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  1. The Prophecy of Caroline Manzo: In 2011, She Predicted Joe Giudice Would Have to “Pay the Ultimate Price” – Go to Prison

  2. Joe Giudice Sentenced to 41 Months in Federal Prison; Teresa Sentenced to 15 Months, Followed by Two Years Supervised Probation; Sentences Are Staggered, With Teresa Going to Prison First and Surrendering on January 5th; Possible Deportation for Joe Will Not Be Addressed Until After He Serves His Sentence (Updated October 4, 2014)

  3. Melissa Gorga Goes to Court to Fight Five Traffic Citations Received While Driving Her Bentley Borrowed from Emporio and Scammer Bobby Khan (Updated 9/26/2014)

  4. Joe Giudice’s State Sentence for Identity Theft and Forgery Runs Concurrent with His Federal Crimes (Updated 10/15/2014)

  5. Shocking Revelations About the New Jersey Housewives Made by ‘Insider'; Voli Vodka Drops Melissa Gorga as Spokesperson

  6. Agenda: Grinding America Down (Video)

  7. Mia, Ronan and Dylan Farrow Revive 20-Year-Old Child Molestation Allegations Against Woody Allen – Authorities Declared the Accusations ‘Unfounded’ After a 14-Month Investigation, Which Concluded in 1993

  8. Flashback: Joe Giudice v. Joe Gorga Fight Voiced by Chief Wiggum & Moe – “He’s Bitin’ My Nuts, WTF?!”

  9. Flashback: Welcome to Teresa Giudice’s Crib

  10. Joe Giudice Wants a Separate Federal Trial from Teresa and Says She Did Not Sign Nor Did She Have Knowledge of Misrepresentation on Loan Documents

  11. Chris and Jacqueline Laurita are Selling Their Home for $2.85 Million

  12. The Laurita Bankruptcy – Signature Apparel LLC Was Drained of Its Funds and Assets to Support the Laurita’s Opulent Lifestyle

  13. Jacqueline Laurita Says Her Home is Not in Foreclosure; Jacqueline’s Business ‘JL Beauty Enterprises’ Could Have Huge Tax Debt

  14. Where Did Teresa Giudice Live Before the Mansion?

  15. The Worst Charities in a Nation of Givers

  16. Jim Marchese Explains RHONJ Production Tricks; Court Document Proves ‘Real Housewives’ Producers and Cast Stage Scenes; Simon Barney Told the Court His Children Experience Social Ridicule Because of the Series

  17. Flashback: New Jersey Real Housewives’ Video Interviews by Ranu

  18. Rift Between Teresa Giudice and Kathy Wakile Could Be Season 6 Story Arc If Kathy Wakile is Not Demoted

  19. Teresa Giudice Hires Ponzi Schemer and Ex-Con Wendy Feldman Purner as Her Crisis Manager and Legal Coach

  20. Kim Kardashian Sells Her Clothes on eBay for Philippine Disaster Relief But Gives Only 10% of the Proceeds to Charity

  21. Teresa Giudice Can’t Leave RHONJ Because She is ‘Locked into a Long-Term Contract’ Says Her Good Friend Heather Maclean

  22. Teresa Giudice Turned Down a Bravo Spinoff Says Her Good Friend Heather Maclean; Manzos Got Spinoff Because of Lauren’s Wedding

  23. Is the Reality TV Genre Falling Apart?

  24. Phil Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Says Editors Added Fake Bleeps and Removed the Name of Jesus from His Prayers

  25. Will Joe and Teresa Giudice Go to Prison for Bankruptcy Fraud?

  26. General Electric and the Great Mortgage Cover-up

  27. Monica Chacon, Kim G and Danielle Staub Shared a Table at the Season 2 Posche Fashion Show; Nancy Grace Predicts the Giudices Will Go to Jail

  28. Monica Chacon, Kim G, Bob and Kim Hiza, the Gorgas, the Wakiles and Jacqueline Laurita Have a Vendetta Against Teresa Giudice

  29. Monica Chacon Has Known the Gorgas Since at Least 2005

  30. Monica Chacon, Kim G, Kim Hiza and Tom Murro’s Connection to the Gorgas and Wakiles and to Each Other

  31. Kim G’s Friend, Monica Chacon, Says She’s Been Working with Federal Investigators for Four Years to Nab the Giudices

  32. The Giudices Should Work Out a Plea

  33. The Giudice Bankruptcy and Federal Indictment (with Links to Official Documents)

  34. U.S. Attorney’s Office Rejects Teresa’s Attempt to Make a Plea Deal to Avoid Prison; Giudice’s Federal Trial for Money Fraud Postponed Until April 2014 (Updated 3/4/2014)

  35. Did Teresa Giudice Know That They Were in Financial Distress?; Monica Chacon is a Title Examiner Who Assisted the Feds in Investigating the Giudice’s Real Estate Transactions

  36. RHONJ Season 5 Reunion Part 2 Ratings Down Almost 40 Percent to 2.1 Million Viewership

  37. Melissa Gorga Attempts to “Jolie the Leg” or is She Copying Jennifer Lopez, Again?

  38. Dina Manzo is Returning to RHONJ Now That Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita are Not Coming Back for Season 6; Cast Attends Project Ladybug Event; Caroline’s Feud with Dina Stems from Project Ladybug

  39. Penny and John Karagiorgis Are Not Friends with the Wakiles But They Were Friends with Teresa Giudice; Teresa Giudice v. Kathy Wakile Dessert Line; Kathy’s Dessert Cookbook Hits Shelves September 6, 2014

  40. Melissa Gorga’s Marriage Advice Book Named Worst Non-fiction Book for 2013 (Updated 1/11/14)

  41. Penny and John Karagiorgis File Civil Lawsuit Against Joe Gorga, the Lauritas, Sirens, Bravo, NBC Universal, Moxie Salon and Others

  42. Jacqueline Laurita Tells Tabloids That Dina Manzo Wants Bravo to Fire Her So Dina Can Return to RHONJ

  43. Caroline Manzo’s Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder

  44. Kim D Confirms Al Manzo’s Affair with Mistress Jill; Caroline Manzo Says It’s Foolish for Her to Think Al’s Been Faithful for 32 Years

  45. Melissa Gorga’s Marriage Advice Spells Doom for Newlywed Woman; Melissa Doesn’t Know Her Father-in-Law’s Name is Giancinto

  46. Mohegan Sun Falsely Advertises Melissa Gorga’s “Free Signing Event” – You Must Purchase Her Book to Gain Entry to Signing Line

  47. Caroline Manzo Leaves RHONJ for Spinoff and Tries to Quash Rumors About Al’s Long-term Girlfriend Jill; Giudices Discuss Legal Issues on WWHL

  48. Jacqueline Laurita Must Have “Bleached Her Asshole” Because She is Obsessing Over Gorga-Giudice Drama

  49. Melissa Gorga Takes Another Dig at Joe Giudice’s Mother; Teresa Giudice Says Melissa Will ‘Spin It’ So That It’s All Teresa’s Fault; Jacqueline Laurita is Spewing the Same BS

  50. Melissa Gorga Takes a Dig at Joe Giudice’s Mother; Teresa Giudice Says Her Brother Projects His Guilt onto Others

  51. Jacqueline Laurita Said to Melissa Gorga About Teresa Giudice and Strippergate: “I Think She’s the One That Set It Up”

  52. Teresa Giudice Says Her Friends and Family Turned on Her and “Hate on Her Like It’s Their Full-time Job”; Melissa Gorga Denies the Cheating Allegations; Kim D Proudly Owns Being the Villain and Says She and Jacqueline Laurita are “Very Close”

  53. Jacqueline Laurita Blogs That Teresa Still Hasn’t Taken Accountability; Teresa Giudice Blogs That She Will Always Love Jacqueline; Melissa Gorga Blogs That Her Kids Each Would Love One-on-One Time with Teresa Like Joe Gorga Gave to Gia

  54. Jacqueline Laurita Calls Viewers ‘Ignorant’; Caroline Manzo Tells Viewers to ‘Grow Up’; Melissa Gorga Lies About Why She Is Moving; Teresa Giudice Says They All are Friends with Kim D

  55. John Karagiorgis, Joe Gorga and the Lauritas Drop All Charges in Exchange for Waiver of Contract Terms to Allow Filing of Civil Suit

  56. Is Melissa Gorga’s Book a Cry for Help or a Carefully Planned Exit Strategy from Her Marriage?; Is She Advocating Marital Rape?

  57. ‘Real Housewives’ Contract Says Producers Can Fictionalize Footage

  58. John and Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis Were Ambushed by RHONJ Production and Cast at Posche 2; JohnnyTheGrk Never Tweeted About the Laurita’s Son Nicholas; Melissa Gorga Lip Syncs at XL106.7

  59. Johnny “The Greek” Karagiorgis Did Not Make Negative Remarks About Nicholas Laurita

  60. Pete Giudice Takes On Melissa Gorga and Her Posse; Bravo Demonizes Joe Giudice to the LGBT Community; Manzo Kids Attack Uncle Jamie Laurita on Twitter

  61. Pete Giudice Denies His Family is Friends with Penny and Johnny Karagiorgis; Who Was the Person Texting Jacqueline Laurita During Strippergate?

  62. Teresa Giudice Blogged “I’m So Over This Made-up Drama” – FW Couldn’t Agree More!

  63. Teresa Giudice’s Friend, Heather Maclean, Answers Viewers Questions on Twitter

  64. Heather Maclean Says Teresa “Begged Andy to Fire Her” When They Cast Melissa Gorga; Joe and Melissa Quickly Pack to Leave the Retreat While Joe and Teresa Share “Sexy Time” in a Jacuzzi Tub

  65. Teresa Giudice Says “I Was Surprised and Sickened By What Melissa Said About My Marriage” and Says “Melissa is Very, Very Lucky That I’m Keeping Quiet About the Things I Do Know”

  66. RHONJ Reunion Special for Season 5 Taped on September 4, 2013

  67. The Entire RHONJ Cast Knew Penny and John Karagiorgis and Tricked Them into Revealing That Teresa Giudice Was Driving the “Melissa Gorga Cheated on Joe” Storyline

  68. Teresa Giudice Denies That She Exchanged Text Messages with Penny Drossos Karagiorgis; Teresa Calls Penny a ‘Stalker’ and ‘Fucking Girl Psycho Bitch’

  69. Penny Drossos Karagiorgis Films Scene with Joe and Melissa Gorga; Joe Gorga Defends Melissa Against Cheating Allegations; Teresa Giudice Calls Truce with Melissa Gorga; Joe and Teresa Giudice Double Date with Chris and Jacqueline Laurita

  70. Melissa Gorga Blogs “I Honestly Did Not Want to Do Therapy and Healing” at the Arizona Spa; Teresa Giudice Blogs That She is Upset with Caroline Manzo for Calling Her Superficial

  71. Transcript of Jan Marie DeDolce’s and Penny Drossos’ Conversations with Melissa Gorga About Cheating on Joe

  72. Giudices Distance Themselves from Penny and John Karagiorgis; Giudices and Gorgas Present a United Front at Teresa’s Milania Hair Care Launch Party

  73. Cheating Rumors Surface About Melissa Gorga in Season 5 Episode 6; Kim D and Jennifer Dalton Say Teresa Did Not Know the Topic of Melissa’s Infidelity Was Going to be Discussed at ‘Girls Night Out’

  74. Melissa Gorga Admits to Glamour Magazine That She Met Joe in 2003, When She Was 24, Not 21 Like She Says in Her Book

  75. Melissa Gorga Lied in Her Book About Meeting Joe Gorga in 2000 – They Met in Cancun in March 2003

  76. Federal Government Throws Its Weight at Individuals Who Dare to Defraud a Bank, Rather Than Prosecuting Bankers for Defrauding Homeowners, Investors and Courts

  77. Another Ex Boyfriend, Anthony Arater, Comes Forward, Accusing Melissa Gorga of Cheating on Joe; Melissa Says “There Have Been Talks” About a Spinoff for Her and Joe – She Thinks She is the “Top One” of the Cast

  78. Melissa Gorga Misses Out on Music Residuals

  79. Melissa Gorga Sings Her New Single “Never Let Me Go” Live Without Autotune and Attends VMAs

  80. Melissa Gorga Tells Us Weekly, “I’ve Never Cheated on Joe”; Melissa Sings Off Key with a Backing Track at Red, Hot and Boom in Orlando

  81. In Her Sex and Marriage Advice Book, Melissa Gorga Says Men Desire Her and Women Envy Her

  82. Danielle Staub Has Meeting with Teresa Giudice; Teresa Calls Penny Drossos Karagiorgis a Stalker

  83. Flashback: Danielle Staub Addresses Jacqueline’s Parenting and Ashlee’s Assault; Kim D was Danielle’s Friend But Turned on Her to Befriend Teresa and Jacqueline

  84. Danielle Staub Would Give Melissa Gorga a Run for Her Money If She Returned to RHONJ – Danielle Outs Melissa on WWHL

  85. Andy Cohen Teases Fans by Hinting That Danielle Staub Could Be Returning to RHONJ; Bravo Leaks Details from RHONJ Season 4 Reunion

  86. Does Joe Gorga Abuse Steroids?

  87. Joe and Melissa Gorga Move into Rental Home After Claiming to Have Sold Their Mansion for $3.8 Million

  88. Gorgas Extract $500,000 in Equity in a Cash-out Refinance of Their Overpriced Home for Sale

  89. The Gorgas Claim They Sold Their Home; Is Joe Gorga Broke and Facing Bankruptcy?; Does He Really Pay His Bills?; Joe Gorga Has a Negative Net Worth of $1.5 Million

  90. Joe Gorga is Not a Real Estate Developer – He’s a Landscaper Who Also Installs Pools and Does Stucco Work

  91. Richie Wakile and the Gorgas Talk Smack About the Giudices on the Bus Ride to the Lake George Retreat

  92. Teresa Giudice Sells Stories to the Tabloids But Denies It; Melissa Gorga Claims Teresa Called Antonia ‘Ugly’ and Wrote a “Whole Lying Blog About My Daughter”

  93. Melissa Gorga Thinks Teresa Giudice is Behind Fame-Whorgas; Melissa Received a $300,000 Advance for Her Advice Book on Marriage (She Asked for $1 Million); Teresa Giudice’s Parents Wanted to Disown Melissa After She Accused Teresa of Calling Antonia Ugly

  94. The Teresa Giudice Legal Defense Fund

  95. Prosecutors Ask Bravo to Hand Over Unaired Footage from RHONJ for Proof of Inappropriate Spending by the Giudices

  96. Joe and Teresa Giudice Each Released on $500,000 Bond; Pleas to Fraud Charges to be Entered at Arraignment Hearing on August 14

  97. Joe and Teresa Giudice Indicted on Money Fraud; Teresa Says “Nothing About Melissa’s Marriage Has Ever Come Out of My Mouth”

  98. Caroline Manzo’s Father-in-Law, Tiny Manzo, Had Been the Biggest Mob Enforcer in New Jersey; He Was Murdered in a Mob-Style Hit in 1983

  99. Exclusive: Insider Says Al Manzo is Cheating on Caroline with Long-time Girlfriend Named Jill

  100. Do the Manzo Boys Actually Work for a Living? Little Town NJ Opens for Business in Hoboken

  101. Teresa Giudice Broke Up the Fight Between the Two Joes; Melissa Gorga Calls Joe Giudice, “The Cunt Husband” and Says He’s “Gonna End Up” in Prison, “Where He Belongs”

  102. Joe Gorga Started the Fight, Melissa Fully Participated, and the Gorgas Called the Giudices 15 Names in a Five-Minute Clip of the Altercation

  103. Joe Gorga’s Black Spray-on-Hair-in-a-Can Gets Rubbed Off When Joe Giudice Kicks His Ass

  104. Joe Giudice Demands That Joe Gorga Apologize to His Sister

  105. GessieWTF’s Take on Juicy Joe Kicking Baby Joey’s Ass

  106. Real Housewives of New Jersey Blame Viewers for Their Continuous Fighting

  107. Blackwater and Autism — The Lauritas Use Autism as a Platform to Promote Blk; Jacqueline Admits She’s In It for the Money!

  108. Bravo Tells Striking ‘Real Housewives of New York’ Cast to Stand Down or You’re Fired

  109. New Trailer for RHONJ Season 5 — More Scripted Than Ever!

  110. Why Should We Defend Teresa Giudice Against Attacks from Her Castmates?

  111. Joe Gorga and the Lauritas Head to Court on September 26, 2013 – Charges Reduced from Felony Assault Charges to Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct

  112. John Karagiorgis’ Lawyer Says His Client Was Set Up by RHONJ Producers and Was Invited to the Event “to Make Peace”

  113. Johnny “The Greek” Karagiorgis Was Setup: The Fight at the Grand Opening of Posche 2 “Was an Obvious Premeditated Confrontation by Production and Cast”

  114. Joe Gorga, Chris Laurita and Jacqueline Laurita Charged in Assault Case Against Johnny ‘The Greek’ Karagiorgis; Lauritas and Gorga File Counter-complaints Against Karagiorgis

  115. Photos from Grand Opening of Posche 2 Before the Fight Broke Out; Photo of John Karagiorgis’ Head Injury; Photo of the Lauritas Outside the Police Station After Charges Were Pressed

  116. Joe Gorga and Chris and Jacqueline Laurita Get into a Fight with Johnny ‘The Greek’ Karagiorgis at the Grand Opening of Posche 2; Joe Giudce Rejects Plea Deal on Identity Theft Charges

  117. Melissa Gorga’s Best Quotes and Lies

  118. Melissa Gorga’s Sister, Lysa Simpson, Dares Bravo to “Keep Coming for My Sister”; Melissa’s Other Sister, Kim Pirrella, Dreamed of Being a Singer; Danielle Staub Tells Andy Cohen to “Fire Them ALL”

  119. Proof the Gorgas Lied About Being Sick When Joe’s Father Was Hospitalized, Plus They Lied About Driving Him to the Hospital; Bravo Tells the Marco Sisters They Are “Too Ugly and Negative” for TV

  120. The Gorgas Lied About Being Sick When Joe’s Father Was Hospitalized, Plus They Lied About Driving Him to the Hospital

  121. Are Joe and Melissa Gorga “Swingers”?

  122. Joe Gorga Tweets Photo of a Male Friend in Hotel Room and Asks: “What Do You Think of My Boy’s Body?”

  123. Is Joe Gorga Gay, Does He ‘Swim in the Man Pond?’; Is Melissa Gorga a Closet Lesbian?

  124. Melissa Gorga Was Arrested for ‘Retail Theft’ in Florida in 1997, Around the Time She Allegedly Was in a Lesbian Relationship with Jamie Bauer

  125. Jacqueline Laurita Wasn’t at the Season 3 Reunion Special Because the Producers Didn’t Want Her There; Jacqueline Was the First One to Put the Blame on Teresa Giudice for the PFS Setup

  126. Pete Giudice Denies His Family is Friends with Penny and Johnny Karagiorgis; Who Was the Person Texting Jacqueline Laurita During Strippergate?

  127. What is the Real Story Behind Strippergate (the RHONJ Season 4 Finale?); Angelo Was Caught on Tape Saying Teresa and Kim D Put Him Up to It

  128. The Gorgas Say They Are ‘Party People’ and Melissa Is a ‘Fondler’

  129. Melissa Gorga Buys Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers; Melissa’s Facade Slips in Her Season 4 Episode 17 Bravo Blog and You See Her for Who She Really Is

  130. Manzos and Lauritas Use “Autism Awareness” to Sell Blk and Draw Customers to Cafface; Is Blk “Giving Back” the Way Signature Apparel Was Supposed to Give Back to the Susan G. Komen Foundation?

  131. Blackwater and Autism — The Lauritas Use Autism as a Platform to Promote Blk; Jacqueline Admits She’s In It for the Money!

  132. Jacqueline Laurita’s Storyline for Season 5 Would Be Nicholas’ Autism; The Timing of Her Announcement Coincides with Contract Renewals, Season 4′s Explosive Ending and the Upcoming Reunion

  133. The Lauritas and Manzos Are Hoping Viewers Will Buy Blk ‘Out of Pity’ (They Say They’ve ‘Invested Everything’ in Blk); Melissa Gorga Accuses Teresa Giudice and Bravo Producers of Sabotage (Updated 7/17/2012)

  134. Teresa Giudice Explains the Gorga’s Bravo Audition Tape and How They Joined the Show (Plus Radio Interview)

  135. The Truth About Melissa Gorga and Her Bravo Audition Tape

  136. Reality Show Cast Members are Like Sex Workers, Getting a Tiny Fraction of the Cash They Generate, and BravoTV is Like ‘Hunger Games’

  137. Bravo Renews 18 Reality Shows and Unveils 17 New Unscripted Series

  138. Insiders and Eyewitnesses Say RHONJ Cast and Producers Fake and Stage Scenes

  139. Bravo Consistently Does Not Rank in the Top 25 of Cable TV Networks for Primetime Viewing

  140. Are Bravo’s Shows Too Contrived? Their Next New ‘Reality’ TV Show is ‘Project LA’

  141. Producer-Driven Scripted Drama and Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives’ Series

  142. The Reality of Reality TV and 10 Reasons to Stop Watching Bravo

  143. Screen Shots of the Conversation Between Jacqueline Laurita and Melissa Gorga at Strippergate

  144. RHONJ Former Producer Says Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita and Kathy Wakile May Not Be Returning for Season 5 of RHONJ; Cast Salaries for Season 4 Totaled $1.23 Million; RHONJ Season 4 Ratings

  145. RHONJ Former Producer Says Outsiders Were Involved in Setting Up Strippergate

  146. RHONJ Former Producer Reveals Details About Dina Manzo, the Gorgas, the Christening, Editing, and the Mystery Phone Call

  147. RHONJ Former Producer Says Jacqueline Laurita’s Anger Stems from Failed Endorsement Deals, Which She Blames on Teresa Giudice

  148. Kathy Wakile Calls Teresa Giudice’s Fans an ‘Army of Idiots’; Kathy Wakile’s Mother and Teresa Giudice’s Mother Are Not Blood Relatives, So Their Recipes Are Different ‘Family Recipes’

  149. Joe Gorga Apologizes to Teresa Giudice Via Text; Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo Project Their Resentment Toward Teresa Giudice onto Her 10-Year-Old Daughter Gia

  150. Joe Gorga Makes Teresa Giudice Read Out Loud Her Book Inscription to Him

  151. Melissa Gorga’s Fans Turn Against Her; Grand Conspiracy to Defame Teresa (29 Against 1); Jacqueline Laurita Rejects Teresa Giudice’s Apology

  152. They Are All Jealous of Teresa Giudice’s Bravo Business Success; Tom Murro and Kim G are Friends to the Manzo/Laurita Camp

  153. The Marco Sisters Tweet or Retweet Negative Things About Teresa Giudice

  154. Melissa Gorga and the Rest of the Cast Spread Cheating Rumors About Joe Giudice

  155. Did Joe Giudice Get Caught Cheating on Teresa?

  156. Chris and Jacqueline Laurita’s Shotgun Wedding

  157. Gia, We Hear You Loud and Clear

  158. Jay Mohr Blogs the Spot-on Truth About Melissa Gorga

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