’s going to continue to push your buttons.

Jacqueline: Like posting on your Facebook that “it was an unbeweavable night last night.”

Ashley: I told you that and you were laughing! You were like, “Ha ha ha!”

J: I know! It was funny!

A: Don’t act like you’re mad at me! You were so, it was like your idea too! Yeah, you were laughing!

J: It was not my idea (very angry)! Are you kidding! That was not my idea! I don’t want it on there!

A: God, whatever!

J: Ashley! How many times have I had a talk with you about not putting anything on Facebook, and you keep doing it?!

A: You’re like two-faced.

J: Yeah, it’s really funny Ashley. I hope you do get to suffer the consequences. I hope you do suffer the consequences from your actions. I hope you learn. I do. Cuz that’s the only way you’ll learn.

A: Then you and Danielle can go out and have lunch together.

C: You know what Ashley, I want you to be a little more respectful before I throw your ass out of here! OK? I had enough of you and your mouth!

J: So have I.

C: OK? So either you watch you mouth or get the hell out of here! OK? You think you know everything! You think you have all the answers! (Very angry) Shut your mouth!! How ’bout that?! OK? Because you DESERVE to be taught a lesson!

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Season 2 Episode 11: “Staub Wounds”

Danielle is talking to Danny in the diner about Ashley and Jacqueline.

“I can’t keep saying this is Ashley’s fault because it starts at home. Not when a year ago that little girl was telling me how much she loved me. And this is a girl that told me about what she experienced, that she would do anything to fit in with that family. That Manzo family. That Laurita family. Yeah, it’s hard enough from what I know from Jacqueline, when we were really close friends, that she tried really hard herself to fit in, for a long time. And she would tell me it was very painful.

“Then when you bring a child not from marriage into a family like THAT! (Danny asks if Ashley is Chris’ child) Chris is not her father, no. I feel for her. How horrible for a child to go through that. I feel for her, I really do.

“That comes from poisoning. They did their mother-daughter act. Likes attract likes… I’m gonna make my point very clear. Just stay away from me. Guess what, I don’t like you very much either anymore. I don’t wish you harm like you do me but, if you have an issue with me, please try to teach your children to deal with their issues with other people a little more respectfully. And karma is such a big bitch. It’s a bigger bitch than I’ll ever be.”

Danielle TH:

“Children do learn what they live, Jacqueline. I don’t think it’s Ashley’s fault that she’s like she is. But she’s 19 years old, she attacked me, and laughed about it. That’s not cool, not right and it’s illegal.

“What troubles me the most about Ashley is there was a point in time when she called me, not her family, to help her through every single solitary part of her day, right down to, ‘Can I use your tanning room?’ And now she has pulled hair from my head, held it up in the air, and bragged about it. It troubles me because I worry for my own safety.

“I’m disgusted and mortified that Jacqueline doesn’t have a better handle on her daughter. Jacqueline, it’s YOUR fault that things are happening. It’s YOUR karma that you’re messing with, and you’re not going to mess with me no more. My boundaries have been crossed. You disrespected me and that will not happen again, EVER!”