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Melissa Gorga: Lookers’ Dancer Wearing the Cross in 2003, Gold-digger and Cheater?; How Did Melissa and Joe Gorga Meet? (Updated 9/30/2012)

September 9, 2012

“Danielle was NOT at the reunion but Kim D was! Kim D owns a boutique, and the season 4 finale will feature her glamorous Posche Fashion Show where Melissa gets called a stripper from her former manager [Angelo from Lookers]. That episode will show Joe Gorga swearing and disrespecting Kim D. My insider reveals that when the two are face to face at the reunion taping, Joe Gorga apologizes for the things he says to Kim D, but she isn’t having it! My insider reveals that Kim D also says she was later aware that Angelo was going to call Melissa a stripper; and she says she has an agenda with Melissa because, in the past, Melissa purposely promoted other boutiques and has bashed Kim D. Kim D says Teresa had nothing to do with Melissa’s former manager [at Lookers] calling Melissa out on being a dancer! Melissa’s former manager [at Lookers] Angelo Vrohidis has also denied Teresa had anything to do with it.” [AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE Details On What Went On At The Season 4 RHONJ Reunion!, September 9, 2012]

“Watching the episode brought back so many emotions. I was sick. It makes me want to stand in front of Teresa and scream at her. It makes my skin crawl… I was a bartender. Lookers [where she knew Angelo] was not even a strip club. There was no nudity. It was girls wearing bikinis. There were no lap dances, no back room. I wore black shorts, a white tank top and sneakers.” – Melissa Gorga, September 19, 2012, Us Weekly

By the way Melissa, you and I and many know that at Lookers even the bartenders dance. I should know! It’s called Bartender’s Royal…I have pay stubs. But I may of danced! Isn’t that where you really met Joe G who lol was a regular at Lookers & many others gogo bars in Linden…or as you say lol bikini bars. NO SUCH THING AS A BIKINI BAR. It’s called GOGO bar…Joe was a great tipper & loved the girls! Of course this is my opinion…“wink wink.” Right Joey G. Thanks for the shower. Meaning throwing money at the dancer. – Hailey, January 20, 2012 at 2:59 pm, AllAboutTRH

Was Melissa Gorga the ‘Dancer’ Wearing the Cross at Lookers in 2003?

The following forum discussion in 2003 by patrons of Lookers mentions a dancer with a “fake chest” who “wears a cross around her neck.” This dancer could be Melissa Marco Gorga and, if so, then she definitely danced off the clock at Lookers in addition to bartending on the clock.

From NLSociety Forum [Warning - some of the language is crude]:

Started by GuidoMASTER, Nov 17 2003 11:41 PM

Posted 17 November 2003 – 11:41 PM
in there wear a cross around there neck while playing with themselves in front of me, makes me feel shaddy stuffing 5 bucks down your fake chest with Jesus right there watching. Anyone else feel weird when this happens? That place had some of the hottest, most sexiest dancers I have seen in years. Where do they come from? Why don’t the girls I hang out with look like that? HOLYSHIT. Its amazing what cosmetic surgery could do. Place is full of Catholic girls. Place is GREAT.

Posted 18 November 2003 – 12:56 AM
I agree…Lookers does have some of the best talent in the area. The cross necklace is kinda weird, but no where near as bad as a wedding ring. Why the *beep* would I wanna give a married chick $$$ when she’s only bringing it home to her family????? Then I realize I’m only there to have fun w/ my buddies…who gives a *beep* if she looks good and entertains you?

Posted 17 November 2003 – 11:52 PM
That has to be one of the hottest strip clubs in NJ. No doubt they have the hottest girls in there. The only problem with that place is, the girls don’t ever *beep* stop coming around looking for money. It is like a conveyer belt, it just never stops. I like the more shady strip clubs……

Posted 18 November 2003 – 12:42 AM
are they completely nude?? or just topless???

Posted 18 November 2003 – 12:48 AM
Neither……..They sell alcohol…

Posted 18 November 2003 – 12:49 AM
so then what do they do….???

Posted 18 November 2003 – 12:51 AM
They have thongs and bras or other outfits…….

Posted 18 November 2003 – 12:53 AM
but they play with themselves in front of guys??? i thought girls only did that at strip clubs…and why do u give them money if they have clothes on??

Posted 18 November 2003 – 01:00 AM
so basically they just dance in underwear for you at this place and make a lot of money….sh*t i could do that!!

Posted 18 November 2003 – 12:56 AM
I never saw that at Lookers…Some girl playing with herself.

Posted 18 November 2003 – 02:51 AM
It happens….

Posted 18 November 2003 – 01:09 AM
and if you wanna dance, I’m sure something can be worked out when we get there with the Mgr.


Photos from Lookers’ Facebook Page:

Melissa has threatened to sue people for calling her a stripper, but she has not made the same threat for calling her a dancer. Lookers’ girls don’t strip: they dance around in thongs and bras or other outfits while selling cocktails. So it’s really just semantics, and she is telling the truth when she says she wasn’t a stripper… If they don’t take their clothes off and wear lingerie the whole time, then they’re not truly stripping, they’re ‘dancing.’

How Did Joe and Melissa Gorga Meet?

Here’s what Teresa knows (from RHONJ season 3 episode 6): Melissa started dating Joe in October 2003, moved in with him in December 2003, and married him in August 2004. In RHONJ season 3 episode 6, Joe tells the the story of how they met in Cancun, and he says she was working three jobs at the time. Melissa was working at Lookers in 2003 (she worked there the entire year, according to her ‘pay register’, even though she said that she was “a bartender for a couple of months years ago, it was such a short time”), so she was working at Lookers when Joe met and dated her.

Prior to releasing her Lookers’ ‘pay register’ in December 2011 (which showed she worked at Lookers the full 2003 calendar year) to prove she was only a bartender not a dancer, Gorga said on her website on September 30, 2011:

“I did bartend for a few weeks at a bikini bar while I was in college. My outfit was a tank top, shorts and sneakers… Even if I had been a dancer, I do not know why anyone would care 10 years later.” [Melissa Gorga, Her Website, September 30, 2011]

In her Bravo blog on April 30, 2012, she changed her story to fit with the time frame of the pay register she released, which show that she worked at Lookers for the full 2003 calendar year:

“I put myself through college with the help of my godfather and worked three jobs doing it. I was substitute teaching, working in a tanning salon, and bar tending one night a week.” [Melissa Gorga, Like a Prayer, April 30, 2012]

A few weeks earlier, on April 12, 2012, Melissa was interviewed by one of her favorite blogs, Reality Tea. She said Joe Gorga used to come see her when she was a bartender at Lookers Gentleman’s Club while in college.

In season 4 episode 20, filmed on September 27, 2011, she said on camera that she worked at Lookers less than a week, and hated it.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest in June 2011, Joe claims to have first seen her in a leopard bikini in Cancun (a source said this was during Spring Break, which would have been in March 2003 – see below, “Melissa Gorga ‘Settled’ For Joe”) but that he didn’t even speak to her (even though he said to himself ‘that’s my wife). He claims that he randomly ran into her six months later in a club at the Jersey shore (which would have been October 2003). If he said to himself in Cancun, ‘that’s my wife’, why didn’t he approach her then; it doesn’t make sense at all to say that but not try to actually meet her (how did he expect to make her his wife if he didn’t even introduce himself to her… how would he know that he’d ever run into her again… supposedly he didn’t even know who she was, where she was from or what was her name). It seems more likely that he introduced himself to her in Cancun and they hung out but she blew him off because he was “too short and not her type.” And it wasn’t until six months later, back in New Jersey, that she finally gave in to his persistence after seeing “he was a hard working man with money in his pocket, a nice home, and she could easily manipulate him.”

“I was in Cancun. I was sitting in the pool and I had a girl on the right and a girl on the left. They were fighting over me. Kissing one, kissing the other one. As I was doing the turn, I saw this girl across the pool, curly hair, leopard bikini, sunglasses. I look over to my best friend while I’m holding these two girls and say ‘that’s my wife’.” However, they did not even speak while in Cancun. It wasn’t until they got back to New Jersey that they randomly met. “We were out, we were down at a beach club and he came up to me and said ‘you’re the girl form the pool,’ he was persistent. It took him a couple of times, I didn’t give him my number right a way,” Melissa says. “He freaked me out a bit, he told me what I had on, the hotel I was at, the sunglasses I had on, he remembered how my hair was.”

http://ryanseacrest.com/2011/06/24/real-housewives-star-melissa-gorga- says-critics-will-be-surprised-by-debut-single-audio/

In May 2011, Melissa told a similar story to NorthJersey.com. Here’s an excerpt:

Their paths first crossed during a spring break in Cancún. “He saw me … and he looked at his best friend and said, ‘That’s gonna be my wife,’ ” says Gorga, who adds that when they ran into each other back in Jersey, “he came over to me and said, ‘I saw you in your leopard bikini in Cancún.’ I said, ‘Well, why didn’t you talk to me?’ He said, ‘Well, you didn’t look like you wanted to talk.’ And it went from there.”


In July 2012, Melissa told the story again, but claimed she was 21 when they first met at Spring Break in Cancun, which would have been March 2000, but this is obviously is a lie since she then goes on to say they met again back in New Jersey in the summer, which both she and Joe claim was in 2003:

“Originally we saw each other on Spring Break in Cancun, we were so young! I was there for my 21st birthday and he was 25 and everyone from New York and New Jersey would always go to Cancun for Spring Break. We were both there and he was there with his friends and he says that I went walking by with my girlfriends and my bikini, and he remembers everything that I was wearing like it was yesterday. He pointed to me and said, ‘That’s going to be my wife’. His best friend that was with him confirmed this story all the time, so that was kind of the first time we met unofficially. Then we were back in New Jersey in the summer at a Beach Club and he saw me and it just went from there.”

They married in 2004, less than a year after meeting in 2003 when she was 24, so her timeline doesn’t add up because three years didn’t lapsed between the time he first saw her in Cancun and the time he ran into her again in the summer at the Jersey shore.

“It was one of those things that we went out on a first date and we saw each other every day after. We both just knew, we were at the age when we were ready to settle down. I was graduating college and he was 28 and he was done partying, so it was a good time for us really. It was instant, we were engaged six months after we met and we were married four months later, so within a year we were married. It was one of the things where I think a lot of people wait because when you’re younger you don’t have the money for the house or the wedding, but we were fortunate in that regard and it just worked for us.”


She said she ‘was graduating’ college when they married in 2004, so she didn’t graduate until she was 24. Just a couple months prior to this interview, she told Reality Tea (April 12, 2012 article above), that she couldn’t remember the year she graduated college, which was the year she married, according to this July 2012 interview. She was lying to Reality Tea (of course she remembers—it was the same year she got married!) because she knew her timeline didn’t add up.

From AllAboutTRH’s post, “Melissa Gorga ‘Settled’ for Joe:”

“Yes you met him on spring break, but you didn’t give him the time of day and said he was too short and not your type. Joe was persistent though, I’ll give him that. Once you saw he was a hard working man with money in his pocket, nice home, and can easily manipulate him, you locked him in.”


From a source at AllAboutTRH:

“You have pulled Teresa and Joe away from each other by manipulating his own thinking. When is enough enough? You were nothing more then a simple girl who wore imitation clothing to try to fit in or always wore the pink fuzzy sweater everywhere you went. You targeted only men with money and did anything for them to gain their acceptance. You ‘stalked’ Tommy the Greek from Marlboro, NJ, and did whatever he wished even though you knew he was using you. You even went to the extreme of following him in nightclub bathrooms. His family didn’t except you and you ‘settled’ for Joe because of the home he lived in. Joe comes from a proud Italian, old fashioned family with morals and values. But you managed to manipulate his mind and because his family is supportive, you were excepted.”


This goes back to Teresa at the reunion insisting that Melissa told her:

“I wasn’t stupid like my sisters; of course when I saw his house I was going to jump on that shit.”

http://www.aoltv.com/2011/10/17/teresa-melissa-gold-digger-real-housew ives-nj-video

Melissa and Kathy attacked Teresa: Kathy claiming she said something other than that (but not actually denying that she said that as well) and Melissa denying it ever happened. Teresa then said: “The truth comes out when you’re drinking.”

Above is a photo of the home in Franklin Lakes where Joe was living when he met Melissa in October 2003 (he bought the lot in 2001 and built the home in 2002-2003). He sold it to LaVar Arrington (formerly of the Washington Red Skins and NY Giants) for $2.45 million in 2006 (for a profit well over $1 million, which is how he was able to buy the lot and build the mansion in Montville); LaVar resold it at a significant loss for $1.75 million in 2008.

On April 30, 2012, in her Bravo blog, The Teresa Apology Tour, Teresa Giudice addressed the rumors she heard about Melissa and explained in more detail her concerns that Melissa Gorga is a gold-digger:

“As for the whole ‘gold digger’ thing with Melissa, I’m very protective of my only brother. He was engaged two times before Melissa, and I hated seeing his heart broken every time things didn’t work out. After that, he did date a lot of women who were interested in him for all the wrong reasons. So when he and Melissa were dating, she was at dinner with my family and she made a comment about how when she saw my brother’s house and how well he was doing, she wasn’t stupid, that she wasn’t going to let him go. From our family’s history with actual gold diggers, you can imagine it wasn’t a great thing to hear. She probably said it from nerves and trying to be funny, but it rubbed me the wrong way.

“We live in a small town. I heard things about the type of guys Melissa dated before my brother, and I hear things I don’t like now. I pray they aren’t true. I hope my brother and Melissa stay married forever! I never should have brought it up on the show last season though, and I’m sorry. And I’ve learned not to bring up my concerns to my brother publicly or privately! It was a hard lesson, but I’ve learned it.”

‘Melissa’s Former Friend’ on March 1, 2012 at 4:19 pm said on AllAboutTRH.com:


You’re such a lying sack of sh*t. You were bragging to all how you want to take Teresa down way before you begged your way on the show. Top of everything else, Penny [Drossos Karagiorgis] now owns the same salon you went to and had your whole bridal party done at. Oh, you don’t remember or you’re just good at playing stupid? You are good at playing stupid!

Save your sh*t you pink sweater wearing, fake name brand wearing, Tommy Stalking, lap dancing, blow for blow bitch. We all know your lying pathetic ass. How was the Sushi Lounge 3 years ago? Who did you meet there? Did you tell Joe you were serving the Sushi? Lol.

You’re a joke and we are all lining up when Penny gets on to really put your bullsh*t ass On Display and on blast.

You were nothing more then a handoff from Joe’s friends, wasn’t he third in line? Love at first sight my ass. Yea he saw you in Cancun while his and your friends had “fun” from the very first day, but you wanted nothing to do with him until he caught up with you at Lookers with one of his friends you were actually going out with. Another joke. F*cking hand me down.

Then you found out he had money and you went on the prawl. Shall I continue? Nah, I’ll save it for when Penny gets on the show and one at a time we’ll be getting our hair done by Penny and Robert and exposing everything. Oh, you remember Robert don’t you? Lol, Season 5 will be interesting.


NM said on June 17, 2012, The Truth About Melissa Gorga and Her Bravo Audition Tape, at The Fame-Whorgas:

This was fantastic! I knew many of these facts but could not talk about them. The police report on Joe Gorga is the truth. Kathy also has 2 siblings with police records. I wish they would come to light. Heather Robinson is dying to get on the HWs. That’s why they brought her in for the hot-tub scene with Kathy’s sister. Melissa is very jealous of Heather. Joe Gorga called Kim D a Coke whore. Look at your own wife’s family JoeG & your cousins’ PD reports about drugs. We all live near each other. Albie & Greggy ARE VERY close! Caroline’s family is a complete mess. More needs to be exposed. This was a fantastic read. Thank you! Search hard and you will find the other police records. There is so much more that is hidden. #Fact – YOU’RE an open target when you become a public figure on The Telly! Teresa, you are a class act my dear. See you at your book signing. Melissa, I have had many a lunch dates with your sisters…Stop all the lies!…You never know how people talk when catching a buzz. Rich, you’re a slumlord…How’s the gas station doing? Caroline, I’m very glad Lauren got a lap-band. She’s very beautiful. Sad you trashed her on national TV. Wonder who I am? Don’t bother to send your investigators, I talk to you every week. Hmmmm…

Hailey says on April 25, 2012 at 8:38 am said on AllAboutTRH.com:

I said it before. Kathy has many family skeletons in her closet about her family! It will come out! Mel’s family has many also. All will come to light soon enough! Let’s all hear about the siblings of Kathy that she hides. Mel, your sisters and their husbands are pure drunks!

How Do Penny Drossos and Melissa Gorga Know Each Other?

Radio Interview with Penny Drossos of Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ on WTBQ-FM, April 11, 2012:

“Penny has a long history with Melissa, and knew Melissa long before her housewife days. In fact, when Melissa was casted for RHONJ, she actually called Penny [who she was not on good terms with her at the time] to boast.” [author unknown, anonymous e-mail published at StoopidHousewives.com]

“[Penny Drossos Karagiorgis], a well-educated former teacher turned businesswoman, was never a fan of Melissa ever since the self-proclaimed ‘Christian’ worked as a stripper at her family-owned strip club [Lookers Gentlemen’s Club]. Melissa must have never took a moment to think about her own skeletons when she made it her mission to …destroy Teresa Giudice… Joe did not meet Melissa in the romantic way of which they self-promote. Moreover, Joe Gorga was not even the man who Melissa was truly out for. In fact, the man who Melissa obsessed over [Tommy the Greek from Marlboro, NJ] was a very good friend of Penny’s, who Melissa tried to strategically use to receive the approval of the man and his family… Any educated human being would think Melissa has some sort of psychological disorder for passive aggressively going after the one woman who knows more about her than she probably knows about herself… The narcissistic Melissa and Joe Gorga may be coming after the Karagiorgis family in hopes that their bullying tactics will shut them up like it did Tre. However, this family is not stupid, nor desperate, and they know everything about Melissa from the manager who purchased her breast implants down to the hardcore d***s ‘Missy’ and Joe Gorga used in the same party environment that their children were present in [multiple times].”

The family’s twitter handles [where one can view the side of the tweet war which was not deleted] are as follows: @PDKHair, @JohnnyTheGrk, @WillLoveInc.

NOTE: There is much more to this email. The email contained “facts” which, if true, would certainly explain WHY Melissa and Tree’s relationship is so fractured. And… if these “facts” are true, it would only confirm what Tree has been saying all along about WHY Miss Andy/Bravo/NJ Producers EVER pursued Melissa as a Housewife.


According to StoopidHousewives:

“The sender of the email included Will Love, Penny Drossos and Johnny Karagiorgio’s twitter accounts… read the original Melissa-bashing email sent to SH…HERE. StoopidHousewives called Penny’s salon in November 2011, as the salon name was included in the email. SH spoke briefly with a stunned Penny… obviously, she never expected a phone call! SH was told by Penny that she could not talk about anything! Penny did not confirm nor deny that she was the author of the email; Penny neither confirmed nor denied knowing the author of the email.”

Because of her Bravo contract for her part in season 4, Penny Drossos Karagiorgis cannot disclose all she knows about filming at her hair salon (Salon La Chateau Allure) and at the Posche Fashion Show on September 27, 2011. Here are her tweets prior to the above radio interview:

Penny Drossos ‏ @PDKHAIR
@oldnjlady yes unless it’s things pertaining to this season I can’t get into detail to do the contract I signed
In reply to Meagan Paige
Monday, April 9, 2012

Penny Drossos ‏ @PDKHAIR
@OldNJlady I promise this week I will answer anything u guys ask me !! Give me till Wednesday when I’m off ..promise
In reply to OldNJLady
Monday, April 9, 2012

Ilana Angel of the Jewish Journal interviewed Penny Drossos in early June 2012. Click here for the interview.

‘What a Joke’ on March 8, 2012 at 2:38 pm said at AllAboutTRH.com:

You know what’s funny about this whole Melissa bullsh*t, she’s still screwing around with a few of my boys from Bayonne, and Johnny The Greek knows everyone. My wife got me hooked on this HW crap, and now that Johnny and his wife Penny are gonna get on season 5, sh*t’s gonna hit the fan. Johnny knows all the boys: those still hitting it, those that are “away” that hit it, and those she gave it up for special items. Melissa is a ho & Joe is a clown. They’re screwed once Johnny & Penny get on.


‘The Source’ on April 9, 2012 at 9:33 pm said at AllAboutTRH.com:

Are you f*cking kidding me Melissa? Does this advice [include] meeting your ex at Sushi Lounge 2 years ago? Or your other ex’s in Bayonne or Lyndhurst?

Dying for explanation! But we’ll get that when your skank ass is exposed by Penny & Johnny and don’t you worry, we’re all lining up. Tommy, Vinny, Mike C, Freddy C, and that’s just naming a few.

Editor’s Note:

Melissa told Reality Tea on April 12, 2012:

“There’s usually no men at the Posche Fashion Show. They don’t really come. There’s usually maybe one here or there, but to have, like, this table of men that have nothing to do with any of us. That happened to be the table that he’s at – Mike (the man who supposedly was Melissa’s boss at Lookers) – and he walks over to me. It was very fishy.”

In Penny’s (PDKHair) Twitter account, she says that Melissa is trying to deceive the readers by referring to Mike rather than Angelo. Penny tweeted: “but in her interview she called him Mike crock of shit… it’s Angelo n she knows it she tried suing him but didn’t succeed”.

Penny also said that Melissa tried to sue Angelo but dropped the lawsuit. Bravo already knows what’s up, and they are slowing turning the tides on Melissa and will blow her spot up pretty soon — potential cast for season 5 are anti-Melissa.

Melissa also told Reality Tea that Joe Gorga used to come see her when she was a bartender at Lookers Gentleman’s Club while in college. She also said she couldn’t remember when she graduated college.

You just don’t get it you dumb bitch. Not you or your sisters. You sit there and have your sisters recruit new puppets to create fake accounts and then try to play dumb. Best part is you send cease and desist letters to anyone that can expose your game. F*CK YOU BITCH! You’re only fooling yourself and that weak-minded midget. You, your sisters, Kathy, and her sister Rosie tell everyone about season 4 and then put gag orders on them. F*CK ALL YOU BITCHES!

Season 4 bullsh*t scene: Kathy & Rosie go into room where Rosie discusses bullying and coming out about her being a lesbian. Really Rosie? That’s the drama Kathy is going to bring? Really? Why doesn’t Kathy bring up how they put things in different peoples name to hide money or that they couldn’t afford to buy the shore house (they rented it). Oops did I say too much? Kathy, thank your sister for exposing you on that!

F*ck you Melissa. Hey Kim, stop dictating to people who they can and can’t follow and stop asking us to make fake accounts to attack people. What a bunch of bullsh*t.

F*CK ALL YOU BITCHES! I can’t f*cking wait for Penny to f*cking unload on you all and I’ll be right there giving her more info that she doesn’t have. Love you Penny. F*cking expose Melissa, her skank sisters, and we will all be at peace.

Oh, Melissa, I hope Joe’s records of assault were expunged or are they still public record? Did he ever hit you? Down the shore maybe? Hmmm


Isabella on 22 Mar, 2012 at 5:41 pm said on Reality Tea:

I read before that Penny & Melissa were really close until Melissa started talking crap and burning bridges with Penny & her friends. Penny wanted to be on the show before because she was Team Melissa, and she’s known Melissa for a very long time. She even hung out with her long before Melissa joined the show so, of course, she would know everything about Melissa — when she used to stalk this Greek guy and when she would chase certain men for money — because Penny and Melissa were good friends. All the things I’ve read in the past were all true because Penny used to talk to many people on Twitter, and Melissa has kept quiet because she knows if she doesn’t shut up that Penny and her friends will speak!


‘Tommy the Greek’ from Marlboro, NJ, is the Man That Melissa Gorga Wanted

“There’s a reason this reality star doesn’t want information about her past coming to light. It’s not just because she is embarrassed about her past profession. It’s because her manager from that past profession has a big mouth. He will tell anyone who will listen about the very special gift he purchased for her that she still displays very proudly – her breast implants. He is also likely to spill all the juicy details about her hot affair with the super-wealthy man for whom she was ready to ditch her husband. Yes, despite her protestations, the girl is definitely a gold-digger. BTW, the rich guy wouldn’t marry her, so she had to settle for her husband.”


“Sources confirmed to me that Angelo Vrohidis was NOT the guy who paid for her breast implants! As for the super-wealthy guy. Old friend’s of Melissa Gorga tell AllAboutTRH that it was in fact a Greek guy from Marlboro, New Jersey. Apparently friends knew Melissa as ‘Missy the Stalker’ because she was ‘obsessed’ with the Greek guy and did anything he wanted. A totally different man paid for her breasts and in return she would ‘party’ at his shore house. Gorga apparently wanted to marry this Greek guy but he refused; apparently his family didn’t want her, and he was only using her.”


In December 2011, Melissa Gorga’s lawyer obtained a “sworn affidavit” from Lookers’ club owner Chris Kontos that stated Melissa “worked solely in the capacity as a bartender.” The affidavit denies that Angelo ever managed Melissa, then Melissa Marco (her maiden name), during her part-time employment at Lookers and that her actual manager was named Larry Guarino, who previously stated: “She was a bartender for a couple of months years ago, it was such a short time. She was never ever a dancer.” Melissa Gorga said that she can prove she never, ever stripped during her stint, unearthing payroll sheets which list her as a “bar servant” and getting a confirmed sworn statement from longtime club owner Chris Kontos, in which he confirms Melissa Gorga “worked solely in the capacity as a bartender.”


“They are not pay stubs. I worked long enough in corporate accounting to know what I’m looking at. They are a print out of her employee pay history showing the check detail that goes along with her pay stubs from that calendar year. Basically, this information is exported from an employee’s pay history into a report that can be either saved to a file or printed. But if you are crafty or desperate enough, it can also be easily replicated in an Excel spreadsheet. Meaning, this could be a check detail report but it also could still just be a bunch of numbers on a piece of paper.” [Cara, January 9, 2012, AllAboutTRH.com]

“The ‘affidavit’ from Chris Kontos is about as kosher as Melissa’s ‘pay stubs’. Kontos is not the most trustworthy character either. In 2007, he was charged with breach of contract and fraud (trying to skip out on $250,000 in the purchase of the restaurant that he names himself the owner of ).” [Cara, January 9, 2012, AllAboutTRH.com]

“So the former Lookers employee is doing promotion for the ex-manager of Lookers Chris Kontos. The same man who signed a sworn affidavit corroborating those claims that she was not a dancer. By the way when the former Lookers DANCER tried to sue Angelo he supplied PROOF that she did dance and Ms Lookers dropped her lawsuit.” [old NJ girl, May 14, 2012 at 1:51 pm, AllAboutTRH.com]

Melissa hosted Friday Night at Chris Michael’s Steakhouse and Club in Woodbridge, NJ, on May 11, 2012; this club is owned by Chris Kontos, the same man who produced Melissa’s ‘pay register’ for Lookers, which he managed (he owns Chris Michael’s and Breathless The Men’s Club):

“I heard a rumour MeHo did an appearance at Chris Michaels’ bar the other night. This bar is owned by none other than her former employer at Lookers Chris Kontos who also happened to supply her with those “pay slips” to prove she was a bar girl when all the stripper rumours surfaced. I wonder why she wasn’t paid for her appearance at Chris Michael’s bar? Anyone? Anyone? Okay, I’ll tell you. She made a deal with Chris if he gave her those pay slips then she would make free appearances at any bars he owns. Win win for him because it gives his bars free advertising and exposure and she can continue to live her lie of a life. [MeHo Gorga, May 14, 2012, AllAboutTRH.com]

Pictured below are Johnny ‘the Greek’ Karagiorgis, Penny Drossos Karagiorgis and Angelo Vrohidis at the Posche Fashion Show September 2011 [not pictured is the mystery man, 'Tommy the Greek' from Marlboro, NJ]

‘Thank You Jesus’ t-shirts on sale for $24.99 plus $4.75 for shipping and handling (total $29.74) at melissagorga.com

‘The Source’ on March 12, 2012 at 8:14 pm said at AllAboutTRH.com:

So now I’m feeding bullsh*t stories to Roxy? I’m not a reliable source?

Bring your backstabbing, lying, dancing, coke/Xhead, f*cked all of Bayonne NJ, f*cked your X a year ago at Sushi Lounge, whore self this way you dancing bitch. Why don’t I put on display the private dances you gave outside the club, in people’s cars, or weekend getaways for $$$ and free play. Learn to STFU you dumb bitch because you f*cked with the wrong people this time bitch.

Let’s talk about why you really left Florida and ended up back in NJ living with your “girlfriend”. You dumb bitch talking all this Thank You Jesus smack like people are buying your bullsh*t. Please bitch, the midget knew you worked at Lookers and even used to pick you up from there so stop your lying. Why not talk about how you were dating one of his friends and then you were passed off to him. You’re such a joke.

And now you and the midget got your sisters and others threatening Johnny with prank calls or having us pass off messages to him and Penny? Now that’s a f*cking joke.

You and the midget were lucky the producers told Johnny to play nice at the fashion show because they didn’t want any chaos at Son Cubanos like at the christening otherwise they’d still be picking up the pieces. Don’t play stupid bitch. You know who he is, who his friends are, and it’s a nailbiter for you because you can’t do sh*t about it.

Or should we talk about how you want to play all nice with his niece because she’s in PR and you’re gonna try to scam info out of her. Wake up bitch, Johnny’s friends or family won’t give you sh*t because we/they have loyalty. Something your coat tailing sisters and family know nothing about.

Your sole objective was to bash your own sister in law and midget no-balls went along with it for the money. Oh yea, loyalty.

Why not tell your so-called fake fans the truth about Chateau Allure Salon? You don’t know it? Weren’t you a customer there [when Robert owned it and before Penny took it over]? Or who worked there, where did you go with him & what you did for him for free services? Ah, the good ole days. Lol!!

You were and always will be a joke tag along with no money!!!


‘Karma’s a BITCH!!!!!’ on March 1, 2012 at 10:18 am said at AllAboutTRH.com:

Melissa’s motives from day one have been to take down Teresa, and spineless Joe allowed it for his 15 minutes. Her motives now are clear: S4 is soon to air and she is trying to gain some of T’s followers for support so when the shit hits the fan she’ll try to play the poor Melissa card. That’s what they call PR Psychology. Not working!!!

Let’s not forget the chain of events:

  • Penny & Johnny attacked on twitter by Melissa’s PR. They counter attack, then PR’s tweets are deleted.
  • Melissa’s makeup artist calls Penny trash & crackwhore. Johnny goes haywire and then tweet gets tweaked pointing comment to TeamPDK
  • Over the course of these past months since the fashion show many eggs & troll accounts have attacked Penny & Johnny. Then Penny & Johnny returned fire stating to these fake accounts, “keep it up and we open our mouths early on the guys she stalked, what and who she “partied” with, what favors she did to “party” as she never had money, who bought her tatas, what Mel & her sisters did for free rooms in AC, get paternity test, who she still sees on the down-low, and in one comment who she met up with over 2 yrs ago (ex-boyfriend maybe?)

Editor’s Note: ‘Melissa’s Former Friend‘ and ‘The Source‘, commenting at AllAboutTRH.com, claim that Melissa met up with a former flame at the Sushi Lounge 2-3 years ago.

  • Most recently, Johnny & Penny getting threats to stop tweeting and Johnny responding, “we are not intimidated by these blocked calls, legal papers, there’ll never be retract, and my legal team don’t accept credit cards nor on twitter. Bring it”.
  • Melissa & Joe try to attend every possible event and collect pics of celebs or reality stars to try to gain public image. (Just vomitted)

Obviously, Melissa’s motives are to gain support from Teresa and her followers to play the “poor Melissa card”. We know your game Melissa and it’s not working. You apparently don’t want Penny & Johnny anywhere near the show as your true self and true motives will be On Display.

I’ve stated the valid points and if I’ve left anything out, please add.

Either way Melissa & Joe,
Karma’s A BITCH !!!!!

Anonoymous E-mail Sent to StoopidHousewives in May 2011:

One of the reasons Teresa does hate Missy now is because Missy & Joe have an “open” marriage, and Teresa thinks it’s disgusting. Missy leaves her kids with her 2 nannies all the time to go clubbing and hook up (she’s usually with an ex-flame called “Butch,”) and Joe sleeps with everyone in a skirt. Joe actually had charges pressed against him for rape back in the day, but his family pressured the girl to drop the suit. Look up the court records in Patterson, NJ though… the charges were filed.


Bravo Video: High Maintenance Lips (Melissa Gorga prides herself on not having any injections into her face…until she gets them…in her lips)

All three of the Marco sisters are gold-diggers. In the Marco sister picture from Christmas Day 2011 (above), the sisters are posing with and touching Joe and not their own husbands (the one husband is in the picture). Those sisters are gold-diggers, sucking up to the one with money, just like Melissa. Being a gold-digger is caring more about materialistic things and the man’s bank account, which is what Melissa does. Joe promised her he’d put her on a pedestal (season 3, episode 6)—she likes that lavish lifestyle (i.e. when Melissa in the ‘lost footage’ asked where her diamonds and ‘blings’ were on the at-home music studio he so graciously built for her and when she bought herself jewelry instead when shopping for Joe), and will stop at nothing to get it.

Joe’s Not Into Jewelry but Melissa Is (Lost Footage):


A Platinum and Gold Studio (Lost Footage):


It is evident Melissa is smitten with Joe Gorga’s money. She is all about the bling and what he can do for her. Melissa would not have married Joe if it wasn’t for his money (and she won’t stay with him if it runs out). Now I can see why Teresa’s father keeps his distance from his own son.

I bet Melissa’s mom and sisters saw Joe and said that’s our meal ticket; and he’s getting milked by the entire family; that’s why they love him so much. I bet Joey has given all of their husbands work and I bet he’s paid some of their bills. Joey is one big fat spoiled sucker that’s getting licked by the whole family.

Kija on April 30, 2012 at 6:24 am said on AllAboutTRH.com:

Watching how Melissa repeats and repeats and focuses on that comment [that she would leave Joe for a richer man] shows that it hit her too close to home. Truly ludicrous comments with no grain of truth to them are easy to laugh off and ignore. It’s when the comment gets too close to the truth that people get most offended.

Now that doesn’t mean that she would leave him for a richer man, but it may be too close for comfort to her original motivation for going out with Joe in the first place and to her pursuit of him because he had money. The gold digger rumor has enough truth in the outset of their relationship when she set her cap for him that she’s going to chew on that like a dog on a bone.

Submitted by justdoinme on April 30, 2012 on Teresa’s Bravo’s Blog:


I know my comment want make it on your blog…but anyway. I think your brother loves you and your girls very much. I think he knows his wife is not able to love you like he does and he has to accept that fact.

My sister and her husband had a very very strong marriage (20 years) and my brother-in-law was awesome. I am the oldest and my husband and I have been married for 24 years.

Well once I went to my brother-in-law in private and told him not to let my sister stress him out so much. I said, “You know it’s okay to tell her no sometimes.” I never dreamed he would go and tell her what I said. My sister was devastated and I was mortified because I love her and I love them!!

I tried to understand why he threw me under the bus, and then it hit me: I said the words he really wanted to say to my sister, but he couldn’t, so he used me as his mouthpiece.

I forgave him and my sister forgave me. But that never happened again. If your brother has to use you as his mouthpiece then so be it. Melissa knows why he shared the comment….that’s why she was offended that he brought it back to her.

Hopefully their kids will know that you meant that union no harm, and you never thought he would put you out there like that, or you would have been mum.

I Need A Housewives’ Detox Program says on May 6, 2012 at 11:50 pm at LynnNChicago:

O.K. Just finished watching RHONJ. It got me heated. Teresa can’t battle against Melissa because she’s not articulate enough. I understand how Teresa feels, and what she’s trying to say, but she can never get it out in a logical way.

Teresa was wrong for telling Joey that about Melissa; however, Joey was also wrong for telling Melissa what Teresa said.

I have 2 brothers. For some strange reason, both of them like…how do I put this?…Ummm….trollops?…hookers? Yeah, well, you get my drift. I get along with these girls just fine, but they’re pretty trashy just the same. I’m polite, but I don’t get emotionally invested because they usually don’t stick around that long.

HOWEVER….if my brothers did manage to each get two of these Jezebels to stick around, my approach for handling information that could be hurtful to my brothers would be different for EACH one, and here’s why:

I would tell one of my brothers the truth. This particular brother would take the information under advisement and do with it what he wanted without allowing my relaying of the information to affect our relationship negatively (He and I are alike in that way. I NEVER give up my sources. I’ve had girlfriends drop a dime to me about boyfriends before. I NEVER gave them up, and I never got angry with them over it either). He also would NEVER tell his girlfriend/wife what I said because he would not want to cause hard feelings between the girlfriend/wife and me AND because he would know that my relaying of the information came from a good place.

As for my OTHER brother…..I could see his wife/girlfriend screwing someone else right in FRONT of me, and I would not say one single word. The reason? Because he’s more weak-minded, and…well…I say this with love: He’s a pu**y!! God, forgive me, but it’s the truth!! He’s my brother, and I love him. But the truth is the truth. He would get pissed off at me and then RUN (like a little girl) and tell the wife/girlfriend what I said. That’s why I don’t tell him jack sh**. If he LIKES it (no matter how trashy or floozy-ish it is), I LOVE it!! And I keep it that way with him. In the words of Jack Nicholson, he “can’t HANDLE the TRUTH!!!”

I take the same approach with different girlfriends I have. There are some girlfriends I CAN tell if I heard some incriminating information about their boyfriend/spouse. There are others I CANNOT tell. I handle them accordingly.

This is a hard lesson learned for Teresa. Her brother is like my youngest brother. From now on, she should stay out of it, no matter how well-intentioned she may be.

Miza on 05-06-2012, 11:16 PM said at LipstickAlley.com:

The problem is people are talking now. That’s what she kept saying people are telling her that Melissa would leave Joe for a guy with bigger bank. Bravo is probably editing out a lot to save for Season 5 but, Kim D and Penny are the ones saying that Melissa has been messing with a rich Greek guy named Tommy. She was with him before she got with JoeGo and he dumped her because his family did not approve so she started messing with JoeGo. The rumor is Melissa has hooked up with him a few times since she’s been married to Joe Go. I don’t blame Teresa. I would tell my brother too.

John Karagiorgis ‏ @JohnnyTheGrk

@amnicoli @ray_nicoli @melissagorga @joegorga When @PDKHAIR is ready & given the green light, she’ll release the Beast.

May 7, 2012

Newsflash @joegorga , @kimdposche is a friend & @teresa_giudice is a class act so when @melissagorga extra activities are exposed, GoodLuck!

May 6, 2012

ReadMyRealMind ‏ @ReadMyRealMind

Someday @Teresa_Giudice will finally get pissed off & @melissagorga & Joey will regret trashing T every chance they got. #skeletons #karma

May 7, 2012

AuntJ ‏ @favAuntJulie

@ReadMyRealMind @Teresa_Giudice @melissagorga OR Penny will be on S5 & spill OR Penny’s Bravo contract will expire and she will spill! lol

May 7, 2012

Crystal ‏ @CrystalGPink

@JohnnyTheGrk @joegorga @kimdposche @teresa_giudice @melissagorga tell us the details Johnny :). Get Tommy the Greek to do an interview. :)

May 6, 202

John Karagiorgis ‏ @JohnnyTheGrk

@CrystalGPink @joegorga @kimdposche @teresa_giudice @melissagorga Tommy’s my boy and so are others she don’t want coming out.

May 6, 2012

“I was blessed with a pretty sexy ass, so I wear short shorts to tease: ‘I know you want me, but stay over there’.” – Melissa Gorga, season 4 episode 6

Melissa Gorga knows she has a sexy ass and is not afraid to show it off (Bravo Video):


RHONJ Recap: No One Is To Blame

By ChickBomb, tvgasm.com
May 3, 2012

And then, finally, we get a treat – it’s Mel in the recording studio! We’re on song #2, and it’s still amateur hour over there in the basement. She runs out of breath, can’t get on the right rhythm, and overall knows she’s “off”. She makes alot of wrinkly faces to go along with this proclamation.

The guy who she has sex with but pretends is her producer when the cameras are on in the basement tells her that he thinks that Mel and Midge are best friends, and she’s a lucky girl because not everyone gets a recording studio built in their basement.

“Now you’re gonna get me emotional,” she complains. By all means, don’t do that. Don’t put any emotion into the love song you’re singing for your husband. They finally finish the stupid song and Mel confidently declares that she needs to make five more ballads. “Definitely not,” her boyfriend immediately replies.

And back to the Gorgas. Midge has a feeling that something good’s happening that night. “I got a lotta poison in me,” he tells us. That “poison” thing is so stupid, but you know there’s a fan base out there that thinks it’s adorable, tweets about it and now we’re stuck with the most disgusting catchphrase ever.

“No poison for you tonight!” says Mel, keeping on message with the branding. They fake argue, and he tells if she doesn’t want to have sex with him to stop looking so good. Aw, kind of cute. Then she gives him a hokey speech about how much she loves her life, he made all her dreams come true, how happy she is and how she took all the feeling she was feeling and — WAIT!!!! Were these all the feelings she was feeling that were driving her insane? Paparazzi watching her do her thing? No? Other feelings? Oh…

Yeah, these are Midge-related feelings, and we’re going to hear about them in the sappiest song ever, “How Many Times”, aka “Dear Joe”. Or maybe it’s a 90s boy-band style “How Many Times (Dear Joe)”. Actually, I hope it is. If you’re gonna be cheesy, may as well be thorough about it.

This is what I’ve been doing in the basement all these weeks, she explains so he doesn’t get on to the fact that what she was really doing was her boyfriend. And then we have to listen to this crappy song. It’s Mel trying to do Beyonce and it’s not pretty. But Midge tears up and says that the song proves how much she loves and adores him and their life. Oh, is that so? The song, huh? The marriage vows were meaningless, but put it in a basement produced song and Midge is a believer.

XXXSPOILERTXXXX, 09-02-2011, 03:34 PM at LipstickAlley.com:

I found this from a blog site. Apparently Melissa has a lover name Butch who she cheated with on Joe and gave him herpes. Here’s what this person said:

Someone close to the Gorgas/Guidices – they said it’s been common knowledge for a while. It’s part of the reason why Teresa hates Melissa – according to the source. Melissa also gave Joe Gorga herpes because of a fling she had with a former boyfriend named Butch. I think it’s gross they would sleep around after they both have herpes.

Also Melissa Gorga is a thug in a cocktail dress. I think she is mean and would sleep with the crew to get what she wants!!! She is also bi…

Comment by Samantha — May 17, 2011 @ 3:40 pm
I slept with this loser Joe, before I knew he was married to Melissa. She showed up at my house screaming, yelling, slashed my tires and threatening to kill me. He threw me a wad of money and left. He is a small dick pos, who gets his ego fed by bedding as many people as he can. I can’t believe this trailer trash is on tv. What a bunch of losers! What do u expect for “Short Man Syndrome” 5’6″ short! lol

Comment by Nicole — June 25, 2011 @ 9:52 am
Funny I also had a sexual relationship with Joe. I met him at Skybox Bar in Roselle a little while back. He never told me he was married and had kids. We hung out a bunch of times and then he never called me again. He even told me he loved me. What a scum bag.

realfauxhousewives.com — May 22, 2011 @ 11:24 am
[...] Next Melissa drives her SUV and brags about her plush life that we all wish we had. She blabs out in a stuck up tone: ‘I tend to be very spoiled, so what?’. When these bitches brag they curse their own faux life styles. Real old money doesn’t brag. But these bitches are wanting to rub it in your face every five seconds. That’s why their shit gets foreclosed and bankruptcies exposed. So Melissa doesn’t realize it yet but she just cursed her own shit by bragging like that on TV. She better get ready for the public bankruptcy and foreclosure circus that will be landing on her… [...]



Cutie on September 17, 2012 said on AllAboutTRH.com:

“Rumor is she was a big whore..cocaine and x ..was engaged to a Brian Bowen aka bulldog from jersey…dated and contacted a high school love from high school east named Anthony Arater. He has FB,,,that was in jail for a very long time..her husband touches girls inappropriately father died drug/alcohol related. Just ask toms river. They know. It will be out I’m sure….”

JanShe on May 30, 2012 said on AllAboutTRH.com:

Those photos are going to be coming out soon, you know, the ones of her with her ex, while she was married to Joe Gorga. The photos could be with one of the boys from Bayonne, another ex in Lyndhurst, Tommy, Butch/Bulldog, Brian, Ronald aka Gus, MikeC, Freddy, Vinny, or how about “group sex pics” during spring break, OR how about someone that hasn’t been named yet, haha. There is plenty more that hasn’t been put out there yet. Mel has nothing to worry about right………..LOL.


  1. September 10, 2012 at 8:33 PM | #1

    I have a question…. what did her family part own?

  2. September 10, 2012 at 9:53 PM | #2

    I think you are asking about this statement:

    “[Penny Drossos Karagiorgis], a well-educated former teacher turned businesswoman, was never a fan of Melissa ever since the self-proclaimed ‘Christian’ worked as a stripper at her family-owned strip club [Lookers Gentlemen’s Club].

    I had the same question when reading it a few times. It could be that there are/were multiple owners, and a member of Penny’s family was one of them. That statement was from the e-mail sent to StoopidHousewives, who later revealed that “the sender of the email included Will Love, Penny Drossos and Johnny Karagiorgio’s twitter accounts…”

    According to SH: “StoopidHousewives called Penny’s salon in November 2011, as the salon name was included in the email. SH spoke briefly with a stunned Penny… obviously, she never expected a phone call! SH was told by Penny that she could not talk about anything! Penny did not confirm nor deny that she was the author of the email; Penny neither confirmed nor denied knowing the author of the email.”


  3. Zzz
    September 23, 2012 at 10:34 PM | #3

    Melissa lied again tonites episode and said she worked there for “2weeks”

    What does jaqueline being safe mean?

    • September 23, 2012 at 10:42 PM | #4

      1. On camera on September 27, 2011 at the PFS, she said she worked at a ‘bikini bar’ one week filling in for someone, and she hated it.
      2. In her blog on September 30, 2011, she said she worked there a couple of weeks while in college.
      3. On December 9, 2011, she released a ‘pay register’ showing she worked at Lookers as a ‘bartender’ for the full 2003 calendar year (she met Joe in October 2003 and married him in August 2004).
      3. On April 12, 2012, Melissa said Joe Gorga used to come see her when she was a bartender at Lookers Gentleman’s Club while in college (she graduated college in 2004, the same year she married Joe).

      • REALLY?
        October 3, 2012 at 7:31 AM | #5

        Fame. I subscribe to your blog and this post never came through, I will post this link everywhere!!! I have a few questions and I would love your input on these: Penny and Johnny obviously are not going to be on the show, the season is over so how long are they going to hold out? Why doesn’t any of Melissas former Co-workers give any interviews? Penny and Johnny cannot be the only people on the face of the earth to know about Melissa. Why are Pete and Shelia just now stepping up? I know that Shelia used to be Team Melissa. It was way back on her twitter TL. Pete had also made the remark that he brought her back from the darkside.
        Looking forward to your take on these questions.

        • October 4, 2012 at 11:24 AM | #6

          Hey REALLY? This comment slipped by me but I saw your other comment asking me to respond.

          The viewing audience is what Bravo caters to since only a fraction of 2.5 – 3.5 million viewership follow twitter or the blogs. This is why producers can get away with the crafty editing and deceptive timelines. What the viewers see and hear on camera is what matters, so I believe Penny and Johnny and others are holding out for the cameras for maximum impact. If they leak it to the blogs, only a small percentage of the audience will know the truth. The problem is, Bravo may prevent the truth from making it to the final edit. Producer bias affected seasons 3 and 4 (especially 4)… those producers are gone but it doesn’t mean season 5 will be any better. Melissa is extremely manipulative and uses both men and women to get what she wants. So someone above better keep an eye on production so that another biased producer or two doesn’t edit out the truth to protect Melissa and push the blame onto Teresa.

          Just my thoughts.

  4. REALLY?
    October 4, 2012 at 6:32 PM | #9

    I love you tube and closet freak and this her best commentary!!! :)

  5. Anonymous
    January 16, 2013 at 12:40 PM | #10

    who cares if she was a stripper befor she met her husband she stoped after him then he was one a perfect match then to me it shouldnt matter what she did befor she met him

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