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Joe Gorga Sold His Parents’ Home Out from Under Them; Melissa Gorga Had an Affair with Ex Boyfriend Bryan ‘Bulldog’ Bowen

January 27, 2013 250 comments

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The Sleeping ‘Bulldog’ Has Been Awakened

Melissa Gorga’s ex Bryan, AKA “Bulldog”, never asked to be involved in this but, as evidenced by his recent tweets, he has made it very clear that he stands for the truth. Here are some of Bryan’s (@bulldog_nj) tweets:

“So I get the phone call today that she says she’s not worried about me making it on the show because my tumor is back and I will be dead.”

“They’re hoping I will just go away ‘NOW’ or like she said, Die from my tumor. We’ll I’m not and I am ALIVE TODAY! Never wake a sleeping Giant!”

“I am back and fourth in NYU great hospital and I have one of the best surgeons in the world. God is in my life, I’ll be just fine :)

“Didn’t kill me the 1st time, it’s not gonna kill me this time. I am blessed. I was 24 hours away from being paralyzed & blind.”

“The ink on my body explains my story Demons of the past & The Angels of Today that r in my Life! It doesn’t come off & it doesn’t change.”

“Just so this clear, I’m not trying to make anyone believe anything. I just speak the truth! It’s how I roll. ;)

“Believe in yourself, that’s all that matters.”

“I don’t have to look in her mirror or live with her. She has to do that all by herself. I know the TRUTH & so does she.”

“I am in to good of a place in Life, they can say whatever they want about me far far away.”

“She can’t make me look bad cause I have made mistakes in life and I own up to them. I am not perfect, who is!?I can look myself in the mirror.”

[She won't meet you on a show. She will "leak" bs] She won’t cause I can say too much. I’m the one who has all the answers to everyone’s questions, the TRUTH.”

“I have to say I have chewed tougher steaks then anyone that has every been on the show rhwnj #justsaying. If the time comes I will keep it real, that is a promise. Some things are right some are wrong.”

“I don’t have to proof anything to anyone, but if this keeps up, the best is yet to come & I haven’t even gotten started…always be yourself.”

“Man I always believed in karma but NOW I REALLY BELIEVE!! LOL, ya did it to yourself.”

“Gods puts people in your life for a reason, and removes them for a better reason. ;) thank god!”

“Right now there thinking how dare he lol, but it’s ok when you do the dirty work to others right!? lol no one knows better than I do.. “

“It’s ok, she’s so desperate to keep her fake image & fake fame, that’s the level she is going to. I’m all good! Xo.”

“I get it, your sisters have your back. I have a sister 2 & we would die for each other, but when 1 of us is wrong, we don’t cosign each others BS.”

“Maybe if u go on realty TV you should not act as if this were a movie and hurt people doing it.”

“I guess it’s coming out after a year of dealing with this BS that I tried so hard to avoid. I turned people away & changed my number 3 times.”

“Follow the arrows it will all ad up! I have nothing to gain or lose… Didn’t even wanna be involved in this.”

“The Fighter in me will always Be! Never will go away… Guess you took my kindness for weakness. #selfmade”

“Well considering they claim I’m broke, lets do it lol. They said I wanna ride her coattails, ok, u rode mine long enough.”

“I might have to appear just cause I know now that it’s killing them.”

“That pic u have of her and the dog ‘gucci’ saddens me. She gave him up when she moved in with Joe. She loved him but $ more.”

“I remember the Friday nite u said 2 me, stop seeing other girls or I will marry that millionaire. 3 months Lata you were married Lol.”

“I bought her that cross, it was kind of like giving an exorcism. Lol I tried to help her.”

“What’s funny is she would always tell me her brother in law is a lot like me ‘juicy’ then when I saw him on TV I saw why. He don’t put on act.”

No bro, you broke up with her 10, I mean 7, shit 5 yrs ago. BAHAHAHAHA lmao: “I just got that haha”

“Her definition of Jesus is $, that’s why she always says, Thank u Jesus. sad”

“Funny how all the plotting yas do is behind closed doors and very quietly public now. Hmmm funny… Still 10 steps ahead.”

“Let me set something straight I don’t Hate anyone, it’s not in my heart TODAY! Like I said if confronted I will just tell the TRUTH! ;)

“So I hear the new attack on me will be that I am ‘mentally disabled’ cause of my surgery, if I speak lol, that I don’t know what I’m saying.”

“Addiction is also not something to attack people on. So sad! For the record, I live a sober life Today by my own choice!”

“Melissa was this bear in front of your house lol.”

“Man talk about the possibility of the “perfect storm” coming… Hmmm I just found some interesting pictures with dates on them.. Hmmm”

“Really!? really!? lol Keep talking… I will keep exposing ya 3 hamsters.”

“Now you r doctors too, right!? Teacher, singer, stripped, actress… C’mon, give it a rest already & define ‘cokehead’, people suffer from addiction”

“Remember I never said she was a stripper or not a stripper, I do know but I have not stated yet. Facts :)

Note: Fame-Whorgas sometimes adds spaces and punctuation and corrects typos in tweets to make them easier to read.

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Joe Gorga Sold His Parents’ Home Out from Under Them

In February 2001, while using his parents’ home at 281 Maitland Ave. in Paterson, NJ, as his primary address (he may have been still living at home), 27-year old Joe Gorga bought a lot in Franklin Lakes for $345,000 with the intention of one day building a custom home on it (probably to flip for profit).

Fifteen months later, on May 15, 2002, Joe bought a home to use as his primary residence at 259 Black Oak Ridge Road in Wayne, NJ, for $510,000 (instrument #2002056041*) — he took out a $408,000 mortgage on the home in his name only with NJ Lenders Corp. (instrument #2002056042*), which means his down payment was $102,000.

Almost a year later, in March 2003, Joe first met Melissa Marco during Spring Break in Cancun (she was 24; he was 29) — they hung out and partied as a group, but she wasn’t interested in him because he was too short and not her type. Upon returning home to New Jersey, Joe pursued her and visited her while she worked at Lookers Gentlemen’s Club, but she didn’t want anything to do with him.

Determined to win over Melissa by impressing her with wealth, Joe decided to build a 5,576 SF custom home on the Franklin Lakes lot he purchased more than two years earlier, in early 2001.

Joe needed his parents help, so three months after Joe first met Melissa, on June 19, 2003, his parents sold their home in Paterson, NJ, for $256,000 (instrument #2003079517*) and moved into Joe’s home at 259 Black Oak Ridge Road — this is the home Joe Gorga talked about in season 4 episode 10, the one he later sold out from under them.

During season 4, Joe Gorga said that he owned the house that his parents lived in, but then sold it, and now is paying their rent while he looks for a little ranch house for them. In the episode where Joe and Teresa go to therapy together, Joe talks about an article saying that he took money from their mom, and that Teresa and Juicy are building a house — or garage apartment — for them. In the stairwell of the therapist’s building, we hear audio of Joe telling Teresa that the tabloid sh*t has to stop, and her claiming that she didn’t put anything out there, and him yelling at her not to lie. And then Joe yells, “You guys want to move ‘em into that f*cking shack that you built. He don’t want to move there!” And then Teresa says that Joe should buy their parents a house, and what’s the big deal since he’s doing so well. If she had the money, she says, she would f*cking give it to them. And then Joe calls her out on her expensive purse before yelling that she doesn’t f*cking get it. [Source]

Black Oak Ridge Rd

Joe completed construction on the Franklin Lakes home at 149 Pulis Avenue in 2003; impressed by the home, Melissa began dating Joe in October of that year. This is the home Melissa was referring to when Teresa claims she said:

“I wasn’t stupid like my sisters; of course when I saw his house I was going to jump on that shit.”

In December 2003, a couple months after they started dating, Melissa moved into Joe’s Franklin Lakes home.

“That pic u have of her and the dog ‘gucci’ saddens me. She gave him up when she moved in with Joe. She loved him but $ more.” – Melissa’s ex boyfriend, Bryan, January 25, 2013, Twitter (@bulldog_nj)

Eight months later, in August 2004, Melissa married Joe.

“I remember the Friday nite u said 2 me, stop seeing other girls or I will marry that millionaire. 3 months Lata you were married Lol.”Melissa’s ex boyfriend, Bryan, January 25, 2013, Twitter (@bulldog_nj)

“What’s funny is she would always tell me her brother in law is a lot like me ‘juicy’ then when I saw him on TV I saw why. He don’t put on act.”Melissa’s ex boyfriend, Bryan, January 24, 2013, Twitter (@bulldog_nj)

Less than a year later, on May 5, 2005, with the value of his homes in Franklin Lakes and Wayne skyrocketing because of the real estate bubble, Joe and Melissa purchased a ‘shore house’ in Toms River, NJ, for $450,000.

A little more than a year later, on August 7, 2006, at the peak of the real estate bubble, Joe sold their Franklin Lakes home for $2.45 million, making a significant profit ($1 million+).

On October 11, 2007, they purchased a very modest home at 491 Summer Street in Paterson, NJ for $170,000. It is unclear if they lived there or rented a home somewhere else, content to have money in the bank. Melissa said that she and Joe rented a home while he was building the mansion in Montville — the mortgage document for their construction loan listed their address as 35 Gravel Hill Road, Kinnelon, NJ.

Everything changed in 2007 when Teresa was cast on RHONJ. For 11 months before filming began in 2008, Teresa mulled over the decision to join the cast or not (as explained by Andy Cohen on the June 17, 2012, episode of WWHL — she kept dropping in and out). During this time, unlike Teresa, Melissa and Joe were very anxious to join the show. She and Joe began looking for an estate lot to buy near Teresa so they could be close to her and hopefully be taped along with her, living an upper-class lifestyle.

Joe Gorga Tweets Photo of a Male Friend in Hotel Room and Asks: “What Do You Think of My Boy’s Body?”

January 21, 2013 139 comments

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On January 20, 2013, Joe Gorga tweeted a photo of himself in a hotel room with a shirtless man, asking, “What do you think of my boy’s body?” (image above).

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On January 26, 2013, Joe Gorga tweeted another photo of himself with the same man, saying, “Life is good.”

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It makes you if Melissa and Joe want the tabloids to run with stories about them being bisexual … Melissa’s performances are often at LGBT bars/events, and maybe they think if they present themselves as bisexual, they can build a bigger fan base (and maintain favor with Bravo Andy).

On WWHL in 2012, Andy Cohen asked Melissa and Joe if they ever had sexual relationships with the same sex — both said ‘No’.

One of the reasons Teresa does hate Missy now is because Missy & Joe have an “open” marriage, and Teresa thinks it’s disgusting. Missy leaves her kids with her 2 nannies all the time to go clubbing and hook up and Joe sleeps with everyone in a skirt. – Anonymous, E-mail to StoopidHousewives, May 11, 2011

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Melissa Gorga’s Ex Boyfriend Bryan ‘Bulldog’ Bowen

January 16, 2013 258 comments

During part 3 of the season 4 reunion special, Joe Gorga said he wants a women who walks a straight line:

“I was there. She was a bartender. She was a school teacher. She was putting herself through college. Me, I’m going to be honest with you. I want a girl that walks a straight line. My father always said, ‘You get the knife, you walk on that knife, you slip, you cut yourself.’ I picked the perfect wife for me. She is amazing in my book. OK?’ – Joe Gorga (Melissa’s expression while Joe is saying this is captured in the screen shot below)

For more than a year, blog commenters have been talking about Melissa Gorga’s ex boyfriend Bryan, who goes by the nickname Bulldog. According to sources, Melissa lived with Bryan ‘Bulldog’ Bowen for two years before marrying Joe Gorga and cheated on Joe with him over a period of years after she got married.

‘Anonymous’ here at Fame-Whorgas posted his Twitter handle (@bulldog_nj) on 2013/01/16 at 4:24 AM.

“1st off let me say Bulldog didn’t ask for this. It came too him. He could of easily popped up when she started but didn’t.” – Christina Lee, January 19, 2013, Twitter

“1st off I got on twitter to support my friend @FrankieEdgar @JRsBarSSH & Boxing. I tweet positive & never once mention I was her ex! It came 2me – Bulldog, January 23, 2013, Twitter

Per his/her comments at Fame-Whorgas, here is how ‘anonymous’ figured out that @bulldog_nj was the ‘Brian’ a.k.a. ‘Bulldog’ whose name and nickname were circulating in blog comments as Melissa’s ex:

Anonymous says:
January 16, 2013 at 4:24 AM

@bulldog_nj (butch/bulldog) ex of Mego twitter

Anonymous says:
January 16, 2013 at 4:29 AM

Check out 93 days ago convo [October 14 to be exact]

Anonymous says:
January 16, 2013 at 7:34 PM

I googled … Twitter and tried the names and it came right up…surprised it wasn’t seen before

Anonymous says:
January 16, 2013 at 9:05 PM

Found him looking thought Roger from jersey shore too. His name bulldog nj really does stand out

Anonymous says:
January 16, 2013 at 8:07 PM

I saw it looking at jersey shore Rogers twitter…..they often converse …..the name bulldog nj caught my eye so I researched due to Mego rumors

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On January 21, 2013, Bryan tweeted that Melissa and her sisters called his best friend, “begging him to talk to me about not saying anything.” On January 22, 2013, Queenz of Media (QoM) deleted all their vile tweets directed at Bulldog and are claiming that copies circulating on the internet are ‘doctored’ (I saved the disgusting tweets in a file because I knew they would try to deny it) — Melissa and her sisters must have called off the attack once Bryan said he was willing to talk to them.

I would think they would never wanna push me. Kim called my best friend yest begging him to talk to me not to say anything lol.

Phone records don’t lie!! I was Being nice by just saying Kim cause I still don’t really wanna go there.

I thought we worked this out yesterday, why wake a sleeping bear!?

Tell your friend n her sisters stop calling my friends [replying to QoM]

You can’t hide what u said u didn’t just help them u might have just covered the dirt of the burial now [replying to QoM].

Melissa’s sister Kim Pirrella tweets regularly with QoM. Here are just a few of those tweets:

Gracie!!!!!!!! “@QueenzOfMedia: @kimpirrella morning poodle. xo” – Kim Pirrella, January 21, 2013

Hello to two of my favorite people! “@justjillianr: @QueenzOfMedia “these are spirit fingers…..THESE are gold!” – Kim Pirrella, January 11, 2013 from Twitter for iPhone

Thank you…luv you 2 “@QueenzOfMedia: @kimpirrella wishing you the most Merry Christmas of all! you can’t imagine how much i adore you! xo” – Kim Pirrella, December 24, 2012 from Twitter for iPhone

XOXO “@QueenzOfMedia: @LysaSimpson @kimpirrella @melissagorga @donnamarco1 xoxo to each of you.” – Kim Pirrella, October 24, 2012 from Twitter for iPhone

NICE! “@QueenzOfMedia: The Queenz Of Media News & Gossip is out! Top stories today via @kimpirrella” – Kim Pirrella, October 13, 2012 from Twitter for iPhone

QoM is Melissa’s mouthpiece, and they spread vicious lies on her behalf. Melissa appeared on their internet show on September 8, 2012:

“Guess what? Melissa Gorga is going to be on The Queenz of Media Thursday!” – QueenzofMedia, Retweeted by Melissa Gorga, September 8, 2012

When Bryan tweeted Kim Pirrella, asking her if she was losing her mind for associating with QoM, she tweeted him back, telling him to get the hell off Twitter and to call her; and she asked him, “What happened to you!” and said, “I think you must be losing your freakin mind.” Bryan replied that he didn’t understand all the hate when he was simply trying to defend himself, and told her he would love to sit and talk without any cameras, and that “a lot needs to be put on the table.”

Bryan tweeted that following about his brain surgery on September 11, 2012 – part of the tumor was not removed, and he still must undergo more treatment:

“I am back and fourth in NYU great hospital and I have one of the best surgeons in the world. God is in my life, I’ll be just fine :)

“Right now what’s most important is my health. I have part of a tumor they cannot not fully take out; there are some complications. 1st things 1st.”

Knowing this, Melissa and her minions told Bulldog on January 24, 2013, that she’s not worried about him making it onto the show because he will be dead:

“So I get the phone call today that she says she’s not worried about me making it on the show because my tumor is back and I will be dead.”

Bryan also tweeted:

“Yes it’s back, my best friend was the one who told her, n thank u everyone! I will be ok, it’s in Gods hands!”

As recently as January 14, 2013, Melissa continued to deny the blog rumors about Bryan:

tre 657

The Marcos will stop at nothing to keep their secrets, and Bryan doesn’t need this harassment. The truth is his to keep if he decides to hold his peace, and we need to respect that. He has kept Melissa’s secrets for many years, and he didn’t ask for this — he was just a name circulating around the blogs until his Twitter handle was revealed here at Fame-Whorgas. He needs to reject any offers from Bravo to appear on camera because the producers will twist his words and use editing tricks to protect Melissa and discredit him. Bravo and Melissa are ruthless, and he doesn’t need this BS or these wicked people in his life.

“Let me set something straight I don’t Hate anyone, it’s not in my heart TODAY! Like I said if confronted I will just tell the TRUTH! ;)

“I said this before ill say it again, I Don’t have to like everyone but I can Love Everyone! ;) inner peace”

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Today is my 8-year wedding anniversary to the love of my life. I put my all into my marriage and show Joe respect. I’m not going to get into the phone call we saw Joe Giudice have [at the Napa vineyards]. I didn’t like it when Teresa made accusations about my marriage, so I’m not going to do it to hers. I will leave it to Joe and Teresa to explain it. How they choose to live within their marriage has nothing to do with any of us. I was very upset when I watched the episode, and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. I would never want this to happen to her. – Melissa Gorga, Bravo Blog ‘An Honest Mistake?’, August 20, 2012

Melissa boasted in her Bravo blog on August 20, 2012, about how she is the bigger person and won’t talk about Teresa’s marriage, yet she made subtle digs at Teresa’s marriage in the blog. And then, in her typical hypocritical and lying fashion, six days later, on August 26, 2012, she gave an interview to The Huffington Post, where she talked about Teresa’s marriage:

The Huffington Post: In last week’s episode, there was a very controversial moment with Joe Giudice making a phone call. What did you remember what you were thinking while that was actually happening?

Melissa: I had no idea that even happened. We watched it for the first time the way you did.

The Huffington Post: What did you think when you saw it?

Melissa: Oh, I teared up. I really did. I was sitting on my couch and I teared up. It was sad. No matter what issues I have with Teresa, you don’t wish that on anyone. It was very obvious that she knew exactly who he was on the phone with from the footage. It’s sad and I guess she’s in some type of denial right now, but I think eventually she’ll get her head on straight and be ready to deal with it.